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Last Online: March 16, 2013
Birthday: November 19
Country: Germany
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About Me

37 years old, vegan (strict vegetarian), teacher, sunshine lover, married, sharing a home with two cats who both came from a rescue (Please adopt, too!), crafter and seamstress on a good day, addicted to happy mail, wannabe world traveler.

I love reading my partners' profiles and and always try very hard to find the perfect items for them. Putting a package together and believing that they will enjoy what they receive from me is just as much fun as getting a swap package in the mail for myself.

I think it's rather easy to meet my taste. I'm sure you'll pick out something perfect for me and I can't wait to find out what it will be! Just receiving something from you and knowing that you took the time to read my profile and to choose something especially for me will make my day!

I love

♥ good mail days! (Any personal mail will make my day a good mail day! I'm all new to mail art but I love the idea of making your own mail a bit more special and I think I tried that on some of my outgoing mail even before I ever heard of mail art.)

♥ QUALITY over quantity!
(I can't stress this one too much. I would much rather receive just one tiny thing of good quality than an enevolpe full of things which are either useless or will only last for a day.)

♥ all kinds of animals (but especially hedgehogs, squirrels, deer, foxes, owls or birds in general)
♥ alphabets
♥ baker's twine (It's hard to find around here - especially any other colors than red and white!)
♥ beads (I'm not making jewelery! I just like to add them to some paper or sewing projects, so cute single beads are wonderful for me!)
♥ anything bento box related
♥ blind box toys! (ALL OF THEM but esp. Peskimo's BambooZoo from kidrobot)
♥ unique cookie cutters
♥ colors (Soft, bright or powdery... I like them all (except for neons and very dark+dull) and I especially love color themed swaps!)
♥ cupcakes (things with a cupcake theme as well as stuff to make them!)
♥ earrings (My new love!)
♥ ETSY! (All of my favourites are up to date! Even when they are listed as sold I would still love to receive them and most of the time the sellers have listed them again. I just can't keep up with the speed!)
♥ fabric, ribbon and trim (See favorite crafts section for more infos!)
♥ gift wrapping supplies (ribbon, tissue paper, mini boxes,...)
♥ Gocco supplies (screens, bulbs, ink)
♥ handmade
♥ labels (blank or address ones)
♥ hand lettering / calligraphy
♥ Japanese colored masking tape or deco tape (any colors or designs)
♥ any other mail art supplies you can think of that I haven't already listed
♥ just about anything from Martha Stewart Crafts or Paper Source
♥ momiji dolls
♥ organic stuff
♥ cute patterned paper/cardboard
♥ paper punches (especially squares, circles and stars in various sizes)
♥ pens
♥ polka dots, stripes, plaid, strawberries, cherries, apples, snowflakes, mushrooms
♥ robots
♥ rubber stamps (I have some acrylic blocks so the kind you mount on that are perfect too!)
♥ scrapbooking supplies (especially brads, eyelets, curling tags and gromlets)
♥ Shinzi Katoh
♥ nice stickers
♥ tags (esp. kraft tags)
♥ things with matryoshkas on them
♥ cute tins (They can be vintage!)
♥ something typical from your country (Not so much the touristic stuff but more something you would miss if you weren't at home. Does that make sense?)
♥ zakka style
♥ ...

I don't like

Anything that's not vegan, figurines, neon colored stuff,...

I'm not much of a fairy/princess/mermaid fan and I'm not into Disney, Barbie or Diddl stuff at all.

Though I do love (vegan) candy and chocolate, it's probably best not to send me any food, because I try to eat really healthy these days!

Favorite Crafts

I like to knit during the winter and I also like counted cross stitch but my most favorite activity is sewing . It's hard to describe what kind of fabrics I like since that would be so many. Really almost anything will go. I love Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and Lotta Jansdotter or anything that will go in that direction. I'm a big fan of most Moda or Lecien fabrics and love zakka style. I also like very traditionally designed fabrics or linen in pretty solid colors. Anything like that will be awesome!

I'm not so fond of fabrics with comic/cartoon characters or realistc drawings/photos on it and too cutesy/dreamy is not my kind of thing either. But of course there are exceptions to that - so you just go ahead and pick something. I'm sure I'll like it and will find good use for it!

I love buttons, ribbon, trim or linen tape. I think you can make the simplest items very special by adding a cute button or a pretty piece of trim.

I also like to stamp on fabric or make stencils and therefore I love ink pads or freezer paper for doing so (which are both kind of hard to get around here). I'm always open to trying something new and can get very excited just about any new sewing supplies!


