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Beginners Inchie Swap #2

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Beginners Inchie Swap #2
Swap Coordinator:dreamgrlsd (contact)
Swap categories: Inchies 
Number of people in swap:120
Last day to signup/drop:May 1, 2009
Date items must be sent by:May 23, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

Hi Everyone,

Since there has been a good response to this swap I am going to hold them on a regular basis!

Since receiving a craft magazine highlighting inchies (April 2009, Scrap & Stamp Arts magazine), I thought I would do a swap for beginners like me. I have not really dabbled in the inchie world so I am willing to give it a shot.

This will be a simple and fun swap. You will have 1 partner to send to.

You will send 4 inchies sender’s choice. They can be of any theme (keep it clean). You can use any type of embellishments, sticker, paint, and marker, mixed media whatever you choose. Just do not send an inchie that is not decorated. Please put a little bit of time into creating your inchies. I know this is for beginners but a sticker on an inchie is not done. Think of them as little pieces of art.

If you are expecting to receive something very artsy then this swap may not be for you. This is a beginner’s swap for people who are new to the craft or people who want to try a hand at it. Seasoned pros are more than welcome to join. Maybe you can share a little insight for us beginners.

Now for the fun part.

For seasoned swappers you must have at least a 4.8 rating in order to participate. No no-sends or 1s within the last 3 months. -Newbies are welcomed, as long as you have a filled out profile so we can get to know you. I reserve the right to ban anyone that I think is questionable.

Happy Swapping!!


Mareree10 04/ 1/2009 #

Do you wanted them mounted on a card?

OfficeWeed 04/ 1/2009 #

I'm an INCHIE JUNKIE ha ha ha!! I'm IN =) I need all the practice I can get...Thanks for coordinating this!

doublesided 04/ 4/2009 #

Mareree they are usually done on thick card stock and some people even use chipboard. Hope this helps.

Im in again - Im addicted to Inchies!!

CrystalY 04/ 4/2009 #

Do all 4 inchies have to be the same theme? Do you put anything on the back? Can you tell I'm new to this inchie thing???? haha

slewis234 04/ 4/2009 #

are inchies sealed with a clear coat sealer or just left without? and, is it sill considered an inchie if you put it into a bezel and have glass or resin on top? so that it could be turned into a piece of jewelry? thanks, i'm new at inchies and want to participate as soon as i clear out my swaps this week.

SallySparrow 04/ 5/2009 #

I have signed up for this swap, but I am not a beginner. So if I can help anyone, do pm me.

SallySparrow 04/ 7/2009 #

I will try and put some of the inchies I have made and received on my Flickr account during the next 10 days, to give people some ideas if they get stuck.

dreamgrlsd 04/ 7/2009 #

Thank you all for joining! I really liked exploring the new world of inchie making!

Sorry I haven't responded earlier but I'm on an actual vacation! Thank god for blackberrys! I can still get my swap-bot fix. LOL

@CrystalY the inchie can be of any theme. It is a sender choice. All I ask is just to keep it clean.

@slewis234 if you would like to put a coating on your inchies that is fine and you are able to use type of media as long as it still measures 1 inch.

inkognitoban 04/ 9/2009 #

i am a NEWBIE...FRESH FROM THE NEWBIE joining page! i would like to do this! my VERY FIRST! ~inkognitoban (crystal)

dreamgrlsd 04/11/2009 #

@inkognitoban WELCOME! I am glad you decided to join my swap! I hope you find your experience here on SB to be great!

BeautifulMess 04/13/2009 #


dreamgrlsd 04/13/2009 #

yahoo!! we are #10 on the top swaps!! lol

twobluecrows 04/13/2009 #

Here are some samples of my inchies--not all of which are mixed media--not all art is mixed media, and mixed media is not all art--there are also painting, photography, polymer clay, ...and yes, jewelry made from inchies. The green inchie charms on the red fuzzy string were made by a friend for a swap, I made the ones with the zig-zag wire embellishments, and the others are one from each of us in a watercolor inchie charm swap.


