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10 Year Celebration!

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10 Year Celebration!
Swap Coordinator:institches (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges 
Number of people in swap:40
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:July 5, 2020
Date items must be sent by:July 8, 2020
Number of swap partners:1

This swap is USA only due to my postage budget.

July 6th is my 10 year anniversary of being on swap-bot

I want to celebrate!

I have too much "stuff". I've been cleaning and sorting, deciding what will I really use in the future and what I'd like to use, but have no idea what to do with it. I have a small flat-rate box filled with stuff

TO ENTER: I've been/seen some interesting/fun swaps since joining. To join this giveaway, post in the comment section below your favorite swap that you've participated in AND one that you wished you had joined, but didn't. Post in the comment section below AT THE TIME YOU SIGN UP. Any posts after I post the winner's name do not count and can receive a lower rating.

HERE IS THE REQUIREMENT: When your partner is assigned, check in the comments section below to see if your partner did indeed post a name comment in the comment section. If yes, they get a 5 rating (a heart if you think it's a cool/interesting/funny/or whatever to you) A comment but not the required prompt? Then that's a 3. No comment at all? A big fat 1 is what they get.

REMINDER-any comment after the winning post is subject to a lower rating.


I'm putting this as a Type 1 swap as everyone will be reading and rating and I am the only one mailing.

I'm going to allow new, unrated swappers in the USA this time. But you MUST have a well filled profile to participate. I consider a well filled profile one that I have to scroll down the page to read. If no filled profile, you will be removed from the swap.

BONUS I will be taking everyone else who signs up and putting your name in a drawing for RAK envelopes after partners have been posted. There will be 3 winners. Winners user names will be posted in the comment section after partners have been posted. Good luck everyone and I look forward to reading your comments and who knows, maybe reviving an old swap!


institches 06/ 2/2020 #

I think the swap I have the most fun with is the one that I took over hosting. It's Art/Craft Abandonment. (do a search, it's world wide!) You can read a comment on my profile about a craft I sent to my partner and the results. That's why I do it, to brighten someone's day. I haven't hosted it since the pandemic, I'm hoping to be able to host it again soon.

One I wish I would have participated in was the TP tube swaps that were on swap-bot when I first joined. Basically, it was a TP tube filled with goodies. as a noobie, I didn't want to get in over my head, but when I felt more comfortable with the swaps here, no one seemed to be hosting them. Another is the "send naked" swaps. You take an item, no package/wrapping on it, add a label and postage and send it "naked" It sounds cool and fun, but I just haven't had the courage to try it!

Prettyexpressions 06/ 2/2020 #

My favorite swap that i joined was my very first swap. It was a washi tape samples swap. Boy was I nervous cause i knew I would mess up and there would go my raiting 😣 once partners were assigned I got the requirements for the swap, and sent it out. I was so nervous to see when they posted the raiting and comment. I GOT A ❤ woo hoo! My husband looked at me like I done lost my fool mind! I've been hooked ever since.

I wish i would have joined the painted penny swap. There is still one on my watch list, but my hands shake way too much for that! But man them painted pennies are so beautiful! Maybe one day Ill received one in a random envelope ☺

Thank you for hosting, congratulations on your 10th year!! And good luck everyone!

Dibrittain 06/ 2/2020 #

I have been on Swap-Bot so long I have joined many swaps. I think my favorites and I still do her swaps when I can are the wacky unusual holiday swaps. Sometimes I miss out on them and wish I had joined when I find fun things for those holidays. I don't join too many big swaps these days. It gets costly. I love these swaps and maybe need to do one myself to get rid of some items. Congratulations on 10 years. I am somewhere over 15 I think... I lost track...

megan1230 06/ 2/2020 #

My favorite swap ever was the "weird swap" and it was SO fun! I really enjoyed putting it together and the swap I recieved was amazing!! I hope I see one like it again!

I wish I had joined more personalized ones. Sometimes I don't join them because I'm super intimidated by them.

PerArduaAdAlta 06/ 2/2020 #

My favorite swap isn't really one in particular, but when someone really goes the extra mile to either send you a bunch of profile extras, or really does a beautiful job on the envelope! Those are my favorite ones! They just really make you wish there was a 100 heart option! Often these have been from newbies!

