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Intl: Hot Drink and a Magazine

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Intl: Hot Drink and a Magazine
Swap Coordinator:Rillaith (contact)
Swap categories: Food  Books  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:57
Last day to signup/drop:February 1, 2008
Date items must be sent by:February 15, 2008
Number of swap partners:1

There's no better way to spend an afternoon than curling up on a sofa with a nice cup of tea and a good magazine - so that's exactly what we're going to swap!

Personally, I'm addicted to craft magazines. I've even got subscriptions to two of them - and more than I can fit on my shelves :) Every time I go abroad, I'm on the look out for interesting new ones - and it's great to see the differences in styles and fashions between them.

For this swap, you will send your partner 1 new magazine from your country (with any freebies that may come with it still attached), and at least 2 single-servings of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or similar hot drink (other ideas include mulled wine/cider spices, a particularly yummy cup'a'soup, etc). Please try and use things that come in little packages rather than loose leaves, granules or powder, but if you have an especially nice drink, you may seal it in a pristine ziplock bag, as long as you label the outside with what it contains. Small packages containing 2-3 servings are also fine in place of individual single servings.

When you join this swap, please list your magazine preferences (eg "women's weeklies", "current affairs", "crafts" - try not to be too specific) and any hot drink preferences (eg "no caffeine").

Fine print: 1 partner, international, newbies welcome with a full profile (but message me as well, please), no recent no-sends, and a good rating. If in doubt, message me! :)

I will email or PM everyone to make sure that they have posted their preferences by the time the swap starts, but please help me out by remembering to do so!


Rillaith 01/ 5/2008 #

I prefer craft magazines - stamping, general papercrafts, mixed media, variety crafts, etc!

I love teas, I can only drink decaff coffee (but miss it), and I love hot chocolate. I even love soups - but no mushroom blech! :) No aniseed, licorice, or grapefruit due to allergies :(

SooticasDream 01/ 5/2008 #

Magazines I like are craft,

paranormal (ghosts, UFOs weird experiences etc),

spiritual/alternative faith (particulary Pagan/Wiccan),

music (goth/rock/metal)

& puzzle magazines. (I LOVE crosswords & arrow-words & getting addicted to Suduko!!

I'm NOT a "Take A Break", "Womans Weekly" sort of gal.(ZZZZZ)

I'll drink anything but nothing that contains real strawberries as I'm allergic :( (trust me to be allergic to something I LOVE the taste of) & like Rillaith I don't like mushrooms!

Suzanne 01/ 5/2008 #

I would squee a lot if I got a knitting magazine from anywhere besides the US or a magazine in a language other than English, but I like damn near anything. Oh, just pick a mag that looks fun.

I don't like caffeinated beverages.

kristieward1974 01/ 5/2008 #

Love to drink anything hot, just no cinnamon.....

magazines any thing goes. I knit and cross stitch and read all the time I have time time when kids are in activities and read anything I can get hands on.

saranyamc 01/ 5/2008 #

I like quilting,crafting,home decoration magazines. Especially, Blue prints magazines which I couldn't find here in Bangkok. Definitely you'll get my heart;)

AnnieOakleaves 01/ 6/2008 #

hi! i like craft or any sewing magazines and home dec magazines. im not picky on the drink. :)

Jox 01/ 6/2008 #

great swap! I love general craft mags (the ones with lot's of different projects), Martha Stuart, Adorn, Blueprint(I know it's being discontinued so a recent back copy would make me happy). I'm not into instant coffee but apart from that I drink most things.

littleangel 01/ 7/2008 #

hi!what a great idea! i love Us magazines,exspecially Womans day ,family circle or us baby. for drinks i really like black flavored teas or hot chocolate,don t like coffee:-)))

Pinkyrocks 01/ 7/2008 #

may i introduce myself: pinkyrocks = magazine addict ;) i love every magazine! esp. crafty/home dec/gossip/fashion/animals! with drinks I'd go for hot chocolate! and tea and coffee! just nothing with too many spices...

mirandamolenaar 01/ 8/2008 #

Hi I absolutely love home decorating magazines, especially those especially for childrens rooms . Also any craft magazines (sewing, quilting, amirigumi, and especially those lovely Japanese craft/sewingmagazines with cute stuffies/amigurimis or bags) The language could be english, japanese, dutch, german or french.

For the drink: no caffeine please, anything else is fine!

spoonergregory 01/ 8/2008 #

I absolutely adore cookery and food magazines - general ones, baking ones or vegetarian ones (Don't worry if you send one with meaty recipes - I can make them for my husband!).

