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Just found out how to post images, going crazy on this website now doing up my profile, this is so fun, yay for swap bot

Hello everyone! I'm new to this site, and maybe need a little time getting used to it. I'm not sure on what I need to write, but I'm sure as I use this website more and more, I'll slowly learn everything there is to know!
I've been having so much fun on this website, I've really started getting used to it! I think I have the hang of it, here and there a few bumps and confusions about the swaps and swap types but everything so far seems to be good!


My name is Elli, and I live with my lovely hubby in our cosy home. I'm a real flower child at heart, and love all natural things. I always thought myself to be a flower fairy. I'm vegetarian and my hubby is vegan. I love art and I do a lot of paintings, hopefully putting them in galleries this year. I love to cook and love to bake, healthy foods are the best! I love trying new things and creating new things, I love paper crafting and making cute flowers. I love postcards and sending them all around the world. I absolutely love music, every kind of magical music. I want to start collecting postcards, I am currently starting to stick them on my walls, I want to somehow upload them into an online album and show you all my wonderful postcard collection! Maybe when I know how to do that, I can show you my collection!

I live in a small town outside of Manchester. I mostly stay in my garden appreciating the flowers and sun, if we're lucky enough to be blessed by her beauty! I spend most of my days day dreaming and drinking tea, I'd like to start collecting and buying beautiful tea mugs as they add that little extra happiness to my tea time. I love penpal letters and I always reply to any letters that come through my door. I appreciate the time someone puts into writing a letter, so I do my best to make sure I do the same and reply.



Things I just love,
Painting, sketching, baking, cooking, Flower picking, Iced Teas, Sunflowers, Anything bright and summer like, Flowers in my hair, Listening to music, wonderful scented candles, Collecting new recipes, Nature, Beautiful Buildings, Summertime, Spreading Love, Buddhism, Fruits, Anything sweet, Anything with flowers hehe, Sweet Teas, Dream catchers, incense sticks, Sharing love, beautiful artworks, Baking vegan foods, Big yellow flowers, Coloured rainbow or pastel hair, Flower crowns, Crystals and gems, birthstones, tarot cards, The Sun and Moon, white horses, fairies and flower fairies, making beautiful artworks, The colour yellow, Lip Balm, Hand Cream, Milk scented body items, Flowers and more flowers, Dark chocolate, Chocolate with nuts, Indian inspired items, Candles and tealights, Glitter nail polish, Vegan soaps, Nice veggie recipes, Meditating, Washi tapes, Cute and Kawaii things, Cute gift bags, Kawaii cabs, Feathers and feather jewls, wooden jewls, Nice glass necklaces, beads and glass beads, Handmade earrings or any jewls, Agate slices, bindis, Beautiful coin purses, Christmas cards and stickers, Xmas decorations, Flower stickers, Blooming flower teas, Vegan recipes, cute kittens and cats, beautiful colourful birds, Healing powers of so many things, Collecting postcards with all my favourite things on!

Swapping Love

I love almost absolutely everything! Anything makes me smile! I have a few things I love to stash away hehe
Any flowers, Funny postcards, Anything that makes you smile, recipes, Buddhist pcs, Your local food, Also your own native language maybe, Foods, Flowers, Sunshine, Sunflowers, Buildings, Anything to do with love, Art postcards, Disney, Cute postcards, Bright and colourful postcards, I'm not really into touristy postcards, unless it's all about your local flowers hhehe, I also prefer my postcards sent blank in an envie but really don't mind either way. Some of the best postcards I get are ones with flowers and fairies on! They made me so happy to receive them, I stick my best postcards I get onto my wall and they just shine like the beautiful sun
I love cooking, so I love getting new recipes and being able to share recipes with everyone! PLEASE NOTE: I am vegetarian, and my lovely hubby is Vegan, please keep this in mind hehe. I'm the sort of person who would actually cook all the recipes I get hehe, I love slow cooked foods, Vegan, Veggie foods, Healthy foods. Also any comfort foods are great, Xmas recipes are always amazing as I love cooking and baking in the winter
I love when I have time to bake, I try to bake as much as I can! I love baking pies, keeping in mind I am vegetarian and my lovely partner is vegan so please don't send any meat recipes. It's ok though, I can always swap on recipes or just take out the meat and add something else. I love baking cupcakes, so Im always up for very cute cupcake cases, or decorations. If anyone has any amazing vegan cakes recipes please share!
sun1Crafts and stationery:
I love paper crafts and origami! Love making handmade envies and postcards. I'm trying to get more and more crafty than ever, Scrapbooking is amazing, I love crafting cute little house décor too. I want to be able to have a wonderful patchwork blanket by the winter, but I can't crochet or knit!
I'm always decorating my swaps with washi tapes or deco tapes, I love floral ones, or any patterns really. I love natural styled ones, I'm not too picky though
I am always sending cards for birthdays or any holiday season! I love Xmas cards, so if anyone has any laying around just send them my way! I'll be sure to make use of them hehe, I love notecards with ANY art on them, ANY flowers of course. Anything nature, gardens, pretty things that make you smile.
Painting is a huge hobby of mine, I love art of all kinds. I mostly love painting! I love acrylics, oils, and watercolour. I am always collecting and buying new paints and paint brushes, as I am always running out of colours or ruining old paint brushes, I love all kinds of self expression whatever it may be
I love losing myself in a good book, I normally don't read fiction books. Mostly books about trauma or drama. I love religious books about any religion because I love learning about cultures and different people. I love nature books, or books on learning, such as cookbooks, languages, books on learning different things like flowers, flower fairies, trees, music, poems, crafting books or magazines. Books for children are always nice, as I'm planning on a child very soon, so lets hope Im blessed with a beautiful child!
I also love magazines, mostly cooking magazines, I collect a magazine in the UK called Olive where It's a monthly magazine about foods! I love learning new recipes. So food and cooking magazines are great, also I love Crafting magazines, Christmas magazines, or Xmas decoration magazines, I love home magazines, I even just love getting magazine rip outs of recipes or cute images, I can make them into envies hehe

