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Date Joined: October 23, 2008
Last Online: October 28, 2013
Birthday: June 5, 1986
Country: United States
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*The Basics...*

I fell behind with ATCS a few months ago.. I've made those right. I want to get back into swapping, but am only doing postcards right now. There have been a lot of deaths & I was depressed as be.. my water dragon, Splash. Don't know what happened.... On the 2nd of June, my aunt Virginia. She had cancer to return & her kidneys failed.... On the 7th, my uncle Gerald... His bowels ruptured & went into gangren.. then his organs failed.... On the 12th, my beloved kitty, Punk.... Apparently he had a genetic back problem, & his back gave out & paralyzed him.... There was nothing to help him, but being put to sleep... I held him while the shot relaxed him.... He gave me a final purr, like he was telling me it was okay & he loved me.... & this has nearly killed me. He was my 1st born, w/o me birthing him... We had 8 great yrs together... No where near long enough, though.... Ugh... So, people, I've been going thru a lot, & I apologize. I haven't checked messages or anything. Or sent messAges. I'm working on that.

(Zane, My beloved special needs bearded dragon is in my profile picture. He deserves recognition. He was abused severely. To the point where he's now crippled. He was rescued though, & is the sweetest lizard known to man. He trusted me immediately & was not scared at all. Even after all the beatings & throwings he'd received, he still wanted love & attention from humans. It breaks my heart. If you see something bad happening to animals, stop it & report it. Or find someone who can stop it. No animal deserves this. Every night now, he gets wrapped in his special baby blanket & rocked to sleep. I SWEAR he smiles at me. I swear it! If you have a little extra time, & want an amazing animal - adopt a special needs ones. You can make all the difference in the world to a special little guy or girl. All Zane needed was his Mama & some extra attention like fingerfeeding & massaged. He's the happiest lizard around now! And will soon be staring in a children's program at the local library & having his story told. :) MAKE A DIFFERENCE. YOU CAN DO IT.)


BEFORE YOU RATE ME BADLY - SEND ME A MESSAGE TO TELL ME YOU HAVEN'T RECEIVED YOUR MAIL. I SEND EVERY SWAP I'M INVOLVED IN & DO NOT FLAKE. in the past i've had family problems & were slow to send some swaps, though. & some were never received, but WERE sent. my 5 1's were sent the 2nd time, & they either haven't logged in in a coon's age, or they're being rude & won't change it.

ALLERGIES!!!!!! I DO have allergies, & thought I might should mention this now... I'm very allergic to SILICONE! It causes severe itching & rashing... My skin swells where it touches. PLEASSSSSSE don't send me any silicone things. I looove those funky bracelets, & would love to wear them, but its not possible. They were also fun to chew, before I knew what made my mouth & tongue swell... Lol. Please don't send me silicone things. Please. I'm also allergic to IB Profen, & Sulfa/Sulfer (which has killed me once. :().. but I don't think I need to worry about those here. Lol. But thought the Silicone was worth mentioning. Thanks, yall.

i'm kerri! i'm 26yrs old, and live in north carolina usa...

A - animals, abandoned places, art, ATC's, Anita Blake novels, Apple chips, animal welfare, autographs

B - beardies/bearded dragons, boys in make-up, baths, band tshirts, Tim Burton & his beautiful imagination/movies

C - cats, chameleons, cross stitch, Camaros (Chevrolet cars), crochet, classic cars, cuddles, coins, creativity, chocolate, cooking, Chinese food, cd's, caramel apples, cherries, crystals, Coraline, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Corpse Bride, Catholicism

D - dogs, dragons, drawing, drag queens, dvd's, Brandon Dicamillo

E - elongated pennies/coins, eggs, eggrolls, eye make-up, eeyore, Eric Northman, Eclipses (Mitsubishi car)

