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Jaded Wishes, my blog!

About Me

I've been having a lot of issues and have fallen behind on my swaps, for that I apologise. I'm sending out the last of my "makeup" swaps this week. Please let me know if you do not recieve anything.If you were a partner you should have my personal email, that I will try to check regularly to make sure these are made up.


Hi, I'm a new-ish mom struggling to make life a creative, fun journey.

I never was taught any of the "domestic" things like sewing or cooking so I'm learning everything from scratch!

My son, Jadyn, is a year and a half, born March 31, 2008. He is a firecracker and my little muse. He lives with such zest and approaches everything with a smile and eagerness. It's so amazing the growth we do so young, in such a short amount of time! I'm completely amazed and so in love with the little miracle god granted me.

PLEASE, please adopt your pets from the humane society and spay and neuter! We have to put down hundreds of animals a WEEK due to the sheer amount of cast aside pets.

I would consider myself spiritual but I do believe in God. I do yoga as much as humanly possible as its the only time in my life i can sit still and just breathe. I am an ordained minister though I currently don't belong to any organizations, i do on occasion perform weddings, which i love to do.

We have a toy apricot poodle, Dolce, which is Italian for "sweet" to describe her loving demeanor.She is a spoiled girl and loves living the "pet-child" life. We unfortunately had to leave her with my mom in Phoenix, so I am a little broken hearted.

We got a precious little 3 mo old kitty from the humane society, named 'Mao Mao' since thats what my son calls her.. She's very cute, cuddly and sweet. Shes a dilute calico, mostly light grey and a white underbelly..

I am constantly working on becoming myself as well as being a good mother for my son.

My sizes are Med. Pretty much all the way around, lol. Though I have tiny size 5-6 feet and I'm only 5 ft tall! I have kind of a conservative, fun, style of dress. I like details like ruffles and buttons and 3/4 sleeves.

Crafts and Likes/Dislike

I've been a professional photographer for about 6 years and also enjoy it as a hobby. I teach childrens gymnastics, yoga and dance.

I also like creative writing projects (journaling), collaging, and I'm obsessed with trying to organize my life!

I have a modern/vintage taste as far as decor and colors.. Bold Patterns, bright colors with a retro feel.

I'm really learning to get into "domestic" stuff so anything on cute sewing projects, bright fabrics or cutesy sewing accessories would be great, I don't have anything or even know where to start!!

Also, Cooking. I'm brand new to this as well. I want to learn to make great delicious meals for my family as well as desserts. I have made up a few recipes that turned out super delicious to share!!! I love adorable recipe cards.

BACK TO MY USUAL!! Red/black retro housewife theme for THE KITCHEN. ALSO i love things with blackbird/pies like that nursery rhyme for my kitchen...

My bathroom is in a ocean, mermaid theme with light turquoise/teal, and little bits of maroon/hot pink, purple, white... I'd love any ocean type shells or mermaid stuff..

I love stamps and paper crafts, though I'm just creating a supply kit.

I love and get inspiration from Sark, Curly Girl Designs, Amy Butler and Michael Miller Fabric, Janice Taylor, Crafty Chica and all of the fabulously creative and courageous Etsy people!

I'm french and spanish on my father's side and still exploring this side of myself. I hate the thought that I'd be restricted by my american side and would love to hear other's thoughts on the differences between american and their cultures.

I love pink, sparkly, pink, girly stuff! Anything that is girly and creative! Dark, hot pink is my fav color but baby pink and electric blue take close seconds, I also ADORE red and purple. I'm also totally taken with ocean theme and mermaid stuff. I guess my heart is in the ocean! I really like butterflies too. I'm a sweet, fruity, vanilla or chocolate kind of girl! I love coffee of all flavors and LOVE hot chocolate, mmmmm!

----> FOR CHRISTMAS, i love snowglobes... i love light blue, silver and pink ornaments/accessories.. My fav ornaments are the food/dessert type ones or the new crafting/cooking type ones from Martha Stewart, anything inspired from that would be awesome! I ADORE homemade gift tags/bows or wrapping paper!!

My son is about two years, so anything for him would be primary colors(red, blue, yellow, green). HE IS OBSESSED WITH HORSES RIGHT NOW. It's riddiculous, he goes crazy seeing all the little horse toys and doodads. He also likes Cars, Construction stuff (tools, etc) and Elmo and the Wiggles. He wears about a size 18 mo, though on the small size. Tshirts and pants, no onesies!

I DO NOT like mint ANYTHING please! I also have a latex allergy and an EXTREME ALLERGY TO DATES. No dating. LOL!!!

Favorite Books

As with the rest of my taste, I LOVE good, GIRLY reads. Chic lit like Shopaholic, etc, etc. I LOVE Stephanie Taylor-Wilder, and books about being a parent, and a mom. I also really enjoy creative self help books.

I'm just learning sewing and cooking so books on those would be great as well.

