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Date Joined: May 8, 2009
Last Online: February 20, 2011
Birthday: April 9, 1983
Country: United States
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About Me

Breast cancer

I now have taken over the Dotee Adicts Group Check us out

The Group also has it's own Flikr page

You can see all my crafty swaps on my Flicker, So take a peek, you know you want to :)

Peachy 8-5-2010: My Shi Tzu Peaches died this morning in my arms. All I can figure is she was bit by a snake while playing outside. GoodBye Peachy Pot. May your Heaven be filled with Squeaky Kongs and leaf Piles. It was such a shock, just yesterday I was so happy about passing all my classes, now I would probably trade those grades for my baby back.....

Alic think 7-16-10- Well due to an blown transmission I don't have a vehicle so there goes my moving plans for the moment! I'm at a slow spot for the rest of the summer semester so I can have some fun and host a few swaps... Speaking of swaps, All my swaps are being sent to my new adress, So whenever I go theire are my BF comes down here I will recieve my swaps, so Please give me some time for rateing I'm not ignoring anyone I promise!

Snow white 5-28-2010: It's official I am moving sometime before July and I have a lot of items I am getting rid of up for trade. Dotees, Glass animals, Vintage childrens books, jewlrey, electronic toys, and more! I plan to update it as I find more and more items. Link one to items for trade Link two to items for trade

doglove 4-19-2010: After working fourty hour shifts plus school for about 2 months I am finaly getting a break, from work anyway, If you havent got a tag from me please let me know, im not mean, just overwhelmed with RL right now. and Overwhelmed, plus stress means that ive been sick as a dog alot lately also. I have about two weeks to catch up over a months work of math (Yuck) and that I know of an Angel, I'm still going to try to keep the Halloween ornie of the month but that will truly be my only swaps.

crazy 2-16-2010: School and work, I have cut down on swaps, and have not been able to pop on as much. If you want to chat just send me a message, i'm still around, just being quiet for the moment.

Ponyo 1-13-2010- School starts this Tuesday. I am so scared its been so long since high school, and my math book looks so easy... But I can't do even half of it. Remedial math will be hard, and im so embaressed that i'll even have trouble with it... Starting a year long ornament challenge on Halloween year around, hope I can finish it!

Blogging (make that Swap botting!) I love to shop at thrift stores and flea markets. So while I may not be able to spend a bunch of money, I will be creative and try to put some thought in my swaps. Also I will stick to mostly crafty swaps cause, well... I like them better! I guess that’s it for now.
Note, I live like 2 hours from a mall so I am somewhat sheltered, lol as noticed, I am a horrid speller, and I apologize for that fact! I Rate about once a week, so worry not! And also if I get something that just doesn't fit my style, I will probably re-gift it and credit the original maker so they can have the glory.

Favorite Music

Alic think

I listen to soundtracks and also some country, with no radio though, I am out of link with the rest of the world, LOL.

Tv shows, Movies

FamilyGuy Totoro Totoro Totoro

I am intreged with WWII history and plan to do my Comp 2 paper on Joseph Mangola. I also am amazed by the Jonestown cult. guess we all have or odd hang ups

Family Guy and Robot Chicken are my Guilty Pleasures! Judge shows, House, Intervention, Secret Life of an American Teenager, I like real life shows mostly.

Lady Crown Labrinth 3 Amigos Totoro

Old movies, Wiz of oz, The Last unicorn, Lady and the Tramp. Unico, Transformers, Wolverene was pretty cool 'specialy since I didn't like the third xmen movie. Too Wong foo, Transporter, ghibli, films... more to come

Books, I love to read and am very picky, I do like the twilight series, Jodi Picote,

Favorite Crafts

Dumbo I like anything cute and unique. As for myself, except for icons, drawing, and cross stitching, I'm pretty bland in this area.

Asahi - my first ever Avitar that i drew myself (it was for a tamagotchi site)

I have made a few Dotee's they are really fun! I love decorating Matchboxes!

