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1 chocolate bar swap #5

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1 chocolate bar swap #5
Swap Coordinator:SABR (contact)
Swap categories: Food  Miscellaneous  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:87
Last day to signup/drop:May 2, 2009
Date items must be sent by:May 9, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

We had so many swappers in the first 4 swaps that I though we should do it again!:)

Choose 1 chocolate bar and send to your partner. If there's anything you do not like, comment with it. For hearts you can add a little extra like a cute card or more candy:)

This is international and newbies with one completed swap and a filled out profile are welcome:) For non newbies ratings must be atleast 4,8. I will review everyones profile!

Happy Swapping:D


SABR 04/20/2009 #

I DO NOT WANT: - dark chocolate - white chocolate - anything with coconut - anything with coffee - regular bars like mars, snickers, kitkat and so on

janeengland 04/20/2009 #

i do not want to reciev regular bars like bounty, mars, snickers etc and please please no nuts or toffee.

ellysn 04/20/2009 #

I love anything chocolate, and will try any chocolate ones. I'm not picky :-). But I'd really love to try chocolates which are different that I cannot find in Malaysia... your local speciality chocolate for example. I LOVEEEE CHOCOLATES!!!!!

smokeandmirrors 04/20/2009 #

I would love to try something that i can't find here in Australia please :-)

I prefer milk chocolate bars. Please do not send me anything with mint or cherry flavours. Thank you.

IngridRijnen 04/20/2009 #

I love almost all kind of choclates, the only ones I really don´t like is something with coconut or mint inside. Surprise me :-)

Jembogawa 04/20/2009 #

I don't like dark chocolate, mint, fruit or nuts (but I like orange chocolate), marshmallows, coconut, coffee. If unsure just PM me :) thanks :)

Jembogawa 04/20/2009 #

p.s i looovee white chocolate and really like milk chocolate :)

weloveriley 04/20/2009 #

Of course I am in, loved what I received from the last one!!! I pretty much will try all, I PREFER DARK Chocolate!

awrelie 04/20/2009 #

I like all chocolates only no those with rasins. You can see some in my profil.

jennydives 04/20/2009 #

I like milk chocolate plain, with nuts or caramel most of all. Dark chocolate and white chocolate will do in a pinch.

misnatalie 04/20/2009 #

I prefer things that are more unique in flavor and not easily found in the US. Also I do not like coffee/mocha flavors.

Manifest 04/20/2009 #

I like milk and dark chocolate. Please send me a bar that is unique to your area. Peace.

sschlegel 04/20/2009 #

hi, i love milk and dark, but NOT white, chocolate. i like fruit, peanut, crispy, caramel, and marshmallow, but NOT coffee, licorice, hazelnut, or other nuts. thanks. :), sschlegel

sschlegel 04/20/2009 #

hi, i love milk and dark, but NOT white, chocolate. i like fruit, peanut, crispy, caramel, and marshmallow, but NOT coffee, licorice, hazelnut, or other nuts. thanks. :), sschlegel

AbbeyRoad 04/20/2009 #

Anything will be fine for me. I love all chocolate.

Creeny 04/20/2009 #

And once again joining my favourite swap, cause I LOVE chocolate!! :) Things I don't like in combination with chocolate: - peanuts & peanut butter stuff - nougat - caramell - soft fillings

I am open to strange flavors! E. g. I really love chocolate with salt on or in it :)

glassnowdrop 04/20/2009 #

can i check what size one 'bar' is. Is this a 50g bar?

providence 04/21/2009 #

no pistachios or marzipan for me please.

if i am lucky enough to get someone from australia or nz i do love the dairy milk rocky road and black forest gateau choc bars

saletlc 04/21/2009 #


Libbybear 04/22/2009 #

No coffee chocolate for me please :) I love Mint or caramel with chocolate :)

monstermansmum05 04/22/2009 #

No dark chocolate or fruity fillings.

Love white chocolate, milk chocolate, and with any kind of nuts or peanutbutter.

Muriel 04/22/2009 #

No white or filled with alcohol for me. Thank you!

AynE 04/22/2009 #

I'm pretty easy to please, if I don't like it, my family or next door neighbors will. I just know that I do not like chocolate with lavendar in it. I probably would not like bacon flavored chocolate either.

ladystumblindummy 04/22/2009 #

no dark choc please coconut fruity and nuts are a go. also love marshmallows and choc and choc covered cherried if you cant get sugarfree regular is fine hugs lsd

VampiraGirl 04/22/2009 #

Anything is ok with me. I'm so excited. I love trying new candy!

onlyincambodia 04/22/2009 #

I prefer dark chocolates. I also like chocolate with coconut or almonds.

NO fruit, crispy, milk or white chocolate.

