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Big Fat Stuffed Envelope Swap #3-USA

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Swap Coordinator:wolfeagle (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous  Newbie  Craft Supplies 
Number of people in swap:226
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:April 24, 2010
Date items must be sent by:May 6, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

Easy swap. Newbies with well filled out Profiles encouraged. I understand we all have to start somewhere and this is a great swap to do that. Send a stuffed envelope with all sorts of goodies to one partner. At least a long business size envelope, 4 x 9, however you can certainly choose to go bigger. The items you send are senders choice, however it is always nice to look at your partners profile and try to send items they can use. Examples Include (but are not limited to)
Post cards
Greeting Cards
Scrapbook papers, chipboard, etc ephemera
recipe/recipe cards
old photographs
small books
handmade items
craft supplies
teas/drink mixes
fabric scraps
sewing items
Or anything else you want to share

PLEASE REINFORCE your envelope with tape at the seams or use a larger envelope, if you think there is a chance it will explode. You may also choose to put stuff in a baggie in case the envelope tears in transit. U.S. only. Have fun.

Swappers must have a completely filled out Profile and no recent no sends. Please do not send scraps of memo paper/notebook/post-it type paper, etc. You may send the whole memo pad or notebook but scraps of note paper does not equal scrapbook papers. Please only send something you would like to receive yourself. Please rate your partner when you receive your envelope and rate on the swap being sent on time, not on if you liked everything in your envelope. Thank you.


trishgray17 03/22/2010 #

Yay! Again!

Traceyk 03/22/2010 #

Love it!!! :)

Robynmh4 04/ 1/2010 #

Loved fat envie swap #2 so I am more than ready for #3

CookieCutter 04/ 2/2010 #

Ok I'm going to try another of these. I unfortunately got an envelope full of junk in #2 (not just stuff I didn't like, but junk, just thrown together) and I was really disappointed, especially after being so excited to make and send my envelope. Anyhow, it's a cool idea & I'm up for another go, hopefully with better results this time :)

OliveAndMadi 04/ 3/2010 #

How many items are required to send for this swap or do we send as many as we want?

mizvicky 04/ 4/2010 #

well I have not even got my envie from # 2 swap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i will try this one again... it is quiet frustrating..

monbeaucher 04/ 4/2010 #

@mizvicky me neither :( im getting worried.

MissMakesALot 04/ 5/2010 #

the first swap was so much FUN can't wait for this one too :)

scarlett1110 04/ 5/2010 #

I'm new but I'd love to join your swap.

Rhaygar 04/ 5/2010 #

Just signed up today and so excited to hopefully participate in this swap!

druideye 04/ 5/2010 #

I got my envie from #2 today and I must say it was WONDERFUL!! I was so thrilled with everything. Looking forward to another.

hmonkey09 04/ 5/2010 #

Haven't got my envelope from the #2, but at least I did well on my first try assembling for a swap!(so sayeth the recipient). I will give it another shot and hopefully whoever gets me will send me something this time!

wolfeagle 04/ 6/2010 #

For everyone still waiting on an envelope from #2...I hope it gets there soon. If it doesn't, please let me know by email or PM. @Cookiecutter I feel you. I have received great envelopes and then I have received a junky one myself. If I know a person sends trash, they are not welcome back to more of my swaps. @oliveandmadi Yes, you can send as few or many items as you want, as long as the envelope is stuffed. You could send 1 or 2 medium pieces of fabric and stuff an envelope or send many small or flat items that stuff the envelope, or send a movie and some scrapbook paper and stuff an envelope, the choice is yours and combinations are endless, which is why these can be so fun. I recommend sending supply items, or items from the list above that you have on hand, that are in good usable condition., Just dont send junk and you should be okay.

alishabear0808 04/ 6/2010 #

Just signed up today, still working on my profile, but I would love to join this swap! :)

moonorchid9484 04/ 7/2010 #

Just signed up today and this seems like a great starter for sending out actual packages. I can't wait to start!

saskgal 04/ 8/2010 #

hi there...I joined this one, being completely new to this, but after getting my confirmed email, i noticed it says Big Fat Stuffed Envelope Swap #3-USA..does that mean since I am in canada I can't not join..if that's the case I apologize for not closely reading it and guess I have to unjoin..lol

Whiskers 04/ 8/2010 #

Just got my envelope from #2 today and it was full of goodies. I am ready to go again!!!!!

wolfeagle 04/ 8/2010 #

@saskgal This is the USA version. I also have an INternational version which you are more then welcome to join. You can find it here

annie41977 04/ 8/2010 #

I'm totally new and really looking forward to this!

