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Swap categories: Themed  Knitting  Crocheting 
Number of people in swap:42
Last day to signup/drop:July 1, 2008
Date items must be sent by:August 15, 2008
Number of swap partners:2



In this swap you will have 2 partners. You will crochet or knit 3 6" squares for each partner for a total of 6 6" squares. I will run this same swap in 10 different rounds which will give you 60 squares if you join in all of the rounds. You will make the squares in your partner's choice of colors, so email your partners to find out what their color preferences are. However, it would be really nice if each person would list their color preferences in the Discussion Board below:)))

You can use any pattern you want just so long as the squares measure 6" when complete. All squares must be made with any type of 4-ply worsted weight yarn. Please do not use chunky, simply soft or any other extra thick or super fine yarn. We want all of the squares to basically be the same weight yarn so they will look nice when we piece them together to make our friendship ghan:))

Everyone is welcome as long as they have a rating of atleast 4.8. Newbies are welcome as long as they have a completed profile. I will be checking profiles when the sign-up period closes and anyone who has any no-sends within the past 3 months or a rating below 4.8 will be deleted from this swap.

Postage will be fairly small for this swap, so international swappers are more than welcome to join:))

You are welcome to send extra goodies along with your squares to earn some hearts. Also include a small note about yourself as well. Everyone loves receiving extra surprises:)))

OH YES....one last requirement:) You MUST rate your partners when you receive your squares. If you DO NOT plan on rating your partners DO NOT join this swap!!!


craftygirlwithruffle 06/ 5/2008 #

I love bright, warm colours ie. reds, hot pink, orange, earthy green. Thanks!

LisaLisa3 06/ 5/2008 #

I am currently going through a light pink and brown phase. I also like bright happy colors. : )

orcasong 06/ 6/2008 #

I like yellows, oranges, peaches, and white.

As far as yarn, I'm not wealthy, so I tend to like to use the cheaper yarns (acrylic), especially the softer ones, or yarn I get at goodwill (usually unmarked) if the person has no allergies and a material isn't specified in the swap. Will this be ok? Still new to crocheting (don't knit yet), so I'm not as knowledgeable about yarn yet.

bettflow09 06/ 6/2008 #

I would like my squares to be made in any colors except orange, lime, blue or black. I like a variety of colors and especially love varigated. But please make my squares in any colors except these 4 colors if at all possible:))

craftycrocheter 06/ 6/2008 #

I did one of these a while ago. It was alot of fun. I bordered all the squares I received with a dark gray before putting them together, it made each square stand out, and the finished afghan looks great. Any color is fine by me, but if you need a specifics, check out my profile it lists my favorites, and not so favorites there. Thanks!

lalchee 06/ 6/2008 #

I'd be happy with pretty much any colour -- maybe not neons, but anything else is fine. :-) My profile has details, if you'd like.

ProudNana 06/ 6/2008 #

I really like purples and greens...I am currently putting together a bed quilt in these colors and would love a blanket to match to put on the foot of the bed :)

craftcrazy 06/ 7/2008 #

perfect, right i like any colours, brighter the better :)

mintdill 06/ 8/2008 #

i LOVE pink ... having an pink afghan in all different shades of pink would be awesome!! :D

SpinKnitUp 06/ 8/2008 #

What a wonderful idea! I have been wanting to knit an afghan, but don't have the attention for it. This is a great way of knitting one without knitting one!

Colors... this will be for my future bedroom (once DF and I get hitched), so I would like earthy tones. Greens, rust, tans, darker blues, etc. Toned down colors.

jessica 06/ 8/2008 #

I would love any colors.

paulavelosa 06/ 9/2008 #

I love bright colors and I'de love to do an afgan on yellow, orange and red, if you can´t find this colors, can be white.

telizas 06/ 9/2008 #

I prefer solid colors here. :)

beaglemom 06/10/2008 #

I would like blocks in Green, Yellow, and Purple. I have always wanted to try the binary colors! Can't wait to get started!

hipmama1970 06/10/2008 #

Hello Bettflow!

I'm all signed up. Do I put my color preferences here? I'm assuming I do, because I see everyone else's...

I like any colors at all. My house is very eclectic, so anything will fit in. Please feel free to use your scraps!

britnlind 06/11/2008 #

Hello All,

I prefer greens, purples and blues in a soft yarn. Acrylic is fine as long as it is the soft stuff. I actually have a fav. Don't have it on me now..just pm me.

JennieMaeD 06/12/2008 #

I would love any colors but pinks and pastel colors. I will be making a blanket for my little boy, so anything you think a little boy would like. He's one year old, so he doesn't really have favorite colors, but nothing "girly" please.

kidsceo 06/12/2008 #

I love this idea! My fave colors are reddish wine colors like burgandy. I also love sage green. My house is done in a Italian vineyard decor. I have a lot of rich colors in my home so warm, rich colors would be awesome!

boutonblue 06/13/2008 #

I'm open to any color of the rainbow! I think it would be fun to have an afghan that is a hodge podge of colors!

candy4271 06/14/2008 #

I would like to make an afghan in pinks and purples. :-)

sagobrandt 06/15/2008 #

I would love to have my afghan blue.

mattsmom499 06/15/2008 #

Hi, I am into pinks. But would love to do a scrappy afghan. Is it possible that I have only crocheting partners? I love granny squares.

glamgirl 06/15/2008 #

I would prefer blues, grrens and purples and black but no white or yellow if possible.

And just to confirm that it is worsted/aran weight yarn we are using?

kgeslab 06/17/2008 #

I would love fall colors and earth tones (green, brown, tan, gold, burnt orange, maple leaf red, etc.). Nothing to bright or loud, please!

stitchesaroundtheworld 06/19/2008 #

To start I would like to say hello to everyone and how happy I am to be here!

