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Photographing your City/town

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Photographing your City/town
Swap Coordinator:bettysoo (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Books  Photography 
Number of people in swap:137
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:July 20, 2009
Date items must be sent by:September 1, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

For this swap you have one swap partner,

I want you to take at least 10/15 interesting photographs of your City/Town, print them out and make a little album/book for them please write in descriptions of all the pictures ,

you can decorate it to if yonything , like buildings , beaches , anything that stands out in you town . Please don't make them boring pictures like concrete buildings , gas stations ,motorways .. i think we all get the picture LOL ..

Have fun and be creative , make this a lovely keepsake for your partner ..

Please no no sends,or any resent bad ratings, i will have to ban you ,
please don't let your partner down as i cannot angel this swap P.S. only newbies with a full profile will be considered for this swap ,I have the right to refuse anyone whom i feel might let others down

Thank you for joining . Happy Snapping
Sharrena .... :O)


BeautifulMess 05/27/2009 #

Can you put them in a notebook instead of a photo album? That way you can decorate the pages and put describtions and such!?

lovebird 05/27/2009 #

On my watch list! Will definitely join closer to July 20th!

breccamerie 05/27/2009 #

I've joined and hope you don't mind if I take pics of my county as I live in the country and the closet 'town is about 15 miles away. It will be a blend of town and rural pictures. Rather excited about this one!

bettysoo 05/28/2009 #

Yes BeauifulMess,that will ok .. its all up to you how creative you want to be , just as long as they are in any sort of book / album /notebook.. :o)

bettysoo 05/28/2009 #

That would be lovely breccamerie, Please don't forget to upload pictures everyone,of when they are all finished , i would love to see them all .... :o)

jillian 05/29/2009 #

this sounds great!! i love photography. my town is in a depressed, rural area,yet there are some great photos i think i could take to depict where i live. wonderful idea.

bettysoo 05/30/2009 #

Thanks jillian , have fun taking the pictures, hope i get to see some of these ..

lokotronic 06/10/2009 #

Great theme... i'n so into photography, i can't wait to make this for someone! yay!

BeautifulMess 06/11/2009 #

I had to move it to the watch list as i broke my camera on holiday and don't know if I'll have a new one in time.

bettysoo 06/11/2009 #

Thanks lokotronic, for joining ... :o) have fun

bettysoo 06/11/2009 #

Thats such a shame Beautifulmess, I hope you do get a new one soon,so you can join us in this swap ... :o)

amara 06/15/2009 #

i joined this group because i like to take photos of everything, even my nails... :P i hope i will make a good impression, because i'm new here... my city is very historical an beautiful, it's by the sea, an it has so many cool things to share...

bettysoo 06/15/2009 #

Thanks for joining amara, your city sounds lovely .... :o)

amara 06/17/2009 #

well sometimes... :P

GTstamper 06/17/2009 #

do we have to be good at photography? I'm a point and shooter... I would really love to join this though. Sounds like fun.

Marata 06/18/2009 #

I think point and shoot is fine as long as they aren't all blurry or out of focus. If you want a photo out of focus for the effect that seems fine. Postcards and other momentos can make up for a lot of bad photos. Just something fun to look at is what I would like to get.

bettysoo 06/18/2009 #

Hi to you both I was just about to say almost the same thing as long as the photo is not blurred it should be fine ... :o) also have fun taking the pictures too..

denisecouser 06/18/2009 #

i would love this swap. i live on whidbey island in washington state,usa. deception pass is here along with a navy base. we see lots of wild life. i love to see where other people live. thanks.

kitkat1027 06/19/2009 #

This is going to be really fun! I can't wait to see where my partner is from!

candigirl 06/19/2009 #

So, basically, is this like a little scrapbook? With notes, descriptions, etc, to go with the photos?

bettysoo 06/19/2009 #

Hi candigirl yes you can make it like a little scrap book ... :o)

missmonroeville 06/20/2009 #

I love photography and so I am really looking forward to this swap. I only live in a small town, but there is some really good things to photograph, especially the Palace we have. And it will be so good to see other peoples towns!

spin 06/20/2009 #

This will have to go on my watchlist! I love the idea, but my camera needs a fixing...

earthnk 06/21/2009 #

Are pictures to be on photo paper or are people going to print them off their computers using plain paper? Just asking because there is a huge quality difference.

