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Photo Scavenger Hunt International--EDITED

Launch gallery slideshow

Swap Coordinator:twobluecrows (contact)
Swap categories: Art  Photography 
Number of people in swap:120
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:June 30, 2010
Date items must be sent by:July 27, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

3/16/11--EDITED TO CHANGE SWAP TYPE FROM 2 TO 3 Type 2: Flat mail - postcards, letters, mail swaps with little, to no, craft component. Type 3: Crafts & Packages - any time-intensive craft swaps, any swaps sent in packages, most swaps will fall in this category.

If you have patiently waited for your partner to send, but have receive nothing, check the Participants list for their name and see if they have clicked sent, if they have, PM them to ask about it, and if you receive no message, and no pictures, then rate your partner with a 1 (and an offer to change if you receive if you like) and then PM me and I will add you to the list of flaked folks--a small list, but I want to be sure everyone gets pictures. No one will be angeled unless they rate their no-send partner a 1.

Summertime is great for pictures! I did this photoscavenger hunt a couple of years ago, and someone asked for it again, so...

Here are the details:

--Take pictures of at least 15 things from this list of 30 ideas (you can send as many more than 15 that you feel like doing):




4.Road sign



7.Night shot

8.Old ruins



11.End of the line

12.Tuesday afternoon


14.Something soft

15.All natural

16.Loved one


18.A lot of something

19.Summer evening



22.Something famous

23.Road less traveled

24.Up in the sky



27.Walk 5 minutes from your house and shoot!



30.From your front door

--Use whatever camera you have and are comfortable with, digital or film

--Print them in whatever way you are used to doing, either from your home printer or commercially, 4"x6" would be a nice size

--be creative--photoshop them if you are so inclined, or not (this means 'digitally manipulate the images' using Photoshop or some other application)

--mail them to your partner

If you print them on your home printer, be sure they are completely dry before stacking them. You can put them in a small inexpensive photo album if you like. You can print them on glossy or matte photo paper or heavy cardstock, whatever your artistic needs demand. It's also nice to mount them on black acid-free paper with corners. Be creative and thoughtful of your partner, you could e-mail them and ask if they'd like an album or mounting or just in an envelope.

Just so everyone understands:

By default the pictures should be mailed via the post office.

E-mailing is only an optional method of sending the pictures--if specifically requested.

The sizes are sender's choice, but no smaller than a business card (2" x 3"), unless you arrange it with your receiving partner.

Color, B&W, any artistic aspects--sender's choice

Communication with your partner is important if there is any possibility your package will take a long time to arrive there.

Newbies are welcome if they write me and show that they understand the importance of fulfilling their swap. Everyone deserves a first chance but no one is happy when they get burned!

I was apparently flaked on in the first of these scavenger hunts--I'd really like to actually get some pictures this time! :(

This is an international swap!

No recent No-sends (in the last 6 mos) Swap-bot newbies are welcome if you have a well-filled out profile and are committed to fulfilling your swaps! Others-minimum 4.9 rating required. We all want to get something back when we work hard to mail a nice package out!

Let's have a fun swap!


sittermom 05/31/2010 #

I am signed up. Thanks so much for doing again.

Filpot 05/31/2010 #

This is BRILLIANT! I'm watching for now and keeping my fingers crossed that I will have enough time available.....

maggie16 05/31/2010 #

WONDERFUL swap idea! Have already started organising my photos! Can we include more than 15? Also, can they be different sizes? (Say, some half a 3.5x2.5", some 4x6", some 4x4"...) or do they all have to be the one size?

smokeandmirrors 05/31/2010 #

I was just wondering....although i enjoy taking photo's i'm not exactly a great photographer. While there is nothing actually wrong with my photo's they won't be artistic or masterpieces or anything....is it still ok if i participate? Or is this swap more for artists? :-D

TryshaH81 06/ 1/2010 #

I am far from a photo shop person. LOL Is it ok if we just print them and send them?? I will be printing from Walmart 4x6 photo centers. My mom was in your swap last year and I just knew I had to join when I saw it this time!!