I wish I had joined Art/Craft Abandonment! The sounds like it just up my alley! I'm pretty new, so maybe you haven't hosted one since I joined, or I missed it. But I will have to look out. I love being creative. Thank you for hosting this one 🌹

cloudjun 06/ 2/2020 #

Congrats on 10 years on swap-bot! I have always really enjoyed your Just Randomness swap because you never know what you'll get! Some other ones I enjoy are ones about typewriters, washi swap, or the kawaii ones :D I do one to join some ATC ones but I feel like I'm not creative enough for that.

coleenfranks 06/ 3/2020 #

10 years, wow. Congrats. I've been here a long time too.
My fave swap is always making envelopes. I've hosted this swap many times in different categories....flowers, butterflies, birds, etc. So fun. I also like doing ATC coins. Wish I'd started doing these sooner, but doing them now. Thanks for posting the swap and sharing your goodies.

Hyshu 06/ 3/2020 #

Congrats on10 years! I have most enjoyed the "Stuff the mailbox" swaps.I join when I know I have enought stuff for 20 partners. A swap I wish I had joined was a 4 part ATC that you did each one about the seasons.

paperlvr 06/ 3/2020 #

WOW and congratulations! That's amazing! My favorite swap was one of your Just Randomness swaps! I loved creating the swap for my partner because it was fun to create my own collection/theme and I received an amazing collection of beautiful papers from my partner - packaged beautifully too! A swap I wish I had joined was a homemade chunk of cardboard post card swap. It's crazy to think that USPS will deliver a chunk of anything through the mail! I wish I had tried it but I was new to Swap Bot at the time and didn't want to risk having my swap not make it to my partner! But what fun if it does! Thank you for this super fun giveaway and congrats again! You are an inspiration and I really enjoy being part of your swaps!

Mandaloolee 06/ 3/2020 #

Congratulations on 10 years, that's awesome! I don't remember the name of the swap exactly, but it was basically a big happy mail envelope. The person that sent to me had really studied my profile and sent me a HUGE envelope full of pressed botanicals, scientific illustrations and other ephemera that I LOVED. I was like a kid in a candy store when I got it, I loved it so much.

I don't really have a specific swap that I regret not joining, but there have been a few that I don't have the necessary rating for anymore because of an undeserved/vindictive 1 rating, so it's more like I've pined for some swaps!

cindynvb 06/15/2020 #

My favorite swaps have been the postcrossing obsessed postcard swaps where you have a ton of partners . I also liked the ATC swaps but stopped because I wasn't that good at them. I regret not joining the international map postcard swap. I just didn't have the money at the time. Congratulations on your 10 years. I don't know how long I've been swapping, wish I remembered

StargazerLil 06/17/2020 #

My favorite swap was a junk journal swap- we were to check out peoples bios and make them a custom journal. I had a lot of fun playing with bindings and making paper decorations. One I wish I signed up for was a themed business card holder plastic sheet thing (words are hard omg) swap- unfortunately, I didn't have the materials on me and since I had just bought a bunch of stationary the day before, I couldn't justify spending more. :'(

Rosa1 06/18/2020 #

I can't even remember all the swaps I've done on this site! But I think my favorites always seem to have some sort of challenge to them. Sometimes it's not even a direct challenge ~ just that I've signed up for something that eventually turns into a project waaay beyond my skills! But I always seem to learn something and they are fun when I eventually get it together!! I think the swaps I most regret not joining are the involved journal swaps. I love to journal and making junk journals is a favorite of mine, but I always worry about the long involved swaps with lists of prompts etc. but then I regret not joining. My goal is to get my life in order enough to join a few ~ truly hope I live long enough now!! :)

Nevi2018 06/23/2020 #

Im really happy to sign up for a Pinterest Swap that's running now!! You pin about each of the 50 states!!

I wish I COULD join International Swaps OR Journal swaps. I dont have the budget for International and Journal swaps intimidate me because I tend to run on the late side by 2 or 3 days!! This last swap was later. Sharing a Car BITES!! LOL But I am grateful for the sweet ppl who down rate me.

bpl76 06/24/2020 #

I was in a weird strange stuff swap Loved it !! I want to join swaps that I can share goodies with but I don't have enough to participate yet

I also like doing wish lists for others But again not enough stuff to give to others just a small Env filled

Amandlyn22 06/26/2020 #

Congratulations for 10 years! One of my favorite swaps was an advent calendar swap for the month of December. It was so fun riding gifts for my partner, as well as, opening my little gift each day! Made my winter holidays.

The swap I wish I had done was a journal to your partner for a month. I always thought that would be fun to make and have a “book” about someone’s life for a month. I tried one once but my partner flaked. It was a bummer.

AngelOH73 06/28/2020 #

Hello. My favorite swap I've joined were the thrift store finds. I was in a group where that is all we did and I'm trying to get back in. Once I get my swap requirements in I'll join. I first joined in 11-2011. Took a break way to long. That was 1-2018 and rejoined 5-2020. The thrift store finds were alot of fun. I always read my partners profile so they got something I was sure they'd like.