Naeco 04/11/2010 #

Today is a rainy Sunday, and once my laundry was done I had nothing else to do but go on swap-bot, and then I found this swap! Which is a great idea, by the way. I hosted one similar to it, but in my opinion, everyone is more organized than I am. C: Anyway, thanks for brightening my rainy day, @wolfeagle I look forward to this swap and have already started gathering some items for it.

snpyrunner 04/11/2010 #

going to try this, hopefully my partner will look at my profile to send things that I will love to receive! to my partner, if in doubt, just ask me!

Naeco 04/11/2010 #

This is exciting. I pretty much have everything together now, but may change out some stuff according to my partner's profile. I really put an effort into not putting junky stuff in it, which may cost more, but it's good to put in what you expect to get. Hopefully we won't have any flakers here!

wolfeagle 04/12/2010 #

I agree....Flakers Suck! It's just so RUDE. And I don't want any one to join this swap who may not fulfill the committment to send a stuffed envelope to their partner.

Suelle 04/14/2010 #

I have to withdraw from this swap. (dissapointment) I just realized that it is fro the US only. I'm canadian. Next time there's an international one I'll participate. See you then.

Lanie 04/14/2010 #

I see a lot of people using the word "junk" but not really going into detail....can you please specify what you consider to be "junk" please?

I can understand dirty items or items that are used to the point that they can not be reused ever again by anyone else ever.

SherriB 04/14/2010 #

Pretty much I'd say if you don't want it, I don't want it either! I try to send stuff that fits people's profiles, or that is so cool they will go "very cool" when they open the envelope. It's a bummer to receive the ordinary kind of stuff that most of us probably already have in our own scrap drawers. I want something new/different--not more of what can commonly be found anywhere.

atinagrace 04/14/2010 #

I f there is a #4, I will get back into the game..I love to make up these swaps..

wolfeagle 04/14/2010 #

If its your trash, then others probably don't want it. Unless its me-I like broken jewelry, rusty metal and watch parts, and realize most people wouldnt want that stuff, which is why reading your partners profile can help you in your sending choices. If you go by the list above you will be fine. If you have questions about a particular item, you can always email me. It is sender's choice, NOT a Profile Swap, so you can send whatever supplies you have on hand. There is no need to spend a lot of money on this swap. It's encouraged for you look at your partners Profile for inspiration but you are not required to buy things on their wishlist, profile, etc.

Lanie 04/14/2010 #

Was just wondering what people considered trash is all. I did the last one and received some really great items I already used and made into other things. I sent out a nice package and the person who received it said they liked it. I can't say it totally matched their profile likes as I already had everything together before partners were assigned and when I read her profile I was really worried she wouldn't what I sent but when I swap I swap for fun not to get stuff...that's just not my swapping style.

Hearing what different people consider to be "junk" really does help to make a decision to join a swap. I can totally understand the broken items and dirty items but if items are in really good condition and you send them without really knowing if the other person already has stuff like that they really can't blame the sender for sending them useless stuff. Sometimes not everyone has everything stated in their profiles....I think it is very important for swaps like this to have the "stuff I don't need" section added to your profile.

Would hate to send stuff to someone who already has a "ton" of the same stuff and have them be disappointed.

Thanks for the replies

misia76 04/14/2010 #

I'm very interested in this swap!! :)

Naeco 04/15/2010 #

@ReduceReuseRepurpose , the last stuffed envelope swap I joined, someone sent me an envelope full of paper. It wasn't blank or nice paper though, it was just random old recipes, advertisements for foods, bent postcards, random stuff. It seemed like the person just took all the old pages of things they had and threw it in the envelope.