lmk Thanks

bettysoo 06/21/2009 #

Hi chappykat, good question ,Thanx for asking . photo paper would be best , you can still print them off from your computer using this type of paper , its not to expensive,. and would make your pictures so much more better quality then plain paper .. Thanx :o)

bettysoo 06/21/2009 #

Thanks you guys for joining my swap,.... :o) I hope you all have fun with taking the photos and also creating and putting together a little album for them to be displayed .... Sharrena

violin21 06/22/2009 #

Ive signed up for the swap, photos are already taken of my town and events that have taken place to show french life, I am now preparing to do a scrapbooking album for my partner to put all the photos in, can't wait to finish it and give it to my partner. :)

violin21 06/22/2009 #

Finished already had a day off to get it all organised can't wait to send it to my partner, hugs:)

HappyMom 06/22/2009 #

What a great idea for a swap :) I love photography, and even my 2 kids, both teens, have taken classes and did great in it. Thanks for including me. Looking forward to it!

CraftyLala 06/22/2009 #

This swap sounds like a lot of fun, Im really excited about it!

kawaii1984 06/22/2009 #

I put this one on my swap watchlist. I'm already thinking of ideas of how I can do a scrapbook out of the pictures... I live out in the Country and the closest city is about 40 minutes away. Is it okay if I take pictures from around me? I just figured I'd ask before I sign up for the swap.

kaffy 06/23/2009 #

This is SUCH A cool idea!! LOVE IT! I have so many fun ideas! Can't wait!! :)

MP 06/24/2009 #

sounds like fun- live in a small depressed city but...we do have some wonderful 'young' historic buildings (nothing like europe!)that haven't been torn down for those beautiful (NOT) strip malls

BeautifulMess 06/25/2009 #

Hopefully I'll be able to join again by next week, am waiting for my new camera to arrive =) I'm so excited.

Moose 06/25/2009 #

I'm putting this on my watchlist ! I'd like to join, but first i want my other photography swap to go well and finished on time. If that goes well, maybe I'll join if you will have me (i'm newbie, still working on my profile, got 2 fives from my first 2 swaps, but anxiously awaiting arrival of those i sent out this week).

maestraw 06/25/2009 #

If you upload your photos to Walgreens or CVS, they are only .19 each. I think Meijer and WalMart are even less than that.


grimmlynn 06/25/2009 #

I am very excited about this swap. I am going to start snapping pics tomorrow. Most of my pics will probably be early morning or evening since in the middle of the day it is about 100 degress with lots of humidity!

RyeRye 06/26/2009 #

WOOHOO! I love this idea!!! TYTY for creating this swap! On watchlist till date gets closer!

bettysoo 06/26/2009 #

Thank you all for joining and leaving comments
I'm really excited my self ...
I never dreamed so many people would join up .. hope you all have a fun time finding the pictures you want to use , hugs Sharrena

BeautifulMess 06/30/2009 #

Yey I can join again!!!! Camera came this morning =)

bettysoo 07/ 1/2009 #

That's great news .... :o)

Bananajana 07/ 1/2009 #

@grimmlynn the heat's haze could make for an interesting effect for a photograph, too.

pahasiga 07/ 1/2009 #

If someone wants to look at my village as of last fall (I'm not sure they are interesting pics, though), she can click here. There are 24 pics of one short walk (a mile or so, from us to centre).

BeautifulMess 07/ 1/2009 #

Can you include more photos, like almost or completely fill a notebook If you use a notebook? xx

clebeans 07/ 1/2009 #

Ohh I cant wait to share the tourist attractions of my town in little ole New Zealand. This sounds like great fun.

Jenann82 07/ 2/2009 #

this sounds like a great swap. i wish you would host a usa only as my budget is limited and i would want to put the photos in a nice mini album with notes about each one!

bettysoo 07/ 2/2009 #

Beautifulmess , you can add more photos if you like , and fill up the notebook/album with notes , its really up to you .... :o)

bettysoo 07/ 2/2009 #

Hi Jenann82, I actually come from the UK so i can't host a USA only swap , but its a shame you can't join the swap i think it will be fun ,and i don't think it would be to much for the shipping .. :o)

jadedmama 07/ 2/2009 #

Can I do some other places around my city? Other smaller cities?

