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MEGA Christmas 2009 Ornament Swap!

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MEGA Christmas 2009 Ornament Swap!
Swap Homepage:http://www.flickr.com/groups/mega_ornaments/
Swap Coordinator:TerryF (contact)
Swap categories: Seasonal  Handmade 
Number of people in swap:99
Last day to signup/drop:April 3, 2009
Date items must be sent by:November 2, 2009
Number of swap partners:10

Ok, let's do a Swap-bot swap for 10 handmade Christmas tree ornaments - one to each of 10 partners - for Christmas 2009!

Any material/technique/style is acceptable as long as they are handmade by you. They can be all the same or all different.

You will have plenty of time to get them done since it will be sender's choice.

You must be a SB member in good standing, not a problem child, and have been satisfactorily rated for at least 10 substantial swaps (e.g., swaps such as purchased postcards, emails, etc do not count).

I reserve the right to ban as I see fit. I will also ban anyone who, while they may meet all of the above criteria, have not logged on within 3 weeks prior to the sign up deadline unless they have left a good, dated explanation on their profile (such as, "Mar.1 - Will be on holidays until Apr. 5").

I will screen everyone who has joined after the sign-up deadline, but if you have any concerns with anyone, please let me know.

If you do not meet the requirements of this swap, please see a similar swap I have set up for newbies (http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/30351).

Any questions, please pm me.

Merry Christmas! lol

PLEASE NOTE: All confirmed swap participants will automatically have their names entered in a draw for a Chirstmas related surprise. The draw will take place after partners are assigned and I will post the winner's name here as well as pm them. Good Luck!


niecedenise 12/30/2008 #

I cant wait- I have so many ideas floating around. Thanks Terry for going ahead with the idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

clkea 12/30/2008 #

This sounds like great fun! I'll put it on my watch list.

lilacamy931 01/ 3/2009 #

This does sound great - it is also on my watchlist!

AuntPittyPat 01/17/2009 #

I have you on my watch list. I have lots of ideas forming in my juju-be brain right now ;) Thanks for hosting this swap :)

violin21 02/ 2/2009 #

I have made all my christmas decorations in the last couple of years and brought a book last year including all the materials, would love to join, but will put it into my watch list at the moment :)

AwtemNymf 02/ 4/2009 #

I have you on my watch list also! Lots of time for this and I'm just now getting ready for Spring. Wouldn't hurt to get ready for Christmas either! So it wouldn't be a problem if I sent my ornaments in July "Christmas in July" right??

TerryF 02/ 5/2009 #

Absoluutely - if you have your ornaments done early, then go ahead and send them early - as far as I am concerned, it shouild be Christmas all year anyway!

hoppyloo 02/ 5/2009 #

By Christmas ornament do you mean something to hang on the tree? I can do that, but not sure about something bigger!

grannylove60 02/ 5/2009 #

I'm still a newbie here, but got this one in my watch. I have never made ornaments before, so gotta practice first and see if I can get it down pat. It would be really cool to have the tree full of handmade ornaments!! Is crocheted ok?

TerryF 02/ 5/2009 #

hoppyloo, yes, something small to hang on the tree. I have edited the description to reflect this.

critterlove57, crocheted is just fine.

hoppyloo 02/ 5/2009 #

Thanks Terry - Im all signed up now!

redwing480 02/ 5/2009 #

This is a great swap Terry! I have it on my watchlist

alicia7375 02/26/2009 #

Hello everyone, this is going to be so much fun! My tree is very primitive and country/antiqued. It stays up all year, so please don't feel the need to hold off sending till the holidays! I also LOVE Santas. Not the bright RED silly ones, but the St. Nick types. PM me if you would like.....Alicia

TerryF 03/ 1/2009 #

That's right, people - you don't have to wait until November to send your ornaments!

Chanel 03/ 1/2009 #

Definately going on my watchlist

WarLordsWife 03/ 1/2009 #

Would you please do one a little closer to the send by date? This is way too far out for me. I know I can't be the only one who feels this way. Mary

blackeyedsusan 03/ 8/2009 #

On my watch list!

CarlyJo 03/10/2009 #

this is great i am signing up! i am moving out quite soon, and i KNOW my christmas tree would be bare. I dont mind ANYTHING Although it has always been that my family sticks to traditional decor. if you want ideas on what to make please pm me, but i know i will be thrilled with anything!

And i agree with terryf no need to wait untill last minute if you have them done lol, i love to get seasonal items all year round!


solarts 03/11/2009 #

Sounds like fun. Right now I can't even think about Christmas. I will put it on my watch list.

BadKitty 03/11/2009 #

Oh my gosh, I already have some made for the swap to send. Ahhhh, I have to wait til November to send them, I am so anxious!!!! They are all special! Yeah!

TerryF 03/12/2009 #

You do NOT have to wait until November to send your ornamens - they can be sent anytime after partners are assigned (which I will do by April 10 latest) as long as it is NO LATER THAN November 2.

auntjudy 03/14/2009 #

On my watch list, never too early to think Christmas.

CandyGirl 03/22/2009 #

On my watchlist, starting my ornaments now so I'll be ready.

yarnigras 03/23/2009 #

you are mighty brave....gotcha on my watch list.......I have lots of ideas....myself, I love TOADSTOOLS so if I join...thats what I'll be creating.....:-)

Morte 03/23/2009 #

I will definitely have the 10 substantial swaps done by the end of April, if that's ok. If not I understand. I actually decorate my Christmas tree with Halloween ornaments, so think Nightmare Before Christmas type. But I love Christmas, so any type of ornaments are lovely, especially antique-y looking ones.

violin21 03/24/2009 #

I am starting my ornaments now, have finished the newbie version ones and now I have more than ten swaps I shall be making ten different ornaments for the Christmas tree, :)

Peacewytch 03/24/2009 #

I am so looking forward to this! I love me some Xmas!! The handmad-er the better! :OD

cllfdl 03/24/2009 #

I would love to join this one but i am a newbie :o( i have joined the other one and have already made 3 of the 5, I just found swap-bot today, looking for directions to start my Christmas Ornaments

SkippyMom 03/25/2009 #

It is sender's choice - correct? I don't want to disappoint anyone who has a specific request on here or in their profile, but I just want to make sure.


