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101010 Postcard Swap

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Swap Coordinator:guiswapbot (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Letters & Writing  Postcards 
Number of people in swap:224
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:October 1, 2010
Date items must be sent by:October 10, 2010
Number of swap partners:10

International & Newbies Welcome!

Inspired by the 090909 Postcard Swap.

For this simple swap, on the 10th of October 2010 (10/10/10), you will send 1 postcard to 10 partners.

Ideally, you should mail your cards ON October 10th, 2010. However, this is a sunday! But do not feel blue about it! Simply post them EARLIER.

POSTCARDS NOT SENT BY OCTOBER 10TH MAY RECEIVE A LOWER RATING. Please notify your partner if you cannot make the deadline.

There's no particular theme for the postcards, local area, store bought or handmade. Try to send according to your partner would like to receive, naked or using an envelope. But, if the idea of reading ten profiles drives you crazy, just send them naked.

This swap is open to anyone with a minimum rating of 4.5 with absolutely NO no-sends 3 months before the swap sign up deadline. I will be checking profiles and banning any questionable swappers prior to the partner assignments. This includes swappers who have not been active for the previous 3 months.

Newbies are welcome with a well filled-out profile.

Any questions, please email me: [email protected]


Erdbeersternchen 08/18/2009 #

how can i send one postcard to 10 partners?

aada 08/18/2009 #


1 postcard each to 10 partners. so, 10 postcards, 1 per person, for 10 people. ;)

they say 1 postcard to 10 partners so people don't think they should send more than 1 postcard

guiswapbot 08/19/2009 #

Thanks a lot aada, for explaining this 1 to 10. I think now is very clear.

Erdbeersternchen 08/19/2009 #

oh! so there was just a "1 pc to e a c h partner" missing, haha! thank you very much! (both of you, hihi.)

aada 08/24/2009 #


but it just sits there! haha. aren't watchlists unlimited? ;)

sparklingsights 12/ 4/2009 #

It's too bad this fate falls on a Sunday, it would have been neat to have the cards postmarked with the 10.10.10 date!

NorthernBorder 02/18/2010 #

Can we request our postcards to be sent in an envelope?

carrie1010 03/29/2010 #

Totally adding this! 101010 is my 34th Birthday!

SDCarter 06/ 6/2010 #

I'm doing this one in memory of my Dad. He died 5 yrs ago & his birthday is 10/10/10. He would've been 72 this year.

Craftyscrapygirl 06/ 7/2010 #

I am really excited for this!

Vendetti 06/ 8/2010 #

Am I the only one who thought this was going to be a PC with bianary?? Haha.. I'm such a nerd.

Saristotle 06/13/2010 #

@Vendetti when I first saw the title I thought it was binary too lol

QueenQuill 06/13/2010 #

@Vendetti & @Saristotle LOL...My first thought was binary too...yay for nerds! The geek shall inherit the earth!

twobluecrows 06/15/2010 #

In case anyone is interested, I'm hosting a 08-09-10 ATC/notecard challenge swap here

Craftyscrapygirl 06/17/2010 #

How do I send 1 postcard to 10 people if I don't have their address? Thanks

jellybirds 06/17/2010 #

L3qnN4 ghghlszmysds , [url=http://kfbmnzczzzbi.com/]kfbmnzczzzbi[/url], [link=http://sgmgraxkagzq.com/]sgmgraxkagzq[/link], http://uckynbsixdir.com/

Syn1226 06/18/2010 #

@Anutting07 - partners w/addresses will be assigned on October 2

stringofviolets 06/26/2010 #

I thought so too Vendetti!

suzie 07/ 8/2010 #

In Finland I can´t get a 101010 stamp on the card as my local post office wont send anything out on a sunday...I´d still love to join though.

PawPal 07/29/2010 #

I'm a newbie with a newbie question. Do I write a message on the postcards I mail out? I understand the difference between naked and envie. But am unclear about actually writing on the card itself. I guess if they want the postcard in an envie it should be clean without writing? Help please. Very first swap, but extremely excited to participate.

leilx 07/29/2010 #

I am assuming that if we put them in a post office box on the 10th, that will qualify...?

renate 07/29/2010 #

would be interesting to see from wich coutries the cards will come from I am in!!

renate 08/ 5/2010 #

wow 100 members signed up for this swap. I think the highest number in swaps?

scrapcowando 08/ 9/2010 #

wow 106 partners, hope the number will grow up. Sonia

thepinknarwhal 08/11/2010 #

Aww 10.10.10 is my wedding day! This swap is awesome!

