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1 chocolate bar swap #4 (international)

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1 chocolate bar swap #4 (international)
Swap Coordinator:SABR (contact)
Swap categories: Food  Miscellaneous  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:146
Last day to signup/drop:March 22, 2009
Date items must be sent by:April 4, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

We had so many swappers in the first 3 swaps that I though we should do it again!:)

Choose 1 chocolate bar and send to your partner. If there's anything you do not like, comment with it. For hearts you can add a little extra like a cute card or more candy:)

This is international and newbies with one completed swap and a filled out profile are welcome:) For non newbies ratings must be atleast 4,8. I will review everyones profile!


SABR 02/26/2009 #

Dislikes: coffee, banana, coconut flavour, dark and white chocolate, regular bars like mars, snickers, bounty, kitkat and so on....

janeengland 02/26/2009 #

i am diabetic i dont like nuts, toffee or regular chocolate bars like bounty, kit kat and so on.

awrelie 02/26/2009 #

I like all kinds of chocolate!!! I only don't like those with raisins.

ccap 02/26/2009 #

Yay! I was waiting for this one again. LOVED the first 3.

Not fond of white chocolate.

emilynhr 02/26/2009 #

i looooove peanut butter and chocolate together.

Jembogawa 02/26/2009 #

mmm chocolate! I don't like: dark chocolate, mint, nuts, coconut or chocolate with fruit in. Love any other kind :)

Booktrollop10 02/26/2009 #

Yay! Bring on the trumpets, I LOVE chocolate and have no preferences cause it's all chocolate to me!!!

AnnMarie 02/26/2009 #

I would love a butter finger!! Any thing is pretty much ok, I like things that I cant get here.

5trawberry 02/28/2009 #

I really, really don't like white chocolate. Nor coconut, or banana. While I do like run-of-the-mill Hershey and Mars bars, something more special would be very nice. Thanks :).

Anton 02/28/2009 #

I like pretty much everything. But read on my page what I dont like, its not much :)

monstermansmum05 02/28/2009 #

I'm not big on dark chocolate, or the fruit ones.

Love white chocolate! And chocolate with nuts or peanut butter.

Wolfidy 02/28/2009 #

Just no coconut, that's all I ask. :D

maryb221 03/ 2/2009 #

I love milk chocolate, dark chocolate (if it's Godiva).... marshmallow, caramel, chocolate almonds, chocolate from Finland and Holland and Norway is great... something different than the ordinary.

ladystumblindummy 03/ 2/2009 #

i like fruit marshmallows,nuts but no dark choc. please im diabetic so sugarfree thanks mary

leahs3girls 03/ 2/2009 #

I don't like dark chocolate or plain milk chocolate. Any other kind is fine!

AynE 03/ 2/2009 #

I like the four major food groups, white, dark, milk and semi-sweet. The only add-in's that I know I don't like is lavender and chocolate. I probably would not be thrilled with any bacon in my chocolate either. My absolute favorite chocolate bar so far I had never heard of before the first chocolate swap is Chinita Nibs dark chocolate bar with caramelized cacao nibs and nutmeg. So if my swap buddy actually sees one of those I would be in chocolate heaven but since I had never heard of them before it is more a wishful hope than an expectation.

TraumaQueen 03/ 3/2009 #

Chocolate is heavenly.... UNLESS, of course, it's contaminated with any kind of fruit.

AcadiaChick 03/ 3/2009 #

I love love love chocolate! But, I don't like white chocolate, really dark chocolate (over 40% cocoa), or chocolate with fruit or raisins, and I REALLY dislike creme filled chocolates. I DO love chocolate with hazelnut, or almonds though! =)

zhyrapha 03/ 3/2009 #

I don't like dark chocolate, raisins and nuts :)

misnatalie 03/ 3/2009 #

I like everything, the more unique the better. Just not a huge fan of coffee flavors

ChelelosGirl 03/ 4/2009 #

I definitely want to do this one again! Last time I only got one bite of the chocolate that was sent to me - my hubby stole the rest!!! LOL, but man was it good!

SweetCandy 03/ 4/2009 #

I don't like dark chocolate or white chocolate

Rebeccascakes 03/ 5/2009 #

I enjoyed this last time...yum yum! I really don't mind what I recieve because with a family full of chocaholics if I don't eat it someone will!!!

providence 03/ 5/2009 #

no pistachios, chillis or marzipan for me please

BeautifulMess 03/ 5/2009 #

Dislike dark chocolate and anything with like liquour in it or like strawberry/orange goo haha =) I like nuts and rasins tho... if you're from finland and my swap, i really like the karl frazer chocolate :)

orit 03/ 6/2009 #

I dislike chocolate with raisins/liquor/coconut/green tea/artificial things, Hershey's, and regular bars (Mars, snickers, bounty, etc).

