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PCs for Back to School

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PCs for Back to School
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Last day to signup/drop:July 15, 2011
Date items must be sent by:August 15, 2011
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The middle school I teach in is again planning all sorts of exciting projects for the new 6th graders that involve getting to know more about each other and our neighbors near and far. Many of our kids have never been out of New Jersey, many have not been far from this town even, and this will give them an opportunity to hear first hand about other places!

For this swap you will need to send a postcard to your assigned Swap-bot partner, as well as sending one to the address listed below telling something interesting about where you live. Ideally the postcard would feature a picture of a historic landmark or place of interest from where you live, though if you are vacationing (or have vacationed) somewhere else interesting, a PC from there would be great, too! It doesn't have to have a historical tie-in either. The idea is for them to learn something about another place - past or present. You could just tell the kids about that on the back.

It can be store bought or handmade, new or old. In return you will receive a postcard from your assigned Swap-bot partner, as well as a handwritten postcard from one of the new 6th grade students at our school. The students get back to school in early September.

I can get your address your mailing address from the Swap-bot participants list - but it would be helpful if you included it on the postcard to the school, too. The student’s postcards will be sent out by the end of September. There are close to 130 sixth grade students at our school. It will be great to have all of them sending postcards to you! Get your friends and family involved, too! More than one postcard would be great to the school - but not necessary. I can only promise that you will get at least one postcard in return. If we have extra-enthusiastic students who want to write more, we certainly will let them! I have hosted a Back-to-School PC swap like this for the last 2 years and we have had over 150 participants each year.

Send 2 postcards - 1 to your Swap-bot partner and 1 to: Lakeside Middle School, 316 Lakeside Ave. Pompton Lakes NJ 07442

I am leaving sign-ups open until the mid of July - but you can send your PC to the school any time after you sign up. There will be a box in our office for them that I will check periodically throughout the summer. This project involves a lot of prep time to get the PCs tallied, assign student partners, proofread student writing, buy stamps, send PCs, keep participants informed, etc. so I want to get a head start.

Remember to get the PCs sent no later August 15th so they get here in time for the opening of school in September. You will have to wait until mid-July for your Swap-bot partner’s address. The students will NOT be going on Swap-bot to read your profile. They will only know what you write about yourself (if anything) on the PC.

Fellow teachers: If you are interested in having your class write your PC to our students - but you need to send it later due to varying school starting dates - just send me a message so I know to expect it late. We would love to hear from other students, too!

If you have any questions - post them here or email me! Thanks for reading!


germangirl65 06/ 8/2011 #

What an awesome swap! Happy to join this one :)

Margothecat 06/ 8/2011 #

What a great idea! I'm originally from NJ myself :) I'll watch for now and join later on. I will send multiple cards!

jj9jj 06/ 8/2011 #

I love hosting these swaps for the kids. It is so much fun having them read the PCs to their classmates and figure where they are from on a map. I have found that many of the students have never written a postcard, either - so it has become a writing activity, too! Maybe they will be future Swap-Botters!

Thanks for signing up!

fawnscrafts 06/ 9/2011 #

It is on my watch list. I love this idea and would love to participate more than once if I could LOL.

jj9jj 06/ 9/2011 #

You are welcome to send more than one!

badandknowsit2 06/12/2011 #

i joined this last year and never got a reply dont know if it got there or not but will join again.

jj9jj 06/12/2011 #

badandknowsit2 - I went through the list from last year and don't see your name. Maybe you are thinking of a different swap. I was as organized as possible with the list of names and who we got from and responded to and double or triple checked the postcards before I sent them out. I even angeled several people who got flaked by their SwapBot partner. So I am glad you are joining again and will be as vigilant as possible, again.

eepy 06/12/2011 #

Great fun to get another young person addicted to snail mail~! Count me in.

mcovey 06/12/2011 #

this is a great idea and you definitly will get one from Va thanks

venzo2b 06/12/2011 #

This is a great swap, and I join you. Hope the students will like a postcard from France ! Thanks for this unusual swap

jj9jj 06/12/2011 #

I/we can't wait to get pcs from all over!

mcovey 06/16/2011 #

I have sent 2 out to you from VA

phoerauf 06/17/2011 #

I've got 8 great ones for kids this age, they'll go out tomorrow!

michst74 06/17/2011 #

I put two from WNY in today's mail & I'll keep looking for others for you!

jj9jj 06/17/2011 #

Thanks! We have a few more days of school this year - but I will be in over the summer to keep track of the pcs.

