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INT'L~New to Chunky Pages~Wishlist Theme Swap #2

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INT'L~New to Chunky Pages~Wishlist Theme Swap #2
Swap Coordinator:MamaD (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Themed  Handmade 
Number of people in swap:29
Last day to signup/drop:February 27, 2009
Date items must be sent by:March 27, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

Wishlist Theme Chunky Pages Swap #2

Yes, you may join even if you missed the first one!!

Another "New to this Craft" Swap!! (Oldies are welcome also!!)

If you have wanted to "try" your hand at a Chunky Page but were afraid too, here is your chance!! This will be a series so as not to get too overwhelmed!!

The series will take place over several months. At the end, you should have enough pages to make a nice book.

The Swap Info

  • The swap is open to all-so be prepared for the possibility of sending overseas.
  • You will make 2 pages for 1 partner from your partners choice of themes.
  • After signing up for the swap, you will be required to go under the "comments" section here, and post your "Wishlist" of 3 different general themes that you would like to receive (similar to the Wishlist tag game) NOTE on your Wishlist: please use generic themes (i.e. "Birds" as opposed to "New Guinea's bird of paradise")
  • After partners are assigned, you will check the comments section to see which themes your partner is interested in, and make 2 pages for 1 partner based on one of their theme choices. Pages MUST be 4 1/2" x 4" on HEAVY paper (must be able to withstand all the embellishments).
  • You must be willing to accept PM's from your partner in case they have any questions regarding making your pages.

**Themes NOT allowed (in order to not offend anyone who might not be comfortable making these) Any religious (includes ALL religions) theme or nudity.

The Other Stuff

  • It is very important that you stick to the page size guidelines. The pages should be 4.5 inches across and 4 inches down with 0.5 inches free to the left of the page for binding. Failure to do this will get you a 3 rating. A page that can't be uniformly bound into a book at the end of the series is of no use to your partner.

  • You must have a rating of 4.9 or above with no recent no-sends. Please have 5 completed and rated mail swaps. I reserve the right to ban anyone who I feel might be a problem swapper without giving an explanation as to why you were banned!!

  • My expectation on ratings is a 5 for on time chunky pages that meet the size, page number and other requirements; a 3 for late, too small, or pages not up to page requirements; a 1 for no pages at all!

I will start the next series about a week or so before the next one is scheduled to end. You will have a month to complete your pages, so hopefully this should be plenty of time!

Any questions or if I have left anything out, please let me know. If you are "unsure" about chunky pages, I will list a brief summery down below in the comments section.

I am definately NOT an expert on these, but know of several others who have mentioned they were "scared to try these too"!!


MamaD 02/17/2009 #
  1. Please do not make your card just on flimsy cardstock, it needs to have a "thicker base". I've been using "re-cycled" cereal boxes, etc, as a base, then cover it with pattern paper. Make sure the "back page" is covered with paper also!
  2. The pages should be "heavily" embellished with ribbons, buttons, tags, charms, etc..etc..
  3. The pages should be embellished to the extent that (when bound) the book does not close. If it does, than it isn't "chunky" enough!
  4. THIS swap requires the book to be 4.5" (across) and 4" (up and down).
  5. Also, do NOT forget to leave .5" on the left hand side so that the book can later be bound.
  6. Do NOT punch holes, etc. in left hand margin for binding, not everyone binds their books the same way.
  7. Please use GOOD glue, as you would hate for your embellishments to fall off!!
  8. On the back, you will NOT put heavy embellishments for this swap. However, you WILL put your name and information on the the page. Similar to an ATC!
  9. If you are still un-sure, please ask, or do a flickr or google search. Chunky page info is one site.
MamaD 02/17/2009 #

My wishlist choices are:

  • Fairy Tales
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Vintage
Trinket 02/17/2009 #

Im so totally supporting this swap. Im not so much a newbie but Dana your my hero so hey. what else could I do?

My wishes for pages...

  • Ginger Cat
  • Black Cat
  • Rabbit Prince (feel free to interprit this any way you want I love to see what people come up with for that one).
Peacewytch 02/17/2009 #

Ooo, I missedthe first one, so yay for an ongoing series!

I hope these aren't too specific-

Vintage Halloween Black cats Day of the Dead/or Sugar Skulls

if none of these appeal to you for religious reasons, I'd love some retro.

