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Book & A Beverage

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Swap Coordinator:maltagirl (contact)
Swap categories: Food  Books 
Number of people in swap:120
Last day to signup/drop:December 30, 2008
Date items must be sent by:January 15, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

It is time to snuggle in for the winter. You have wrapped up the holidays and now what do you look forward to! How about a good book and a cuppa?

For this swap you will send one of each of the following:

book (new or used - used must be in good condition)

beverage (coffee, tea or hot chocolate)

mug (new or used - used must be in good condition)

If you have a preference for or against anything specific, please make a comment on this page. When you receive your partner, please check to see if they have listed any preferences. Also, if you have any allergies, please list them here as well.

You will have one partner for this swap. Total swap value should be at least $10.00 and no one with a rating 4.9 or below or no-sends will be approved. New swappers welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Happy Swapping!!


cwlanc2 11/17/2008 #

Love hot chocolate or tea, please no coffee. Bookwise, whatever is your favorite.

kgeslab 11/17/2008 #

I, too love hot chocolate or tea, but not coffee. I will read pretty much anything (I love historical fiction, biographies, horror, chic lit) but do not ever read romance novels. Thanks.

leahs3girls 11/17/2008 #

I like this idea! I love to read new books. I'm not really into romance but would read something recommended by my partner. I love all drinks, hot chocolate, coffee, tea.

SCgal 11/17/2008 #

Hot Chocolate or Coffee please [I'm not a tea drinker].

Bookwise, I'd love any Twilight books, or Series of Unfortunate Events...

but I'll read mystery, horror, chick lit.


bookwyrmm 11/17/2008 #

I like loose leaf tea (no hibiscus, please), hot chocolate, and flavored coffee. I am allegic to peanuts, so please no peanuts/peanut butter products. For books, I love fantasy, YA, horror, mystery, theatre books, plays, manga.

maltagirl 11/17/2008 #

hi all

I would prefer plain old hot chocolate. I love sci fi, paranormal type stuff as long as it isn't too gruesome. I love laurel K. Hamilton. I also love historical fiction like the outlander series. Mysteries are cool. I am just getting into the amelia peabody series. Other favs. harry potter, LOTR, mists of avalon, I could go on and on I am sure!

craftybeachgirl 11/18/2008 #

Arey...A knitting mistery = ME trying to knit something it would be a mistery as to what it really LOL...

gypsysorchid 11/19/2008 #

I love tea & hot chocolate, but no coffee please. I'm allergic to coconut, though so no coconut stuff for me. As for books, I'm open to anything so send whatever you want.

gypsysorchid 11/19/2008 #

I love tea & hot chocolate, but no coffee please. I'm allergic to coconut, though so no coconut stuff for me. As for books, I'm open to anything so send whatever you want.

jnolan05 11/21/2008 #

I would love hot chocolate. I don't like tea or coffee. As for books, I love reading sci-fi/fantasy, mystery, and romance. If you're afraid I might already have a book you have in mind, there is a list of books on my profile that I need. :)

craftybeachgirl 11/21/2008 #

I love coffee..BUT WHOLE BEAN ONLY...Strong or flavors...I dont like baggies of coffee that is instant...YUCK...as far as books...I love books about people in history. I would prefer older like Washington, franklin, jefferson, back in the day...I love a good ghost stories..short stories are good to...MY FAV BOOKS COOK BOOKS..Yah it is a book..I love country cooking, Cajun,Greek,spanish, mexican,Church cook books, fundraiser books...most thrift shops have some of these...

Ferret 11/22/2008 #

I'm so glad to take part in this swap! I'd love to get hot chocolate. With respect to mugs, I'd like to have one related to any of my fave characters (see profile) it can be used! About books....well, I've been thinking about some books which are difficult to get in my country: The Catcher in the Rye, Alice in Wonderland, any Dr Seuss', Roald Dahl's and environmental books for children, esp. about recycling. Dislikes: Chick books, romance novels and no mystery. Books can be used to if they're not written or in bad conditions.

Rpittman 11/24/2008 #

so totally awesome! this swap begins on my birthday! I am totally in!

AynE 11/29/2008 #

I love Chai tea and good hot chocolate. I don't drink coffee. I love good, long books, James Michner, Diane Galbadon, MM Kaye, Phillipa Gregory are all authors that I like, although MM Kaye is an out of print author. I like historical fiction, literate fantasy such as Harry Potter and LOTR. I do not like heaving bosom books as in "she pressed her heaving bosom against his manly manliness..." Historical romance is fine as long as there is more history than romance. I don't read chik lit at all. I like sci fi as long as it is good and not weird telepathic dragon/human mating stuff, my apologies to PA. I like Susan Wittig Albert's China Bayles mystery series. I also like rewritten fairy stories like Beauty or Spindle's End by Robin McKinley. I love used book stores and as long as the pages are still intact and the cover is not too beaten up I don't care. I like reading some of the comments I find in the margins of old books, or smiling about the person who has gone through and corrected all the typos and grammatical errors.

mazzlestar 11/30/2008 #

Not much of a coffee drinker, so bagged tea (I broke my strainer so no loose-leaf for now :( ) or hot chocolate, please. Bookwise I read most things, just no chick-lit/romance please!

thatgirlsylvia 11/30/2008 #

Wow this is an awesome swap idea.

