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Birthday: May 4, 1980
Country: United States

About Me

Updated 3/2/18

Designed By: Laurie Burkett, copyright 2017.

Wife, Mother, Artist, Designer, Computer Tech, Crazy Cat Lady. I have three kids and five cats that keep me on my toes and one wonderful husband who makes sure my toes don't take too much damage. I run my own business, Desk & Code, which encompasses a range of talents and passions.

My artistic inspiration comes from what I see in the world around me as well as my love color and texture. I am very lucky to have had my designs shown in several shows all over the world.

This last summer my heart and soul finally found its mate. Stephen has been a huge blessing in not just my life but the lives of my children.

Photo taken by Crystal Van Roekel Studio and Design.

I took a hiatus from Swap-Bot due to poor health and a lack of time. Now that my health has improved and several things in my life have been sorted out I want to get back to one of my passions: sending and receiving snail mail!

Warning: I have cats. While I try to keep fur out of my swaps from time to time one or two hairs might get in. I apologize in advance.

Formerly lhansendesign, username changed by admin as requested due to my legal name changing.


Pumpkin, Wool, and Vanilla Scented Items.

General Like/Love List

Swinging on swings, Coloring, Patterns (visual)

Colorful items and clothing, artwork, pretty much everything

Texture both Visual and Tactile

Making tents/forts outside and in

Organizing parties, crops, get togethers, events

My Little Ponies both old and new, I collect the 80's ones


Rock hunting, Bike riding, Gemstones/Gemology

Flowers, especially Pansies (if you have seeds for any of the rarer colors please send me some!)

Gardening, Painting – love the impasto technique

Interior Design, Herbs, plants, trees, Reading,

Pen pals, Snailmail, Letter writing

Witchcraft - religion not Halloween

Researching religions, ancient cultures, riddles, mythology, ghosts, urban legends, abandoned places, cultures, paranormal, ufos, crypto zoology

Beadwork, Japanese Anime, Poetry

Travel and exploring old places/abandoned places/old architecture

Ghost Hunting/EVP, Writing, Music

Singing, Opera/Musicals

Spellcraft and rituals, Folklore/Urban Legends

Rubber Stamping, Vintage items/artwork

Antiques, Altars, Ritual/New Age music

Blues/Jazz music, Graffiti Art

Alternative mythology, fantasy, sci-fi

Famous artists and artwork

Mixed Media, Book arts/Art Journals


Beastie Boys and alternative music

Zines, Counter Culture/Alternative culture

Native American culture/religion

Video gaming, Elder Scrolls Online,

Asian cultures (all)

Scrapbooking/journaling, Papercrafts

K-Pop, Tie Dye, Yoga

Stationery/office supplies/Project Life

Washi tape/Deco Tape


Sewing, Kimono culture

Pc Computers/web/blogs/digital design

Clothing styles fantasy, bohemian, hippie, pagan, fae, Victorian, Gothic, But I can only wear clothing that is really soft due to my fibro

Meditation/Zen/being one with nature

Tea (especially Runa and Good Earth),

Japanese Folk Crafts, Japanese Language,

Asian papercrafting/office supplies/stationery


March Current Favorites

Playing: Elder Scrolls Online and drooling over Ashes of Creation wishing it was out already

Needing: An assistant to help me get my craft room set up and ideas on how to set up a small space to film YouTube videos.

Wearing: Waiting for my Wish order to get here and hoping and praying the shirts all fit my 3xl curvy body.

Listening: Trance Music

Watching: Grimm Season 6, then going through my list on Netflix

Planning: Main Planner - Inkwell Press LiveWell Flex Coil Bound using Sticker Guru stickers and Candy DIY Store stickers, Business Planner - 1407 Planners Spring Try Your Size Cover and three inserts.

Journaling: 1407 Planners inserts and Try Your Size Covers, Mommylhey Little Bits Boxes, Planner Society Tn's, and other various journals

Carrying: Keys on Supernatural Keychain, Inkwell Press Planner, Pen Pouch from Planner Society, and my wallet is a Laurie Burkett Design LLC Passport Travel Notebook.

Selling: Postcards and Travel Notebooks with my designs, February's release is out in postcards, February travel notebooks on order, March postcards on order, March travel notebooks on order. Art prints being listed on my Patreon by the end of the weekend.


@Cutesygirlynai - Non-rater. I sent her a package back at the beginning of October 2014. I have proof of mailing and proof that she received the package. She claims she never received and now will not answer pms.

@TurtleTats - Flaker. Flaked on me for faux food swap that was angeled by the hostess @sabbysteg Has contacted me several times claiming she will resend but nothing has ever shown up.

