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1000th Heart~GIVEAWAY!!

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1000th Heart~GIVEAWAY!!
Swap Coordinator:Hyshu (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges 
Number of people in swap:92
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:May 9, 2020
Date items must be sent by:May 18, 2020
Number of swap partners:3

I just recently received my 1000th Heart!

I wanted to do a special GIVEAWAY to celebrate!

This is an electronic swap as I will be the only one mailing anything.

What YOU need to do to participate in this swap:

Sign up! Then come back here and COMMENT on why you love Swap-bot

"I love Swap-bot because..." You get the idea!

After partners are chosen you will rate your partners a 5 if they commented below before the swap closed. Hearts are up to you! :)

What I will do is send my 3 partners I am assigned to send to an envelope with at least the following:

1 blank note card

1 blank Thank you card

1 unused blank postcard

5 or more assorted memo and/or lined list paper sheets (various sizes)

5 assorted washi samples (3 regular size and 2 thin size)

1 sticker sheet

1 shaped paper clip

1 bookmark

5 assorted sticky notes/flags.



Additionally, I will put everybody else who signed up and commented into a RANDOM drawing and pick the top 3 people to receive the same items.

In total, I will send 6 people an envelope full of goodies!!

Good luck and I look forward to reading your comments!!


Hyshu 05/ 3/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because it allows me to make connections all over the world and use my creativity to try new things and continue my hobbies such as my postcard collection.

PerArduaAdAlta 05/ 3/2020 #

Hi Hyushu! Congratulations on all your beautiful accomplishments!

I love Swap-bot because it affords me the opportunity to create beautiful mail and packages. And I love having random partners all the time. I am definitely a profile comber and love getting to create so many different things based on who they're going to! And I am new to swapping, so I love being able to try out new crafts for the swap challenges!

myancey 05/ 3/2020 #

I love swapbot because I have met so many friends and I love mail

SkyFairies 05/ 3/2020 #

Congrats on 1000 hearts!

I love swapbot because it's a great community of people who like to brighten someone else's day. It's also a great way to meet new friends and pen pals! And, of course, the mail you get is like a little present waiting for you every day in your mailbox :).

KaliOya 05/ 3/2020 #

Wow! 1000 hearts. Thank you for being such a great swapper and congratulations:)

"I love Swap-Bot because"....it motivates me to be creative and crafty and venture outside my comfort zone. I am an amateur crafter, so there are lots of crafts that I have not tried. Swap-Bot has helped me to explore new crafts:)

carol 05/ 3/2020 #

Congratulations on your 1000th heart! I love Swap-Bot because it challenges me to try things that I wouldn't necessarily think of doing. When I get a new pass & paste or collaboration PC, I am stretched to trying to fit in to what is already there, while adding something of value. I love it! I also love the simple PC swaps and enjoy hearing about what people are doing and what it's like where they live. And rght now, it feels essential because it helps me feel connected.

mylove4craft 05/ 3/2020 #

I love swapbot because I get happy mail from around the world!

NeronNebula 05/ 3/2020 #

I love swapbot mainly because it seems so much more trust worthy thank swaps you do upon facebook! Plus you can tell who is good at swapping and who isn't.

also congrats!!

creativeseconds 05/ 3/2020 #

Fantastic!! 1000 is quite the achievement ~ You've sent a lot of love around the world :) I love Swap-bot so I can share my terrific stash of supplies with others. I like reading peoples profiles and finding things that will make them smile. I also enjoy getting surprises in the mail too! It's a great reason to buy fun postage as well. Thanks for hosting!

Jsereg001 05/ 3/2020 #

Congratulations and thanks!!

I love swapbot because it gives me the chance to be creative in so many different way! There are always new and interesting swaps to join and I have learned so many new crafts! I also love that I get a chance to interact with others who enjoy the same things as me. I’ve been blessed to receive so many cool and wonderful things from people all over the world!!

Cindymt 05/ 3/2020 #

Thank you!