I like coffee and tea, but wouldn't want hot chocolate. (I think I'm kinda sick of it) I'd love any mug really, maybe a local hometown souvenir mug? And books... well, I read a lot... I like Harry Potter, Twilight, Mists of Avalon, Bukowski, Chuck Klosterman, Vonnegut, etc. So... maybe something different from those? No romance. I don't know, something you like that you think I might have not yet discovered?


TheresaAK 11/30/2008 #

I love coffee, but no flavored coffee, please!! Whole bean or ground. I also like hot chocolate and tea--regular, herbal, or flavored. Loose or bagged. Also Chai tea. I don't care for romance novels or sci-fi, but like just about everything else.

Mags 12/ 1/2008 #

I love chick lit and cozy mysteries. I love hot chocolate or tea, no coffee, please. A mug from your city/state/town/country would be great!

Cupcakery 12/ 1/2008 #

I love books & all hot beverages that go with them. I am always happy to try something new, especially if it is recommended, so surprise me!

ILoVeCoWs 12/ 2/2008 #

No romance or horrr, i love a good mystrey book eg nancy drew or i love those old school girl books. Cup can be used or new not fussy just no chips or crackes i love kawaii n pink. Tea or hot chocolate, tea please to be a unique flavour cheers Bec

cartoonradio 12/ 4/2008 #

no coffee for me, but any kind of tea or hot chocolate would be wonderful. as far as books go, anything besides horror/thrillers is fine (as i am a huge wimp when it comes to creepy things lol). I do enjoy a good romance or adventure novel now and then, but i especially love a good "coffee-table book" (as my mother calls them), that is books of photographs, or just little silly 'how to' books (eg How To Draw A Radish by Joy Sikorski).

cindybj 12/ 7/2008 #

i love coffee of any kind. i also love mysteries or historical fiction. I am looking forward to this swap. im new to the group so i am also looking forward to getting to know all of you.


cindybj 12/ 7/2008 #

i love coffee of any kind. i also love mysteries or historical fiction. I am looking forward to this swap. im new to the group so i am also looking forward to getting to know all of you.


lbeau6 12/ 7/2008 #

Great swap! I'm allergic to all nuts & am not a fan of tea at all. Hot chocolate is great - coffee is good, too! As for the book...I'm pretty open. I'm an English Lit major so I can appreciate just about anything. If you loved it, I'm sure I'll enjoy it, too. & I loooove mugs! ...did I say GREAT swap already?

stitchingfriend 12/ 7/2008 #

hi everyone this is going to be a good swap to be in. i prefer tea to drink and for a good read i like true stories, autobiographies, and a good weepy.

stitchingfriend 12/ 7/2008 #

hi everyone this is going to be a good swap to be in. i prefer tea to drink and for a good read i like true stories, autobiographies, and a good weepy.

cronecreations 12/ 7/2008 #

Hi everybody! This is a perfect swap for this time of the year! I'm really looking forward to this.....I love all hot drinks except flavoured coffees. I'm a pretty broad reader and would like pretty much anything you suggest except chick lit and Chicken Soup type things......I'm a spinner and knitter if that helps! Looking forward to getting to know you! Melanie

jzzyblu 12/ 7/2008 #

Hi drink hot chocolate and tea, no coffee, favorite author Debbie Macomber, Danielle Steele, no romance novels tho can skip the coffee mug if you really want to have enough of them

PaperLadyInvites 12/ 7/2008 #

I had to enter this! I'm addicted to mugs! I'm definitely a tea girl. I LOVE tea. As far as the books: I love coffee table books. Books with beautiful photos. Basically I love most books! I have so many mugs! My husband says I have too many! You can't have too many. I love large unique mugs. Have fun everyone! I'm really excited for this!


Smandrea 12/ 7/2008 #

What fun idea. As far as the beverage, anything is fine as long as it's gluten free. And for the book, whatever you would read. I love finding new books.

AnitraF 12/ 8/2008 #

I'm allergic to tea, both herbal and regular. I'm also very allergic to oranges. I read just about everything except romance and random biographies. If I'm interested in a person, I'll read about them - otherwise, not. (I have a friend who reads nothing but bio's, whether she knows the person or not. Hello?) Used books are fine - I have a ton of them, so that's probably what you'll get. But be assured it will be in good condition. I collect coffee mugs, so something regional would be great.