The chocolate I love most is milk chocolate with sea salt - but I know that it's hard to find :)

steffany81 03/ 6/2009 #

I don't really care for chocolate, but I love toffee and peanut M&Ms. :)

helenkosings 03/ 7/2009 #

I like semi sweet or dark chocolate (not over 40%) and please no mint or cherry. Can hardly wait!

Mummybear 03/ 8/2009 #

Hello partner! I don't much like coconut, raisins or liquers, but pretty much anything else is fine! Looking forward to it!

Yara 03/ 8/2009 #

I like every kind of chocolate unless white chocolate. I have a predilection for pure milk chocolate ^^

welovepandas 03/ 8/2009 #

I like most choc but not a massive fan of super dark choc or with weird ingredients like chilli (I do like mint/orange though)

I would really like some choc wihtout any hydrogenated fat please. Thanks x

welovepandas 03/ 8/2009 #

What size bar should we send? A rough weight would be useful, just so I know I'm not sending a small one when I should be sending a massive one!

mbhp12 03/ 8/2009 #

My favorite is milk choclate, please no weird stuff like chili or mint, etc. ....... or strawberry whoppers :-(

blueskydei 03/ 8/2009 #

My favourite is dark chocolate & raspberries, but I'll try almost anything! The only thing I don't like at all is coconut. :)

catz1ct 03/ 8/2009 #

I prefer milk chocolate. I don't really like nuts or fruity chocolate.

CarrieR 03/ 9/2009 #

Adore dark chocolate, and I love peanut butter, coconut, and exotic ingredients. Not a buyer of "regular bars" (Snickers, KitKat, etc.).

herbovitz 03/ 9/2009 #

I don't like white chocolate and would prefer something that is not mass produced (Hershey's, Snickers, etc.)

TaraK 03/ 9/2009 #

I'm not a fan of dark chocolate or cherries mixed with chocolate. I do love white chocolate and don't mind nuts, fruits, peanut butter, etc.

planter 03/ 9/2009 #

what if it melts due to the heat?may be in the 50s all week here

Sharila 03/10/2009 #

like: - Dark chokolate - Marzipan - Chokolate with alcohol - Plain chokolate - Chokolate with jelly - Chokolate with nougat -

I dont like: - Chokolate with most fillings - Chokolate with nuts/peanuts -

dbc2612 03/10/2009 #

Love chocolate, but not dark chocolate or banana flavoured,

mickeymock 03/11/2009 #

I only love dark chocolate and also milk chocolate that without any fillings and nuts ^ ^

dakkota1599 03/11/2009 #

Do not like dark chocolate or marshmallows.

sockmonkey 03/11/2009 #

I love white chocolate and milk chocolate, toffee, raisins, almonds, mints. Easy to please. NO coffee, alcohol filled, or dark chocolate.

candigirl 03/11/2009 #

Hi, there...I am not picky at all, and would love to receive something from another country...If you are not in the US, I would love to know what kind of candy YOU like!! I love dark chocolate, but really like any kind at all...


Ereine 03/12/2009 #

I don't really like coconuts or very dark chocolate. I love filled chocolate and things I can't get here (in the last swap I got a Violet Crumble from Australia, it was wonderful).

Ereine 03/12/2009 #

I don't really like coconuts or very dark chocolate. I love filled chocolate and things I can't get here (in the last swap I got a Violet Crumble from Australia, it was wonderful).

chuysgirl 03/12/2009 #

Surprise me. Anything except dark chocolate. Thanks.

tsireldi 03/13/2009 #

I would love to try anything new and unusual, anything I can't easily get in a supermarket here in the US. Dark chocolate is the best! yeah! Any kind of fillings, nuts, fruit is great! Very few dislikes, but no coconut please.

xoDanixo 03/13/2009 #

I love white chocolate, strawberry, banana, milk chocolate. I don'tlike coconut, lemon, or almond. I especially DON'T like dark chocolate. I've had alot of hershey's before I'd like to get something diffenent from where my sender lives.

xoDanixo 03/13/2009 #

Oh one more thing no mint

xoDanixo 03/13/2009 #

Sorry for all the comment one more add ABSOLUTELY NO coffee or toffee.

streghettamiry 03/14/2009 #

I love white chocolate, strawberry, banana, milk chocolate, coconut, lemon, or almond,ecc.. I especially DON'T like dark chocolate. I'd like to get something diffenent from where my sender lives.

