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My name is Christy, (Crapisty to my beloved squatches and fellow crap hoarders). I live not too far from Seattle in the beautiful Pacific North West of the United States with my family and a rescued aussie shepherd who loves to try and steal anything that has sparkle or glitter on it. (he's a crafty hoarder trapped in a furry body)

I'm pretty simple. I have a weird sense of humor, squirrels are awesome and fall colors make me happy. Nature fascinates me. I've gone through a bit of a rough time with some life stuff but I think I'm finally in a spot where I'm learning to deal.

Art. Creating and seeing what others create....well that's probably the best thing ever. I always, always put everything I have into each project and give it my all. I love seeing what inspires others and the awesome creations that come about when people are in a creative environment.

I like things that are off the beaten path I suppose. Cryptozoology, interested in spiritual growth and natural healers, Shamen. I'm curious about the earth and nature, plants. I'd like to learn more about other cultures holidays and special events like Day of the Dead, Celebrating the Solstice...things of that nature. I like comic characters. Wonder Woman is my number one fave ever. For some reason Thor. As I get older I'm trying to be more gentle and non judgemental. Everyone is fighting their own battles. It's better to help if you can rather than knock them down.

Favorite Books

Reading is a love. My very favorite authors are Robert Crais, Jim Butcher (just the Dresden files LOVE THEM!~Harry Dresden is my hero~ The Iron Druid Series, Janet Evanovich , Kay Hooper. John Sanford,......many more I can't think of atm.....I'm liking the paranormal mysteries alot too. Historial non fiction......I enjoy a good cozy series mystery. I'm not much for romance at this point.

Favorite Movies

Anything funny! I'm a sucker for romantic comedies and I enjoy a good action flick. Holiday movies. looks around >.> Yes I love Twilight. Have to say the books were better but the movies play it close so I'm a happy camper. I didn't discover it until late this last year. Total sap for it. shhh don't tell anyone.

Favorite Television

I love food networks, travel shows, paranormal stuff. History and Biography channels as well as any of the true crime shows or biographies. I'm a big fan of Project Runway, Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and The Amazing Race.

Criminal Minds, Grimm (lurrrrrrrrrves Grimm),Sleepy Hollow , Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls and The Middle are my very favorites.

Favorite Crafts

If it's Arty/Crafty I'm into it. Here's the drill, I'm sure I missed some.
I'm really into painting. Tole, decorative watercolor and oils. Collage, paper arts, mixed media /altered art,sewing/quilting, needle felting, knitting (just hats and scarves), beading and jewelry making, woodworking, scrapbooking, card making, rubber stamps,colored and watercolor pencils, mosaics, play around with stained glass. I have made soy candles and bath/body stuff and soap in the past although I haven't in quite a bit now.

~I love trying new techniques, methods and learning as much as possible. I love textures and backgrounds.

Obsessions~ Shadowboxes/Dioramas and tiny things to go in them. Millinery supplies! The old fashioned velvet leaves and vintage flowers are what I'm drawn to the most. Nature, trees, seasons. Again with the squirrels, but now including woodland animals. Unique beads and found items. Vintage/Retro.

I love making ATC's, Row Houses and APC's, and not the run of the mill altered matchboxes among many other crafty things. I'm enjoying learning new collage and texturing techniques. I'm drawn to the Japanese art of Wabi Sabi.

Re-purposing previously neglected or unused items into something wonderful is something I really am liking alot. I'll try just about anything and love discovering new methods of art/crafting.

Some Of My Favorite Things

Some Things That I Love~ (besides my family : ) they always are the very tops of the lists )~


~A new paintbrush

~Shiny and Sparkly things

~Fall and winter


~Planting a garden in the spring

~Looking at the stars

~Pretty Fabric and Soft Chenille

~Vintage country churches

~The brightly colored leaves of fall


~Christmas lights

~Jack O' Lanterns

~A good fire in the fireplace


~A good find at the antique shop

~The Ocean

~A great new author

~Sleeping in once in awhile :)

~Cheese and fresh bread when I'm stressed

~Pike Place Market in Seattle

~The movie "A Christmas Story"

~Watching the birds at the birdfeeder

~Forests and giant redwood trees

~Bodega Bay, California

~A good cup of tea

~Creating something I'm proud of

~A funny comedian or a good off color joke. I have the sense of humor of a 20 year old guy unfortunately.



These are just examples and ideas into what I like so you can get a better idea of me and my personality.

~Anything homemade! I highly appreciate the care and artistry that someone puts into a handmade/homemade item...This is by far, tops on my list~

~ I love fabric! Cotton quilting, flannel, bits of silks, velvets and textures for crazy quilts, chenille (new and vintage) and wool felt. Moda would probably be my top favorite for quilting fabric design wise but I'm not picky. Retro and vintage repro fabric is a big weakness of mine.