AnitraF 12/ 8/2008 #

I'm allergic to tea, both herbal and regular. I'm also very allergic to oranges. I read just about everything except romance and random biographies. If I'm interested in a person, I'll read about them - otherwise, not. (I have a friend who reads nothing but bio's, whether she knows the person or not. Hello?) Used books are fine - I have a ton of them, so that's probably what you'll get. But be assured it will be in good condition. I collect coffee mugs, so something regional would be great.

jcm716 12/ 8/2008 #

I love hot chocolate orflavored coffees. I love to read mostly true crime or biographies. Mostly biographies of recent people from the past 25 years. Thanks

tehuti 12/ 8/2008 #

I love fantasy and faerie, magical realism with a whimsical touch, skilfully worked mysteries that provide clues so the reader can find out whodunnit, anything set in Ancient Egypt - I would be over the moon if I received part 3 of Christian Jacq's "Wise Woman" trilogy, since I've read parts 1 and 2. A non-fiction book relating to the the Goddess, Jungian psychology, tarot, astrology (serious stuff, not Russell Grant and similar!), mythology, mysticism, qabala (kabbalah), Egyptology, travelogues by intrepid travellers to exotic locations would also be welcome.

tehuti 12/ 8/2008 #

Ooops, pressed send too soon. With respect to drinks, love any sort of chai or other spiced teas, happy with most other teas and herbal teas, but not with liquorice/fennel and similar, any sort of coffee, ground coffee with cardamom in particular. I don't tend to drink chocolate because of weight issues. Interesting low-calorie chocolate drinks would be OK though.

turtlesandbeans 12/ 9/2008 #

I enjoy hot cocoa {plain or flavored} and flavored coffee. As for reads, I like graphic novels {ie., neil gaiman stuff}, sci-fi/fantasy but not star trek-kie future {ie., narnia, neil gaiman books}, craft/crochet how-to's, pop culture books, and i would even go for the first 'twilight' book just to see what all the hype is about ;) And if you can find a mug that's little {vintage or new}? That would be the best.

redcleo 12/ 9/2008 #

I loooove hot cocoa! Tea is OK (I do drink Chai a lot), but coffee is out. I gave up caffeine this fall and so anything with more than nominal amounts of caffeine is a no-no. I love sci-fi and Jane Austen-type novels (there's a weird combo). No mug preferences, though I do collect red ones with white snowflakes (it's a long-shot, but I thought I'd put it out there).

84kitty 12/ 9/2008 #

I love loose leaf tea (Doesn't have to be, just a preference), coffee and plain hot cocoa :D

Books: I'd say I prefer Fantasy type books, but if you have one that you just TOTALLY recommend I am up for a new read!

okrocksteady 12/ 9/2008 #

i love coffee, especially strong fun flavors like vanilla, caramel, gingerbread, and mocha. not really a fan of anything hazelnut. i enjoy tea, but prefer coffee. if you go tea i like blueberry, green tea, and pomogranete. apple cider is awesome too!

as for books i love good humor, a good thriller/mystery,( I still love VC Andrews haha!) or a good love story. I collect mugs from Starbucks or any other cute unique designs rock too!

carladallas 12/ 9/2008 #

I love it! You can see my book preferences on my goodreads page (highly recommend this site for anyone who loves to read!)


or pm me! I like all hot drinks, see my profile! I collect black and white mugs, although I understand if you cannot send me a black and white mug.

Spookywanluke 12/ 9/2008 #

I love sci-fi, mystery, fantasy and ancient history, just please no straight romance novels (they get used to prop up monitors)

As for drinks, I love chocolate and tea though if you send tea, hide it well as customs will confiscate anything with 'tea' in it's name...

(it makes no sense sometimes, we import bananas and oranges which bring diseases but no tea. Nor can we travel across state borders with any of those things. huh)

angelaspangela 12/ 9/2008 #

I'm big on chic-lit. Romance novels (specifically historical fiction). Basically girly books.

Hot chocolate is preferred. Any fun flavors are welcome!

I'm a sucker for Hello Kitty and haven't been able to find any mugs so if you can pleaseee send it my way!! Other than that I'm not picky.

Crazipurplelady 12/10/2008 #

I love coffee, stronger the better & vanilla!. As for books, I don't really "read" anymore, so if you can find a used love/mystery book on CD, all the better. But, a book if it has to be, short stories with a love/mystery twist are good. ADD & menopause have ruined my reading ability.
I love purple, so a purply mug would be great!

wingedmuse 12/10/2008 #

i'm a plain coffee (no flavorings) & hot cocoa kind of girl :) i also have a ton of coffee mugs as it is, but one can never have enough! i wouldnt mind a penguin shaped one or even just a red, silver or ocean colored mug. no preference really!

as for books.. i really tend to read science fiction a lot & any vampire, dragon lore types as well. some of my favorite authors are chuck palahniuk, neil gaiman, poppy z brite, allen ginsberg, jack kerouac. books that i do NOT like to read are romance, chic-lit, history related & biography types.

