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Adventures of the Traveling Postcard R12

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Swap Coordinator:AnnieMaxine (contact)
Swap categories: Postcards 
Number of people in swap:104
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:August 6, 2013
Date items must be sent by:August 14, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

Wouldn't it be great to send a postcard and see where it had been all around the world? Then get it returned back to you after its adventures were over? Let's do it!


Choose a card. A card that you think people would enjoy seeing (however, PLEASE DO NOT USE EXTRA LARGE POSTCARDS THAT WILL REQUIRE EXTRA POSTAGE!). Put your name and address on the right hand side of the card. Put the title of the swap ("Adventures of the Traveling Postcard") at the top of the left hand side. PUT IT IN AN ENVELOPE and send it off to your partner. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Just write your name, username, city, state/country, on the left hand side of the postcard you received in the previous round. Put it in an envelope and send it to your partner! (DO NOT WRITE YOUR ENTIRE ADDRESS ON THE POSTCARD - THIS TAKES UP TOO MUCH SPACE!)


We will have another round as soon as everyone has clicked "Sent" in the previous round. (Sign up when you receive yours from the previous round, start another one in rotation, or contact me, as I may have a postcard that needs to be put back into rotation as well!) When the left side of the postcard is filled up with the names and cities of those that have received the postcard, the last person will stamp your actual postcard and send it back to you.

Only join if you are awesome and a non-flaker. Well-established folks ONLY (50 or more Type 2/Type 3 swaps - although if you have already been in the swap, you will be allowed in even if you don't have 50) and I will ban if I feel that you may be a questionable swapper. I want to do my best to ensure that everyone receives their postcard back! So don't join if you don't think you can commit to it for the long haul, K? I will be checking EVERYONE'S profile. Thanks and happy swapping!

NOTE: Do NOT send the postcard back to the original owner until the left side of the postcard is completely filled!


Mimi7 07/30/2013 #

I will be sending out Chantal Bible's cute postcard she started on round 4 Looks like only room for one more after me :)

Jan218 07/30/2013 #

Has anyone seen either of mine? I haven't gotten one back yet and started with round 1. Thanks!

mcovey 07/30/2013 #

I have Sabrina Dee Berry pc that was just started , I am #1

smadronia 07/31/2013 #

I <3 this swap :)

siouxx05 08/ 1/2013 #

i would think both of my original cards would have tried to come home.. but they are probably lost now because I moved house and the address on the cards is wrong.. :(

AnnieMaxine 08/ 1/2013 #

siouxx, are you having your mail forwarded to your new address?

user6937 08/ 1/2013 #

I have Fatimatuzzahro's card; this is the 9th place it's reached. Still lots of room on it (homemade and overlarge, so I'm folding it in half).

user6937 08/ 1/2013 #

I still don't have mine back yet, either (Sandra Dowkes) - anybody see it? I'm sure it's been around the world by now - I sent it on round 1 :)

daisydayz 08/ 1/2013 #

Does anyone have one of my cards? Really need to change the address on my first one as I have now moved!! Eek!!

AnnieMaxine 08/ 1/2013 #

I will add in the swap description in the next round to check with the swapper about their address before sending it back. Hopefully this will help. I have had a few people with the same problem.

mdkrouwel 08/ 1/2013 #

I have the card of emilynhr here, lots of space left so sending it for this round to the next person!

pne 08/ 1/2013 #

I have Theresa Mather's card which came to me on Round 10 - I don't know her username. Mine will be the second name on the card.

suesuzieq 08/ 1/2013 #

I will be sending Kelly Haag's pc out in the next round. It has 8 signatures on it and probably can go another 6 rounds.

joyhouse5 08/ 1/2013 #

I am mailing back Emily Rogers card it is full, and I will start a new card.

flowerchild 08/ 1/2013 #

the card I have in my possession will be taking the 'walk of shame home'...I have asked the swapper to please return any cards she has so they may continue to travel. Have my new PC ready to go!

AnnieMaxine 08/ 1/2013 #

Thanks @flowerchild !!

@joyhouse5 before you send, make sure you message Emily and make sure her address is the same...I'm not sure that she has moved, but I think it's a good habit to get into, just in case!

daisydayz 08/ 1/2013 #

I have Holly Godbey's Card and will be sending it on this round. Only on it's second round so ages to go!

joyhouse5 08/ 1/2013 #

I think she moved too, I was looking at her profile. At least I think it was her profile. How many Emilys can there be? Oh wait. I mailed it already today, as it was full. Really full. It had to squeeze my info on the card.

siouxx05 08/ 2/2013 #

Yes, I was having mail forwarded but it was only for 3 months.. and that finished a couple of weeks ago.. :(

Elisabeth 08/ 2/2013 #

I got the postcard of Nicki Slater. It still has lot of room for lots of more rounds.

Batmamma 08/ 2/2013 #

I have Karla Cardell's pc, no username, that I will send on as it has room for at least 5 more.

Amber999 08/ 2/2013 #

I have @sweetest0sin - Georgie Freestone's postcard. It started in Round 7, so it only has 4 names so far. I will PM her and make sure the address is correct, then mail it back to her.

BluePoppy 08/ 2/2013 #

Any sign of any of the two postcards I have going around?

I've just received Wiji Widayati's. I'm the 5th stop since it's left home.

Carolien25 08/ 2/2013 #

I still haven't received my card back.. it's a pity!!!

fruitbat5150 08/ 2/2013 #

I have the brand new card of Emily Visneskie aka NorthernNeedles to send out!

twobluecrows 08/ 2/2013 #

@Jan218 I mailed one of yours to Switzerland in Round 11. It only had a couple of names on it already.

