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Butterflies, Dragonflies & Fireflies ATC'S

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Butterflies, Dragonflies & Fireflies ATC'S
Swap Coordinator:4getmenot71 (contact)
Swap categories: Themed  Art  Artist Trading Card (ATC) 
Number of people in swap:113
Last day to signup/drop:June 5, 2007
Date items must be sent by:June 20, 2007
Number of swap partners:2

This swap is international and for people with a rating of 4.3 and higher.

Make 2 ATCs with a butterfly, dragonfly and/or firefly theme. You will send one card to each partner.

Please be as creative as possible, and keep in mind that you COULD end up with an overseas partner, so the flatter you keep the cards, the better.

You may want to enclose the cards in cardboard before putting them in the envelope for added protection.


This swap is only open to people with a rating of 4.3 and higher. If you do not have a 4.3, you will be removed.


TerryF 04/27/2007 #

Do we have to use all 3 on each card, or just any one of them?

4getmenot71 04/27/2007 #

Hi Terry :)

It can be any or all. Whatever you wish, as long as it is within that theme. :) Thanks for joining!

animalchatter 04/27/2007 #

Are newbies okay to join this swap?

Windchimes 04/27/2007 #

Perfect! I collect dragonflies - dragonfly anything and I love fireflies. Wish we had some where we live now. I would LOVE to get some dragonfly ATCs.

dulcimer 04/27/2007 #

You can't have one of these swaps with out me. Count me in too.

animalchatter 04/27/2007 #

Windchimes, I LOVE dragonflies too, in fact, I already have some dragonfly ATC's made, but I think I will just have to create some more...hopefully, newbies will be allowed in this swap.

If not, I would be happy to send you a dragonfly ATC anyway...is that allowed here?

jbtmykids 04/27/2007 #

Dragonfly, I hoped you'd see this one!

grammysammy437 05/ 3/2007 #

I would like to be added to this swap, and if you allow I would like to participate twice. Love DRAGONFLIES, they have a very special, spirtual place in my life. grammysammy437 Sam Lee

user6740 05/ 6/2007 #

I have one dragonfly ATC ready, and I'll make another when the times come! This will be my first ATC swap on Swap-Bot!

Michele1606 05/15/2007 #

Please may I sign up for this swap? Thanks


4getmenot71 05/16/2007 #


Sorry I didn't reply sooner (I was on vacation.)

I see that you have already been rated and are no longer a newbie. ;)

Seeing your profile, though, I most likely would have allowed you to join this swap anyway! ;P

Have fun with it!


4getmenot71 05/16/2007 #

Windchimes ~

I am glad to see you here! :)


4getmenot71 05/16/2007 #

Dragonfly ~

Welcome aboard! :D


4getmenot71 05/16/2007 #


I am happy you are so enthusiastic about this swap. :) As for participating twice, I am not sure how that is done, as I have never had anyone request it before. Let me check into it and get back to you.


4getmenot71 05/16/2007 #


That is great! I am glad this theme appealed to you. :)


4getmenot71 05/16/2007 #


Of course you may! :)


SewFun 05/16/2007 #

I've never done an ATC. Is there a place to see examples and learn about size and such? I'm intrigued as I've made quilt postcards in the past.

Thanks Laura

gilligogs 05/16/2007 #

Made butterflies but if I get matched to a dragonfly addict, I'll make others. Ain't I good? :-)

4getmenot71 05/16/2007 #


Here is a bit of info I found on one of the sites for atc's:

Artist trading cards (ATC's) have three rules: they shouldn't be sold, they are to measure exactly 2.5" by 3.5", and on the back they must have the artist's name, contact information, title of the ATC and it's number in the series.

You can see more info, as well as some examples of finished atc's here:


Hope this helps!


4getmenot71 05/16/2007 #


Wow! You are really on the ball with these, eh? That is great! :)


bluecrayons 05/17/2007 #

id love to do this one please....

Moominbrooke 05/18/2007 #

I Do love Dragonflies. Couldn't pass this up...

