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About Me

Hi guys!! I know it's been AGES since I have been around but the last two years have been a heckuva roller coaster ride!

After my mother in law passed in 2011 we inherited her estate. The move literally took over a year to finally be completed. Well, sort of complete. Imagine trying to combine a large household from a 62 year marriage with that of a thirty year marriage plus that of an adult child with live in boyfriend. We STILL aren't really settled.

THEN my daughter gets a little bit pregnant! YAY my first grand baby!! Very excited about that, we started making plans, and room.

THEN, early last year I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. They ran a ton of tests, including a mammogram, and found a little anomaly. Really? I don't have enough going on? ROFL! So, blessedly the anomaly turned out to be just that, but for awhile there I thought my head would explode!

I went in for robotic surgery, a total hysterectomy of all my internal girly bits, and was home by 6 pm. The pathology seemed to take forever to get back but they THINK they got it all.

Less then two weeks after the surgery my daughter goes into labor and has to have a c-section. They thought the baby was too big for a safe birth. Fortunately they over estimated and she was just a bit over 8 pounds of gorgeous healthy baby girl.

So that's why I haven't been around but I am back now and ready to get back to swapping!

I love all media and allow no limits! The only downside is a certain pallor to my skin, if it were not for my dogs and photography and a love for camping, I would never see daylight!

Should it ever come up, my adult daughter is also a swapper here, WillowBWeeping , we share the same addie, it HAS been cleared by admin, all is good.

Favorite Music

I love all music, but my favorite stuff would be Irish Folk/Pub music, and Classic Rock. Favorite artists include The Irish Rovers, Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem, The Chieftains, music from the 40s - 80s, Meatloaf and Pat Benatar top my list. I grew up on a diet of Folk music, a little Country and Big Band stuff, oh, and I do love me a good bagpipe now and then!

Recently I came into possession of my late father's album collection, so I am becoming a student of 30s, 40s and big band. Slowly. Very slowly. His Jerry Clower and Justin Wilson are seeing a lot more action than his Sinatra and Tchaikovsky.

Favorite Books

THIS list would be HUGE if I let it. Every available inch of space in my parents' home is covered in book shelves. Reading was more important than eating when I was growing up. Stephen King, Dean Koontz, David Eddings, Jim Butcher, Jean Auel, Anne McCaffrey, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Edger Rice Burroughs, Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovich, Laurell K. Hamilton, Tom Clancy, James Patterson, the list goes on and on.

Favorite Movies

Raiders of the Lost Ark! I love adventure movies best, old horror and really, REALLY bad animal flicks too. Gimme a rampaging herd of flesh eating frogs and I am a happy viewer! My tastes in movies are too varied to list, but a few would be; all the Indiana Jones, Star Trek and Star Wars series, Lord of the Rings, The Quiet Man is WAY up at the top, almost every zombie movie ever made, anything Mel Brooks, Sci Fi/Fan stuff, etc. There's something in EVERY genre that I like, really, but this gives you an idea.

Favorite Television

Don't watch a lot of TV, and NEVER reality shows. Walking Dead, Bones, Orange is the New Black and Big Bang Theory would be about the only stuff I ever watch with any regularity. I have discovered Netflix and am hooked!!

Favorite Crafts

Oh geez.....

Pencil/charcoal/Pen & Ink/Pastel sketching/Oils/Water Color/Acrylics/Air Brush/Stenciling/Trompe L'oeil/murals


Sewing and Needle arts. Quilting, Dolls, Clothing, Plushies, Embroidery, Crochet, Knitting, Weaving, Felting, Cross Stitch, etc.

Thrown/coiled/slab pottery, mosaics, sculpture, etc. Metal clays and Polymer Clay

Jewelry design. Beading - Weaving on loom and off, creating Beads, wirework, gemstones, etc.

Paper crafts, card making, scrapbooking, handmade papers, ATCs, etc. Rubber Stamping, Quilling, Origami. Mache. Collage.

Cooking/cake decorating/candy making

Wood carving, building, burning

ATCs and Inchies are my current passion.

Recently I have become interested in Steampunk, but any upcycling/recycling/shabby chic type stuff is good.