Debimrtn 12/10/2008 #

I am a coffee nut but I do love hot cocoas and tea too... I love red, yellow and polka dots on my mugs...hint....and I love to read Nicholas Sparks, Barbra Delinsky, Nora Roberts, Rita Mae Brown or Faye Kellerman....BUT I will read whatever you send for me....and THANKS SO MUCH! Happy Holidays!

Chinita 12/10/2008 #

I'm mainly a tea drinker-just not a fan of chai. Will also drink hot cocoa. No coffee please.

Read my profile for my book interests.

Mugs-I like the really big/deep mugs - or the tall slender mugs. Actually a clear mug would be nice or something bright & cheery, but no offensive sayings or cartoon character mugs.

Teenasha 12/10/2008 #

I love herbal tea and hot cocoa, I'm lactose intolerant so nothing with dairy please.

I love vampire books, just read the twilight series and it was fabulous. I also love biographies, actors and musicians. Random fiction and poetry is also great. Dr. suess and lemony snicket are classic.

I like dark purple, blood red black and white. big, small short or tall :) no sayings or characters.. unless its happy bunny or snoopy. Thank you! and Merry Christmas!

PurpleTX 12/11/2008 #

Thank you for the Good Reads link - I have been looking for a site like that.
I do not drink Coffee or Tea, but hubby does, so if you can not find a fun hot cocoa, the others would not go to waste.
I like almost any book, if it is an author on my profile, I have finished their books. I am looking for the twilight books and would like to start the Kathy Reichs series. (I only read stuff in order.)
As to mug, a wintry but not Christmas, or something in a good purple, that is not red-hat (I'm still a bit young.)

Lamyaa 12/11/2008 #

Beverage: Dark Hot Chocolate with NO marshmallows (or those new chocolate shavings (dark) made especially for hot chocolate, or mexican hot chocolate (hot chocolate with cinnamon). OR some type of winter flavored coffee OR any type of berry flavored tea - either black or green with berry or herbal.

Book Style: Fantasy along the lines of Wicked:The Untold Story of the Wicked Witch of the West. Or humorous mystery stories like the Tamar Myer's Amish-themed mystery stories (nice cheap paperbacks) or fantasy/mystery stories involving cats (with a touch of humor) or from the point of view of a cat like Varjak Paw.

Mug: something sturdy - we drop a lot of things and don't have carpeting. I like cat-themed or whimsical mugs - wouldn't mind having one of those really tall ones or fat ones. (we recycle and repurpose - so, after breaking the majority of our originally family glassware - we drink out of jars that we converted to glasses and mugs once their contents were used, so anything colorful is a blessing!).

Lamyaa 12/11/2008 #

I guess I should add that any book or mug with a sex, alcohol, drug related humor or innuendo is out - no offensive jokes on mug. Thanx!

TexyDeb 12/12/2008 #

I can't get hot chocolate here so that is my first choice. I will drink almost any coffee or tea. Books are very expensive here so I would like a partner who isn't too picky about what they recieve. I will read almost anything. If I don't like the book I get I will try to pass it on. This is a great idea maltagirl, thank you for hosting it...

TexyDeb 12/12/2008 #

Oh! I would like to have a souvenir mug or cup if that is possible in my partners area. thank you

grannylove5 12/12/2008 #

i love children novels to read with girls and hot cocoa

mollycoddlesoap 12/13/2008 #

I'm not too into romance, but I live everything else - love chic lit, murder mysteries. I will gladly accept a pre-loved book or a favorite of my partner! I love love love coffee and hot chocolate, and tea that is helpful for immunity. Thanks!

razorbackntn 12/14/2008 #

Like a lot of you, I'm not much of a "heaving bosom" book reader or the psycho killer type books. I am also not a coffee drinker but love tea and hot chocolate. I will gladly accept used books and mugs. I would love to have your favorite.

Valerie 12/14/2008 #

How fun! I like genre fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, mystery) but don't read much plain'ol fiction fiction, and no romance. I like anything non-fiction. I will drink just about anything :P

adw7984 12/15/2008 #

What a great swap! I love all books. Go to http://www.lookatmybooks.blogspot.com to see a wish-list or get some ideas of what I like.

As far as beverages, I love hot chocolate, tea and coffee! I guess mug-wise, I don't want anything dirty. For reference, my favorite colors are pink, cobalt blue or cream :)

cakebomb 12/15/2008 #

Hello, I would love coffee or hot chocolate; but please no tea. As for books I'm open to whatever you'd like to recomend. Books I really want to read: -anything written by Chuck Palahniuk -anything written by Stephen King or any of his many pen-names (besides Misery, I've read that one. ;D) -I like manga too if that counts.