Charlotexxx 03/14/2009 #

I love all chocolate but would love something I cant get in the UK

todsahonchik 03/14/2009 #

No allergies, no preferences... anything is great!!

maryb221 03/15/2009 #

I love milk chocolate. Nothing commercial like Kit Kat, Snickers, etc. Something that is not common would be nice, if possible. I like nuts, but NOT coconut. No coffee flavor chocolate. I like dark chocolate if it has creams.

Charlotexxx 03/15/2009 #

I absolutely love all chocolate!! I would love to try anything I could not get in the UK but I love all chocolate xxx

jennydives 03/15/2009 #

I love milk chocolate, with or without nuts, caramel, or coconut. White and dark chocolate are OK too.

fosho 03/16/2009 #

something i cant get in philly would be best

kitkat1027 03/16/2009 #

OMG, I love chocolate anything! Surprise me! And if my partner is from overseas, I would love something exotic that is popular in your country. But overall, anything goes for me.


ReddFairy 03/16/2009 #

Can't wait, YUMMY!. I don't like white chocolate or dark chocolate over 70%. I can't have wintergreen or red food coloring because of allergies. Would love to try something from another country and I am very open to new things.

BlossomPaper 03/16/2009 #

Wooooow i like this swap!!

user7636 03/16/2009 #

Please no white chocolate or very dark ones for me please. I am game to try any chocolate not from the USA. Thanks in advance to my partner!

Tatsu 03/16/2009 #

I love: dark chocolate, peanuts, anything exotic. I really dislike white chocolate or chocolates with cream fillings.

flacrafter 03/17/2009 #

I like all chocolate except dark

kesh 03/17/2009 #

These swaps rock !! I'm in again, and I'm very open to any chocolate 8)

BlossomPaper 03/17/2009 #

who wants italian chocolate ? :P

evsmom03 03/17/2009 #

Mmmmm, I'm drooling already! I love pretty much anything except white chocolate.

MsLulu 03/17/2009 #

I'm not a fan of any fruit with chocolate, but anything else is great! Except meat products and dirty socks or something, lol. Oh, but I don't consider white chocolate, chocolate either... :)

blonde998 03/18/2009 #

I love it all!! Prefer milk chocolate, but add-ins are wonderful!!

eiko 03/18/2009 #

this one is for my fiance, and he eats pretty much any choc - but something without nuts would be preferred ^-^

snusnuMV 03/18/2009 #

I can only eat sugar-free chocolate. I like dark, milk, and white chocolate. I love nuts and peanut butter in chocolate. I'm not a fan of toffee or caramel. I have no problem with mass-produced chocolate, like from Hershey's or Snickers. Just, please, make sure the chocolate is sugar free or I will not be able to eat it. Thanks!

maybeblue 03/18/2009 #

I don't like dark chocolate. My favorite is milk chocolate. I don't like sea salt or coffee or mint in my chocolate. I love nuts, coconut, and peanut butter. I like fruit flavors. I'd like to try something a little different than the common bars.

pongiola 03/19/2009 #

I love chocolate but i don't like extra dark chocolate...my prefer is milk chocolate!!

dinapina 03/19/2009 #

i like any chocolate......

camelsamba 03/19/2009 #

I like dark chocolate the most (but will eat others). I don't like coffee flavors or almonds (other nuts are okay).

I'd appreciate something other than the mass-market US brands (Hersheys, M&MMars, etc).

estromberg 03/19/2009 #

I like everything but white chocolate ( Is it really chocolate??). Thanks!! E :)

patriciac 03/20/2009 #

I love chocolate!!!!!!!!!! If you can send me some Hersheys i will apreciate it even more ;o)

pixieblue 03/20/2009 #

Mmmm...chocolate...not a big fan of dark chocolate, but just about everything else is totally good. If my partner has access to either the bacon chocolate or a green tea kitkat that would be teh awesome sauce.

medoran 03/20/2009 #

first off I am pretty easy so whatever works for you is okay. However, just so you know, I like stuff in chocolate - caramel, toffee, hot pepper, malt, etc. and I always like trying something new so if you find a bar from somewhere strange or with something different about it I am game.

saskwoman 03/20/2009 #

i dont like any dark chocolate or anything with nuts in it

Chizzy 03/21/2009 #

No dark chocolate for me please

megyy 03/21/2009 #

I love Geisha chocolate by Fazer! But you can send me anything else. I like every kind of chocolate.

muppetjedi 03/21/2009 #

OMG! Please please pair me up with someone that will swap me a chocolate with pistachios bar from Fazer! I can't find them in the US or anywhere online : ( Finlanders/Sweds/Noryway.... I'm counting on you : )

wingedmuse 03/21/2009 #

i'm not a big fan of fruit-anything chocolate or white chocolate. i do enjoy some good dark chocolate, mm :D & anything local to your area!

manonclarke 03/21/2009 #

I love white chocolate!!! No dark chocolate please...thanks!

