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Last day to signup/drop:February 1, 2010
Date items must be sent by:March 31, 2010
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I saw a swap like this from back in 2008 and thought it was a great idea, so I decided to host one with all new themes!

For this swap, you'll be keeping a journal and writing/creating art about a different theme every day. There are 31 themes, so it can be done in a month. I understand that some people (including myself!) don't journal every day, so I'm giving you more than 31 days to complete it. You can start as soon as you sign up or wait until sign ups have ended.

You can use a store-bought or handmade journal or you can keep your entries on the computer, embellish them with digital art, and then print them off and bind them. Journals can be simple or fancy. Be as creative and imaginative as you'd like with your journal! Most of the themes require only writing or minimal artistic work (cutting a photo out and pasting it in). However, you can decorate as much as you want, and if you'd prefer it be more of an art journal than a text journal, feel free! You should do #1 first, but after that, you can do the themes in any order. Please do all of them.

This swap is US-only, but I may do an international one later on. Sorry, no newbies for this one and no recent 1's or 3's. If you have questions or concerns, please PM me. Please create the same quality journal you'd like to receive.

Have fun!


1) Write an introduction or short description of yourself. Include a photo or drawing of yourself if you'd like.

2) Make a list of 25 things you want to do in 2010. These can be as simple as "remember to take the trash out on the right day" or as big as "save up for a vacation to Hawaii."

3) Cut out a local news article and paste it into your journal.

4) Write about your first pet.

5) Create a page you think is really ugly. This can include ugly images or ugly words.

6) List 10 things you can see from where you're sitting.

7) Turn your journal upside down and write an entire page in the opposite direction to how you normally write.

8) Write about body image. You can write about yourself or comment on things like beauty standards in our culture, etc.

9) Write a timeline of your day today. For example: 8:00 AM--Woke up and ate Frosted Flakes for breakfast. 8:30 AM--Took a shower and realized I was out of mousse when I started doing my hair.

10) Write down lyrics from a song that inspires you, moves you, or creates a strong emotion.

11) Write about an issue in the world that is important to you and why.

12) Describe your day in one word. Write this word in large letters across the page.

13) If you normally write in cursive, print today and if you print, write in cursive. If you're doing this on a computer, change your computer font. You can write about anything you like.

14) Find a very serious photograph of yourself and write a funny caption for it.

15) Write about a creative project you are working on right now. This could include arts, crafts, swap-bot swaps, writing, a presentation for work, etc.

16) Glue an envelope into your journal and seal a secret inside. When you receive the journal, you can open your partner's envelope or choose to leave the secret hidden.

17) Write down a recipe.

18) If you could go back to high school, what would you have done differently? Write about it.

19) List 10 reasons you smiled or plan to smile today.

20) Write with multiple colors on the same page. You choose the topic.

21) Describe your favorite place to write in your journal and why it's your favorite.

22) Write in all capital letters today.

23) If you had a talking parrot, what would you teach it to say? Write the answer in fancy letters or a bold computer font.

24) Tear or cut up a photo and glue the pieces back together randomly.

25) Write a love letter to yourself.

26) Make a promise to yourself today and write it down in your journal so that it fills the entire page.

27) List 10 books you loved and 1 book you hated.

28) Glue in an artifact from your day. This could be a business card from a place you visited, a ticket from a movie you saw, a stamp from an envelope, etc.

29) Make a list of things you sense right now for each of your five senses: Touch, taste, sight, smell, sound.

30) Talk about the weather.

31) Write about something in your partner's profile.



