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Bookmark and Cocoa Swap

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Bookmark and Cocoa Swap
Swap Coordinator:CroLaneyL (contact)
Swap categories: Crafts  Bookmarks 
Number of people in swap:136
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:January 22, 2010
Date items must be sent by:February 3, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

To help us get thru the winter to come, I thought it would be a nice idea to help us readers or want to be readers who keep trying to get back to our books (like me, lol) by adding to our moods to read =)

A bookmarker to mark our last read pages and cocoa to keep us warm while we read =) Hopefully this will work out for us.

So for this swap we will have 1 partner =)

Buy or make (of your choice of way) 1 bookmarker and along with that send 1 packet of cocoa.

That's...1 bookmarker, 1 packet of cocoa to 1 partner =)

Please Note If you would rather have tea or coffee instead or would rather have something "sugar-free" "PLEASE" comment below stating this.

Everyone, please make sure you check below before getting the drink. =)

Requirements: Must have at least a 4.8 rating with 5 packages previously mailed. No 1's or 3's. I'll be checking profile too. Please only join if you plan to complete this swap.

Let's do this and let's enjoy ourselves =) Don't forget to contact your partner if you have any questions.


moosemama 11/ 6/2009 #

Tea, coffee or cocoa ...fine with me!

A127 11/ 6/2009 #

Coco please!

SweetNienna 11/11/2009 #

cocoa or tea please. ♥

wolviechick121 11/13/2009 #

I love minty cocoa. Other flavored cocoas are great, too! =D

Emkay 11/14/2009 #

Cocoa is fine with me. If I have a partner from the states: Swiss Miss Marshmellow would be really really great ;-)

janefan 11/19/2009 #

cocoa, tea, or chai are fine. no coffee please :-)

Dibrittain 11/24/2009 #

Hot coco only. I have a tassimo coffee maker so unless you have one of them I can't use coffee. I am not a tea drinker.

aki83 11/24/2009 #

Hi there, I'm a newbie, can I join in?

sharone 12/ 1/2009 #

Even though it is sticking hot over here, I would love to try some cocoa from somewhere other than Oz.

pitanga 12/ 1/2009 #

if it could be tea instead of cocoa, i´d love to join - I don´t like cocoa

clebeans 12/ 2/2009 #

Dont drink coffee but happy with cocoa with flavour if can and also happy with tea but only herbal.(no chamomile please)

jkdawn 12/ 2/2009 #

i love coffee or cocoa any flavor

candigirl 12/ 3/2009 #

Yeah, @sharone we tend to forget over here in the U.S. that Australia is in the beginning of Summer...I guess you could hang onto the packet until May or June, when it's cooler there!!

I would love any kind of Cocoa, I love anything interesting or flavored..not picky, no allergies, so go wild, if you want to!!

papercaper 12/ 4/2009 #

What form does a 'packet' of cocoa take? My husband is American and said you can get smaller, one-person (two-person?) sachets over there. I don't think we have them here. Just normal, full-sized containers for stocking the kitchen with (for the whole family). No big deal if you mean the full-sized ones, although it might be a bit heavy/expensive postage-wise from Australia.... And yes, @sharone is right - it's stinking hot here! Still, who doesn't love a good hot chocolate?

If anyone gets me as their partner - I'd prefer straight cocoa, the kind you mix with milk, not water. No mint or caramel flavour or anything, thanks. And I don't drink tea or coffee. :) Oh, I don't mind marshmallows though!

Astraea 12/ 4/2009 #

@papercaper I always thought it was those single-serving packets, where you just dump the whole bag into a cup of hot water. I agree that a full can would be very expensive postage wise!

And if anybody gets me- cocoa and tea would be great, though I hate mint and peppermint and I don't drink coffee (besides french vanilla, but that's more like a sugar drink imo ;)).

Astraea 12/ 4/2009 #

@papercaper I always thought it was those single-serving packets, where you just dump the whole bag into a cup of hot water. I agree that a full can would be very expensive postage wise!

And if anybody gets me- cocoa and tea would be great, though I hate mint and peppermint and I don't drink coffee (besides french vanilla, but that's more like a sugar drink imo ;)).

renees 12/ 5/2009 #

cocoa or tea is perfect for me, no coffee please!

pointypartyhat 12/ 5/2009 #

No Swiss Miss or Land o Lakes hot cocoa for me please!