TerryF 03/28/2009 #

Yes, I made this swap sender's choice because I think it is a bit too much to expect people to make 10 different ornaments suited to 10 different people's tastes. (But if you want to anyway, please feel free - it is just not a requirement here.)

In the "other" big ornament swap that was run via SB last year, most of the people made 10 of the same ornament (you can check their blogs and Flickr accounts - many of them posted pics and comments). That is what I plan to do.

I debated removing comments above where people specified what they liked/wanted, but I think that is a bit draconian, and besides, it makes for interesting reading. And if you really want to make 10 different ornaments, it might help you.

However, the bottom line is that this is sender's choice.

astarael 03/29/2009 #

this swap sounds like fun but 7 months between sign up and send out is an awfully long time for people to drop out of swapping and leave swap-bot.

if you hosted something similar but closer to the christmas period i would definitely join

Grandma15 03/30/2009 #

Would love to join but I have only done 7 swaps since I joined this month:(

ThePinkPosy 03/30/2009 #

Im excited about this.................thanks for hosting it.

niecedenise 04/ 1/2009 #

I just cant wait-I am putting up my Christmas decorations in June. Empty nest! I can do what I want now. One of my trees(4) is all angels, mostly white, pale pink and gold. One is for the kids and one is country and the last for miniature ornaments. Oops, theres also one for my grands who are biracial, so any types of ornaments for me. I love em all!!!!!!!!!!!

WarLordsWife 04/ 2/2009 #

I joined even though it is so far out. I just couldn't resist and this is a great group of swappers!! Mary

NekeaVordai 04/ 2/2009 #

This sounds like so much fun. I went to the bargain bookstore looking for kids books for my grandson and came across 2 Chrismas ornament craft books that were less than $3.00!

Moineau 04/ 2/2009 #

This is so mych fun! Our tree is simple, scandinavian-tradition style with red and silver and straw ornaments. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

niecedenise 04/ 2/2009 #

Mine are all made and hanging up to admire. They are all alike and I hope everyone likes them.

violin21 04/ 4/2009 #

I hope that everyone likes mine just need my partners now, :)

TerryF 04/ 4/2009 #

I know some of you may be concerned about the long time between sign up and send by dates. I did it this way to give us lots of time to make really nice ornaments and not be pressured by the usual holiday stresses.

I will be checking everyone's profiles periodically between now and November to make sure there are no emerging problems, so please expect the occasional pm or email if you have not been active for a while.

I also made November 2 the send by date so that there will be plenty of time to resolve any problems and make sure everyone receives their 10 ornaments by Christmas.

If you are going to be mailing out your ornaments as you get them made (as opposed to all at once, like some of you super orgnaized people!), I would appreciate if you would post here as you send them. I think this will reassure people.

And lastly, have fun with this!

I am now off to screen participants...

YooperHill 04/ 4/2009 #

Terry I am so excited about this swap! With 107 players I wonder why it is not showing up on the top 10 list?

Anyway, it is well organized and should be a blast!

TerryF 04/ 4/2009 #

Yooper, I think it has dropped off the list because yesterday was the last day to sign up.

Partners will be coming in a few minutes!

TerryF 04/ 4/2009 #

I have made some what I think might be considered "controversial" decisions in keeping and dropping some people.

I really feel it is unfair to our partners not to have a fully completed profile (even in a sender's choice swap), so at least one really good swapper here has been dropped for that reason. I am making this a policy of mine from now on: lousy profile, no swapping. Doesn't matter how good your record is.

I have also dropped someone who states that they will automatically give a 3 rating if they receive anything smelling of cigarette smoke. While this person is highly allergic to smoke and I understand they need to protect themselves, I feel it is against the spirit as well as the rules of SB to rate a 3 under these circumstances. This is not a pro- or anti- smoke issue for me (I personally detest cigarette smoke too), but a matter of following the SB rules. Smelling of cigarette smoke does not deserve a 3 rating. Having said that, I would appreciate if any smokers here would do their best to send a smoke-free swap.

I have also kept some people in who have very recently had 1 ratings dropped on them. Since they have had good records until now, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt (we all know that not all 1 ratings are necessarily fair.) and hoping they can get those ratings resolved quickly.

Finally, a number of people here just did not have the minimum 10 substantial rated swaps. I hate that they have to be "banned" because they have done nothing wrong. I really wish that term could be changed to something like "dropped" or "does not meet swap entry requirements" instead.

Bottom line is I am resolved to ensuring we all have a great swapping experience here. If I have made any bad decisions today re any of the participants, I will take full responsibility.

Let's get crafting!


whiteway 04/ 4/2009 #

Thanks @TerryF I think the decisions that you had to made are completely fair! Thanks for organizing this and for keeping it as safe and drama free as possible! :)

Bananajana 04/ 4/2009 #

I agree with @whiteway You have done a thorough job and I look forward to this swap. I have painted ready-made ornaments but have not made any in years so I'm looking forward to it. And besides, I married Santa Claus and live in Happyland. We put up over 90,000 Xmas lights on our home and in our yard. I couldn't pass this by.

TerryF 04/ 4/2009 #

I decided to put all of the USA people in one draw and all of the others in another draw for 2 Christmas related surprises (instead of just one).

DH just drew the following names:

Rayne and Basilika - Congrats Ladies!

TerryF 04/ 4/2009 #


Everyone here who has been satisfactorily rated for this swap by all 10 of their partners by August 31, 2009 will have their names entered in a draw for $25US (or equivalent). The draw will take place the first week of September. Good luck!

TerryF 04/ 4/2009 #

I have received a few questions about materials and techniques that are acceptable for this swap. Any material, any technique, any style is acceptable as long as they are Christmas tree ornaments handmade by you.

This includes but is not limited to ornaments made from: paper, clay, wire, beads, fabric, yarn, fibre, felt, paint, wood, metal, found objects, buttons, platic canvas, feathers, glass, floss, chipboard, acrylic, dough, dried flowers, shrinkydink, etc.