I'm a total, "judge a book" girl so pretty, fun with lots of pictures or lots of wit keeps my attention :)

Favorite Television

I love the Food Challenge shows, like Chopped and Top Chef. I also like Project Runway. I like the crime shows like MENTALIST, CSI, Law and Order, criminal intent. I also LOVED Dollhouse and Sex and the City. I really like workout and dance type videos. My son likes any kids movies or TV as long as there is music!

We don't have TV anymore, so I'd love newer issues of the shows above if anyone could record them??

Favorite Music

I really like a variety of music for bunches of reasons..I love happy music like Collie Colbert, Michael Buble, Jack Johnson, Josh Groban, Gavin DeGraw, Jason Miraz... I like songs that make me remember how fun being in love is. I also like fun girl power anthems. I love angry, broken hearted music with intelligent lyrics like the Used, All American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, Jacks Mannequin, Theory of a deadman. I love country because its pretty much the last romantic music. I love finding new bands!


I'll check them off as I go along!!

*a sewing bag/basket

*Aprons, i love them!!

*A handmade/altered womens tool belt

*A handmade/altered womens tool box

*cute, modern fabric FQ or even half!

*Fabric flowers and bows for my hair! PLEASSSEEE?? :)

*Handmade, upcycled, altered clothes or accessories! I want to have a wardrobe with meaning! I like feminine and delicate styles, and remember I'm petite! Size M.. :)

*Glitter, glitter, glitter!!

*Cooking sprinkles (the sugar ones and the round multicolored sprinkles!)

*Good quality food coloring

*Recipe cards (cuter the better!)

*Ribbon!! Ribbon! Ribbon!!

*Traditions/Rituals.. I love learning about how other people do things and I'd like to teach my son about other cultures as well.

*Stuff from france, I can't help it, I adore france!

*Rubber stamps, other crafting stuff

I don't need:

*scrapbook paper, its coming out of my ears!! LOL


*lip gloss

Sending info!

I wanted to say that I'm a nice person. Meaning, if i'm sent something i don't like and it meets requirements, I'm not going to insult your work by telling you it wasn't good enough or i didn't like it. More over, I would never throw it away either. Art can mean many different things and almost something different to everyone.

You should also know I always give hearts if i feel like effort was put into the package. If you aren't happy with the rating, please contact me, I'm reasonable and we can work something out.

I wanted to warn everyone that I've become a bit of an "Green" nut and your almost guarenteed to get a recycled container holding your swap. It's just better for the environment, then its up to you to toss or re-use (of course, I'm for the latter).

Also, if I forget to rate or you don't receive something get ahold of me! I would NEVER, EVER do this on purpose! I'm raising my son with morals.

I am a STRONG believer in Karma. If you hurt someone, you'll get it back, twice as bad. If you gossip, or steal or cheat, you get it all back. I won't need to get revenge, because it will happen. Maybe not the way I'd like or you'd think but it WILL come back.

Thank you for your consideration. Look forward to swapping with you!


