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The Thrift Store T-shirt Swap

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Swap Coordinator:Godsrockangel (contact)
Swap categories: Clothing 
Number of people in swap:45
Last day to signup/drop:January 11, 2009
Date items must be sent by:February 1, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

Hey Everyone

Sorry about the hiccup with the wrong date! I've got a cold at the moment and I reckon it's killing off brain cells or something!!!!

Secondly originally this was by @Erinbit and she said that I could host another if I wanted to.

In the last swap I got a Scouts T-shirt from my partner @Katrina and it's still be worn now as I love it so much!

(Rather than over complicate things I've copied some of the description from the original swap so that I don't miss any important details.)

For this swap you will go to your local Goodwill or thrift store and find a t-shirt for your partner in their size. (If you and your partner wear the same size you are allowed to send something from your closet.) Try to find a really interesting shirt with a funny logo or picture. Also try to stay away from anything too plain or boring. We're looking for fun and random here!!

A few quick rules: These shirts will be used, but they MUST be in good condition. They must be clean and without stains or holes. Don't send your partner a shirt that you wouldn't wear yourself.

Please post what size t-shirt you would like to receive in the comment section below. You may also list only ONE color that you do not like to wear. We don't want to make things too complicated for your partner.

You will have about three weeks to shop before the deadline. You shouldn't have to spend any more than $2-$5 on the shirt itself.

*This will be an international swap.
*Newbies allowed with a completely filled profile.
*For everyone else, a 4.5 and no recent no-sends.


disneyfreaksam 11/30/2008 #

I am a UK size 10/12 which is a US M or 8/10

I prefer dark colours


Godsrockangel 11/30/2008 #

I'm a 12/14 - prefer my t-shirts baggy.

I prefer dark colours but will wear anything apart from neon colours lol

user11286 11/30/2008 #

i am a uk size 8/10 which makes me a small. i would like one which i can wear as night wear, nothing trendy, perhaps one that looks vintage or has sports on the front, i love those! i like nightwear in size bigger, so medium!

Jox 11/30/2008 #

I'm a UK 10, which I think is a US 8.

I usually go for dark colours but any colour is good apart from yellow (makes me look ill, lol)

DreamHope 11/30/2008 #

I wear a medium size (around US 8 or 10, I think). No white, please.

I really like faded, worn looking t-shirts ('cause they are really soft), if my partner's able to get one.

MuseumGirl 12/ 1/2008 #

I wear a US 14/16 in shirts, which is a L in women's and a M in men's. If in doubt, go larger, I can always alter the shirt. Please no baby doll tees.

As for colors, please no white, I have far too many white t-shirts already. Graphics, the stranger the better, I'm an odd bird. :D

MmeEveLove 12/ 1/2008 #

medium size please. girlie if possible.

alicaurusrex 12/ 4/2008 #

Ohwee! Fun! I am a UK girls 10, so I guess any small/medium ladies clothes or maybe XS mens. I usually like anything vintage so the more old-school the better, although I'm not really into super-girly stuff (ie. boyish tees = fine by me!) Can't wait!

Rie60 12/ 4/2008 #

Hi all! Im a size large but like XL so it will be baggy...please, the stranger the better- any weird company, logo, saying would thrill me...dark colors are better, no white please as I channel my late grandmother when I eat and ALWAYS spill- Im thrilled about this- I love the feel of a nice, soft worn GW tee.... Marie

ninanner 12/ 5/2008 #

I'm a womens M or L. I too love soft worn tees. Beyond that, anything goes!

osman1985 12/ 6/2008 #

Size XL in men's. Surprise me!

turtlesandbeans 12/ 7/2008 #

I can wear a childs size lg-xl, women's small-medium, men's xs/small. soft is good and so is vintage.

not particular about the color, but please no disney/looney tunes/etc. if you can find a rock tshirt {sleeveless, short sleeve, baseball style, whatev}, i'll be happier than a pig in mud ;D

i love surprises, so i'll be stoked with anything sweet :D

Kasasha 12/13/2008 #

I'd like a medium or large, nothing pink please.

MaryShaw 12/18/2008 #

I am UK size 8/10 in Women's. I love tees with humorous captions or graphics on them. Color preferences would be white, green, yellow, or red. :)

swappintoya 12/18/2008 #

Any kind of t-shirt is fine in a womens XL or a mens L

lostdawill 12/18/2008 #

This is my very first swap so I'll be thrilled to death with just about anything I get - I prefer dark colours and the larger the shirt the better. I wear an XL but the baggier the better as far as I'm concerned.

maybesomeday 12/20/2008 #

I'm a U.S. size 4/6 so I usually wear a size small in women's and small in men's. Bust size of usually 34-36" shirts fit perfectly. I'd actually would prefer a little kids tee shirt. You know, maybe like an old cartoon or something with dinosaurs on it. It doesn't have to be really specific, just something that looks young. Since sizing might be a problem, any shirt (kids or otherwise) that looks really cheesy and just downright ugly is awesome!

SundayCoffee 12/22/2008 #

I wear a U.S. size 10/12/14 Large. I prefer the newer "ladies cut" style, but obviously anything is good! No color preference.

kchristisen 12/24/2008 #

I wear and XL and love vintage tee's! It's all I want to wear! Love grays, blues and black,,,,,this sounds like fun!

AuntB 12/24/2008 #

I wear a size small and really any color except yellow. I like this idea

heartbreaker 01/ 2/2009 #

Probably go for L/XL but don't worry too much about correct size as I'm happy to wear it tight if it's too small, or baggy if it's too big :) plus I'm trying to lose weight anyway! I guess I'd say XL if it's tight fitting, and L if it's looser if that helps :) As for colours, I don't really mind, prefer if it's not white but if it's really pretty then I'll love it either way!

roflcopter 01/ 3/2009 #

I am a man, so please don't send me a women's shirt! It probably wouldn't fit well. But also, don't choose the most masculine design possible just because I have stated my manliness! ;)

I wear either a M or an L, and i am happy with any colours.

x x

VuMastr 01/ 4/2009 #

I'm a guy and prefer XL. Dark colors usually work best, but I'm not that picky .