Thanks Jeannie

ohillneverlearn 07/ 3/2009 #

i can't wait to get started!

i live in a small college town, which i think can be very interesting if you know where to go (which i do!)

i love photography. i already take lots of photos, but i will take extra care to get some really good ones for this swap! :)

palacey 07/ 3/2009 #

I just noticed your example photos are of Brighton! Do you live here, too? :)

palacey 07/ 3/2009 #

PS the swap is on my watch list

Moose 07/ 4/2009 #

OK, now joined this swap, if you'll have me. As i'm already photographing for the photojournal swap, i have a lot of pictures of my hometown that will qualify for this one too.

bettysoo 07/ 4/2009 #

Hi palacey , yes i live in Brighton , isn't that funny .... would be even funnier if you joined and we got each other lol ......

bettysoo 07/ 4/2009 #

Thanks every one for all the comments, it sounds like were all gonna have a good time doing this swap .. hi jadedmama , sorry but it really should be mostly of the town/city that you are from, :o)

fifilein 07/ 6/2009 #

i am actually living in a very very boring town, but i am in my capital vienna all the time. am i allowed to take pictures of vienna or just of my hometown? believe me, pictures of my hometown would be quite boring XD

kkens23 07/ 7/2009 #

hi i am very interested in joining this swap.my home town is kind of quiet but it could be a challenge to make it interesting. i hope you'll let me join. thanks- kkens23

bettysoo 07/ 7/2009 #

I'm sorry fifilein but the photos should really be from the city/town where your living ... :o)

winniethepooh 07/10/2009 #

I'm gonna watch this swap, a great swap, sounds good fun and take some photos, it lovely to see other places.

grannylove60 07/11/2009 #

Got this one in watch for now. Sounds like lots of fun!!! I too would be sending photos of our small town, rural and country shots. Love this idea...but gotta see how things go between now and then:)

grannylove60 07/11/2009 #

Just thought of a question:) Do we have to send just plain 4x6 photos, or could we possibly make postcards with them? Edit and alter them, maybe decorate around the photo? Maybe add some funny/commical comments if appropriate for the photo? This would be lots of fun!!!

Anonymousey 07/13/2009 #

I'm taking an alternative process photography class this summer - is it okay if I use some images from that? They're larger (11x14) but really pretty black and white (and gold-toned) photos.

MP 07/13/2009 #

is it ok if we take pics of the inside of some of the buildings? we have some nice churches.....

wolviechick121 07/14/2009 #

I'm going to watch this one. I don't think I'll be able to figure out if I will have the money to make this one, but hopefully there will be another. If I find I can do this before the deadline, I will sign up. =) Sounds like such a neat idea! =D

littlewhimsy 07/14/2009 #

I am excited I cant wait to start taking photos for this swap.

bettysoo 07/15/2009 #

Hi grannylove, that would be great , thats what this swap is all about having fun putting it all together and making it unique .... :o)

Hi Anonymousey yes thats fine as long as they are from your city that would be great ... :o)

Hi MP thats a good idea , as long as you show the outside too that would be lovely.. :o)

Thanks for all the great feedback have fun
Sharrena ...

bettysoo 07/15/2009 #

Hi everyone, Hope you don't mind but I'm going to set the deadline for sending this swap out a little later , as there is quite a lot of work involved in making the album/book .... Thank you

Deadline is for the 1st sept , hopefully this will give everyone enough time to finish this project .... :o)

pooky11 07/15/2009 #

HI...I just wanted to announce myself...like a big dork...I haven't got to Swap in a long while due to financial insecurities..but now I am back and this was my first choice swap...it sounds like a lot of fun..I bet I will have mine out in a couple of days!! Look forward to swapping. Brandy

MP 07/16/2009 #

THANKS!!! for changing the 'mail by' date!!! takes a lot of pressure off - WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!! this has been really fun!!!

MP 07/17/2009 #

just how 'married' to 10/15 pics are you and the rules??????

probly took way too many pics and may bore my partner to death but...lots of history here and if we're to 'show' our city...i just had to 'SHOW' my city.........

let me know how many you think is really too many and i will cut even more!!!

gdawson 07/17/2009 #

Great swap idea. I've been meaning to photograph my county and this will give me motivation.

bettysoo 07/18/2009 #

Hi MP, 10/15 was really just a guideline, if you want to use more its entirely up to you , but don't get too disappointed if your partner has only taken 10/15 of their city/town ..
i will probably use more too ... :o) sharrena

CDonovan 07/18/2009 #

Ive just joined this swap and im about to go take some pictures! Im rather excited about this one. Its one of my first swaps as ive only joined today :)

smielybunny22 07/18/2009 #

wow- 127 people

Virou 07/18/2009 #

I can't wait for this swap to start, it sounds really cool and it will be fun to take picture of my town and to get pictures from a different part of the world!