The type of yarn that I would like is something bright blue and white.

Talita 06/19/2008 #

Love this swap! I would like earth tones Thanks! :)

BLee 06/19/2008 #

I'd love something totally girlie. I'm thinking any shade of peach... Peaches and cream... Thank you!!!

AmandaC 06/21/2008 #

This sounds fun! I would love mine to be in ocean-y shades. Like beach glass, sand, water, sky - more natural colors and not really bright. Thank you!!! :)

michellew 06/23/2008 #

Hmmm. Please include pink in that mix - purple/blue/pink + cream/white - I really cannot leave pink out of anything!!!!

michellew 06/23/2008 #

I really do love all colours, each room in my house is being painted a different colour!!!! But i will try a colour them here!

this sounds like it will be a wonderful swap!

jdexheimer 06/26/2008 #

Okay, how specific are the square sizes? I made my first square and it's about 7" by 7". Is that okay (should I ask my swapper if they care)? I started on a newer, smaller square, so the rest should be the right size, but I do like that big one.

amandapage 06/26/2008 #

I am more than fine with acrylic, as it makes the afghan washable at the end. I'm going to be using Vanna's Choice Yarn http://www.lionbrand.com/yarns/vannasChoice.html

It's acrylic, but with a nice soft feel to it, and a load of different colours, so I should be able to match up with any partner's likes - that's the plan anyway!

I like jewel tones, not pastels, and not the neons. The colours you see in Amish quilts, rich reds and greens and blues and purples, those sorts of colours.

thatagirl 06/26/2008 #

I love most colors when combined appealingly. My favorite color combination (at the moment) is chocolately brown, light blue, and cream/off-white. Or even some muted colors that would go with that color combo.

QueenBee49444 06/26/2008 #

This sounds like fun! I have been contemplating making an afghan in shades of blacks, grays & white. This swap sounds like a perfect time to start it.

eclecticsw 06/27/2008 #

I would love different types of blue: dark, light, medium, whatever as long as it's blue. I LOVE THIS SWAP!!!!!!!!!

JoJo5 06/28/2008 #

This sounds like a lot of fun,,,,pink and brown for me. Thanks

bettflow09 06/29/2008 #


Well, looks like we lost out a little while ago, lol. Oh well....was nice while it lasted, lol.

sienna 06/30/2008 #

I'm thinking blues, maybe verging into soft purples.

What a fun swap!

adoptacritter 07/ 1/2008 #

I am feeling very neapolitan ice cream. I'd LOVE to have mine done in chocolate brown, strawberry ice cream pink and vanilla creamy white. Mmm. :)

lashelle 07/ 1/2008 #

I would love a Black and white afghan. My room is a grey blue and i think black and white would look great on my blue beadspread. Plus Black and white would still work if i paint my room another color which i am fond of doing often. I can't wait to get started.

artist60164 07/ 2/2008 #

I want mine to be vibrant and wild, kind of like a crazy quilt.

bicyclerepairman 07/ 2/2008 #

earth colors please

Slytheringrrl 07/ 2/2008 #

I just want bright,rainbow colors.

OlcSylvia 07/ 2/2008 #

hello, no neons or brights please...rosé, brown, beige, lind, sage, off-white, tan would be great

rikkiknits 07/ 3/2008 #

hi! I have super ecclectic taste, so everything goes! but I'd prefer no pastels please

artist60164 07/ 5/2008 #

wow there is a super lot of swappers in this one. I have already made two squares, i am having so much fun.

cupoftea 07/ 7/2008 #

Jewel tones for me please.

cupoftea 07/ 7/2008 #

Jewel tones for me please.

craftcrazy 07/20/2008 #

i posted mine on saturday to



paulavelosa 07/25/2008 #

Betflow canceled the future swaps for this project... can anyone host the next ones? I truly don´t need only 6 squares...

amandapage 07/25/2008 #

I'm checking in with her today, to see if we can host it again.

amandapage 07/25/2008 #

Actually, scratch that, Angel has kicked in!

Round 2 is here:


Round 3 is here:



bettflow09 07/25/2008 #

I owe everyone here an apology!!! I am so sorry that I felt the need to cancel the future rounds of the granny square swap. I am so overwhelmed with some family issues that going on and am trying really hard to get all my swaps taken care of that I am currently in and then will be taking a break and won't be doing as much swapping as I have been in the past. Thankyou Angel SOOOOO MUCH for offering to keep the swaps goingt:)) I'm sure everyone here appreciates you helping out with this:)))You ARE an ANGEL!!! Oh, btw....I am working on finishing up my squares for this round and will have them mailed out by the deadline:) Hugs to everyone, Betty

artist60164 07/27/2008 #

Thank you Betty and Angel

hipmama1970 07/27/2008 #

I received from craftcrazy.

And, tomorrow, my squares are going out to kgeslab and lashelle.

Thanks all!

bettflow09 07/29/2008 #

Hello swappers:))

How are ya'll coming on your squares??? I see that there are quite a few that haven't got their squares mailed yet, so thought I would help ya'll out a little bit since the deadline was originally only 2 days away. The deadline to have your squares mailed has been changed to Aug 15. But, if your squares are not in the mail by this date, you will be considered late and stand the chance of receiving negavite feeback from your partner.
Hope ya'll are enjoying the swap:))) Hugs, Betty

leahsimone 07/31/2008 #

Oh dear, I forgot to put my color choices in! I received my first set of lovely squares, variegated blues with pinks in the mix. I'm going to go with blues and pinks. Thanks! To my other partner, if you've already made me squares, and they're not blue or pink, no worries! I can work with anything!

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