I also love interesting art and craft magazines , interiors magazines and high-end fashion magazines like Vogue.

As for the drink I'd prefer tea or hot chocolate, but anything is fine!

larkinhm 01/ 8/2008 #

Decaf coffee or tea for me,please. I'd love any craft magazine from another country which would include a Japanese craft/sewing magazine and/or any knitting/crocheting magazine!

Crystalcat 01/ 8/2008 #

Hot chocolate or tea is fine by me. Haven't tried herbal teas so this may be a good time to try :-)

Any stitching magazines or homemaking/cooking magazines. I also love the paranormal - although I do have a subscription to Fate and Fortune and Chat It's Fate magazines here in the UK.

hoppyloo 01/ 9/2008 #

Hi... My magazine preferences would be craft and cooking/food/baking I love tea and hot chocolate, and my DH will drink coffee, but PLEASE no Cuppa soup! Looking forward to this one :)

lmdesign7 01/ 9/2008 #

I like craft, quilting, decorating Magazines. I am fine with any drinks (dark hot chocolate, cider, flavored coffee mixes, black or herbal teas etc...) or soups.

TheCraftaholic 01/10/2008 #

I love food and cooking magazines of ANY kind. I also love knitting and crocheting magazines, and vintage craft (McCalls) magazines. I love Chai so a nice instant chai would be nice. I do love flavoured (hazelnut) coffee as well.

audreyrivera735 01/12/2008 #

I like craft and any forgein fashion magazines :crochet today or any hip crochet magazine . As for foreign fashion magazines suprise me!!! Hugz!

Moonwalkmazza 01/13/2008 #

I'd love a magazine on the arts, home style (Martha Stewart, Country Living), cookery, sewing, puzzles, classical music, high end fashion (Vogue etc), anything in a foreign language or healthy living. Pretty easy to please really! :o)

eor1122 01/13/2008 #

I love cooking & craft magazines-paper crafts, stamping, scrapbooking, kids, glass

I'd love any kind of hot drink except coffee....I think I'm probably the only person on earth that hates coffee, but I love just about everything else.

Winnie 01/14/2008 #

Must the magazines be in english language? Its an international swap, but in my country I only find spanish, maybe portuguese language. ://

Rillaith 01/17/2008 #

Sorry for the delay in responding to comments here. I just wanted to confirm that there is no requirement that the magazine be in English - this is an international swap, and the fun of it is to get a magazine that (hopefully) you wouldn't be able to get normally.

I saw a few people already mentioned that they would be excited to get a foreign-language magazine, but if your country has a different national language to your partner's and you are in any way concerned, you can always look for a magazine with plenty of pictures!

You could even give a translated sumary of one or two of the articles if you wanted, or if there is something in the magazine that you think your partner will be particularly interested in - but this is absolutely not a requirement :)

Personally, although it's definitely easier to read an English-language magazine, I'm looking forward to any language (although I bet I catch one of the other UK swapppers signed up!) - I used to be reasonably good at French & German and having a passing familiarity with Spanish courtesy of a near-fluent mother teaching me at a young age!

applejax 01/18/2008 #

For magazines, I like: fashion, travel, and cooking

For drinks, I don't drink coffee or tea, but will be more than happy with anything else :)

Winnie 01/19/2008 #

I love craft magazines, specially knitting magazines!! I love magazines that come with freebies. I like fashion magazines too. I love tea, loose tea. (specially herbal, fruit) I love coffee I love chocolate

Im easy to please!

marianenita 01/19/2008 #

Any hot drink is fine with me, except for coffee. I esp love chocolate, but tea or any other drink will make me happy too :-) I love craft magazines (but not cross stitch). I'm into most kinds of crafts, check my profile if you want to know more.

Ceinwyn 01/21/2008 #

Hi everyone,

I'm glad to read that foreign language magazines are not an issue because the amount of English magazines can be quite limited in the magazine stands around here :o)

As for the hot drinks : I like hot chocolate and teas (regular, flavoured, herbal, floral, spicy). No coffee though : I manage to drink it (if I have to) with loads of sugar and milk but it still gives me a headache.

As for the magazines : they can be in English, French, Dutch, Italian or Spanish and my preference goes to travel, crafts and cat stuff. If you cannot find something you think is suitable, my significant other is completely into sudoku (difficulty level 5 or 6, which make it harder to find unfortunately). So that would be appreciated also :o)

Shash 01/21/2008 #

I prefer craft-type magazines, and any hot drink tickles my fancy: coffee, tea or cocoa. Thanks!

