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About Me

March 13, 2010...I signed in today to just check on the swaps I am still working on and to get addresses for them, I am working on getting the last 5 or 6 that I still have left to do finished and sent out, I finished and sent out 6 or 7 already...I want all of you that are late being sent to, to know that you WILL receive your swap, albeit late. I don't want you to think you're not going to receive them because I promise you will. I know a promise doesn't go to far these days, but my word is good, and I mean it when I say I will send each and every one of you your swap. I'm so sorry they are so late, I am doing everything I can to catch up and get them sent out to you. My apologies once more.

I have sent messages out to all of my swap partners that I am late sending to. I WILL be getting the out to you, I PROMISE. I just went through a bit of a tought time there, and now that things have settled down, my main priority is getting these swaps finished and sent out. I will send a bit extra with each one as well, to try to make up, even in the tiniest amount for the lateness. I feel completely awful for being late with the swaps, it ISN'T at all like me to let this happen, and my conscience will not rest until I have completed and sent every one of these. My apologies, once again, and I will message each of you individually to let you know when your particular swap is on its way so you can know to keep an eye out for it. Thanks!

what I pledged

Hello fellow swappers! My name is . I am a 29 year old mother of 2 beautiful little girls, Cadence Michelle, age 5 years and Elizabeth Michaela Grace, age 3 years. I live with my partner of almost 15 years, Donnie, and he and my daughters are the loves of my life. We all live together in a house with my sister, her boyfriend, my nephew, and my 3 nieces, and my mom. Considering it's such a big family, we actually get along really well. My nieces and nephews are great, and I feel lucky to be able to be so close to them as they grow up, it's a great privelege of living all together. I currently stay at home with my kids, and hope to be able to do that until they both start school...however I think I'll probably have to get back to work soon. I have my Associate's degree in Business Computer Programming, but that's not my passion... I'm not sure what that is yet, but I really hope to find out at some point. I am a Christian and have a strong faith in God, however, I do not attend church. I feel that one is able to have their own private relationship with God without having to go to church every week, and that is what I do. That being said, I am far from a saint, for sure am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination...I've been rather mischevious in my life actually, but not so much now. There isn't very much that can offend me, I'm not really picky, have a great sense of humor, and tend to look on the bright side of most situations. My zodiac sign is Leo. If I would have to choose between whether I'm an optimist or a pessimist, I would definitely say I'm an optimist, and am so glad I am. I don't like to think that things are going to turn out in a bad way...I always hope for the best to happen, and I trust that there is good in most people. That being said, though, I am not naive and do not let people take advantage of me. I'm not judgemental of other people, LIVE and LET LIVE, you know what I'm saying? Well, I guess that's mostly everything about me, maybe more will be added at a later date. I look forward to making many friends on here, and doing so many creative things with swaps on here. Happy swapping everybody!

Favorite Music

I love music, all types, except I don't listen to classical or opera all that much~it's not that I don't like it, I just haven't really listened to it all that much(I do like Sarah Brightman, though). I listen mostly to pop, rock, alternative, country, newer R&B(from the last 15 years or so) and rap/hip-hop music.

Favorite Books


Wow, I don't even know where to begin on this one. As Drew Barrymore in the movie Ever After would say, "I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens." I feel exactly the same way as that. I guess I do like certain genres better than others, though. The genres I like, in order of how much I like them from most to least, are horror, paranormal nonfiction(true ghost stories, etc.~Love these!), paranormal romances and other paranormal fiction, Urban fantasy, true crime-(It may sound strange, but I also like things to do with true crime...forensics, crime scenes, what makes a serial killer or just any killer/criminal tick...for some reason I just can't seem to get enough because it intrigues me so much), thrillers, mysteries, fantasy, science fiction, historical romance, other nonfictions(biographies, autobiographies, history, etc.) There may be other genres that I haven't heard about or have never tried reading, but I'd be willing to learn about new genres and am open to read new genres also~ I just REALLY enjoy a good book...if it's a great book, it's a great book...the genre is irrelevant as far as that goes. I really do read a lot. It is one of my most favorite things to do.