Building up the nerve to spend some cash to get started in Stained Glass.

Collecting media is ALMOST as good as using the media. I am a supply junkie, and learning new techniques my passion. Mama says I am fickle, but I prefer to think of myself as renaissance *snicker.


The color blue, Cobalt, Sapphire the best, bottle blues, all blues, greens and purples next. ALL colors are good. Rich gemstone colors, muted tones, brights, pastels, in that order.

Floral scents. Tuberose, Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Rose, Orange Blossom, etc.

All fabrics and fibres, rich colors and soft textures best, but all fabrics are yummy. Sheer, heavy, smooth, nubbly, bright, dark, pale, fabricfabric fab AHHH!!!!!!

Coffee is the nectar of the Gods. The Gods like tea too, but they like coffee better *nod nod nod. Nor will they turn up their noses at chocolate, sweets, or mashed potatoes!

Things Wiccan, Astrological, Tarot, Runes, herbs, incense.

Faery Tales, Mythology/Folklore, Vampires, Werewolves, etc.

Anything of nature, animals, plants, bugs. I am a passionate camper and bird watcher. I love anything from the natural world, hummingbirds and dragonflies are special to me, weasels are great but all animals and bugs are loved and appreciated.

Dragonflies. Bugs in general, but dragonflies specifically.

Birds. Hummingbirds and Ravens and Crows and all the Raptors, but all birds are wonderful.

Gardening. I love working in my yard. Container gardens, seed beds, etc, love it all. Flowers, veggies, cacti, it's all good......

Heavenly Blue Morning Glories are my favorite flower. Dahlias are a close second. Lilacs, Wisteria, Irises, Roses, bah, I love ALL flowers, even dandelions......

Minerals, wood bits, seeds, pods, sea glass and the like.

Dolls. Art dolls, Dotees, etc. Voodoo dolls. Puppets. ALL puppets, sock, marionette, muppet, finger, etc

Anything that can be altered to make something else. Cigar boxes, tins, wooden boxes, old purses, frames, the list is endless.

Bits. Ribbons, yarns, beads, findings,

Victoriana of all sorts. Some Gothic influence. Steampunk. Things with a strong cultural feel to them.

Odds & Ends, Bits & Pieces, Flotsom & Jetsom.

Handmade is always preferable to store bought. I will probably never even join a store bought swap, unless it is a very unusual one. I want to see what YOU can do, and if your heart is in it, I WILL love it!!

DIRT!! I have dirt from the Dead Sea, River Jordan, Jamaica, Salem Mass, the Coliseum, all over. SO, if anyone wanted to tuck a bit of soil in a baggy, that would be an extra I wouldn't mind getting.

I also collect Tarot Cards, Runestones, cobalt glass, blue and white china, teapots and cups/mugs, cookbooks (esp. vintage).

Does NOT love

Mean narrow minded people.

Sad endings

Stickers. almost never use'em.

People that squash bugs for no reason.

Sock Monkeys scare me..........seriously....... i know they get up in the middle of the night and stand over your bed and stare at you. People take a lot of risks with sock monkeys. RAISE AWARENESS! Sock monkeys are NOT your friend.......

Rating info

HOSTS AND PARTNERS!! If for some reason, after a reasonable time, I do not rate you, PLEASE send me a wink and a nudge. I will ALWAYS rate, but if for some reason I don't, it's always going to be just a slip of my rather loose memory.

If you are going to be a bit late, just let me know! I won't rate down for a small delay if there is communication.

Oh, and about extras. As much as I love getting them, I will NOT give hearts for extras. I give hearts for the work you do. If the art you send shows that you cared enough, that's heart worthy.


