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Ratings Booster swap #3

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Swap Coordinator:fairyfufu (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:94
Last day to signup/drop:September 14, 2008
Date items must be sent by:October 21, 2008
Number of swap partners:2

Thank you to biasbabe for letting me do this version of her swap.

Ratings Booster….

Simply pick three items off the list and send them to two partners…

Got it 3 items x 2 partners=6 items….

*A card of fun buttons

*A roll of patterned ribbon

*a yard of rick rack

*2 skiens of embroidery floss

*1 sheet of sticky scrapbook embellishments

*2 wax tarts

*a NEW memo pad

*stationary set-2 sheets/1 envie

*an unused postcard

*a NEW gel pen

*2 sheets of NEW nice stickers- NO FREEBIE STICKERS i.e. no magazine stickers, no reward stickers, no teacher stickers

*20 spare stickers: stickers that were cut from sheets of stickers...NO magazine stickers, no reward stickers, no teacher stickers

*1 sheet of PRINTED labels for your partner- no handmade label (30 labels is the standard size, if overseas whatever the standard size label is)

*2 flavored tea bags

*10 swap cards

*2 packets of flower or vegetable seeds-please limit this choice to partners within the continental U.S.A. -- seeds aren't supposed to go into Hawaii)

*2 note cards and envelopes

*1 new pack post it notes

*2 sachets ofhot chocolate

  • a candy bar

*2 sachets of flavoured coffee

*1 new tube of lip balm or lip gloss (Dollar store stuff is fine)

*5 handmade envelopes

Yes there are a few rules:

Everyone is invited unless you are a notorious no sender!!! This is an international swap so some things may not be sent overseas

Please limit the “I don’t want sent to me items to 2��? THAT MEANS YOU ARE ONLY TO LIST TWO THINGS FROM THE LIST!!!! This is supposed to be fun and a surprise! When people start listing and getting demanding it really takes the fun out of swapping!!!

PLEASE SEND YOUR ITEMS and SEND THEM ON TIME!!!! If you can’t fulfill your duties before the swap ends please drop out. Or if you change your mind, please drop out…The send by date means that is the date the items have to be postmarked by. If you have to send late, please e-mail your partners and tell them...

With the price increase in postage, please take your package to be wieghed at the post office for proper postage. No one likes to have to pay for their swaps!

Remember to Rate your partners when the ratings open. Alot of people are new in this swap and are depending on this rating to be allowed in others.

Be a good swapper! Remember it is important to be nice!!!!

For those who watch the list of swappers...I will be going through the list after the swap ends and banning people then. So that scammers who were banned can not start another profile and sign back up.


weeatcrayons 08/10/2008 #

please no candy bars or hot chocolate!

Moni 08/10/2008 #

Please do not send me postcards or buttons, thanks!

pianoheart 08/10/2008 #

Dry, commercially packaged seeds can go into Hawai'i. It's just live plants, plant material and loose seeds that may have dirt on them that the Dept. of Agriculture stops. Aloha!

aallen66 08/10/2008 #

I would rather not get coffee or tea since I don't care for either. Otherwise, whatever you send is great.

By the way, what exactly is a wax tart?

Meadow 08/12/2008 #

I don't need seeds and I don't drink coffee. Thanks!

janal14 08/16/2008 #

I would prefer not to get seeds, and I can't have anything with caffeine in it.

Thanks to my future swap partners!

shakira 08/16/2008 #


ellie1200 08/17/2008 #

I'd rather not receive any lip balm. Thanks!

ellie1200 08/22/2008 #

oh, and no chocolate. It would just melt.

Kokopelli 08/25/2008 #

No tea/coffee No lip balm No seeds No memo pads

swappintoya 08/25/2008 #

Please no tea or hot chocolate. Thanks :)

Kokopelli 08/27/2008 #

Oops! I put too many items on my list. Please ignore previous list and use this one:

Pls no tea/coffee or seeds.


chrissy44 08/28/2008 #

no postcards buttons or ribbons for me please

CarelessWhisp3r 08/28/2008 #

please no postcards =)

Starberrie 08/30/2008 #

I rather not have wax tarts, tea/coffee, seeds and lip gloss/balm sent because I maybe be allergic to the scent/ingredients.

anderkar 08/30/2008 #

I would rather not receive wax tarts or lip balm.