Purplehybiscus 01/ 4/2009 #


I'm a woman and a big woman at that. I take a US sized 3xl or 4xl. I'm not picky on color or design. Just do the best you can. Thanks:)

princessotako 01/ 5/2009 #

i'm a medium and not really fussed on colour or design. excited about a mystery t. have fun :)

mixedmediachic 01/ 5/2009 #

I would like L shirt for nightwear! cute designs like {disney in pink or hearts!} are preferred! if not vintage tees are absolutely fine ... colours ... well like all except neon!!

aneles 01/ 7/2009 #

This is fun! I'm a teensy girl, small or extra-small or kids' large. I love all colors, but especially red, purple, and green. I am less into sports, but really whatever looks interesting and fun would be great!

AccentsByEddita 01/ 7/2009 #

This one sounds like fun (and gives me a good excuse to go to the thrift shop!). I'm a mans XL (2xl is fine too) and looking forward to a good surprise!

annabel52 01/ 8/2009 #

This sounds great. I have been keeping an eye on the fun shirts at the thrift. It seems that all the cute ones are too small. I am a size xxl in a mens shirt and a 2x in womens, yes they are the same but the mens is a bit larger. I like them nice and roomy. White is a bad color for me. I'm a bit messy.............

tzeqi 01/ 8/2009 #

I'm a woman's S,and love anything vintage! Preferably not anything cartoony though..love this idea!

hotlava 01/ 8/2009 #

Oh boy...I'm a thrifter to the core. I really enjoy t-shirts that boast the name of your local city/town. I don't enjoy pink. Thanks!

hotlava 01/ 8/2009 #

oh - and I'm a women's medium :)

candigirl 01/ 8/2009 #

Hi, there... I, like a few others, prefer my shirts baggy, so a men's XL or bigger is fine..I can sleep in them if they are really big. If you really have trouble with finding sizes (I know some towns don't have a huge thrift store selection) you can send a small or extra small for my teensie little teenaged daughter. I prefer dark colors (black, if possible), but any color is fine except maybe white...I tend to be a bit careless...thanks so much!! I am looking forward to shopping for my partner!!!!

lucylemon 01/ 9/2009 #

I'm a UK 14, and any colour is good really, except pink, yellow or white! I'd love a quirky tshirt, with a cute picture or logo. Not really into Disney though.


marcal 01/10/2009 #

I would like a size US 12. I'm up for anything, but would love something retro.

bunnysmommy 01/10/2009 #

Hi! I am a US Ladies L. I like anything really. Find me a truly unique shirt! Not religious or cartoons please! I am really looking forward to this!

fsjbrit 01/10/2009 #

Hello hello, I love thrift stores so i'm super excited about this swap! I'm a Medium but because of my bust i need a longer shirt if possible, if not a Large might be best..not a fan of purple, otherwise anything is fair game:)

telizas 01/11/2009 #

This sounds like FUN! :D I wear a men's XL or a women's US 18/20. Any color except yellow.

lovelylunalovegood 01/11/2009 #

I love quirky and vintage tshirts, especially purple, green, and pink. Please nothing religious, no cartoons, no white, and nothing drug or alcohol related. I'm a size XL. Faded shirts are ok!

Shiranue 01/11/2009 #

I'm going to be a little hard. I love bright colors, especially hawaiian shirts, so mens shirts are okay. I love vintage shirts also. Stripes and polkadots are usually a no unless they are very flattering. I also like Retro themed stuff. I'm size 3x in shirts, comfortable, in womens, 2x in mens. Cute handmade looking shirts are great, but no leftover holiday shirts please. Nothing really heavy either; I live in florida.

lumikko 01/11/2009 #

Something weird, not too cute. Big artistic prints are great. Or maybe some shirt from local school or small company - surprise me :). Blue, green and black are my favorite t-shirt colors, but any other than white is perfectly ok. I'm a ladies L, so something around M in mens sizes..

Dibrittain 01/11/2009 #

I wear Large or xl shirt I like them big. I like funny shirts. any color is fine. If it deals with england even better. Don't worry I like any shirt I am not picky. Just none that are some local team sport or work shirt.

meganisfulloflove 01/11/2009 #

I wear a small or a childs large. ( this gives you more options, when shoping!) I like bright colors!! acually I like al colors. bands, cartoons, animals,silly slogans, whatevers clever. Have fun!

terrip 01/11/2009 #

I wear a size L. I like most any kind of tshirts. Would prefer not to get the color red as I have red hair.

crazyda79 01/11/2009 #

I am a 2x or 3x. I would prefer no white. Love funny, funky shirts. This is going to be so fun!

slevek 01/12/2009 #

I wear a size L in Women's and a M in Men's. I like all kinds of t-shirts----surprise me!

provadia 01/12/2009 #

Im a size medium, but sometimes fit into smalls. Would love anything from my profile likes or anything cute!

vintageartchic 01/19/2009 #

I'm a size Large. I'm pretty flexible...nothing glum like Race for the Cure Cancer Shirts and nothing offensive. Anything else and any color is fine.

DreamHope 01/22/2009 #

A t-shirt headed out from Canada today - airmail to New Zealand.

Gamflin2day 01/29/2009 #

I'm a size medium. I'd say anything goes. Have fun!

Gamflin2day 02/ 3/2009 #

I sent mine Saturday the 31st.

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