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Last day to signup/drop:July 17, 2010
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The theme for the middle school I teach in is going to be 'USA - Then and Now' for next year. We are planning all sorts of exciting projects for the kids that involve getting to know more about the United States. Last year we studied ‘Around the World’ through postcards - but this year we are focusing on this beautiful country we live in. Many of our kids have never been out of New Jersey, many have not been far from this town even, and this will give them an opportunity to hear first hand about this great country!

For this swap you will need to send a postcard to your assigned Swap-bot partner, as well as sending one to the address listed below telling something interesting about where you live. Ideally the postcard would feature a picture of a historic landmark or place of interest from where you live, though if you are vacationing (or have vacationed) somewhere else interesting, a PC from there would be great, too! It can be store bought or handmade, new or old. In return you will receive a postcard from your assigned Swap-bot partner, as well as a handwritten postcard from one of the new 6th grade students at our school. The students get back to school in early September.

I can get your address your mailing address from the Swap-bot participants list - but it would be helpful if you included it on the postcard to the school, too. The student’s postcards will be sent out by the end of September. There are close to 140 sixth grade students at our school. It would be great to have all of them sending postcards to you! Get your friends and family involved! More than one postcard would be great to the school - but not necessary. I can only promise that you will get at least one postcard in return. If we have extra-enthusiastic students who want to write more, we certainly will let them! Last year we had 177 participants and we (read: I) made all the PCs from pictures around town. Our Chamber of Congress is selling PCs of the town this year so it should be much easier (for me, at least!) this year!

Send 2 postcards - 1 to your Swap-bot partner and 1 to: Lakeside Middle School, 316 Lakeside Ave. Pompton Lakes NJ 07442

I am leaving sign-ups open until the middle of July - but you can send your PC to the school any time after you sign up. There will be a box in our office for them that I will check periodically throughout the summer. This project involves a lot of prep time to get the PCs tallied, assign student partners, proofread student writing, buy stamps, send PCs, keep participants informed, etc. so I want to get a head start.

Remember to get the PCs sent no later August 14th so they get here in time for the opening of school in September. You will have to wait until mid-July for your Swap-bot partner’s address. The students will NOT be going on Swap-bot to read your profile. They will only know what you write about yourself (if anything) on the PC.

Fellow teachers: If you are interested in having your class write your PC to our students - but you need to send it later due to varying school starting dates - just send me a message so I know to expect it late. We would love to hear from other students, too!


jj9jj 06/ 6/2010 #

Newbies welcome. I will angel any no-sends.

jj9jj 06/ 6/2010 #

So far Missouri, North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia are represented. Hope we hear from more states! Multiples from the same state are welcome!!

Thanks for signing up!

jj9jj 06/ 7/2010 #

Alabama joins the fun!

Barbara 06/ 7/2010 #

I will send postcards from California.

BetsyPreston 06/ 7/2010 #


jj9jj 06/ 7/2010 #

And Florida, too!!

jogreene00 06/ 7/2010 #

Pennsylvania on board!! :)

cookies37 06/ 7/2010 #

Ohio! I was in the one last year - loved the card I received with such a nice greeting from the student.

blubrrymffin 06/ 7/2010 #

I did this last year and it was fun, thanks for the message :-)

WestMichiganGuy 06/ 7/2010 #

Michigan on the role.

JorjaMaria 06/ 7/2010 #

You can count Indiana in!!!

jj9jj 06/ 7/2010 #

Thanks to all the new sign-ups! I am getting excited already - and tis year isn't even over!!

CWarner 06/ 7/2010 #

Count Colorado in!

Gingergirl 06/ 8/2010 #

and New York. I will have my daughter do Vermont.

peotonegirl 06/ 8/2010 #

Illinois is in!! Thanks for the heads up, this is such a great Idea!

peotonegirl 06/ 8/2010 #

I also may be able to get one from Wisconsin and Iowa.

momaw2masonandabby 06/ 8/2010 #

Kentucky is in also.

jj9jj 06/ 8/2010 #

Thanks, again, to everyone who has already signed up! This will be great for the kids!!!

ILoveToSwap 06/ 8/2010 #

Ok, if you don't mind, this Jersey Girl will take part --- too bad I didn't know about this 2 weeks ago -- I was down in Virginia so I could have picked up a PC from there also!!

jj9jj 06/ 8/2010 #

No problem, Jersey girl! There is so much here in NJ the kids don't know about a card from NJ will be informative, too!

mermaidery 06/ 9/2010 #

I just came back from Wildwood NJ so I'll gladly send em a PC from there. :D

Traceyk 06/ 9/2010 #

Arizona joins the fun!! =D

Bizabeth25 06/10/2010 #

Nevada here.. I have a card that shows Vegas then and now Set aside for the swap

jj9jj 06/10/2010 #

Sounds perfect Bizabeth23! Thanks for joining!

clickinkim 06/10/2010 #

Western PA is in.... I already went and bought cards....do i just address them to "students"?