Tricia22 06/18/2011 #

What a great idea, Can't wait to send out my pc's

HappyPassion 06/18/2011 #

When i 1st saw this invite, i thought PC stands for personal computer LOL .. sorry still new to the terminologies in swap-bot..love to join this :P

judee0624 06/19/2011 #

I was in this last year too and never got the one from the school. I will join again this year as I do want to help anyway.

jj9jj 06/19/2011 #

Thanks to all of you for joining!

Judee I am sorry about last year. I wish you had emailed me. I would have had another one of the students write another to you.

jj9jj 06/19/2011 #

Happy Passion - I remember thinking the same thing! Right after I tried to figure out what ATC stood for!

Twink 06/19/2011 #

I joined...you should consider signing your classroom up on postcrossing.com. I've ended up mailing a few postcards to classrooms when I get a random address to mail to.

jj9jj 06/19/2011 #

Thanks for signing up! We're on the 'Top Swaps' now! I appreciate all of you participating.

jj9jj 06/19/2011 #

Twink - I had plans on checking out postcrossings last year and ended up having a re-occurance of cancer and was out of school for 2 months so I never got to it. I just registered us for next year and we will be using that, too.

3goldkeys 06/19/2011 #

I'm in. I think a teenager might enjoy a multiview pc with a photo of the railroad stone bridge used in the action packed movie "Unstoppable", starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.

Bluedaisy1 06/19/2011 #

I am happy to join this swap, and will send a postcard from Ireland, I live in the historic walled town of Youghal, pronounced Yawl, and we have some beautiful landmarks here, so I will sure to send a postcard showing at least one of those.

jj9jj 06/19/2011 #

Thank you all for signing up! The kids will be very excited!

kyroushka 06/20/2011 #

This is absolutely a lovely idea, I hope you will continue doing this each year. Maybe others will follow? I like the idea of getting children in contact with other people in the world, places they might never have heard of. They will realise that there are nice people everywhere. I think I might get my own children to write the postcards, good for them too. Love from the Netherlands.

kyroushka 06/20/2011 #

By the way, what is the age of 6th graders?

Megbomb 06/20/2011 #

I participated last year and got two postcards from the students!!

Atropos 06/21/2011 #

Great idea. Be sure to get some postcards from beautiful Cochem in Germany.

mcall 06/21/2011 #

I 'm sending 2 also! Hope they like them from California. Hugs, Mcall

jasmin49 06/21/2011 #

this is a great idea, id have loved to have done this when I was at school as its a great way of learning about different countries, should the postcards be in an envelope as they do tend to go astray more if they are just sent by themselves?

LindyLuLu 06/22/2011 #

I loved doing this last year and the PC I got was great! I also did this with a regional school out west. The PCs don't come until after September when school starts though, and it may have confused when not received until so late!

runnerbean84 06/22/2011 #

Fabulous, I'm sooooo joining! I'll send more than one to the kids if I can aswell. x

jj9jj 06/22/2011 #

Sorry - I have been out of touch the last few days. We were wrapping up the school year!

kyroushka - The 6th graders are 11-13 years old.

jasmin49 - Whichever way you send them is fine.

LindyLuLu - Thanks for the clarification. You should get your PC from your Swapbot partner in August - but the postcards from the kids will probably be coming around the end of September - by the time we get back in the swing of things. The writing back process is a little more complicated with kids, too, as many of them have never written a pc before - so we have a couple of drafts to go through before they write on the actual cards.

Thanks to all of you for helping out with this project!

