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Swap Coordinator:CuppieCake (contact)
Swap categories: Kawaii  Stickers 
Number of people in swap:66
Last day to signup/drop:February 20, 2009
Date items must be sent by:March 6, 2009
Number of swap partners:2

My last one I did had alot of sign ups so I decided to do another one!

Pick 2. This swap is fairly simple. Please pick 2 of the following items and send them to your partners. You will have 2 partners so you will be sending a total of 4 items. All items must be new

Swap requirements

4.75 rating or higher. If you think you have a unfair rating please pm me before joining Newbies allowed with filled out profile International welcome You must be signed in 4 days prior to partners You may list 2 things in the discussion that you do not want

  • New letter set
  • Pack of pens
  • 2 packs of stickers (this equals 1)
  • Lip gloss/chap stick
  • Bag of confetti
  • Something pink
  • Something kawaii
  • Profile suprise
  • Cute zippered pouch
  • Something homemade
  • Pack of envelopes (mini or medium is fine)
  • Keychain
  • Pack of sharpies
  • 3 matchboxes for your partner according to thier profile
  • Something green
  • 1 candy bar


clkea 02/ 4/2009 #

These kind of swaps are so much fun! The two things I don't need are the confetti and candy. Anything else will be great!

Banshee 02/ 4/2009 #

Please, don´t send me candy nor bag of confetti. :)

Bluelily 02/ 4/2009 #

Love all but candy and confetti......thanks

bunnyslippers 02/ 5/2009 #

Please no lip gloss or confetti. My kids would get it and make a big mess!! :)

hourglasslake 02/ 5/2009 #

No confetti or keychain for me please, but anything else would be good!

CuppieCake 02/ 6/2009 #

No confetti or keychain

synchrodoll 02/ 8/2009 #

Hi there! Everythng on the list sounds great, but I'm not really interested in getting "3 matchboxes for your partner according to thier profile" or confetti. Thanks and looking forward to swapping :o)

jenthewen 02/ 8/2009 #

Sorry I will have to watch this instead as I will be away on hols for the duration of this swap.

sandra95121 02/ 9/2009 #

Hi! I really don't need matchboxes or confetti. I'm a huge candy fan though! ; )

carys 02/10/2009 #

hi, good swap! Please no candy or stickers for me. Looking forward to this swap !!

MollyKoo 02/12/2009 #

Everything else is welcome exept confetti. I don't have use for that.

cherryred 02/13/2009 #

Please no confetti or matchboxes, everything else is great!

pursehappygal 02/13/2009 #

Hello!Great List! I would have to decline on the lip gloss (I'm pretty sensitive) and confetti. Being in the event business, I have a lot of that! So, if anyone wants to swap....:) This sounds like a lot of fun!

Moni 02/13/2009 #

Please no keychain or matchboxes

luckycharms 02/14/2009 #

Please no confetti or match boxes. Thanks

Onetruth 02/14/2009 #

please no confetti, candy bars(im on a diet) sharpies (i have a 3 yr old)

Grasshopper 02/15/2009 #

I love this kind of swap! YAY! lol Anyway..... the 2 things I don't want are confetti and lip gloss/chapstick. I can't use the confetti and I already have more lip gloss than I can ever use. lol Thanks

diadelosmuert0s 02/15/2009 #

No confetti please and I have enough keychains. Thanks!

Charlygirl 02/16/2009 #

No Confetti please, everything else sounds great!

HelloCupcake84 02/16/2009 #

No candy or matchboxes please.

If you send Confetti, I would prefer to have "Wedding" themed confetti so I can use it at my upcoming April wedding!!!

Ajinka 02/17/2009 #

Hi,PLEASE PLEASE I would like very much Pack of sharpies!!!PLEASE PLEASE!!!:-) And please no confetti and matchboxes THANK YOU

dbc2612 02/17/2009 #

No confetti here please, but anything else goes :)

violin21 02/17/2009 #

No confetti here please everything else sounds great.

missnihkii 02/17/2009 #

o0o something green sounds great hehehe.. NO candy please..if youre sending lipgloss please TRY to send all natural( no chemicals/chemical fragrances please!!!) other than that im all up for this!! im excited..although i tried not to do another swap :( oops.

hereintherain 02/17/2009 #

I'm going to say no confetti please and no candy please. Thanks!