StarMouse 08/ 3/2013 #

Hi, I'm StarMouse,

My round 11 card came accompanied by a round 5 Large postcard. I will send them on in the same envelops, with new label and want to warn people that it's out there, and being sent out again. It originated in Louisiana, USA

Jan218 08/ 3/2013 #

Thanks @twobluecrows !

ZzMonstruozZ 08/ 3/2013 #

Hi! I've SAMANTHA SMART's postcard and it's almost finished!!!

Have any of you seen my postcard? :( It hasn't user name, just LIDIA RUIZ and was started on round 1 =(

preslarb 08/ 3/2013 #

I have Sara in Switzerland's PC and will be sending it along this round! (Still a new card).

Hollycarole92 08/ 4/2013 #

Woohoo! Glad to see @daisydayz has my card! :) I have Betty Maxwell's card, but I'm the first one to sign it, so it's got a long, long way to go...

twobluecrows 08/ 5/2013 #

I have and will be mailing out @Lucine 's card, it's still got room for several more names.

pne 08/ 5/2013 #

I think Theresa Mathers = @draco , so it's her card that will be going out from me this round.

rsilvers 08/ 5/2013 #

I'll be sending out the postcard of K.B. Biasbas of the Philippines from Round 2. Looks like it'll be heading home soon!

alicemayspring 08/ 5/2013 #

I am sending Rose Wilson on there are five names on at the moment also Donna Owen I was the first to sign, do not now their swap-bot names. Perhaps members can put their swap-bot name on as well.

alicemayspring 08/ 5/2013 #

Oops Mimi7. sorry Donna

vronica 08/ 5/2013 #

Right now I have two cards....send together in the previous round....is it ok to send them both? Or maybe have more partners? With so much people joining?

AnnieMaxine 08/ 5/2013 #

@vronica - I think we're just going to stick with one partner. My brain can't handle any more logistics concerning this swap.

You can send 2 postcards in an envelope. It's OK if two travel together.

AnnieMaxine 08/ 5/2013 #

I will be sending @queencordy18 's postcard in this round :)

hkappes 08/ 5/2013 #

I will be sending Stephanie Martin & Lucine van Dams cards.

Has anyone seen mine (Heidi Belinsky)?

misscorina 08/ 6/2013 #

I've got Rebecca Lovesee @momoeight postcard from round 3 and I've got Emily Truman @EmilyT postcard from round 11

EmilyT 08/ 6/2013 #

I'll be sending Kelly Rav's and Mikki Mccoy's cards this round! Both have room left for some names! And in response to how many Emily's can there be ... Tons of us! I never met another Emily until I was 11 years old but now Emily, Emma, etc is one of the most popular names...

coolbeans 08/ 7/2013 #

I am sending out @arikara postcard this round it started in round 7 it has 5 names so far

queencordy18 08/ 7/2013 #

I have @jeepermom s card and will be passing it on this round. Started round 10, so only 2 names!

inthewild 08/ 8/2013 #

Am surprised none of my cards have come home - joined in round 2. - are they still travelling or have they fallen through the cracks? Please respond if you have a card from me? Much appreciated. Mandy J

dakotadee 08/ 8/2013 #

Hi, has anyone seen my card? dakotadee? I missed signing up for this round but will next one

ChantalB 08/ 8/2013 #

missed out on this one hope to join back in on the next round

spinjenny 08/ 9/2013 #

I somehow missed this round, but I have @creativememe123 's card and will send it in the next round.

Deeno1105 08/ 9/2013 #

I got two cards in the mail yesterday.

Yes, Waldo has returned from the UK. There's room for one, maybe two names if they write small. Awesome card BTW.

The other card belongs to D. Owen from R1. Room for one more name. You should get this one back soon.

Lucine 08/ 9/2013 #

Sending preslarb card tomorrow☺

rachelcdoyle 08/10/2013 #

Sending to @tizzicat today!!!!

wadesay 08/12/2013 #

anyone has my postcard? (Desyanti, Indonesia)

chelle523 08/12/2013 #

Does anyone have my postcard? Michelle Frost, Ohio, USA

Happycrazylion 08/12/2013 #

Anyone seen my cards? I have 2 out & about! Janadah Sartin. I missed this round 12 oops!! I have Loren sanders lorenmarie77 & Melissa vanderburg. Will send out in next round 13

AnnieMaxine 08/12/2013 #

@Happycrazylion Lorenmarie is suspended. You can go ahead and send hers right back to her. No sense in keeping someones in rotation who is SUSPENDED!

@wedesay I have yours.

earthnk 08/12/2013 #

I sure wished mine was still I rotation. It's been many rounds and no one has checked in with my card.

bungaalangalang 08/13/2013 #

just sent @manders2280 's PC that got delayed from last round this morning to @pne because post office had a week break for holidays, hope arrive in time :)

sapphiregypsy 08/14/2013 #

@twobluecrows ...i'm going to the post office to see whether Round 11 has reached my mailbox. 12 hours more until deadline ends. hope you don't mind if i send it a day late. thanks!

Skron11 08/14/2013 #

Sending out card from Janaina, (Brazil)--it still has a ways to go before heading home.

sapphiregypsy 08/15/2013 #

@twobluecrows ..i just sent you my PC (I started a new one since I didn't get any for this round). Sorry for the 1 day delay. Happy swapping!

coolbeans 08/18/2013 #

Hi @alicemayspring thank you for the update I did put coolbeans and my name on the card you was talking about thanks

Deeno1105 08/20/2013 #

@R Doyle..........I got your PC in the mail yesterday. Still lots of room so you won't see it for several more rounds.

BluePoppy 08/23/2013 #

Thanks @ Skron11 for the good news! =]

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