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Swap Coordinator:mbrat (contact)
Swap categories: Paper Goods  Random Items  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:145
Last day to signup/drop:August 15, 2007
Date items must be sent by:August 31, 2007
Number of swap partners:2

International swap, open to anyone and everyone.

Newbies, people with good ratings and people with not so good ratings.

This is a take on Kimmies Rating booster swap but since I heard she is gone I thought I would do something similiar. Her swap was a great idea and lots of fun.

So here is the low down:

You will send 4 items to each of your partners, there will be 2 partners each. Your four items must come from the list below.

  • 2 tea bags
  • 1 pouch of flavored coffee
  • small candy surprise
  • 4 new/unused postcards
  • 10 used postage stamps
  • 2 notecards with envies
  • 2 stationary sets (2 papers and 1 envie = 1 set)
  • 2 new sticker sheets
  • 15 spare stickers
  • 1 ink pad
  • 1 sharpie
  • 2 gel pens
  • 1 yard of ribbon/fibre or lace
  • 1 card of buttons or 6 assorted buttons
  • 10 eyelets
  • 10 brads
  • 1 pack post it notes
  • 1 memo pad
  • 3 ATC's made by you
  • 2 wax tarts
  • 2 tealight candles
  • package of insense
  • 1 address book
  • 10 ATC backgrounds
  • 1 bandana
  • 2 skeins of emboidery floss
  • 1 new chapstick/lp gloss
  • 1 package of gum
  • 1 package of breath mints

If there is something you want me to add to the list please let me know and I will most likely add it.

Please list allergies and list things that are not allowed into your country. If there is something that you absolutely do not want you may list up to 2 things. Please check your partners profile for ideas.

This swap is AT YOUR OWN RISK since there will be no requirements. However if you are a real sketchy swapper I will ban. We want this fair so please rate your partners and be patient with the postal system.

EDITED PART: Please, please have your profiles completely filled out. This way your partners will know what to send and you won't be disappointed by getting something you can't use. I will be checking all profiles and if they aren't filled out (more than a couple sentences) you will risk the possibility of being banned.

I will ban after sign up for those watching the list of participants. Thanks for understanding.



nicole 06/29/2007 #

Please no incense or perfumy items to me. Both me and my fiance are allergic to certain scents.

FingersInc 06/29/2007 #

Melonie what a fun swap, there is certainly enough things on your list for everyone to find things to send to your partners. Count me in ! I can see people sending more than the 4 needed items and getting hearts from their partners ! (hint hint to newbies !).

mbrat 07/ 1/2007 #

Thanks Finger Inc.(Colleen). This is a great and easy way to get hearts. Glad to see you join.

kaat 07/ 2/2007 #

can it be homemade?

mbrat 07/ 2/2007 #

What kind of homemade item would it be. It would all depend on that because the items can range between small and large. The notecards can be handmade as long as it comes with envies, so I would say yes it can be homemade as long as it comes from the list above.

kaat 07/ 2/2007 #

homemade stationary, postcards,..

mbrat 07/ 2/2007 #

Thats fine Kaat.

kaat 07/ 2/2007 #

Ok then I'm in, I ADORE making things for others!

limetteandlove 07/12/2007 #

hi finger inc! its limetteandlove from flickr, we just agreed to trade ATCs! haha.

limetteandlove 07/12/2007 #

p.s. preferably no insencse or tealight candles for me, since i wouldn't be able to use them when i get back to college (sad face)..not allowed in the dorms.

boxsquat 07/17/2007 #

this sounds like so much fun. these are really the only swaps i like doing.

1.please no ATCs because i don't make or collect them.

2.also no eyelet or brads because i dont know what they are :( haha. i am guessing i don't use them.

my partners will be getting extras because i love them :)

Nanamint 07/18/2007 #

That's simply the best idea EVER. Thanks Melonie.

Nanamint 07/18/2007 #

Question : by "candy surprise", do you mean candy, or one of these little toys or jewels one can find in candy ?

lulu 07/18/2007 #

Love this idea. But now for the fussy bit. No coffee flavour (for me,) no incense, and only very lightly scented wax tarts or tea-lights as my husband is not keen on heavy scents.

mbrat 07/18/2007 #

Nana from Paris, By candy surprise I meant actual candy. Thanks for asking.