Favorite Movies

My Favorite Movies: Ever After, Pay it Forward, Natural Born Killers, Hope Floats, Big Daddy, Running Scared, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Interview with a Vampire, Frailty, Miracle on 34th Street(great Xmas movie), all Shirley Temple movies(love em), The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly(really enjoy Clint Eastwood westerns), The Little Mermaid(Yes, the Walt Disney one...come to think of it I actually really love Pocahontas and Beauty and the Beast also...I love all the Disney movies very much...guess that's a little piece left from my childhood). I know that there is more, so I will add them as they come to mind.

Favorite Television

My Favorite TV Shows: Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted USA, Paranormal State, Supernatural, First 48, Intervention, The Cleaner, Haunted Evidence, Crime 360, NCIS, The Wire, South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, MadTV, All My Children, Days of Our Lives, Forensic Files, The Bachelor, The Hills, So You Think You Can Dance, Lie to Me, Dollhouse, Breaking Bad, American Idol, and Hell's Kitchen, The Bachelorette

Favorite Crafts

I really enjoy making ATCs, postcards, handmade envelopes, doodling, writing letters, poetry, and short stories, I think I'd like to try writing a book someday.

Wow, I have finally made my first dotee doll...it was so much fun, I am sure I will be making more of these cute and charming dollys. smile

I love making matchboxes and whimsy jars.

I have learned how to emboss and am loving that.

I started making button fairies recently and would like to try making fairy doors at some point in the future. I'm getting ready to make my first captured fairy in a jar also.

I'm now going to try making handmade notecards and making things out of polymer clay...Oh yeah, I'm also beginning to alter journals and notebooks, and I'm enjoying this very much.

I'd like to make my first journal for someone in the next year's time.

Things I Like

Anything to do with the paranormal-don't know why, but for some reason it just fascinates me...all of it from ghostly apparitions to vampires...it just interests me so much I get goosebumps thinking about it, LOL. Added May 21, 2009~ WOW! I just saw the cutest things! I'm sure some of you out there have heard of them...they are Living Dead Dolls, they are just too cool. I think I may want to start collecting these, I'm totally won over! =o) hmmm...just ONE more collection couldn't hurt, could it? LOL!

Anything from My Wishpot or Etsy faves


  • Luv's Baby Soft perfume
  • Vanilla Fields perfume
  • Flowerbomb perfume
  • Light, fresh scents...e.g. vanilla, pomegranate cucumber-melon


  • pretty paper~all colors and patterns
  • cool brads
  • feathers(made for crafts)
  • vintage images
  • ribbons
  • NICE-CUTE-QUALITY stickers
  • sharpies
  • gel and glitter pens
  • paint markers
  • embellishments
  • different types of cute confetti
  • rubber stamps
  • things that I can use for future ATCs.
  • fabric for dotee dolls
  • embellishments for dotee dolls
  • metal and pewter beads/charms
  • any other type of charms
  • beads
  • cute decorative buttons of different items
  • round buttons in various sizes and colors
  • decotape
  • dotee dolls
  • matchboxes
  • ATCs
  • decos
  • slams
  • friendship books
  • whimsey jars
  • prima flowers or similar


