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Swap categories: Postcards 
Number of people in swap:198
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Rating requirement:4.95 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:November 24, 2012
Date items must be sent by:November 30, 2012
Number of swap partners:1

This is a collaborated swap between myself and Susieq11 :) The info comes from a New Jersey facebook page found here: http://www.facebook.com/about.new.jersey

This is a very special swap for someone who lost a lot in hurricane Sandy. We may not be able to replace things a person has lost in such cases of devastation but we can reach out and do a small thing with a big impact. This lady has lost so much including her massive postcard collection from all over the world. Here is her story:


Can you help a friend of a friend out who lives in Brant Beach? One of the things that she lost, which can never truly be replaced but had a lot of meaning to her, was her extensive postcard collection from all over the world. Here is her message...

For all of you who have asked me: "what can I do?" I finally thought of something! It may seem silly in the face of so much devastation and believe me, I count my blessings over and over.

One of the things I lost was an extensive collection of postcards sent to me over a lifetime from every continent (including Antarctica!) maybe no monetary value, but they were written with love, some by people who have passed on that I will never hear from again. In the spirit of starting over and rebuilding, I ask that you send me a postcard (please no virtual ones, I'm talking with a stamp and postmark) my address is

Laura Maschal

4603 Long Beach Blvd,

Brant Beach, NJ 08008.

Eventually there will be postal service again and I will receive it. Thank you!


Lets flood Laura's mailbox with postcards!! So for this swap you will send one postcard to your partner and one to Laura.

Since it is not possible to track and know for sure that all swappers send BOTH postcards out, only trustworthy swappers with great ratings will be allowed to take part in this swap. NO FLAKERS! NO recent ones or threes.

EDIT: It has been decided to allow unrated swappers on a case by case basis. Please join only if you know you are going to commit to sending to both your partner and Laura. Also, on the cards sent to Laura, could we please put something to indicate where the card is from ie: "swap bot swap: Postcards for Laura" or something as such.. thank you!

Please check your partners profile to see what they would like.. postcards may be sent either naked and written on or blank and in an envie to your partner (their preference), but lets send the ones to Laura naked and written on please! :)


ButterflyQueenBee 11/14/2012 #

Such a great idea...I can't wait to do this one!

susieq11 11/14/2012 #

Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far!!!

Drachenfrau 11/14/2012 #


Ikat78 11/14/2012 #


hkappes 11/14/2012 #

Do we have any idea what Laura's favorite types of postcards are?

susieq11 11/14/2012 #

No @hkapppes I'd go with touristy - seems she collected them worldwide.

tmdockery 11/14/2012 #

What a great idea :-)

tmdockery 11/14/2012 #

I just sent my card to Laura. I hope it brightens her day!

JenniferMernastin 11/14/2012 #

I am happy to send one from Australia. Seeing that Laura had a worldwide collection, it is nice to see swappers also intending to send postcards from other countries, as well as the USA. Great idea, SFreer and Suzieq11. :)

SFreer 11/14/2012 #

wow..I just got home from work.. awesome to see so many people sign up for this! thank you so much everyone! :) I'm sure Laura will be so happy!! :)

DesertUnicorn 11/14/2012 #

I'm disappointed that newbies can't join. I can understand how sad it would be to lose all that, but can't participate in the swap. This is one swap that I really can't understand that rule for. I'll send Laura a card anyway...

susieq11 11/14/2012 #

@DesertUnicorn - go ahead and join. We'll check all profiles before we assign partners.

michst74 11/14/2012 #

This is such a wonderful idea... I'll be putting a few postcards in the mail to Laura over the next week. I know how postcards can put a smile on my face (on any given normal day) so I'm sure they'll help make things seem more normal for Laura (or maybe just help evoke a smile).

catladybj 11/14/2012 #

I cannot sign up for this swap as I am in a HOLE here at SB...but I have a stack of postcards here and have addressed 2 tp send tp LAURA. glad you guys caught that and that I saw it here. thanks

sweetsaltfish 11/15/2012 #

I'll have a PC in the mail to Laura tomorrow...So happy I can participate and help put a smile on her face...

AZmom875 11/15/2012 #

I just sent a card to Laura and will sign up closer to date, and probably send a second one.

savannahjan 11/15/2012 #

Love the idea of the swap. Sadly, I only send NMS stamped envies and don't want to chance a partner who wants BIE. So, I'm just going to send on my own. But I love seeing how many people are on board! She'll be so excited!

susieq11 11/15/2012 #

Thank you everybody!!! So nice!!
Thanks, @catladybj - hope you get your swaps up to date soon too!!