Ameered 04/13/2009 #

Are we supposed to put our name or date or anything on the back of the inchie?

Neener1430 04/14/2009 #

I have wanted to try an inchie, but was afraid to join one in case I dissappointed someone. So I will definitely join this one. Can't wait to try my hand at this. Thanks so much for doing something for the ones of us new at some of these crafts! Some I had never even heard of until SB!

lauratai 04/15/2009 #

It's so nice that you started a swap for us beginners! I do lots of crafts but I've never tried inchies. It's always fun to try something new, but like Neener1430, I'm also a little afraid, because I don't want to disasapoint my partner. I think this is a great chance to try something new without having to be under too much pressure. Thanks! :-)

I was also wondering if we are supposed to put name and/or date or something on the back of the inchie.

reality 04/15/2009 #

im up for it not tried before but sounds quite fun and interesting

ladydy5 04/15/2009 #

I get the idea but is there an actual tutorial for making them the easy way.

dreamgrlsd 04/15/2009 #

In the first round of this swap I figured out that you can put your name and date on the inchies. It was kind of difficult at first when I tried but I finally got it.

I would put at least your name on them.

dreamgrlsd 04/15/2009 #

Thank you all for joining!

Esme 04/15/2009 #

Hi! I'm new and I'm in! Do we send little 1" squares through the mail? Or in an envelope? Do we draw four inches on one board or cut them out? Can they have a border beyond the inchie?

Esme 04/15/2009 #

How do you get a rating?

Chyk9ja 04/16/2009 #

Someone should enlighten me more, infact am totaly confused

Toupti 04/16/2009 #

I'm completely new to inchies, but I like to try new things. Actually, I'm not even quite sure I understand yet what an inchie is, but I'll look at the links given to see a few.

Thanks for doing a swap for beginners, at least partners know what to expect and there is less pressure.

dreamgrlsd 04/16/2009 #

@Esme You will send the inchie through the mail in an envelope. Inchies are 1 inch squares of cardstock or paper with a backing so that they are not to flimsy and you embellish them any way your creativity flows.

The way you get a rating is when your partner has received your swap they will rate you a 1, 3, or a 5. A heart is received if your partner feels that you deserve one. I don't list anything on ways a person should give a heart because for me it comes from the heart.

Hopefully this answer some of your questions. :o)

Mysticsweetness 04/19/2009 #

Do inchies have to be flat?? of can they have raised items on them??

dreamgrlsd 04/19/2009 #

@Mysticsweetness the y can be raised. They don't have to be flat.

lazydaisyglass 04/20/2009 #

I've just signed up. Never done inchies before, but intrgued and looking forward to making them.

CraftyLala 04/20/2009 #

Ok how do I get to play. I filled out my profile application what do I do next. New to this.

Tatsu 04/21/2009 #

Can you add magnets to the back of your inchies so they can be used as refrigerator magnets? This is the first time I've ever done inchies, but they sound loads of fun.

MereMortal 04/21/2009 #

This is my first swap and I am so excited! Inchies are so much fun to make. I can't wait to see what sort of works of art I get.

DisneyRider 04/22/2009 #

Does anyone write stuff on the back of there inchies??? I useually don't But I just want to know if others do and if so what do you write?

Miller974 04/22/2009 #

Oh I have to try this. It will be so interesting to see what people can do with an inch of space. :-)

Upcountrysmiles 04/22/2009 #

Wow..I'm up for a new challenge such as this one with the inches--never did one before and would love to learn. So I'm in!!

doublesided 04/23/2009 #

@Disneyrider I made up a backing on photoshop (because I couldn't write small enough!)

Inchie Back

doublesided 04/23/2009 #

Oops sorry its so big! Its really only an inch by an inch!

dolphia 04/23/2009 #

i'm new here, looking forward to this swap, very interesting.

CIA 04/23/2009 #

inchies sound like mini scrapbook pages- how fun!! im looking forward to using someone else's creativity in my own scrapbooks. sign me up! im not sure if i filledout my profile completely tho, any advice?

dreamgrlsd 04/23/2009 #

@CIA I think you filled it out enough for us to get to you a little! :o)

@Disneyrider For the first swap all i could fit on the back was my name and the date.