Rillaith 01/23/2008 #

Any American botters who were in DixieWitch's swap are of course more than welcome to join this swap too, should there be any doubt - but please note that this is not for a coffee mug, nor is restricted to coffee drinks only.

I havne't adjusted the dates, as they were already allowing for a week or two after DW's swap, which she has had to cancel. ({hugs} for DW)

bluehairedmary 01/25/2008 #

I love craft magazines (Knitting, crochet, quilting, jewelry making, paper art, art, photography, etc.), cultural magazines (Giant Robot), and some political mags (Adbusters, Bust, etc). Of course, int'l mags with a craft theme would be great! No fashion mags please!

I drink tea and coffee! I can't wait for this swap!

8miau8 01/26/2008 #

Hi! What a great idea! That's what I love to do: a cup and a zine! awesome!

I love craft magazines (felt, fabric, cross-stitch) and Home decoration.

Tea, coffee or chocolate are welcome at any kind (herbal, fruity, spicy, nutty, light, strong). No soups please.

mardiward 01/27/2008 #

I love craft and 'home' magazines....cooking,decorating, anything Christmas! Prefer no Martha Stewart....Would love to get an Int'l mag...english language if possible!

For hot drinks...I'm easy! Just no licorice flavoring and no flavored coffee. Love regular/decaf coffee's and tea...herbal...hot lemonade....

This is going to be fun! I know I will LOVE whatever arrives!

Happy swapping! Mardi

hildetsj 01/27/2008 #

I like...coffee but also tea!!! and the magazine, maybe about country style, if that is available. You see, we do have different magazines in Belgium, but we don't have all that is mentioned here. So,I hope my partner is okay with anything that looks like whatever she likes. oh well, we will see...

sassymassey 01/27/2008 #


I love magazines in other languages, ladies/teen magazines, general craft magazines.

Love coffee, but no coffee maker. No sweet drinks please. I love tea!!!


eor1122 01/27/2008 #

wow I'm not the only one that doesn't like coffee.....kewl

Katyushka 01/27/2008 #

Please NO coffee or tea. Herbal is fine, like teas with chamomile only, but I don't drink any kind of black, green, white, or chai teas. Sorry to be difficult on that one! Chocolate, cider, soup, etc are all great. Especially chocolate :)

Mags: USA: Anything except gossip rags like US Weekly or Okay. Intl: Anything with lots of happy pictures, since I can only read English. Fashion, crafting, home deco,photography etc.

Katyushka 01/27/2008 #

Oh, and I totally agree with Mardi--I will like anything that comes! This IS going to be fun! :)

eclecticsw 01/27/2008 #

I really love crochet magazines, animal magazines, mags like Woman's Day, Family Circle, etc....Decorating mags are welcome, also. I like herbal teas and hot chocolate. I love coffee, but right now I'm expecting and coffee isn't on my good side, at least as I write this. :)

minica 01/28/2008 #

I love knitting magazines, but I read whatever I can get my hands on! :)

Drink tea, cocoa and coffee, but not very fond of soups.

I'm easy to please, I think.

Ceinwyn 01/30/2008 #

Update :

By reading the other comments I just thought of other magazines, but as I cannot edit my first comment, I'll add this one.

Addition themes for mags : cooking, nature/cultural (Nat. Geographic kind), history, news, ... oh well, anything goes except for gossip, sports and fashion (seeing all those size O is just depressing :o))

SheWhoMust 01/30/2008 #

Hi everyone: I like coffee, tea and hot chocolate! I would love it if I got a regional magazine or a news/current affairs magazine. I also like knitting (but I do subscribe to VK and Interweave.)

augustmoon849 01/30/2008 #

Hi all, I would love any magazine related to paper crafts or art. The more obscure the better! If it is a US partner, please try to find something local & representative to your part of the country. Knitting is acceptable too - but a definite second. Please no current affairs, news, celebrities, etc.

Please NO coffee or hot chocolate - prefer Chai and spiced teas.

Thanks in advance.

wm2006 01/30/2008 #

crosstitch (stamped or counted) magazines and craft magazines I like and also women's magazines

mazzam 01/30/2008 #

I would love a knitting magazine (although I subscribe to Interweave, knitting and simply knitting) any textile craft (except cross stitch) or paper craft. I don't like 'ordinary' tea but do drink green and white teas and love coffee or chocolate. Anything with ginger would be particularly welcome. Thanks

InceyWincey 01/31/2008 #

I'm pretty easy to please but for bonus points I'd love magazines on crafts, travel, cooking/food, science (though I have a New Scientist subscription) or I'd love magazines on Kung Fu for my fella! Thanks!

mwquilt 01/31/2008 #

I like craft magazines about stamping, altered art, vegetarian and dessert cookery, cardmaking and papercraft,mixed media art,folk art,fibercrafts, most other crafts and Asian themes, how to paint, embroidery. Anything with nice pictures that I can use in atc making or collage.I am interested in new age spirituality and Buddhism. I like to knit socks but do not really sew clothes.

