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Date Joined: September 6, 2009
Last Online: December 20, 2020
Birthday: February 7, 1955
Country: United States
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I am Lori Dennis on Facebook.

Communication is the KEY! If you're going to be late......please let me know, I'm not heartless.

I reuse bubble envelopes, so my package doesn't look nice but hope the contents are pleasing enough :))

I love to trade. It's also fun to get stuff in the mail that is not a bill or spam! What I don't like is when I get a sticker slapped piece of scrapbook paper and it's called an ATC.

I love anything vintage (hence my name), Freddie Mercury, bumble bees, cats (domestic, lion, tigers), birds, whimsical, steampunk, mechanical cards, anything happy and cheery and fun! Dandelion flowers and puffs. Poppies. Sea scenes, travel scenes, postage stamp people ATCs, anything made with postage stamps, travel, people, jewelry, junk jewelry, charms. And my new obsession junk journals.

I collect gumball charms and Cracker Jack prizes from the early 1900's to about 1970. I also collect junk journal and Freddie Mercury items.

I also have a jewelry collection: charms, novelty pins, tac pins, lapel pins, lockets, figural pins, cameos, animal pins, fun and cute necklaces, and a miniature collection. And a junk journal collection.

I'm married to a very loving and caring man and we live with our animal babies: Jazzie (black and white kitty) - Socks (mostly black with a bit of white) - Wade (gray and white) and Stinky (black and white). But now I have my own craft room and they're not allowed in!

I do photo manipulations and restorations and I am currently addicted to making ATCs and other forms of decorated artworks such as mixed media canvas' and tags, decorated envies for journals.


Most importantly, I am a Christian although I don't follow any church. I don't believe you have to go to church to be a Christian. To me a Christian is someone who tries to be like our Lord 7 days a week and not just on Sunday. But I am also human and I do get frustrated sometimes...please don't use my Christianity against me. I never said I was "perfect".

See my link for my ATC site above.

See my Etsy Favs for profile surprises :)

I'd LOVE to receive:

Anything whimsical

Jewelry, junk jewelry, etc.

Glitter gel pens (especially a black glitter pen or a clear glitter pen)

Pre-glued gems for crafts (sticker type)

Die Cuts

Mixed media stuff

Address labels

Flickers (3-d holograms)

Homemade/Handmade papers and handmade envelopes

Mail art (decorated envelopes)

Handmade postcards, note cards and the like.

Trinkets of any sort to use in art

Handmade papers (tea dyed/coffee dyed)

I'd love to do personal swaps - so PM me if you're interested!!


****The PLEASE DO NOT send list****

Anything with a swear word (I wouldn't normally think I'd have to mention this but I think I read someplace that someone like ATCs or artworks with swear words).

Nothing to do with the devil, witchcraft or holiday themes (such as birthday, Halloween, Christmas, etc.)

Things that are childish looking (stickers included).

ATCs made by or partially made by children. No offense! If I had young children, I wouldn't mind but I'm not into that kind of ATC or any kind of artwork made by kids.

Not into teas, cocoas or recipes or the like as I hate cooking LOL Although if you want to send a gift card for a restaurant, that's acceptable ;o)

Not into note paper as I don't write out letters anymore. But I DO LIKE pretty note cards and home made envelopes!! :))

I don't need bookmarks since I don't read.

Please don't send me recipes, period. Don't send me coloring pages for children or any children's item as I don't have young children. Or bookmarks.

I dislike flakers and people who don't rate and those who retaliate because they are mad!

I pledge to send out my swaps in a timely manner and to rate all my partners. If by chance I am running late due to some unforseen circumstance, I promise to notify the receiver! I do not flake but then I never knew a flaker to admit it ;o)

****I can angel for USA swaps that aren't too big.****

****Just PM me here at Swap-bot!****





@2Planetearth sent me a very nice Frida Kahlo mesh bag that she even put some flowers on. I love it and she was very thoughtful to do that for me. Thank you! :)) xoxo

@luleemik has sent me various postcards of Frida Kahlo and a altered perfume bottle of Frida, it's gorgeous! Thank you so much! xoxo Update 12/6/11 - Lu sent me a very pretty Asian journal, an Asian Domino doll she made (it's gorgeous!) and a beautiful pin cushion with altered pins! Just as a RAK! Now isn't she awesome? XOXO

@Paige1900 sent me a vintage postcard, thank you dear :)) XOXO

@pinkkiapila sent me a decorated skull, 2 other skulls, some Mexican cards, a tiny wicker box, a letter opener, and a pretty charm. Thank you so much Alicia, I love everything! XOXO