Also thanks to everyone who has joined so far and put us into the top ten. Yeah.

ladyb 07/18/2007 #

Oh I'm really excited about this one. Can't wait. I will list my 2 unwanted items as flavored coffee and the tea. I do not drink any of it (never have) although if the tea is a really good popular flavor than that will be fine my sister-in-law is a tea drinker and I can always share with her but I would prefer something else on the list. Lets just say I won't be mad if you do send tea but definitely NO coffee. Also can someone tell me what brads are? I'm very much into crafts and am wondering if it is something else that I call a different name. Just curious. Thanks!

xDISAx 07/19/2007 #

I don't drink coffee, but I could always give it too my parents though. And I LOVE bandanas!

semfox74 07/19/2007 #

I love the idea of this one, as a newbie I am limited in what I can get involved in, but this has so much to choose fun and will make hunting down the perfect package so much fun! I love scented things, coffee, stationary, all of it really so I can't wait

latenight46 07/19/2007 #

Hello, This will be my first swap.this sounds like a good one. can't wait to send some goodies. thanks

user7815 07/19/2007 #

I like this idea very much. My only stipulations (for me)are because of a strict diet - no candy, gum or mints. And, probably incense, wax tarts and tea lights (I'm not sure what Customs would make of them). Thank you.

LINBUR0100 07/19/2007 #

Please no insence or very strongly scented candles, wax tarts, etc. I love candles, but strong scents wreck havoc on my allergies. Thx.

edlefevre 07/19/2007 #

I don't collect stamps and have no need for a new address book, so those are my two un-requests. And ladyb- BRADS are little metal embellishments with two prongs on the back that you punch through paper and then fold the prongs open to keep them in place.

Trischi 07/20/2007 #

Such fun! Id'e love anything, but stamps are pretty useless to me, and I don't really needan inkpad either, so these are my no-no's. I really like scented stuff, though :) candles and everything, and could use stickers and embellishments too :)

Phoenyx 07/20/2007 #

Nothing with artificial sweeteners please.
I cannot have saccharin nor asparatame.

Thank you.

Oh.. also, I am allergic to cats.. so don't send any of those either please.


ollieotson 07/20/2007 #

awesome swap! pleaso no atc's and incense for me!

krisssssyyyyyyyyyyy 07/20/2007 #

Im easy......to please ;) Would love anything really, there are a few things i would like more than others and some i would not care for but in the end I would appreciate anything, for likes/dislikes info just read my profile.

nycfsa 07/20/2007 #

No incense for me, please. Anything else is great :)

Kristin 07/20/2007 #

Two items I would not want from the list would be: used postage stamps and incense.

athena1970 07/20/2007 #

I think my two unwanted things would be gel pens and bandanas. Everything else is great, though! :)

And I'm allergic to almonds.

earthnk 07/20/2007 #

No Incense or anything to do with ATC's .....at all:) even though I'm new to ATC making I have been allowed to see that they are not for me. Thank you;>)

Bec 07/20/2007 #

This is a cool swap!

Another newbie so thanks for the opportunity to get some ratings!

I LOVE crafty things like buttons, ribbons, fabric scraps so those would be great!

I'm not so keen on postage stamps or ATC related stuff.


RoseHips 07/21/2007 #

I hate to be a picky person, but please don't send me any flavored coffee! I do not drink this kind of coffee & it would only go to waste. (I am an organic fair trade kind of girl.)

dreaminginred 07/21/2007 #

I would rather not receive coffee, but other than that, I'd be happy with anything sent to me!

: )

Sally 07/21/2007 #

This is great. Can see my partners thinking I can't count!!!! No used stamps or address book please

Magpieandluna 07/21/2007 #

no * 2 tea bags * 1 pouch of flavored coffee for me

Magpieandluna 07/21/2007 #

no coffee or tea for me thanks

fudge 07/22/2007 #

no stamps or tea for me have a look at my profile to make it easy =)

chelle523 07/22/2007 #

AWESOME idea! Please no incense for me (allergies). And I don't drink tea. But other than that, I'm WAY easy to please! :)

ladydy5 07/23/2007 #

Flavored coffee or tea is okay. No wax items or candy please. Gum okay, don't need address book, love ATC's. Have plenty of tea lights. Happly trading. Diane

ladydy5 07/24/2007 #

From reading some of the comments I would think that a lot of these people do not do ATC's or use embellishments of any kind. Brads are used to put items on cards or to connect two pieces together. You punch a hole in the card and stick the brad thru and on the other side you open the brad up to secure it. Eyelets, you don't know what an eyelet is? Wonderful you non coffee or tea drinkers, wish I were one. I can't function without my morning coffee.

rachel26 07/24/2007 #

Hmm no scented stuff or address book for me. Thanks

Nanamint 07/25/2007 #

No eyelets or used stamps for me please, everything else would be just great ! Thanks.

bellajean 07/25/2007 #

No coffee or ATC backgrounds for me! Everybody who does not want postage stamps can send them to me! I love used postage stamps from other countries!