TAnn 12/23/2009 #

Fabulous idea for a swap. Please, please please, it would be great if you did an international version too.

zilliah 12/23/2009 #

Another vote for international! But I'd be happy if you opened it up to Canada as well :)

fireflies 12/23/2009 #

Third vote for international! :D

mermaidery 12/23/2009 #

I've been looking for a journal swap to do. I liked the ideas of the others, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. My boyfriend said he'd pay for postage and everything I need for the swap as an extra little birthday present for me. This one is perfect! So joining.

mermaidery 12/24/2009 #

If anyone international would like to do this swap, Iet me know. I'll set up a private swap! I have two empty journals i can use for this. =]

Naoya 12/30/2009 #

I am itching to start this swap!

scorpiogrrrl 12/30/2009 #

I have no problem with people starting early if they'd like! Begin whenever. I realize you're technically not doing a "theme-a-day" if you don't journal every day, but people do have lives, and I understand that. So if you want to get a head start, go for it!

Naoya 12/31/2009 #

I'm already so into this swap its not even funny. lol.

nelliebugsdotcom 01/ 2/2010 #

Maybe I can catch it next time around.. I'm a newbie to this website (have been swapping for 10+ years) :/ but I love to journal! Awesome idea!

Midnightshadow 01/ 5/2010 #

Would love an international version :-D

jolenegreen 01/ 5/2010 #

I would love to join this but Im a newbie! :) Please do it again :) Love the idea and love journaling!

Emeraldcharm14 01/ 6/2010 #

i would love to participate in something like this if you host an international or include one with Canada let me know, thanks

nikar 01/ 6/2010 #

To bad this is not international :S

Candyn29 01/ 6/2010 #

as for the journal: should we purchase one, Or can we make our own, Im not into all that fancy bookbinding stuff, but Im sure I can put together a nice little jounal

tokyoloveletters 01/ 6/2010 #

This. Is so. Cool. Count me in!

Sabriel 01/ 6/2010 #

I would love to join this if it were international! Please make one! It's such a great Idea.

scorpiogrrrl 01/ 7/2010 #

To clarify on journals: they can be storebought OR handmade. They don't have to be fancy. If you want to collage or paint the cover of a composition notebook, that's fine. Smaller journals are okay too...you don't have to buy a huge, fancy journal for this. Just keep in mind the quality YOU would like to receive when picking out a journal. If you have questions or want me to "approve" a journal, feel free to PM me! I trust you to use your best judgment for this swap.

happylilartist 01/ 7/2010 #

i too wish this were international. please let me know if you'll do an international one, or if you are open to having someone else host it. . .

etherealgirl 01/ 7/2010 #

Love love love this swap! Please please please can you make it international? (Because everyone else wants you to! :))

scorpiogrrrl 01/ 7/2010 #

I can't host the international one right now (maybe in the future?) but anyone is welcome to host an international or regional swap based on this one...I think this is going to be a fun swap, so please...steal the idea!!! :-D Just reword it or come up with at least a few different prompts, although I don't mind you borrowing some of mine if you like them. Hope that helps!

trishgray17 01/ 8/2010 #

great idea! I'm a newbie so I'll have to wait till next time, but you've given me ideas for my own journal, thanks!

Candyn29 01/ 8/2010 #

Thank You. Im watching. I would like to participate in one of these swaps. just havnt got up the nerve to reveal my thoughts to anyone I havnt met yet.

SuzeesCrafty 01/ 9/2010 #

OH this is going to be fun, I did a swap like this last year. I had the best time putting it together. I made each page from scratch (meaning I didn't just a journal book already made), punched hole and binded it. Yes it was a little work..but it was fun. I am starting my swap journal today. Happy Journaling everyone!!!!!

FelicityLingle 01/ 9/2010 #

I am new (1 swap so far) and I want to know how many swaps do you have to participate before you're no longer considered a "newbie?"

mizrose03 01/ 9/2010 #

I'm a newbie as well and I too hope you'll do this again sometime..I'd even ship internationally..Would be AWESOME..

pygmydoyenne 01/13/2010 #

Aw, I wish I wasn't a newbie. This sounds like so much fun! Oh wells. Hopefully there will be one in the near future :)

ladydy5 01/13/2010 #

Than k you for the regional swap. Postage is a factor for me as I am in many swaps.