sun1Teas and Food:
My lovely partner and I both love drinking teas. I myself prefer black teas, with flavours or caramel, Vanilla, Creamy teas, Chai, Rooibos, Loose tea leaves are perfect too
I love Mugs and tea pots, glass ones where you can put in beautiful blooming flowers. My partner likes green teas and white teas, loose leaf is loved here too. I love collecting boxed teas and my fave brands are Stash and Tazo
I love chocolate! I really do, it's a desire I can't control haha, my favourite chocolate here in the UK is Galaxy caramel, but I'd love to try international chocolate. I like nutty chocolates with hazelnuts, or caramel, dark chocolate is nice too, but perfer milk. Also VEGAN chocolate if anyone has a chance to send some, I'm always baking with vegan chocolate, and I would really love to see what other vegan chocolates around the world are like
I'm not a huge candy fan, but seem to have a sweet tooth here and there haha. I like sugar free gum, and some gummy sweets, keeping in mind I am vegetarian! I don't really like sour sweets or too sweet candy! I'm not sure if that makes sense but, sometimes candy can be too sweet it tends to be sickly. I like lolli pops, creamy strawberry and cream ones, rather than cola lollis or something covered in sugar!! I also love milk sweets or any asian sweets and candy snacks, sweet or savoury asian snacks, I can't really get many here but always jump at the chance of some nice asian snacks, Did I mention blooming teas? They're so wonderful, the beautiful bud opens up to an amazing flower, these I think are my absolute favourite teas
sun1Scented Candles:
I love filling up my home with scented candles, We love warm scents like Vanilla, or any Xmas scents. Love foodie scents like buttercream, Baked breads, Cookie scents, Cranberry, My favourite brand is Yankee candles, I'd love to do some private swaps for yankee candles as I have plenty I can spare too, I'm looking for scents I haven't already got. Wax tarts or jars are fine, Prefer Medium jars to large, but Large tumblers are fine. Other than those Any tea lights, candle holders, tea light holders are great. I love incense too, including incense sticks or cones. I love warming scents, rather than floral scents. I love musky scents and smoky scents. I adore pretty incense holders, mini cone holders or long incense stick holders. Wooden or ones with Buddha on. Elephants, Moon and Sun ones or just anything magical and beautiful.
sun1Beauty and Jewelry:
I have just started wearing pretty jewls again, I love handmade jewelry. I love wearing earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and pretty things for my feet. I love agate slices, crystals gemstones and amazing wooden beads. I prefer wooden or glass, or beads to plastic. I prefer silver to gold, and have a tiny neck, so I don't like TOO big necklaces unless they're meant to be extra long. I also have tiny fingers so tiny rings hehe, I love all colours. My favourite colours are yellows, greens, blues, purples and pinks. I like browns too, I'm not too fussy really on much colour, I think a mixture of beautiful patterns and colours are great. I also love feathers and natural things. I don't like bone at all sorry! I like crystals and bindis stuck to my face hehe, I love learning about all the powers of gems and crystals.
I love lip balms, my favourite are Nivea ones, the nice creamy ones that do good for my lips, I don't like cheap lip balms that feel sticky or like plastic. I prefer lip balm sticks to the tubs too. I always seem to have a lip balm in my bag or jacket somewhere. I don't really wear so much make up I have enough already. I like lip balms more than anything. I like bath and body products alot! I love bubble bath and creamy shower gels. I like coconut scents, vanilla, minty, lemon, citrus, some sweet floral scents but nothing too over powering because some floral scents can make me sneeze a bit! I love milk scented things, like goats milk, or talc scented hehe. I love hair oils and conditioners for my hair, I often dye it magical colours of the rainbow so hair masks keep me going!

sun1Collections: I'm starting to collect postcards, I've been sticking them to my walls, I love collecting postcards that I've been sent! I also want to keep an update and album of all my postcards. I love getting postcards that really make me smile. I want to take pictures of them all and keep them all in an album, for now they're just hanging on my wall. I also want to start collecting pressed flowers, I've just started too, so It's all pretty small and new, but I have to start somewhere! I love collecting pressed flowers and I'd love to have them all framed one day! Still it's early days and my collections are just starting off.

Meet Tipper, she's a very lovely shy cat. She likes sleeping all day and eating kitty treats. She stares outside all day and can be a little scared of everything at times, she has a little bell which you can hear all the time. Unless she's sleeping ofc hehe


Closed minded people
Cheap used items
Teacher award stickers
Anything preaching your religion sorry
Cheap sticky lip balm
Chocolate scented things
Very sour things
The scent of lavender

FLAKERS, I never thought I'd have to do this but here are my flakers



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Comment: I am not sure why you didnt follow through but if you will contact me I will rerate.
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Comment: Thank u! I'm so sorry for the late rate.. I love the teas and especially the letter and stamp of the queen! I will cherish it.. ;) happy tea Time xoxo Nadi
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Comment: Thank you so much for doing this swap with me! I love the great range of teas and the chocolate is divine ;D Haven't tried everything yet but looking forward to it! ^__^
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Comment: You posted the comment a day late, but that's alright. Thanks for decorating.
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and one extra for you I thought you'd like. It would be awesome for wall art or something.

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