F - family, friends, fishies, frogs, faeries, Frankenweenie, fire, flames

G - goth, town, gay boys, geckos, geography, glitter, granny squares, geology, Ghost Adventures, Glimmer (my red 1997 Chevrolet Camaro RS)

H - horror movies, honey mustard,
herpetology, hair dye, Desmond Harrington, The Hunger Games, hearts

I - Invader Zim, ink, islands, Impractical Jokers

J - John 5, Jackass, juice

K - Kindle Fire

L - love, lizards, leopard geckos, leopard print

M - metal music, the moon, Mario video games, Mario party, mortuary make-up, Bill Moseley, Sam Merlotte

N - Nintendo, Nightmare Before Christmas, nail polish, napping

O - organizing, Otis Driftwood

P - penpalling, presssed pennies/coins, punk, PSP, Playstaion, painting, paranormal, piercings, postcards, photography, pet stores, paranormal romance books

Q - Q from Impractical Jokers

R - rock music, reading, return address labels, rocks, Russia & Russian language, Roller Derby, reptiles, rosary beads

S - Sookie Stackhouse novels, sleeping, swapping, supernatural, stationary, stickers, strawberries, stones, stars, souvenirs, scrapbooking, Alexander Skårsgard, Nikki Sixx

T - tattoos, toads, Tare Panda, thrift stores, trannies, tea, traveling, texting, theme parks, true blood, tv, treefrogs, Sam Trammell

U - urban exploring, (ex) ussr countries

V - video games, vanilla, vampires, Viva La Bam

W - water dragons, white chocolate, wereanimals, Wildboyz, The Walking Dead

X - xrays

Y - yarn, yard sales

Z - zombies, Rob Zombie & his wonderful movies, Sheri Moon Zombie

My favourite colors, as im joining a few swaps & my partners may need them... All shades of purple, all shades of blue, all shades of pink, turquoise, rainbow, black, greys, blood red, crimson, neon colors, green shades are lovely too! I really don't mind any color, though.

I'm also looking for swaps of crocheted granny squares! :) I'm in attempts of making an international granny square afghan & need yalls help! :)

if you want to send something that will make me squeal with joy... The following things will do just that! Tea (Irish Breakfast, Vanilla, Rose, Chai, Blackberry, Caramel, Strawberry, & I'm sure there's others I'm missing... Are my favourites. But ill try any flavour, just not big on Pine, Citrus & the like.) Stuff with lizards (esp. Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Chameleons, Water Dragons), frogs, dragons, Beagles, Basset Hounds, Boxer/Pits that are fawn color with a black muzzle... Atc's, Atc supplies... Glitter... Stuff on the guitarist John 5.... Stuff on Rob Zombie... Stuff on the tv show True Blood, or anything on any of the cast members... Cross stitch patterns that are of lizards, frogs, & dragons (& other fantasy type stuff)... Touristy postcards... Pressed/elongated/smooshed/smushed coins... I'll add to this as it pops in my head. Lol.

*My Favvit Noises...*

white & rob zombie, baby!!! i also love lordi, and the 69 eyes... marilyn manson, slipknot, slayer.. a bit of everything. i also love dusty springfield, and percy sledge. oh, & sixx am is really touching... obsessed w/motley crue also! :D I looove old rock n roll. Like from the 50s. Jerry lee Lewis is the bomb! I love Elvis too. but jerry lee is my man! He was my fantasy husband at 6 or 7 yrs old. Lol. He was the first music I ever liked. Also, I'm über in love with John 5. :)

*My Favvit Bookwork...*

CHARLAINE HARRIS'S SOOKIE STACKHOUSE NOVELS & LAURELL K. HAMILTON'S ANITA BLAKE NOVELS. INSANELY OBSESSED. also, anything by rl stine... I also loved the hunger games series. i also love books about the paranormal, supernatural, spooky stories, true ghost stories.. see a trend here? lol.