@Paige1900 sent me a Frida postcard, thank you so much sweetie! XOXO

@pinkkiapila sent me two adorable "casa" charms for the "I love Frida" charm swaps we've been having. I didn't sign up because I'm not up to par and I received this as a surprise. Thank you so much Alicia! XOXO



****People who flaked on me****

boo @Grover - Flaked on Big Fat Envelope Swap

Angeled by: @commapolice - A big huge THANK YOU!!

boo @DanaJeanWard - Flaked on Big Fat Stuffed Env. #7

Angeled by: @2planetearth - A big huge THANK YOU!!!!!

boo @Angelslater - Flaked on Grab Bag Miniature #8

Angeled By: @PixelPixie THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! :)) AND by @piglet59645 THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH as well :)) xoxo

boo @poetrobotmommy - flaked on "Happiness" swap. Well I finally received her swap but the item she sent was not up to the swap requirements and was literally a piece of junk. Foam letters she used in my name were broken off and not because of mailing, they were broken off when she used them to send me! Very disappointing and surely didn't bring me any happiness :(

Angeled by the Hostess @FragileBystander and I received a lovely package to make up for the above. THANK YOU!!

boo @Sickodoodle flaked on the Decoupage Swap

Angeled by @OrangeMama thank you so much!!

boo @Cheeky475 flaked on the Big Fat Envelope Swap #11.

Angeled by: @Hughesmb THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

boo @lizcupcake flaked on the "Bits and Pieces" Swap.

Angeled by: @pandorasxbox thank you!

boo @thejukebox flaked on Perfume Bottle ATC

Angeled by: @Ransom thank you!

boo @Tawney flaked on Dimensional and Flat Sticker Swap (was my swap)

Angeled by: @Paige1900 Thank you so much!

boo @dreadlady flaked on Sender's choice ATC x2, round 38!

Angeled by: @Marryth - thank you very much :)

"A PAPERCRAFTER'S DREAM SWAP " Both of my partners flaked on me, nice huh? boo @trees911 and boo @lizmoore01

Angeled by: @ebgroovy - thank you so much El!!

boo @craftyanimallover flaked on the Rubber Stamp Swap. She must have learned it from the host @lexi83 as they are both suspended. Thanks for nothing! So disappointing since I sent about $20.00 worth of rubber stamps plus postage! :(

Angeled by: @Paige1900 A HUGE BIG THANK YOU to Paige for her generosity!!

boo @Kerasi flaked on the Mixed Media ATC Swap #9 B&W International.

Angeled by @crb22892 thank you so much!!

boo @ShaundaDixon flaked on the "Partners name ATCs WORLD WIDE" swap.