MissChrissie 06/10/2010 #

What a great idea. Wisconsin is in :)

stiffneck78 06/10/2010 #

This is a wonderful thing you're doing. I'll be here to help represent New Mexico.

amylizzie01 06/10/2010 #

Count Texas in. And I'll be driving to FL this summer, So I'll pick up a PC in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama on the way. What a great idea!

Oh, and I teach summer school. I'll have some of my kids write one too and get it sent off.

jj9jj 06/10/2010 #

That sounds awesome, amylizzie01. Be sure to have your kids include their names and the school address where they will be in Sept. on the PCs.

hull33 06/11/2010 #

Daytona Beach, FL home of nascar on board!!!

imburton 06/11/2010 #

Another Texan here.

jj9jj 06/11/2010 #

Cool and cool!

Kristipye 06/12/2010 #

Oklahoma here!

amazon59 06/12/2010 #

Kansas is In!

ladydy5 06/12/2010 #

Born and raised in N.J. I definitely will do this, but it will be from Tennessee where I am now. Great idea

MaineR 06/12/2010 #

From Maine but living in South Carolina so both states will be represented by me!

judee0624 06/12/2010 #

Another Californian here

jj9jj 06/12/2010 #

Welcome all!

Crowsdance 06/13/2010 #

Oregon here!

momoeight 06/14/2010 #

I will send from New Mexico. And if you don't get any, I can also do Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma

momoeight 06/14/2010 #

Just saw that you have some of those states. Just let me know what you might need. I have cards from many states!

jj9jj 06/14/2010 #

I will try to keep that in mind, momtoeight, as people sign up and it closes. Thanks for the offer!

pmj1959 06/14/2010 #

I'm in for another Illinoisan and will send from MO too! What fun!

LindyLuLu 06/14/2010 #

I have some antique postcards from New Orleans, Louisana...not sure if all of the places are still there...would those count? Otherwise I can send some local history. P.S. I love this idea!

CraftyTweetie 06/15/2010 #

Count on another one from Pennsylvania. :)

This is a wonderful idea for a class/school project. Although I've lived in PA my whole life, I never realized how many interesting, fun, and/or historical sites our state has until I worked PT one summer at our county's tourist beaurou (spelling?)

My brother is an elemantary school teacher, so I'm definitely going to pass the idea onto him. Unfortunately he hasn't been able to find a permanent possition yet, but it's a project which he might want to consider doing in the future.

Good luck with the project. Hope you all have fun with it and learn a lot. :)

jj9jj 06/15/2010 #

Thanks to you all!

LindyLuLu - the title is USA Then and Now - so an antique PC of things no longer around would absolutely work!

iLoveMail 06/17/2010 #

Not joining for now, but I'll gladly send a pc from Massachusetts this week! Great idea :)

YAY for teachers!!!

lthrgirl03 06/17/2010 #

YOu have 2 in the mail - one from Iowa, one from Minnesota. They are both repeat states, but to make it to 150, states are going to have to repeat. Are there other states you need? I might be able to use some of my contacts.

jj9jj 06/17/2010 #

I am not worried about duplicate states. The kids will be writing back in small groups so I will make sure everyone within each smaller group has a different state. As soon as school is over next week I will have time to compile a list of where everyone is from so far. Please check back, lthrgirl03, later in the month. Thanks for asking, though!

Craftyscrapygirl 06/17/2010 #

Manchester, NH!!!!!!!!!!!

Craftyscrapygirl 06/17/2010 #

Manchester, New Hampshire!!!!!!!

wulfgirl 06/18/2010 #

Chicago, IL. This is a great swap!

jj9jj 06/18/2010 #

Welcome aboard! The PC's have already started coming in! How exciting!

Sunnysue 06/18/2010 #

Great idea! I will send Washington state in July.

PATHACKER 06/21/2010 #

Ilive in southern Ohio. I may have some postcards from TN also when we went on vacation

goodmonkeymail 06/22/2010 #

Washington state ! Great idea ! I love teachers !

marthy 06/22/2010 #

Another Massachusetts here! We've got lots of history...!

akmoose68 06/24/2010 #

I will send from Alaska (although we don't have quite as much "history" as most of you - we just turned 50 last year)!

jj9jj 06/24/2010 #

It's as much about geography as history at this age!

jonahbmiller 06/25/2010 #

jonahbmiller on board to send a post card from Louisiana

Serendipity007 06/26/2010 #

I can send one or two from Rome, Italy!