*The Movies Rock My Socks...*

texas chainsaw massacre 1 & 2, rocky horror picture show, house of 1000 corpses, devil's rejects, cabin fever, the forsaken, repo! the genetic opera, dawn of the dead, the hunger games, dead silence, house of the dead 1 & 2, dead silence, the hellraiser series, nightmare on elm street series, .. & much more horror & gore!! i also like drama movies.. requiem for a dream, trainspotting, sweet jane, gun crazy, due east, ballad of jack & rose, walk the line, great balls of fire..

*Becoming A Couch Potato For*

true blood for sure!! i also like scariest places on earth, a haunting, jackass, viva la bam, wildboyz, rad girls, ghost adventures, futurama, family guy, the simpsons, invader zim, storage wars, billy the exterminator, Amish Mafia, baggage battles, storage wars, and much more..

*My Swaps & Wishlist...*

if i'm hosting a swap, and you're jipped by a partner, (ie: never receive your item) let me know! i'll angel the swap! i don't want anyone unhappy!

some of you have asked for my wishlist!! so, here's some stuff i'd so love to get!

WISHLIST pressed/squished/elongated pennies!!! ANYTHING Tare Panda!!!! True blood stuff, other than the dvds. Charlaine Harris stuff, other than the Sookie books. Anita Blake stuff, other than the books. But I AM trying to collect hardbacks with covers of the AB series. other coins, postcards, stationary, stickers, chocolate (no dark, please), tea, coffee, stuff w/beagles, basset hounds, cats, frogs (treefrogs, esp.), lizards on it, cross-stitch or needle-point kits, yarn for crocheting, gel pens, cute socks in big sizes (i wear a 12.5 or 13. =/), treats for my dogs & kitties, handmade goodies, artwork, true blood stuff, anita blake & sookie stackhouse stuff (though i have all the books), nail polish, bright/vibrant color eyeshadows, native american things (esp. cherokee things).. computer paper!! ones w/decorations on them. :) it doesn't matter if the pages are folded. :) & if i think of anything else, i'll add it. lol.

*Random Facts About kerrimoo*

i'm 1/4 native american.

The rest is Scottish & Irish. I look like the NA side. :)

i love tattoos, and have over 40 of them, and many more planned. :D

i'm an artist. i paint & draw pet portraits, & tattoo flash.

i'm an only child, of an only child, of an only child.

i'm ambidextrous. meaning i can write with both hands.

the longest i've been awake with no sleep was 5 1/2 days. don't try it! it's evil!

i rescue turtles out of the road. i stop traffic, and all. i've been nearly hit by cars doing so.

i sleep with a million pillows crammed under by back. stupid pinched nerve.

i also sleep with my bun-bun. a 20 yr old blue bunny, i've had since i was 6.

and i sleep with a garfield pillow case i've had since i was 2.

i have a phone phobia. but love texting.

also spiders.

and heights. but yet i fly.

i have fibromyalgia, pcos, endometriosis, severe anemia, hypothyroid, tachycardia, migraines, chronic pain, endometriosis, poly-cystic ovarian syndrom, premature ovary failure/premature menopause and diabetes. =/ funnnn!!!

i'm 5'10".

i can contort, & firebreathe like nobody's business. :D


but, i'd be happier w/myself if i finished losing weight. i've lost almost 100lbs in a year. :D

laying in a bed while having a nurse pick gravel out from between the bones of your feet is horrible.

i was bed-ridden for 3 months, & then in a wheelchair for 3 1/2 more. (o_o)

some of the highlights of my childhood were practical jokes... my favourite was putting saran wrap/plastic wrap across the toilet bowl. XD

I've died before. I'm allergic to sulfa & the Dr didn't know it. Neither did i. My heart rate hit 240 & I went away from this world, on the ambulance. They got me back, & I was in cardiac icu for 2 days at age 22. I now have to take 3 heart pills a day to keep my heart rythem straight, due to the Dr screwing up. >. .O

*My Wonderful Pets*

we have 3 dogs inside, stinkapoo & ninnie-annabelle. poo is a beagle/basset hound mix, & almost 11 yrs old. got him at 5wks old, & he thinks he's king. ninnie is an older beagle. unknown age, as she was a stray, & on our back porch one day.