I love SwapBot because it keeps me busy. I suffer from anxiety and depression so SwapBot keeps me from just sitting in my room all day doing nothing. This is because if I did that my thoughts will ruminate making me more anxious and depressed.

feminista 05/ 3/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because it's one of my few connections to the world during Covid.

megan1230 05/ 3/2020 #

I love Swap- Bot because I miss my friends and this is the way I'm able to safely socialize! I love all the amazing people and connections I've made here

danyelle15 05/ 3/2020 #

I love swap-bot because I have loved the mail / mail system since I was a little girl. It gives me some ‘me time’ as a stay at home mom :)

mandigutterrose 05/ 3/2020 #

I'm a stay at home mom and I love Swap Bot because it helps me still feel connected to the rest of the world when it seems like I'm all alone. I have found other moms to commiserate with, free spirits to live vicariously through, and generous souls who share bits of themselves, their culture and their cuisine with me!

paperlvr 05/ 3/2020 #

WAHOOO on your 1000 hearts! That is an amazing accomplishment! Thank you for celebrating with this giveaway! I love Swap Bot because it brings together my love of snail mail/pen paling, creating art, working with beautiful paper and brightening others' days! It's also such fun to receive mail from so many talented people! Stay safe and thanks again!

SatisHuman 05/ 3/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because it gives me a chance to connect with people all over the world and share all sorts of interesting crafts. It is nice to know that there are kind and thoughtful people out there willing to share their special talents. Without Swap-bot I wouldn't have met so many nice people and been given the chance to get to know them.

AZmom875 05/ 3/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because, I can join specific postcard themes, and group with common likes, it feels like we became family or friends.

MexiMidge 05/ 4/2020 #

I love swap-bot potentially to meet new people and share fun packages and letters with.

Candace 05/ 4/2020 #

Congratulations on all of the hearts! I love Swap-bot because I have always loved sending and receiving snail mail, it challenges my creativity, and most importantly, I've made some wonderful pen friends here!

karli 05/ 4/2020 #

I Love swapbot because I love to create lovely handmade packages, and I like to see what others create.

jcgypsy292 05/ 4/2020 #

I Love SwapBot because it is allowing me to spark my creativity again. I seemed to have become stagnant over the past few months. The different swaps are all exciting to me and make me think about what to send each new person. It is also a fantastic was to possibly connect with new pen pals which is a new hobby I have started since quarantine started.

Ellevee 05/ 4/2020 #

I am so happy I found this site! I just found it in February before things got crazy and I am telling you, this community has been a godsend!!! I don’t know what I would do without all these lovely swappers. I’ve made friends and suggested my other friends and pen pals to check out swap bot as well! I love swapbot because it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for for so many years!!!! 💖💜💖

Prettyexpressions 05/ 4/2020 #

I love swap-bot because once upon a time my mailbox had cobwebs. Now the happy mail i get just blows them away! 😊😊😊

efjellro 05/ 4/2020 #

I love Swap-Bot because it allows me to connect to people from all over the world, and combine it with papercrafting, sending postcards or letters, and stationary, sharing teas and so on. Swap-Bot has so many possibilities! :)

Mirran 05/ 4/2020 #

I love swap-bot because it gives me a way to vent out all my creativity that builds up in me. It's also so fun that there's many different swaps, so it doesn't get boring. And as always with snail mail, I love to receive it ❤️ Thank you for doing this giveaway!

yvonne401 05/ 4/2020 #

Congrats on your 1,000 Heart! I have 1,058. I love swap-bot because it allowed me to make some awesome friends. It also gives me an outlet for my crafting and allowed me to learn some new and awesome crafts as well. It's also given me the opportunity to meet people all around the world.

arystotle 05/ 4/2020 #

I love Swapbot because of the lovely surprises that come in your mailbox, the love from everyone in the swap and just the overall comradery to share supplies.

LiliLuv 05/ 4/2020 #

Congrats on over 1000 ❤️s!!!