Books I've already read: -all twilight books

xkryssix 12/15/2008 #

Beverage: I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but I remember there being caramel flavored hot chocolate (dulche de leche, I believe it was called). I haven't been able to find it in NC anywhere. I'd love that... or tea (no loose leaf, please!) I'm not a coffee person. I don't even own a coffee pot. :)

Book: I want you to send me either (1) a copy of the best book you've read this year or (2) a copy the best book you've ever read. I'll read anything!

Mug: I would love a mug from your area or something that you think represents you in some way. :)

solarts 12/15/2008 #

Beverage: mexican hot chocolate, mocha coffee not grounded we have a coffee grinder. I love to try exotic coffees decaff if possible. Or regular is fine. Book: See my profile under Shelfari.com site. I especially love the tiny books on words of wisdom, cat quotes, famous quotes, and anything on cats and dogs. books on Huskies, India gods and goddesses, Edward Gory, Tim Burton the director of Nightmare Before Christmas and other films, photography photos from famous people, and other ideas are in the Shelfari site. Mug: I especially love the traveling ones. Surprise me.

ceah705 12/16/2008 #

I prefer loose tea, but coffee and chocolate are good too. Book: I usually read romances but I need to try other genres. Please send me one you enjoyed. Mysteries, horror, sci-fi, all are great, except self-help.. I like being a little messed up, it makes family gatherings more enjoyable. Thanks!

candysue511 12/16/2008 #

My only request is for a paperback book. I have arthritis and hardback books can get too heavy for me. Anything else to do with this swap is open to you. Thanks, Candy

GreeleyGirl 12/16/2008 #

Hello fellow swapper :) I am really looking forward to this swap. If I had one preference I would request that you NOT send me romance novels. I have never been interested in those. I love emotional books, suspenseful books, feel good books, etc. Some favorites of mine have included Five People You Meet In Heaven, The Last Lecture, Nineteen Minutes. I would love anything by Jodi Piccoult. If you have read her and know of other similar authors, please let me know. Also if you have a favorite author, I am always game to try someone new. I am not a fan of coffee drinks. But, I love tea and hot chocolate. PLEASE NO PEPPERMINT anything. As for the mug, I am a mother of two pre-teen kids. Please no offensive or childlike mugs. Aside from that I leave it to you :) Thank you.

Willow 12/16/2008 #

Hi! If someone gets me, this is what I'd like: NO TEA please, not a big fan. LOVE flavored coffee or hot chocolate. Just as long as the word 'chocolate' is in there somewhere lol. For books, review my profile for some ideas, but I would like to request a book by Tami Hoag. Her's sound interesting to me & would like to pick one up sometime. If so, please make it a first in a series if they come like that. As for the mug, I LOVE green & the biggest size you can get for a cheap buck is fine with me! Thanks & Happy Swapping! :D

Willow 12/16/2008 #

Oh, & a handle too please!

Mondestrunken 12/17/2008 #

Looovee hot chocolate and tea. As for books, I like romance but not of the cheesy variety. Anything involving music, the paranormal, and well-developed characters :)

amaaanda 12/17/2008 #

I LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE :) Except dark chocolate hot chocolate. I like picture books (you know, the ones with hand-drawn comics, like toothpastefordinner.com or explodingdog.com). Also like books on design, social media, self-help etc. y'know, real world stuff :)

amaaanda 12/17/2008 #

Oh and as for the mug.. whatever you like :) I love those hand-made ones though, all lop-sided and stuff :)

Mona 12/17/2008 #

I Love Hot Chocolate, chai tea, or coffee. As for the mug it doesn't matter. i am a quilter so like the quilting theme. Books, I like Christian fiction, Earlene Fowler, Debbie Macomber, Jennifer Cheverini. Looking forward to this swap.

vlhafer54 12/17/2008 #

I love chocolate, coffee and tea. I like a good murder mystery or any craft book. As for the mug, I'm open.

marcal 12/17/2008 #

I love hot chocolate, like all tea, and don't enjoy coffee. My favorite books are fiction. I also do enjoy some historical romantic fiction. For mugs I like a more modern look like color blocks rather that cutesy flowers or animals.

solarts 12/18/2008 #

Hello, Please join my new swap- "India Goddesses & Gods" swap. http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/26884 Deadline to sign up is 12-31 Send off date- 1-2-09. Happy holidays. Solarts

candigirl 12/19/2008 #

Hi, everyone!! I would love to try any kind of hot chocolate. No allergies, so anything is fine! As for books...I really love british murder mysteries, and will read any type of murder mystery, if not british. I also love books about ghosts and the paranormal, and cook books!! I really don't like romance novels or sci fi. I have been known to read historical novels, like "The Other Boleyn Girl", so that is fine, too. You can check my profile for other stuff, too.