SewFun 05/19/2007 #


Thanks for the info. Guess I could have googled it, huh? Anyway, I'll give it a try. Don't know about fireflies, but I can certainly manage dragonflies and butterflies. :)


ElizabethObviously 05/21/2007 #

i would love to do all three...so whoever gets me as a partner will most likely get 3 ATCS ...one with a dragonfly..one with a butterfly and one with a lightening bug...firefly...lol do only southrners call them lightenign bugs?? lol

Cnvingltlbtch 05/22/2007 #

I'm in the North and we call them Fireflies but I do remember when we were traveling through the south as a kid that they refered to them as lighting bugs. We stopped in a little town called London, Kentucky and they were everywhere, it was so amazing.

SharonF 05/22/2007 #

I'm up for that!

user5409 05/24/2007 #

Just thought I'd let you all know I'm coordinating a new ATC Challenge: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/4049

ladydy5 05/25/2007 #

Been calling them both. You should be in the mountains of Tennessee for one week in July the fireflies,lightening bugs are here by the millions. People take chairs and walk up the mountains in the Smokies just to watch them. It is wonderful as they light up on cue at 9P.M. Millions of them. What a site to see. All in one peticular place.

goddessofhellfire 05/25/2007 #

would love to join But... I'm new here I'm usually on flickr you can ck me out! Thanks!

bluejardiniere 05/26/2007 #

Can't wait to do this, I am so excited to try ATC's!

Bearynice 05/26/2007 #

I am just panicing a bit , Kiakiali is in this swap she has 10 people that has not received their items from other swaps and won't answer emails.Who knows whats up , but it is unfair to the one that gets her. Bev

4getmenot71 05/27/2007 #

Bev ~

I have removed her from this swap and will be removing anyone with lower than a 4.3 rating. I stated that as a requirement in the very first sentence, but I guess some people overlooked that part. :/


Moominbrooke 06/ 1/2007 #

Fireflies are magic. We don't have them where I live, but I have seen some on my travels. The ones in the jungle on the Mexico/Guatemala border were pinkish-orange, like sodium lights!

mamarose 06/ 1/2007 #

Hi there, should it be 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 in size? Thank you, Crystal

spinjenny 06/ 3/2007 #

Do we have to match our choice of dragonfly, butterfly or firefly to our partners' preferences? I have plenty of ideas for butterflies, fewer for dragonflies and I've never even seen a firefly (yeah, I know I can google for images, and I will). Personally, I'd be happy to receive any of them, but some people seem to have definite preferences.

spinjenny 06/ 3/2007 #

I forgot to ask ... are fabric or digital ATCs allowed?

auntouch 06/ 4/2007 #

I thought i had signedup for this one but I wasn't in there Its a good thing I noticed it. I have had my cards ready for a week now. teehee

blissfulmama 06/ 5/2007 #

I'm a newbie, but would hate to miss this one! I understand if you need to remove me, but I promise to deliver some lovely ATC's promptly. Thanks!


mbrat 06/ 6/2007 #

BlueCrayons*Lips0ffire and Stmpnmnga your ATC's are in the mail.

Wickett6029 06/ 7/2007 #

Mel and Loretta, your cards are on their way--I hope you like them :-)

HeideC 06/ 7/2007 #

Mandy & dragonfly, yours are in the mail. This is going to Canada from the US so give it a little time!

Cnvingltlbtch 06/ 7/2007 #

mine are on the way to amybree and bluejardiniere

LindaTemple 06/ 8/2007 #

I'm sending mine out this AM to Jane and groundhogstamper.

AZBOOKLADY 06/ 8/2007 #

Daisy & Veggiemommie, There's an extra one for you. They will be in tomorrow's mail.

TriviumLady 06/ 9/2007 #

Owl lady and Granny's Namesake,

Your packages were mailed today; enjoy!

inamerica8 06/ 9/2007 #

moonstonegail and heidic

your cards are on the way

AmyMarie 06/11/2007 #

vintageprincess and Selise - your ATCs went out in today's mail. enjoy!

grammysammy437 06/11/2007 #

I sent my 2 off today! 6-12-07
I sent one to each person, hope that was correct. grammysammy437 Sam Lee

yowell 06/12/2007 #

Lulda Casadaga and CraftyDiana swaps 'winging' their way to you from Scotland ..enjoy :)

Cnvingltlbtch 06/12/2007 #

Poggy123 i got your wonderful cards yesterday, thanks for the extra

Artistic 06/12/2007 #

Butterflies are en route to my partners! Enjoy.

DaintyDaisy 06/12/2007 #

veggiemommie and ratmomma, your cards are on their way!