I love Swap-bot, because it is helping me get back in touch with the creativity that I neglected for so long and because I love surprising people and finding little surprises in my mailbox, too!

michlove 05/ 4/2020 #

I love swap-bot because sending and receiving mail is fun. Picking out items to send or creating something fabulous for a partner is just an enjoyable process. 1000 hearts! wow. maybe some day :)

StargazerHM 05/ 4/2020 #

I just love the community feeling here. I have had tons of wonderful up lifting experiences.

laurenaraya 05/ 4/2020 #

congrats on 1000 hearts! that is amazing, and very awesome of you to host a giveaway! I love Swapbot because it gives me a chance to be creative and make things I enjoy! I also like giving people things I enjoy and spreading hapiness - we all need a little joy in our lives right now!

Lichi 05/ 5/2020 #

Congrats!! I love swap-bot because is creative and fun. I love sending and reciving mail from anohter world part.

Chocopan 05/ 5/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because there are so many different swaps available! Feel like doing something artsy? Here's a crafty mailart swap for you! Want to try new teas? Join a tea swap! Would like to simply send some postcards, nothing big or fancy? Absolutely, just pick your swap!

Lucrezia 05/ 5/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because I like the idea of traveling snail mails, because I love the thrill of receiving mail, because I met new people all over the world, because I can experiment with new forms of art ...and also because I can practice my poor English! Congratulations for the hearts and thaks for the giveaway :)

Rova 05/ 5/2020 #


I love swap-not because it gives me a chance to make friends from different countries. I am not a social person but when I write a letter I feel confident and comfortable to talk about things that I rarely talk to the people I know. Also I can join to the tea swaps and get the chance to try out new flavors, join to the book review swaps and read about the books that I have never heard of before, etc.

Xira 05/ 5/2020 #

Congrats on all those hearts!!! Such a sweet way to celebrate! I love swap-bot because I get to meet so many wonderful creative people through Snailmail.

Tricia22 05/ 5/2020 #

Congrats on your 1000 heart❤️

I love swap-bot because I enjoy putting a smile on my partners face and “meeting” new friends

Poohtat 05/ 5/2020 #

Congratulations on your 1000th Heart!

I love swap-bot because it is such a fun way to share and connect with other people. I love that you can pick and chose what swaps you are interested in.

AromaAlchemist 05/ 5/2020 #

What a generous idea and congratulations on your 1000 hearts milestone. That is an accomplishment indeed.

I love swap-bot because of my love of all things snail mail. I truly enjoy sending little packages that hopefully will brighten someone's day. I used to attach happy notes on helium balloons as a child, releasing them into the air in hopes that someone would receive them and it would make them smile. Swap-bot is much more guaranteed and better on the environment ;)

Happy Swapping!

thebragal 05/ 5/2020 #

Congrats! I love Swap-Bot because otherwise I wouldn’t get any fun mail! Also creating based on other people’s parameters makes me stretch creatively.

StargazerLil 05/ 5/2020 #

I love Swapbot because it allows me to be creative and feel good giving away items and gifts I know people will enjoy! I can go all out on happy mail and know that I've made someone smile lol

atomita2 05/ 5/2020 #

I love Swapbot because I will be able to make new pen pals and swap items we think someone else may like. I like the idea that we could make someone's day (not to mention they're complete strangers you have never met) by sending an envelope full of stationery and small goodies based on the things their bio says. I like that idea, that I find little surprises in the mailbox by strangers (as far as knowing them) and the potential to become friends (and maybe even pen pals) is a likely possibility.

LavenderSprinkles 05/ 5/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because.....it gives me something to do to take my mind off of all the stressful things going on around me. I love to give people nice things and make arts and crafts. This gives me a way to pass along things that others may enjoy. Also, the kids love swapping too and get excited when packages come. I always enjoy meeting new kind people who also love swapping.

emmajo 05/ 5/2020 #

Congrats! I love swap bot because it gives me something to do with all of my time in quarantine, and because when i'm feeling down it feels really good to see my name on any incoming mail.

lasciviouskisses 05/ 5/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because I get to interact with people from all over the world and exchange cultural goodies, or simply a fun swap to brighten up one's day!