Just do what you do best!

TerryF 04/ 4/2009 #


I have set up a flickr group (see swap homepage url at the top of the swap description) so we can post photos of our ornaments because I would really love to see everyone's work!

Everyone who posts by November 2, 2009 at least one photo of the ornaments they have made, will have their name entered in a draw for a Christmas present based on their profile. The draw will take place the first week of November.

So get snapping!

TerryF 04/ 6/2009 #

The Christmas surprises were mailed today to Rayne and Basilika.

(I had to send them the low-cost way, so please give them 4-6 weeks to arrive.)

YooperHill 04/ 9/2009 #

I mailed one ornament and ASMOM received it!

TerryF 04/ 9/2009 #


asmom 04/10/2009 #

yes, I'm going to say I actually still have my Christmas tree and decorations up. Probably shouldn't admit that tho. :) My ornament from YooperHill is very pretty.

TerryF 04/11/2009 #

LOL asmom!

TerryF 04/21/2009 #

Mailed ornaments to Miles and Miranda today!

I have 7 more ornaments made and will be packaging them up tomorrow. That leaves 1 more to make.

How is everyone else doing?

TerryF 04/22/2009 #

Congrats to bleh, Miles, violin21 and dreammer, who have all marked "sent" so they are definitely in the running for the September draw!

TerryF 04/23/2009 #

Mailed today to:

  • lob
  • sleepingrover2010
  • LydiaAbigail
  • bmayc
  • procknows
  • fevervignettes
  • Claudia

One more to go!

TerryF 04/23/2009 #


I thought I would summarize the 2 contests here again:


Everyone here who has been satisfactorily rated for this swap by all 10 of their partners by August 31, 2009 will have their names entered in a draw for $25US (or equivalent). The draw will take place the first week of September. Good luck!


I have set up a flickr group (see swap homepage url at the top of the swap description) so we can post photos of our ornaments because I would really love to see everyone's work! Everyone who posts by November 2, 2009 at least one photo of the ornaments they have made, will have their name entered in a draw for a Christmas present based on their profile. The draw will take place the first week of November. So get snapping!

TerryF 04/24/2009 #

Profiles Checked April 24:


alicia7375‎ ‎


Please Note:

Due to the numbers involved in this swap, I will be keeping track of my profile checks here, so eventually all of your names will show up at least a couple of times (unless you have already sent your swaps). So please do not read anything into these lists of names - just because someone's name is here does not automatically mean that there is a problem.

I will be dealing with potential problems behind the scenes as I like to give people a chance to explain their sides of the story and rectify situations that may not be what they appear.

If I do believe that someone has definitely become a problem, I will let their partners know as soon as I can.

I also have a network of wonderful, generous and very reliable swappers (who are all in this swap, too, by the way) who have kindly agreed to angel with me as needed...so please don't worry! Terry

YarnTails 05/ 1/2009 #

Happy May Day and Merry Christmas! All of my ornaments are winging their way around the world today!

Crazipurplelady 05/ 2/2009 #

Mine are done, the envies labeled, I just need postage & to write a little note to everyone & they're off. Tomorrow, Saturday 5/2 most likely!

TerryF 05/ 2/2009 #

Great work YarnTails and crazypurplelady!

niecedenise 05/ 7/2009 #

Got my first one today! Thanks crazypurplelady!

Sandykins 05/25/2009 #

Mine are almost ready to go, just need to make one or two more. Hope to have them mailed by the end of the week. Yay!

TerryF 06/ 8/2009 #

Sent my last ornament today - yay!

YarnTails 06/ 9/2009 #

WOOHOO - I just got the last of my ratings for all 10 ornaments! They all made it to their destinations!

TerryF 06/13/2009 #

Excellent YarnTails!

Homerof2 06/14/2009 #

Mine are finished and just need to be packaged and mailed, which I hope to do this week.

TerryF 06/15/2009 #

Thanks for letting us know Homerof2!

TerryF 06/19/2009 #

June 19: Pmd lob, LydiaAbigail and fevervignettes as they have not rated me yet.

asmom 06/22/2009 #

I received my second ornament from Sewingbea last week. Very cute!!

Homerof2 06/23/2009 #

I know now mailed all my ornaments - 9 to the US and one to Australia - wonder which will arrive first.

ozrob 06/29/2009 #

i got mine!! thanks Homerof2 :o)

royalblend 07/ 8/2009 #

I have received from 3 of my partners so far. Everyone in different and unique. Can't wait to see them all hanging on my tree.

I mailed mine off to-day, 1 to Canada, 1 to Australia and 8 to the U.S.

SkippyMom 07/10/2009 #

Mine are going out tomorrow! I am so excited !!! It has been so much fun doing Christmas in July :D

Thanks Terry

SkippyMom 07/10/2009 #

Hi! I thought I should list who mine are going out to - I hope you all like them. :D


Yarn Tails









Everyone have a great weekend!

TerryF 07/13/2009 #

Way to go, SkippyMom!

TerryF 07/13/2009 #

I just marked this swap as unsent by mistake today - arrgh!

I actually mailed all of my ornaments a couple of months ago and have been rated by: lob, sleepingrover2010, procknows, bmayc, Claudia, marinda and Miles.

I have pmd and/or emailed the following who have not yet rated me: fevervignettes (partiallty suspended), LydiaAbigail (partially suspended) and KrisWW.

asmom 07/14/2009 #

I received my 3rd ornament from Mary!!

YooperHill 07/19/2009 #

6 mailed, 4 to go! I have to wait until the right size box crosses paths with me to mail mine!

atlantian 07/21/2009 #

just an FYI- you may want to drop -- alicia7375--- from your swap. She has flaked on many people & is on partial suspension. I would hate for someone else to get flaked on.

niecedenise 07/25/2009 #

cant drop anyone-partners were assigned ages ago-

TerryF 07/30/2009 #

Denise is correct.

I expected some of these situations to come up over time because of the long period between sign up and send out dates. I will explain my personal position on this (recognizing it is not every swap host's) but it is really up to you to make the final decision on how you want to handle it.

