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About Me

hi, i'm diana! i live in san diego, it's a pretty nice place, i like it anyway! i have a great boyfriend (life partner) josh, and a few really wonderful friends, so i consider myself pretty lucky. i own my own business, a really great store (tree of life). i love water. oh and i'm a vegetarian, but i eat mostly vegan. - THIS JUST IN! I have stopped eating all sugar, cane sugar and the like. The only sweeteners I eat now are Agave and Honey (the honey is what makes me not a vegan). It turns out the sugar was making me crazy sick and I’m much better for the absence of it from my diet. So I really don't need anything with sugar in it, thanks!

Favorite Music

i love music. always there is music. there are way too many to name so here are a few to start. bjork - sarah mclachlan - the beatles - belle & sebastian - iron & wine - the smiths - beth orton - the bird and the bee - blonde redhead - the pixies - cibo matto - cocteau twins - low - the cure - david bowie - depeche mode - hooverphonic - the innocense mission - lamb - rasputina - my bloody valentine - nada surf - nine inch nails - pavement - tom petty - poe - sonic youth - portishead - tori amos - the police - radiohead - yo la tengo

Favorite Books

i really enjoy detective stories with lady detectives. contemporary fantasy. some vampire stories. i really loved the twilight series. i love stories that are "sort of" magical. like magic in everyday life. (Garden Spells and Practical Magic are good examples of this genre) especially when its magic through food, or love, or both! some authors i enjoy are neil gaiman, diana wynn jones, charlain harris, (more later on that). i like books about art, vegan cook books (i think it would be super neat to find a magical vegetarian/vegan cookbook!), and books about goddesses!

Favorite Movies

i enjoy the movies. i believe a bit of fantasy is a healthy thing. i like a lot of indie movies, but some block bustery films can be great. the 80's fantasy classics have a special place in my heart (Labyrinth, Legend, Dark Crystal, Never Ending Story...) anything by miyazaki, howls moving castle, spirited away, kiki's delivery service and the like. i love the works of hal hartley and sofia coppola. Practical Magic is one of my favoriate movies simply because of the beautiful sets and scenery! I really don't like most romantic comedies. they tend to make me a bit furious :)

Favorite Television

ok, i watch a lot if tv. i love anything joss whedon (buffy, angel, firefly and various other ventures). 30 Rock (I want to go there!) most of the adult swim line up. i liked veronica mars when it was on. i like pushing daisies (i totally started baking pies because of that show!). i love anime, naruto, bleach, death note and the like, all this makes me quite happy.

Favorite Crafts

more to come for this section soon!

some things i enjoy...

  • I enjoy things that are strange and beautiful. Quite often this becomes strangely beautiful!
  • Some colors I enjoy are warm yellows (nothing neon), various greens, oranges (think pumpkin), ocean colors (blues, teals and what not), neutral tones like black, greys, creams and warm browns, some reds, pinks and purples (if the tone is right).
  • I’m a fan of most things Japanese.
  • I like bento (boxes and supplies!)
  • I like anime
  • I collect tarot, oracle and other forms of divination.
  • Marie Antoinette is one of my current fascinations, the movie really did me in!
  • I also collect interesting glass bottles, mostly antique and mostly cobalt blue.
  • I like steampunk, I really enjoy the aesthetic of it.
  • I like trees as a motif. From spooky and haunted looking to full of life and abundance, I just love them.
  • If kniting or crochet is your thing I really like super loooooooong scarves!
  • I like all natural teas, mostly i prefer herbal (peppermint is my favorite) but i also really like jasmine, green and white.
  • I love all natural body care stuff, particularly the Burts Bees line.
  • I love nature-y things and themes.
  • I love anything Edward Gorey.
  • I like Alice in wonderland/through the looking glass. i prefer the original art, from the books, but this is the one place i don't mind disney that much.
  • I’m really fond of the shabby chic look as well.
  • I’m kinda crazy for the Martha Stewart craft supplies.
  • I like dia de los muertos related stuff.
  • I would really like a cute half apron.
  • I can always find a use for semi precious stone beads.
  • I like unusual/beautiful rubber stamps, particularly realistic birds and trees. I would love one of a large birdcage.
  • I love mix CDs. With track lists of course!
  • The fine tip sharpies are one of my favorite things. All those beautiful colors make me happy!
  • For jewelry I prefer silver, unless of course it’s steampunk : )
  • For rings I wear either a size 7 or size 8, depending on the finger.
  • If for some reason you're looking to get me a gift card I love Target and Borders.
  • I actually collect interesting/unusual Christmas and holiday CDs

not so much...