BDooBs rated for map it out inchies on Mar 29, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the inchies!
Gwillisinc rated for VS ATC: Vintage Animal on Mar 22, 2012
Comment: your vintage cat is really& the little flowers are amazing!
Bananajana rated for Close up ATC on Mar 21, 2012
Comment: Excellent work. Thank you. I really wish I could give you two hearts!
julmc81 rated for C+P ATC: Vintage Ephemera on Mar 20, 2012
Comment: thank you for the lovely atc xo
islandgirl rated for 6 book page inchies on Mar 16, 2012
Comment: So lovely, these tiny inchies! I love the colors, the extra special touches...thank you so much!
YooperHill rated for shaped or cut-out skinny on Mar 11, 2012
Comment: Really wonderful! Thank you!
loubie rated for Best friend!!! on Dec 29, 2011
Comment: such a cutie! And thank you for telling me all aboutyour best friend
Comment: I love her! Thank-you :D I love the beadwork-just beautiful!
madcrazy rated for Steampunk Cephalopod ATC on Dec 2, 2011
Comment: Maudie, your octopus is wonderful! Thank you for a unique interpretation of this swap. Kathy
loubie rated for Color Theme-Brown Dotee on Nov 30, 2011
Comment: a really sophisticated brown dotee lady! Love her hair! Thanks too for the lovely note
mamacrafter rated for Paper Mache Box ~Fall~ on Nov 28, 2011
Comment: Omg! I was blown away when I opened up my package today. The box you made me is so beautiful and just my style! I can't stop looking at it! I love it soooo much. Also, that super cute owl is amazing! I don't know how you made him so perfect. I will put use to all of those die cuts too.:) Thanks a million for the best swap ever.♥
dobie256 rated for Cat with Bat Wings ATC on Nov 28, 2011
Comment: Thank you for all the adorable fat kitties. What delightful stamps! You did a really fun take on the theme -- thanks for all of the purple goodness! I taped the pink kitty on my computer for a daily reminder! :)
3goldkeys rated for Senders Choice Dotee Doll on Nov 25, 2011
Comment: What a gorgeous little dotee! She is sooo beautiful. Just the right size that I like too. I even love the way that you folded the tissue paper around her. I hated unwrapping this little bundle. Your talent is so awesome and I am proud to own one of your dotees. Also, I love your notecard. It is amazing how you paper fold and cut the matching paper and envie. You are a swapper's dream! Happy Swapping.
newrule rated for 100,000! on Nov 25, 2011
Comment: Thanks so much for the cute pouch/purse! I can't sew, what more to crochet, so this is so special to me. Thanks again!
stephiedee rated for C+P Paper Garland on Nov 23, 2011
Comment: Maudie, this garland is so very sweet - you even got my name on there - I love it! It's hanging right above my desk so I'll see it every day. Thank you so much! I'm glad you had fun with the swap!
KatarinaNavane rated for Steampunk Cephalopod ATC on Nov 19, 2011
Comment: awesome, thanks!
RadicalRecrafter rated for "Alternative" Doll swap on Nov 11, 2011
Comment: Oh my! Thank-you!! I LOVE her! Her body,her hair..fantastic! I wish I could give you lots of hearts!!
foreverpackrat rated for Portrait of a Lady ATC Swap on Nov 10, 2011
wolfeagle rated for Masks/Costumes on Nov 3, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful mask.
Comment: Thank you so much for the creative All Hallow's Eve ATC i got from you. Nicely done! Happy Halloween!

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RyeRye on Sep 8, 2012:

I hope you're OK!

farrahs81 on Apr 6, 2012:

I featured something you made for me on a post on my blog. Thought you might like to know! Hope you are having a great day! http://nerdinhouston.blogspot.com/2012/04/lets-talk-about-swappin.html

RyeRye on Apr 4, 2012:

Rie60 on Mar 24, 2012:

Whats up Maudie! I hope things are going well for you-

upthesky on Dec 27, 2011:

I hope you are getting things sorted after the sad death of your Moter in law.

I just want check if you received your swap from me, for the brown dotee.. I've been receiving hospital treament the last six weeks and it does effect your memory. Feeling much better, now want to make sure I have sent all my swaps.

Best of wishes to you and your family.

upthesky Alice from Ireland.

wolfeagle on Nov 17, 2011:


wolfeagle on Nov 17, 2011:


wolfeagle on Nov 1, 2011:


Paige1900 on Nov 1, 2011:

Hi...just ended up on your profile...you are very interesting! : )

perkl8r on Sep 24, 2011:

Maudie, come join the Peas In A Pod group, we'd love to have you!

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