I can't wait for this...so fun! :)

maybesomeday 12/20/2008 #

Hello hello! I love hot chocolate of any kind ( I have plenty of Swiss Miss so anything else is perfectly fine). I have never tried apple cider so that's cool too.I DO NOT like tea or coffee. I love for my mugs to be something substantial with or without decoration,handmade or store bought, although I would prefer something brand new. As for books, a love pretty much anything except over the top chick novels.

This is going to be super fun!

kchristisen 12/20/2008 #

Love anything sci-fi, or vampire related...but will read pretty much anything.......love cocca's and coffees too!

midnightwhimsy 12/20/2008 #

I drink tea, hot chocolate (I love coffe but I don't have it at home as I just can't get it to taste nice). I really don't like fruit teas and I would love to try a good chai.

Books... I guess I'll read anything, I'll have to think about that and add it to my profile.

I'm looking forward to putting together a parcel for someone!

shellipw 12/20/2008 #

I would prefer tea or coacoa, and do not really like romance, sci-fiction or fantasy, this sounds like fun

PhaedraPhoenix 12/20/2008 #

wow, I hope I can find my partners' choices! For me, I like indian tea or assam tea, dark hot choc or whole bean coffee (not decaf or liquor flavour pleeze). Any plain mug is fine or something interesting to you. No branding please! I'll read anything you send so long as it's good and you have already read it and recommend it ok??

I feel fussy now....

ScruffyRasputin 12/22/2008 #

I prefer sci-fi or fantasy books, or older British or Russian literature. Any of those random info (are they called coffee-table?) books would also be fine, or just anything that looks interesting. Art books could also be excellent. I'm not too picky :) Just don't like romance books.

I prefer hot chocolate or tea, but a good coffee wouldn't be bad either.

wooleyduck 12/23/2008 #

Hot chocolate or tea here (though tea would be preferable), and you can find out way more than you want to know in my profile about preferences on beverages and books. As far as mugs, check my profile for colors/etc but I do request nothing tiny or huge and I'd rather not have cutesy/advertising type mugs. Used is more than fine on the book and the mug, most everything I have is thrifted. Thank you!

fairyfufu 12/23/2008 #

Tea or hot chocolate for me please. I love thrillers, Jodi Picoult novels, paranormal books some chick lit but not wishy washy Mills and Boon books. I also like autobiographies and biographies and have read all the Twilight books.

creationsbysamantha 12/23/2008 #

I love coffee(not fruit flavors-liquor). I love tea also, hot chocolate is good too;-) As far as mugs go, I love giving mugs that say something about you, it doesn't have to be a saying~I mean just whenever you use it, it reminds you of who you received it from. The books I like to read are more true life or paranormal, I like a story that are good life stories, No mystery or thriller. I really want who ever gets me to have fun with this so no stresser, just some tips please go with your instinct! ;-)

Arielah 12/23/2008 #

Please no coffee of coffee flavored drink or chai. Any kind of tea or hot chocolate (love peppermint flavour) would be wonderful.

Used books are great. As for the type of books, Historical fiction is my favorite. English/Irish/Celtic/Scottish Historical fiction or factual would rock my world. No romance novels, books with a Christian or any Religious theme, self-help(I'm beyond help), chicken soup type or sci-fi/Steven Kingish books. I own the Twilight series as well as the Harry Potter & the Series of Unfortunate Events.

As for the mug - plain, solid colour, think hand warmer size. A travel mug would be loved. What every is sent will be received with much joy and shared with friends and others.

Arielah 12/23/2008 #

Please no coffee of coffee flavored drink or chai. Any kind of tea or hot chocolate (love peppermint flavour) would be

Cheesecakegirl 12/26/2008 #

I enjoy all type of drink and read just about everything, so I'm in the hands of my partner. :)

PrettyPurly 12/26/2008 #

I'm into all warm drinks, cider, coffee, tea, chocolate. I like it all! I'm a part of a 52 books in 52 weeks challenge so I'm looking forward to discovering new books. I'm not really into politics anymore, had my fill of that already. Other than that, I like everything else. :)

savyjade 12/27/2008 #

I love all types of warm/hot beverages so send me whatever you like! As far as books go, I love mystery/horror. I do not read romance, sci-fi, or war books. I have been wanting books 3 & 4 of the Twilight series, The Rose Labrynth, The Shack, and The House of Dark Shadows. I would love any books you thought were a great read. I am excited!

savyjade 12/27/2008 #

I love all types of warm/hot beverages so send me whatever you like! As far as books go, I love mystery/horror. I do not read romance, sci-fi, or war books. I have been wanting books 3 & 4 of the Twilight series, The Rose Labrynth, The Shack, and The House of Dark Shadows. I would love any books you thought were a great read. I am excited!