The one I regret not joining was one where you pick an area in your house that needs cleaned/organized. Like go thru your closet and say bye bye to some of your clothes and organize it. Maybe organize your craft area. Get that garage decluttered and organized. Take before and after pictures and share with your partner. If I remember correctly they were email type 1 swaps. I could have gotten some stuff done around the house. Get me motivated to get it done instead of procrastinating.

penpallingfool 06/28/2020 #

Congrats on your 10 years.My favorite swaps I have joined are photography one once I joined a swap about cemeteries and had to take pictures of interesting stones. That was kinda odd but the pictures of the amazing craftsmanship was awesome. I also love postcard swaps its my way to travel the world.

I have hosted a paranormal pen pal swap I cant wait to finish this one up and see what I get this could be the newest favorite..

There are a few I regret some pen pal ones and others that I was afraid of failure I am not very artistic so yeah...

Burger1girl 07/ 1/2020 #

Congratulations on your 10 yr anniversary!! I love tea swaps, my favorite are the series "Small tea swaps" and I wish I would have signed up for self care package. Oh why didnt I sign up? Face mask, fuzzy socks!!! Darn it!! With the shut down wasnt sure if I could get access to a store with the virus and all. But Darn It !!! I wanted FUZZY SOCKS!!! They comfort me and remind me I am home!! Relaxing!! ANd a surprise was to be included! A surprise?! Oh yea....I regret not signing up for that!!

orneryswife 07/ 1/2020 #

Congratulations on 10 years!! That is a long time and a LOT of postage!! :) My favorite swaps have been mail-art related, but my very favorite was a swap for altered file folders mailed naked. The one I got in return was amazing. I LOVE creating colorful mail. I actually have made several junk journals from the mail-art I have received through the years. I also really like the altered puzzle piece swaps. The swap I wish I had joined was a swap for slow stitching. I look at it, I think, "HOW FUN!" then back out because I am intimidated. One of these days...

bostianh 07/ 1/2020 #

10 years, that is so worth celebrating, congratulation! My favorite swap I have participated in was a profile random swap. We sent what ever the sender wanted, with relation to the receiver's profile. It was really fun to put together and fun to receive a mystery package of random goodies. I don't have one that I wished I had joined, but didn't. Perhaps there have been a few on my watch list that got away (ended before I realized and didn't get signed up for). But, I am pretty new and I have stayed plenty busy with the swaps I have done, and it has made be put in the time to be creative, which was my intention of signing up, so it's a win win.

cynaemon 07/ 1/2020 #

Congratulations on ten years. I am an original member, and I can't even remember all the swaps I have been in. I have enjoyed all of them. Right now, my favorite swaps are the Geek of the Week Question swaps. Probably because I am such a Middle Earth geek. One that I wish I had joined in recent months is the Tarot Card Reading swaps. I have joined a couple of those, but didn't this last time, as I just didn't feel like I had the time to do the swap justice right now. I think for me more important than the swap itself, is meeting and making a new friend here on Swapbot. There are a number of people that I have swapped with for years, and I have loved getting to know them better as real people and not just a person in a swap. It is great having this wonderful and diverse worldwide community.

zibbity 07/ 1/2020 #

Woohoo for 10 years!!! That's so exciting! I'm at 8.5 myself though I've not been active the whole time! My favorite swap that I participated in is actually one I hosted called "Naughty Dotee" swap. It was so fun!!! I created an Eve with a leaf covering her naughty bits. One that I wish I would have participated in is a "stuff the box" swap. I'm always afraid I won't have all the items needed to do a good job!

yvonne401 07/ 1/2020 #

Congrats on your 10 year anniversary! I need 4 more years to reach 10 years. Anyway my favorite swap is the annual 12 Days of Christmas swaps and Hanukkah swaps by my friend Vanessa. I look forward to them every year. A swap I wished I had joined would probably be a traveling journal swap. I was afraid that it would get lost so I never joined.

snailmailbella 07/ 1/2020 #

Congratulations on ten years! My favorite swap on this site so far since I’m pretty new has been the floral fun one since I LOVE florals. There have been a lot of international ones I regret not joining since I can’t afford the postage, particularly a mushroom themed mail art one! I find mushrooms so cute and I wished I could’ve joined!