My personal dog - Sidney asher mcwrinkles was sold as a puggle & turned out to be a boxer/bully mix. He's fawn with blue eyes & is my baby. He's about 9wks now. I had to feed him on a bottle, as he was sold at 3 or 4 wks old as a 7 wk old puggle, & had no clue was food was. o_o

3 outside - happy (8), marilyn (almost 4) & dita (almost 4). akita/shepard mixes. they're our guard dogs, & think nothing is finer than pork. lol.

6 cats - punk-rock (6 1/2, orange/white), pokie (6 1/2, white/tabby spots), puff (6 1/2, creamy pinkish-orange/cream-white), neeko (6 or so. tuxedo shelter cat, he was full-grown when i found him.), bootsie-bear (4yr & a half, norwegian forest cat.. tabby/white) & bean (2 yr & a half, russian blue or korat/manx mix.. little nubby 2in tail. :D). all my cats were rescues. bean was 2wks old when i met him & i had to bottle feed him, as he was one of 7 & the runt, & everyone else got the milk. :( he runs the show, now. :)

lochlan ness prickles - bearded dragon.. almost 3 yrs old. he's spoiled & thinks riding my shoulder & then curling around my neck for a nap is the greatest thing.. :) next to his crickets & swimming in the bathtub. :D he also loves to sit on the back of the couch, & watch out the window for hours. :D

Zane wiggles prickles - a 4 yr old bearded dragon who is crippled. He was a rescue from an abusive home. He's a Happy beloved lizzie, now. :) that's him in my profile picture. :)

Pipsqueak lolly prickles - a female beardie I have raised since she was hatched. :) she's still too hyper to do too much with though. She's about 7mos old now.

Splash jumpsy skitterbaum - a sweet water dragon a little over a year old... Loves swimming, climbing, meal worms & jumping on top of doors. :) also loves to poop on my shoulder. Lol.

Spanky-butt geckie - an albino leopard gecko that I saved from being killed in a tank full of big geckos. He was missing his tail & was being attacked. He's almost a yr old now. He's also missing his back feet. :(

Rumi & hopper geckie - my married leopard geckos! They're an old breeder pair who have been together for a long time. Rumi, the wife, is definitely the boss, & only eats crickets. Lol. Hopper is laidback & only eats mealworms.

Mr. Pickles - the emperor scorpion. He's so funny! He loves to tunnel under the dirt & loves his crickets. He's really calm & is nocturnal (comes out at night time, if you don't know the word).

*A Word About Stray Animals...

i love animals, people! i always keep food in the car for hungry strays. think about it, if you love animals, too. :) some animals are so mistreated, and ran off just for being hungry. if you can, take one home. or go to a shelter, and adopt one. they'll be your bestestestest friend in the world!

*In Search Of...*

i'm always looking for new snail mail penpals that write long, chatty letters, and want long term friendship. it's upsetting to connect with someone, and then they disappear on you. so, if you'd like a forever friend, send me a message!

Also, I've gotten back into trading ATCS & welcome private trades!