LilyM 06/22/2011 #

This is just the greatest swap. I participated in something similar to this when I was in 6th or 7th grade and it was a lasting memory for me. I will be mailing 2 PC's, one from MI and one from FL where I stay in the winter months plus an envie with some 29 cent PC stamps to help with mailing. I know it will be more for the international returns but these can be used for US mailings. Your students are so lucky to have you.

jj9jj 06/22/2011 #

That's very thoughtful of you LilyM! I hope my kids remember this when they grow up, too!

MargeGoh 06/23/2011 #

This is an awesome project; great way to encourage children to write & to know of others cities/countries. I'm putting this under my watchlist but will definitely send multiple postcards (if that's allowed) to the school. I can imagine how excited the children will be? Remind me of my childhood :)

jj9jj 06/23/2011 #

Multiples are fine, but I can not guarantee that you will get a 1 to 1 response. You will get at least 1 pc in return, though from one of our 6th graders.

I am always amazed that so many kids have no idea how to write postcards - where the address goes, what goes on each line of the address, where the stamp goes, how you start it, how you sign it, what to say, etc. And of course, so many of them (like myself, too!) 'write' so much on the computer - their handwriting leaves something to be desired.

MargeGoh 06/23/2011 #

jj9jj - I don't mind send multiple postcards. I enjoy doing it. Just would like to share what is postcard all about. Technology has taken up most of our conventional chores nowadays.

druideye 06/24/2011 #

I have done this both years, and I never got a postcard back either year. But, I'm willing to try again!

jj9jj 06/24/2011 #

druideye - I don't see you on the list from last year, maybe it was someone else's swap. I thought I was pretty organized with returns - but I will try my best again. I appreciate your stick-to-it-iveness!

LMNOPeas 06/25/2011 #

My First Swap = )
I am very excited to do this one...It reminds me of the "Flat Stanley" project I did for one of my nieces class.

jasmin49 06/28/2011 #

Ive sent 2 cards off to the school so they should arrive in a few days.

HappyPassion 06/28/2011 #

May i know where to put the image in my site??

Kitschy 06/29/2011 #

I'm new to swap-bot, this is such a lovely idea! I'll be sending from Sheffield, England and I'll ask my mum to send one from Wales too

jj9jj 06/30/2011 #

Stopped by school today! Mailbox filled with postcards from: NY, Michigan, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Texas, Oregon, Michigan, California, Minnesota, Ireland, Germany, England, Holland, and Japan. So many of you sent multiples, too! You are too kind!

papercaper 07/ 3/2011 #

I'm going to send (at least) one from Australia. I might explain that we're not really located at the end of the earth - it's just the orientation of American maps that makes it appear so. Of course, on Australian printed maps, Australia is always dead centre! ;) Or maybe I'll teach them some local l lingo instead...

BTW, I've done this (or a similar) swap twice before, and I've received PCs both times.

jj9jj 07/ 3/2011 #

Look forward to the pc from Australia, papercaper!

dustypink 07/ 3/2011 #

Hi, where is the address we send to. I can't seem to find it? thanks

dustypink 07/ 3/2011 #

Whoooops....I just saw it ...so sorry. :)

jj9jj 07/ 4/2011 #

dustypink - you will be able to see your swapbot partner's address after the swap closes in mid August. Once partners have been assigned, there will be a link in the tan box towards the top right saying something like 'See the partners you send to'.

LindaB 07/ 5/2011 #

This is really a great idea! I'm gonna write my card to your school right now...love this!

MargeGoh 07/ 5/2011 #

Hello, I've just sent 3 postcards address to the school. Hope it'll arrive safely.