Mojo 06/ 2/2010 #

I have got an instant camera that I would like to use but the photos are smaller, 2x3 inches about. Is this okay?

Ikat78 06/ 4/2010 #

If you are my partner please contact me upon assignment.

h0mesickalien 06/ 7/2010 #

this sounds fun! It will be hard to pick only 15. :)

Ikat78 06/ 7/2010 #

Shoot, I am doing them all:)

maggie16 06/ 8/2010 #

I wonder why the coordinator isn't responding to our questions?

twobluecrows 06/10/2010 #

Sorry for not being here! I've been crazy at work, but I have answered a few questions by PM--so: The pics can be any sizes as long as they are well printed on photo paper, or at least heavy cardstock--satin or glossy finishes look best, and if you print them from an inkjet printer on cardstock, please spray them with something like Krylon's Preserv-it to protect from light and moisture. You can find this at most Michael's and AC Moore's, as well as online at jerrysartarama.com and porobably Blick Art and other art sites--google Krylon Preserve-it to find some and see what it is.

You can do more than 15-of course! 15 is the minimum for the hunt.

If you are sending small size pics, it would be nice to mount them on a slightly larger size piece of black cardstock, just to make them look "important" .

The point of this swap is the hunt, and finding pics that clearly represent the items on the list that you choose. It's not a photo contest as such, so people who aren't experienced with photo manipulating software and experts all stand on the same level--it's at least nice to get pictures that aren't blurry or badly composed, but if it's got the list item on it, then it's sufficient for the requirements.

Do your best with what you have and try to please your partner. That's all we can ask for!

twobluecrows 06/10/2010 #

I thought much later afteer writing this swap up that I shoul dhave made it a photo album swap--and have everyone make or use a small booklet to mount the pics and write a little something about the photographic experience of finding the items, etc--but then I decided not to make it a requirement because of the International postage aspect. Sending 15 pics would be enough, so you can all do as your heart desires in sending something to your partner. All you are required to do it take pics of 15 of the 30 items on the list and send them to your partner. Anything else is gravy!

fieldstudio31 06/11/2010 #

So Fuji Instax photos are welcome? They are the size of a business card. (Though an expensive print option I thought they would be a fun format for this type of scavenger swap!)

memtree 06/11/2010 #

can i request my partner to send them via email instead? (less impact on the earth) thanks, em

maggie16 06/12/2010 #

thanks for answering the questions :)

eyecu 06/15/2010 #

twobluecrows I have tried to message you about joining this swap, but for some reason I can't. i would really love to be a part of this swap as i love to take photos and have just got a new camera. Please allow me to say involved with this swap.

pahasiga 06/16/2010 #

I'd like to know about the e-mail alternative, too.

Gofeen 06/16/2010 #

I'm thinking of joining (need to get afew things signed off first) but I would be unhappy with an email swap. I would like real photos to put in my swap-bot album. I am starting an album especially for the art things I receive from swap-bot 'cos if I don't I will run out og walls in my dining room, the place where I like to keep arty things.

Gofeen 06/16/2010 #

Oh and forgot to add I can't print them out for myself because my computer doesn't seem to be sending the messages to my printer. I'm onto my third printer with no success so now I know it's not the actual printer, seems like the computer. I will get it looked at soon as I can afford to.

zerofantasies 06/17/2010 #

US version of the swap has been created with permission from @twobluecrows

pahasiga 06/17/2010 #

@Gofeen , what I meant (and I think memtree, too) was that would it be OK if I asked my partner to send to me by e-mail? But maybe it would be important that at least one photo would be sent by mail, or it wouldn't be Type 2 swap for that person - this is what I'd like to know. I don't have a swap-bot album, so snail-mail photos just.. lay somewhere... hopefully... so I'm not interested in having more of them doing that. :)

