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Six Week Snail Mail Swap #4

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Six Week Snail Mail Swap #4
Swap Coordinator:tamtamlee (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing 
Number of people in swap:73
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:September 23, 2012
Date items must be sent by:November 9, 2012
Number of swap partners:1

I had a very good turn out for my last THREE "Six Week Snail Mail Swap" I thought I would have one more before the holidays. I hope to get a good turn out this time to!! I enjoyed and had fun with it. So we have the same partner for all six weeks I had to make it with all one swap.

If you like send out to your partner that you recieve thats fun, but is up to you!

You will rate your partner at the end of the six weeks. Your rating will be the over all of the six weeks,You might even get a heart!

Due to postage it's only USA

This "SNAIL MAIL SWAP" will run for SIX weeks. There will be a "theme" for each week. We will send out our letters each MONDAY of the new week.

Please post in the comment space each time you send a week out. Maybe even send a message to let your partner know.

Please don't flake!! If you think you can't do all six weeks don't join the swap. No recent 1's or 3's.. If you have any and would like to join please message me and explain them. Rating of 4.9......No unrated swappers {sorry}. No newbies aloud. If you do not meet the requirements & sign up anyway I will ban you from the swap.


October 1 {week 1}---- Write your partner and introduce yourself. {tell about life, hobbies, job....stuff like that}

October 8 {week 2}--- Send a card {Senders Choice Funny,Thinking of you, Halloween--ect.}..Bought, Homemade

October 15 {week 3}--- Write your partner a letter include your favorite recipe or instructions for a quick craft project

October 22 {week 4} --- Send a post card from your state / hometown. If you CAN"T find a postcard {like me} then write a bit about your state / hometown.

October 29 {week 5} --- Send a letter to your partner --- Include something in the envelope --- Something Small, like a magnet, bookmarker, anything--- homemade or bought. Senders choice.

November 5 {week 6}--- Last week is a free for all whatever {senders choice} you want to send.

Any questions please message me! If this swap has a good turn out I will host another one...

Have Fun!!


tamtamlee 09/ 1/2012 #

Yes, The sign up date is till Sept.23 and the first letter goes out Monday Oct.1~~ It gives everyone a week to get there first letter ready to go out. And it is okay to send it out over the weekend.. Any questions please pm me... Thanks everyone for joing....The 39 swappers watching I hope to see you join in!

hysteriskt 09/ 4/2012 #

Too bad it's USA only, the shipping isn't that expensive in flatmails, I think... Maybe you could do a international one next time? Would have been SO fun! Great idea anyway, good luck all swappers!

tamtamlee 09/ 4/2012 #

@hysteriskt ~Tone40ott did do an international version of this swap. I'm not sure if she doing another or not.

ButterflyQueenBee 09/ 4/2012 #

I loved the last one. It was so much fun!

tamtamlee 09/ 4/2012 #

Thanks ButterflyQueenBee

cardgal5 09/ 5/2012 #

I have done two of them and I really enjoyed them.

tamtamlee 09/ 5/2012 #

Thanks Cardgal5 :)

nanabarb57 09/ 6/2012 #

Hi all, this is my first swap on Swap-bot and I'm really excited. This sounds like alot of fun.

nanabarb57 09/ 6/2012 #

What are we being rated on??? The art on the envelope or art on the card? Just wanna be sure I'm doing the right things.

tamtamlee 09/ 6/2012 #

@nanabarba You can send any kind of card you want {it's senders choice}. You will get rated at the end of the sixth week~~You will be rated for the over all of 6 weeks

nanabarb57 09/ 7/2012 #

thank you tamtamlee......can't wait to get started.

nanabarb57 09/ 7/2012 #

OK...just read that no unrated swappers allowed......guess I'll pull out.....oh well.

Annecasa 09/ 9/2012 #

Love it, there should be an European version.

basykes 09/ 9/2012 #

Loved the first two. Looking forward to the next one.

lillianmarie 09/ 9/2012 #

Yay! So excited to be a part of this swap! Am really looking forward to it!

ladydy5 09/12/2012 #

How come you choose 6 weeks. Wouldn't it be easier for a 4 week one? Just curious.

rmrascal 09/12/2012 #

This sounds fun.I am looking for ward to this.

tamtamlee 09/12/2012 #

@ladydy5 the one I was in was 6 weeks...So I'm having it 6 weeks...Four weeks will just shorten it...And am I changing it? No sorry!