SFreer 11/15/2012 #

thank you for this great response everyone! I'm sure Laura will be blown away by all the postcards she is going to receive over the next while. Actually, I"m pretty sure the post office will be also! LOL! @catladybj good luck getting things sorted out and getting caught up... I hope it goes smooth!

kathiec 11/15/2012 #

I'm not joining the swap--but I'm sending 2 cards to Laura.....

patty 11/15/2012 #

I perfer my card in an envie. Hope the cards help Laura get back to normal.

thebragal 11/15/2012 #

I don't have a big collection so instead of signing up, I'm just gonna send one anyways. Something small I can do. Can't donate because my cat is sick and so far, already cost $400!

susieq11 11/15/2012 #

Thanks @thebragal !!! Even a little kindness from a stranger can go a long way!!!! : )

craftybarbie 11/15/2012 #

What a wonderful idea to make her happy, I will enjoy sending postcards.

Littletiscrafty 11/15/2012 #

I also have sent to Laura thanks.

chrissybaby 11/15/2012 #

Great idea! I have just joined in :)

cathlud 11/15/2012 #

I have already sent Laura a postcard. I will send another one when partners are assigned for this swap.

susieq11 11/15/2012 #

Thank you thank you!!!!

theirmimi 11/15/2012 #

Nice of you to do this! I'm not signing up for the swap because I'm going out of town for a while, but will put a couple of cards in the mail to Laura.

newrule 11/15/2012 #

Bravo both hosts!!! Good Job!! Mailing a postcard from Malaysia for Laura....

GrammaSherry 11/15/2012 #

A card from Alberta Canada. Not joining as I don't collect PC's.

susieq11 11/15/2012 #

Thank you for your generosity everyone!!

iLoveMail 11/16/2012 #

Sending a card to Laura today :) Great idea, thanks @SFreer

Marsha907 11/16/2012 #

I'm sending 2 on my own. Not joining swap at this time. She'll love all the support & friendship.

chewytulip 11/16/2012 #

I'm not going to join this swap, but I am DEFINITELY sending Laura a pc. Thanks for posting it up here!

susieq11 11/16/2012 #

Thank you all!!!

SFreer 11/16/2012 #

thank you so much everyone for sending a card to Laura! special thanks to those sending without even joining the swap.. :) I'm sure Laura will be so happy when all this mail starts flooding her mailbox! thank you all also for making this the number 3 swap today! YEAH!

sherig47 11/16/2012 #

Not joining the swap but have a cute sc PC to send Laura.

LisaLuEulalie2 11/16/2012 #

Didn't join, but sending 3 off to Laura. What a great community this is!!

inthewild 11/17/2012 #

Posting to Laura from South Africa today; well done hosts!!

susieq11 11/17/2012 #

Thank you!!!!

Apelser 11/17/2012 #

Definitely joining this one. I'm posting mine to Laura on Monday from Sout Africa and I might not just stop at one - will see - maybe a postcard a month to her......:-)

SFreer 11/17/2012 #

:) thank you all for this!!

Maggmurp 11/17/2012 #

Just sent a bunch of postcards to Laura. I like to get pc's in The mail so I thought I would send a lot of them to Laura. Hopefully she will find some comfort in all the pc's that everyone is sending.

Noisy 11/17/2012 #

I am quite new to this swap page and I really think this is a great start for swapping. I have bought a brandnew notebook today, where I want to write in my swap partners and in and outgoing mail for the next time and Laura's ad is the first one I wrote in, so she can be sure to get a couple of pc from time to time :-) BTW: is Laura a member of this site, too, or is she just wondering, where all the pc's came from?

susieq11 11/17/2012 #

She is not a member but I'm contacting her to let her know! You can tell her you're on swap-bot on your postcard.

MamaMangrove 11/18/2012 #

I'm not joining swap, but will send off a couple to Laura asap.

penpallingfool 11/18/2012 #

I will be sending a few to her <3

susieq11 11/18/2012 #

Thank you!!!

Vanillacreamteas 11/18/2012 #

Sending one from London UK!! XXX

Prpldy 11/19/2012 #

I am not. Joning swap, but will be mailin seeral postcards to Laura as I have collected some from places I have been. Love the idea of this swap, and so happy to see swap-botters jumping to help Laura.

susieq11 11/19/2012 #

Thank you both!!! : )

Prpldy 11/19/2012 #

Pc stamped and ready for todays mail:-)

tanjch 11/19/2012 #

love the idea, but can't join because i'm out of town then - but still sending her one from "good old" Slovenia :)

BlueberryLady 11/19/2012 #

11/19- I am addressing one to her right now and it will go in mail tomorrow.

dakotadee 11/19/2012 #

going to send some from my neck of the woods in USA. She will be so surprised to get so much happy mail..:)

Aryphena 11/19/2012 #

I'm not joining this swap but I will send Laura some of my collection which I'm no longer collect postcard.

susieq11 11/19/2012 #

Thank you!!! So nice of you all!!!!!