If you have no way to print out photos, I don't think you should sign up for this swap, though, as it requires you to send 15 printed-out photos. And if you have a way, it shouldn't make much difference whether you print out photos you send or the ones you receive, only in the second case you can skip the photos you don't like, so you don't need to exclude photo e-mail swaps from your list just because! ;)

memtree 06/17/2010 #

yes @pahasiga that's exactly what i meant :) that my partner emails me their photo but I will print out the photos for the partner that i'm sending to...if they'd like a hard copy. hope that clears things up @Gofeen :)

maybe there could be another Photo Scavenger Hunt International swap created for email?

twobluecrows 06/17/2010 #

I've had several requests for e-mailing the pics, and if your partner agrees to it, then it's between you. The only real requirement is that you send pictures of 15 of the 30 things on the list

--they don't even have to be individual pictures, if you can take a picture of two or three of the items in one image, that works--as long as they are clearly separate items--like a picture of a loved one standing in front of some old ruins at sunrise would satisfy three items.

You are encouraged to be creative in this swap! I suggest posting here if you are ok with receiving your pictures by e-mail, or if you prefer snail mail--whatever your partner prefers is what you should do.

No fancy albums or anything else is required, just perhaps fun to do. Communicate with your partner and come to some agreement. If in doubt, send pictures by snail mail.

twobluecrows 06/17/2010 #

I prefer mine by e-mail, too!

whosthatgrrl 06/17/2010 #

I would prefer real photos via snail mail.

MissChrissie 06/17/2010 #

I would also prefer realy photos for this swap.

PATHACKER 06/17/2010 #

I'd prefer real ones also

twobluecrows 06/17/2010 #

Just so everyone understands:

By default the pictures should be mailed via the post office.

E-mailing is only an optional method of sending the pictures--if specifically requested.

The sizes are sender's choice, but no smaller than a business card (2" x 3"), unless you arrange it with your receiving partner.

Color, B&W, any artistic aspects--sender's choice

rogo09 06/17/2010 #

e-mail is great for me too.:)

maggie16 06/18/2010 #

I defientely prefer hard copies of photos via snail mail :)

LindyLuLu 06/18/2010 #

I love this...and I "see" a scrapbook mini-book!

Ikat78 06/18/2010 #

To my future partner, you will get real photos:)

robotlove 06/18/2010 #

I would rather send and receive actual photographs but if my partner prefers I send her my photos through e-mail, I can do that as well.

smokeandmirrors 06/18/2010 #

I'd prefer to receive real photo's please.

twobluecrows 06/19/2010 #

WOW! This is my first Top Ten swap! Thanks!!

Please be extra considerate and don't flake!! Large number swaps can be tricky--so I hope everyone here will do the right thing.


Electra 06/19/2010 #

I'm up for doing it by email as well!

kingsalami 06/19/2010 #

Don't bother asking to email me the photos!!! That defeats the purpose of this whole site, to get stuff in the mail.

sandyann59 06/19/2010 #

hi i am a newbie and would love to take part in this swap, i would rather recevie photographs by snail mail.

Ikat78 06/19/2010 #

I would recommend to all senders, in the future if you have special requests just coordinate with your partner.

pahasiga 06/20/2010 #

The purpose of this site is not "getting stuff in mail" (there are plenty of places for that), but making the swap hosting easier by automated partner assignment and feedback (hence the name, swap-bot). I have hosted swaps on another site where I have had to assign partner and keep track of sending by myself - with 50-100 people I wouldn't even want to imagine it.

Coordinating directly with partner is just not interesting. :) I do prefer to get photos by e-mail, but that doesn't mean my partner may not send by snail-mail, so in my case it is more a preference than request.

twobluecrows 06/20/2010 #

kingsalami, I'm sorry you feel some hostility towards the e-mail idea, but the point of this swap technically, is to send pictures of the items on the list, not specifically to get stuff in the mail.