SummersLove 07/25/2007 #

No eyelets, used stamps or incense for me please. thanks.

user9848 07/25/2007 #

i want to participate , i like everything although there are some things that i dont know what they are :s

jannikinz 07/25/2007 #

Please no Tea/Coffee or Incense...(in Aust - customs are picky)...otherwise anything else is "KEWL".

jannikinz 07/25/2007 #

oops - please add Gum to the above....Just cannot chew gum, it makes me ill.

semfox74 07/26/2007 #

I can't wait for this. I guess the only things I don't want are ATCs, crafting stuff, incense or postage stamps. There is so much choice I know that I will get some awesome stuff so be creative!

kassrose 07/26/2007 #

Hey guys! This is my first swap. No coffee/tea/gum/candy for me, I have a very strict diet from medical conditions.


Susan 07/26/2007 #

Dear future swap partner, PLEASE send me ANYTHING you want to send me! I will appreciate any and all! If its something I don't care for or can't use it will go into my swap box to send to some other lucky swapper that just absolutely adores whatever it should be. I also let me friends and family who swap come and browse and take what they wish too! I can understand allergies and customs, but oh my! if you just don't like something or if this list has too many things you don't like I have 2 questions to ask What DO you like? and WHY are you signed up?

hudykamis 07/26/2007 #

hey guys,no bandanas/candles/incense for me,thanks. i really have no use for them ):

ellie 07/27/2007 #

For me it is no: new chapstick/lp gloss package of gum package of breath mints

Thanks for looking

Puchita 07/27/2007 #

No Atc's, stamps, brads & eyelets for me please!!! Thanks!!

ladyb 07/27/2007 #

Susan45062 I want you as a swap partner cuz some have wiped half the list away LOL Just hope some people don't end up getting 3's because they sent things people didn't want. I thought that we were to only list 2 things we didn't want.....oh well maybe I'm wrong :P

ladyb 07/27/2007 #

OK here is another stupid question - what do you mean by ATC background? Would that be cardstock but with design to them instead of just plain cardstock....just curious Thanks!

kkdoow 07/27/2007 #

Melonie- Thank you SO much for opening this swap to newbies like me! It's a perfect, easy way to get my feet wet. I'm so excited!!

kkdoow 07/27/2007 #

P.S. I'm up for ANYTHING! I'm a craft-a-holic who loves coffee, tea, candy, gum, random, pretty, ugly, unique, typical things! I don't even know what on earth I'd do with some of the stuff on the list, but it's free so I'll figure something out. YAY!!

innocentcharmer 07/28/2007 #

This is my first swap join after my little break and a great one it is, swap partner send anything as always some in my house that loves it if I don't. Kara xxx

mbrat 07/28/2007 #

As a reminder, please list only 2 items that you don't wish to receive. When listing more it makes it harder for your partner to figure out what to send.

Susan 07/28/2007 #

Thank you LadyB the pleasure of being your partner would be all mine, someone should NOT give less of a rating just because they don't like something, as long as what you sent was on the list isn't this the point of signing up for a swap , sign up for something you like! you don't see me in cd swaps cause i dont want any cd's at this time! "Your four items must come from the list below."

GreedyGoretti 07/29/2007 #

The 2 things I don't want are incense and tealight candles. My allergies are listed in my profile. Anything else is great! Thanks!

mbrat 07/29/2007 #

Thanks Susan and LadyB.

Attention to all: if you receive 4 items from the list above rate your partner a 5 whether you like it or not, they followed the rules.

Also if you end up being late to send out you must let your partners know and explain why. However I hope everyone will send out on time as there is plenty of time to do so after sign up ends.

On that note if you know now that you won't be able to send on time, please consider dropping. I will host another swap with a few different items. If anyone would like to share their suggestions please send me a PM and I will consider putting it on the next swap.