knitzwithcatz 08/11/2010 #

looking forward to this! i've already got 3 accounts on postcrossing. i can never have too many postcards in my mailbox!

tizzicat 08/12/2010 #

good luck for the wedding thepinknarwhal

eepy 08/15/2010 #

This is hilarious! I didn't notice that this was posted way back in 09. My little sub-post office is open on Sundays and they let me hand cancel my own mail. Plus I have gzillions of blank PCs to get rid of... I'd better sign up for this one.

raspberryrose 08/21/2010 #

I don't think mail gets picked up here on a Sunday either - better check (crossing fingers)

Kath 08/28/2010 #

Can't wait for 11/11/11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rubyhousesliprs 09/ 1/2010 #

Mail them on oct 9th so they don't get rated down for late mailing.

Jester777 09/ 3/2010 #

I'll have to send mine on the Friday since we don't have post on the weekends in Canada, haha.

MissMailArt 09/ 4/2010 #

Hey swappers in Finland! It is actually possible to get the 101010 postmark on your postcards. The post offices that are in the same building with supermarkets or other grocery stores are open on Sundays, too (when the stores are open). So, you can go and ask them to cancel your stamps on October 10th!

hayleyk 09/ 8/2010 #

Can I handmake my PC's?

ilovetubby 09/11/2010 #

This is my wedding date!! How lovely! :D

Maggiesmother 09/12/2010 #

I would like mine unwritten and in an envelope. Thanks in advance.

funkhoup 09/12/2010 #

Is it okay to mail them on Friday Oct. 8?????

rubyhousesliprs 09/16/2010 #

I would think it would be okay @funkhoup especially in some places the post office is closed on saturdays now. Better a day or two early, than risk getting rated down for a late postmark, right?

geekgirl33 09/16/2010 #

A heads up for swappers in the US the post office is also closed on 10/11/10 for Columbus day.

guiswapbot 09/17/2010 #

So, I would like to suggest swappers from US to send their postcards on Oct 8th or 9th.

CBreiten 09/18/2010 #

in an envie for me please

hippofairy 09/20/2010 #

i've actually gotten postmarks for days that the post office is closed by buying my metered stamps from the Automated Postal Center. it prints your stamp with the current date. i sent postcards out on New Years Day! :)

guiswapbot 09/20/2010 #

The next one will be our 200th partner! Could we reach 300 until Oct, 1st? So great! I am already watching profiles, for sure! And some friends are helping... Thanks a lot to each one who has signed to this idea!

cindynvb 09/20/2010 #

I was thinking of joining this swap, but now that I know the cards won't be postmaked 10-10-10, not sure if I will BTW the PO will be closed on 11-11-11 for Veterns Day, so no postmak then either.... too bad

Jester777 09/21/2010 #

I prefer my postcards sent nakkie please! And please not one from a cheeeeesey gift shop.

Craftyscrapygirl 09/21/2010 #

I prefer my postcards stamped and written on. I will be sending my postcards written and stamped!

ainaina 09/23/2010 #

me too, written on it please, i'll write on mine too :)

RetroJane 09/23/2010 #

Okay, this date is NOT my wedding day (unlike a few others :) but I'll sign up anyhow. :D

knitzwithcatz 09/24/2010 #

when will we get the names and addys of those we are to send cards to?

pennypalimpsest 09/24/2010 #

As above, when/how do we find out who to send postcards to? My first time...

guiswapbot 09/24/2010 #

Well, swap description has this text: "Last day to signup/drop: October 1, 2010". After that I will decide who can participate (or not). After that, I will have to click on a button which will shuffle names and assing who sends to whom. This must be done by me on Oct, 2nd or 3rd. Perfect to all?

inthewild 09/24/2010 #

We have a post office in the next town open on Sundays; I'll have them stamped and canceled on the day! I would like mine with a message and naked please; look forward to this one.......

whowillloveme 09/24/2010 #

Do they have to be marked as 101010? I'm confused.