I consider junk to be something effortless like that. No variety, no thought as to what is going into the envelope. You are absolutely right that the person sending has no idea what the receiver has in mind, so the word "junk", to me, means that the person put no effort into the swap.

kristiamb 04/17/2010 #

I would like to join - I noticed that people are defining what to include in the envelope. I was thinking stuff that I have bought or found in antique stores that I do not use. Old parts of jewlery, vintage photos, sequin, stamps etc. Is this what you are looking for? I certainly hope that what I send out I get the same thoughtfulness as the person who sends the pkg to me?

craftychick 04/17/2010 #

I've signed up for this swap, but everyone's idea of junk seems very different. I wouldn't mind receiving an envelope with various types of paper and advertisements, as I am a collage artist, and would probably be sending out the sorts of things that I would like to receive: old maps, old postcards (possibly bent), various types of papers, old ads, newspapers, stamps, etc. So I would LOVE to be paired with someone who has that same vibe. I really wouldn't like to receive a whole bunch of stuff that was brandie new.....

JavaJunkie 04/17/2010 #

Ooh...I'm a collage/mixed media artist too! I hope craftychick is my partner!!

sewWHAT 04/18/2010 #

so how does this work? this is my first....r we automatically matched with someone then we send them something?

wolfeagle 04/18/2010 #

Partners are randomly assigned by the swap-bot computer, so hosts have no control over who gets who as a partner. Which is why I suggest looking at your partners profile for inspiration as there are so many different types of people here who all like different things.

Please do not send trash items-vintage ephemera is okay but trash is not-your used candy wrapper, napkin or written on apt card is just rude.

Lanie 04/19/2010 #

ok so how would people feel about receiving jewelry, like handmade jewelry that has never been used or only used once?

I asked because I received in a valentines day swap on etsy not here a really pretty pair of dangle earrings with sterling sliver earwires but I have never worn them because I'm not into green and the beads on them are green. I have a few other pieces like a necklace and bracelet also received in swaps on ebay years ago that I have only used once a piece and they are pretty and in really good condition, handmade and I feel bad just having them sitting in my jewelry box when someone else could be putting them to good use.

Would this be considered rude or junk if I were to send it? and yes I know read the profile :0)

SoSheSews 04/19/2010 #

Yay... this was fun! So glad to be in on the next one!

A word of advice to everyone about shipping (I ship things everyday for my Etsy store, so I knows a thing or two about postage... haha!)... some of you may already know this, but I've seen some folks complaining in other swaps about how much domestic postage cost them for simple, large envelopes. Some were mentioning postal costs of $7 and up...

But...the USPS has something called a "Flat Rate Priority Envelope". It costs $4.80 to mail it- NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT WEIGHS...and no matter where it's going to in the US. It is a 12"x9" envelope, and it is FREE at the post office. If the Big Envelope you plan to mail weighs more than 13 ounces, it will cost you at least $4.80 (or more) to mail it.

The last stuffed Envie I sent, I packed full of all kinds of things including heavier glass beads, fabric, buttons- it weighed at least two pounds (32 ounces)... and the cool thing is, I didn't have to worry about how much it was going to cost me.

So if you're sending something that weighs more than 13 ounces, just put it into a Flat Rate Priority Envelope and save some money and worry. FYI.. if you don't have a postal scale at home there is usually one in the Post Office for you to use.

Lanie 04/19/2010 #

I too have two etsy shops so I have experience shipping. BTW if the items you are sending are too bulky for the flate rate envie then do this....take you items stick them in a regular yellow mailer like normal and then stick that into the small flat rate box that cost the same as the flat rate envie. Just make sure the envie you are using fits in the box. By keeping the item in the envie you are still going by the requirements of stuff and envelope but saving on shipping if your package is over 13oz at the same time.

wolfeagle 04/19/2010 #

Thanks for the mailing tips. You both have good ideas. However, all that is required is a 4 x 9 business size envelope which does not cost that much to send. I have found they hold a lot and when taped on the outside/corners they are a perfectly good way to mail your items. You can use a larger envelope but it certainly is not required, and it does raise the cost when you use a larger envelope. Jewelry is certainly acceptable to send. Just as a reminder this is Not a profile swap, so a person should not be spending a lot, if any, to fill a envelope.