Thanks for understanding.

latenight46 07/29/2007 #

Hello I dropped from this swap Because I thought it would be cool and when I read what people don't want that is on the list. there is not much left to send. pretty sad in my opinion.I will look for something else. I agree with susan,ladyb if you dont like something on the swap don't join. If I don't like something I know plenty of friends and family who would. thanks just my 2cents.

user9918 07/29/2007 #

Boy a pretty rough crowd :). I think it sounds like fun. Send me whatever. If I don't like it I'll pass it on. Glad to be here.

user9918 07/29/2007 #

Oh, what the heck are ATC's?

earthnk 07/30/2007 #

2.5 by 3.5" artist trading cards.The size of baseball trading cards.

mbrat 07/30/2007 #

ATC's are short for Artist Trading Cards. Check out this link for more info on them. It shows some pictures as well.


Danilee 07/31/2007 #

Please plase !!! no yarn or ribbon for me thank!!

cindyforeyes 07/31/2007 #

Please no scented items for me, too.

TheLisaBeast 07/31/2007 #

Oh ma' gawd. I want to do this swap so painfully badly... but it's during the time I'll be between addresses as my fiancee and I are moving inbetween the dates.


gilligogs 08/ 1/2007 #

Diabetic so please no candy, gum or mints or anything edible. Also no candles , incense or wax tarts, perfume etc. Allergies! Apart from this, all else would be very welcome

FingersInc 08/ 1/2007 #

I'll take anything. It will be just like "Christmas" when I open my envelope/package ! If I don't especially care for something, I'll give it to a coworker. They have me do "show and tell" at our lunch table when I get fun stuff in the mail!! thats part of the fun of these swaps. Thanks.

tkoufus 08/ 3/2007 #

please no coffee or insence, my family is very allergic to perfumy things. while it is summer leading into autumn for you in the usa here in australia we are heading in to our prime time allergy period. this will be my second swap. i am really excited to get involved in these things because i am just a newbie.

user10012 08/ 3/2007 #

Yay! I'm so eager to start on this swap!

gremlin 08/ 4/2007 #

Hi as a Newbe cant wait to get started with this. Should be fun for all

chincho 08/ 4/2007 #

I'm new here, and this is my first swap. I can't wait for my adresses to come....... The great thing about this swap is the surprise... you can never know what you are going to get.... As for me, I'll appreciate absolutly everything, but above all I'll love to get stamps.

Beckster 08/ 4/2007 #

The only item I really couldn't use would be the address book. Everything else would be great!

selahgal 08/ 6/2007 #

Please no sugar free items for me as I am deathly allergic to aspartame !!!!!!!!!!!!!

littlewanda 08/ 7/2007 #

No food or drink items for me - I'm intolerant to a lot of foods. Other than this, all else welcome. Thank you!

wish12345 08/ 7/2007 #

no tea bag or candy for me please

user10076 08/ 7/2007 #

hi all, I'm a newby and can't wait to get started

erikacass 08/ 7/2007 #

This will be lots of fun! I do love flavored coffee! I also like tea, candles, incense, stationary, ribbon.... I don't need eyelets, brads and can't really do anything with used stamps. :o)

MamaL 08/ 7/2007 #

I love everything but yarn...my house is so overrun

mbrat 08/ 8/2007 #

Just Stuff #2 has been started. Hope to see you all join in on the fun.


Thanks to all for joining and making this the number 1 swap.

Woo Hoo!

grammabean 08/ 8/2007 #

Please do not send anything that is scented or perfumy smelling, as I have allergies and asthma. This looks like a great way to get started on swap-bot!!

Crystal 08/ 8/2007 #

Happy to join! Sounds like fun! Send whatever you want if you have me as a partner.

Sally 08/ 9/2007 #

What the flip are 'wax tarts'?

mbrat 08/ 9/2007 #

wax tarts are kinda like candles but with no wicks.

heide 08/ 9/2007 #

Another newbie here, and I'm super-excited for this swap! I'm veg, so no treats with gelatin for me please (ie gummies, Altoids, etc). Also not into ATCs or bandanas... Can't wait to get my partners so I can started on special little packages... Whee!

leiapico 08/ 9/2007 #

I'm excited for this swap too... It is kind of intimidating when I see how many things people don't want, but hopefully I can just do a ctrl+F for my partner's name when they are assigned :)

I am trying to stick to pretty easy swaps at first, and this one has some pretty clear guidelines so I can be sure of not screwing it up, and of getting something I will want!