@daichki - Tag Flaker. Tagged her months and months ago for some Japanese brochures. She blocked me and never sent them. Angeled by @susieq11


Please don't send me religious/spiritual/personal belief stuff unless it is a swap of that nature. Likewise with food/snacks/tea, if the swap calls for those things then it is ok, otherwise please don't send it. Thank you!

Please no Earl Grey Tea or Lipton brand tea, thanks. Please no tea with vanilla in it.

Really Dislike: Clowns, Dolls, Balloons, Halloween Items, Pumpkins

Don't Need - Bookmarks, Beads, Ribbon, Paper Scraps(unless its vintage), Die Cuts

Planner Dislike List: Plain, layered stickers, puffy stickers, heavy bling/sparkle, pastels, shaker stuff, glitter

Planner Don't Need: staples, push pins, paper clips, baby/nursery items.

My Swapping Habits

If I Send To You:

I try to reuse packaging if I can but I also make sure all of my packages are secure and wrapped as if the swap was going through a war zone. For postcards I always send two because every now and then the USPS sorting machines get hungry and my postcards seem to be their favorite thing. When I mail my swaps they go in one of the several blue USPS mailing boxes that are littered around my town. However none of our mail gets sorted and sent from my town but instead travels to our capitol of Boise, Idaho to the eastern side of town to be sorted and sent. The sorting center sadly seems to live in its own time zone. I can mail an item to my mother who lives 7 minutes from me and it will take two weeks to get to her. I can mail a postcard to family in Portland, Oregon and it will take three days. I can mail a priority mail package to my friend in Arizona and it takes two weeks. I can mail letters to Japan and they have taken sometimes as little as ten days sometimes three months. So please if you don't get your swap contact me asap!

If I Receive From You -

I try to rate the day I receive the swap but sometimes the kids and work have other ideas. If for some reason you don't get rated please poke me in some way, I promise I won't get offended.

If I Tag You -

Take the time you need all I ask is if its going to be more than a month please communicate.

If You Tag Me -

For quick tags I usually have them out within a week. For more time consuming tags sometimes they take a bit longer because I really try to match what I am making/sending to the person's profile. If for some reason it takes me longer than I thought it would to send I will always contact you.

If You Are Going To Be Late Sending -

Just please contact me! I understand that sometimes unforeseen events happen. All I ask is keep in contact with me.

If I Am Late Sending -

Either hell has frozen over or something unforeseen happened. I will always communicate but that doesn't mean that I don't expect you to rate according to the swap-bot guidelines. If for some bizarre reason I am ever late, knock on wood that never happens, I will completely understand the rating I receive.