TerryF 07/ 5/2011 #

Mailed 2 PCs today! (";)

jj9jj 07/ 5/2011 #

Thanks, all! I am away from home for the next 2 weeks so I won't be able to tell you if your postcards made it to the school yet, those of you who have sent them already. I will check in at school as soon as I get back home.

shellsajerseygirl 07/ 6/2011 #

hello i live in new jersey.I would love to send a few cards from towns near by. Sure hope that would ok, Can I send out the cards to the sch. without joining onto this swap?

jj9jj 07/ 6/2011 #

Sure, shellsajerseygirl, just be sure to include your snail mail address on the pcs so the kids can write you back. I'm in LBI right now enjoying the sun.

fawnscrafts 07/ 6/2011 #

We have so much around here, I will be sending two. If I get only one back that is OK by me.

We have Pikes Peak and then the garden of the gods or Denver I do not know which of those two I will write and send about.

fawnscrafts 07/ 6/2011 #

I changed ,my mind on the second card. Since the highest suspension bridge in the world is on Colorado I will send that.

fawnscrafts 07/ 6/2011 #

If you want I can send one ir two of Wyoming also.

jj9jj 07/ 6/2011 #

Whatever you would like, fawnscrafts. I divide the postcards between classes so more than 1 from the same general area is fine.

Thanks, everyone, for your generosity!

bettina763 07/ 8/2011 #

you're the TOP SWAP for a few days now!! i've got 3 ready to go in the mail tomorrow including one from across the border in Mexico....glad to be a part of this great idea.

darkshines 07/ 8/2011 #

I live in Wales, and you shall be recieving a Welsh card from me! I shall spread the word and see if I can get family members to take part too :)

HappyPassion 07/ 8/2011 #

I've sent out my postcard to the school 3 days ago. Hope the kiddos are having loads of fun :)) hugs to all!

jj9jj 07/ 9/2011 #

Thanks again, everyone. When I get back from vacation next week I will email you if your cards have made it to the school. But - no worries if you didn't sent yours yet. The send date isn't until August. Your Swapbot Partners will be assigned July 16th-ish.

terrygirl17 07/ 9/2011 #

great, wonderful,fun swap. im sending 3 out to school now..can i have schools address, please. you seem like one heck of a great teacher!! peace

jj9jj 07/ 9/2011 #

Thanks!! It is above - but here it is again:

Lakeside Middle School 316 Lakeside Ave. Pompton Lakes NJ 07442

vhui 07/11/2011 #

would like to know the age range of 6th graders? thx!

jj9jj 07/11/2011 #

They are 11-13 years old - depending on where their birthday falls. They have spent 6 years in elementary school and this is their first year in middle school. They are pretty intimidated the first few months - but projects like this give us a chance to get to know them better right away!

Kay 07/11/2011 #

Hi there from New Zealand,

Two postcards are on their way from me. I do not mind if the students not respond. I can see this project will be enormous, teachers are the bravest people I know.

Best Wishes, Kay

jj9jj 07/12/2011 #

Kay - The students will be happy to respond to everyone who sends us postcards. I have done this for the past 2 years and the kids have been very excited to read about all these places!

Margothecat 07/14/2011 #

I am so happy that this is such a big event for Swap Bot and you jj9jj Sending my cards this week!

jj9jj 07/14/2011 #

Yes - it is very exciting. But it also involves a lot of organization with so many awesome people participating! Since this is my 3rd year doing something like this - I have worked out a lot of details before - like making sticky address labels for the kids, having the kids write scrap copies first, etc. I am looking forward to it, even with the extra work. It is definitely worth it for what the kids get out of it!!

Mieke 07/15/2011 #

I have two cards that I will send out, one from Belgium (where I live) and one from Holland (where I am born). I do not want to join this swap, but just wanted to send some cards. Have fun with it!

jj9jj 07/15/2011 #

That would be great Mieke. Just be sure to include a mailing address so the kids can write back.