dloris87 12/27/2008 #

I love different beverages but nothing with raspberry flavouring or with artificial sweetener (allergic). I do have a Keurig so if you want to buy K-cups that's cool with me. As for books I love cozy mystery or other mystery. No romances. Here is my paperback swap profile if you get stuck and need some ideas http://dloris87.paperbackswap.com/profile/ If you click on my wish list you can see what I don't have :)

ladypercy 12/27/2008 #

For beverages I prefer any type of hot chocolate or green tea. I'm okay with other teas and always want to try new types of hot beverages, but please no coffees.

goobers18 12/28/2008 #

I prefer tea or hot chocolate (i don't make coffee at home!). I love mysteries and drama (no romance). Here is my paperbackswap wish list if you need ideas! http://goobers18.paperbackswap.com

karmologyclinic 12/29/2008 #

I like coffee, tea and hot chocolate equally. I prefer pure, organic or natural stuff and not too much artificial flavoring. I don't read, chic lit, romance and fiction based on history. Anything postmodern, horror, mystery, classic literature, anything related to crafts, music, movies or even comic books are welcome. I don't mind used books. I don't even care if they are heavily used, as long as there are no pages missing! My amazon wishlists can give you a general idea of stuff I like. As for the mug, I like big and ceramic and colorful or fun stuff. Or surprise me.

chiarell 12/29/2008 #

Wow, fun! Mug wise, maybe modern, or retro like rosie the riveter, or pinup girl, would be awesome...not really into cutesy, flowers or religious. I love all coffees, but something regional to your area would be interesting. Tea and cocoa would be great as well. Book wise, surprise me, or if you need an idea maybe a biography about a sassy independent lady, oprah book club.... Recycle, recycle, recycle, used, thrift store, or something from your own collection...make me a funky coaster for my 'new' mug and I'll splash a heart your way..

Nano88 12/29/2008 #

No coffee please, and only tea that's decaffeinated. Any book (used is fine) except romance, please!

whinendine 12/29/2008 #

I like romance and chic lit or a mystery with humor (Janet Evanovitch) kind of book, all of which I have read. Coffee for me please. Love coffee mugs that are different. Thanks so much.

clairshearar 12/30/2008 #

I love tea, coffee and hot chocolate - so not fussy! Pretty much any book is fine - just please no mills & boon!

Chic 12/30/2008 #

I love romance novels and chic lits, no horror please.

I am allergic to nuts and fruit unfortunately

AliyKat 12/30/2008 #

I love mystery novels, and anything scary/horror novels. I drink anything coffee, tea, and hot chocolate but really LOVE chocolate flavor's, and trying new "odd" things.

doni 12/30/2008 #

I have been taking an afternoon hot chocolate break on cold days. I drink a little bit of coffee, like strong morning brews, but not so big on flavored coffees. I don't drink tea. For books, I like true crime, American historic fiction, quilting or embroidery books, or maybe a how to about blogging.

KarenMarie 12/30/2008 #

I like true crime, suspense (crime) and chick lit books or knitting books. I love any kind of hot chocolate or mocha drinks. For tea, I only like green or black tea--I do not like any herbal teas at all. This will be fun! Thanks!

stellunasoleil 12/30/2008 #

This is a brilliant idea for a swap, I work at Borders part time and I see sooo many books I would love to read! I like English Sci-fi, things related to the turn of the century, I'm open to anything except mass market romance, mystery thriller and westerns and it's well written. As for beverages, I like it all except green tea (it makes my heart race in a bad way). Anything else would be drank and appreciated!

stacirose 12/30/2008 #

Books...I love Margaret Atwood's new book BUT I also enjoy Sci Fi (not Fantasy!), Judaica, Art Compilations, Female Nude Photography (I study them for my art!!!), Women's Contemporary Poetry Compilations (not with Sylvia Plath), and Historical Books on Witchcraft and Society (not spells or things like that...). If you have an idea not on this list, go for it and send it! However, PLEASE no romance, Christian or Islam, horror, or mystery!!! :)

Like Hot Chocolate or Light Roast Coffe Beans for DH. Any mug is fine, but if you can support your local thrift shop or artisan by purchasing a hand made mug (illegibly signed on the bottom, usually), that would be wonderful! Thank you!

crosswind 12/30/2008 #

I love books of many kinds books that teach you how to do something, books that teach you how to cook something, books that teach you about sustainable living, books that make you laugh, books that make you cry...favorites are the Foxfire books, Dean Koontz, Diana Gabaldon, Elizabeth Peters, As far as beverages go I am pretty open EXCEPT to cinnamon (traumatic childhood cinnamon incident - can't stand the stuff.) Used is fine by mean for everything (except the beverage of course.)