CroLaneyL 12/ 7/2009 #

wow...I never realized how many people would be interested in this swap, lol. I'm happy to see that you all are putting your preferences down.

I'd like cocoa...minty or regular. =)

Puchita 12/ 7/2009 #

Hot Cocoa for me Please!!! but please not minty or spicy ones!! <3 Thanks in advance!!

beth619 12/ 7/2009 #

This sounds SOOOOOOO fun! I love books (and bookmarks), and I LOVE hot chocolate... just about any kind.... especially with marshmallows! I don't drink coffee or tea at all, so cocoa is the BEST on cold days (even though Alabama doesn't get too chilly)! I've signed up to swap, but I noticed that I have not quite made the requirements yet. Of course, I am still quite new. I hope I can still participate! This swap is right up my alley! ;)

powderedtoastgirl 12/ 8/2009 #

I'm all about cocoa. :-) I've never tried any flavored cocoa before, so if my partner happens to have that lying around, I'm game. :-D

mikkisgrmom 12/ 8/2009 #

I'd like minty cocoa, but tea or coffee is alright too.

ratatat 12/ 8/2009 #

Can newbies join? Iv tried entering 2 swaps and they have canceled on me so far.

MeredithMonster 12/ 9/2009 #

Cocoa is great with me and tea is good too. Just no coffee please :-)

CroLaneyL 12/ 9/2009 #

I'm so sorry ratatat but you need to have at least 5 sent packages. Hurry and build some ratings, their may still be time.

LADYMAGGIE07 12/ 9/2009 #


PumpkinSeedMama 12/10/2009 #

I love HOT COCOA.....all flavors!! :)

CroLaneyL 12/10/2009 #

@LADYMAGGIE07 I've never tried that but it sure sounds good, lol.

ozduchess 12/13/2009 #

Papercaper we do have some individual sachets in boxes but I only get the mix with water ones so not sure about the others, altho did get one in a swap:) I totally love the Land O Lakes hot chocs and we can't get them here :( so............... I'm in:)

Ssusiesthimbles 12/14/2009 #

tea, coffee, or cocoa for me...I love them all :)

TigerLily6 12/15/2009 #

I have mailed out all my swaps on time. It is 2 bad that I can't enter a swap because the card, etc. was not delivered( \eaten by mail monster). Sylvia

mikkisgrmom 12/17/2009 #

hot cocoa for me

hushprelude 12/17/2009 #

I prefer tea, no fruity/citrus teas/lipton, any other will do.

pegharp 12/17/2009 #

I like cocoa or tea, don't care for coffee :)

rayfancy 12/18/2009 #

I would prefer Tea to Cocoa. I am trying to stay away from sugars and such. I have been really into Green Tea lately. Thanks!

ghostlysun 12/20/2009 #

I would love coffee from your country, but I will also take tea and cocoa.

Net3811 12/20/2009 #

Can I clarify that what is going in the comments are preferences rather than must-haves. ie might get you a heart rather than just a 5 if you send cocoa as opposed to caramel hot chocolate or something. Some people are posting preferences that may not be available to everyone.

CroLaneyL 12/21/2009 #

I know there are preferences, which is fine by me. I have it stated above "If you would rather have tea or coffee instead or would rather have something "sugar-free" "PLEASE" comment below stating this."

gooddog56 12/22/2009 #

No coffee, please, prefer herbal tea (no caffeine) or cocoa...thanks so much!

elocina 12/22/2009 #

I am fine with either coffee, tea or cocoa, but would prefer green or herbal tea over black tea.

CroLaneyL 12/23/2009 #

Please remember...you must have 5 previously mailed packages to be part of this swap. I am sorry for this. So newbies, hurry up and get those 5 out =) I'll be checking to make sure everyone meets the requirements.

lsywlw 12/26/2009 #

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Danielle00Thomas 12/26/2009 #

I've sent 10 packages but only have 3 ratings (all 5s)... Is that OK? Cause I already have the bookmark picked out :)

I would love minty cocoa! Yum! What's great idea for a swap!