Kittybob83 05/ 6/2020 #

I love swapbot because it gives me another reason to craft. I love sharing all this stuff, and seeing what other people do. It's really cool!

cherlita 05/ 6/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because I can hear people's stories as well as swapping fun little things that brings me joy!

heyitskendrak 05/ 6/2020 #

Hello, my name is Kendra, I love swap-bot because it lets me branch out and get to know others while this COVID stuffs happening around the world. I just joined because I wanted to get to know other people and to make new friends, I haven't had time to send out any letters due to where I live and the restrictions, but as soon as this whole COVID thing is over I would love to be able to send out letters to those who need happiness during this horrible time. I hope that all of you are doing well and I hope that all of you stay safe during this time!! sending love and prayers to everyone who needs them:) I don't need to win I just wanted to come on here and let everyone know that if they think they have no one right now that they're wrong and I'm here to help those who truly need happiness.

Hoxiedove 05/ 6/2020 #

I love swap Bot Because it’s a fun hobby and I love sending and getting stuff in the mail from all over the world! It’s just fun!

pbcquiltlover 05/ 6/2020 #

I love Swap-Bot because it's turned my mailbox into my happy place! <3

Postalstamplife 05/ 6/2020 #

I love swap bot because I get to learn so much about penpalling by seeing all the different writing styles and things people put in their swaps. There are so many different ideas on here and it really stimulates my creativity. So fun! Congrats on 1000!!!

aero 05/ 6/2020 #

I love swap bot because of the wonderful swaps, but also those swaps that give me a reason to make art. It opens my mind and some I learn new techniques. But what I really love about swap bot is the people. I don't have very much family , but when I needed someone to talk to and I was at a time in my life when I needed advise, when I reached out to some swapper,s not one denied me a word of advise, or a caring ear. And will never forget 😊

arisavin 05/ 6/2020 #

Hi there! I love swap-bot because it allows me to meet more people a lot more faster than finding penpals elsewhere. It also challenges me to make things i wouldn't have before, like flip-books and pocket letters.

riverwatcher 05/ 6/2020 #

I love swap-bot because I have "met" so many different people, received some great happy mail and can participate in some many different types of swaps/events. I also love seeing all of the creative things that people make.

1OldfoolPlanner 05/ 6/2020 #

Congratulations! I love Swap-Bot because it gives me a fun, creative outlet I can do at home and share with pen-pals all over the world! ♥️

weatherwax 05/ 7/2020 #

I love swap-bot because it connects me with so many like-minded persons. Within my family and friends I am the only one who is still witing letters and notes.

And I like the variety of swaps. Exchange supplies? Write a letter? Surprise a random person? Make some mailArt? And now and then I even make a few steps out of my comfort zone and try something new to create :)

I love swap-bot for introducing me to random fabulous people around the globe. I really do :)

lovesreward 05/ 7/2020 #

I love swap-bot because "snail mail" is fun to send and receive. I have been using this site for 6 years and have been introduced to ATC's, washi tape and new places around the world. I sent out 200 Christmas Cards last year - half of those were to strangers around the world! Swap-bot has been a fun way to connect to others that collect and create the same types of things as me, so I know I am not alone in my crazy crafty world!

Congratulations on 1,000 hearts - I have 56 more to go to hit that milestone! Take care and happy swapping!

manaelsa 05/ 7/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because there are so many people to admire here. Your commitment to brightening someone's day is delightful. Although I've only done one physical swap, I'm so excited to do more. I appreciate people taking the time to keep me company in an electronic swap or two.

A big congratulations, @Hyshu I love that you're celebrating hearts. You must be very loved.

Gnoe 05/ 7/2020 #

1000 hearts... Oh.Em.Gee!!! You've made a lot of people happy with your swaps and continuing to do so by hosting this awesome giveaway :-) Thank you!

I love SB for a lot of things but mostly because I meet so many lovely people here AND because it inspires me to try crafts/techniques etc. I have not done before.

lilmissthrifty 05/ 7/2020 #

I have been on swap-bot since the beginning, I love it because it's always something that you can pick up where you left off, no matter how crazy life gets, it has also helped me connect with sooo many crafty people, and allowed me to try new things, like matchboxes, and zines. I like sharing a candid moment with people thru writing as well. peace!