  • beautiful sunsets and sunrises
  • yummy food
  • Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino...yummy, I love these. Oh, and I'm a big Mountain Dew drinker...really need to stop drinking both!!!
  • the color green
  • the color pink ~ mostly all shades, especially light pink
  • aqua and brown together
  • pink and brown together
  • oooh...also love unusual color combos...surprise me!
  • shabby chic style
  • knee-high socks =o) I recently got some for a friend that came along with some extra pairs for me and I LOVE them. I'd love some more of them, especially ones with funky prints and/or styles, but even ones without are welcome...they're so comfy!
  • candy and treats from other countries...I'm very interested in trying yummy treats from other places in the world...so feel free to send something my way! =o) It could be your favorite, or just something that you know is really yummy and you think would help make my taste buds smile.
  • cute socks that aren't knee highs are welcome too!
  • kawaii anything (stickers, decotape, memo pads, plushies, etc.) I really love the foods with faces...the Sandwich guy, Milk guy, Ice Cream Cones, Cupcakes, Fruits, and Veggies are cool, and I love the cute little Pop Magic girls and Hopping girls, and all the other cute little people. I think the Halloween things like the ghosts and witches are cute. I like the bubble guys and flowers and makeup with faces, and the Candy Twins. I guess really though, I like everything. I like Sanrio also, especially the Little Twin Stars and My Melody...Hello Kitty and Charming Kitty are cute too. I like the cute little Rilakkuma and also love the cute little animals from San-X, Crux, Kamio, and Q-lia, even Sanrio...any of the cutesy animals ~ all of the different ones.
  • stationary (all different kinds)
  • blank notecards w/envies~handmade & store
  • handmade envelopes
  • postcards from your state/city/country
  • cute skull things
  • sugar skulls
  • Cupcakes
  • butterflies
  • owls
  • birds
  • hummingbirds
  • frogs
  • turtles
  • wolves
  • elephants
  • eagles
  • porcelain dolls (I've collected these since I was very young)
  • feathers
  • Native American designs( my ancestors were Cherokee)
  • dreamcatchers
  • celestial themed items (stars, moon, sun, planets)
  • rainbows and clouds
  • thunderstorms and rain
  • dolphins
  • fireflies
  • dragonflies
  • dragons
  • wizards
  • gnomes
  • fairies
  • dwarves
  • elves
  • orcas
  • pegasus
  • unicorns
  • horses
  • peace signs
  • coloring in coloring books with crayons with my kids! I still like doing it just as much as they do, maybe even more...can't help it, I just do!
  • mushrooms
  • carnations (last way longer than roses and they smell soooo good)
  • handmade items (any at all)
  • handmade jewelry (bracelets, anklets, necklaces, earrings, or rings)
  • cake
  • cookies
  • cute goth pictures
  • scented candles
  • vintage images
  • ephemera
  • being a mom and hugging my kids every day and telling them I love them and that I'm proud of them
  • writing letters and poetry, and writing anything else(wish I could find the time to write a book...maybe one of these days).
  • I love ALL colors but my absolute favorite colors are listed above
  • getting mail that is NOT bills
  • making new friends
  • sending mail to other people that I think will make them smile
  • making others smile

I'm not picky and really enjoy any extra items you feel like putting in swaps you send to me...I really enjoy the surprise of seeing what the other person made for the swap itself, let alone any extras there may be, all of it-swaps with or without extras almost always make me smile, I just love them all!!!

I love to play my Nintendo DS, Playstation 2, XBOX, and XBOX 360. Sometime in 2009 I hope to get a WII and a Playstation 3 also~wow, I got my WII for Valentine's Day...it was a HUGE surprise, and I am really having a lot of fun with it. It's nice because it really allows you to get together as a family and play. I love to play video games, just can't help it. It's probably 4th on my list after 1.)Playing with my kids and enjoying time with my family...2.)Crafts and Creative Writing...3.)Reading...then my video games. Smiles

My daughters are 3 years and 4 year old, soon to be 4 years and 5 year old, so now that they are almost a year older, their likes have changed some. They really like the Little Pet Shop toys and playing with their Little People, Fisher Price toys too. They enjoy watching Diego, Dora the Explorer, Strawberry Shortcake, Little Einsteins, The Backyardigans, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Spongebob Squarepants, Sesame Street, Phineas and Ferb, and The Simpsons. The have sticker books that they enjoy putting stickers into. They really like cute, hard plastic headbands to push their hair back away from their faces and cute hair ties and small scruchies for pony tails and braids. They enjoy coloring books and paint by water books very much...and are just happy, sweet little girls for the most part. Elizabeth likes princesses better and the color pink and Cadence likes dinosaurs and Webkinz better and the color yellow. They both like playing video games on the Nintendo DS AND on the computer...they especially have enjoyed playing an educational game I downloaded online called JumpStart...and they love playing outside also and going to the park. They also love their I Spy books AND their coloring books and crayons!

