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"How To Be A Stepford" Journal Swap

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Swap Coordinator:ElizabethObviously (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing  Paper Crafts  Journals 
Number of people in swap:21
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:February 5, 2010
Date items must be sent by:April 9, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

For this swap you will take a compostion book ( the cow print kind) or another suitable journal and decorate the front and back covers. You want to make it pretty, something nice to look at it.

In the journal you are to include these things:

  • at least 25 recipes ( 5 appetizers, 5 entrees, 5 desserts, 5 snacks and 5 sender's choice)

  • at least 20 cleaning tips

  • at least 20 happy quotes

  • at least 20 handy tips

  • at least 10 crafty ideas

  • at least 10 decorating ideas

  • at least 10 weekend activities in your area


  • how to save money

  • ways to de-stress

  • reasons you love your spouce

  • reasons you love your kids/pets


  • a mix CD of cleaning/upbeat music

  • a swap related gift with a price of at least $5.

Don't feel like you have to group everything together in a section. You don't have to cram all the quotes together or all the tips together. Just sprinkle them through out your journal.

  • This swap is international.

  • Since this is a time consumming swap, I do not want any flakers please so ratings of 4.9 at least. A filled out profile is also a MUST! I do not mean one or 2 lines. Let's try here okay?

  • Newbies (ie: people with NO ratings) not allowed. But this swap has a very long time to go before you send out, so work on ratings!

  • At least 20 MAILED swaps- not counting email swaps or postcards.

  • 1 partner of course.


katelynlovesyou 11/12/2009 #

I'd love to know if you repeat this swap again once I have enough experience, great idea!

ChelelosGirl 11/12/2009 #

I just love the movie The Stepford Wives! What a cute idea!

ElizabethObviously 11/12/2009 #

well its quite a ways in the future! get some experience before then :D

Lishmo 11/12/2009 #

What a cute idea, Elizabeth! I know what a Stepford wife looks like. I have observed their behavior and can mimic them when necessary. I'll be watching, I've never done a journal before.

staceyb 11/12/2009 #

Please do this one again in a couple of months. I don't have the ratings yet but it sounds like such a great idea :)

loricritt 11/13/2009 #

@staceyb and @katelynlovesyou The sign up deadline is Feb 5th so you have nearly 3 months to get the needed experience to join this swap.

ElizabethObviously 11/13/2009 #

exactly! and remember things like ATCs, mix CDs, photo swaps, dottees all do count as mailed swaps! I have faith in everyone to get enough swaps under their belt in time.

staceyb 11/14/2009 #

Egads, I did not notice that it was set for February! I'll definitely work hard til then. :)

pickledprincess 11/15/2009 #

I am watching this swap for not because I am a newbie and don't have the necessary ratings yet. I am goinf to work on the journal though.

GoingTwinsane 11/20/2009 #

OH I LOVE THIS!!! This is my kinda swap! I am SO IN!

GoingTwinsane 11/20/2009 #

I'm getting started on mine now. Any angeling if there are flakers?

AmericanHeiress 11/26/2009 #

I am so excited for this swap Queen Elizabeth! I am already working on mine. I hope a lot of people sign up because this is going to be a good one.

moggiex 11/27/2009 #

i really do love this idea. im dying to join, although im not really a mom at all. can i still join or would that defeat the purpose? i can use my imagination if youd still like me fill in those sections about being a mom and wife. lol

ElizabethObviously 11/27/2009 #

A stepford can be simply an awesome wife and awesome woman who likes to keep things running smoothly in her household! So yes moggie you can substitute soemthing else in that place!

As for angelling...I really hope I wil lnto have to worry about this. I am going to check profiles verrry closely! This is such a labor intensive swap and time consumming that angelling is not really an option

moggiex 11/28/2009 #

count me in then. :)

GoingTwinsane 11/28/2009 #

I have to say that I have already started mine and am having a BLAST!!! I am going to have a very hard time letting it go...I hope no one flakes because they would be totally missing out on lots of fun!

ElizabethObviously 11/30/2009 #

i just wish there was less watchers and more peopel IN the swap lol

j3ss1ca 12/ 7/2009 #

This is going to be a blast and some work. I really hope no one flakes. I'm going to start on my this weekend.

renees 12/ 7/2009 #

fun idea, but I just need all these ideas I don't have any of my own haha

qmock 12/ 8/2009 #

Question - Under lists, you have a $5.00 gift item and and a CD with upbeat cleaning music. Are those supposed to be lists of music to put on a CD or lists of $5.00 items we'd like, or are we supposed to be sending those in addition to the journal. It sounds like fun, I just want to be clear.

Thanks, Susan

scrapkween 12/ 8/2009 #

I would love to join, but have been flaked on in the past 2 journal swaps i have done.............. =(

ElizabethObviously 12/ 9/2009 #

No the CD and the $5 item are things to be sent with the journal. It wa ssupposed to be spaced but I guess the space didn't go through right lol

AmericanHeiress 12/16/2009 #

Queen Elizabeth,

I cant believe how many people are watching this swap and not joining. Come on swappers this one is going to be fantastic! I am almost finished with mine and its gorgeous. I cant wait to get the recipes.