Ichies and ATC's look cool, But I don't think I have the expertise for that yet. though I would love to recieve some in trade for something I can do!

I have had much fun learning to design and make stuffies

I love yellow fabrics with little flowers. Cherries, foods, really anything just not "huge Tribal prints" that just isn't my style. (And I find it hard to make Dotees out of it I like to make little matchbox sized ones. (I guess Chibi's?) I have the ones I've made posted on my Flicker And would love to private trade! I hang all my Dotee's and their notes on my wall by my mirror, and there is always room for more!

lady candy - Icon I made

Things that tickle my fancy

Kurt Hansly ♥ The new Kitchen will be done in old country style Roosters, or birds (look in etsy for ideas)
♥I think dotee Dolls are cute and love making and receiving them
♥ I love any thing Lady and the Tramp related ♥ My Christmas tree is done in Dog Ornaments, Reindeer and a few Snowmen. But I mostly have Dog ornaments though.
♥ Shih Tzu or dog (or dog but please no big breeds)
♥ Fluppy Dogs
♥ Vintage My Little ponies,
♥ Ed Hardy looking things
♥ Kurt Halsey art
♥Cross stitch (I like dog ones mostly, or country styles)
♥ Girly skulls
♥ Cherry's
♥ I do have a new obsession with owls lately
♥ I love Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!
♥ Retro stuff
♥ Unique Earrings and necklaces
♥ Pez Dispensers
♥ Vintage buttons
♥ Vintage beads
♥ Barrettes & headbands, (I am a thick haired blond)
♥ Charms such as Cross's, keys and hearts (I have a necklace that I hang a ring my BF gave me and am looking for a key to go on it)
♥ Blue’s, pinks, Greens
♥ I collect anchor Hocking Orange juice glasses (With the oranges on them)
♥ Dog or Kawaii Stickers (even the poo ones)
♥Candles, not super sweet though
♥ Sour candies, Gummies KAWAII Unico Please no teeth or mice. I beg of ya!
here chracters that I've seen that i like so I can remember!...

♥ Homekoro Pomeranian ♥ San-X Ruu & Suu
♥San-X Sakura
♥ Monokuro Boo
♥ Kamio Sanrio Charmmy Kitty ♥ San-X Berry Puppy

What i look like

Peaches and me- (me and baby Peaches)I'm 5. 7 1/2, Medium light skin, Deep brown eyes. Thick dirty Blond hair. Shirts M or L usually. Ears pierced only. No Tattoos (scared to death of needles). I wear nail polish on my toes only. After working for a groomer for so long, I gave up wearing nail polish

Totoro MY personal PF Posts (more for me then you but your free to look)

Living together before marriage, Opinions?

Quilting Question... from a newbie who wants to try...

Dentist's, Deers, and car troubles Oh MY!

Do Breaks ever help? aka worst month of my life


Tai Tai- Asahi Yes! I Had a Chin named Asahi, and Cozette is french for little pet hence, Cozette Asahi. Asahi has passed on so now I have 3 Shih Tzus. Cherrie, Peaches, and Charlie (after the youtube's charlie the unicorn)
Christmas pictures from 2008..


scardy cat Baby Charlie (when he was just known as Scardy cat!)


Well, Cinnamon, It gives me really bad headaches so please none of that. I don't really like minty gums, or dark chocolate (yuck!!)

eternalphoenix And Flakers! You know who you are!

mia_eileen Also people who think they are gods given gift to whatever, no one is better than anyone else. Please get over yourself, because there is always a bigger Cat looking for a fight.

Christmas items

Alic think Alic think

My Christmas tree is done in Dog Ornaments, Reindeer and a few Snowmen. But I mostly have Dog ornaments though. Specially Shih Tzu looking ones! I do love Rudolph the red nose reindeer! I have a huge stuffed one I got as a kid and he still sleeps in my bedroom (Though not in the bed)

Tags owed and Flakers

Tags owed

Buttons from @Sabriel 10/21/2009 (http://www.swap-bot.com/forums/topic/14551/7)

Buttons from @rockyhorrorgerri 10/31/2009 (http://www.swap-bot.com/forums/topic/25119/5)

owl mini needlebook from @weeatcrayons 1/6/2010


Loose stickers swap http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/37935 @menu4ever75 - This was angled by @TerryF

Mini Dotee Christmas Ornaments http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/41030 @craftymama06 - Was angled by @bonbon

Hobby Dotee http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/42095 @RedRobbin -This was angled by @TerryF

Kawaii halloween plush swap! http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/43253 @SwankDevotchka (I was the only person to actually send on this swap!)