~ Anything crafty! Beads of any size, wool rovings, paintbrushes, vintage/new sewing tools, soft yarn, any kinds of embellishments/collage for altered art, ATC's and altered matchboxes. I love little minis for altered art, ribbons, fibers,mosaic pieces, shells, glitter, card making stuff, paper collage pieces, ephemera, vintage images, Buttons!!! (especially vintage, antique buttons. Brightly colored Lucite, Art Deco, Bakelite +30's-40's era buttons are my all time fav's.) Angelina Fibers, pearl pigments, rubber stamps( I collect PSX Halloween,Thanksgiving and Christmas Theme rubber stamps) Micron/Sakura pens, Copic markers, Twinkling H2o watercolors,pretty paper, handmade paper........really just about anything!

~I love vintage churches, vintage postcards, birds and nature, anything snowy or wintry looking. Anything Fall/Autumn looking and anything holidays especially if it's vintage 30's-50's.

~I really admire the craftsmanship of handmade/handthrown pottery. I've started collecting all colors and shapes of pottery coffee cups/tea cups.

~Tea is my favorite. I always love to try new kinds. I also enjoy ground flavored coffee and hot chocolate.

~For food type goodies candy is always a good way to go. Milk chocolate, caramel, toffee types are my favorites. I love wrapped hard candy. Stuff like root beer barrels, butterscotch, coffee flavors, fruit flavors....I like most all. Just not black licorice flavor or passion fruit. It would be fun to get treats from other countries too. I'm always up for new stuff.

~I'd always love to collect anything from my swapping partner's hometown or region! Bookmarks, postcards, cookbooks, coffee mugs, magnets, pictures.

~Most anything associated with Fall or Winter. I have a huge soft spot for Halloween and Christmas.

~I LOVE squirrels! I know it sounds weird, but I think they are so cute! Well......not live ones or anything through the mail..... or dead ones that wouldn't be good either.....but pics, images and just about anything else is fantastic!!! :) Raccoons and owls (any type of owl) are tied for second.

~I love Ginko leaves. We had a beautiful ginko tree in our front yard when I was growing up. In the fall the leaves turned the prettiest shade of yellow and I always adored the shape of the leaf itself. I feel just about the same in regards to Maple leaves :)

~I'm a color lover....just about any color is pretty to me (but don't feel this is a challenge to prove me wrong lol ) . I tend to go towards fall colors like reds, oranges and earthtones. But I adore pinks, greens, blues , pastels and bright colors.....really anything but neons. I'm not of fan of neon colors.

~ I'd have to say bakery type scents are my favorites....anything that smells like something is baking :) I also love clean,light smelling scents and some florals like rose, lilac, orange blossom, lily of the valley and jasmine....stuff like that.

~LOVE Polka Dots, Hydrangeas, owls and a full moon just about anything retro 40's and 50's.

~ I love just about anything and am very easy to please. I never mind questions, so ask away :)


Highly sensitive to cigarette smoke. Unfortunately any items reeking of cigarette smoke would go directly into the garbage and I wouldn't be super thrilled that they ended up in my home after posting this in my profile. I am okay airing out items or doing the dryer sheet process unless the smell is just too heavy.

The only dislikes that I can really think of are:

~Dirty, musty or broken items.

~ I don't really care for retro /mod 70's items/prints.

~Incense. I don't like it at all.

Handmade Wishes

I adore anything and everything handmade/homemade! These are a couple of things I'd dearly love to receive if it's in your crafty area of expertise :) What you make, the effort, knowledge and part of you....well that's what I really love. Art.

~Handmade soaps! Any types, any scents. My very favorites are cold processed or rebatched types but all are goooooood :)

~Crocheted Granny squares! I'm crochet impaired and I'd love to recieve handmade granny squares to make a blanket with later on. Any colors/mixes are wonderful :)