if you'd like to trade w/me, let me know. i'm also looking for pressed/elongated/smooshed/smushed pennies. :D


savhilt rated for U.S. Only Postcard Swap on Nov 11, 2013
Comment: It's a nice 79 here this morning.....would like it to be 56 though...thanks!
Comment: Thank you for the postcard!
Comment: Thank you for your nice card :)
Comment: I suppose the postcard I received some days ago is yours, I cannot read who wrote it. You sent much too late, you do not answer my messages. Sorry, no choice for me.
hull33 rated for USED touristy postcards swap #7 on Nov 3, 2013
Comment: Thanks for all the great used PC's:) they were all wonderful.
Comment: Thanks for the postcard
Luvslife3 rated for One Swapper Per State - Postcards! on Oct 22, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the great pc Kerri!
mamajoy rated for One Swapper Per State - Postcards! on Oct 22, 2013
Comment: NC is a happy card for me. I love the Carolina's. Thank you.
Comment: Thank you so so much for the beautiful postcard! I really wish I could be there right now on the beach even though it's Autumn here in Michigan. I'd still take a warm beach any day of the week! <3 :D
Comment: Thank you for the North Carolina postcard!
VetTechMommy rated for U.S. Only Postcard Swap on Oct 19, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the postcard!
LoveToCraftInAZ rated for U.S. Only Postcard Swap on Oct 18, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful PC! Love the sunset and the sparkles. Have a great evening! :)
Mamamoose rated for Elongated Coin Swap #17 on Oct 15, 2013
Comment: Thank you very much for sending two great coins! I didn't have both yet :)
Comment: thank you for the lovely postcard and stamps :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the nice ATC and extras! Very sorry for delay rating!
yolomba rated for Just Another PC Swap - Week 12 on Oct 9, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcard!
Soph rated for Postcard Pals! #2 on Oct 8, 2013
Comment: Many thanks for your lovely postcard with the matching stamp and your kind words. It was a great pleasure to hear from you.
tiggerski rated for I love my state postcard swap #2 on Oct 5, 2013
Comment: Thank you Kerri. This card is wonderful tho very late. Have a great day, Karyn
Sulieen rated for Simple Postcard Swap on Sep 28, 2013
Comment: Hey Kerri! Thank you so much for the pc...how did you know that you'd get a heart by thinking about my kiddies? Awesome pc! ;-) I also do the turtle in the middle of the street thing...my Kids cry if I don't! O:-)
RachelB rated for Steampunk Pets on Sep 15, 2013
Comment: I did get some ATCs today and she forwarded one sent to her for this swap. I can't rate a five as it was so late, posting date was May and i received it over three months late and it wasn't her ATC but thank you for not flaking

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EmilyT on Jan 15, 2014:

I have to drop you from Beginner's Cross Stitch at this time. You have a very old unsent swap on your dashboard.

nsgrammy2012 on May 17, 2013:

Hello! Welcome to All Things Halloween!

EvetteOgden on Apr 24, 2013:

I just want to go on record to say that I love swapping with Kerrimoo. She is a reliable swapper so give her a chance. We all have lives and some people on swap-bot get their panties in a bunch over nothing. Some just are mean and won't re-rate. If a swap doesn't show up, then COMMUNICATE and give a chance to make it right. Afterall, these are GIFTS, really! C'mon! Oh, and I am fully convinced the post office sometimes eats swaps!
'nuff said! -=EO=-

daichki on Mar 2, 2013:

Thank you for joining my first swap!

VivaLaDiane on Nov 7, 2011:

Don't fret. I'm about to do a Devils Rejects swap in bLackListed. :) Plus I'll be repeating some of the other swaps too. :D

VivaLaDiane on Nov 7, 2011:

You are AMAZING. We should be best friends. I'm at work now but expect a lengthy PM when I'm off :D xoxo

thepirateninja on Oct 31, 2011:

Happy Halloween!!!

kerrimoo on Oct 12, 2011:

has anyone else on here had problems w/really rude & mean spirited swappers on here? :( it's discouraging, to be honest. but i love atc's too much to leave. :P shakes fist at the meanies you won't chase me off THAT easily...

zombiekittie on Apr 26, 2011:

I'm hosting a celebrity zombie ATC swap right now...you know you want to join. Don't lie girl, I know you do! zombiekittie xXx

Barbara on Apr 12, 2011:

Will you be continuing the Around the World ATC series? I hope so. Thanks!

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