BlueberryLady 07/ 1/2020 #

My favorite Swap was one of the First ones I ever joined called Chunk -O-Cardboard where you make a Postcard out of some kind of Cardboard you would recycle.. Loved the Beer carton Postcard I received. And a Swap I regret not joining- Well there are lots to choose from but really can't join many now because of Postage costs to International Members.. ( Ive gotten Postage shock before having to send to South Africa and to Brazil.) Hugs for 10 Years ! !

atomita2 07/ 1/2020 #

My favorite swap was Why is my mailbox so empty??? because the amount of people (3) wasn't as overwhelming as the Stuff the Mailbox #24 I participated in. Also, I haven't been flaked on yet (for my favorite swap).. . so that's a plus.

One I wished I joined was this button backed pin swap that I missed the sign up deadline for.

veronicallama 07/ 2/2020 #

Ten years is reason to celebrate -congrats!

My favorite swaps are the Postage Stamp swaps hosted by sfcorrespondence in the WIYM group. I've received some great stamps that way, ones I wouldn't have been aware even existed. Always a treat!

I wish I'd joined some of the Packing Tape Postcard swaps that have been posted. I've watched YouTube clips on how-to and I think they're super cool. I always decide against because I'm worried I don't really have time to do it right.

Jsereg001 07/ 2/2020 #

Hands down my favorite swap was a swap that involved making a Freestyle Gluebook! It was my first time making a gluebook and I loved it! As far as a swap that I wish I had joined, I’d have to say I wish I had joined more Whimsy Jar swaps and magpie journal swaps. I love those as well but I always get intimidated about joining a journal swap because I worry that I won’t get finished in time or that I won’t do a good enough job and my partner will be disappointed. I don’t know why but I always feel like I have to blow my partner away when I do journal swaps. Probably because I have seen so many beautiful journals and I wish mine could look like those! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone!!

lilmissthrifty 07/ 2/2020 #

Love all the matchbox swaps I've joined a while back, and the advent style swaps as well.

Recently missed a tarot reading swap, that I wished I joined, so I messaged the hostess, and she was planning on doing another round, so I got in on that one! This site, has been awesome for me over the years as well! Happy 10th Anniversary!

TheQueenofHearts 07/ 2/2020 #

I'm new and haven't been in many swaps other than electronic ones so far, but I find the ATCs and make your own PCs/art extremely interesting and I'm looking forward to joining them!

MCGalaxy 07/ 2/2020 #

Congratulations on your 10 years. My favorite swaps are pinterest swaps because they give me something to do while I'm in the paratransit van everyday to work. And the stocking swaps because I usually don't get much for Christmas anymore so having stuffed stocking to open is really nice. And my daughter loves the kids swaps because she loves to get mail.

LavenderSprinkles 07/ 3/2020 #

Congrats on 10 years! My favorite swap that I have joined was one from the group Lovely-Swappers-R-Us where I hosted a mystery grab bag swap. I ended up getting some amazing items from abroad. She went above and beyond and sent me the cutest items. A swap I do regret not joining was a swap that was posted for a traveling journal. I was a bit scared to join as I did not think I could fulfill the send requirements. But perhaps on the future I will be brave enough. It just makes me nervous that I may not be creative enough. But overall, swapping in general gives me something to be positive about rather than bills in the mailbox!

LavenderSprinkles 07/ 3/2020 #

Just realized today marks my 9th year here exactly!

reauk 07/ 4/2020 #

11 July is my 12 years anniversary Met some really nice people Congrats on your anniversary

SarahStinson 07/ 4/2020 #

My favorite swap EVER was so long ago. It was a 50 state postcard swap. People from all 50 states signed up to send 50 (well, 49?) postcards of their state to everyone else. So in the end, you ended up with 50 postcards, from every state in the US! It was an AMAZING swap and I wish I could be a part of a swap like that again. <3

Kristipye 07/ 4/2020 #

Happy 10 yr anniversary! My fav swap was a long, long time ago---it was a nightshirt swap! I got a nightshirt from Canada---I wore it for years before I finally wore it out! What I really wish is that I hadn't had to stop doing swaps on SB for so long---I had too many caretaking things I had to do in between years I was active and when I got back into it in May of this year. So, I can't say a particular swap I wish I had done.......because there were so many.

beachchicken 07/ 5/2020 #

Congrats on 10 years! My favorite swaps are single ATC swaps with a prompt. I like the challenge of them. I also love the swaps with envelopes of stuff, it is so fun to see whats inside. I like surprises.