Jembogawa 02/18/2009 #

Please no confetti. If sending lipgloss please try to make sure its totally natural and not tested on animals. And if sending candy, please make sure thats vegetarian (no gelatin etc). Other than that... anything goes :)

missnihkii 02/18/2009 #

way to go jem! hehe. hi :)

backwahn 02/18/2009 #

Confetti will be sent back :D. But anything else would be great.

I'm soooo excited!

pumpki3 02/18/2009 #

Hi there, no candy or confetti please :) thanks!

shfacey 02/18/2009 #

Hi, this swap sounds like so much fun. Please do not send anything Kawaii or any candy. Everything else would be great to get. Thanks!

QtPie 02/18/2009 #

HI, Please No candy, confetti, sharpies, or match boxes. thanks!!!

orit 02/18/2009 #

Please no lip gloss/chap stick or confetti Thank you :)

thriftymermaid 02/18/2009 #

Sounds like fun! Please no candy or confetti, thanks so much!

dreamgrlsd 02/19/2009 #

I love these swaps!! Please no confetti or lipgloss/chapstick for me.

scottishlass 02/19/2009 #

I'd rather not receive confetti...everything else is good.

Bingomama 02/19/2009 #

No confetti or matchboxes.... everything else is good!! I'm excied about this!!

kaffy 02/19/2009 #

please no Candy or Lipgloss. :) thanks! :-D

cbjenks 02/19/2009 #

I'd rather not receive lip gloss or confetti! Thanks! :)

Upcountrysmiles 02/19/2009 #

Please no confetti, matchboxes or stickers:) Mahalo!

zerofantasies 02/19/2009 #

No candy, confetti, lipgloss or matchbox please.

maryb221 02/19/2009 #

I have a dumb question... I know Kawaii is an island in Hawaii. What is "kawaii" for swapping?

ShandaPanda 02/19/2009 #

Hi maryb221..."kawaii" means "cute" in Japanese. Think Hello Kitty type stuff.

grudder 02/20/2009 #

Hi! Newbie here :-) This looks like the perfect swap to start my "career"!

RecklessRin 02/20/2009 #

Howdy! Please no Matchboxes or Keychains. =]

maybesomeday 02/20/2009 #

No confetti or keychains,please! Thanks!

cheniros 02/20/2009 #

What a great swap!! Pleaes no confetti or keychains, thanks!!

lindalinda 02/20/2009 #

No confetti, please. And I prefer no candy, unless it's something unusual that I can't find at the drug store. Thanks ; )

itsmecheri 02/20/2009 #

Howdy! Please no confetti & I only like choc. covered almonds, no Kawaii please!!! Blessings!!!

jacqredwine 02/20/2009 #

please no keychains. anything else is welcome.

mejulia 02/20/2009 #

Please, no kawaii, I don't do cute. The second thing is I prefer not to get candy. Thank you, great swap.

moosemama 02/20/2009 #

If you do chapstick, I prefer Carmex. I could use some GRADUATION confetti for my son. I would LOVE anything homemade. Not sure what a kawaii would be, but I'm game. Thanks!

annychenghk 02/20/2009 #

I really love to receive stickersheets, but no pouch or lip gloss please

Psychopixie 02/22/2009 #

please no confetti, candy, or anything green

quirkydame 02/22/2009 #

I'd prefer no confetti or kawaii, please!

krstawrdtravels 02/22/2009 #

I would love to get a keychain with a globe at the end of it, have been looking for one, but please do not send any confetti or kawaii things. Anything else is welcomed :)

grudder 02/23/2009 #

ok, just saw that I'm supposed to list two things I don't want: chapstick and confette. there. :-)

missnihkii 02/25/2009 #

moosemama,basically kawaii is anything cute.. like hello kitty and other japanese characters , or happy characters. thats the best i can explain it. but basically think of happy and cute things... if you look it up on google youll find alot.

shelleerenee 02/26/2009 #

Please, no matchboxes and no confetti.

Heyra 03/ 1/2009 #

I don't want confetti and keychan

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