IMHO: Whenever I sign up for a swap, I am making a promise to send that swap to my assigned partner, regardless of their situation by the time I am ready to send. I have made a committment and I honour it. If my partners don't, then that is on them, not me. My conscience is clear.

I also don't believe in re-assigning partners in swaps. Apart from it getting messy from an admin perspective (and REALLY messy with 99 participants! lol), your SB-assigned partner can always come back and rate you a 1. I think sending a swap to a "flaker" is a small price to pay to keep my good rating and reputation (plus it makes me feel righteous! lol). So I would never recommend that another swapper not send either.

BUT the bottom line is that it is really up to you which way you wish to go if you have a partner who has now disappeared or been suspended. It is your decision whether or not to send.

YooperHill 08/19/2009 #

All my ornaments have been mailed. I PM'd 3 partners today to see if they had received as they have not rated me.....:(

SkippyMom 08/20/2009 #

I want to thank the 8 swappers who rated me already Thanks so, so much! I am still waiting on ratings from @mmilesesq [who has been on vacation] and @Christie

Thanks TerryF for a really fun swap! [And for the lovely ornament :D]

SkippyMom 08/20/2009 #

PS - @Christie has been partially suspended so I don't think I will be receiving a rating from her [she hasn't been on since June] but on a much happier note:

I post my pic' of one of my ornaments on the flickr group! YAY! I wanted to wait until I was sure everyone had received them so as to not ruin any surprises.

All the ornaments are lovely - you are a talented bunch! :D

SkippyMom 08/31/2009 #

I got my ninth rating today - YAY! I won't be getting the tenth because of @Christie seems to have quit swap bot - so, oh well....it was nice to ALMOST make it a total 10. :)

Hope you all have a nice Christmas and enjoy your ornament making. Take care.

TerryF 09/ 1/2009 #

Thanks vey much, dear, for participating in this swap. You will be included in the draw.

TerryF 09/ 1/2009 #


I have checked the ratings of everyone who has marked their swaps "sent" as of August 31. I have tried to be fair and give the benefit of the doubt in situations where partners have been suspended or have not logged on for some time. I do not want to penalize anyone who has not received all 10 ratings through no fault of their own.

Please note that my decision is final and I would appreciate not receiving any "appeals". Thx!

The following wonderful people mailed their 10 ornaments early, have been rated for the majority of them, and are eligible for the draw for $25US:

bleh SkippyMom
royalblend (yes, I know she is gone - if she wins I will donate the money)

Many thanks to all of you for getting this done!

I will draw the winner's name using the random generator and be back shortly..

TerryF 09/ 1/2009 #

The winner is @Miles - congratulations Miles! I will be mailing your prize this week.

SkippyMom 09/ 2/2009 #

I received my first swap ornament today and I AM BLOWN AWAY! Thank you Honeybee! So awesome. I am off to your profile to rate and leave a message. You ROCK!

Crazipurplelady 09/ 6/2009 #

I have only been rated by 5 people for this swap. I'm going to email them to see if they got it! I hope so.....

niecedenise 10/ 6/2009 #

From what I see - 4 of my send to me partners are no longer particiapating, and 2 I am to send to are suspended also. Bummer.

niecedenise 10/ 7/2009 #

Mine are ready for the postoffice.Going out Friday!

TerryF 10/ 9/2009 #

Sent reminder email to everyone today.

theersatzrabbit 10/15/2009 #

I'm just wondering on what people are doing in regard to sending to swapper who haven't been online in forever... for example I'm supposed to send to BLee, however, she's been partially suspended... and was last online in July!

Should I still send or her or angel for someone else?

niecedenise 10/16/2009 #

I am not sending to those who've been gone a long time and partially suspended. bu i do have them ready if they do come back and send theirs.

theersatzrabbit 10/16/2009 #

Thanks Denise, I think that's what I'll do too then!

Sunshine9905 10/17/2009 #

6 down, 4 to go. If the baby would sleep at night, I'd be done tonight!!! AGH!!!!

Sunshine9905 10/17/2009 #

6 down, 4 to go. If the baby would sleep at night, I'd be done tonight!!! AGH!!!!

Sunshine9905 10/17/2009 #

Yikes, so many people are missing from this swap.

niecedenise 10/18/2009 #

I'm getting worried-I mailed mine the 9th and so far not a single rating to say any are there.

Sunshine9905 10/18/2009 #

nieces-I'll try to get to my PO box today. We only go a couple times a week.

Sunshine9905 10/19/2009 #

I sent five out today. Both of my International ones went out.

ButtonAnnie 10/21/2009 #

My ornaments are finished and hope to get them posted by Oct 25th at the latest.

Sunshine9905 10/21/2009 #

Five fronts completed, now to assemble and mail tomorrow or Friday! Yippeeee!!!

Sunshine9905 10/23/2009 #

All gone!

niecedenise 10/27/2009 #

Mine are all mailed too, but so far only 1 rating. i sent them the 10th and this is the 26th-hmm where ae they?

Sunshine9905 10/27/2009 #

niecedenise~as soon as I get it, I will let you know! But, I think we may realize fewer ratings because so many are suspended/MIA/etc... who joined this swap.

siayla 10/27/2009 #

Mine will hopefully be mailed out by Saturday. Sorry to keep some of you waiting till the end, but your ornaments from me are on the way shortly. I haven't received any yet but will rate as soon as I do. Christmas is the best!!! From reading through all these comments you've been busy Terry. Great job! I'm off to have a quick view at the pics :) and then get a bit more done.

ButtonAnnie 10/28/2009 #

My ornaments went to the Post Office today. Hope everyone has a safe and blessed Holiday Season!

ozrob 10/31/2009 #

lucky I re-checked my partners address'......2 were different from when I wrote them down when partners were assigned!
mine will be in the mail on Monday :o)

Turtle17 11/ 1/2009 #

Can someone tell me who sent the gorgeous stocking with the handmade hanger. I have been off swap-bot for so long (sorry) anyways I need to rate that person.