Turquoise 02/17/2009 #

At the moment my themes are:

  • Birds (please only do 1 bird per page, any type of bird is fine.. I already have Owl, Jay, Kestrel..so a different bird from these would be welcomed :))

  • Asian/Oriental

  • Nursery Rhymes

If none of these appeal to you...let me know and I will pm you different themes...

Turquoise 02/17/2009 #

By the way: I already have Mary Mary, Quite contrary Nursery Rhyme so any other type of Nursery Rhyme would be welcomed!

denise364 02/17/2009 #
  • Celestial (sun, moon, stars..)

  • Fairies/Goddesses

  • Sea (beach/shells/mermaids/ocean etc)

purekitte 02/17/2009 #

This will be my first! Sounds like a lot of fun :) I'd love to have a "chunky" book and love ATC's... so here goes!

Themes I'd Love: *Black Cats and/or Fat Cats (I love the vintage/spooky cats and fat orange & white cats, just like my two boys!!) *Celestial (Sun, Moon, Stars - my name!) *Retro 50's (Especially the kitchen/cooking imagery and pin-up cheesecake girls) *Painters/Artists pages (Painted colors, wheel, pencils, chalk drawings, etc... anything to do with painting and the process and act of would be fun!)

ThePinkPosy 02/17/2009 #

How fun, cant wait to try this...........I love all "altered" type projects..........a quick question though since this will be my first......when completed is the object for your partner to be able to journal or add pics to it...........or is it purely decorative. Thanks in advance for answer.

Themes Id like are: - U.S. Navy - Americana (red, white, blue) I was born July 4th - Shoes (its an addiction) lol - cupcakes - Vintage 50's,60's houswewife theme

HelenJoy 02/17/2009 #

I'm sticking to my original list! Vintage Clocks/Time cats

MadeinMonty 02/17/2009 #

Sound like fun, count me in! Vintage/retro pin-up Owls Whimsical Have fun with it!

MamaD 02/18/2009 #

(To: @ThePinkPosy no, there shouldn't be any room to be able to add pics or journal to it. When completed -you just add all of your pages together and bind it). Hope that makes sense!

magpie55 02/18/2009 #

So, does 2 pages mean a front and a back, or 2 fronts and 2 backs, or 2 fronts with your personal information on the back of each?

HeideC 02/18/2009 #

Oooooh! I was in the last one and had fun making mine. My themes:
Coraline (from the movie)

ellie1200 02/18/2009 #

I'm so nervous!!!

My Wishlist themes are as follows, in order of preference, but I'd be happy with any of them!

  1. fish
  2. birds
  3. flowers (my favorite is daisies)
magpie55 02/18/2009 #

Heidi, could you tell me since you were in the last one- does 2 pages mean a front and back, 2 fronts and 2 backs, or 2 fronts with your personal information on the back of each. Maybe I'll PM the coordinator.

Tryph 02/19/2009 #
  1. Birds
  2. Embellished quotes/poetry
  3. "A Day in My Life"

If those don't appeal to you, pm me and we'll chat! :)

HoneyBunny 02/19/2009 #

Chinese Zodiac (Ram)

Alphenquilts 02/19/2009 #

vintage children/people Asian fairies/mermaids, but not the cutesy Disney kind...

Alphenquilts 02/19/2009 #

@magpie55 this is what dBowie said in het fist post:

Make sure the "back page" is covered with paper also! On the back, you will NOT put heavy embellishments for this swap. However, you WILL put your name and information on the the page. Similar to an ATC!

As I read it, you only decorate the front, but make the backside also pretty to look at :-)

ginico 02/21/2009 #

Brand new to these, but willing to give them a go - they sound so much fun. My top three choices are:

  • Mario (my favourite character is Yoshi, but love them all)

  • Seahorses

  • Egypt

but if my partner is not inspired, pm me, I could think of more!

mspeegle 02/21/2009 #

My themes:

  • Disney
  • Celestial (sun, moon, stars, & planets, etc.)
  • Vintage
ellie1200 02/22/2009 #

I keep thinking about this swap. I'm so excited! :o)

Can I add a theme? In case my partner wants more of a choice, I thought either frogs or bugs would also be fun! Ooh! Several of mine could even be incorporated into each other if someone were so inspired -- frogs/bugs, flowers/frogs, frogs/fish, bugs/flowers, birds/bugs, flowers/birds....oh, the possibilities. I simply can't wait to see what you come up with, partner! :o)

MrsChef 02/23/2009 #

I have been wanting to do one for these for so long now! I can't wait to get started!