leighabette 09/13/2012 #

Okay so I am new here and still have a lot of questions...as in how doo we get a partner and their contact information? This one looks like a lot of fun and I am interested. However I am still a bit confused about how we get the addresses to send the stuff to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

tamtamlee 09/15/2012 #

@leighabette ~I will assign partners after the swap closes which is the 23rd. After I set partners you will see "Partner you send to" click on it and it will give you the name and address you send to. Down below that it will have who send to you

kimberlym322 09/17/2012 #

I have 1 question. I have not done something like this one before, so here is my question....when will we rate? after the first letter, hold off until the last one or rate with the first letter and then just make a little note each time you get something over the 6 weeks??? I know I sound brain dead asking that dumb question!

tamtamlee 09/17/2012 #

@kimberlym322 ~~You will rate at the end of the 6 th week~~After sending out each week make a comment here or at least send a message to your partner

kimberlym322 09/17/2012 #

Thank you for the answer!

AZmom875 09/18/2012 #

I decided to join cause my birthday is NOV 5th, which doesnt show in my profile, but I am going to change that. It will be nice to make a friend and get some mail around my birthday.

tamtamlee 09/18/2012 #

@AZmom875 ~Glad you decided to join. I am also glad to see all the the others joining in. I really hope we don't have no flakers this time! Please if you don't think or don't want to do all six weeks please remove yourself from the swap!!

thisismeAXiD 09/18/2012 #

OK, just a question (I am watching for now): do the people you send the letter to write back, or is it just sending to one person?

tamtamlee 09/19/2012 #

@thisismeAXiD ~The requirment is for you to send to the one person. Myself I also send to the person who sends to me and I have heard about a few others that sent out to the ones who sent to them. That is up to you if you would want to send to whoever sends to you.

Lisandrasmama 09/20/2012 #

The no newbies is that a strict requirement? I just joined swapbot and this seems like a really fun swap. If so i hope you do this again by then i wont be a newbie lol

tamtamlee 09/20/2012 #

@Lisandrasmama ~I do over look newbies as long as they are rated

Lisandrasmama 09/21/2012 #

But how can you be rated if you a newbie lol i never did a swap before just joined a couple but no rating as of yet. No worries ill look for this one next round if you do it again

ladydy5 09/22/2012 #

Lisandrasmama you will just have to wait until those you sent decide to rate you. Some rate immediately upon receipt, others never do for some reason I don't quite understand and others wait until a week or two after the send date. So, you are considered a newbie until rating time. Good luck.

ladonnatwinmom 09/24/2012 #

Candyn - I just sent out the first one. I am heading to the po today!

AZmom875 09/24/2012 #

I am so excited. I got my partner today. Thanks for hosting.

tamtamlee 09/24/2012 #

I want to thank everyone for joining....Lets hope we have no flakers! Hope everyone enjoy the swap.

Tammy {tamtamlee}

lunadelmar 09/24/2012 #

Sent my week 1 out today. I know I am early, but Ii was excited to get started. I promise to space out my sends so that my partner receives something once a week.

tamtamlee 09/24/2012 #

@Lunadelmar ~Okay ~ I assign parners a week early just for everyone to have a week to start. In the past swaps I had people send the first letter out I think they was excited tooo. After that most of the swappers seemed to send them out over the weekend {Fri.,Sat., or Sun.} the main thing they get out..It's nice to get mail every week.

ButterflyQueenBee 09/25/2012 #

Sending week 1 out today....:) Can't wait to receive from my partner!

ButterflyQueenBee 09/25/2012 #

Sending week 1 out today....:) Can't wait to receive from my partner!

tamtamlee 09/25/2012 #

Week 1 sent out today

Tasia570 09/25/2012 #

Week 1 sent today. :)

faye411 09/25/2012 #

week 1 sent out today

mcovey 09/26/2012 #

week 1 sent out to @deelynn :) today

djfshop 09/26/2012 #

Week one sent out!

JournalJunkie84 09/27/2012 #

Sent out today

kimberlym322 09/28/2012 #

week one was sent out on thursday

AnnieMaxine 09/28/2012 #

Week 1 sent out today!

thisisryanross 09/28/2012 #

week 1 sent out last night

tristitia 09/28/2012 #

My first letter is on its way to MD!

tamtamlee 09/28/2012 #

I want to Thank Everyone for joining!:)

latentsmile 09/29/2012 #

My first letter is in the mailbox to be picked up on Monday. :) To Pennsylvania with love! <3

knitterofhats 09/30/2012 #

I mailed week #1 today

knitterofhats 09/30/2012 #

I mailed week #1 today

honeyspur 09/30/2012 #

Mine is sent - on it's way to Oklahoma!

honeyspur 09/30/2012 #

Mine is sent - on it's way to Oklahoma!

cauwae 09/30/2012 #

Today is Sunday...will be mailing tomorrow

Kellsa 09/30/2012 #

First letter is in the mail box ready to be sent out Monday!