I'm trying to cut down on my kawaii addiction.
I prefer useful things over decorative items that just sit on my shelf (with the exception of blind box toys!!!) and I'd rather not receive Hello Kitty items as this is the only kawaii character I could easily buy for myself here in Germany.

Kawaii likes:

  • deco tape (I loooove it!)
  • (cellphone) charms / zipper pulls
  • key caps / key covers
  • sticker sacks
  • sticker sheets
  • pens
  • blind box toys
  • little paper or plastic bags (like ziplock etc)
  • bento boxes + accessories
  • pencil cases
  • ... I'm sure I forgot something awesome!

Favorite Characters:

These are just some of the characters I like:

  • any kind of food or object with a face (real ones too!)
  • any kind of treats and sweets (esp. the cakes and ice creams from Mind Wave)
  • probably just about anything from Mind Wave, Q-Lia or san-x

Kawaii dislikes:

I'm not too fond of (manga style) people, Shinkansen, Banana Man, Cinnamoroll, Ruu & Suu, Kuromi, Monokuro Boo, Pom Pom Purin, Wanroom and realistic animals (like e.g. Waku Waku).
Loose memo sheets or single letter sets tend to get lost here. I'm simply not that organized... since I'm not a collector.

Although I think plushies are super cute I prefer not to get them - simply because I don't know what to do with them.

Cooking and Baking

I love to bake and to cook! Unusual or cute kitchen supplies will always make me happy. Whenever we are on a vacation I'll buy some salt/baking powder/baking soda... because I love to have those foreign packings in my kitchen that remind me of far away (or not so far away) places. It's like a little vacation in a box/tin! I can imagine that this might sound a little strange to some of you but I swear I can get really excited about these things, so please don't hesitate to choose something like that for me!


There are a few things I would really like to get but they are not available in Germany. If you have access to any of these and would be interested in a swap, please let me know! In return I would be more than happy to get you any items that are available here in Germany and/or that you see on my flickr.

♥ things made by Yankee Candle (An illuma lid in a simple and timless design would be super cool since all the ones that are available here are either extremely kitchy or seasonal ones. Tarts from limited editions would also make my day!)
♥ Martha Stewart Glitter in any color
♥ Valentine's candy (like conversation hearts!) for my kids (and me) at school.
♥ Geninne Zlatkis' Book of Stickers (Aviary Friends) from Galison
♥ Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Water-Resistant Artists Ink in WHITE
♥ a General's Pen Holder and Speedball Pen Points
♥ a hand book journal (Watercolor Journal Travel Set)
♥ Martha Stewart magazines (old issues, too!)
♥ Sakura Pigma Micron pens (any color!)
♥ Sakura gel pens
♥ Dandies (vegan air-puffed marshmallows available at Whole Foods)

Some of these items or shipping of some of these items may be expensive, so if instead of a swap you would rather receive a refund via paypal, I would be totally up for that, too!