SoSheSews 04/20/2010 #

@wolfeagle The USPS goes by weight.


As you can see, the prices do somewhat increase as the size of the package gets bigger, but really it's about weight. Actually, a letter weighing less than 3.5 ounces can be as big as 6.5" x 11.5". So a 4x9 will cost the same as a 6x11, because it's all about weight. 13 ounces is the cut-off for First Class Mail. Anything weighing more than 13 ounces must be sent by Priority Mail. Priority Mail starts at $4.80 for anything weighing up to 13 ounces and increases in price as the weight increases.

It's not hard to "stuff" a 4x9 envelope with enough things (especially if you want to send beads, jewelry findings, stamps, heavy cardstock, fabric) to weigh more than 13 ounces when you're done. Just wanted everyone to know that all they really have to pay is $4.80 if they just put it into a Flat Rate Priority Envelope or Small Box. They could even actually just take the 4x9 and put it inside those free Priority mailers to save money.

Had I not put my envelope weighing almost 2 lbs. from Big Fat Stuffed Envie #2 into a Flat Rate Priority Envelope it would have cost me upwards of $9.00 to send it all the way across the country (regular Priority also goes by zone in terms of distance you are sending the package). Instead, though, it cost me $4.80. Half off!

SoSheSews 04/20/2010 #

Sorry for so much info... just want to be helpful! I really love this swap! :)

Lanie 04/20/2010 #

@SoSheSews I knew exactly what you were trying to convey. Even a small envie with enough "heavy" small items can go over 12oz and wined up in the 13oz $ category and up.

Did you know that a 2lb and 2.6oz package to the San Fransico area can cost over $9 parcel post and even more for regular priority? So those small flate rate boxes do come in handy for smaller heavy items and packages.

I took this info as for those who have been sending really full envies with heavy items in them not for those sending bigger envies as those people I would assume would know to expect a higher price on shipping if the package is heavy. Some people don't expect a small package/envie to cost $9 to ship or to even go over 12oz buy like you said it all depends on weight.

misia76 04/21/2010 #

When is the partner announced? I can't wait it :)

wolfeagle 04/22/2010 #

people can sign up until the 24th and then a host has a week to go through profiles, etc, and then assign partners.

rhinoluvr 04/22/2010 #

This swap looks great for a newcomer like me. Thanks for the detailed mailing info. That helps. I've been trying to pare down my craft supplies to some essentials, so I'm already planning a nice FAT envelope of papers, labels, ribbon, stickers, beads, scraps, buttons, postcards, and other doo-dads. This looks to be a VERY popular swap as well.

creationsbytee 04/22/2010 #

I just signed up for this swap! I am a newbie to swap bot and know I will enjoy it! This is exciting and I am glad to participate in this swap, and hope to do many others as well. Great Stuffer Ideas! Thanks for making things clear to understand about what is expected from everyone who joins in.

rinfrog 04/23/2010 #

Can't wait, the first stuffed envi was so wonderful...Hope everyone has fun picking something for their partner!

funkhoup 04/24/2010 #

I didn't know that the host has a week to assign partners. Great information. I thought they had to assign them as soon as the deadline was up. Thanks!!!

kawaiicupcakes 04/24/2010 #

This looks like so much fun, especially for a first swap. I hope I get a partner with similar interests. :) Can't wait!

whateverislovely 04/24/2010 #

Can someone give me some guidance? I was "banned" from this swap due to "a weak profile and not logging back on???" I am a "newbie" and I was already preparing my envelope and I am really disappointed as this was to be my first swap:( What do I need to do in order to participate? I have a profile with a few questions & answers. I am so sad:(

wolfeagle 04/25/2010 #

You can add more info to your profile by going to Edit Profile, then select Personal which will take you to a page where you can fill in the sections. As far a logging on, that's simple also-log on within a few days of swaps you are interested in. In this case you had never logged back on since starting your account which many people do and then they never return leaving an unhappy swappy partner who has been flaked on. Obviously to be in a swap you must be active on swap-bot, one way hosts can tell this is by when you last logged on. And lastly, I always give people a chance to correct simple items like this before the swap starts.

wolfeagle 04/25/2010 #

Partners have now been assigned. Happy Swapping!