Comment: Thank you!
dyp rated for Unicorn ATC on Mar 16, 2018
Comment: Super cute ATCs. Tyty
ContraryHousewife rated for FS ~ Send 10 ~ USA on Mar 1, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the bundle of fun, papers and cards.
ChrisAnne rated for FS ~ Send 10 ~ USA on Mar 1, 2018
Comment: Wowza, wowza, wowza! Thank you so much! I love it all! I already have my planner out ready to use some of the stickers!
Fenix825 rated for FS ~ Send 10 ~ USA on Feb 28, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the awesome envelope of goodies! So much cool stuff!
KarenFife rated for KarenFife & laurieburkett17 on Feb 26, 2018
Comment: Loved getting your postcards today. Your design is impressive! The quilt is inspiring me to get going on Quilts For Homeless Veterans which I just committed to. Thanks for everything, Laurie!
Csmbbp123 rated for Adult coloring page ATC on Feb 23, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much, what lovely pieces of work! I am so glad to be able to add these to my collection! Sara x
Comment: Thank you!
piratejimbob87 rated for FS ~ Getting to know me PC #3 on Feb 16, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the postcard!
Response: You are very welcome!
WayUpInAlaska rated for FS ~ Getting to know me PC #3 on Feb 15, 2018
Comment: I had a cat named Sassy at one point and boy yeah - very true to the name!! Thank you for the great card!
Response: You are very welcome! Sassy lives up to her name so much so that often she is on my Instagram.
123Poggy123 rated for FS: Favorite Things A-Z on Feb 13, 2018
Comment: This is a great list. I love that you listed more than one thing for each letter. You did a great job drawing the flowers with your Prima Watercolor Pencils.
Response: Thank you! I wanted to list much more but I didn't want to mail you a novel lol. As to the watercolors, its a learning curve but I am always excited to learn new artforms.
ChrisAnne rated for FS ~ Getting to know me PC #3 on Feb 12, 2018
Comment: LOVE the quilt postcard. Thank you for swapping with me! Rescues rock!
Response: Glad you liked it and yes rescues do rock!
simcoe54 rated for FS: 3 New Postcards in an Envie on Feb 6, 2018
Comment: Thanks for all the great postcards. They will fit nicely in my collection.
Response: Wonderful! :) You said you had a large collection so I was hoping I picked things you didn't already have.
Comment: Thank you for the lovely vintage postcard!
Response: You are very welcome!
Comment: Thank you for the two postcards! I looked up Cleo's Ferry Museum and that looks amazing!
Response: I love Cleo's and I hope you have a chance to visit some day. Even though its a Christian based garden its so open and welcoming that even a heathen like me feels at peace there.
loveualatte rated for QUICK Planner Goodies #7 on Jan 31, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the stuff you sent me ❤. I LOVE the stickers! This was a fun swap! Have a beautiful day ❤
Response: Thank you! It was fun seeing that we have similar interests.
Poftoffel rated for FS: Flat Happy Mail on Jan 31, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the happy mail! I love how everything is picked out to match my profile, that's so nice! I absolutely adore the kitty washi, and the beautiful strawberry notecards. Strawberries are my favorite fruit :D Thank you!
Response: I am glad you loved the package! I always try to match what I am sending to the person's profile, even on swaps where it's not profile specific.
choke rated for CPG Quickie - 25 punchies - Global on Jan 30, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the great assortment of punchies and taking time picking ones I would like :-) I can definitely use them all! Love the rolodex punches as well, weeeeeee!
Response: Glad you like them! :)
GoCindy rated for Easy Postcard on Jan 29, 2018
Response: Thank you!
MissBrenda rated for Sweet! This isn't a bill! PC US on Jan 22, 2018
Comment: I do love master painters! Thank you for this PC! I received the second PC today. It's great! Love the quote! Is this your designed PC?
Response: I am so glad you liked the pc! It was one of several I bought from a Japanese shop in Beaverton, Oregon. I was waiting to use them on just the right person and then I got partnered with you and I thought Perfect!, 2nd PC - Yes the second PC is one of my designs. I recently changed the name of my company and I can't sell the old PC's under the old company name so I have been trying to use them up. And I always send two PC's when I swap PC's because I have had occasions when the postal service has eaten one of them. Sending two means at least one of them usually makes it to the receiver.

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njstauter on Mar 18, 2018:

Your Future Card asks of you to find balance

angelgram on Mar 5, 2018:

☼ ☺ Gõť ťħě Ģeť Ŵęľľ Ħăƥƥγ МάιL ☺ ☼

Laurie B You are so so dear to me and the package of get well wishes and ATCs and other enclosures were wonderful and so Laurie of you!!!!!!!!!!! (and AH) Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2018 and we'll be in touch .Hugs Mary

☼ ☺ Gõť ťħě Ģeť Ŵęľľ Ħăƥƥγ МάιL ☺ ☼

crystalite on Feb 14, 2018:

Thank you for the awesome and generous Random Flat Envie PIFTag!! I'm set for address label now for awhile! I loved your postcards, and the tags are extremely perfect for a year long tag swap I'm in! Oh, and the paper and butterflies are gorgeous!! Thank you so much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Chrissy

ChrisAnne on Jan 28, 2018:

Welcome to Planner Partners. Jump right in and join the fun!

bjmonroe on Sep 23, 2016:

angelgram on Jul 2, 2016:

☀ ☄☀ ④ᵀᴴJULY ♥ՍՏΑ ♥ ④ᵀᴴJULY ☀ ☄☀


☀ ☄☀ ④ᵀᴴJULY ♥ՍՏΑ ♥ ④ᵀᴴJULY ☀ ☄☀

theaterfan23 on Jun 13, 2016:

Thank you so much for the beautiful ATC's from the This or That Tag!

thank you

owlsinathens on Jun 10, 2016:

Thank you VERY much for the lovely letter sets for the This or That tag! I love the colours and everything :D

angelgram on Jun 6, 2016:
     ◛ Ҭⴌᾳὴκ ▶ Ⴤბս ◀ ḟợᴦ țҺἒ ⱠꜫꞇꞇꜪꞅ ◛  

  ⟰ ⟷Time for 1R2 to come your way ⟷ ⟰


      ◛ Ҭⴌᾳὴκ ▶ Ⴤბս ◀ ḟợᴦ țҺἒ ⱠꜫꞇꞇꜪꞅ ◛  
crystalite on May 17, 2016:

Hi Laurie! Thank you so much for the ATC's you made for the "This or That" tag! I love them! I especially like the flowered background you used! I hope you have a great week!! Chrissy

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