Clearbrite 07/15/2011 #

A great idea and hope the kids like the postcard i'll send from Australia. Even better if they can find it on the map plus further info about the place!

jj9jj 07/15/2011 #

Too bad we can't come visit all the great places we are going to learn about!!

jj9jj 07/15/2011 #

FYI - we are up to 39 US states and 18 countries outside the US (not counting those of you sending multiples from places other than where you live!) Here's where our Swapbot partners are from:

US States: AL , AR , AZ, CA , CO , FL , GA , IA , IL , IN , KS , KY , LA , MA , MD , MI , MN , MO , MS , NC, NE , NH , NJ , NM , NV , NY, OH , OK , OR , PA , SC , SD , TN , TX , VA, WA , WI , WV , WY

Countries:, Australia, Canada, China, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom

Thanks again to all of you!

jj9jj 07/15/2011 #

I will be dividing the pcs between several classes - so don't think you shouldn't join just because your state is already represented. The more the merrier!

jj9jj 07/16/2011 #

Just an FYI for the Newbies...Partners have been assigned. If you click in the top right tan box on the words 'See the partners you send to'. A smaller window will open with your Swapbot Partner's name and address.

When you have sent THAT person your postcard click on the other box that says 'Click here when you have sent your items'. DO NOT click on that box to indicate that you have sent a card to the school.

I will contact you when we have received your card at school (once I return from vacation). There is no way to indicate that you have sent them - just do it - and wait for my message saying we got it/them.

Once you get the postcard in your mail from your partner you then click on 'Rate your partners and coordinator' at the top right corner.

If you have any questions you can leave them here - but I may miss them as the sign-ups are over and I will be checking this swap page less often. I will be checking my messages here at SB, though. If you leave a message here and I don't reply in a couple of days send me a message by clicking on 'Swap Coordinator: jj9jj (contact)' just under the postcard pic at the top.


Clearbrite 07/16/2011 #

Great! Thanks so much for all the help/info. My postcard for the school was sent yesterday and now that I have the swap partner info,will send that away in the coming week. Can't wait!:0)

Vianna 07/17/2011 #

I asked all my freinds to mail a postcard to the school project, to put their own address on the card and to write something about what's on the front of the card so the kids can learn something more about the area/state/country. Some will, some wont, and if they should get a card back from a child, it will be a nice surprize for them, if they dont ... no big deal. It's something nice to do for the kids. This shouldnt turn into a complicated issue for anyone. If you know others that might want to do this for a child, send them an email wiht these basic instructions and no more is required.Its about having fun while doing something nice for a child - I'm sure you all have some gradma that will LOVE doing this! Enjoy summer, everyone!

jj9jj 07/17/2011 #

Thanks Clearbrite and Vianna. It will be great to get pcs from your friends, too, Vianna.

indgomom 07/17/2011 #

do we need to put the postcard Attention anyone?

Clearbrite 07/17/2011 #

indgomom: I just started with "Dear Kids.." Figured it's can be anyones then,or group of L

jj9jj 07/18/2011 #

indgomom's suggestion if great for the salutation. As for the address itself, Lakeside School is fine. It is a small school and the secretaries who sort the mail are pretty much trained to put postcards in my box. I occasionally get ones for other people!

TerryF 07/31/2011 #

Received acknowledgement from @jj9jj - thx dear!

Racine 08/ 4/2011 #

Hi @jj9jj I accidentally clicked sent, but they will be in the post tomorrow. Sorry!

TerryF 09/11/2011 #

Flaked on by @Simonette

badandknowsit2 09/18/2011 #

I know you want to teach your kids proper writing and all but please dont take their style away Let each one be unique

jj9jj 10/ 9/2011 #

Postcards went out last week. They should be arriving soon! Thanks again all!

michst74 10/14/2011 #

Received a delightful response! This was really fun. THANKS for all your work!

kathiec 10/16/2011 #

I loved my reply from Timothy...it was really great....♥♥♥

Gwenelle 10/17/2011 #

received my response ... thanks!!!

Samettinyytti 10/24/2011 #

I got my card from Nick today, thank you!

raesha 10/26/2011 #

We received our postcard from the school children - HOW FUN!!!!

badandknowsit2 11/ 2/2011 #

geez i feel left out i didnt receive any response and i sent mine right after i joined didnt receive a response they received neither did i get a post card :-(

8catlover 11/ 3/2011 #

I haven't received any postcard from any student. Must have got lost in the mail???

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