heathertsosie 09/ 3/2008 #

Please no coffee/tea or wax tarts.

chefbeth 09/ 4/2008 #

Hi! I would prefer not to have wax tarts. But I am a lip balm JUNKIE!!!! Anything will be appreciated. TIA!!!

emmalockley 09/ 5/2008 #

nothing that you drink, eat or apply to face for me please oh and im not much of a gardener but a manic crafter so evereything else would be fantastic thanks xxx

momaw2masonandabby 09/ 5/2008 #

Nothing with caffine and nothing crafty. Please see my profile for allergies. Thanks. This sounds like so much fun. ;)

momaw2masonandabby 09/ 5/2008 #

Nothing with caffine and nothing crafty. Please see my profile for allergies. Thanks. This sounds like so much fun. ;)

nzcat 09/ 6/2008 #

Food and plant items won't get through our customs.........crafty items are probably the best choice, thanks.

queensonia2001 09/ 7/2008 #

chocolate will melt in the mail :( Not crazy about tea.

StaceyLynn 09/ 7/2008 #

Please no coffee/tea or wax tarts. Chocolate will melt. so please, if you send it let me know when you send so I can check the mail everyday till I get it.

craftyarmywife 09/ 7/2008 #

The only things I wouldn't want are candy bars (daughter has peanut allergy) or the coffee. Anything else is fair game, and to make it easy, we LOVE Dollar Tree stickers!!! LOL!

AngelaMariex3 09/ 8/2008 #

Please, No Coffee/Tea and no seeds. Thank you! Looking forward to participating in this swap!

luvbuggl3 09/ 9/2008 #

Thanks to everyone for all you do to brighten someone else's day!!!

Seeing as we are still having late 90's to 100 degree days where I'm at, please don't send anything that could melt or coffee. Thanks so much!!!

mirrorkiser 09/ 9/2008 #

no buttons or postcards please :]

eveyinorbit 09/10/2008 #

Please do not send seeds or any food items. Thanks!!!!

buttonrevenge 09/10/2008 #

no wax tarts of seeds for me

camelsamba 09/10/2008 #

What is a wax tart? And is it as likely to melt as chocolate?

Jamnj 09/10/2008 #

A wax tart us sort if like a tea candle w/out a wick--It's purpose is fragrance versus light/heat. They are usually made in small tart pans and melted in small poppouri burners or oil burners or sometimes just hang out in little bowls/dishes in bathrooms/kitchens and smell good.

dukiegal 09/10/2008 #

no food or drink items

SuperBad 09/10/2008 #

please, no food or drink items for me either. thanks :)

thetadocz 09/10/2008 #

What a great list! Such useful and diverse items! - the only things I couldn't use are seeds and lip balm/gloss.

jellybeanjoe2 09/10/2008 #

no seeds or buttons please...

shinz 09/10/2008 #

i prefer not to receive Seeds and Lip Balm, thanks

choke 09/10/2008 #

woot I'm easy, I'd like to get anything on this list :D

jencrest 09/11/2008 #

I'd rather not get seeds (I live in an apartment) or post-it notes (unless there's something REALLY awesome about them -- I work in an office, I have an unlimited supply. :p)

breepre 09/11/2008 #

I don't drink coffee or tea, but I'm game for anything else. Surprise me.

haywardcs 09/11/2008 #

Please no seeds or anything that involves wool/lanolin (no sheep for me please :) )

AuntieM 09/12/2008 #

Please no rick rack or embroidery floss

everything else is great though. I'm also a lip balm junkie, but no watermelon please.

Thanx :)

glendas 09/12/2008 #

I'm happy with anything on the list above.thank you,

bluewhale 09/12/2008 #

i prefer not to receive coffee/tea, food, lipbalm, wax tart, seeds. Craft items will probably the best choice for me.

dreamgrlsd 09/12/2008 #

I prefer not to get any seeds or lip balm. thank you!

thecatsmeeeow 09/12/2008 #

I'm a newbie, so will gladly accept anything! Are "swap cards" the same at "ATC's"?

thecatsmeeeow 09/12/2008 #

I'm a newbie, so will gladly accept anything! Are "swap cards" the same at "ATC's"?

MamaD 09/12/2008 #

Hi, this sounds fun AND as a Newbie, I get to boost my ratings! Sounds fun! Anything on list is fine with me!