As for me, any of the above things are fine with me.

Sally 08/10/2007 #

'wax tarts are kinda like candles but without wicks' Sooooooooooooooo .......................... How do you light them????????????

mbrat 08/10/2007 #

RE: wax tarts

You can put them in an oil burner thingy (not sure of the correct name). You put the wax tarts on the top container and put a candle under it. The candle flame then melts the wax tart. Kind of like a fondue set up. Hope this clarifies it a bit better.

iniveki 08/10/2007 #

I'm so excited! My first swap! I'm cool with everything but the ATC backgrounds because I don't use them. Anything else would be EXCELLENT!

mystique 08/10/2007 #

Melonie, I like this swap so much. I think it's a very easy way to earn hearts. Being a newbie it's kind of hard to get ratings...but I'm happy that you give us a chance.

Incense gives me bad headaches...but I absolutely love candles. Please don't send coffee or tea. Other than that...I've extremely easy to please.

I can't wait to put this swap together for my partner.


P.S. The brads would be greatly appreciated...just a hint. hehe

SooticasDream 08/11/2007 #

I'll be happy to pleased anything! If I can't use something or dislike it, I'm sure I know someone I can give it to. That way I can spread the generosity! ^___^

Swan 08/11/2007 #

No coffee and no gum for me, please. I LOVE postcards and crafty things, including ATCs, stickers, etc.

user10156 08/12/2007 #

Newbie here, this is pretty exciting! I have no problems, with the things listed. :)

rachel26 08/12/2007 #

Am changing what i do not want, I do not want scented items and a bandana. Thanks

DelennaGaribaldi 08/12/2007 #

Just signed in although I too was a bit intimidated with some people's long do-NOT-want-lists... I'll take what I get so no sweat for my partner ;) If you aim for a heart, read my profile for my preferences. ATC backgrounds would be extra cool to get as I haven't yet done any ATC's but want to give it a try (it would be easy with right-size-ready-to-use backgrounds). But if you don't have those, there's a long list of do-want-too ;)

TroubledFaery 08/13/2007 #

No Coffee or Tea for me please. Also I love tarts.

Godsrockangel 08/13/2007 #

I was going to put that i dont drink tea or coffee then came to the conclusion - i dont mind what i get as my hubby drinks tea by the gallon and i'm sure i can find a home for other bits.

nSANE1 08/13/2007 #

This sounds like so much fun! Anything from the list is fine with me, except tea. Blah..LOL! :)

aledizzle 08/13/2007 #

Nothing sented for me please, or incense I dont like those either. Thanks!

bravesgyrl 08/13/2007 #

Hello! Please do not send wax (or candles) to me - i live in TX and it was 102 today. Also, i have allergies, so please do not send smelly things like incense. THANKS!!!! (hope i'm not too picky!)

dabas 08/13/2007 #

I would rather not have incense and candles, because my mom hates them and doesn't let me use them around the house.. :/

MeyRosly 08/13/2007 #

i love this! i love this! but i would rather not to get any used post stamp and any food/sweet/stuff contain booze e.g wine,brew,beer etc ^_^

storylaura 08/13/2007 #

What fun, thanks! Please no wax tarts, lip gloss, or eyelets. I won't use them. My profile has preferences for a few of the other items. Thanks!

Rhiannon 08/14/2007 #

Hi, I have no list of don't wants. Anything will be a welcome surprise.

pym 08/14/2007 #

Looks like I found this swap just in time! No bandana or wax tarts for me; my profile will give hints, I hope. :)

SRMcKnight 08/14/2007 #

Oh, i can't wait for this. Please don't send anything chocolate, wax, or anythign that will melt. I live in florida, and anything that melts will. Other than that, go for it.

CreativeCreations 08/15/2007 #

Sounds like fun :)

mwquilt 08/15/2007 #

Just signed up for this wonderful swap. I am pleased to be joining you all.

Will be happy to receive anything on the list...just no real feathers or fur please, if you can avoid it.

mwquilt 08/15/2007 #

sorry..had to drop from the swap. Just realised it says two partners, not one and I don't think I can do two packages just now.

imyorehuckleberry 08/15/2007 #

What fun! I love tealights and tarts of all kinds! Thanks!