Ps. My ornaments will be going out soon.


niecedenise 11/ 1/2009 #

I believe it was @LindaRuthie

siayla 11/ 2/2009 #

Mine are done and out this am. Hope they arrive quickly :) Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks Terri for all your work.

TerryF 11/ 2/2009 #

You are very welcome siayla! Thank you for participating!

Turtle17 11/ 2/2009 #
camelsamba 11/ 2/2009 #

Mine went out today, too! The final step (addressing all the envelopes) is what I kept procrastinating over...

niecedenise 11/ 3/2009 #

32 people havent sent yet-

SkippyMom 11/ 3/2009 #

I saw that too @neicedenise I guess it is the problem with an April sign up / Nov. send date - so much can happen. That is 320 ornaments - wow. Oh well. Lesson learned.

Turtle17 11/ 4/2009 #

Sorry guys mine are going out this morning. I will be PM'ing each of my partners shortly.

Turtle17 11/ 4/2009 #

Ok just got back from the post office :) I know how lame this excuse sounds but: I had been gone from Swap-bot for the summer, but knew this exchange was here. I had even aswered Terry's email about the swap. However I had it in my head that they were due Nov 10th. When I did come back this week. I never rechecked the actual send by date. But anywho they are sent. Sorry for the delay.

camelsamba 11/ 5/2009 #

But 71 have sent (as of this morning), and that's 710 ornaments. Even more of a wow!

TerryF 11/ 6/2009 #

Check out the Flickr group ("Swap Homepage" link above) for the winner of the photo posting profile surprise.

TerryF 11/ 6/2009 #

72 have marked sent as of today.

That leaves 27 not yet sent. One of them, WarLordsWife, has been in touch with me and advises she is contacting her partners to arrange to send a little late (she is not a flaker but has had a number of serious health problems lately). If she finds she cannot get this swap completed, she will let me know and I will angel her partners in time for Christmas.

Over the next few days (I have a wedding to deal with this weekend) I will identify everyone who has not marked sent and post their names publicly as flakers. I feel this is fair because I have sent a number of emails to all of the participants so they have had plenty of time to let me know if they were going to having problems sending.

I will also start compiling a list of people who need to be angeled and matching them with the wonderful angels who have kindly offered to help me with this. Once these have all been confirmed, I will post a list here of who is angeling whom so you can contact each other directly as needed.

Thanks again to all of you who are angeling, as well as to everyone else here who sent their swaps on time.

Mom2blu 11/ 6/2009 #

I just wanted to tell everyone, instead of contacting all 10 people seperately: I mailed all the USA ornaments on the 2nd, you should have received them by now. I just took the foreign ones to the post office today, sorry it was delayed but my son and I have been sick. If anyone in the USA receives one with postage due I apologize, I discovered at the post office that some, but not all, of the ones I sent were considered bulky, and should have had extra postage. Since the foreign ones were taken to the post there should be no postage due for that.

And to people who have sent to me, I'm trying to catch up on ratings. Thanks for all the ornaments I've gotten so far!

rebowyer2000 11/ 6/2009 #

I am currently working on ornament #8, hope to have #9 finished by the end of the weekend, and out by Monday. I am short of money, but I think I can get my mother to send for me. At the very latest, I will have them out Friday (payday).

I have an ornament that I received a few months ago, a cute little ceramic circle, with flowers painted in outline on it. If you made these, or know who made, let me know. I forgot to rate when received, and now I don't know who sent it.

Terry, royalblend is one of my send to partners. Would you like me to send the ornament for her to you, to be used as an angel? It might be an extra day to finish that one, but I can easily get it down and out shortly.

RuthieKay 11/ 8/2009 #

I mailed out all of my ornaments. All 10! WHEW! Hope everyone enjoys them. I think 5 or 6 are a brand new craft, my hubby & I did. It was very hard. Alot of the ones we did got trashed until we got them right. Don't think I will do those again. Grapevine is hard to work with. Merry Christmas.

TerryF 11/ 8/2009 #

rebowyer2000, thanks very much for the offer, I have pmd you.

TerryF 11/ 8/2009 #

I know that some people are upset that they have only received a few of the ornaments owed to them. I have been planning for flakage all along and everyone who sent will receive all of their ornaments, just a little bit later than expected. So please try and not get too down about it. (";) Hug, Terry

TerryF 11/ 8/2009 #

As of today, 24 have not sent (but @rebowyer2000 and @WarLordsWife still plan to), so we are down to 22 flakers now.

TerryF 11/ 8/2009 #

I have sent a follow-up pm to the following non-senders as they have logged on recently:


LAST CALL: Tomorrow I name the non-senders publicly.

TerryF 11/ 9/2009 #

@KrisWW has replied that she will be sending and has contacted her partners, so we now have 21 flakers. I will post their names later today.

Ethaina 11/ 9/2009 #

Just a note to my partners, I'm working on my ornaments and will be getting them out shortly! Bear with me, I'm expecting to have them all done and received before Thanksgiving. I have not marked sent yet due to the fact that not all 10 have been mailed yet.

TerryF 11/ 9/2009 #

Thanks Ethaina.

TerryF 11/ 9/2009 #

The following 21 people are being publicly named as flakers in this swap. I have attempted to contact them several times in the last few months (via email) and have received no replies from any of them. Please note that some of them had perfect 5 ratings until they flaked on this swap.


Everyone in this swap who sent their ornaments but did not receive all 10 in return --- and who are willing to give the flakers 1 ratings --- will be angeled in time to receive their ornament(s) before Christmas.

I have several wonderful angels who have already offered to make 107 ornaments, plus I have made 40 extra, for a total so far of 147 ornaments, but I need 63 more. While i will continue to make extra ornaments, if anyone else out there could help out, even by making one ornament, it would be very greatly appreciated.

If you can help, please pm me and let me know how many you would like to make.

Many thanks! Hugs, Terry

P.S. I am also going to post this message on the Public Forums as well as in the SB Flakers and SB Angels Groups.

TerryF 11/ 9/2009 #

I have received an overwhelming response to my plea for angels for this swap. In fact, there are only 13 more ornaments left for me to make now. What a great place this is! Thank you angels!