Marymint 03/22/2009 #

Oooooh peanut butter all the way for me! No fruit+chocolate please, eugh yuck. x

alicaurusrex 03/22/2009 #

I love anything chocolate! Especially unusual chocolate, or (if I get an international swapper) preferably something I can't get in the UK.

The only thing I can't have is gelatine so most jelly/gummy fillings are out for me, so please check that :) thank-you!!

alicaurusrex 03/22/2009 #

Oh, marshmallows are also definitely out for me because of the gelatine, so nothing marshmallow-y please!!

Turtle17 03/22/2009 #

If my partner is from outside the US. I would love something I can't get here. I will give anything a chance.

micrulaa 03/22/2009 #

I would like something thats unusual and not everyday (no hersheys, mars, ect.) If you are outside the US i'd love if you could send something that's local to you.

no dark chocolate, marzipan, chili, mint. thanks!

taranouga 03/23/2009 #

Anything good without nuts xD. Can be kawaii, if you have acces and money to buy it ^^.

Creeny 03/23/2009 #

Once again, cause I love chocolate!! :) Things I don't like in combination with chocolate: - peanuts & peanut butter stuff - nougat - caramell - soft fillings

I am open to strange flavors! E. g. I really love chocolate with salt on or in it :)

quirkydame 03/23/2009 #

Not a fan of dark chocolate, coconut, marshmallow or coffee flavors..Or raisins. Love fruit and nuts!

mandyfaye 03/23/2009 #

my only dislike is dark chocolate.

Purrsnickety 03/23/2009 #

Loves: Marshmallow, caramel peanut butter, nuts

Dislikes: dark chocolate, fruit flavors in chocolate, plain (nothing mixed in) chocolate

pike 03/23/2009 #

I love all chocolate :)

KrisWW 03/23/2009 #

Love dark chocolate, and also, stuff like reeces peanut butter cups. Mint, caramel and crisp/biscuit type stuff is yummy, but please, no fruit or raisins or marzipan.

Debimrtn 03/23/2009 #

I love it all...(should have sugar free due to my Weight Loss program), but I will be happy with any thing you choose to send. Thanks, Debi

kraftykj 03/23/2009 #

I love all chocolate!

saletlc 03/23/2009 #

I do not care for dark chocolate or white chocolate.

heartbreaker 03/24/2009 #

I don't care for dark chocolate much :)

anngeeeee 03/24/2009 #

i'd love any kind of chocolate, especially those local to your country! but not common ones like mars/hersheys please.. oh, i'd love reeses peanut butter cups! if not, any chocolate is ok.. thanks! :D

shelleerenee 03/24/2009 #

No dark chocolate, please.

renees 03/24/2009 #

I like everything, nuts, caramel, peanut butter etc! I love chocolate

tigerlilly327 03/24/2009 #

Send me dark chocolate and I will love you forever. Without the creepy stalker-ness. ; D

saralizzy1981 03/24/2009 #

Yo, I super love dark chocolate, but I you have a really cool one you want to send, I'll take anything (except lavendar or chili pepper, both are pretty gross :P ).

blagh 03/25/2009 #

I love just about any kind of chocolate, although I might be growing out of the average candy bar.

DisneyRider 03/25/2009 #

Just sent mine to my partner $6.50 shipping WOW!!!

weloveriley 03/25/2009 #

LOVE dark...do not care for milk, white is so-so, so dark is the way to go with me. I will pretty much try any combination. LOVE coffee, coconut, peppermint, marshmallow, orange, pear, chili, nuts, sea salt chocolates.

weloveriley 03/25/2009 #

jilly can you post your likes/dislikes??? thanks!

7kolchuck 03/26/2009 #

i luv hazel nuts choco, but wht ever will be great if its choco and sweet lol lol

Creeny 04/ 5/2009 #

Hi there... I was on a little trip to Berlin this weekend, so I couldn't mark it as sent earlier. I sent it in time... Hope, my partner will like the chocolate..

weloveriley 04/21/2009 #

jilly---i have emailed and pm'ed you, I hope that you received the candy bars that I mailed to you a few weeks ago. please let me know.

user7636 05/ 9/2009 #

I have not received my chocolate bar and have messaged my partner and no response

pongiola 05/17/2009 #

i didn't receive my chocolate bar,i messaged and rate (1) my partner but she didn't response...

micrulaa 05/31/2009 #

I have not received my chocolate bar. I messaged my partner and rated a 1. No response

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