Artistic 09/30/2012 #

Mailing #1 is in the box and will be en route to my partner in the a.m. Enjoy!

lunadelmar 09/30/2012 #

Week 2 being mailed tomorrow

AZmom875 10/ 1/2012 #

But week one starts tomorrow right? We mail on those days.

tamtamlee 10/ 1/2012 #

@AZmom875 Week 1 starts today~Oct 1 and week 2 starts Oct 8. Those are mondays. The letters are sent out on Mondays. But you will see some swapper send out a few days eary and that is okay just as long they are not sent out after mon. I myself ususally put mine in the mail over the weekend.

LadyBayou 10/ 1/2012 #

Week one is in the mail Domi! :)

vixen 10/ 1/2012 #

Week 1 is in the mail to @anniemaxine

ginny19590 10/ 1/2012 #

Week #1 heading to the post office and in the mail to pmcgd55.

morgainegeiser 10/ 1/2012 #

Week #1 is on its way.

angellarae 10/ 1/2012 #

Got my Week 1 letter today from @Tasia570 :)

ArtisticExpression 10/ 1/2012 #

Week #1 has been sent! I love these swaps Tammy! :) Thanks for setting up Round 4!!

rmrascal 10/ 1/2012 #

week #1 sent out

gmasusie 10/ 1/2012 #

Week # 1 sent

HannahsMommy07 10/ 1/2012 #




kraftykj 10/ 1/2012 #

Sent mine today to @cauwae

pinkqueen 10/ 1/2012 #

sent week one

Vagirl 10/ 1/2012 #

Sent week 1 today:)

MsDoxie 10/ 2/2012 #

Week #1 sent out today! So sorry!!

angellarae 10/ 2/2012 #

Week 1 going out today.

catcrazy 10/ 2/2012 #

Week 1 was sent out today!

melissa3k 10/ 2/2012 #

Week 1 went out today

lattejust4me 10/ 2/2012 #

Week 1 out and received - about to send out week 2!

faye411 10/ 3/2012 #

week 2 going out tomorrow

kimberlym322 10/ 4/2012 #

Week 2 going to NJ today!

ladeebug 10/ 4/2012 #

Got my first letter today. What a interesting peron I have. Can't wait to hear from here again.

thisisryanross 10/ 4/2012 #

i'm mailing out second week tommorow!

neecie 10/ 4/2012 #

sent my week 1 out on monday :)

knitterofhats 10/ 4/2012 #

Week 1 received

Tasia570 10/ 5/2012 #

Week 1 rec'd from Kellogg

tristitia 10/ 5/2012 #

Week two sent!

knitterofhats 10/ 6/2012 #

Week 2 mailed

tamtamlee 10/ 6/2012 #

Week 2 sent out

rmrascal 10/ 6/2012 #

Still waiting for week 1

vixen 10/ 7/2012 #

Waiting for week 1

lunadelmar 10/ 7/2012 #

woohoo week 1 received and sending out week 3 Monday

Tasia570 10/ 7/2012 #

week 2 sent

tamtamlee 10/ 7/2012 #



jengizb 10/ 7/2012 #

Sent week one 10/05 Margie . Still waiting on my week 1....

mcovey 10/ 8/2012 #

recieved week 1 and week 2 going out today!!

morgainegeiser 10/ 8/2012 #

Week 2 is in the mail, however it is a holiday today, so it will probably just sit there until tomorrow.

Received week 1 - thanks

MsDoxie 10/ 8/2012 #

Week 2 will be sent out tomorrow because of the holiday! Week 1 received, thank you!!

vixen 10/ 8/2012 #

Week 2 going out tomorrow. Forgot about Columbus Day.

rmrascal 10/ 8/2012 #

Week 2 has been sent out. Still waiting for number 1

Artistic 10/ 8/2012 #

Ditto on Columbus Day. Discovered it when saw ads in Sunday's paper about Columbus Day sales. Week 2 will go out in the a.m.