Artistic 04/27/2010 #

a fat envelope is en route to my partner. Enjoy!

allaboutpaper 04/28/2010 #

Thank you so much for giving a newbie a chance with this swap. It's my first one on swap-bot! I have my envie all stuffed, sealed, taped and addressed - I'm just waiting for payday on Saturday to mail it out. Because oh yeah, this is definitely going to weigh more than 13 oz. - so it went into a Flat-Rate Priority Mail envie (hence, why I need to wait for payday - there was more month than money this month, lol).

Thank you for reminding me of those flat-rate mailers, SoSheSews - I had a bunch that I'd forgotten about. It's good, too, because they're made of Tyvek, and that makes them bust-proof, pretty much.

geekgirl33 04/28/2010 #

Just got my package and have been singing a few of my favorite things from Sound of Music. Mine will go out on Friday when I am at work and get the cheap sending with tracking built in. This is a ton of fun!

LastMinuteMandy 04/29/2010 #

I just got my package! It was great! Hope my partner enjoys my package as much as I love mine!

susieq40 05/ 1/2010 #

I got my first swap package from Lily on Friday, cool what you can fit in an envelope, mine will go postal by Tuesday.

Mrsswappie 05/ 8/2010 #

I just wanted to let you know I just got my mother settled in thursday. She has been in the hospital all last week. I will mail my swap monday morning with dc. Thanks for bearing with me, Pammy

JuiceeJewels 05/12/2010 #

I still havent received anything yet...I hope it comes soon. My partner got my envelope on Monday and no rating yet. As a newbie I really want to get rated so I can join other swaps. Hope my first swap doesn't turn into a bad experience.

JuiceeJewels 05/17/2010 #

finally got my stuff,yay!!

sadifairy 05/22/2010 #

havent recieved anything either :(

millie52 05/22/2010 #

I think I will stick with swapping postcards, I still haven't recieved mine.

justjolean 05/24/2010 #

yep me either, haven't received anything!

wolfeagle 05/24/2010 #

I'm so sorry. 6 people out of the 226 still have yet to send. I'm hoping they still send and do not flake, but if they do flake, please rate them appropriately to help keep them out of future swaps. Flakers are just so rude.

MissMakesALot 05/24/2010 #

boo.... how upsetting when you put your package together so nice to send out and some people just flake on you :(

i still had fun sending my items, they were well received! :D

thanks wolfeagle for coordinating !!

wolfeagle 05/26/2010 #

You're so welcome.

cjschlossnagel 05/29/2010 #

Dear MissMakesALot.......I am not a Flaker..I was "late" I do confess...I wrote to you to explain my situation, but you should have received your gift by now..if not definately on Tuesday. So sorry you had to wait.

millie52 06/13/2010 #

I finally got my big fat stuffed envelope June 11th. am I supposed to re- rate my partner?

wolfeagle 06/17/2010 #

From the Swap-bot FAQ's: 2.What are the rating criteria? There are only three different rating criteria: I got my stuff and it met posted swap requirements (5 points); I got my stuff, but it didn't meet the posted swap requirements (3 points); I never got anything (1 point). Keep in mind that you are NOT rating your partners on whether or not you liked what you received, only on if it met the requirements of the swap. The fun thing about swaps is that you never know what you are going to get, and that means that sometimes you may not be thrilled with what you receive. Also, remember that everyone (including the person you are rating) can see who you are and what ratings and comments you gave. It is important to rate participants honestly, but it is also good to be kind even if you have to give someone the lowest rating.

So, yes you received your items, though late, so it should be re-rated. Thank you.

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