Comment: Thank you! Beautiful scarf, cool book. Thanks for getting it sent.
homeandheart rated for Sparkle Spoons on Mar 5, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for the spoon. Welcome back, and I hope you are okay, and can enjoy more swapping fun!!! I very much appreciate you working to make good on your swaps!!
mystmaiden rated for It's Pink! on Mar 3, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for the think pink swap, I love the gauzy scarf, so pretty. Likewise witn everything else. I had dental surgery today and your package did much to cheer me. Hugs and welcome back!
TallulahSophie rated for A Wife's Tools on Jan 23, 2010
Comment: disappointed that I never got a hammer...was suppose to be sent out in Nov but am still waiting. update...received 1/21 ... I appreciate you sending me the hammer...thank you
ducktapegurl rated for Christmas mittens swap on Jan 22, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the great package! I love the color you chose and I really like the slipper socks :)
cllfdl rated for Pamper the mama swap! on Jan 19, 2010
Comment: Really disappointed as this was for my daughter, luckly i didn't mention this swap to her. Its now 2 months late. Will change when i receive something. Update 30 March 2010 - Still nothing even though she promised to make good.
moowee rated for AH - Share Your Holiday Traditions on Jan 3, 2010
Comment: Thank you for sharing a bit of you life with me. The stocking kit is great.
SecretSheep rated for Inspirational Cussword Banner on Dec 18, 2009
Comment: This was sent nine days after the send-by date. Paper letters on paper triangles as received would have been a good start, but the description required much more than this. Thankyou for your offer to resend, but if I have to explain my idea of embellishments (a swap requirement) to you, as you suggested, I don't think it would be worth the wait. Edited 18Dec: Thankyou for the second banner which is very pretty. Also for the FQs which will be put to good use. I appreciate that you tried hard to make me a happy swapper.
Response: I re-sent out a new one with some goodies, I hope this one is more what you were looking for. Thanks for your patience!!
Comment: Great package, very Christmasy, thanks again!
jumpCricket rated for Teeny Tiny Foodie Stuffie on Dec 15, 2009
Comment: thank you so much for re-sending! It is so cute! Still no sign of the first package. Maybe it will come back to you?
Comment: awesome pkg hun love the recipes and wow the bag of walnuts were supper cool. thanks so much u desire 15 hearts for the walnuts a pound bags awesome hun
Comment: What great recipes! Family recipes are my favorites. And you sent the nuts to use in the Monkey Bread recipe. Thankyou. Cant wait to try it out next weekend when my son is home on leave.
SunBear rated for 25 Days of Christmas-- USA on Dec 12, 2009
Comment: I am not playing a game Do you understand mail get pick up by wrong person and I did not recieved it so I am contacting my landlord see if by chance got package drop off at the office! I am not play a game at all but I do have a theft neighbor love get into my mails that get put in front of my door and I get home noticed there a box or pile of magazines. Like I said I AM TRYING TO FIND MY PACKAGE YOU DO NOT WANTED TO ACCEPT IT! I understand you got INFORMATION that not point I DO NOT HAVE IT and I am TRYING to relocated my package! I give a five for this lost package I am never going to find out who took it so I am leave at that
Response: I'm really upset your having so many issues. Alot of work and money was put into making this swap special for you. I would contact the post office and tell them your having issues with mail theft. Best of luck. 0403 8042 0030 1007 3719
Kicki rated for A Luciagift for your child on Dec 11, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much, Elliot was very excited to see a parcej that was just his :) I hope that your son likes his too :)
Response: I'm sure he'll love it.. My mom said it is there waiting for us!!
beadeful rated for Deck the Halls - Ornament Swap on Dec 9, 2009
Comment: Thanks Jeannie for a very cute and shiny ornament. It shall help keep a ray of sunshine in my tree throughout the season and for seasons to come.
Response: It was too cute to pass up and I thought of you immediately though I was concerned it might have been a little TOO cute! Thanks for the heart!! :o)
SunBear rated for A piece of cake!! on Dec 8, 2009
Comment: The cake damaged so bad it not a cake mix at all
Response: I'm sorry it got so banged up. I will try to get another one out, ASAP! :o)
candigirl rated for Dinnertime! on Dec 8, 2009
Comment: Jeannie, What a lovely package you send, all the way from Hawaii!! The towels and potholder are lovely, and the cookie cutters may be used on the tree as deco's with a red ribbon bow....and you are so right, the cookbook has some REALLY yummy looking recipes!! Can't wait to try them, and impress the family!! (haha!) Thanks so much, I love everything!! --your swap pal, Sandi--
Response: I thought they were cute, good luck with the family!! Thanks for the heart!
sjonsmom rated for Letters to Santa on Dec 7, 2009
redsockz rated for XMAS DOOR HANGER/WREATH USA on Dec 3, 2009
Comment: Thanks! I liked the xmas words on the wreath.
Response: i thought you could take out or add decorations so it could be different every year. Thats what i do with mine! :o)

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tishous on Jan 5, 2010:

Thanks so much for the postcard! We have a no-kill shelter near by that people keep telling me to adopt from (I hope to get a cat soon) to which I always wonder "Why would I adopt there when I can save one from being killed?" I'm all for no-kill shelters, but as it is, my conscious would never allow me to get an animal from there. ANYWAYS, so obviously, I loved the card :). Whew.

tyingknots on Jan 2, 2010:

Thank you sooo much for the Holiday Humane Society postcard !! It was such a neat surprise !! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2010 !! ~Take Care~ Sharon

hippofairy on Dec 28, 2009:

thank you so much for the sweet holiday postcard! i love the Humane Society and we have adopted almost all our dogs from the Honolulu Humane Society. the dog we have now is a retired working dog that was sent to the training center from a shelter too. :) thank you for the holiday wishes! and Happy New Year to you and your family too!

RyeRye on Dec 26, 2009:

AwtemNymf on Dec 24, 2009:

I'll be your ray of f-ing sunshine anyday! Heck- I'll blow sunshine up your ahhhhhhh! lol :) Merry Christmas!

WonderMama on Dec 20, 2009:

Hi there! I was just wondering if you received my letter from the AH-Holiday Tradition swap-hope you did!! Take Care-WM

RyeRye on Dec 12, 2009:

hohohoho my ass!

Zion on Dec 11, 2009:

thank you so much for helping out as angel he will love the goodies, especially the football ornament hes so eays to please

grimmlynn on Dec 8, 2009:

Happy Holidays!

Crafting Queens

grimmlynn on Nov 16, 2009:

Thank you for the bottlecap stuff. I had actually forgotten about the kit until I read the note. LOL. It's funny because I just got into making them and could always use more supplies. ~HUGS~

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