Crazipurplelady 09/26/2010 #


lchase 09/26/2010 #

Sounds like a great one to start off with!

b0tswap 09/26/2010 #

Based on the swap description, it is acceptable to send postcards naked regardless of profile or stated preference. I prefer to receive cards naked as god intended, but I want it to be clear that sending any postcard before the deadline stamped and addressed is acceptable and merits a 5. In an envelope also costs more for domestic mail. So I will try to accommodate preferences but I don't want to get 3-ed by someone who gets a stamped card and wanted a boring blank postcard in an envelope.

aussielisa 09/28/2010 #

I like my cards naked and written on. I thought it would be something binary but this is so much cooler. I will have to post mine out on a thursday or friday though. No post on the weekends here :( Can't believe how many have signed up, 215

Zapea 09/28/2010 #

I don't mind if my postcards are sent naked or in an envelope! Whichever you decide is fine. =)

emeraldmist 09/29/2010 #

OK this is my idea, is it acceptable?

I can take m cards to an Automated Post Office and but the metered sticker stamps with the date of 10/10/10 on them and drop them in the mail box that day. However, because the 10th is a Sunday AND the PO is closed on Monday as well (in the States) they won't actually start their journey until Tuesday, so there might be a delay in getting the cards, but they would be postmarked on the 10th. Is this a good idea?

emeraldmist 09/29/2010 #

Wow, so many typos! I shouldn't type comments an hour after bedtime. I'm sorry and I hope the above post can be understood.

guiswapbot 09/29/2010 #

To emeraldmist (and all), I think your idea is perfect! By the way, who could say you have not sent your postcards on Oct, 10th, 2010? They will be postmarked.

guiswapbot 09/29/2010 #

We have more than 300 people watching this swap! I would like to see all confirmed as soon as possible in order to check profiles. Could all watchers help me with that? Thanks a lot!

rubyhousesliprs 09/29/2010 #

@Emeraldmist what a great idea. And they would be mailed on the 10th!

hippofairy 10/ 1/2010 #

@emeraldmist ... great minds must think alike! i wrote a note to the same effect about a week before you did. :) i hope that we'll be partners so at least one of my postcards will be postmarked on the 10th!

estrones 10/ 1/2010 #

Mine will go out on the 9th. No metered stamps, no post picked up on sundays and no hand-cancelling at all! I'm off to town tomorrow to buy 10 postcards of Aberystwyth!

Falkentraum 10/ 1/2010 #

Hi all =) It´s my first swap.

I am from Austria, so i will send my cards out at Oct 5 or 6. Is this a problem?? I love to get my cards ready - written and stamped :D

Greetings from Austria


Maggiesmother 10/ 1/2010 #

I prefer mine sent in an envelope and unwritten. Thanks in advance.

guiswapbot 10/ 2/2010 #

Just remembering: This is a sender's choice swap. IF possible check your partner profile. But just if you want to. "There's no particular theme for the postcards, local area, store bought or handmade. Try to send according to your partner would like to receive, naked or using an envelope. But, if the idea of reading ten profiles drives you crazy, just send them naked."

Barbara 10/ 2/2010 #

Please note I already marked mine sent but will take them to the post office on Saturday 10/09/10 here in the U.S.

Sunflower4Mowse 10/ 2/2010 #

Prefer my postcards all written on and stamped up ! Thank you.

hayleyk 10/ 3/2010 #

I already marked mine as sent because they are all ready to go, but will not mail them until 10/09/10. Thanks!

guiswapbot 10/ 4/2010 #

I will not answer directly to each one who is hurt because I had banned him/her. Well, I hope someday this users could have this task: more than 200 profile to check. Most of them were banned because of not filled profiles. Some because of rating. Sorry...

RetroJane 10/ 4/2010 #

Fabulous point by @emeraldmist as this is available to most in the USA - automated postage center "thing." :) I'm marking mine as sent, like other have, but getting the stamp printed on 10/10/10.

viv1972 10/ 5/2010 #

I love my cards new condition, in envelope if at all possible.

neetjes 10/ 5/2010 #

All cards are send today :) Hope I am not to early, but I might forget it later on, because I am so busy this week. Hope the receivers like them :) Regards, Renee

emilylovesutoo 10/ 5/2010 #

Marking sent but will send on the 8th! Darn Sundays!

MagicNorth 10/ 5/2010 #

Mine are going in the mail today. I'm not taking any chances... Our post offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays and we are having Thanksgiving on Monday so the PO will be closed on Monday also!

emeraldmist 10/ 5/2010 #

OK well, I just thought of this. Yes I can go to the automated post office (APO Machine) and get the stamp printed and mail it on the 10th (Sunday), BUT it will still be postmarked the 12th.

In the US Post offices are not open on Monday the 11th because of a Federal Holiday.