@Tatsu I wouldn't mind having some with a magnet! lol I think maybe you should ask your partner to see if they want a magnet on it. That is a really good idea.

Does anyone know if they usually come with a magnet on them?

@ CraftyLala thank you for joining! The day after the sign-up day I will assign partners for the swap. On swap-bot the system automatically decides who everyone's partner is. You should receive an email letting you know that partners have been assigned. Then you can check the swap on the right side there will be a link that says "see who you send to" that will be your partner. It will include all of their shipping information and a link to their profile.

Hope this helps!

@doublesided I like your backing! Now I need to play with photoshop to try to make one too! lol Thanks for the idea. :o)

dreamgrlsd 04/23/2009 #

Everyone please remeber that a sticker on an inchies is not complete. Please take some time to embellish the inchie.

Starsnow 04/24/2009 #

Maybe a silly question here but how do I get the paper to be correct? I cut a 1X1 inch square of card stock? I am a color outside of the lines "kid"..(ok , old coot but still) Everyone will be patient if its not perfect, right??

Any limit as to how high the decorations can be raised?
Thanks All

dreamgrlsd 04/24/2009 #

@Starsnow to cut my inchies I use my cutter and make them 1 inch. It was a little difficult at first but I think I got it. I also saw a 1 inch punch at Micheals (I think) it was like 10.00. I cut mine out of cardstock and if it is to flemsie i put a backing on them.

There is no limitation to how high the decoration should be. At least I don't think so. :o)

brooklyn 04/24/2009 #

I just joined swap-bot today. How do I join? And how do I know who I mail to?

yomousey 04/24/2009 #

Hi all, Just wanted to give a tip (although I am new to inchies) I went to a local framing store (where they frame art and photos for you?) and I asked for any leftover mat pieces. I offered to pay him but the guy gave me a whole bunch for free:) I thought of this cause when my girls were little I could go broke buying them paper to draw on so I used to go to the printer a block from our house and get all kinds and sizes free!

DisneyRider 04/24/2009 #

Just FYI ladies and gents regular paper and a sticker is not an inchie either please try to use chipborad or I love matboard like framers use it's the best and it takes paint and glues really well. Thanks

lvpoohbr2 04/25/2009 #

So I made my first 4 inchies last night. I made them on watercolor paper. Will I need to mount them on something thicker?? I thought they were like ATC's but smaller. Hmm

pasiakowa 04/25/2009 #

Oh, those would be my very first inches! :) I just cut out the bases - they're so nicely tiny :)

enchantability 04/26/2009 #

I'm nervous about getting these right but excited to try them too! I've always wanted to try them and hope whoever gets mine feels free to make any suggestions or comments so I can get better at it.

Snjdebdeb 04/26/2009 #

:-) I'm so excigted! I can't wait to see what we come up with :-) My profile filled out enough??? Yayyy Inky hugs everyone! Debi

Snjdebdeb 04/26/2009 #

err excited enough to not pay attention to my darn spelling LOL

doublesided 04/27/2009 #

Wow over 100 people joining - brilliant! Its great to see so many people getting interested in Inchies! Hope you will all continue to make them after this swap!

lvpoohbr2 04/27/2009 #

Can we do a zentangle design for one of the inchies? This inchie wouldn't have any thing on it other than what I draw.

LeeMeow 04/28/2009 #

Yeah!! I finished mine~~ lalalala~~~ cannot wait to see where I'm sending them off to!! :)

dreamgrlsd 04/28/2009 #

WOW we are over 100!!!

I haven't logged in awhile so let me catch up...

@brooklyn In order to sign up you need to click on the "join swap link." The day after the sign-up day I will assign partners for the swap. On swap-bot the system automatically decides who everyone's partner is. You should receive an email letting you know that partners have been assigned. Then you can check the swap on the right side there will be a link that says "see who you send to" that will be your partner. It will include all of their shipping information and a link to their profile

@yomousey I love your idea!!!