I read English and French but am happy to get other foreign magazines if the pictures are nice, or if the patterns are diagrammed so they can be understood.

I prefer not to have gossip/celebrity/womens stories/horror /puzzle or childcare magazines.

I really love green tea and China/Japan tea but will appreciate anything I receive. Often I use the pretty teabag envelopes and tags on my atcs after I have drunk the tea.

I don't really like soup.

I live in England, so you might want to choose a magazine that is not too heavy, to keep your postage costs down. Mostly I think I am pretty easy to please :-)

Batraplume 02/ 1/2008 #

Hi all! Happy to join this swap! I love craft magazines, especially stamping (which are very hard to find in France), papercraft, mixed-media art, felt. For the hot drink, please no coffee or soup ! I like tea (any) and chocolate drink. Thanks! :-)

bluebubble 02/ 1/2008 #

Hey, I love craft magazines. ones that have a bit of everything in them. i really like martha stewart magazines but they are hard to get i australia! magazines with things to make for babies are also good cuz i'm nine months pregnant. i love chocolate type drinks. Thanks

MusingsofaSouthernGirl 02/ 1/2008 #

I love craft magazines - I really love Japanese craft magazines (really really really), other mags that are sewing, knitting, crochet related or mixed craft are fun as well.

I love good hot chocolate (no swiss miss) and strong teas but not orange or green.

jaia1979 02/ 1/2008 #

I adore crafty magazines!

My favorites are knitting magazines (in English or German so that I can actually try out the patterns) and wedding magazines. (Oh, how I adore Martha Stewart Weddings!!!)

As for beverages, I'm a fan of both coffee and tea but not so much a hot chocolate person. As an FYI, I'm allergic to nuts.

jillof4 02/ 1/2008 #

Hello There...I love minty green teas and earthy teas..With caffeen or without...

I love home mags or spooky paranormal mags,decorating mags,home and garden and food..I'm not very crafty so nothing along that line..

ToujoursMoi 02/ 1/2008 #

I love craft magazines - esp. scrapbooking, cards or other paper crafts and about my hot drinking preferences please have a look to my profile.

hippofairy 02/ 1/2008 #

I prefer craft magazines - stamping, general papercrafts, mixed media, variety crafts, beads, sewing...

I love herbal teas (no green or jasmine tea, please, as i have lots) and hot chocolate (but not mint or white chocolate flavored).


405highway 02/ 1/2008 #

i love craft magazines, home decorating magazines, music magazines (indie), gossip magazines! any language is cool.

i also like teas more than coffee or hot chocolate.

tripleplay 02/ 1/2008 #

I like craft,cooking,or art magazines.Or a local magazine from your town/country would be even better.. I love tea, coffee, hot chocolate. I am pretty easy to please.

tripleplay 02/ 1/2008 #

oh and just adding, any language would be great, actually I would prefer something other than English

Mello 02/ 1/2008 #

Hi, I don't like green or chai teas, coffe and black tea only decaf please. Herbal Teas are fine with me, but nothing with Mint or Sage please (Still on homeopathics...)Sorry for being complicated :o) Hot Chocolate is great anyway.

In Magazines I like anything Crafty, Homedeco, Martha Stewart like, Country Marketplace, Patchwork and Quilting, Sewing for Children, Home and Garden, I don't like gossip/celebrity/womens stories/horror/puzzle

Can't wait to start!

adammandi 02/ 1/2008 #

love craft magazines especially Japanese craft magazines, home decorating magazines, knitting magazines and food magazine

gossip magazines is a No Thank you for me….

Tea, coffe and chocolate is fine, hot suppe is not for me…..

lucyellen 02/ 1/2008 #

Hi! I like magazines having to do with country living, quilting, art, artists and their studios, gardening or cooking ~ a foreign edition of these would be very cool!

I also don't read magazines with gossip, celebrities, health issues, or childcare.

Any kind of drinks are fine!


rockstar122 02/ 1/2008 #

I love French or Swedish mags, they are peachy, home decorating magazines like Blueprint are inspirational; anything about beading or sewing would also be welcomed… Non-caffeinated beverages would be best... green teas and chocolaty warmies are delectable!