Rie60 rated for Demotivation ATC on Feb 13, 2014
Comment: This swap had awesome sauce all over it!!! Best swap I have gotten in a long long time! Bucknuts air freshener--HAAAA! You have a real flair for finding the unique and unusual oh wife oh mine--I loved it ALL! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Response: Only the best for my wifey! afew of the postcards I've picked up and held for like the last three years haha. Only disappointment was the sasquatch wasn't citrus scented. Love ya heaps and am soooooooo happy you liked it all :D
missxpistol rated for Top of the World - pennants on Jun 24, 2010
Comment: i hate doing this, you said you were going to mail it apparently that must not have happened. :( sorry.
Comment: Thank you so much Rie60 for angeling this swap!
Comment: Christy, Rie60 sent me a nice package of goodies and one good turn deserves another, so I'm helping a sister out and erasing this one. :O) Still pals I hope!
Moominbrooke rated for Gothic Victoriana ATC swap on Mar 8, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the Steampunk ATC- I think I'll put it on display in my room!Also, thanks for the extras. :0)
Comment: thanks for making good on a forgotten swap!!! its never too late! no matter how/when you do it, i appreciate the effort!!! lovely!!!
agonysdecay rated for Haunted House ATC~HYR~ on Dec 31, 2009
Comment: Although this arrived really late, this fang-tastic Swapbotter still sent it! Thanks so much for the great and well done ATC and all the beautiful extras!!!
Response: Thank you so much Jenny! It's not possible to thank you enough for the patience and kindness you've shown me :) I'm so,so happy you like the ATC! Your friend, Christy
Lishmo rated for Haunted Altered Matchbox Swap~HYR~ on Dec 27, 2009
Comment: Glad you are back in the game and also that we can put this swap behind us. :) Thank you for the very thoughtful package. Now that Christmas is over I can start thinking about Halloween again.
Response: Cynthia, Many thanks for the wonderful rating! I'm thrilled that you like the goodies and more so that we are friends :) <3 ~Christy
Comment: Thank you for the stunning book and all the treats. I don't know how to thank the person that helped you. the book is truely amazing.
Response: My wonderfully awesome friend @Crescendo created the beautiful book, to whom I owe a great debt of grattitude. Tamara thank you so much for your patience and consideration :) I really have appreciated your kindness and am grateful. Thank you again and many blessings, Christy
wolfcreekartistry rated for Nature: Make a Bird on Nov 21, 2009
Comment: Thankyou for the very nice package. The owl you made is beautiful and very well made, I love him! He hangs out above my sewing table in my office since he likes late nights, heehee. And there is always plenty of popcorn.... Thankyou for the lovely fabric and trims you sent, it was worth the wait. You did a great job. Rachel M.
Response: Rachel you are sweet beyond words. I'm so thrilled you like him. His personality just kind of emerged as he came together. I'm just so relieved and happy you like him and I know he'll have a happy home with you :) Thank you again, my friend for the wonderful rating and how wonderful you have been to me. Big hugs, Christy
Comment: This isn't a resend. The other partners didn't receive theirs by the send date either so I am not sure why this is would be a resend. The ornie that I did finally receive is very nice though.
Response: Second ornament re-sent 11/10.
ColorInFusion rated for Crap for Our Pets on Nov 9, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies for my girls. Becky swiped the toy and ran off with it immediately. Amber is just too slow sometimes.
Response: Hooray! I'm glad the girls like the goodies! I bet Becky looks so cute with that toy! Amber is just waiting for the perfect time to make a sneak attack and swipe it :) Thank you for the wonderful rating and the heart. Big hugs, Christy
Comment: Thank you, I especially like the snowflake.
Response: I'm so very thrilled that you like the snowflake! I made it extra sparkly so hopefully it will really dance on your tree :) Thank you for being such a wonderful partner with the patience of a saint. Your friend, Christy
crescendo rated for Handbasket to .... on Nov 9, 2009
Comment: Squeee, I love everything you sent me to make my journey to hell a bit smoother. I am still waiting for the toxic fumes to leave the whoopie cushion, but for now I am making my own fumes. Thank you for being so attentive to detail and reading my profile. You are truly an overachiever (me likee overachieving swap partners!) muah.
Response: Heehee those fumes were super toxic, oy! I'm so happy you liked it all and it was so fun to sit and actually see you open it! What a special treat! I will now forever think of cat butt magnets as something special heehee. I just love ya. Muah and hugs, Crapisty
disneyfreaksam rated for Crap ATCs on Oct 21, 2009
Comment: :-D xx
Response: Thank you :)
NaughtyElf rated for I want it.....I need it... on Oct 17, 2009
Comment: I was smiling from ear to ear when I opened this swap! It's absolutely perfect!!! I love the antique books, sealing wax, dice and tea. You've truly outdone yourself and I couldn't happier. I will take pics of them to show Rie. You have sent many awesome needful things that I shall never part with, thank you so very much. This is an amazing swap!
Response: Thank you so much Sherie! I'm thrilled you liked it all. Those books just felt like the perfect thing and I'll keep you in my mind to share dice when I pick up interesting ones :) Thank you again and many blessings to you and yours. Your friend, Christy
ocean11 rated for Crap ATCs on Oct 13, 2009
Comment: Ooooh, thank you so much for your ATC and the extras! Sarah-Luna was thrilled with the fingerpuppet-crafts! She says "thank you, Abby" ^_^
Response: I just love ya Peggy! I'm so happy you like it. That was one of my favorites that I have made. Abby said to say your sweet Sarah -Luna is very welcome ;) Thank you so much for the wonderful rating and the heart. Your friend, Christy
trashgirl rated for HYR - CupCake Madness Swap on Oct 6, 2009
Comment: Thanks for the great package! All your little extras really sweetened everything.
Response: Thank you, I'm so very happy you enjoyed them :) Thank you for the wonderful rating and the heart :)
CraftyDeeney rated for The Sasquatchian Census on Aug 26, 2009
Comment: please tell me what the mosaic grit would be used for in survivial SB mode
Response: Um deeney...igsnay on the osmoaicey ritgey. Heehee :) Thank you my sister for the wonderful rating and the heart. You are awesome!
Rie60 rated for The Sasquatchian Census on Aug 26, 2009
Comment: All mah girls get hearts (and maybe a kiss or two)
Response: Thank you sis for the excellent rate! A big smooch back and I raise you a big hug. Rawrrrrrrrrr~C

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