It's unfortunate that there is no e-mail/snail mail swap type, but if your partner really would like to have the pictures sent digitally, and you have digital pics, then how hard would it be? You can request yours to be sent by mail, after all.

On the other hand, if you have pictures from a film camera, and it would be a hardship for you to get them onto a computer, I'm sure your partner will understand--AND the default method of sending pics here in this swap is my snail mail, so the requests for e-mail are just requests, and preferences, not requirements, so please chill out a bit.

We're here to have fun!

Moananui 06/21/2010 #

I love to take photos since I make projects for magazines and my blog, I use my camera every day to send preliminary pictures. Live In Hawaii and this swap sounds perfect. It is my first time doing a swap like this. thanks aloha Lilla

Jacquisking 06/21/2010 #

real pics please. i promise they wont just be led around. I would also like to snail mail the ones i take so hopefully the co-ordinator wont pair me with one you that wants be sent email.

ifluctuate 06/21/2010 #

NO EMAILS FOR ME!! I am going to put a lot of work into this, and would like the same in return. thanks.

clickinkim 06/21/2010 #

I am excited to do this one as well! I would like to receive printed photos though. it is so fun to get fun stuff in the mail instead of junk and bills!

twobluecrows 06/21/2010 #

Jacquisking--the way Swap-bot works, the co-ordinator (me) has no part in how the partners are paired up--it's done randomly by the Swap-bot. However, if you really prefer to mail your pics to your partner, you can, it's the default method to get them out there. However, you might consider e-mailing them too, if your partner expresses a desire to receive them that way--not a requirement!

Note to everyone!

If you receive 15 pictures that are of items on the list, (or fewer if your partner manages to take three items in one pic, for instance) then they deserve a 5, whether you receive them in your e-mail inbox (if you ask for that) or in your mailbox. Please don't make a fuss if you don't get pics by e-mail.

I will be happy to get pictures in any way (though I'd love them by e-mail) because I got flaked on the last time I did this swap. :(

memtree 06/22/2010 #

thanks @twobluecrows for being flexible and replying to our comments.

to my future photo partner, i would prefer that you email me your photos. thank you kindly :)

btw, an idea to make emailing photos extra special, you can do an online album and make it all nice and 'scrapbook' like :)

Shanners 06/22/2010 #

I would like to get my photos by snail mail. I love getting stuff in my mailbox. :D

imburton 06/23/2010 #

I just joined this swap...I've been very busy but could not pass this up :) Excited. Things in the mail are great but if I can print them then I don't care how I receive them as long as they are sent. * I do have a request to the person who gets me as their sender. I will be returning from a Honduras backpacking trip on the 29th of July. I would LOVE to include this swap in my photographing on foreign soil. If I could send just a few days late I promise the photos will make up for it** Please let me know via message :) Thanks

Tinker60 06/24/2010 #

As much as I wish I could send pictures via email, my site only allows about 2 pictures worth at a time so I'd end up having to do numerous emails to get to the 15 count. As for @Gofeen not being able to print from her computer and therefore shouldn't join this swap, her comment doesn't mean she can't provide printed out photos ~ you get them done at Walmart!

twobluecrows 06/24/2010 #

Newbies! Please remember:

"Newbies are welcome if they write me and show that they understand the importance of fulfilling their swap. Everyone deserves a first chance but no one is happy when they get burned!"

I've been getting a few PMs, but not from all of you! If you don't contact me, you run a risk of being banned, especially if you don't have a well-filled out profile.

charlottenc 06/25/2010 #

This sounded like a fun swap but think it's getting too confusing. I think it started out as an actual snail-mail swap and now it's evolved/devolved into a hybrid mail/email swap. I hate to pass, I love taking pics and finding at least 15 items on the list would have been really, REALLY fun, but I'll stick with clear-cut snail mail swaps for now. Sigh.