spclla 12/30/2008 #

I've updated my profile to reflect my preferences, as far as books I love chic-lit, anything that allows me to learn about women in other cultures, inspirational memoirs, anything fashion related, whether it is the business or art side of it. I love chocolate (but not dark), coffee and tea. I don't like sci-fi or romantic novels.

danhoneybun 12/31/2008 #

i would love some special coffee beans, as i got a sexy espresso machine for christmas. overall though, i love apple cider and hot chocolate more than anything ever.

danhoneybun 12/31/2008 #

i would love some special coffee beans, as i got a sexy espresso machine for christmas. overall though, i love apple cider and hot chocolate more than anything ever.

danhoneybun 12/31/2008 #

oh dear... i thought i would also say that i love all books. i am huge for crochet pattern books and cook books. as well as any zombie books.

pmking11 12/31/2008 #

beverages: i love coffee - especially vanilla & other mild flavors. i'm chai tea drinker - but really am willing to try many other teas - herbal, black, green, white, red. And - you can't go wrong with hot chocolate or apple cider!

books - i'm a big fan of biographies - especially old hollywood, but i like political bios too. I'd also love crochet books! (purses, amigurumi, housewares, cool hats/beanies - just no doilies or afghans, please!) Art books are great - cultural, photography, history (especially, african or elizabethan, egyptian). Basically - anything NON-fiction is good for me! LOL

susandyer1962 12/31/2008 #

I LOVE coffee!!! Any book for me as long as it isnt non-fiction, self help or science fiction!

OfficeWeed 12/31/2008 #

I like to try new things, so coffee, tea or hot chocolate is ok with me. I love to read most anything: True crime, historical true stories, anything that grabs you from the first few pages or at least by the first chapter ha ha...I'm really not picky.

pitanga 12/31/2008 #

I really like tea, don´t care much for hot chocolate or coffee. As for the book, I like reading so anything is okay with me...I´m not picky... and if I don´t like ti I won´t read it again!!!

alei 12/31/2008 #

I love sci-fi fantasy and manga. I adore green teas and anything chocolate.

lauramartin86 01/ 1/2009 #

I cant do Coffee, Cappicuinno, Mocha, toffee.. anything like that makes me sick!! im mopre of a cider, tea and cocoa girl Nothing raspberry flavored please!

Cupcakecalamity 01/ 1/2009 #

I love love love hot chocolate and vintage books from the 1950s and before...but honestly, I would love anything! Anything to drink and any type of book! Don't worry, I'm not picky! I am so excited!

funkepunkemonke 01/ 2/2009 #

I love classic literature...and plain white dishware (funky embossing is always cool). Also, not a coffee drinker, but I love homemade chai ;)

candigirl 01/ 2/2009 #

wow, this is A HUGE swap!!
I really love hot chocolate, and cider is good, too..not a huge fan of herbal or green teas.

As for books, I love a good british murder mystery, and also enjoy novels that are funny, or books like "Far Side" comics, etc...

Check my profile, it's got a bunch of my fav's...thanks!! Can't wait, this looks fun and yummy!!

quziesue 01/ 5/2009 #

Hope this isn't too late. I love cider or hot chocolate. Not a fan of coffee or tea. As for books, I love Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks, Mary Higgins Clark.....pretty much any suspense as long as it's not gory. I don't read romance.
Also, I am the mom of 6 little ones, so no vulgar or gross mug sayings please!

savyjade 01/11/2009 #

If my partner had not sent...I just read books 3 & 4 of Twilight. If already sent that is more than ok. Thank you so much for anything I recieve.

carladallas 01/15/2009 #

Suggestion for next time, if it's an international swap eliminate the mug, that added to postage significantly--both weight and bulk, I just paid $17 for postage to the UK!

creationsbysamantha 01/15/2009 #

I also spent as much but did not send mug extra goodies instead. So sending international can be costly.

maltagirl 01/25/2009 #

yikes! that is good feedback guys. thanks! I am not sure if the flat rate boxes can be sent internationally or not. we should investigate that.

AnitraF 01/30/2009 #

So here's the situation. I sent the package on 14 January 2009. It reached the destination on 19 January 2009. The package was not damaged, but it definitely rattled when shaken - so the contents were probably broken. I found this out yesterday - 29 January 2009. I picked up the package today, at the shipper. My husband used Staples, which goes through UPS. This is by no means the first - second - or third - package that UPS has destroyed. I haven't been able to get in touch with them because they have 'heavy call volume due to bad wether' but I am certain they will use their usual excuse, that the contents were not packed right.

What do I do now? I sent the package in a timely manner - am I still liable if the recipient refused the package - for whatever reason? Or does the fact that the package was refused absolve me of further action?

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