DelennaGaribaldi 08/15/2007 #

Sorry, me too - I had to drop as well because there are 2 partners (how did I miss that part in the first place...) and as this's "at my own risk". I'll rather concentrate on the other swaps of mine with less risk. The rest of you have fun though :)

user9702 08/15/2007 #

Please no used postage stamps or brads

thanks, Newbie KK ;-)

weemonkey 08/15/2007 #

This sounds pretty nifty. Please no tea bags, coffee, used postage stamps, wax tarts or candles for me. Thanks!

user9689 08/15/2007 #

Please no homemade ATC, wax tarts, candles, ATC backgrounds but other than that, knock yourself out! Hehe, this is going to be fun shopping for! :D

mortaine 08/15/2007 #

I'm allergic to feathers, so please nothing feathered. See my profile for other likes/dislikes. Honestly, if I get used postage stamps or anything else I don't like or want, I'll just toss them out or give them away.

It can take up to 3 extra weeks for anything to arrive, so please keep that in mind if you send something perishable to me.

ILoveLucy 08/15/2007 #

Great you opened up to Newbies, hard to find a swap for newbies. Please no used stamps or emboidery floss. Can't wait to start.

aggiex06 08/15/2007 #

hi all! :) i do not want

1) Postcards

2) Tea bags. :)


CreativeCreations 08/16/2007 #

Please no Tea-Bags for me either and no Postcards if possible :) Thanks ... looking 4ward to this swap :)

mbrat 08/16/2007 #

Partners have been assigned. Happy Swapping!

wish12345 08/16/2007 #

hate to be a picky person, but please don't send me any flavored coffee! I do not drink this kind of coffee & it would only go to waste. (I am an organic fair trade kind of girl.) no used stamps or address book nio candy or insents eather

Ilovekawaii 08/16/2007 #

I don't want tea or coffee thank you :) I hope my partners send out because they both are newbies :)

TexyDeb 08/16/2007 #

I will take anything! no allerigies no can'ts just a bunch of shouldnt's lol

TexyDeb 08/16/2007 #

I wanted to let my partners know that I have just printed out the list of stuff and your address's I will start shopping tomorow and mail out your goodies on Monday!

florian 08/17/2007 #

ADISIA and TexyDeb i sent your package this morning,from norway.

sif 08/17/2007 #

chelle and Trish your packages are on the way.

user9918 08/18/2007 #

imyorehuckleberry and Joyce I sent your packages today. I hope they're okay.

user9689 08/20/2007 #

KK74 and umea6, your packages were sent today! :)

heide 08/20/2007 #

INNOCENTCHARMER and Faceless Shadow, your packages are on their way!

MeyRosly 08/20/2007 #

i've sent out yesterday all the way to HollyG and lolamartini..hola!!!!!^_^

user9702 08/21/2007 #

umea6 and diddldonna I sent your packages this afternoon! Hope you enjoy!

ILoveLucy 08/21/2007 #

Carol, I sent your package yesterday. Hope you like.

ILoveLucy 08/21/2007 #

Lia, I sent you package yesterday. Hope you like.

Amberly 08/21/2007 #

Beckster and raebid squirrel, yours are in the mail today!

Griffie 08/23/2007 #

Jeanna and Tillie, your packages went out today. Enjoy!

MARY 08/23/2007 #


Your packages are packed up and I will take them to the post office tomorrow. I hope you will be pleased!

earthnk 08/23/2007 #

Joyce & Angela, I mailed your packages today! Hope you enjoy what I picked out for you.

TexyDeb 08/24/2007 #

thank you florain! I can't wait. Mine left awhile back I hope they arrive to you all soon.

iniveki 08/24/2007 #

Ladydy5 & cooki3prince$$, your packages went out today! :)

ladydy5 08/24/2007 #

Carol G in Arizona thank yu for the nice package. Quite a few things I will be able to use.Very nice letter with it to.

Sophie 08/24/2007 #

Heide and Kara, thanks alot for the wonderful swap! I enjoyed both your packages. : )

GreedyGoretti 08/27/2007 #

Scenicfabric, GigiMinor, your packages are on their way to you!

user7815 08/27/2007 #

Marigold (in VA) and doozertech, your packages were posted today. Enjoy.

dreaminginred 08/28/2007 #

Beckster and semfox74, your packages are in the mail!