Margothecat 11/19/2012 #

I will also be sending her cards, plus a SASE so she can tell me what topics she collects.......if I hear back from her I will let the host know so she can pass on that information. It blesses me that so many of you are sending her cards! She will be delighted, I'm sure!

susieq11 11/19/2012 #

Thank you, @Margothecat !!!!!

SFreer 11/20/2012 #

thank you so much everyone!! what great hearts swapbotters have!! :)

Crazipurplelady 11/20/2012 #

Susieq11, can you tell me, does she prefer them written on or blank? I have many from around the world that I have received in swaps that are written on and I would be more than happy to send her some of those. I will also send some blank ones too, of course from here in California!

Thanks and maybe you can get her to join us here at Swap-bot!

susieq11 11/20/2012 #

I'd stick to written by you to her or just blank.

susieq11 11/20/2012 #

Thank you!!! : )

SFreer 11/20/2012 #

wow!! we are number 1!! thank you so much everyone!! :)

Naeco 11/20/2012 #

Sent one out that was FL themed. It feels good to know my PC will be part of her tribute-collection. (=

smadronia 11/21/2012 #

I have one to send now, it will go out tomorrow, and I'll send another one out when I send to my partner.

susieq11 11/21/2012 #

Thank you!!!

papercaper 11/21/2012 #

Sending from Australia. Hey, it's almost Antarctica! ;)

Noisy 11/21/2012 #

sent one PC today :-)

cgoltz 11/21/2012 #

I am not signing up for the swap because of the international rate of $1.05 and I have so many over seas holiday cards to send out for Christmas now. But I will send her a pc from MI.

susieq11 11/21/2012 #

Thank you!! I'm really thrilled with how kind everyone is!!!!! I appreciate it very much. It's so nice that people are sending without signing up - big thanks!!! : )

sebastian122 11/21/2012 #

Had friends over last night and I told them we had a project for the evening. I got out my pile o' cards and we dug through, each looking for their perfect card. They went in the mail today. =D

SFreer 11/21/2012 #

thank you so much everyone! @sebastian122 awesome! thank you!

TexyDeb 11/22/2012 #

I will be sending Laura from Santorini (Thira), Greece, tomorrow. God Bless all those involved in helping Laura. This is a VERY giving thing to do.

susieq11 11/22/2012 #

Thank you,Debra!!!!! : )

rguldy 11/22/2012 #

Not joining but sending one from Iowa to Laura on Black Friday.

dally 11/22/2012 #

I'm not signing up for the swap, I don't collect pc's, and the postage is expensive, but I've sent one on to Laura, from New Brunswick, Canada.

TeePeeMaiden 11/22/2012 #

I may not join in on this swap due to taking care of what I have on the go, but I have time to send her one from Ontario, and Newfoundland Canada. Then after Christmas I will send her another 1or2. What a great thing you girls are doing. I love swap-bot.

MichelleWillow 11/22/2012 #

Will be mailing a PC from Croatia tomorrow to Laura. Thank you girls for such a thoughtful swap. ♥

susieq11 11/22/2012 #

Thank you thank you thank you!!

ebgroovy 11/22/2012 #

love this swap! Have some speacial post cards I am sending to Laura.! ...and I will also make a card of encouragement....thanks for doing this swap!! I have many friends in NY that have been affected and I understand what they are feeling!!!

SFreer 11/22/2012 #

aw..thank you so much everyone! You guys are all so awesome! :)

kgeslab 11/23/2012 #

I am not joining the swap, but I am sending her a card from the United Arab Emirates. The Christmas Camel should be a funny addition to her collection, but I only have 1.

winniethepooh 11/23/2012 #

How nice aswap is this, to loose personal things , you can never replace them, i had a house fire and lost alot and also my children, but we are all safe, thinkinking of you.ove jennifer

Maggie249 11/23/2012 #

Laura is on the way today from Texas

susieq11 11/23/2012 #

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!

kbk 11/23/2012 #

I will be sending a postcard to Laura, but will not be joining the swap. Great idae.

draco 11/23/2012 #

i'm sending one out to her

savannahjan 11/23/2012 #

She's very aware of the swap. :) She looked up the website after she got such a slew of postcards that said "swapbot" on them. She is totally excited!

daisydayz 11/23/2012 #

A post card from Wales in the UK will be on its way to Laura in the morning!