As soon as I have received confirmations from the angels, I will post a complete list of who is angeling whom here.

I would appreciate if everyone whose partners have not marked sent (and who have not been contacted by their partners re late sending arrangements) to give them 1 ratings as soon as this function is available (2 weeks after Nov. 2). Thx!

Sandykins 11/ 9/2009 #


The ceramic ornament might be from Gayle Erwin (honnoria). I got one from her.

Sunshine9905 11/ 9/2009 #

Morte sent a PM to me on the 3rd saying she would be late sending, but hasn't signed in since the 5th. Said she had moved.

Sunshine9905 11/10/2009 #

How is @alicia7375 not suspended?

TerryF 11/10/2009 #

If a swapper receives four, or more, "1" ratings within the past six months, their account is automatically partially suspended by the Swap-bot computer. I think she is just under the wire with 3 "1" ratings in the last 6 months. As soon as someone gives her another "1" rating, she should be suspended. We will probably have to wait until Nov. 16 when her partners here can rate her a pile of "1"s.

TerryF 11/10/2009 #

@Morte was contacted by me via email several times and never replied, so I am pretty sure she is a flaker. I have angels working on the ornaments for her partners.

Sunshine9905 11/10/2009 #

@TerryF I thought it was three "1's," but, as you know, I was not palying SB over the summer, so I'm out-to-lunch on that one! :) Kinda like she spaced her flakage out. I was just passing the info about what Morte said. I'm trying to be positive!!!! :) Ok, back to work for me. I need to make teh puppy a toy before he eats all the power cords today!

TerryF 11/10/2009 #

@Sunshine9905 I wasn't sure either so I copied the info above directly from the SB FAQ page to be sure I got it right.

And if @Morte does comes through, all the better!

TerryF 11/10/2009 #

The following angels have confirmed that they will send:

@violin21 TO @Moineau @KrisWW

@Moineau TO @violin21

@niecedenise TO @Turtle17 @joinokc @kgeslab @Sunshine9905 @RuthieKay @lob @JustDucky @marinda @Miles @cshor @luckycharms @tammyr

@whiteway TO @KrisWW @Homerof2 @cshor @Zanara @siayla @theersatzrabbit

@Bananajana TO @joinokc @sleepingrover2010 @violin21

@Homerof2 TO @katgal40 @KrisWW @Lynnie @honnoria @Claudia

@Sunshine9905 TO @starryca @Sewingbea @bmayc @Manjigirl @ladyfeathers

@YooperHill TO @RuthieKay @LindaRuthie @Lynnie @Mrsfabicons

@MARY TO @JeniBean @Turtle17

@Camelsamba TO @YooperHill @Mom2blu @redwing480 @Flufftail

@Ozrob TO @magicjessnrach @mag @Manjigirl @Miles @KrisWW @lhchua @honeybee @wendas @lob @jeanbean

@Turtle17 TO @YooperHill @crazypurplelady @lob @sleepingrover2010 @Charrley

@tigerlilly327 TO @elizabethofcourse @crazypurplelady @dreammer @Bananajana @kgeslab @niecedenise @sleepingrover2010 @ButtonAnnie @Lynnie @ThePinkPosy

@SecretSheep TO @Mrsfabicons

@Amandalee TO @siayla @theersatzrabbit

@Kicki TO @Flufftail

@Alphenstamp TO @Miles

@Handsewnheart TO @niecedenise @katgal40 @SamiE @camelsamba @mmilesesq

@dulcimer TO @Turtle17 @Charrley

@OnyxLight TO @Sunshine9905 @luckycharms

@spinjenny TO @wendas @Sandykins

@Doodlebabe TO @MARY @katgal40 @ostera15 @bmayc @dreammer

I will post more names as I hear back from the other angels.

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget to promptly leave a thank you note on your angel(s)’ profile page(s) when you receive your ornament(s). Thank you!

TerryF 11/10/2009 #

The following angel has confirmed that she will send:

@ostera15 TO @bmayc @dreammer

I will post more names as I hear back from the other angels.

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget to promptly leave a thank you note on your angel(s)’ profile page(s) when you receive your ornament(s). Thank you!

TerryF 11/10/2009 #

The following angel has confirmed that she will send:

@crochetjunkie TO @Sewingbea @elizabethofcourse @oreon @JustDucky @cshor @ColorInFusion @honnoria @craftymomme08

I will post more names as I hear back from the other angels.

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget to promptly leave a thank you note on your angel(s)’ profile page(s) when you receive your ornament(s). Thank you!

TerryF 11/10/2009 #

The following angel has confirmed that she will send:

@wolfeagle TO @ColorInFusion and @oreon

I will post more names as I hear back from the other angels.

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget to promptly leave a thank you note on your angel(s)’ profile page(s) when you receive your ornament(s). Thank you!

TerryF 11/10/2009 #

The following angel has confirmed that she will send:

@dBowie TO @scrapurheartout and @JeniBean

I will post more names as I hear back from the other angels.

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget to promptly leave a thank you note on your angel(s)’ profile page(s) when you receive your ornament(s). Thank you!

TerryF 11/11/2009 #

The following angel has confirmed that she will send:

@mmilesesq TO @RuthieKay @Bananajana @kssunlover1947 @Mom2blu @Sunshine9905 @Miles @elizabethofcourse @kgeslab @joinokc @ColorInFusion

I will post more names as I hear back from the other angels.

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget to promptly leave a thank you note on your angel(s)’ profile page(s) when you receive your ornament(s). Thank you!

TerryF 11/11/2009 #

The following angels have confirmed that they will send:

@Zanara TO @Cookey @whiteway

@honeybee TO @mag @ozrob @magicjessnrach @redwing480 @marinda @Ethaina @MARY

@redwing480 TO @honnoria @Claudia @bmayc @oreon @Sewingbea

@theersatzrabbit TO @Cookey

I will post more names as I hear back from the other angels.

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget to promptly leave a thank you note on your angel(s)’ profile page(s) when you receive your ornament(s). Thank you!