Serendipity007 06/26/2010 #

just realized this says USA... just kidding about Rome, I'll do Chicago instead :P

SDCarter 06/29/2010 #

I can send from Hot Springs, Arkansas. We are the site of the 1st federally created park in the US. We are on the 1st new parks quarters they just put out.

jj9jj 06/30/2010 #

All sounds good! I will be stopping by the school before we leave on vacation and will start getting together a list of where/who we have to post here, but multiple people/cards from the same state are fine. The kids will be answering them in small groups - so I will distribute the PCs accordingly!

RoseStryker 07/ 1/2010 #

Louisiana here!

funkhoup 07/ 1/2010 #

I'm in again from historic Winchester, VA. I did last year's swap and it was a lot of fun.

Jenny712 07/ 2/2010 #

I've got a perfect one from Omaha, Nebraska. I can do Iowa, too, if you need!

jj9jj 07/ 2/2010 #

Send as many as you would like. I can only guarantee 1 PC in response - but I will try to match PC for PC with the students! Thanks!

grandmabear 07/ 3/2010 #

count me in .I just came back fro New Mexico. I live in El Paso.,so N.M is closer for us than other areas inTexas. How many p/c do I need to send?

jj9jj 07/ 3/2010 #

Just one to the school and one to your Swap-bot partner (who won't be assigned until July 17). Thanks!

grandmabear 07/ 5/2010 #

Send ones from N.M, came from a visit.

Tinker60 07/ 5/2010 #

South Dakota and Washington, DC here. . . SD is my 'home' state and I now live in VA, just down the road from DC.

jj9jj 07/ 6/2010 #

Keep 'em comin!

wildncrazy091972 07/ 7/2010 #

Northern California here

lthykeson 07/ 7/2010 #

Granbury, Texas signed up!

Darleneh710 07/ 7/2010 #

This is a wonderful idea! I will send from Massachusetts but if I find any other states in my travels I will send them on!

jj9jj 07/ 7/2010 #

Excellent!! Thanks to you all!!

moxsapphir 07/ 8/2010 #

Okay,count Arkansas in!

dissolvedgirl 07/ 8/2010 #

This is great. I will do Washington, DC and if I visit home before this is do I will also do New York.

jcm716 07/ 8/2010 #

Ormond Beach FL is on board!!! The Birthplace of Speed.

jj9jj 07/ 9/2010 #

Wow - top swap! You Swap-botters are awesome!

Camiliann 07/ 9/2010 #

I will not be joining the swap , but will be sending PC's to the school from WA and CO, enjoy,

jj9jj 07/ 9/2010 #

How nice Camiliann! Be sure to send me your address so the kids can write back!

Maggiesmother 07/11/2010 #

I am from Elk Grove, CA. I can send a postcard of the state capitol

greenadore 07/11/2010 #

fello teacher - tallahassee, FL - will just be sending 1 for myself :)

mishap 07/12/2010 #

got my mother in law to send post cards to me from Montana. They are on the way to the school!

ctyankee 07/12/2010 #

You don't have Connecticut listed, so I will represent my home state.

blubrrymffin 07/12/2010 #

Just wanted to let everyone know that there is another swap like this happening in conjunction with a library in Arkansas. I love this swap and try to participate so I hope some people can join the other swap as well. Hope this is ok to post @jj9jj Just trying to spread the word :-)


jj9jj 07/12/2010 #

That's quite fine blulrrymffin! I will be checking that swap out myself!

egilkey 07/19/2010 #

Sending three from Michigan :)

scrappinauntie 07/23/2010 #

I sent from southern california, inland empire area :)

Artistic 07/25/2010 #

Postcards have been sent to my partner and to the school. Enjoy! and thanks for this annual fun swap.

leighlo 07/26/2010 #

Another NC lady. I am in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains near Cherokee.

grandmabear 08/ 6/2010 #

I'm on slow because of the high heat & a bad fall. The computer makes my back hurt

Maggiesmother 08/ 8/2010 #

I am in from Califonria - sorry to be so late letting you know. These are fun swaps.

jj9jj 08/10/2010 #

We have gotten a whole lot of your postcards! Thanks so much! I am working on PMs to those of you we have received so far. Don't worry if your card to the school is late. I will be sure to have one of the students write back whenever we get your card.

Artistic 10/10/2010 #

got the card from the kids at the school. Thank you!

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