Because of the printed/dated stamp it will be obvious that I mailed them cards on the 10th but the postmark will say the 12th. Is this acceptable? If not I can mail on Friday but I thought it would be cool to have them mailed on the 10th. Thoughts?

rubyhousesliprs 10/ 6/2010 #

@emeraldmist if I were you I'd mail them friday. Some not so nice swapper could rate you down for sending late. And they will do it, believe me.

NikonGoddess 10/ 6/2010 #

I agree with ShabbyPink123! It's sad and pathetic, but some icky person will rate you down.

I'm stationed in Germany and will wait until Saturday to mail them. I'll talk them into the PO here that I JUST found out is open. :D So, mine will be post marked 10/09/10.

washingtonmaverick 10/ 6/2010 #

@emeraldmist @shabbypink123 and @NikonGoddess part of meeting the swap requirements is adhering to the swap deadlines...some people understand that life gets in the way others do not. I take it on a case by case basis when someone sends late weather to rate down or not. The biggest thing that will get you rated down in my book is sending late and not communicating before the date that it will be sent late! I also check my post marks because I understand that some people can't get home to hit "send" till after the date! Also this swap wasn't thought out too well because the post offices aren't usually open on Sundays!

papercaper 10/ 6/2010 #

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to say that, although your preferences are just fine and dandy - as in, they're fascinating and all - they're absolutely not my concern. This is SENDER'S CHOICE, and I, for one, am getting really bloody tired of having that choice taken away from me. In fact, it seems as if the swaps that stipulate SENDER'S CHOICE are the ones where more people try to override it. How about a little respect for the swap host, hey? If they say SENDER'S CHOICE, do you think they actually meant RECIPIENT'S CHOICE? Why are their ideals less important than your own, especially when it's their swap, and you have the option not to sign up for it? I don't care if I lose potential hearts for speaking my mind (not that any hearts were mine to begin with), but if I'm rated a 3 for sending the PC my style, you'll hear about it! P.S. Oh, and btw, I am going to send the ugliest PCs to the people who stated their fussy preferences, heheee!!! :D

papercaper 10/ 6/2010 #

Hmmm... While it might have been wise of me to re-read this in the description before getting annoyed by all the fussbots in this comments section - "Try to send according to your partner would like to receive, naked or using an envelope" - I'm still sticking to this part: "But, if the idea of reading ten profiles drives you crazy, just send them naked." I'm not reading ten profiles - not enough time. (This isn't the only swap I'm trying to get into the posting box.) At least I understand now why people all piped up, so my most tepid apologies if you didn't like the rant above. But still - Naked it is! ;)

palespectre 10/ 6/2010 #

sent all 10 today! I hope that everyone receives it. if not contact me first before giving me a bad rating. i'd be glad to resend. Tack!

Fittzwm 10/ 7/2010 #

I am pretty sure it's been mentioned - getting cards marked 10/10/10 may be impossible as that is a Sunday.

CarolinaRen 10/ 7/2010 #

Great. Someone planning to send ugly cards. That's what makes swapping so pleasurable.

purplestar 10/ 7/2010 #

I love ugly cards, anything out of the ordinary. Especially the ones which make you turn it around a few times to work out what it is :)

iWunder 10/ 9/2010 #

I should have thought of this sooner to share with the group, I am lucky enough to have a post office located within an annex of the nearby international airport that is open 24/7/365. I can go there on Sunday and have my postcards hand canceled with the 10/10/10 date. Perhaps someone else in the US has that option as well, check your local airport and see if there is a post office near the long term parking that is open late and on weekends.

washingtonmaverick 10/ 9/2010 #

I hope I didn't mess mine up! I got to the post office with 8 minutes to spare and I had the postal clerk hand cancel the postcards! Except I don't know if it will have 10/9/10 on them! Yikes! But all 10 have lovely hand cancelled stamps! Cheers!

Whiskey 10/ 9/2010 #

Mine were sent out today... I actually handed them to the postal guy at the main office!

lob 10/ 9/2010 #

I dropped mine at the post office this morning, so I suppose they'll have 10/9/10 on them and go out today.

Jacquisking 10/10/2010 #

put them in post yesterday but my local post service is a little ... tempermental. hopeing they were picked up and processed yesterday evening but theres a possibilty they wont be stamped and travelling until monday 11th. fingers xed tho

Ingebietje 10/10/2010 #

I put mine in the mailbox today. I discussed it with the local postoffice manager and she told me that the post is being picked up in the afternoon. IF they handle it before midnight it will have a 10-10-10 stamp on it. If not, it will be 10-11-10. I thought it was worth the try... Hope I won't get any 3 because of that...