JennyTheArtist 01/16/2010 #

if this was for Canadians, too, I may have joined. I got burnt on the first/last journal swap I did and it kind of soured me off to large swaps like this, even though it would be so much fun. I'd rather work privately with an established swapper for something like this Anyone else feel the same, please contact me!

katehawk 01/18/2010 #

for some of these i've already started!! i cannot WAIT to do this. it reminds me of projects i did in high school & i really think these bring out a super creative side that i've managed to suppress in some ways over the years. i just hope i don't get my sister as my partner.,. there's no way to avoid that is there?

Mimi2254 01/20/2010 #

Am starting an international! Will be up quickly!

sherartcee 01/21/2010 #

do we have to follow the 31 themes you have listed or can we use any themes we want?

lovelyred203 01/22/2010 #

since I have extra pages in the journal I am using, do I fill the remaining pgs up with more stuff or leave them blank? We follow the 31 prompts right?

KizzyMama 01/25/2010 #

nice idea. know I can't get it done though. maybe next time

Taffypull 01/25/2010 #

I'll have to wait until next time....I would have loved to be part of it but I'm still new.

Love the ideas on the themes though. Very cool.

kraftykj 01/25/2010 #

What happens if we get flaked on this swap? As a host will you angel if needed or reroute?

kraftykj 01/25/2010 #

Am pretty sure you need to follow these prompts..

papercaper 01/25/2010 #

I n t e r n a t i o n a l ! ... Oh, thank you, Mimi2254. Will look for that now. :D

Ryleighsmom 01/26/2010 #

Wondering why newbies aren't allowed?

I'm new to this site but have been swapping for over 25 years.

Just curious. =) Thanks!

AMBSnowyOwl 01/26/2010 #

oh, my I thought this was something I would totally love doing. I signed up and realized as I read all the way through the instructions that you are not accepting new Swap-bot participants :-(
My thing is altered mixed media recycled art, so journaling is something I would really enjoy doing. I am willing to send my completed work to you for inspection a week or so before the due date. Annie

Dragonflyfaerie 01/26/2010 #

As an oldie I understand why no newbies but I was also once a newbie who's been swapping for awhile. It's just there are people out there that start this site and never follow through. I've been flaked out on many newbies and given crap from newbies as well. It's the whole other people ruined it for others. Though if I were you and you were serious about swapping (for those who've been swapping for years) I suggest talking to the coordinator and she just might let you join. But then again she might not. Just my take on the whole newbie thing.

scorpiogrrrl 01/26/2010 #

To clarify a few things:

If you have at least 5 successful swaps (not counting electronic swaps), I will consider that no longer a newbie and you may join.

Please follow the 31 prompts. You can fill the rest of the pages however you like or leave them blank.

Would anyone be interested in me hosting a smaller version of this swap (less prompts or something similar) for newbies and oldies alike the month after this is due?

breccamerie 01/28/2010 #

Another round would be fun. I am open to you starting another one after this ends.

Miditron 01/29/2010 #

Another newbie here really hoping that this swap comes around again soon!

ladydy5 01/29/2010 #

Started mine and it is really fun to do. I labeled each page with the items you want in it. Really cute idea.

pumpkinniki 01/29/2010 #

I would like to do one of these, too. Now is not the right time for me, tho. I will probably start an international one later. Have fun yall!

Rubyfreckles 02/ 1/2010 #

wow 101 people in this swap!!! you should start a website for people to show off their finished products. I would love to see 101 journals.

jessicak13 02/ 1/2010 #

I agree with @Rubyfreckles !! :]

patabear 02/ 2/2010 #

I missed this swap by 3 minutes!!!! Noooo!!! Please host another swap like this later :)

scorpiogrrrl 02/ 2/2010 #

No worries...I will host again if this one goes successfully!

TC 02/ 8/2010 #

How did @katehawk get in this swap when she has four 3s from January?!

Chewysmommy 02/16/2010 #

Hi, I sent you a message. Hope you got it!!!