Flynty 12/26/2009 #

Oh man, I didn't notice the bit about previous swap ratings needed. Guess this wont be my first swap after all. :(

EQNex 12/27/2009 #

I can send tea, cofee or cocoa. We have a pretty good selection of local cofee and teas here in Malaysia but not so much of cocoa. Much of it is imported. Will appreciate if my partner could send cocoa esp those with the marshmallows. Love the mint & orange jaffa cake flavours. Thanks!

funkhoup 12/27/2009 #

Any kind of hot chocolate for me!!!

Slytheringrrl 12/28/2009 #

I drink coffee, tea,(prefer decaf) and cocoa. If you are not from the States I'd love something local.

karinus 12/28/2009 #

NOT coffee, but everything else is fine :-)

janetblythe 12/28/2009 #

Cocoa/Tea is ok for me.No coffee please.

badandknowsit2 12/28/2009 #

cocoa for me i dont do hot tea or cofee

rox5car 12/29/2009 #

mmmmmmmmm it all sounds good to me.

jbkline0915 12/29/2009 #

cocoa is all i drink that is hot thank you

lovie313 12/29/2009 #

I would LOVE to do this... Can I join? I like COFFEE!!

iLoveMail 12/31/2009 #

I've done postal swaps, but no packages. I've just made some beautiful ribbon bookmarks though :) May I join the swap?

CroLaneyL 01/ 1/2010 #

@lovie313 please make sure you have the requirement met by the date of the swap, then for sure you may join =)

mydnite 01/ 1/2010 #

I like all three, but would prefer either cocoa or coffee. Any flavor would be fine...thanks!

Madmadamimm 01/ 2/2010 #

Caffeine Free Tea for me, please. ^_^

I make a yummy homemade hot cocoa mix, and have TONS left from making Christmas gifts. Not sure how that'd be accepted, not being prepackaged and all. I'll just stick with buying some, I guess. Mine's just so much yummier. It has a packet of jello chocolate pudding mix in it, and it's SO good.

honeyandsuch 01/ 2/2010 #

Tea or cocoa for me, please. Either is fine. I'm not picky! I'd just prefer not to have coffee. And if you aren't from the US, I'd love to have anything local. (This would be my exception to the coffee rule!) Thanks :p

ladybegood 01/ 2/2010 #

Cocoa only for me, thanks.

ducktapegurl 01/ 3/2010 #

I would like coffee/tea or cocoa. Try for sugar-free but if you can't find any, that's ok too! Thanks!

karikatzi 01/ 3/2010 #

Herbal tea for me please (non-caffeinated as I'm nursing a wee one)

sharone 01/ 4/2010 #

Wow Madmadamimm your cocoa mix sounds great.

Midnightshadow 01/ 4/2010 #

I am open to any kind of cocoa :-)

iLoveMail 01/ 4/2010 #

Cocoa or coffee, but no tea if possible :) Thanks in advance!

ChelelosGirl 01/ 5/2010 #

I love getting flavored coffees and cocoa but no tea for me please!

trees911 01/ 5/2010 #

I love cocoa and tea!

Irene 01/ 5/2010 #

I'm open to any flavor of hot cocoa as long as it is not dietary or spicy.

shabbygirl 01/ 6/2010 #

madmadamimm: would you be willing to share your reciepe for homemade hot cocoa? I would absolutely love to make some.

shabbygirl 01/ 6/2010 #

I would love to join this swap for the bookmark portion however, I am so afraid of the drink.....everyone is so picky and I never saw flavored hot cocoa...........wow....and I live in the city. I might just watch until I can see my choices of hot cocoa in the supermarket.

shabbygirl 01/ 6/2010 #

I would love to join this swap for the bookmark portion however, I am so afraid of the drink.....everyone is so picky and I never saw flavored hot cocoa...........wow....and I live in the city. I might just watch until I can see my choices of hot cocoa in the supermarket.

Rubyfreckles 01/ 7/2010 #

I'd love some rum... or cocoa's okay too...