MonicaVereana 07/18/2009 #

I've already started taking some pictures...can't wait to start making the album personal!

Platter 07/19/2009 #

I kept this on my watchlist for the longest to see how I felt and just this week I started taking pictures. I'm pretty excited to get this underway!

littlewhimsy 07/19/2009 #

I cant wait to get partners. I have some cool pics of a few old cemetaries in the area, I have always had a thing for old cemetaries so I hope my partner doesnt mind

RyeRye 07/20/2009 #

19 non rated have joined??

bettysoo 07/20/2009 #

Yes, newbies are allowed in this swap with full profiles , i do quite clearly state this . so far they all have full profiles, and I'm quite happy , if you are not cool with this maybe you shouldn't join in with this swap ....

RyeRye 07/20/2009 #


winniethepooh 07/20/2009 #

I kept this on my watchlist it sounds good fun, I can,t wai to take some photos!!

gdawson 07/21/2009 #

I'm good with all the photography stuff, but anyone have advice for a newbie on the photo album/scrapbook creation?

littletoki 07/21/2009 #

is it okay if some of the pictures are from a year or two ago? or are we aiming for recent pictures that we take specifically for this swap?

pooky11 07/27/2009 #

I am sad...it's been raining..I soo badly wanna get out there an take pics!!! Maybe tonight!

grimmlynn 08/ 2/2009 #

It has rained all weekend and ruined all my picture taking plans. pout Oh, well, guess I have another excuse to go out next weekend. big smile

Virou 08/ 4/2009 #

Sent ^^

Newfie 08/26/2009 #

Mine is sent too!

pooky11 08/27/2009 #

I sent my pictures out today!!! I hope my partner likes them.

pooky11 08/30/2009 #

I am soo glad my swap partner enjoyed my pictures..I had such a great time doing this swap.

LaBaleineaPlumes 08/31/2009 #

Oh, what a shame, I missed that swap! That was such a cool idea! Please do it again !!!! ;)

merrillkelly73 09/ 5/2009 #

I will angel for this swap if anyone didn't get photos!!!!!!!!!

i would love to show someone where i live

message me and let me know

MonicaVereana 09/12/2009 #

I'm willing to angel as well, if needed. I see a LOT of people have still not sent (or marked 'sent') after almost 2 weeks!

candigirl 09/17/2009 #

Well, I have the OPPOSITE problem...I can't get my partner to RATE ME!! and this was a lot of work and preparation..I would at least like to know that it arrived!! I usually get delivery confirmation, but my pic's went to an overseas partner, so I couldn't get it this time..wish she would rate me!! I have left a comment on her profile, but no response.

MonicaVereana 09/22/2009 #

29 not sent as of Sept 22!? That is shameful!

candigirl 09/24/2009 #

I wish I could have sent to one of those people who didn't get their swap...I put together a really nice swap/photo album for my partner, and have contacted her now by PM, comment on her profile, her hotmail account, and her flickr account, all ignored....I really don't understand it, why do you think she would do that? Weird...It was a very labor intensive swap, and I had to send overseas, too....I am very disapointed, wish I could have sent to someone who would have actually enjoyed the fruits of my labor!!

MonicaVereana 09/24/2009 #

I got to send to bettysoo (the co-ordinator). She did rate before she deleted her account. But how sad is it that she would feel the need to leave after such a potentially great swap!?

ohillneverlearn 09/26/2009 #

i never received anything :(

Jesshens1125 09/29/2009 #

I never got anything. My partner was suspended.... :(

littletoki 10/ 6/2009 #

i didn't receive anything either... :/

lokotronic 10/28/2009 #

i didn't receive anything either =/

Marata 11/ 2/2009 #

After all the work I did and I didn't receive anything, A lot of us got messed with on this swap. I just got notice that the person I sent to got her pages. Thank goodness she gave me a star at least I got something,

GabiesMom 12/17/2009 #

I worked hard on mine and didn't receive any rating.... that sucks!

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