Crazipurplelady 10/10/2010 #

Mine went in the mail today, I bought postage from the automated machine & it has 10/10/10 on the postage!

MommyMae 10/10/2010 #

I was able to get half of them postmarked today....other ones already regular stamped... But they will be a bit late, since today sunday and tomorrow is a holiday.....

stringofviolets 10/10/2010 #

I was able to use the APC machine in our post office lobby today so it has the barcode with 101010 on it :D

chthonicboom 10/11/2010 #

Well, I went to the main post office on Sunday afternoon to get the cards hand cancelled. I have been there on Sundays before and never had a problem with getting them postmarked. The clerk tells me that if I want something hand cancelled on a Sunday, it will cost me $1.15 per piece! WHAT??? Since when? I even stood on line again (and it's always a long line on Sundays) to get another clerk and got the same answer. I am so annoyed! Now my cards won't get postmarked until Tuesday, grrr. Sorry to my partners! Now I wish I hadn't put stamps on them beforehand; I would've gotten the meter strips with 10/10/10 on them if I'd known I couldn't get the cards hand cancelled.

chasnyk 10/11/2010 #

I sent my postcards 10/10/10 from only postoffice that works on Sundays in my city ;)

leighlo 10/11/2010 #

I sent my cards on Friday, but the post office had to put that date on it. I am sorry I just indicated that I sent mine.

BetsyPreston 10/12/2010 #

I have my own MPP (Mailers Postmark Permit - see mppclub.org) so I can postmark (and date) my own mail. The catch is I have to hand it to a postal clerk to make sure I don't cheat the dates. I had to drive across town to the one post office that is open on Sundays.

Question: I had a very small window between the post office opening and another engagement, so I didn't have time to get back home and mark my items sent. They were in the mail and postmarked on time, but if I mark them sent now swap-bot will have a record of me being late. Should I do that? Or just not mark them sent, or what?

BetsyPreston 10/12/2010 #

Well, I decided to mark my cards as "sent" today, 10/12/2010. Please note that they were actually postmarked and mailed on-time 101010.

papercaper 10/12/2010 #

@CarolinaRen you missed my entire point and picked out the one thing, which was just a joke, that you thought you could take issue with. What a waste of ire and energy. (Pick your battles.) My point was about a much larger issue that happens again and again, and it's not just me who gets tired of it. The flagrant flouting of the rules for selfish gain really bothers a lot of us. And I did not send ugly PCs. I sent my-choice, naked PCs.

lmhruska 10/12/2010 #

I have received a postcard from someone by the name of kyle (adams) out of NJ and they weren't actually one of my listed partners (unless you go by a different name on swapbot). soooo if you want a rating, please contact me and it's all good cause i just wanna say thanks.

lmhruska 10/12/2010 #

neeeevvermind i got that card confused with another, older swap. if i could delete my comments i would, but i can't.

papercaper 10/14/2010 #

P.S. I sent mine on 09/10/10 Australian time (which is still 08/10/10 in much of the world) but it is very unlikely to get a postmark stating 10/10/10 or earlier because we don't even have mail on Saturdays here, much less Sundays. I hope my partners will understand. :)

guiswapbot 10/14/2010 #

Gosh! Lots of not sends! I am not able to angel 10 x 25 postcards! Help! This is so sad...

Vestamagick 10/15/2010 #

guiswapbot i can angel 5 if you need, PM me with info!

melissa3k 10/16/2010 #

i am so sorry my kids have been sick and im working alot and forgot all about this swap. i know im late but im getting them out today,once again im so sorry. i hope you forgive me

aladyde 10/18/2010 #

I sent my son to our district town (20 miles) on Sat 9.10. to post the cards. They clear the mail box at the main post office even on Sundays so I managed to get the 10/10/10 stamp.

Crazipurplelady 10/26/2010 #

I can not believe all the no-sends! I have only one in my group and I am ready to rate her a 1. I hate this, it's Beckybecks & she hasn't been online since 9/23. I hope she's okay! No one else has rated her low....

PinkLotus 10/31/2010 #

such a shame to not send on such an easy peasy swap! I have one myself that I am getting ready to rate a 1.. I can angel a few if need be.

Ruxandra 10/28/2011 #

Hi there My name is Ruxandra. I come from Canada. I am new on Swap-bot. I would like to swap with people all over the world. I have been collecting postcards for 30 years now. I could send you nice cards from Canada/Quebec as well as from other countries. Answer me if you are interested. I speak French, English and Romanian

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