ArtfulFig 06/26/2010 #

I signed up for this swap ages ago. I love the idea & the themes to search/photograph. I would prefer & really enjoy receiving photos from my swap partner via snail mail not email. I am a tactile & visual person. I will most likely take the photos to my day job. I work in a beige cubicle all day. Boring! So the photos will really brighten my cubicle. Twobluecrows thank you for thinking of this idea & hosting this swap.

twobluecrows 06/26/2010 #

Charlottenc, the default method of sending for this swap is still old fashioned snail mail. If your partner would like e-mail, you may choose to do that for him/her, but it's not a requirement, just another way to make a partner happy.

I realize that it can be a hardship for some film photographers to get the pictures developed and then get them into a computer, so that's why it's not a requirement, just a possible alternative.

charlottenc 06/26/2010 #

twobluecrows, thanks for the response. I'm on board!

twobluecrows 06/27/2010 #

Yay! Glad to have you!

twobluecrows 06/27/2010 #

Artfulfig, you're welcome, I was in the need of some interesting photography and pictures!!

I'm having a little trouble with my printer right now though--out of ink and so I may be scrambling around for a place to print them out--though WalMart is reasonable for 4x6 prints--but my online photo storage place does prints, too for only 9cents each--I may try them!

twobluecrows 06/27/2010 #


If you are signing up, please hurry and don't wait till the last minute.

If you are a watching Newbie, write me before you sign up so you don't get banned at the last minute.

Other watchers--you also risk being banned if you wait till the last few minutes on the 30th--I'd appreciate sooner rather than later so I can vet everyone to reduce the flaker risk that always seems to exist in large number swaps.

Filpot 06/29/2010 #

I've been watching and was hoping to sign up, but have been totally put off by all the discussion about emailing the photos. Surely the whole point is to have photos - you know, oblong pictures that you can hold in your hand, stick on a wall, put in an album, use in an art journal, whatever? Perhaps I just don't get it, but I'm going to wait for a swap where photos are printed and mailed, pure and simple! Good luck to all the participants.

kristy8420 06/29/2010 #

Photo book please, I like getting things in the mail.

kristy8420 06/29/2010 #

Number 1 on the list! How cool is that?! :D

OfficeWeed 06/29/2010 #

I would love to have prints/snail mail. I will be happy to swap with anyone who would prefer to have photos emailed. I LOVE taking photos, so I'm happy either way. Just pm me if you are my partner, with your preferenc =D (I have a digital camera but can just as easily print them....I'm flexible!!)

OfficeWeed 06/29/2010 #

anyone with a walgreens nearby...they are very reasonable in printing. You can upload them online and pick them up when it's convenient for you :)

margaret 06/29/2010 #

NO EMAILS FOR ME!! I love getting things in the mail. please!

Laurenbujo 06/29/2010 #

I'm a newby. I do photography for my fathers alpaca farm and website! I would love for this to be my first "swap" already planning some shots!

candicewelty 06/29/2010 #

I'm a newby too. I joined and I hope you'll allow me to participate. If there's anything I need to do further, let me know. I love photos!!

cushie 06/29/2010 #

I'm a newby as well! I'm very excited~ I love photography!!!

twobluecrows 06/30/2010 #

Filpot and others just not sure--this swap is primarily, and by default to be snail-mailed. If your partner prefers e-mail and you can accommodate them, that's great, but don't fee you have to e-mail the pictures.

To the last three newbies in the comments, I'm letting you stay, because you wrote in here, but please make sure you have all the rules and plan to really be committed to fulfilling your swap.