CENDING 11/23/2012 #

I sent a postcard to laura today. :-)

susieq11 11/23/2012 #

Thank you!!!!!!!!

One more day to sign up!!!

SFreer 11/24/2012 #

@savannahjan that is awesome! thank you for letting us know.. :)

choke 11/24/2012 #

I sent my cards to her yesterday!

mariejessie 11/24/2012 #

I finally found postcards to send, so I can join! Though I live in a state that does enjoy tourism, it isn't easy to find postcards in my area. Today I found that a local bookstore does have some! Yay! Post card will be on its way to NJ from NH on Monday!

Shannoncollar 11/24/2012 #

I'll send Laura a card, but not officially joining. Thanks for posting this.

wolfeagle 11/24/2012 #

I'm not going to join the swap, but I did send Laura several postcards, both naked and in an envelope for her to use. Plus I'm sharing her story, so maybe others will send something also. Thanks for letting us know about Laura and her postcard collection.

flipflopsqueen 11/25/2012 #

I saw this swap to late and it wouldn't let me join but I did send her some postcards anyway! Thant is a sweet thing and I am sure she will love it! Great idea!!

SFreer 11/25/2012 #

Just before I hit the "assign partners" button this morning, I went through again and banned a few people who had recent 1's and/or 3's. If your recent poor rating was due to an unreasonable partner or a misunderstanding and I didn't have time to communicate with you about it, I'm sorry. I really need to do all I can to protect the swappers in a swap of this size due to the sheer magnitude of having to angel it. Thank you so much to all who joined and especially to those who sent Laura a postcard but didn't join this swap. Your all angels! Now to hit the assign button... :)

susieq11 11/25/2012 #

Thank you @SFreer and all who joined and sent to Laura!!!!!

soyprincesa2 11/27/2012 #

Wow! This is so exciting! With 198 swappers signed up and many many more who are didn't sign up, but are going to send her a postcard anyway..... WOW!!! She is going to recieve hundreds of postcards!!!!! I wish we could see a photo with her and all her postcards (after the swap closes).

sandyponey 11/27/2012 #

Mailed 3 to Laura today. Just couldn't make up my mind and wanted to share views of where I live. Love that you all are doing this. From the sounds of her F.B. talk, she's totally grooving on it too. Happy holidays to you all.

funkhoup 11/27/2012 #

I'm sending 2 VA postcards to Laura. Didn't join swap but sure wanted to participate. Swapbotters are awesome people!!!!!

estromberg 11/27/2012 #

I love my extended Swap-Bot family!!! They do such wonderful things!! PC's on the way....................:)

Tanika 11/29/2012 #

Sent the PC to Laura and my partner as well !

art3osb 11/29/2012 #

I sent mine out yesterday and forgot to mark SENT so I marked it today. I have to remail Laura's because the po made a boo boo and sent hers back to me.I better not have to pay postage again.

winniethepooh 11/30/2012 #

I have sent some postcards to Laura, my thoughts are with Laura and her family

susieq11 11/30/2012 #

Thank you all for your generosity and kindness!!!

Noisy 12/ 1/2012 #

There must be more than 200 pc reaching Lauras mailbox! Holds anybody the connecting to her? What does she say about this? And what was the postman thinking???

ebgroovy 12/ 1/2012 #

I sent out Laura post cards...could not make up my mind on which one lol...and I might just send out another this week to her..found some of my travels.....lol... also...sent my partner in Germany hers...the thing is...forgot to mark it earlier on here...oh well...hope she gets it soon... it's my first international swap! thank you so much for doing this swap...loved it!! elena....

ebgroovy 12/ 1/2012 #

I sent out Laura post cards...could not make up my mind on which one lol...and I might just send out another this week to her..found some of my travels.....lol... also...sent my partner in Germany hers...the thing is...forgot to mark it earlier on here...oh well...hope she gets it soon... it's my first international swap! thank you so much for doing this swap...loved it!! elena....

susieq11 12/ 1/2012 #

@Noisy , I have passed on my email to her via a friend of hers and also wrote to her. So far I haven't heard from her yet.

SFreer 12/ 2/2012 #

It saddens me to see that there are people who have still not sent to their partners... I really hope that those who have not sent yet have all been in contact with their partners about sending late.. remember communication is the key!

CWarner 12/11/2012 #

Do we know that Laura has been receiving her cards? A friend of mine told me that the area on Long Beach Island where Laura lives was really decimated and I've been wondering if she's been getting all her mail. I hope she has and that she's happy to have a new start on another postcard collection! Maybe at some point in the future she will join us here on 'the bot'!

susieq11 12/14/2012 #

@CWarner - I've tried to get in touch via mail and also through a friend of a friend... So far no answer : (

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