Week 1 received. Thanks, Jackie.

honeyspur 10/ 8/2012 #

My letter goes out Tuesday! Today is Columbus Day so nothing getting posted until then. Received my week 1. :)

angellarae 10/ 8/2012 #

Week 2 in the mail, but won't go out until tomorrow b/c of the holiday...

AnnieMaxine 10/ 8/2012 #

Week 2 sending tomorrow. Stupid Columbus Day!

Vagirl 10/ 9/2012 #

I put week 2 in the mail box Sunday night, but I guess it's not going out until today!

djfshop 10/ 9/2012 #

Week 2 sent out, but went nowhere until today because of Columbus day.

kraftykj 10/ 9/2012 #

Week 2 sent out today. Received week 1 did not post when I got it.

tamtamlee 10/ 9/2012 #

I'm sorry! When I did the dates I forgot about Columbus Day....Soon as I get all moved on the 20 th and my internet back on I will angle any one who needs angle..... Send me a message and I will check when I get back on

whispernova 10/ 9/2012 #

Week two sent out 2 days ago. Sorry..Forgot to leave comment

JournalJunkie84 10/ 9/2012 #

Sent week 2 out today :)

LadyBayou 10/ 9/2012 #

Totally flaked on it being CD yesterday. Was wondering why no one was at the PO (I just use the outdoor/driveup box). THEN when I went to buy my cappucino for work... the store didn't open until 9 "due to Columbus Day" Arrgh! So sorry @deviousdomi :) But it's on its way today! :)

nanc6124 10/ 9/2012 #

Sent week two out today

neecie 10/ 9/2012 #

sent week 2 out yesterday :)

vixen 10/ 9/2012 #

Sent week 2 today. Received week 1.

latentsmile 10/ 9/2012 #

Week 2 sent out today b/c of Columbus Day. :)

gmasusie 10/ 9/2012 #

Sent week #2 out today. A day late due to Colmbus Day

thisisryanross 10/10/2012 #

i still haven't received week one or two :/

rmrascal 10/10/2012 #

sent 2 out two days ago....but it was columbus day so was sent out on tuesday

melissa3k 10/10/2012 #

Week 2 went out today. Sorry I had no stamps ,so I had to wait to find a ride.

kimberlym322 10/11/2012 #

Received weeks # 1 & 2 from my partner. Sending week #3 out to NJ today!

faye411 10/11/2012 #

received weeks 1 and 2, #3 going in the mail tomorrow morning

ButterflyQueenBee 10/12/2012 #

Forgot to post that I sent week #2 out on Tuesday (10/9/12). Recieved week 1 from my partner. Will be sending week 3 out on Monday

tamtamlee 10/12/2012 #

Week 3 went out today

raesha 10/12/2012 #

OOH I keep forgetting to post on the thread here:) Week #1 - mailed 10/5 Week #2 - mailed 10/9

I still haven't received week 1 or 2.

catcrazy 10/12/2012 #

I sent week 2 out on Tuesday (10/9/12). I forgot to post.

Tasia570 10/14/2012 #

Week 3 sent today

morgainegeiser 10/14/2012 #

Received week 2 when I got home today.

thisisryanross 10/14/2012 #

week three going out tommorow

rmrascal 10/14/2012 #

Ive gotten weeks1 nd 2 and sending out #3

mcovey 10/14/2012 #

week 3 going out today

gmasusie 10/14/2012 #

Week # 3 ready to mail in the morning. I have not received weeks #1 or #2 yet.

kraftykj 10/15/2012 #

Sending out week 3 today.

MsDoxie 10/15/2012 #

Week 2 received. Week 3 sending out today.

lunadelmar 10/15/2012 #

Week 4 going out today

angellarae 10/15/2012 #

Received Week 2 today from @Tasia570 Thanks for the address labels! :)

morgainegeiser 10/15/2012 #

Week three mailed

faye411 10/15/2012 #

ive received week 3 today from my partner, even got a post card from the partner im sending too, that was a nice suprise..

LadyBayou 10/15/2012 #

Week 3 mailed to @deviousdomi

honeyspur 10/15/2012 #

My recipe letter is out :)

knitterofhats 10/15/2012 #

Week 3 sent

rmrascal 10/15/2012 #

week 3 sent!