Anyone else wanting to join now must write me by PM to get in, as I'm assigning partners as soon as I finish going over this list of 106 participants, and it looks like a really good group!
It's June 30 and I will assign partners as soon as I can make it through the list.

h0mesickalien 06/30/2010 #

Oooh I am excited! I have some of the photos done! I love the photo ideas for this scavenger hunt!

rubyhousesliprs 06/30/2010 #

Will you be hosting another swap such as this in the future?

mnsqb 06/30/2010 #

I would love to send/receive my photos by snail mail. My photo program wants me to resize them down to 1x2 or 2x3 in order to send them via email,otherwise I get told my photo memory size is too large. If that small of size is all right with my partner, I'd be willing to email them. I just don't know what they'd enlarge like. (Old computer crashed and HAD to get new computer, and am having slight compatability issue with my old photo program - I'll get figured out yet!!!)

twobluecrows 06/30/2010 #

I've been asked about doing this swap again, and I'm not sure I[ll have time, at least until the fall, but there is another version of this one, it's just USA though, http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/64951

and if anyone else wants to run one later this month or next, feel free to copy down the details or whatever of this one you can use.

mnsqb, what is your photo program? What resolution are the pictures you are sending? Can you send them as .bmp format images? or .gifs?

KumquatGirl 06/30/2010 #

I would love to receive my photos by snail mail pretty please! I'm planning on posting them on the wall next to my desk, imagine it as a kind of photo escape when I'm supposed to be working :)

twobluecrows 06/30/2010 #

Just one more little note from me--if anyone would like to e-mail me their set of pics, I'll e-mail mine back! Just an aside sort of thing, not part of a real swap. Just for fun!you can send to artmail at twobluecrows dot com

If you want them posted online, send them to me and I'll upload them to my photo storage place, fotki.com/twobluecrows it's like Flickr, just different. I don't have a paid Flickr account, so there's not enough room--it someone wants to set up an Flickr Group to share all the pics, please do!

I'll have a fotki album up for any pics I get and anyone can come see them.

DoodleMouse 07/ 1/2010 #

Hi. I am super new and still trying to find my feet about this incredibly exciting site.

I am signed up for this swap and have a partner apparently but have no idea how to see who it is. How do I see who my assigned partner is? Thanks.

hayleeey 07/ 1/2010 #

now when you click on the swap, on the right of the screen there will be a little yellow box with different links in it nder 'Swap member options'-click on "see the partners you send to' and this will open up a new window with your partners name and address. :)

DoodleMouse 07/ 1/2010 #

Silly me. Thanks so much.

Moananui 07/17/2010 #

I have sent my swap but cannot find where to check box that I have done so. Lilla

twobluecrows 07/18/2010 #

Lilla--The "I Sent my stuff" button is in the yellow box in the upper right of this oage of the swap--same place where you find who to send to. Make sure you are logged in so you can see that part.

twobluecrows 07/26/2010 #


My partner is from nearby Amherst, MA, only a quick drive away, but she sent fabulous pics full of oohs and ahs and chuckles! and some pamphlets about local sights as a bonus--encouraging me to take a little day trip! I'm so happy to have gotten pictures this time!

FeeBeeDee 07/27/2010 #

Hey, congratulations! Here is a link to my photos on flickr: Photo Scavenger Hunt International

FeeBeeDee 07/27/2010 #

Well, that didn't work, here is the actual link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phoebe_photo/sets/72157624472694127/

FeeBeeDee 07/28/2010 #

Ok, one more time :o) Phoebe's Photo Set

twobluecrows 08/ 1/2010 #

Great pics, Phoebe! Thanks for sharing!

twobluecrows 08/ 1/2010 #

Ok, I just sent an e-mail to the 24 people who have not yet clicked "Sent". Some have not logged in to SB in a while, so I hope the e-mail will remind them.

If one of those people is your partner, please contact me if you don't receive in a reasonable time, or if your partner seems to have vanished off the face of the earth.

If they communicate with you and have a good reason for being late, please don't go too harsh on hem and give a bad rating, unless you really, really feel the need. However, if your partner never communicates, and never sends, don't hesitate to rate appropriately. If your sending partner is out of the country, and has clicked sent, but you are waiting for snail mail--give it some time, sometimes mailed items can take as long as a month!

Communicate with them to find out when they mailed, and have a little patience.

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