bringitb 07/ 5/2020 #

Ten years? Wow! Congrats!! I really love the Stuff the Mailbox series that @ladyaduial hosts. You get paired up with 20 partners to send them 3-5 items in an envelope for an awesome happy mail exchange. One swap that got away, for me, was a Rainbow Swap. I had a bunch of items ready to go and was excited to participate, but something happened in my personal life just before matching, so I had to drop. I love rainbow/colors! =)

heatherg2 07/ 5/2020 #

Congrats on 10 years! I think I joined in 2011 but had been on hiatus until a month or so ago. There are definitely lots more swaps now than there used to be. I was mostly active in Yahoo! Groups. Since coming back, I wish I had been able to sign up for stickerbag swaps but was removed because I didn't have enough completed swaps. I'm working on getting them back up there! However, I was nervous about if my swaps were going to be "good enough" - like, have things changed since I swapped back in 2003-2012? Not really, except there are way more things people like (washi wasn't around back then!) Needless to say, I've been so excited to see what's new in the swapping world and I've been getting all set up with my crafting area! Would love to get more goodies to add and work with! <3

NRGordon 07/ 5/2020 #

Congratulations on ten years!!

My favorite series of swaps is the ‘Adventures of the Traveling Postcard’. I enjoy seeing the postcards, as they pass through, and seeing where they have been.

I enjoy all the swaps I join. Why else would I join them? My favorite specific swap though, at least recently, was the ‘Flash Fiction Swap INTL Round 2 – Surprise’. I had a lot of fun writing the story and then editing it down from 2134 words to between 500 and 1500… 1498 words to be exact.

The recent one I wish I had joined but didn’t was because Partners were assigned before the sign-up deadline. I was watching the swap and had my material all typed out, as I often do before committing. When I went to join the swap, at 9:14pm the evening of the deadline, I couldn’t access it. I don’t remember the specific name of that swap (Hope that doesn’t get me a 3). This is the second time this has happened to me and I can’t figure out why she would want to do that. 
NRGordon 07/ 5/2020 #

Well, that is interesting. Let me try posting that last paragraph again...

The recent one I wish I had joined but Didn’t was because Partners were assigned before the sign-up deadline. I was watching the swap and had my material all typed out, as I often do before committing. When I went to join the swap, at 9:14pm the evening of the deadline, I couldn’t access it. I don’t remember the specific name of that swap (Hope that doesn’t get me a 3). This is the second time this has happened to me and I can’t figure out why she would want to do that.

LadyAbigail 07/ 5/2020 #

Congrats! 10 years is so long!

The recent swap that I loved was a Happy Mail Swap. It was a lot of fun designing the mail. I tried to send a variety of little goodies in mine. I received a lovely piece of happy mail from one of my partners and they did such an amazing job of making it bright and colorful with lots of my favorite craft supplies.

A swap I wish I had been apart of Mega Sticker Swap. I love stickers and am constantly collecting random stickers. I was worried I wouldn't be able to gather 100 of them and not have to send any of my personal favorites that I wanted to use in the near future. I honestly did have plenty but I just chickened out. Next time I'm not going to hesitate to take part in a large sticker swap. :)

Jocecrafts 07/ 5/2020 #

Congrats on 10 years! That’s a really awesome accomplishment.

My absolute favorite swap so far is “Alice in Wonderland ATC” swap. It was my favorite because I was able to create mini art pieces based on a theme. I’m not the best crafter in the world and am learning about composition but I’m really happy with how the ATCs came out. The hardest part is knowing when to stop adding elements!

The one swap I wish I joined was the Alice in Wonderland “Merry Unbirthday Pocket Letter.” I had the Echo Park Wonderland paper pad and was all excited to join this swap. My insecurities got the best of me and I wound up not joining. I will find other pocket letter swaps!

AZmom875 07/ 5/2020 #

Ten years is longer than most marriages. Congrats!

Last year, You tube paper Craft group did a whole series of 100 days of journal craft stuff. We watched the video and made the items. I had so much fun with the challenges. We made things for journals: paper clips, and pockets, tags, and all kinds of stuff.

I also really enjoyed a Postcard swap where you glued on postage stamps all over the photo area, or front. It gave me a sway to use up the extra postage stamps. I still have one left, and might host a swap for it soon. I wasn't the original host.

I really wanted to join @Autist avocado themed swap but couldn't find enough avocado items.

institches 07/ 6/2020 #

Partners have been posted.

The winner is:


Congratulations! Your box will go postal today

Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate!

institches 07/ 6/2020 #

Ooops, I almost forgot the RAK names!!

Every name was put in random(dot)org, clicked on the randomize button and the winners are:




Congratulations! I'll get your RAK envelopes out today. Thank you for helping me celebrate!

Jocecrafts 07/ 6/2020 #

Thank you much For the RAK! :)

Burger1girl 07/ 6/2020 #

Congratulations everyone!! What a fun giveaway!!

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