Cheers! Leeann

jennhx 02/ 1/2008 #

I would LOVE an international knitting magazine more than anything!! As a second choice I'd like any other crafting magazine (sewing, collage, arts, general crafts, etc). Thank you!

I mostly drink tea, all kinds except mint; but I also enjoy the occasional coffee drink. I also like chocolate, hot or not. However I'm allergic to dairy so nothing with milk in it please.

sunrooms 02/ 1/2008 #

i really enjoy home decorating magazines, fashion magazines, gossip reads, music magazines or anything revolving around those sorts. :]

as for drinks, i'm willing to try anything.

rubberstampcollector 02/ 1/2008 #

Hi, I like any kind of crafting magazines. But I have subscriptions to Crafts N things, Pack o fun, Papercrafts, & Giftmaker. I love beading magazines. Cooking magazines are great. Woman's World. Any knitting or crochet magazines would be great. I love hot ghocolate.

crowfootstudio 02/ 1/2008 #

I love artist and craft magazine of all types, especially ceramics, painting, mixed media, paper, felt, sewing, embroidery, quilting. I don't knit or crochet, though. I'm also interested in garden design, birds, how-to's about Photoshop, folk art - and I collect shells and rocks. Pretty easy to please!

My happy-time will find me with a cup of herbal tea, especially something fruit-flavored.

elexiias 02/ 1/2008 #


I love magazines! I really like reading gossip magazines, photography (especially black and white!), decorating magazines, and I love the magazine "Real Simple" & "Domino". Anything works along those lines!

For drinks, I'll try anything. :]

mwquilt 02/ 2/2008 #

Forgot to say in my earlier post here...I have a subscription to Cloth Paper Scissors and QuiltingArts magazines, so probably best not to send those if you don't mind

Rillaith 02/ 3/2008 #

Hopefully not too many of you have partners from the same country, but unfortunately, it can happen, as partners are picked randomly by the computer.

If your partner has not yet posted preferences - I have PMed to remind them, but it won't hurt to drop them another one :)

Lastly, if anyone has any questions or problems (especially if you may not be able to post on time), please so get in touch! (But also bear in mind that most of these packages will (hopefully) be going via international post, so allow extra time before you rate!)

LadyYing 02/ 3/2008 #

I enjoy craft, home decor and art magazines. I prefer white teas but open to trying others. I rarely drink coffee but my husband does so if you wish to send some that is fine to.

hanjiwest 02/ 3/2008 #

I enjoy most magazines, except the really mainstream fashion ones. I have subs. to Real Simple, Yoga Journal and many crafty mags so please do not send those.I especially enjoy foreign mags-anything from another country even fashion ones.

I like organic tea or coffee and even hot chocolate. I do not like green tea that much.

I enjoy being surprised so I am sure whatever is sent will be wonderful.....

heyymcg 02/ 4/2008 #


I really like music magazines, mostly about rock and indie bands, but also about guitars and instruments. I really like photography magazines and art and crafts magazines (moreso to do with, like, paper and stuff). I already subscribe to National Geographic, and I'm not really a fan of women's pop culture magazines (like Cosmo and InStyle and stuff, you know?).

As far as tea goes, my roommate and I have almost every kind of tea there is. I really like Earl Grey and Spiced Chai, but I like fresh flavors like peppermint and peach and stuff also. =)

Hope this helps!

starbrite 02/ 4/2008 #

I like craft magazines... anything with relatively simple or quick projects. Not too complicated as I am a beginner for things like quilting, crocheting, knitting, ets. I like tea. Thanks!

Rillaith 02/ 5/2008 #

MittenKitten sent me a PM rather than commenting on here, so for her partner:

I love all hot drinks, but If I have to pick one, coffee wins. I love cooking, scraping, needle work, vintage, country home stuff, really anything would be fun.

bethany 02/ 9/2008 #

hey there swappers. i love any hot beverages; all of my co-workers make fun of me because i always have a steaming hot cup of coffee in my hand. as for magazines, i really like anything. unusual is always a nice treat, but like everyone else here, i love crafty stuff. much love to everyone, bethany

jennhx 02/10/2008 #

I bought my items for my partner... just have to package them up! So fun!

Rillaith 03/ 9/2008 #

May I just say a huge THANK YOU ALL, as absolutely every last one of you sent their magazines and hot drinks without needing the slightest bit of reminding! :) You guys are what swappers should be like! Thank you ;)

If anyone does have a problem - they've allowed a couple of weeks after the date that their partners has marked "sent" and nothing has arrived still, please do message your partners, and message me. We all know that communication is the key to keeping the wheels of Swap-Bot well oiled, and smoothing out the bumpy patches :) Hopefully, no angels needed!

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