I don't care for anything disney. While I do find a certain charm to the disney intuition it's just not my thing. No fast food toys please, I don't collect them. No earings please, i'm not pierced. While I adore things that are cute, I don’t like things that are cute-sy. What’s the difference? I think it’s a know it when you see it kind of thing. Also I’m not into country kitsch. We don't eat microwave popcorn or anything with artificial sweetners (splenda, sweet n' low and the like). Like I said I am a vegetarian but I eat mostly vegan (and so does Josh) so please nothing with gelatin, or you know, meat... Also, the no sugar thing. Thanks!

about my josh

my boyfriend would be over the moon to receive a surprise along with all my cool mail stuff. heres a list of some things he enjoys.

  • Good Sci-fi or fantasy novels
  • Earl Grey tea (caffeinated)
  • Star Wars stuff (first 3 movies particularly the ones with Luke, Leia and Han)
  • T-shirts size XL in dark colors with interesting designs (no corporate logos)
  • Anything Ganesh related
  • A good vegetarian or vegan cook book
  • A large coffee mug
  • Bento and Bento Supplies (manly if possible, difficult I know)
  • Anything Laxshmi related
  • He likes the heavy metal music
  • He likes the anime series Death Note (fav. characters Light and L) and Naruto (fav. characters Shikamaru and Garra)

a note...

about my etsy favoriates. i totally do not expect to be gifted with the expensive stuff i have on there, it's a wish list in the most literal sense. it is a nice way to see which way my tastes lean though!


PDXyogini rated for Soup is for dinner!!!! on Feb 25, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the great recipes!
YooperHill rated for Soup is for dinner!!!! on Feb 20, 2010
Comment: Thank you!
ElizabethObviously rated for Royal Valentine on Feb 11, 2010
Comment: Thank so very much for the Valentine and items! I like how you did the corset looking ribbon on the valentine!
Response: Happy Valentines to you and thank you so much for the rating!
mitbitna rated for E-Swap: Favorite Recipes - Vegan on Jan 17, 2010
Comment: Oh Wow. So many yummy sounding recipes to try! Get me to a kitchen - now!
Response: Enjoy! You're going to really enjoy them I think!
coolbaker5 rated for E-Swap: Favorite Recipes - Vegan on Jan 17, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much!!!! :) I feel so spoiled. :)
Response: I hope you like them! That chocolate cake is the best!!!
Comment: perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect thanx sooo much you overwelmed me soo much i love it all,and would love to be private swappers with you if you want? hugs evi
Response: Hehehe, I'm so glad you liked it all! Thanks for the rating and I woujld love to do a PS with you! Perhaps sometime in the new year? Merry Holidays to you!!!
Comment: I love my stocking! It's so beautiful! What a great swap! I'm sure I'll love everything in it! Thanks so much!
Comment: Meep :D thanks for the pressies ! I surely haven't opened them (will wait until christmas of course) but I can already say you put thought into my swap - loved the wrappings and the cute tags (I'll be using them pretty soon ;D) Thank you really much, Merry Christmas ! ♥
Response: I hope you like your cool stuff! Have a happy christmas, merry and bright wishes to you!
Comment: I'm saving this one for Christmas, so I haven't openned it! But I love the xmas tags soooo much! They are adorable! Will update after Christmas to add extra thanks! :o) Happy Holidays!
Response: Yay! I'm doing that for some of my swaps too, but it's HARD! I'm so glad you like the tags, they were fun to make! Happy Holidays to you as well!
Comment: Thank you so much for everything! I could not wait to open everything : P I love it all!! The man & girl memos are super cute and i love Alice w/ her cat!!!! TY again so much! Wish i could give more hearts.
Response: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Happy Christmas time to you!
Comment: You are awesome!! I love it all and can't wait to use the bento box! You Rock! Thanks for a wonderful package!
Response: Hooray! I'm so glad you like it! Happy Christmas time to you!
tshaver25 rated for I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas on Nov 23, 2009
Comment: If I could give you more hearts I would!!!! I loved everything!!! Really loved the ornament! Thank you soooooo much!!!! great job on the bag super cute!
provadia rated for Woodland Lucky Parcel on Nov 19, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much Diana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it all!!! Sadly the cd broke in half.. somehow? But I love all the music you chose for it! It's so me! I'll go ahead and download it tonight. The deer letterset is beyond cute!! Thank you so so much! ♥
Response: LAME! About the CD that is. That was probably my fault, I was a little excited to send it out and I should have triple checked my work. I hope you like the bento box, did you already have that one? It just fit the theme so well! I KNEW you would love the letterset! Thanks the the patience and the kind rating!
namesarefun rated for Luckiest Lucky Parcel on Sep 8, 2009
Comment: I loved everything! I am not sure what a bento is for, going to have to google that one. I am thinking that it is something for storage? Loved the craft supplies and food was yummy! Lois
Response: I'm so glad you liked it all! Those chocolate filled pandas used to be my favoriate thing before I stopped eating sugar. A bento is a japanese style lunch box. The one I sent you is particularly made to hold Onigiri. Here's a link that will explain your particular bento a little better. http://www.kitchencow.com/2008/06/27/i-love-my-new-onigiri-bento-box/
PansySuz rated for July Birthdays on Jul 3, 2009
Comment: Thank you SO much for the wonderful, pampering gift you sent me!!! It smells sooo yummy and my plans are to take a nice long soak in the tub tonight :) The lion was awesome too.......it reminded me of these pirates I used to draw when I was in school. It's on my fridge, thank you!! Oh, and the card is fit for framing!! :))
Response: Yay! I'm glad you liked it all so much! Thanks for the rating and Happy Birthday!
Comment: You went over and above in making this a very special package for me. Thank you so very much.
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! Mix CD's are always fun to make! Enjoy and thanks for the rating!
valerie520 rated for July Birthday Swap USA only on Jun 29, 2009
Comment: Love my package---I couldn't wait til my b-day to open it! Thanks a bunch and happy birthday to you too!!!
Response: Yay! Hooray for birthdays and thanks for the rating!
Comment: Diana - WOW. What a very special package. I love the lavender scrub, it smells *amazing* and I can't wait to use it. Thank you so much for the very sweet stamps, they are so very thoughtful. Thanks again for such a great swap.
Response: Yay! I'm so glad you like them! Thanks for the rating!
LuldaCasadaga55 rated for Stuff a Pair of Socks! on May 11, 2009
Comment: Wow...just wonderful. Loved it all! thnx :)
Comment: Woa! WOW! AMAZING! THANK you SOOOO MUCH! I absolutely ADORED everything you sent. You really sent way too much, I felt so special opening each gift and each one was SOOO me! You did a most excellent job of looking at my profile and including things from it. You not only read my profile but you also read my mind with the take along bowl set. I was looking at those at the store last week but didn't have the money to get one, it's perfect! The snacks were appreciated, I got to try some new ones. I loved the scrapbooking kits, the handmade aroma therapy spray smelled so good, I even used the mixing bowl last night to make eggs for dinner (it's the perfect color), the stamp was perfect (love those swirls) and the sparkly glitter glue was awesome (I have several of their colors already but not that one). I'm just in awe! This one box totally makes up for any swap that I might get flaked on in the future. WOW! THANKS!
Response: Oh yay! I'm so glad you liked it all! Thanks for the wonderful comment, you made me blush a little. Enjoy it all in good health!