MailFromGeorgia 05/ 7/2020 #

I love swap-bot because it has helped me rekindle my love for snail mail! I have met so many wonderful people from all over the world, our paths would not have crossed if it wasn't for swap-bot!

Rabbitfreedom 05/ 7/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because i love to be able to share my artwork with others around the world and I have made so many great friends here. I also get to share my love of Halloween with many others who love it as well!

MSKcat 05/ 8/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because it connects me to people from all over the world. And I love getting and opening things in the mail. I normally don't get much mail, because I live in a foreign country from my family.

anniechan91 05/ 8/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because I get to share my stationery addiction and share my collection with others!

user6937 05/ 8/2020 #

I love SB because it makes me accountable for the art I start - without a deadline, I know I wouldn't finish what I start.

melodia 05/ 8/2020 #

I love swap bot because it gives me a chance to interact with people from different parts of the world and I've received lots of nice stuff that I can't find where I live! :)

DakotaSkye93 05/ 8/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because it connects me with people all over the world and brings a smile on my face everytime I receive something in the mail, or make someone happy with what I've send them ♥

DINI2002 05/ 8/2020 #

I love Swap-Bot because it made connecting to people all around the world easy and fun. It's a loving and accepting community and the support that is shown is really heartwarming. Also it makes my day when i receive something in the mail or send something to someone else.

chimerix 05/ 8/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because it gives me a way to craft and trade with other people across the world. I have traded ATCs from across my island to across the USA, Canada, Europe, Tasmania, Korea, Japan, etc! It is so much fun!

EverydayAngels 05/ 9/2020 #

I love Swap-bot as it is a community of people basically swapping random acts of kindness and developing friendships in the process. That one swap could mean the entire world to someone or make a difference on a day they truly needed it.In our world of electronics and fake facades, it is heartwarming to be real and do a little extra something for a stranger who may become a friend.

MCGalaxy 05/ 9/2020 #

I love swap-bot because I wind up with a variety of crafting and mailing supplies that I would never think to buy myself and it lets me learn about "new" art forms like pocket letters and ATCs that I wouldn't have tried otherwise.

bpl76 05/ 9/2020 #

I love Swap-bot because It gives me a change to see the world through others eyes it gives me something to do to make others happy Getting mail in return is great too It helps me vent creativity and share ideas

beachchicken 05/ 9/2020 #

I love swap-bot because I love getting and sending mail. Paper is one of my favorite things to use in my art and crafts and it is easily sent in the mail. It is also keeping me busy during my time off of work due to COVID-19.

Alinach97 05/ 9/2020 #

I love the site because you get to meet all kinds of people all around the world and learn about them. Also i love the creativity of the people, it's a big part of my life and that's why i appreciate this so much.

Burger1girl 05/ 9/2020 #

I love Swap Bot because right now and have been an essential worker in a grocery store. When I get off after a rough day, I love coming home to a full box of happy and caring mail!! SO many penpals I have formed who boost me up and send surprises to make my day, I thank all of you who have done that, and I need this group to make it through this virus thing! Thank you!!!!

kokoloc 05/ 9/2020 #

I love swapbot because I get all kinds of fun things to use in my journals that I haven’t seen before or that we don’t have in my area! It sparks my creativity.

Elliepatterson 05/ 9/2020 #

I love Swap-bot by it connects me with the world. I have met and made many new friends from all over the world here on Swap-bot. My swaps have shown me the most unexpected kindness. Especially giving and receiving RAKs. It’s a big world and we all are experiencing a lot of the same happenings that we all go thru. Especially thru the Covid virus, it has helped to stayed connected and know that there are other people outside our own walls. God bless Swap-bot❤️🌻❤️

kristyrogers 05/ 9/2020 #

I love swapbot because of all the amazing people I've met here. I also love that i meet new crafts here and new ways to be creative in old crafts