Chewysmommy 02/19/2010 #

I am trying to get in touch with the hostess, Scorpiogrrrl, and she is not responding!!!!!!! I do not know how to handle this situation. Any thoughts?

Chewysmommy 02/19/2010 #

TC--------I am partnered with someone who has several ONES as well. SCORPIOGRRRL said in the directions that she would not allow those people in the swap. I just don't know what to do.

mermaidery 02/20/2010 #

I'm almost done with mine. Two or three more themes to go! can't wait to send it out.

I'll be scanning mine before I send it out so I can post it up on my blog. =]

lexieforever 03/ 7/2010 #

this sounds amazing, here's hoping you host another one later on that's international! or at least includes canada :)

sarahejohnson 03/ 9/2010 #

:[ I'm partnered with someone who is partially suspended with many ones also. The coordinator hasn't been online since the beginning of March.. so I'm not quite sure what to do. Sigh.

maybeblue 03/19/2010 #

Seems like a lot of us might get flaked on. If you haven't sent yet, it might be nice to make a copy of your journal--then maybe those who get flaked on could exchange. It would at least be something.

whisperdryad 03/22/2010 #

I will be copying my journal if anyone who gets flaked on is interested. Hope there aren't too many of ya!

Chewysmommy 03/23/2010 #

The host is not responding to any of my messages.

monbeaucher 03/25/2010 #

do another one!

iggygirl 03/25/2010 #

The host herself also has 11 ones herself if you have not noticed. I'd suggest someone else pick up on the idea if you'd like another because I would not be surprised if she gets suspended soon. Also the copy the journal so you can all angel eachother is a good idea because it looks like she is a flaker aswell.

whisperdryad 03/26/2010 #

OK!!!! I now have copies of my theme-a-day-journal, so if your partner flakes I would be happy to send one to you! Just send me a message.

kraftykj 03/27/2010 #

Am so glad I went with my gut feeling and didn't join this swap...

frznmmnt 03/28/2010 #

I for one, am not going to be one of the people who flakes on this swap. My journal will be out on the due date. It's nearly done.

TARAism 03/30/2010 #

I'm making copies as well.. if anyone needs an angel

pummica 03/30/2010 #

I am alittle worried. The person who is supposed to send to me has been in only one swap, and it was an email swap! In this swaps guidelines it says no newbies. I hope I dont get flaked on. I have spent alot of time on this swap.

pummica 03/30/2010 #

I just looked and they dont even have a date in the area that says the last time you were online was!!

5trawberry 03/30/2010 #

what a kurfuffle... . i sincerely hope scorpiogrrrl is ok.

katehawk 04/ 1/2010 #

I find this swap to be a total disaster and I'm REALLY angry with the coordinator. She says "no newbies" but a lot of these swap people who signed up are total flakes, haven't been in swaps in months, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people are going to get screwed and flaked on for this swap. Plus the scorpiogrrrl hasn't been online in a month, WHO DOES THAT WHEN THEY'RE RUNNING A SWAP?! I also hope she is ok, but it seems from past ratings that this is something she's done before (just vanished). I have 1/2 of one journal started for myself and a completed one that I did for my partner. I can angel if anyone gets screwed over by one of the MANY MANY MANY newbie flakers from this swap. I wish Rachel would ban this scorpiogrrrl for good (that is if she is ok and just pulled a fast one). Grrrrrrr...

katehawk 04/ 4/2010 #

Since @scorpiogrrrl has gone MIA I took the time to write everyone in this swap & will try my best to step in as coordinator. This swap was way too time consuming and artistic to let people who put effort into their journals get screwed. So if you are willing to angel, please let me know. If you got flaked on, please let me know. If you are one of the flakers, SHAME ON YOU! If you haven't sent yet, please write your partners & let them know. But this project was over 2 months time to work on it before sending so SEND SOON! There's no excuse for being later than even a few days at this point. Be sure to rate your partners if you got your journals too. And on that note, message me with any questions or concerns and I will do whatever I can to help out. And here's hoping the coordinator is ok.

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