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NaughtyElf on Jun 9, 2010:

Thank you for accepting my invite to the group Welcome to Sunnydale! It's great to have you! As soon as we get a few more members I will be hosting swaps! :-)

provadia on Nov 19, 2009:

Actually, you wrapped the CD multiple times inside the super cute beaver fabric, haha. I'm sure it's Ny's post offices that do that kind of damage.. take a look at my flickr for more disasters.. >:( I do have 3 of them now, but that's alright. I can share them with my mom and sister. I know they'll love them too:)

fairymagicmail on Nov 8, 2009:

Hi Diana, You're my partner for the Pink Christmas swap and I'm super excited to put together an awesome pink package for you! I'll get it mailed out this week. : )

thriftymermaid on Oct 4, 2009:

So happy to have you aboard for the My True Swap-Botter Sent to Me Christmas Swap! You're profile is awesome! Thanks so much for joining in the fun!!

marilavado on Jun 30, 2009:

Come and join the Nintendo ATCs swap where you can choose the characters you recieve. This will be so much fun!

Nintendo ATCs - Your favourite

JenDiggityDirt on May 23, 2009:

Hi! I enjoyed reading your profile. We have a lot in common. Your store looks really interesting. Tell Josh to check out Big Business (the band) if he hasn't already. You're lucky you live in San Diego - you've got so many good places to eat down there (I'm in Riverside - we have no vegan places). I eat some honey, too, but I still consider myself vegan. Anyway, welcome to the group!

MrsAnnaSue on May 13, 2009:


We have a couple of swaps going at the Golden State Swappers Group. Come join the fun!

Tell us about your city...

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MysticJess on Apr 8, 2009:

i got a heart for my sock swap! how do u get stars?

marilavado on Mar 23, 2009:

Come and join the second Foundation 42 ATC swap:

Foundation 42 ATC series - Lord of the Rings

MysticJess on Mar 23, 2009:

ooo i like the swap your in. wish newbeis could do it too.

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