ButterflyQueenBee 10/16/2012 #

Week #3 going out today...Sorry a day late....Recieved week #2 and #3 from my partner in the same day...YEAH I love happy mail days!

angellarae 10/16/2012 #

Week 3 sent out :)

nanc6124 10/16/2012 #

I mailed week 3

raesha 10/16/2012 #

Week 3 going out today:) Still haven't received anything from my partner:(:(:(

vixen 10/16/2012 #

Week 3 sent.

Kellsa 10/16/2012 #

We three sent (sorry for late send)

melissa3k 10/17/2012 #

Week 3 sent out on Monday. I have received weeks 1 and 2

mcovey 10/17/2012 #

recieved week 2 thanks for the nice card and stickers

angellarae 10/17/2012 #

Received Week 3. Thanks @Tasia570 :)

thisisryanross 10/17/2012 #

still have not received week 1 or 2...

neecie 10/17/2012 #

sent week 3 monday

catcrazy 10/17/2012 #

Sent Week 3 off yesterday which was 10/16/12.

ladonnatwinmom 10/17/2012 #

week three sent today!~

LadyBayou 10/17/2012 #

Haven't received week 2 yet

isabellasnow 10/18/2012 #

Wow...I'm behind. Have sent all 3 weeks on Monday of each week, and have received all 3 weeks so far

isabellasnow 10/18/2012 #

Except the Columbus Day--that one went out on Tuesday...agh...and I didn't mean I was behind in sending--just in posting here. Apparently my brain is not yet awake.

lunadelmar 10/18/2012 #

Has anyone received anything from buffisan? Has buffisan received all my stuff? I don't see any post from them...

whispernova 10/18/2012 #

Week 3 sent two days ago

mcovey 10/18/2012 #

week 4 sent out today!!

Tasia570 10/18/2012 #

Week 3 rec'd from Kellogg today

mcovey 10/19/2012 #

recieved week 3 , thanks for the letter and recipe and stickers , from Heather

I also recieved a nice package from by send partner , thanks so much that was so thoughtful of you Dena

Tasia570 10/19/2012 #

Week 4 being mailed tomorrow morning.

knitterofhats 10/20/2012 #

Week 4 sent

isabellasnow 10/21/2012 #

Week 4 dropped in the box today!

thisisryanross 10/22/2012 #

week 4 going out today

Carrie2108 10/22/2012 #

I have gotten every week from KarlaKC! They have been wonderful!!

However ...I have been a flaker, week 4 going out today...week 1-3 going out the rest of this week!

honeyspur 10/22/2012 #

My letter is on the way

angellarae 10/22/2012 #

Week 4 out today :)

Artistic 10/22/2012 #

I'm late posting. Last week's stuff went out. This week's went out today. And thanks to my partner for the three I've received so far. I think I've just posted one or two thank you notes.

morgainegeiser 10/22/2012 #

I have received week #3 and I have sent week #4.

nanc6124 10/22/2012 #

sent week 4

thisisryanross 10/22/2012 #

i sent week 4 this morning..

lunadelmar 10/22/2012 #

sent week 5 out today and as I just found out to the wrong address as my Swap partner has moved since this Swap started, but Ii guess that is not important info to message anyone.

MsDoxie 10/23/2012 #

Week 4 sent out today. Week 3 was received. :)

vixen 10/23/2012 #

Week 4 was sent. Received week 3.

angellarae 10/23/2012 #

Week 4 received from @Tasia570 today. : )

LadyBayou 10/24/2012 #

Week 4 sent.

raesha 10/25/2012 #

Week 4 was sent on Monday:) Still nothing from my partner:(:( My mailbox is so sad and lonely.

mcovey 10/25/2012 #

recieved week 4 nice post card and note !! thanks

ginny19590 10/25/2012 #

I'm so sorry I forgot to leave a comment to my swap partner each time I sent my weekly connection. Please forgive me. This has been one of the nicest swaps I have done. The partner that I was assigned to (Artistic) has been just wonderful. I have truely enjoy and looked forward to receiving her weekly communicationl. It was so nice to receive something from someone who never expected anything in return. Everything she sent was something that was interesting to me. I know she read my profile and thought about me and who I was as an individual. I just wanted to say thank you and God Bless........=0)

mcovey 10/25/2012 #

raesha send me your addy I will be your angel for this swap

mcovey 10/25/2012 #

sending @raesha 1st letter out tomm.

Tasia570 10/26/2012 #

sending week 5 today to @angellarae

tamtamlee 10/26/2012 #

Week 5 going out today

Artistic 10/26/2012 #

Week 5 -- and a bonus surprise :) -- went out today to my partner.

ladonnatwinmom 10/26/2012 #

I have not remembered to leave comments, but all my weeks are sent and I am finishing up week 5 now. Will mail it today! Thanks!