Gayle 09/12/2008 #

No coffee, please. Other than that, I'm good.

katjaintenerife 09/12/2008 #

No coffee for me neither as I can't have caffeine. And as for the tea bags, no black tea (so it's not a no for tea but just black tea, i love tea, just can't have black tea due to the caffeine in it)

TeePeeMaiden 09/12/2008 #

No seeds please, No tea/coffee, Im looking forward to do this swap.

Jenann82 09/13/2008 #

Please no candy bars or rick rack. Thanks.

debbiesw 09/13/2008 #

No embroidery floss or tea thank you

GabiesMom 09/13/2008 #

Please no floss or seeds,I enjoy scrapbooking, I like tarts but no flower scents please. Thank you, Happy swapping!

havehope76 09/13/2008 #

Please nothing digestable (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, seeds) and nothing that would melt (chocolate, wax tarts...) cause I'm in Florida. Hey, that still keeps it to just "two" things...

My preference is for crafty things. My profile gives more away...


peacegirl 09/13/2008 #

i like everything!!!

luvscrappin 09/13/2008 #

Please no candy or lip balm. I am very pick about lip balm and candy always melts when mailed. Thank you!

papersky 09/13/2008 #

Please no food/drink [especially things that would melt, ex: chocolate, candles, wax tarts, candy...it's still warm and humid around here] or stickers. That's two things, right? =P

What exactly are swap cards?

Starberrie 09/13/2008 #

Swap cards, I believe are ATC, artist trading cards.

clkea 09/14/2008 #

What fun! Anything will be wonderful, except seeds and lip balm.

scrapbag 09/14/2008 #

Nothing that melts - it's still hot here. No foods. Happy swapping.

knitpurlmama 09/14/2008 #

No postcards or embroidery floss for me. And I'm not sure what a wax tart is - never heard of it?

ParkinsCrw 09/14/2008 #

No Lip Balm or seeds for me please. :)

peachynook 09/14/2008 #

please don't send seeds or food as Australian customs won't accept them , but paper craft stuff is ok thankyou Audrey

yesiyesi 09/15/2008 #

Please no wax tart (no use for), printed labels (i have 10 billion), seeds (no where to plant them), boring post-it notes (like the standard yellow), candy (it'll melt), and lip balm (i only use a special company.

Thanks, sorry to list so many. If you're my partner, please feel free to PM me with any questions. Thank you!

rdhill2005 09/15/2008 #

please no chocolate i don't like it.

rdhill2005 09/15/2008 #

please no chocolate i don't like it.

YankeeUnicorn 09/15/2008 #

I don't use wax tarts but would love candles instead. Also I am sticker crazy so that would be great for me!

AngelaMariex3 09/15/2008 #

Hi. Can someone please tell me what "SWAP CARDS" are? Thank you!!!

jacani 09/15/2008 #

No seeds, please :)

jacani 09/15/2008 #

No seeds, please :)

Zefaniya 09/15/2008 #

The only thing I'm not interested in is the seeds as it's cold here already and I have a black thumb!

Starberrie 09/15/2008 #

A SWAP CARD, is a ATC [aka Artist Trading Card]. There is more information about it on this site

meggert 09/15/2008 #

I love it all except lip balm. I hate stuff on my lips. Other than that its all great.

ruthann46 09/15/2008 #

I'd rather not receive stickers and labels. Thank you.

choke 09/15/2008 #

As far as I'm aware a swap card is like a business card that has your swap-bot information on it. There is space for you to write the name of the swap, date, or other information on it to include with your swaps so the person receiving knows who it is from. An ATC is totally different.

ecoprincess 09/16/2008 #

Oh no, have the partners been assigned for this yet? If not would it be possible to add me in? I thought I'd signed up but when I just checked now, for some reason I haven't been and I wsa really hoping to do this! If not it's okay, I'll just have to keep an eye out for swap #4 ;)

ecoprincess 09/16/2008 #

Oh no, have the partners been assigned for this yet? If not would it be possible to add me in? I thought I'd signed up but when I just checked now, for some reason I haven't been and I wsa really hoping to do this! If not it's okay, I'll just have to keep an eye out for swap #4 ;)

crafty1 09/16/2008 #

Oh no not me as well thought I had signed up am I too late if I am will waite for te next one thanks x

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