EverydayAngels 05/ 9/2020 #

I love swapbot because of the community of people and all the random acts of kindness that it promotes. In a time of isolation and technology, snail mail and handmade personal touches mean so much. I also am looking forward to learning a lot about people around the world and “learning” more about the creative craft world.

heavree 05/ 9/2020 #

I love swap bot because of all the wonderful people I get to interact with. Everyone has been so kind to me I love sending happy mail in the hopes that I can put a smile on their faces as much as everyone has for me. Congratulations on your 1000th heart!!!

thisismeAXiD 05/ 9/2020 #

I love SB because I get to meet people from around the world! A partner I had in a pen pal swap traveled from Canada to the US for my wedding 4 years ago! I'm so grateful I found this community ❤😷. Stay safe and be well.

MsBellaDonna 05/ 9/2020 #

Congratulations and thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway! I love swap-bot because I enjoy sending and receiving mail the old-fashioned way and it's fun to connect with people from all over the world!

brooklynboo 05/ 9/2020 #

I love swap-bot because I have meet some amazing people who know ALOT about me now. I've received wonderful goodies and art. I LOVE everything I receive and try to put love into every letter!

piperwashere 05/ 9/2020 #

I love swap bot because it has given me something to do during quarantine and during my meetings for class. I also love getting things in my mailbox.

veronicallama 05/ 9/2020 #

So happy for you! 1000 hearts represent a lot of commitment on your part. I love Swapbot because of the variety of swaps available - depending on my mood, I can send either a simple postcard or an involved pocket letter.

Rita 05/ 9/2020 #

I love swapbot because I love sending and receiving snail mail!

bringitb 05/ 9/2020 #

Hi! Just joined this swap (it’s 11:26pm on 5/9 —hope the timestamp shows that I’m not late 😄). I love Swap-bot for the ability to find something tailored to make a stranger happy. The surprise of it all, which can bring fun connections with folks you wouldn’t otherwise have connected with. Congrats on so many hearts!! 🥰

vitiator 05/ 9/2020 #

congratulations on 1000 hearts! and thank you for hosting a giveaway to celebrate! - that’s so kind and shows how deserving you are of all those hearts.
I am new to swap-bot and I love it because it is such a joy bringing hobby! I’m so glad I found this site where strangers send surprises in the mail to each other and have a chance to become friends ❤️ I love to receive mail and I’m excited about participating in all the creative swaps that get me to create something I normally would not.

Fabriqueen 05/ 9/2020 #

Hi! I love Swapbot because I have always loved sending and receiving mail. When I joined I intended to only do the postcard and quilting swaps then I kept seeing swaps to make this or that, mostly paper crafts. I started watching the videos and expanding my knowledge of all things crafty. I love the friendships I have made here and look forward to making many more friends.

Hyshu 05/10/2020 #

Thank you to everyone who entered my Swap and leaving their comments which has been a joy to read,

The partners I am assigned to send to are : SatisHuman, myancey, & jcgypsy292

The Bonus 3 swappers who were randomly picked with an Internet random selector are: Jsereg001, KaliOya, & piperwashere.

Thank you to everyone for making my celebratory giveaway such a huge success!

lostincalligraphy 05/10/2020 #

Hey Hyshu! Congratulations! I love swap-bot for pushing me to be more creative! xxx

Gnoe 05/10/2020 #

Ooooooh I came so close! All three of the partners I've rated WON! Congrats y'all! And thank you @Hyshu

bambam 05/11/2020 #

I love swap bot as it has helped me communicate with people I would never normally have come into contact with :)

riverwatcher 05/11/2020 #

Did I miss @sunshine1969 post? I can't find it,

dobiegirl 05/14/2020 #

First let me tell you congrats. I love swap bot because there are many that I have run across that send out things and I learn from them ideas to send in a swap. Everyone has been easy to talk to. The coordinator reply back in a timely manner. I love getting mail. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

Sunshine1969 05/15/2020 #

I love swap-not because I learn about people from all over the world. During this crazy times it has kept me from going crazy. I also love to do crafts. This allows me to do my crafts and share them with others.

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