Tasia570 10/26/2012 #

rec'd week 4 from @kellogg

thisisryanross 10/26/2012 #

week 5 is going out tomorrow!!

kbk 10/27/2012 #

week 5 in the mail

neecie 10/27/2012 #

sent week #4 monday :)

ginny19590 10/29/2012 #

sent week #5 today Hi pmcgd55 have a great week.....=)

honeyspur 10/29/2012 #

My letter and gift is on it's way :)

lunadelmar 10/29/2012 #

Week 6 sent out today

vixen 10/29/2012 #

Week 5 sent..

MsDoxie 10/30/2012 #

Week 5 will be sent out tomorrow. Hurricane Sandy has shut down everything here in MD. So I'm hoping the postal service will be up and running tomorrow. :/

angellarae 10/30/2012 #

Week 5 sent out today!

Vagirl 10/30/2012 #

Sorry, didn't get out yesterday, because of the storm. Week #5 went out today.

morgainegeiser 10/30/2012 #

I received week #4 and I sent wk #5 on Monday

angellarae 10/31/2012 #

Got an AMAZING Week 5 package today from @Tasia570 Thank you so much!!! :)

Tasia570 10/31/2012 #

Received week 5 from @kellogg today! I have some VERY happy kitties... thank you!!!

neecie 11/ 1/2012 #

week 5 has been sent by me ~

Tasia570 11/ 3/2012 #

week 6 sent to @angellarae today.

tamtamlee 11/ 3/2012 #

Week 6 went out today

honeyspur 11/ 4/2012 #

Week six out. :) Received is up to date.

mcovey 11/ 5/2012 #

sending out week 2 to @raesha today sorry I got a little behind , but will send another one at end of week

raesha 11/ 5/2012 #

Thank you mcovey!!! I'm so happy you are my swap angel:)

angellarae 11/ 5/2012 #

Final week sent out today. Can't believe it's already over!

morgainegeiser 11/ 5/2012 #

Final week went postal today. I also received week #5.

ginny19590 11/ 5/2012 #

I'm sending out the last week and This is something that I have made and I really hope you like it. God Bless and it has been a real pleasure participating in this swap and I hope to do it again soon......ginny

Artistic 11/ 5/2012 #

Received week 5.

Sent week 6 out this afternoon to my partner.

Thanks to the hostess for another fun round of the Six Week Snail Mail swap.

ButterflyQueenBee 11/ 5/2012 #

Sorry....last week was kinda crazy for me. So I sent week 5 out today to my parnter and the one I am angeling for. Week 6 will go out before Friday.

neecie 11/ 6/2012 #

final week 6 sent!!

LadyBayou 11/ 6/2012 #

Final week sent today :)

isabellasnow 11/ 6/2012 #

Sent Week 6 this morning (Tuesday) and send the 6th week goodie directly from etsy late last week.

lattejust4me 11/ 7/2012 #

All sent! Thank you :)

vixen 11/ 7/2012 #

Sent week 6..Thank you for hosting, it was alot of fun.

ButterflyQueenBee 11/ 8/2012 #

Week #6 out today to @catcrazy and @thisisryanross Had fun again with this one! Can't wait till 5

raesha 11/ 9/2012 #

mcovey - received week 2! Thank you:):):) Week 6 package of goodies was sent today to my partner.

ladeebug 11/10/2012 #

With the election this week , I forgot to post that I had sent the week six package. I must tell You I feel I had the best of the best!! What a wonderful experience this was for me. I shared my letters with my family. They were so interesting and informative. This Lady is a wonderful Teacher for troubled children. She has my admiration.

mcovey 11/12/2012 #

week 3 going out to @raesha , enjoy the recipes

raesha 11/16/2012 #

mcovey - I received the postcard! Thanks!! The recipes aren't here yet but I can't wait!! And I am SO FREAKING mad at the post office - I put together a darling last package for my partner and it was destroyed. She said it looks like it got caught in a machine or run over. Damn post office.

raesha 11/17/2012 #

mcovey - the recipes arrived in yesterday's mail! thank you so much - i can't wait to try them out:)

raesha 11/27/2012 #

My original partner is no longer MIA - she sent an envelope with all 6 items in it. HUGE THANKS to Mary for being my angel:)

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