JessiPancake 01/ 9/2010 #

shabbygirl, I'm with you. I know she said people could post if they would rather have tea or coffee or need sugar free, but it turned into "I want this flavor and not that flavor" and people are getting SO specific! Too much stress over hot chocolate for me. And I was confused by the rating requirement (which doesn't apply to me because I have a 5). It says you must have at least a 4.8 but no 1's or 3's. Someone with a 4.8 obviously DOES have some 1's or 3's. So basically the requirement is you have to have a 5.

tatipop 01/10/2010 #

I LOVE COCOA! Any kind! :o)

ChezLara 01/10/2010 #

hi there! i just love to be surprised~ if it's a favorite of my partner's, i'd be delighted to try it, whatever is sent! :)

CroLaneyL 01/11/2010 #

@panykattack sorry for the confusion, but as long as there are "5" previous packages mailed, should be ok. Sorry for "my" mistake as far as the 4.8 goes. But the final decision is made by me in the end. I have noticed how some have stated their choices above, but unless the majority is unhappy with that, there is nothing I feel I need to do. It is also stated that this is a "cocoa" swap (there are several kinds of cocoa), that also says "if you would "rather"....." meaning if there is something else of the choice, than you can stated it. If all else failed for someone, just send the cocoa. @shabbygirl . No need to state why you prefer to not be in this swap. Obviously it isn't an issue. Simply wait for a different swap "for you". I don't feel that, that was necessary.

This isn't a difficult swap =) Just enjoy it!

justj 01/11/2010 #

I'd love to be in this swap. I really prefer tea to cocoa but it really doesn't matter. Love this idea. Now if i could only find a book i like...LOL. HUGS

st4r 01/11/2010 #

Coco is perfect for me :) Any flavour or any brand.

Kandie 01/13/2010 #

Wow, my head is spinning...
I'm going to think about joining this one.
Either way, have fun & enjoy the coco! Sounds "very" Yummy!

papercaper 01/13/2010 #

C O C O A (p l e a s e!)

jojoanna 01/13/2010 #

cocoa (no mint flavor please), tea or coffee is good for me :)

tiggerski 01/15/2010 #

I like all three but am allergic to Irish Cream flavors. If anyone is in Canada, Tim Horton coffee would be a Godsend, can;'t get that here in Florida, as I know it, the only state it can be bought at is upstate NY. Online they wont even ship to the states. Love mint flavors in all the beverages.

asmom 01/15/2010 #

any flavor of cocoa will be fine with me :)

Pepeola 01/15/2010 #

tea, herbal tea, fruit tea... any kind of tea would be fine =P

luvscrappin 01/15/2010 #

love cocoa, coffee and tea. I like plain cocoa or french vanilla or caramel (along those lines). Nothing to funky :) Thank you ahead of time.

kimistarr 01/17/2010 #

any flavor of cocoa is great for me :) yum yum

gorditachula368 01/19/2010 #

i want to be suprised i am happy with anything......hint: i love mint chocolate

Tchoupy 01/19/2010 #

I like all cocoa and also tea..surprise me!!!!

hufclan 01/20/2010 #

I like cocoa or tea I love to try new cocoas or chai tea as well

Gothicrise 01/20/2010 #

any kind of tea for me!! not cocoa please!

khigh 01/21/2010 #

I love it all...surprise me with something you like!

khigh 01/21/2010 #

I didn't see the 5 swap minimum, and I'm a newbie. Sorry-you can remove me from your list. I'm bummed...

TeaNi 01/22/2010 #

any flavored cocoa or flavored tea would be great! Not a coffee drinker:P Looking forward to this swap!

justj 01/22/2010 #

After reading this i had to chuckle..I think we could have done 2 swaps..One for cocoa and one for tea, maybe even one for coffee drinkers. LOL. This should be intersting. HUGS

CroLaneyL 01/23/2010 #

ok guys....the partners are assigned, lol. have fun :)

ILoVeCoWs 01/23/2010 #

I love different flavor cocoa's, I'm wheat/gluten intolerant as well.

lcove2000 01/23/2010 #

Would prefer decaf tea or coffee, sugarfree please and TY:)

jexxican 01/23/2010 #

COCOA! All for me! This way I won't have to share with the family, mwahahaha

crochetferretlvr 01/23/2010 #

I love anything! But Cocoa is my favorite! So whatever is good/convenient for you!

Papy77 01/23/2010 #

Hello for me everything is fine tea, cocoa, coffee and above all ..... surprise appreciated. possibly no American coffee. thanks

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