Halloween Matryoshka/Nesting dolls http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/43562 @Goldie (this swap was supposidaly sent and resent)

(I have not received this item nor have I received a PM on why it is late. I will change this rating if I receive this item) - just my little note I post for flaked swaps.


cobaltgypsy rated for Roy G. Biv Owl VIOLET on Jul 1, 2011
Comment: This is not marked sent, you've not logged in since Feb. 20th and I never received anything.
IlonaH rated for Roy G Biv Owl BLUE on Jan 18, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the cute blue owl! Love the fabric you wrapped him in :)
Comment: Thank you for the lovely dotee :o) She's a great addition to my growing collection.
justj rated for Thats a Dotee? (Dotee Addicts) on Dec 27, 2010
Comment: You Kate the plate is one of the most creative dotees i've received! She is so adorable and the poem is nice too! Thanks for the extras too. HUGS
Comment: thanks for the lil cutie!
Moominbrooke rated for Roy G Biv Owl YELLOW on Nov 15, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the we owl and the nice fabric!:0)
Comment: Thanks for the cute (but scary) little bunny :)
Comment: :/
Comment: Thanks so much
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute Mushroom. I'm sorry this took so long but I was overwhelmed with so many Dotees at one time...You did a GREAT job on the little veggie... Aloha, Cecilia
IlonaH rated for Roy G Biv Owl ORANGE on Oct 8, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the cute little orange owl! And also a lot of thanks for angeling the red one that I was flaked on. Great set!
Backie rated for TEAPOT DOTEE on Oct 6, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful dotee! I love her!
TutuCecilia rated for Swap-a-dotee #2 on Sep 30, 2010
Comment: Emily ...Thank for the lovely Dotees...I love them. Aloha, Cecilia
Comment: This was such an adorable little dotee - thank you so much!
justj rated for Mushroom Dotee (Forest Friends swap 1) on Sep 22, 2010
Comment: I love your mushroom dotee! Really adorable. Thanks for the cute material she was wrapped in. HUGS
heatherface rated for owl necklace on Sep 22, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the delightful neckalce and earrings! I love them!
cobaltgypsy rated for Roy G Biv Owl RED on Sep 14, 2010
Comment: I just love little Tim! He's so cute and the first to arrive for my Roy G. Biv famiy. :) Thank you so much! blessings, Gypsy
Comment: the dog was just adorable

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RyeRye on Dec 19, 2010:

TC on Dec 16, 2010:

Check out Charon . She's in your Dotee Addicts group.

RyeRye on Oct 31, 2010:


RyeRye on Oct 24, 2010:

RyeRye on Oct 17, 2010:

RyeRye on Sep 26, 2010:

Artistic on Sep 9, 2010:

Well, feel free to visit your sister city at any time. We love tourists and visitors. Hampton, Virginia

pixiepoo on Aug 26, 2010:

Hi CozetteAsahi,

I'm a newbie who just signed up for your mushroom dottie swap. I know I am new, but please accept me in the swap. I really enjoy making Dottie dolls.

I was so excited about your swap, that I made my doll already.

Here is the link so you can take a look at it. :)


Hope you like! HUGS!

racheljohnson on Aug 23, 2010:

I just featured two of your Dotee Doll swaps on the Swap-bot blog here. Thanks for hosting such a fun swaps!

Karenmomofthree on Aug 19, 2010:

Welcome to the Gnome Lovers Monthly! I hope you will be able to join some of our on going swaps and Tag game! Best wishes!

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