Mello rated for Spring Challenge on Apr 18, 2012
Comment: Vielen lieben Dank für das Riesenpaket! Alles so schön! Und die Eulenhandcreme ist so süß! Und die kleinen Pompoms! An Deinem Häuschen hab ich die schon bewundert :o) Hab mich doll gefreut!
Response: Ha, schön! Da freu ich mich gleich mit.
sunnyblueskies rated for Quick Birdy #9 on Apr 4, 2012
Comment: What a sweet and wonderful package! Such a wonderful surprise to find an adorable monster on a package in my mail box today!! I love, love, love the washi tape. Thank you sooooo much!!
Response: I am glad to hear this, Lisa! You always send out the most wonderful swaps yourself. I hope I will get to swap with you again soon!
Mello rated for Get crafty! #4 on Apr 1, 2012
Comment: Vielen Dank liebe Nicole für das wunderschöne Häuschen, die tolle Auswahl an Stoffen und das Buch von meiner Amazon-Wunschliste! Ich habe mit dem "Handmade"-Teil noch nicht mal angefangen, und du schickst schon raus! Da muss ich mich ja jetzt ranhalten :o)
Response: Sehr gern geschehen, liebe Mello! Ich mag diese Swaps unheimlich gern und freu mich sehr, dass du wieder mitgemacht hast. Lass dir soviel Zeit wie du brauchst. Ich kann prima warten.
Comment: WOWWWWW! I LOVE what you did with the notebook you sent me. The cover is gorgeous, I can tell you took a lot of time to decorate it for me. I seriously LOVE it. Thanks so much Nicole!
Response: You're welcome, Shelley! This was a big challenge for me but reading your profile made it all a lot easier and I am so glad to hear you like it.
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful hand-drawn, hand-lettered notebook! It arrived in perfect conditiion, and I was able to peel back the seals leaving no damage at all (I folded the tape down onto the inside of the cover rather than remove it, because I like the colour!). I will definitely use this & have much fun doing so! :D
Response: Yay! I am so happy it reached you and that you like it. This was a big challenge for me but also so much fun. Thank you again for hosting this super fun swap!
nanthom rated for Sewing Color Hunt JANUARY on Jan 28, 2012
Comment: What a fantastic package and so nicely presented. Everything is so nice. .I love the paisley fabric and ribbon. The ribbon is so differnet. Love the marker, love the yarn. Just love it all! Thank you so much!
Response: I am so happy to hear that! I had a lot of fun hunting down some paisley and pastels. Happy sewing!
Mello rated for Lucky Parcel #3: Matchmaker on Jan 11, 2012
Comment: Thanx for all the green and white goodness!
Response: You're welcome, Mello! ♥
emsan rated for Not so secret santa! on Dec 8, 2011
Comment: THANK YOU! Your awesome gifts really cheered med up today. I love love love the pouch (so pretty!). I actually needed one in that size so it's totally perfect. HUGS
Mello rated for Get crafty! #3 on Dec 1, 2011
Comment: You made Jakob cry - he complained, that he never gets beautiful packages like that one. :o) This is officially the most gorgeous Zipper pouch ever! Ever ever! For sure! And I love the book! Thank you so much Nicole!
Response: Mensch, eine freut sich, einer heult... wenn das mal nicht was ist! Inzwischen ist ihm sicher wieder eingefallen, dass er ja doch ab und zu sehr hübsche Pakete bekommt, oder? Ich freu mich jedenfalls, dass ich dir eine Freude machen konnte. Viel Spaß beim "Craften"!
cayce rated for Extra Special Advent Sundays on Nov 27, 2011
Comment: You made the first sunday of this swap a very special one, Nicole! Such a cute pouch! And you cut your precious Loulouthi fabric for me. It`s perfect! ♥
cayce rated for Good morning Birdy! on Oct 20, 2011
Comment: Liebe Nicole! Schöne Morgen werde ich haben und sogar ziemlich viele bis ich das ganze Oatmeal verspeisst habe. :) Vielen, vielen Dank für das schöne Päckchen, ich hatte noch nie ein Martha Stewart-Magazin *sabber*. Und erst recht vielen Dank für die "Verspätungs"-EntschädigungEN! ♥ Auch das Finchen sagt Danke und ist sehr interessiert am Catnip Spielzeug. ♥♥
cayce rated for Quick Birdy # 8 on Oct 1, 2011
Comment: This fabric shouts "PILLOW!" at me. Fabulous, thank you very much, Nicole! :))
cayce rated for Lucky Parcel #2: Summer Surprise on Aug 3, 2011
Comment: I would give you more than one heart if I could! Maybe a swapping medal of honor or something. You made this day a sunny summer day, even if it's raining. :D Thank you so much for the adorable (!) quilt and all the other cute stuff. *hugs*
emsan rated for Yay, it's springtime! on May 24, 2011
Comment: Wow Nicole - awsome swap!!! I love it! I picked up the package a few hours ago and have already had som tea in my new cute mug (on the adorable mug rug), tried the candy (YUM) and used the lip balm. Now I'll serve some dinner for Eila on her new plate. :) Everything you sent is so perfect. HUGS!
orit rated for Spring Scavenger Hunt on Apr 29, 2011
Comment: Wonderful wonderful swap!! Thank you for such a beautiful box of awesome items. That handmade mug-rug is amazing! I"m drinking tea out of the beautiful mug right now! The chocolate is gone, I already had 2 fortune cookies, the tin and thread are lovely and the notebook made me laugh :D I love everything! A million thanks to you :)
Response: You are very welcome, Orit! I had a lot of fun putting this one together and I am really happy to hear you like(d) it all!
livvy rated for Surprise, surprise! :) on Mar 24, 2011
Comment: Nicole!!! I cannot express in writing how excited I was when the postman delivered the most beautifully wrapped box this morning! The stickers, tape, twine and tissue...and the most amazing wrapped gifts i've ever seen! All in my favourite colour too! Hehe, I had to photograph and admire the presents for ages before I even dared open them!! And the most perfect gifts they were! The masking tape and bags are beyond perfect - (I've wanted them forever!), the cookies O_o oh my!! I might cry when they are all eaten! And the kawaii is all just too wonderful! I think one day you should become a professional gift chooser/wrapper-upper! Even the notecard you wrote was beautiful. Such an amazing swap with an amazing partner! Thank you a million Nicole for making my day so happy! xxx <3
Response: :D Yay, that sounds great! I had a lot of fun this swap and your package was awesome, too!!!
Comment: Thank you soooo much for the fabulous treats, it all looks so delicious and the lip balm is brilliant its tastes great , your package made me really happy :)
Lhise rated for Quick Birdy Valentine's Day Swap on Feb 5, 2011
Comment: Oh my! What a cute envelope I received today with the Nicole's touch! ^^ And inside, a little package so lovely wrapped. The polka dot card with the tiny heart is excellent! :D I looove surprises! Thank you very much for such nice flower brads. Nicole, you really are a great partner! ♥
Ceinwyn rated for Get crafty! #2 on Jan 31, 2011
Comment: I saw purple polka dots when I opened my mailbox and I knew instantly it was from you :o) Thank you so much for this awesome parcel. The cushion is gorgeous. I wish I could sew like you do and I love the pendant starting kit you choose for me. Will have lots of fun with these. Hundred hearts to you.
Response: You are very welcome, Ingrid! Thank you so much for your sweet compliment on my sewing skills! I am glad you like what I made and which crafty items I got you.
Lhise rated for Distress me please! on Jan 29, 2011
Comment: Coucou ! Me again! Two packages from you today, I'm lucky! I'm writing while listening "Hideway" by The Weepies. Oh Nicole!! Thank you very much for sending me this cd. It is a beautiful discovery! ♥ I do not know at all before today! I'm in love. It is true their music is very relaxing and also very cheerful. I'll add them to the list of my favorite singers! I hope you feel reassured now! Actually I love everything you sent me into this package! The outer and inner wrapping was nice (as usual ^^). It's very pretty (and zen) unity of tone you have chosen for the packaging and the items themselves! I could almost believe it was a color LP! :D Your handmade eye pillow is so beautiful and it smells so good. Liberty, linen and polka dot, everything I love!!!! Like you, I love natural and/or organic products. I think I'll love to use them. Maybe tomorrow, quietly?!... I love the scents of vanilla and coconut. I'm happy to use products from Germany! And finally, I have an idea to use the linen and embroidery threads you sent me! I think I'll use them in a blockroll for my embroidery not yet finished. Thank you very much for this first BIRDS swap of 2011. Hopefully there will be many more and I will have the opportunity to spoil you in return. Amitiés.
Response: Liebe Domi, I am so happy to hear you like everything - especially the cd! I hope you end up very relaxed and distressed whenever you use anything form this package! I too look forward to lots of BIRDS swaps with you.