Things I Dislike

  • hot sauce

  • black forest cheescake

  • Disney and Dreamworks sticker flakes ~ it won't KILL me to get SOME, but I really would prefer at least SOME "Real Kawaii" brand if possible...I end up sending out all kawaii and get only Disney or Dreamworks in return, and it's sorta disappointing.

  • swappers who flake~and not only do they flake, they don't communicate any reason why.

  • Whoa...this is a HUGE dislike...people who sign up for swaps involving things for kids(meaning the stuff sent is for the kids), and receiving their part, but not sending back to whoever is supposed to receive from them...this is just terribly disappointing, and I can't believe that it's happenning and that one specific person signed up for a gazillion of these types plus other swaps...SO SAD!!! I wish they'd just think about the kids that are getting hurt in the process, because ultimately it is SO unfair to them, as they are innocent in the entire situation. I guess there will always be a few bad apples in every big group of people, just wish it didn't have to be that way.


There are probably more dislikes and I will add them as they come to mind.



  • Kawaii memo pads ~ Large ones and Small ones...I LOVE these!!! Can be partially used or new, either way they are welcome!!!

  • Kawaii loose memo pages ~ mini and big

  • Kawaii letter sets

  • Kawaii sticker sacks ~ the regular sticker flake sacks and PVC sticker sacks....I LOVE these both

  • Kawaii individual sticker flakes ~ regular and PVC

  • Kawaii sticker sheets or loose stickers cut from sheets

  • knee-high socks...Any, but saw these kind on @TeaNi s profile and LOVE THEM! I also like cute funky socks.

  • return address labels ~ I'm running out of these fast! I use them about as fast as I get them, LOL. I could really use some with USA or United States after my address so I can use them for International packages as well. Thanks a lot for anyone who is able to make/send me any of these!

  • novelty buttons

  • round buttons in all sizes and colors...really need some medium to bigger sized ones if anyone can help out and have some to spare, thanks!

  • charms of any kind

  • Sculpey or FIMO clay

  • Molds for polymer clay

  • Sculpey Mold Maker

  • Castin Craft Mold builder

  • Castin Craft Casting Resin

  • Castin Craft Catalyst

  • H20 paints

  • eyepins for jewelry

  • rubber stamps ~ mounted or unmounted

  • Quality stickers

  • Brads

  • Embellishmens for ATCs

  • Pretty, unique papers

  • Vintage anything

  • Ephemera

  • Magazines/Newspapers from 1970 or earlier

  • stuff from the Things I Like section above

  • handmade papers

  • unique and/or pretty papers and cardstock

  • fine and ultra fine glitter

  • decotape

  • kawaii anything

  • anything from my WishPot

  • anything from my Etsy faves

Thanks in advance to anyone who chooses to add any of these items or other unexpected/not asked for items...I'm really not very picky and LOVE to be surprised!!!

Record of Tags in Process...

Tags/contests/prizes I'm working on/sending:

Okay, I'm changing the way I do this as of 5/26/09...if you're not on this list, your tag has been sent out already and should be on its way. If it doesn't arrive in a timely manner, please contact me so that I can resend it...hopefully, that will not happen! Thanks!

  • S.T.F.U. group WTA ~ send to @Lyn

Tags/contests/prizes I'm waiting to receive:


perfectlie rated for Purple Owl Atc on Mar 15, 2010
Comment: hi, never thought I recieve this much :) thank you
exousia rated for Charms Charms Charms on Feb 16, 2010
Comment: Thanks so much for sending :) Albeit a bit late but this package made my week. <3
Response: Thanks so much for rerating...I'm really happy you enjoyed the package...once again, I apologize sincerely for it being so late...that is usually not the norm for me, I have fallen behind and am doing the best I can at getting caught up...Thanks so much for the great rating, you rated much more than I feel I deserved with it being late. Hugs, Jo
thevmatt rated for New Deco Swap - USA #2 on Feb 12, 2010
Comment: Thanks for keeping me updated and responding to my messages. I loved my package so much. I wish I could have given you a heart!! The decos are great and I will try to get them moving soon:-) Have a great day.
Response: Thanks so much for rerating! I am really grateful that you even gave me a 5 with the lateness factor...Thanks for that. I'm happy you liked them too! I hope you enjoy decorating them! ~Jo
girlpirate rated for Charms Charms Charms on Feb 10, 2010
Comment: Thank you for making good on this swap. The package you sent was amazing, and I loved all the extras. I hope everything you have going on gets sorted out and things get better for you. <3
Response: Thanks a lot for rerating! I really appreciate it! I'm really happy you enjoyed the package and thanks for the nice message. I'm doing everything I can to get caught up on all the rest of the swaps I am behind on. Once again I am sorry your swap was late and I'm just happy that you liked what I did send when you finally received it. ~Jo
Comment: thank you for coming through with this swap even though it was very late. this swap caused a few problems for me which finally convinced me to quit swap bot. i was having issues in my life at the time too and sent my cards out a week late, both of my partners chewed me out can didn't seem to care. apparently sending little pieces of paper in the mail is more important to them. and then i didn't get my swap from you, so two mean partners and one flaker on the same swap made me quit. i understand the whole world doesn't revolve around me and i won't chew you out for sending something so late. rather i want to thank you for thinking of me and fulfilling your swap obligations. you didn't have to send any extra items but you did ♥ and a lot too. thank you so much for proving there are still good people on swap-bot.
Response: You're welcome...I'm SO sorry for it being so late. You really didn't have to rate a heart considering that I was so late with them...really, you could've rated a 3. I'm trying to get caught up on everything, it's just taking a bit longer than I though it would. I am just really happy that you liked what I did send to you when you did finally receive it. It wasn't the norm for me to fall behind like this and once I did it's been a lot more difficult to get caught up than I thought it would. One thing at a time, I suppose, that's all I can do. Thanks so much for rerating. I'm so sorry to hear that you quit swap-bot...I feel terrible that I was part of the reason for that...that makes me feel absolutely awful...I'm SO sorry for that. I'm glad you enjoyed the extras and hope you liked the ATCs also. Apologies once again for the lateness. ~Jo
Artistic rated for Autumn Leaves ATC on Jan 23, 2010
Comment: This swap was due Nov. 1, 2009. On Nov. 29, I received a PM saying it would be late. It's Jan. 23, 2010, and still no swap.
Response: I understand completely...I'm working on them, and will message you to let you know when it is being sent. Sorry for your wait.
ButtonAnnie rated for Christmas ATC on Jan 19, 2010
Comment: I will change the rating if i receive anything.
Response: I understand completely. So sorry for being so late. I am working on getting the remainder of my swaps completed, I've finished a chunk of them and have a bit left to finish. I'll message you when yours is being sent out to you. Sorry once again.
Comment: if you ever send I will change rating
Response: I understand, and i am sorry for falling so far behind. I will be sending all my late swaps out...you will receive it, I promise. And once again my apologies.
turkspice rated for 5 Sticker bags and 5 memo bags on Dec 8, 2009
Response: This was sent out with the fist chunk of late swaps I sent out...have you received it yet? Sorry for it being so late...I just want to make sure the package made it to you in one piece...and wondering if you could change the one to a new rating if you've received it. Thanks!
Isabel rated for Shinny and glittery Matchbox on Dec 7, 2009
Comment: will change if I receive
Response: I will send a message to let you know when it is sent. My apologies for falling behind, it wasn't my intention, and I am looking forward to getting everything sent out.
Bastet rated for New Deco Swap - International #2 on Dec 6, 2009
Comment: I understand about the late, thank you very much for the gift, and the decos are very nice ! :-)
Response: Thanks very much for the rating, and extra, extra thanks for being so kind and understanding about it being late. I am extremely sorry about that, it was never my intention for that to happen. I'm happy you liked the gift and the decos that I made, it was my 1st time ever making them, so I wasn't too sure about them, so thanks so much for the feedback.
Comment: Thanks for the ATC and all those charms!!! My daughter loved the Hello kitty ones!
fernsmama rated for EKG: Sticker flakes on Nov 4, 2009
Comment: What an absolutely wonderful package of goodies - thanks soooo much! ♥
saclements rated for Halloween Series ATC-Witch on Nov 2, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much! The card is glorious fun!
racheljohnson rated for Hallowe'en Matchbox on Oct 24, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the great Halloween matchbox. You filled it so full with goodies! I especially like the Hello Kitty charm. Thank you! Thank you for the adorable memo sheets, too.
xnicola rated for BINGO!!! Winner Takes ALL! on Oct 24, 2009
Comment: Hello! :) Thank you for the wonderful postcard, it's lovely! x
Response: You're very welcome! Thank you for the heart and the rating!
MissU rated for EKG: Sticker flakes on Oct 15, 2009
Comment: Thanks! I really enjoy seeing my labels used! And I always know I will get a great swap from you!
Response: You're welcome! Well, you know I LOVE your labels, I ALWAYS use them, lol. They're my faves. We do seem to get paired up a lot, huh? I don't mind at all, though, cuz I love sending to u. You're a sweetie! Hugs, Joanne
Gabrielle rated for Bee ATC Swap on Oct 11, 2009
Comment: The ATC is "bee-u-tiful" and I am sure I will have fun using the charms. Thanks a bunch! (Pamelia)
Response: So glad you like it! I thought it turned out cute. Also happy you like the charms! Hugs, Joanne
Comment: Very very cute!
Response: Awww thank you! I'm so happy you liked my first polyvore outfit. I had never used it before and had not realized that I could use some things that I didn't even try to use. I'm just happy I did it right. Thanks so much for rating and for the heart. Hugs, Jo
marcsgrl rated for ♡ Halloween Polyvore ♡ on Oct 5, 2009
Comment: Awesome job on the set. I love the shirt and gloves.
Response: Awww, thank you so much! I was hoping I did the right thing for it, I wasn't sure after seeing that other people had done theirs in Black and Orange...but then I saw a Red Riding Hood one, so thought I might be in the clear! I am just really happy you liked it. Thanks so much for your feedback. Hugs, Joanne