ayahsantos rated for Paper Destash #5 on Dec 4, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much! Take Care always!
Response: Glad you finally received it. Thanks for the heart rate :)
saturnsrings rated for 3 Things In An Envelope #9 on Nov 28, 2020
Comment: Hi Lori- I just got your original send- postmarked Nov 16, so I guess the mail was just slow on this one! Thank you! EDIT-Whoops I realized this may have sounded critical, but I only mentioned the postdate because you had reached out to me asking if I'd received yet & offering to resend, so I wanted to let you know I received the original one you sent, and it was the mail that was slow, not you. Sorry, I should have clarified that in my original review!
Response: That was the last day it could be sent out, so I wasn't late...don't see why this was even mentioned. Thanks.
MisplacedfromPA rated for 3 Things In An Envelope #9 on Nov 25, 2020
Comment: LOVE the vintage Christmas cut outs you mailed along with the stickers etc. The Christmas card is so jolly of Santa Claus. Thank you so much. Oh,,the fabric sheet absolutely helped. That part is much appreciated. Have a great Thanksgiving.
Response: So glad you loved everything. Thank you for the heart rate!
Carrii rated for 3 Things In An Envelope #9 on Nov 20, 2020
Comment: Lovely, thank you so much.
Response: Thank you for the heart rate :)
Jsereg001 rated for Jewlery Swap (costume jewelry) on Jan 18, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the awesome assortment of jewelry!! There are so many beautiful pieces in here!! So much fun to go thru this box!! Thank you so much!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Response: So happy you liked what I sent! Thanks for participating in my swap :)
Jsereg001 rated for Jewelry Swap on Dec 6, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the awesome assortment of jewelry!!! There are so many cool pieces!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Response: Glad you liked what I sent, thanks for partiicpating (have you sent yours out yet as it's not marked sent!) and rating and for the heart as well. Enjoy!
nancylee rated for Mail Art Decorated Envelope on Feb 13, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the energetic happy heart! I love the postcard too and have a friend who will adore receiving it- Happy Valentine's Day too :) <3
Response: Thanks for joining my swap and for the nice rating. I don't know why it took so long, but glad you finally received it. Happy Valentine's day to you as well :)
Soapboxgirl rated for Mail Art Decorated Envelope on Feb 10, 2018
Comment: Wow!! Love the flowers and the colors!! Taping the whole thing was so cool and using stamps in the flower theme really made this POP!! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this Deco Envie!! Really made my day!! Extra <3<3<3's to you!!!
Response: Thanks so much for your lovely comment! So glad you liked my envie :) Thanks for joining my swap and for the heart rate too :)
JudalineZ rated for Private Junk Jewelry Swap on Nov 7, 2017
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Welcome :)
ittybittykitty rated for Junk Jewelry Destash Swap on Nov 3, 2017
Comment: Thanks for all of the goodies! I’m going to make a jeweled Christmas tree with some of them. :)
Response: Glad you enjoyed my box of stuff :D Thanks for joining my swap, rating and the heart :)
kfaye rated for For the love of jewelry creations on Sep 13, 2017
Comment: thank you. You are sweet. Lovely items :)
RooBaRoo rated for Happy Mail on Sep 8, 2016
Comment: The envelope you made is really happy happy :) & thanks for the sticker sheet (my daughter will dig it :) & the vintage style ephemera, I loved it all!
Response: Yay, glad you finally received it and like it :) Thanks for the heart rate!!
JudalineZ rated for Small Flat Rate Junk Jewelry Swap on Aug 29, 2016
Comment: cool stuff!
kellogg rated for Stuff That Box! #3 on Aug 25, 2016
Comment: thank you. I feel that it wasn't the box was no where near stuffed. I do like the little budda guy
Response: If you thought my box wasn't stuffed, then you should have received the box I got. That roll of ribbon, and a couple of the other items in your box came in my box and that was all. Most of the stuff I put in your box was from me. The last time I overstuffed a box, I got charged more.
SilverD rated for Junk Jewelry Destash Swap on Aug 7, 2016
Comment: Thank you! I thought I rated you already, sorry it took so long.
Response: You're welcome, thanks for the heart rate :)
JudalineZ rated for Junk Jewelry Destash Swap on Jul 18, 2016
Comment: nice items and I can re-purpose some of them. Thank you
Response: Thanks for rating :)
EyeLady13 rated for July Junk Jewelry Swap on Jul 18, 2016
Comment: Thanks for all the great stuff!
Response: Thank you for rating :)
Crazipurplelady rated for Jewelry Creation Swap on Jul 16, 2016
Comment: While I love both items, the key has me in awe! All I want to do is put it on a chain and wear it all the time! I hope you like I'm making you, should be in the mail on Monday 7/18!
Response: Yay, I was getting worried cos I figured you should have had the package a lot sooner than this. But glad you got it and happy about my creations. I love that key too......I hope I have the patience to make another one for myself LOL Thanks for joining my swap and for the heart rate :)
Winegeek rated for June Junk Jewelry on Jun 9, 2016
Comment: I love the selection I received, already used something from it. THANK YOU!
Response: Good to hear! Thanks for the nice rating :)
Crazipurplelady rated for Jewelry Destash Swap on Jun 8, 2016
Comment: Honestly, opened the box and REALLY said..."Shit, this is awesome." Thanks so so much!! Love it all. Gave the little Asian guy to watch over us! :)
Response: Yay, glad you loved everything! I have another jewelry swap going on right now if you're interested :) Thanks for joining this one and for the heart rate!

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takehimaway on Nov 12, 2020:

Omigosh, I just was here reading your profile for your likes earlier this week, and then I was randomly going through Swapbot, and here you are over here on this lady's page that just poofed: http://www.swap-bot.com/user:DanaJeanWard

Paige1900 on Nov 9, 2018:

How are you? I was looking at someone's profile and stumbled upon yours and thought I would stop by and say hello...Hello.

snugglecultpost on Jan 26, 2016:

Thank you for your lovely comment AND a heart on my very first rating! :) I am so glad you enjoyed my choices for you!

Prismcat on Dec 24, 2015:

ktina on Oct 29, 2015:


Dear Lori! I'm sorry for didn't answer your messages, I was a bit away from this site. I received your wonderful package, you shouldn't have to send this, the rest of the napkins would be enough, really. You were so kind to made up this swap such a nice experience, I'm very grateful, thank you!

MountainGrandure60 on Jun 17, 2015:

Hi Lori....happy to see you here. I will be learning how to do this gradually. Am excited to get busy too.

VivaLaDiane on Jun 8, 2015:

Dropping in to say hello. ♥♥

MsKuky on Apr 24, 2015:

I love your profile, it's so cool. Happy weekend!

anrtist on Feb 14, 2015:

Blessings, cc

myshoesdontmatch on Dec 24, 2014:

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