@lvpoohhb2 If you think they need to have a backing on them to make them sturdy then go ahead. It is my asumption that when we create inchie we do it in the same fashion as we would an ATC, so what you draw on it is still within the boundaries!! lol

If I am under the wrong impression someone please let me know.

Thank you all for joining I will set-up the next round soon

dreamgrlsd 04/28/2009 #

Everyone please be advised I will check profiles prior to assigning partners in order to hopefully weed out anyone that is questionable. I want this be a fun and easy swap. So PLEASE if you think you are not going to send out your swap, then please do not sign up. It is not fair to your partners or the people who will angel for you!

Lishmo 04/28/2009 #

I just joined, I love to make inchies. I hope it's okay that I'm not strictly a beginner. Everyone here seems so excited! This should be fun. :)

dreamgrlsd 04/28/2009 #

@Lishmo This swap is open to everyone. But please keep in mind most of us are beginners at making them. :o)

Lishmo 04/28/2009 #

I am kind to newbies :) And I understand my partner may be making their very first inchies. I think it will be awesome - seeing someone's first effort at something that they are so excited about. I'm in this swap for the fun of sharing, not to be judgmental.

ariannanoel 04/28/2009 #

i'd like to join! i just joined swap-bot a few minutes ago, but i wanted to make sure i joined this swap!! i'm going to fill my profile out RIGHT NOW!!.

i'm so excited i found this swap "family" :) i've been looking for something like this for SO long!!!!


yomousey 04/28/2009 #

Ok I have mine ready to go, except now I have my creative juices flowing and I can't stop. In fact I dreamt of inchies last night, LOL!

Neener1430 04/29/2009 #

I am so glad that there are so many of us excited about this swap. I can't wait to see all the creative things that everyone is talking about. I am getting alot of ideas just by reading all the posts here. I was nervous about signing up, but now I am really excited to make and to receive.

dreamgrlsd 04/29/2009 #

@Lishmo Thank you so much for understanding!

@ariannanoel Welcome to SB! It is addicting!!

@yomousey LOL that is too funny!!

@Neener1430 I am glad to hear it! I was a liilte scared with the first one too! But now I am having fun playing with them.

KofoedMedia 04/29/2009 #

This is a great idea! I'm joining. Very interested in Inchies, but as someone mentioned earlier... I didn't want to disappoint a veteran inchie-creator!

dreamgrlsd 04/29/2009 #

@KofoedMedia lol :o) I know how you feel. Thats why I like doing beginner swaps!

Valarie 05/ 1/2009 #

Hi there!!! I am a newbie to Swap-bot, just finished my first swap and I am officially addicted! I've been doing crafts and art all my life, so nice to be a part of this community!! I haven't done any inchies yet and am excited to get started!!

principeta 05/ 2/2009 #

http://www.flickr.com/photos/gunnels/2841954983 - Lovely!

principeta 05/ 2/2009 #

http://www.flickr.com/photos/boxoftrix/2543878151/ Super!

Valarie 05/ 2/2009 #

principeta- thanks for sharing, those are amazing!

principeta 05/ 3/2009 #

I hope mine would be like those someday.And this time...I try my best.

misumisu22 05/ 4/2009 #

sent mine out....this was my first attempt..fun..tiny but fun!

dreamgrlsd 05/ 5/2009 #

Everyone I have set-up another round for the inchie swaps!


CIA 05/12/2009 #

ive been working on practice inchies before sending out a final product! lol

CraftyLala 05/15/2009 #

Mailed out my very first inchie today. Hope my partner likes it. :)

Valarie 05/17/2009 #

Just finished my inchies! Yay, they were fun. I didn't expect to be able to fit so much on a 1 inch square! I ended up using chipboard, buttons, paint, beads, wire, brads, a sticker, fabric and my ever favorite- black sharpie marker! WHEW! Mailing them out tomorrow...

dolphia 05/23/2009 #

i sent out my inchie swap, really enjoy making them, this was the first time for me hope my partner likes them as much as i enjoyed making them

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