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minnie53 on Aug 5, 2010:

Happy birthday for the 29th hope you had a wonderful day

jellybirds on Jun 17, 2010:

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17Papergoddess on Feb 12, 2010:

Three Category Challenge October 14, 2009 Date items must be sent by: November 4, 2009 I didnt rate you a 1 for not receiving as I didnt catch it until now by updating my swap log. I would appreciate being added to your list of promised swaps though & will rate a 5 upon receipt :)

SweetClementine on Dec 31, 2009:

I'm sorry to have to drop you from the Edibles group, but your ratings no longer meet our group requirement. I hope that you'll be able to return to Swap-bot in 2010 and make up your commitments. Best wishes!

RyeRye on Dec 3, 2009:

Happy Holidays!

CalizonaDesigns on Nov 27, 2009:

Thank you for letting me know what was going on. I truly appreciate it. :)

driftwood on Nov 25, 2009:

Jo, just saying hey. Hang in there. Have a happy thanksgiving. to you and all. michelle

Lorivintage55 on Nov 15, 2009:

Fallen behind or just ignoring? The two girls from my Charm swap have tried to contact you and you ignore them. We can see when you're online too so we know you come here. I see you have good ratings so this is quite confusing as to why you would flake on my swap. Please get in contact with your partners and make it up to them!

Lorivintage55 on Nov 12, 2009:

Are you intending on sending your partners the charms you promised by signing up for my "Charm Charm Charm" swap? It would be nice to get ahold of them and let them what is up! I see your message there but there has been plenty of time since that you could have sent or at least notified them personally. I hope you'll come through for them. Lori

grimmlynn on Oct 31, 2009:

I hope you had a very Happy Halloween!

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