TerryF 11/11/2009 #

I will send to:


I will mail them from Florida next week.

TerryF 11/11/2009 #

The following angel has confirmed that she will send:

@Smudge TO @camelsamba and @debbiespoms

I will post more names as I hear back from the other angels.

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget to promptly leave a thank you note on your angel(s)’ profile page(s) when you receive your ornament(s). Thank you!

Sunshine9905 11/11/2009 #

Hi Terry, I'm starting the ones I commited to now!

TerryF 11/11/2009 #

Thanks dear!

TerryF 11/11/2009 #

Just because I was curious, I figured out that, while about 20% of participants flaked in this swap, only about 15% flaked on the MEGA Ornt Newbie swap. Interesting, huh? (";)

TerryF 11/12/2009 #

I received this email today from @ksimoni

I am late getting mine out. I tore my rotator cuff and am unable to use my right arm/hand. I almost have them finished and hope to post them this friday. Can you let everyone know, it is difficult for me to send messages...

TerryF 11/12/2009 #

After further communication with @dabble I apologized to her because she did contact me on Nov. 2 via pm (not email as she said) to say "I'll be sending the ornaments out a few days late."

I told her today that it is now Nov. 12 (which is way more than a "few days late"), that she had several months to make the ornaments, and not to be surprised if people start rating her 1s until they actually receive her ornaments.

Homerof2 11/13/2009 #

I mailed my angel packages today and I hope they arrive quickly!

Peacewytch 11/14/2009 #

Wow Terry, I applaud your tenacity and your awesome hostessing ethic!! Many good karma points for you! :O)

TerryF 11/14/2009 #

Thank you dear!

The last two angels have confirmed:

@Bananajana TO @SamiE and @ozrob

@OnyxLight TO @marinda and @JustDucky

That now means that all 210 angeled ornaments are spoken for - WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!

All of the awesome angels who stepped forward deserve a HUGE THANk YOU!

LindaRuthie 11/14/2009 #

I hope everyone is checking that star box at the top of their rating options. Thank you so much Terry for the awesome job you have done with this swap.

honeybee 11/14/2009 #

I mailed the 7 ornaments I promised to angel today.

ozrob 11/15/2009 #

my angeled ornaments went out today!! to: @magicjessnrach @Manjigirl @mag @Miles @KrisWW @Ihchua @honeybee @wendas @lob & @jeanbean

rebowyer2000 11/15/2009 #

I mistakenly thought I had finished 9 ornaments, but it was only 8. I sent out those 8 to all my active partners. I have the 9th to finish and send out to my one partner who is currently suspended.

Terry, has the swapper you sent me a name for already been angeled? If not, I will get that one out by the end of the week as well.

TerryF 11/16/2009 #

LindaRuthie, thanks for the kind comment.

ozrob and honeybee, that is great - thx!

rebowyer2000: Yes, dear, that person has been angeled. Good on you for getting your ornaments out. (":)

whiteway 11/17/2009 #

Sent my angeled ornaments to @KrisWW @Homerof2 @cshor @Zanara @siayla and @theersatzrabbit today!!! Enjoy! :)

TerryF 11/18/2009 #

Thanks whiteway!

I airmailed all of my angeled ornaments today, but from Canada (not from the U.S. as I had planned), so please give them a week or two. Thx.

kssunlover1947 11/18/2009 #

Terry thank you for doing this swap. I know that it was lots of work for you and that you do not get enough thanks for it.

I received my last 2 ornaments today and I am looking forward to displaying all my new ornaments this year.

whiteway 11/19/2009 #

I received a very pretty "angeled' ornament from @Zanara today!! Thank you so much - you are very sweet!! :)

TerryF 11/20/2009 #

kssunlover1947: You are very welcome - glad to hear you have all 10 now!

TerryF 11/20/2009 #

I just received a pm from @Morte who advised that (1) she moved recently and couldn't find the packed ornaments right away, (2) had to remake some of the ornaments as they were damaged in the move, and (3) her computer died. She says she will use a friend's computer on Saturday to get her partners' mailing info and will mail them by Monday.

SamiE 11/21/2009 #

Want to thank Bananajani for the wonderful angeled ornament I received today.

Smudge 11/22/2009 #

My angelled ornaments will be going out to @debbiespoms and @camelsamba tomorrow morning (23/11).

niecedenise 11/23/2009 #

My angelled ornaments have all been mailed this morning!

honnoria 11/23/2009 #

Thank you to TerryF for the lovely angelled ornament That came in the mail. Thank you very much.

Morte 11/23/2009 #

I am heading to the post office right now to mail my ornaments. Sorry about the lateness.

niecedenise 11/23/2009 #

I would also like to thank @TerryF for the beautiful ornament!

SkippyMom 11/23/2009 #

I would too like to thank @TerryF for angeling to me. You are a wonderful host. Thanks.

ButtonAnnie 11/23/2009 #

Received an angeled ornament for tigerlilly327 today. Thank you so much! I also left a comment on your profile page.

luckycharms 11/23/2009 #

I received an angeled ornament from niecedenise today, it was a great santas ornament. Thank you for your kindness, Merry Christmas, Connie

TerryF 11/24/2009 #

@Morte has pmd me that she is mailing her ornaments today.

@cbjenks has pmd me that her son has been very ill but that she still intends to send out her ornaments and has advised all of her partners.

TerryF 11/24/2009 #

@KrisWW has sent her ornaments.

TerryF 11/24/2009 #

I have ben in touch with @WarLordsWife and she is still not well (cannot use one hand), so I will be sending ornaments early next week to 9 of her partners on her behalf (I am not sending to @Christie as she is a flaker).

I woud appreciate if you would rate WLW kindly as she has been in touch with me all along about this swap. Thx!

Morte 11/24/2009 #

I don't know if it matters, but I haven't gottne 7 of my ornaments. I don't know if that's because I moved or what. Should I PM them myself?

TerryF 11/26/2009 #

A couple of your "send to you" partners are on the flakers list above, so you will probably never receive ornaments from them.