Moominbrooke 06/13/2007 #

Tigerr and Bluejul, your ATCs are on their way.

blissfulmama 06/13/2007 #

lighthouse & jewel - I mailed your ATC's today. Since you are both international mail, I am not sure how long it will take them to make it to you. I hope you enjoy them and please let me know when you receive them.

sojourner 06/13/2007 #

boopgirly & sewfun your cards are winging their way from Australia.

bluecrayons 06/14/2007 #

i got lovely cards from melonie and heather.. these ladies other partners will love them too. there great,,

i will be mailing mine this week.

BetsyG 06/15/2007 #

Tammy and Ladystumblindummy - your cards went out in today's mail. I hope you like them.

SewFun 06/15/2007 #

Leenda77 & Bev -

I have your cards made and I'm hoping to mail them today.


user7902 06/17/2007 #

I will be sending out to:

Moonstonegail and Inamerica8 in the morning,

so keep your eyes open for the postie.


user6635 06/18/2007 #

Mine are off to Melody in Ohio and Betty in California. :)

Aliisza (in Oklahoma)

sojourner 06/18/2007 #

Two envelopes arrived safely today. One from Artistic the other from Janet Burns.

sojourner 06/18/2007 #

Forgot to add thank you for cards nicely done

sojourner 06/18/2007 #

I have posted photos of cards received in the gallery

MerriAmelie 06/19/2007 #

sarasue and laura~ i am off to the post office this morning... hope you enjoy!

threesweetpeas 06/19/2007 #

amanda and dolores, mine will be a bit late, please see profile, rest assured they will arrive........thanks for understanding, if possible, please respond so i know you have read this, thanks

threesweetpeas 06/19/2007 #

oops! this message is for jan and joanna!!!!!!! duh, told ya i am sick and not in my right mind, duh!

MissThundercat 06/20/2007 #

i sent to my partners last weekend, for pictures you can see them on my flickr :)

MAM 06/20/2007 #

Rosie and Virginia, ATCs went out today. I hope you enjoy them!

spinjenny 06/20/2007 #

ATCs for Starwatcher and Lindy flew off from the UK this lunchtime.

user7324 06/20/2007 #

Toni and Winemaker -- ATCs are finding their way out of Florida!

grannystamper: Thank you for the lovely ATC!

user7837 06/20/2007 #

Hi Grannystamper & Beanblossom, Your envies went out today! Hope you like the ATC's! Enjoy, KV

vintageprincess 06/20/2007 #

Jennifer and Tracey, your envies with "flies" in them left today...hope you like your little ATCs "+} Lana

CraftyDiana 06/20/2007 #

just to let you both know....linda welch and joyce vickers...in the mail today! :)

jakfrostwife 06/21/2007 #

VO and Grandstamper~your on on their way....had a little hick=up (vacation popped in, lol) ....but their flying on their way to you now.......jakfrostwife

mamarose 06/21/2007 #

Hi, I was never told who my partner was. I need to know to send out. I can't wait to find out. I received one myself. How many am I to be sending out and receiving? Crystal

lighthouse 06/22/2007 #

Crystal, at the top of this swap there is a box with "As a member of this swap you can:" - go there and click on the "see the partners you send to". Then a little window will open, with your partners' addresses. Hope it could help you... :)

goddessofhellfire 06/22/2007 #

All mine should be out by early next week SORRY for the wait! My poor old & trusty printer thought it was way past it's due.... I have a new guy now!!! Thanks for the patience!

Starwatcher 06/24/2007 #

Holly and Lindy, yours are on their way from the Oregon coast. This was a fun swap! I keep coming up with other ideas I could use for this one.

fairykin 06/26/2007 #

Hi there, I will be sending out my cards this week. I have only received one myself so I don't understand that. I had never received my swap partners so that is my reason? Crystal

fairykin 06/29/2007 #

Allisza and Serene, your cards are going out in the mail Sat. morn. Thanks for both your patience! I can't wait to get mine either! Crystal

vintageprincess 07/ 1/2007 #

Haven't heard anything from Jennifer and Tracey...hope they got their BDF ATCs...:+?

moonstonegail 07/ 1/2007 #

Sorry cards on the way . Thanks Moonstonegail

amybree 08/10/2007 #

I never heard from Liz... hopefully she did get them!

amybree 08/14/2007 #

duh- I accidentally posted on the wrong swap!

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