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dmarie on Apr 3, 2013:

Please come join new Poochie Bag swap USA only or International

RyeRye on Apr 4, 2012:

Ceinwyn on Jan 15, 2012:

Thank you so much for the cute purple notebook. I wasn't expecting anything fun in my mailbox, so your RAK totally made my day. Hugs.

jennecy on Jan 11, 2012:

Oh happy mail day! Nicole you are so sweet, I am in LOVE with the bright happy ribbons! Such a wonderful surprise and just the cheering up this winter needed! Thank you ~ thank you ~ thank you!! xox Jen

orit on Jan 9, 2012:

I love it! Thank you for the really lovely handmade keychain which you send for the BIRDS PIF game. It actually arrived just in time as the keychain I had till now (from Shanda) fell and broke to my horror into a million tiny pieces. So yours arrived in perfect timing! Thank you :)

cayce on Jan 5, 2012:

Danke, danke, liebe Nicole! Du hats ja so recht, Dosen kann man gar niemals nie genug haben. Und so hübsch erst recht nicht! :))

orit on Dec 27, 2011:

Thank you so much for the beautiful card!! Have a wonderful holiday and a lovely new year!

cayce on Dec 5, 2011:

Mit samtweichen, wohlduftenden Händen tippe ich ein Dankeschön für die Adventssonntägliche Überraschung von gestern! ♥

orit on Nov 23, 2011:

Happy birthday!!!!!!

cayce on Nov 20, 2011:

Sehr gerne, liebe Nicole! Ich hoffe du findest die Haikus so lustig und treffend wie ich. Einen schönen Anschluss-Geburtstags-Sonntag wünsche ich dir. :)

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