My wishlist themes: • Food • Tim Burton • Animals

Partner feel free to PM me. Thanks dBowie for hosting!

sleepingrover2010 02/23/2009 #

My three wishes are:

  1. fairies
  3. cats

Thanks, Barb, sleepingrover2010

Sunnie 02/24/2009 #

I really enjoyed doing the first one :) my themes are :


flowers..especially roses ,poppies ,daisies or sunflowers but I love all flowers.

fantasy .....,faeries ,elves, unicorns ,dragons or wizards not haloween style witches though if thats ok

feel free to PM me if these dont appeal :)

naynay 02/25/2009 #

Ok I am going to try this.

I like:

Your state or Country---like a brochure featuring your state or country

US Patriotic

Historical figures---explorers, presidents, scientists

if you need to pm me feel free.


vronica 02/26/2009 #

My themes:

  • vintage (esp 1920's , flappers)

  • (vintage) Halloween

  • Fantasy (anything faery, dragon, elves, trolls, gnomes, mermaids, witches....etc..etc..)

freespirit66 02/26/2009 #

My themes are:

  • pandas
  • fairies or mermaids (pretty, NON-Disney ones...not scary or dark images, please)
  • flowers/gardening
Hag53 02/26/2009 #

vintage mermaid (not disney) garden critters (beetles, bees, butterfly etc.)

AngelGurl 02/27/2009 #

My themes are Owls, angels or cupcakes

Peacewytch 02/27/2009 #

Everyone's themes are so interesting!! Can't wait!! :OD

Amy528 02/27/2009 #

My themes:




miahalf 02/27/2009 #

Okay, I am in! Here are my themes:

1 - mushrooms... I like them all, whether you want to do a woodland-mushroom theme, or black-light-psychedelic, or tacky-orange-70s-kitchen-ware... (I actually have quite a collection of old 70s mushroom kitchen stuff ;)

2 - the forest or the beach... I like all plants, animals, fungi, even the weird and gross ones!

3 - inner&outer space... i.e. planets and galaxies, and/or molecules, atoms, quarks, microscope images, etc. If you wanted to mix it up with geometrical patterns, that's cool too.

...I hope that's enough of a range... if you're not inspired by this, PM me and we'll think of something else :)

MamaD 02/28/2009 #

~I KNOW it is time to assign partners girls! There are a few people who haven't posted their "Wishlist Themes". I have pm'd them. In order to be "fair" to their potential partners, I wanted their wishlists posted before assigning partners.~Will assign by this evening either way! ♥

ocean11 02/28/2009 #

Sorry, I must have done something wrong as I'm quite sure I typed my wishlist out (I must have propably hit the preview button by mistake and didn't realise it wasn't posted...)

my themes:

  • retro (fifties/sixties, space-age, pinups, housekeeping,...)

  • faeries/magical creatures

  • Alice in Wonderland

If these really don't work for you, just mail me, I have some other themes on my list :-)

carseattourist 02/28/2009 #

my themes monkeys americana log cabins

AngelFaeryKathleen 02/28/2009 #

My with list is-

pree 1940's beach theme

grown up fairy's


HeideC 02/28/2009 #

magpie - in case you did not get the info - two fronts with your info on the back of each.

HeideC 03/ 1/2009 #

Here's mine for @mspeegle here

123Poggy123 03/ 2/2009 #

Did anyone else miss this swap & want to do a private swap? I had a great time doing the first one.

drummy 03/ 2/2009 #

I soo missed this, it would have been nice to have the next one posted or maybe even put on our comments?? I loved the first one and was looking forward to this one. Could you notify people somehow please?

drummy 03/ 2/2009 #

Anyone who missed this and wanted to do it...or maybe missed the first one and would like to make it up.. contact me ASAP and I will set up a small private swap with all of us. Then we can catch up with the pack for the next one!

MamaD 03/ 4/2009 #

Sorry all! I will try to let you all know of the next one..quite honestly, I didn't think about it!

ocean11 04/17/2009 #

these are the ones I've sent

ocean11 04/23/2009 #

These wonderful "Alice in Wonderland"-ones are the ones I received from @AngelGurl

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