PrettyPoetStacy 12/18/2009 #

I am going to join closer to the deadline for joining. Because, yes, I am an addict (and this frees up space for a swap that starts and ends sooner). But, I'm working on mine and definitely joining in a few weeks!


ElizabethObviously 12/19/2009 #

Well I think lotsa are watching because A: it is further in the future. and B: it is a bigger swap and they are making sure people who are flakers do not join.

PrettyPoetStacy 12/19/2009 #

I agree Elizabeth. It's a very time consuming process and it'd really be a bummer if you got flaked on this one.

openasthesky 12/21/2009 #

I adore the concept of this swap! There's just no way I can have 20 completed mailed non-pc swaps by the beginning of February. I'm definitely with the others who hope that this one is repeated, though! It's right up my alley, and I haven't had the pleasure of doing a journal swap yet. :)

PrettyPoetStacy 12/21/2009 #

I have one question. My journal cover is already decorated and it's very pretty/feminine. Would it be ok to decorate the front and back inside covers instead?

I can always add embellishments and decorations to the ones that's already on the cover, but it's quite pretty as it is and it would be fun for me to do collages and embellishments on the inside covers.

j3ss1ca 12/22/2009 #

I have already started working on this swap when I just realized that you have to have 20 swaps completed. I'll move myself to the watch list and hope I can get enough swaps done in time. I haven't done a journal swap yet and would love to be included.

AmericanHeiress 12/25/2009 #

I am finished with mine!!!!!! I cant wait to get swapping. This will be the coolest swap I have done in a long time. Cant wait to get my partner. =) Happy New Year Botters.

Tarabell150 12/28/2009 #

I love this idea! I don't think I have the ratings yet but will be sending out a bunch of stuff soon so hopefully I will have the ratings by the time the deadline hits. Looking forward to doing this. Great movie!!!

GoingTwinsane 12/29/2009 #

Mine is nearly finished. The thought of mailing it makes me wanna cry! It is definitely a labor of love!

Tarabell150 12/30/2009 #

I counted my ratings, and I am so in on this one! I am going to start first thing tomorrow!!

ElizabethObviously 12/31/2009 #

yes PPS you can do that!

I want to see pictures of all the finished journals!

arielrobin 01/ 6/2010 #

I can't join due to the number of swaps necessary to join but I'm doing a journal anyway just for the fun of it. I can angel one (1) person with the journal if anyone "flakes". Hopefully it won't happen but if so, if the host will let me know I'll send it out to whomever.

I do have one question though. In the list, can I substitute reasons to love your spouse rather than reasons I love my spouse...since I don't actually have one at this time. :)

ElizabethObviously 01/ 6/2010 #

Yah that certainly works! And it is awesome you are doing a journal just in case!!

Chewysmommy 01/ 6/2010 #

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hit my twenty ratings today!!!!!!!! There will be more by the sign up date though. I am so excited and can't wait to get started......please let me know if there is anything questionable about my profile that would keep me from participating. Thanks! Megan

AmericanHeiress 01/ 6/2010 #

Queen E,

Why are there only 9 people in the this amazing swap? Come on swappers this is going to be a great swap!!!!! Dont be afraid join. I am already finished. I totally loved making this journal!!!!!

I cant wait to start swapping!


soyprincesa2 01/ 7/2010 #

I am a Newbie and am signed up for 5 swaps already. I will not have the number of required ratings by that date. I wish someone could host this and have NEWBIES send their completed journals to the HOST with enough postage for the host to mail the journal on to one of the other NEWBIES. That would guarentee that no NEWBIES flaked. I would be willing to pay the extra money to have the host ship it on. I know it would be an extra trip to the post office... but it would be sooooooooooo NICE! I think a lot of those watching are NEWBIES hoping to get enough ratings in time to join! That is what I am doing.

openasthesky 01/ 9/2010 #

I'm still watching ... think I've sent out 18 packages so far, but some of them were for multiple swaps. So close ... unless I'm supposed to have 20 separate mailed (non-pc) swaps! We'll see. :)

TAnn 01/10/2010 #

I am still watching but only because i need the space on my dashboard. Will definatly join nearer the date.

Please though can you explain Cow Print Type Journal.

AmericanHeiress 01/10/2010 #


Cow print is that funny black and white print journals you buy at Target or Office Depot. you usually kids in high school use them. Thats what I used in high school. They are made by the company MEAD and are around $2 if I am not mistaken.


ElizabethObviously 01/10/2010 #

You can use that or find one that suits you better, spiral bound, thicker covers, whatever suits you. I just say those kind as a example because they have pretty sturdy covers to work with.

TAnn 01/11/2010 #

Ah. I am in the UK. Never seen these - I will find something suitable though.