As for the rest of your "send to you" partners, you would have to pm each of them and ask. Your move may account for some returned swaps, but I would think that, if this happened, your partners would have pmd you.

wendas 11/29/2009 #

I have received ,2 beautiful Angel ornaments from, TerryF and ozrob. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas. xx

Turtle17 11/29/2009 #

update, the 5 ornaments I am angeling are packaged and ready to head out in tomorrow's mail. Thanks

luckycharms 11/29/2009 #

I have recieved my last 2 wonderful ornaments.Thank you TerryF, and Onyxlight, there really is Angels in the world. Merry Christmas, Connie

redwing480 12/ 3/2009 #

The 5 ornaments I'm angeling are finally in the mail today!

camelsamba 12/ 3/2009 #

I sent my 4 angelled ornaments right before Thanksgiving. At least 2 of the 3 US ornaments have arrived, but I suspect the one going to Germany is still en route!

LindaRuthie 12/ 3/2009 #

I'm not sure how this happened, but @Babs left me a rating (5 with a heart) yesterday. I was checking through my send partners 2 days ago to see who hadn't rated me yet, so I'm pretty sure her account had been deleted before the rating appeared on my profile. I was so happy she rated me, but I was just curious how.

Sandykins 12/ 4/2009 #

I received angeled ornaments from @TerryF and @SpinJenny in the past couple of days. They are really lovely! Thanks so much!!

I'm all caught up now, as I have received 10 ornaments and have received ratings for 8 of the ornaments that I sent.

Thanks so much to all! It was a wonderful swap!

Basilika 12/ 4/2009 #

Thank you @TerryF for my angeled ornament and for being a great host! Merry christmas, everybody!

Charrley 12/ 5/2009 #

Thank you Terry for angeling the ornament for this swap. It is an awesome ornament and you are an awesome host!!

TerryF 12/ 5/2009 #

Thank you ladies! Glad to hear the angeled ornaments are making their way to evryone so early in December.

Thanks to all of the lovely angels too - you make my heart glad!

TerryF 12/ 5/2009 #

I am very happy to report that @Morte has been sending out her ornaments. I will leave a note to that effect on her profile as well as in the SB Flakers group.

asmom 12/ 6/2009 #

I apologize to my partners that I am behind on getting my ornaments mailed out. They will be in the mail tomorrow. My 10 partners are:redwing480 debbiespoms camelsamba ladyfeathers wendas Rpittman Flufftail theersatzrabbit JeniBean scrapurheartout again, I'm very sorry!

TerryF 12/ 7/2009 #

Thanks for persevering dear!

TerryF 12/ 7/2009 #

The winners of the $20 Amazon Gift Certificates (for helping me to angel this swap) are:

@crochetjunkie (Group 1)
@redwing480 (Group 2)
@dulcimer (Group 3)

Congrats ladies!

redwing480 12/ 7/2009 #

Thank You so much Terry!

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job with this swap!

camelsamba 12/ 8/2009 #

Congrats to the winners! (and redwing40 already won my award for most adorable ornament received by me - but you can't buy much at amazon just based on my admiration... :^)

redwing480 12/10/2009 #


Turtle17 12/14/2009 #

I got a beautiful ornament from @Babs today. I rerated her, but it says she has deleted her account, so I don't know if she got the rating. I just wanted to tell someone that she did send. Thank you babs.

TerryF 12/16/2009 #

Thanks dear - I have emailed her other partners to see if they have also received. If most have, then I will post a comment in the SB Flakers group that she is not a flaker.

Morte 12/18/2009 #

So far I have received ornaments from niecedenise, babs, elizabethorcourse, and Turtle17. I have not gotten ornaments from mag, RuthieKay, and magicjessnrach but I believe they sent them and they got lost in the mail due to my moving (I have PM'd them about it). I have not received ornaments from aolsonjax13, joinokc, and Connie67, but it appears that no one else has gotten anything from them either, so I have rated them a 1. Just letting you know.

TerryF 12/20/2009 #

Thx dear. I will angel you one ornament, and find 2 more angels, for the 3 ornaments you have not received from aolsonjax13, joinokc, and Connie67. Will post here when all is arranged so you know who is sending.

TerryF 12/20/2009 #

I am very happy to report that @cbjenls has been sending out her ornaments. I will leave a note to that effect on her profile as well as in the SB Flakers group.

TerryF 12/21/2009 #

@NorthernBorder @weeatcrayons and I will angel @Morte .

Morte 12/21/2009 #

Oh, thank you guys, very much!

bleh 12/26/2009 #

I still haven't gotten an ornamnet from Tona, I'm guessing she isn't going to send them out?

TerryF 12/28/2009 #

Looks like @Tona lied when she clicked sent as she has no 5 ratings at all for this swap.

I will make sure that the following 9 good swappers are angeled as long as they rate her a 1.


Other than bleh, who has already rated her a 1, I will pm the rest and let them know what is going on.

FloatingQueen 12/28/2009 #

I will rate her a one now, I really do not like flakers!!!!! ;(

TerryF 12/28/2009 #

If anyone has any further problems or concerns re this swap, would you please pm me as I do not check this page regularly anymore. Thx.

whiteway 12/28/2009 #

Oops, still at my Mom's house and didn't know she was already logged on to Swap-Bot! So disregard the 'floatingqueen" comment - it was me (whiteway) talking! haha!!! :) I will rate Tona a 1 now!

TerryF 12/28/2009 #

You had me going there for a sec - couldn't find FQ anywhere in this swap and thought I had had maybe one too many pieces of fruitcake! lol

craftymomme08 12/28/2009 #

i rated her a 1 awhile back

TerryF 12/29/2009 #

I am sending angeled ornaments today to the following people who did not receive from flaker @Tona


(But not to her partner @Christie who is also a flaker.)

TerryF 12/29/2009 #

I think it is time to close off this swap. I have been working on it for almost a year now, and am tuckered out! (";)

Thanks to everyone who participated honorably, and who helped me to angel.

If anyone else ends up needing angeling from this swap, please let me know via pm and I will post a request for angels for you in the SB Angels Group.

I am now archiving this swap.

Hugs, Terry

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