ButterflyPrincess 04/22/2009 #

Love to join but my chocolate melted. Probably too hot in California!

sailorjupiter88 04/23/2009 #

Hi :) I LOVE peanutbutter or white and milk chocolate, but NOT dark, coffee, fruit and mint chocolate! I also like bounty, mars, snickers and so on =P

lazydaisyglass 04/23/2009 #

Hi all, I love chocalate - any kind of flavours welcome. I do prefer 70% cocoa ones (they are supposed to be healthier!!)

Polymath 04/23/2009 #

I love all chocolate, but prefer dark chocolate.

sharone 04/24/2009 #

I would love to receive something I can't get in Australia, feel free to message me. I especially love nuts, peanut butter, nougat, coffee flavours. Thanks in advance!

Ajinka 04/24/2009 #


mariee 04/24/2009 #

I don like white chocolate, chocolate with lots of caramel, dark chocolate, coffee, regular bars like snicker, kit kat and so on. I would like to get something that i cant get in USA.

PageTurner 04/24/2009 #

I love dark chocolate, coconut, nuts, marshmallows, and peanut butter. Please do not send any fruit flavored things or white chocolate. Thanks!

TheCraftyLibrarian 04/25/2009 #

I actually did this swap another time, but liked it so much that I'm joining in again! Yay! I don't really like coconut or dark chocolate. I like chocolates that aren't available in Australia so this is a fun swap!

seasonticket 04/25/2009 #

I like all types of chocolate ever. mwah

Tatsu 04/26/2009 #

I love dark and milk chocolate, anything filed with alcohol,marshmallows, peanuts, coconut, wafers, exotic flavors to try out.

Please NO white chocolate, butterscotch,raisins or flavored creamy fillings (like strawberry, mint, lime, etc.)

Purrsnickety 04/26/2009 #

Loves: Milk chocolate, marshmallow, caramel, peanut butter, nuts

Dislikes: dark chocolate, fruit flavors in chocolate, plain (nothing mixed in) chocolate

dabble 04/27/2009 #

I'd love to have more than one swap partner for this. Would also be happy to angel if need be. My only requests are no white chocolate, and I'd prefer something unusual, not the standard grocery store stuff.

blueskydei 04/27/2009 #

Likes: dark chocolate, raspberries, interesting & unusual combinations

Dislikes: white chocolate, coconut, spicy things (I got my friend a chocolate bar with jalapeno in it & I couldn't eat it!)

suz615 04/27/2009 #

I love chocolate, but don't like raisens or coffee. Thanks!

Dibrittain 04/27/2009 #

sorry i have to drop from here due to the heat wave I don't want to get a messy melted bar. I got 5 of them today and it sucks. It is better when it is cold to do this. I will look for these in the fall when the heat is not in the 90's in april.

camper07 04/28/2009 #

I would LOVE to do this but as the person above stated, it is TOO hot already and i don't want melted chocolate either! I am with youDibrittain, I will try again in the fall.

ladyeteria 04/30/2009 #

I'd prefer not regular bars and not raisins...

ccap 04/30/2009 #

No regular bars (kitkat, Oh Henry, snickers etc.) or bars with fruit in it or fruit flavored. LOVE bars with nuts or coconut.

ellabellaboo 05/ 1/2009 #

LOVE CHOCOLATE!! something different would be nice although something regular to you may be completely new to me in the uk- email me if you're not sure....thanks

CarolynA1 05/ 1/2009 #

I would love to receive some chocolate from outside of the U.S. I've probably had all of them ;-)

saskwoman 05/ 1/2009 #

i prefer no dark chocolate,or fruit ,cherries in them

kacka 05/ 1/2009 #

not HERSHEYs chocolate, and please no dark, thank you

disneyfreaksam 05/ 2/2009 #

No dark chocolate please - but I LOVE white chocolate


Neropatti 05/ 2/2009 #

Otherwice no special preferences, but if I get someone from the USA I would like to hint that I've always been curious about Babe Ruth -bar. We don't have it here in Finland.

awrelie 05/ 3/2009 #

When will be the partners asigned?

paperbutterflywings 05/ 4/2009 #

I eat most chocs, just not a fan of anything with a coffee taste. =) Oh and I have no allergies either :)

Babymonkey 05/ 4/2009 #

Anything cute...fun tasty... different...

susandyer1962 05/ 4/2009 #

I love most chocolates just none with coffee or liquor flavors. Thank you!

karikatzi 05/ 4/2009 #

Cool looking forwards to trying something new. I'm pretty easy when it comes to choc. If anything I'm not too crazy on the +80% pure cacoa strong stuff or white choc unless it's got a good reason (such as hazelnut filling hee hee), but that's about it. Just bought my trade bar and will send it out tommorrow

Creeny 05/11/2009 #

Sorry...I sent the package on Saturday, but I had no time to mark it as sent. Hope, my partner will like the chocolate I sent...

karikatzi 05/26/2009 #

Got flaked :(

dabble 06/ 2/2009 #

me too. got flaked as well. looks like a lot of no sends for this one. were there any angels?

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