TAnn 01/11/2010 #

got a lovely book and made a start. Note to self - do all the writing before adding embelishments, it makes it very hard to write on the nearby pages.

nelliebugsdotcom 01/12/2010 #

I think I have 19 ratings, so still time to join. I'm not sure what type of journal you're talking about.. could you give dimensions?

Net3811 01/13/2010 #

Can someone tell me what size a composition book is. I only know the A5 size journals which are about 21cm x 15cm. Also I hate to be picky but can my recipes not use products that I may not be able to get in Australia. I'd like to be able to use the recipes but we don't have canned biscuits, Bisquick and that kind of thing.

ElizabethObviously 01/14/2010 #

Well it is a bit hard the request that. Alot of people have already started theirs, some have even finished. Hopefully you get someone who has not started yet. Just keep ya fingers crossed

Net3811 01/17/2010 #

Not a problem. Just something I'm aware of in case someone checks to see what I would like. This is an amazing swap. I tried to have a "no parcel" rule for a few months to save money but this was irresistible. I also have a journal with a decorated cover so will decorate inside covers instead. I don't have a spouse. Can I list reasons I love living alone instead?

Net3811 01/17/2010 #

Oops, sorry Elizabeth just read something further up that answered my question

AmericanHeiress 01/19/2010 #

I wish we could swap now. I have been done for a month. LOL. This was too much fun. Queen E you gotta do this one again.

nelliebugsdotcom 01/20/2010 #

@net3811 wouldn't listing the reasons you love living alone defeat the purpose of a "stepford wife" journal? lol

soyprincesa2 01/21/2010 #

Though.. if you have seen the movie Stepford Wives and seen the horrible way they changed their wives to be robots then maybe living along would be much preferable to being a 'Stepford Wife'. lol

AmericanHeiress 01/21/2010 #

I have never seen anything like this on the bot. This is one of the coolest swaps I have ever done. And there is only 10 people in it. Its seems to be so popular on the message board and we are all talking about. Come on botters join join. Come one come all. This going to be fantastic. Smooches

soyprincesa2 01/25/2010 #

I am sure more people would join if the requirements were lessened. It takes a while to get the 20 swaps under our belt.

ElizabethObviously 01/26/2010 #

i have that requirement because i dont want people to join and flake on it. I could care less if only 5 people join as long as those 5 people all send and recieve!

driftwood 02/ 2/2010 #

So excited to find this!!!! I am going to begin. thanks for hosting.

nelliebugsdotcom 02/ 3/2010 #

I'm going to try and join anyway and hope the host will be a little lenient seeing as 20 mailed swaps is a big requirement. I have 20 swaps but I think 3 of them were electronic. Either way, I have all 5s and quite a few hearts so I hope I will be able to participate!! :)

melyssajoy 02/ 5/2010 #

If you do this swap again, I'll pee my pants with joy! I love journal swaps and this one sounded like so much fun. (:

nelliebugsdotcom 02/ 6/2010 #

What do you mean by "handy tips"?

wolfcreekartistry 02/ 7/2010 #

I would venture to say hany tips like if you oversalt your soup put a few potato slices in and it will absorb the salt, if your gravy is too thin add potato flakes to thicken, quick alternatives/ fixes for things, etc.

ElizabethObviously 03/14/2010 #

Handy tips would be things like...if you put a candle in the freezer for a couple hours it burns slower. Yeah pretty much what wolfcreek said...things to fix things around the house quickly, how to fix foods you mess up.

wolfcreekartistry 03/18/2010 #

Any ideas on how to keep your pages from wrinkling? When we glue things in?

wolfcreekartistry 03/18/2010 #

Also I was wondering, are any of y'all decorating around printed-out glued in pages?

BranSews 03/25/2010 #

I had a problem when I was using liquid glue and mod podge. When I switched to a glue stick it got a WHOLE lot easier and prettier.

BranSews 04/ 7/2010 #

YAY I finished mine!!! I started a second one but am tired of making journals for now so I guess it will end up on etsy....

Net3811 04/18/2010 #

There are so many who haven't sent their journal yet! Poor Elizabeth.

ChelelosGirl 04/22/2010 #

Poor Elizabeth?! I just spent months working on a journal that I actually would loved to have kept for myself to someone whose account has been deleted!!! What a let down, I wish I'd never sent it.

heavendevon 04/27/2010 #

To ChelelosGirl: I was supposed to be the recipient of the journal made by the girl that you sent to. She supposedly mailed it on 4/10 and the immediately deleted her Swap-bot account. Of course I haven't received the journal yet (St. Louis MO to Youngstown OH-should have taken 3 days max). I am equally as bummed as you are!

ElizabethObviously 05/12/2010 #

I am so sorry to everyone who has not recieved. I honestly thought that the people I allowed into this swap were good people. I checked profiles..I checked ratings...I thought I did everything right....I wish I could make it up to everyone who has not recieved...myself included.

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