Cherry 08/28/2007 #

Hi Crystal, I sent you swap#5067 "Just Stuff" I hope you like the package I'm sending. I do>>LOL! Peace,SPIRIT LILY (AKA)Cherry

Cherry 08/28/2007 #

Hi Kim, I sent you the swap#5067 "just stuff". You will be getting it soon, Hope you like. Peace, Spirit Lily (aka) Cherry

kkdoow 08/29/2007 #

chell and SIF-- just sent your packages today. Hope you enjoy them.

JoJoSwaps 08/29/2007 #

Hi everybody, (and whoever has me as their partner: read below)

I am SO excited about this swap!!! This really sounds like a fun one and I hope that everyone gets 5's for sending the things they sent and a nice letter. I don't like getting wrapped up in the materialism of the swaps....it is about getting to know your partner through reading their profile and trying to do all you can to make that person happy.

To that end - the two partners that I have, please rest assured that I have been doing the planning and am just needing to put it together and get it mailed by Friday! I have been very sick for the last two weeks on top of my usual bed rest.

And to the partners who are sending to me, please NO INCENSE or heavily perfumed/scented anything like candles or lotions - the scents are overwhelming to me and they actually make me hurt with the bedrest I am on. Everything else I can use or find someone who would love to use them if I can't. Thanks for taking the time to make my day a little brighter with what you are doing for me!

I am one of those people that would ADORE used postage stamps and postcards from where you live and around the world like many have indicated on here they wouldn't like. To me it would be TREASURE - when you have been bound on bedrest for 10 years and your dreams of travel are not bright at all you turn to other things to keep your spirit alive and I have in these things. I am asking strangers to help me make a "World Traveling" book with me so that on my terribly painful days, I will be able to look back at what people have sent to me to help me in this way and I too can go on little vacations around the world. Sure, I could do all this over the internet or phone to get information myself but the thing about travel that sticks with you are the PEOPLE you meet on your trip and I want the same feelings like that as if I truly traveled: so that is why I am starting to ask my swap friends to include a little about themselves and maybe a postcard showing a place that is special in your community, or get a traveler's guide to send with your personal notes throughout it on which places are the best to eat,or see, or stay,etc. or stickers or stamps of the flag of you country or state.

I can no longer travel further then 2 hours by car and my dream in life was to see the whole world - can some of you help me see some of it? No matter how small it is ...I want to read and hear about it and pictures would be so great!

Life is not about stuff but about people getting together to really HELP each other because in the end it makes you a better person...even if you do not have something in your hands to prove it, your heart is the place to look for it. Please remember that with swapping and do the best about others and that way if they disappoint you at least you know you did a wonderful thing by them and have that vs. just a yucky swapping experience. People are the heart of swapping ....not all the interesting stuff!

Thanks and I hope that I get to be in a swap with each and every one of you as life permits, Jodie aka. JoJoSwaps

swapusilly 08/31/2007 #

sunbeamncz3 & thornspike I mailed your packages today from Vancouver, BC so it could take about 10 days to get to you...enjoy :)

Gabrielle 08/31/2007 #

Sent my items at the last minute -- my husband is in surgery having his gall bladder removed even as I type this. Gabbi

smashingpandora 08/31/2007 #

Thanks Gabbi! I hope all goes well with your husband :/

good vibes sent to you


smashingpandora 09/ 2/2007 #

Oh nooezzz... one of my partners still hasn't shipped out yet :[


earthnk 09/ 2/2007 #

Gabby, Goodluck on your hubby's cholesystectomy. I had one several years ago and the Doc did a laparoscopy removal. Left me with a small incision and had me better in no time..

user9918 09/ 2/2007 #

Dang, I was hoping my other partner would send out before the deadline....

erikacass 09/ 3/2007 #

Gabbi, I hope your hubby is doing well. :o)

TexyDeb 09/ 9/2007 #

I have received nothing and sent my stuff out before the deadline. I hope the surgery is a success..

CreativeCreations 09/11/2007 #

Have recieved nothing so far - neither from my one nor from my other partner :(

heide 09/12/2007 #

It sucks that so many people flaked on this swap!!! :( I'm lucky, I received both of my packages, but I feel terrible for folks that didn't.

user9689 09/12/2007 #

I received only one package so far. :(

Retromama 09/13/2007 #

Shaynafay and Nana from Paris-your packages went out a while back. It may take awhile to get to France. Enjoy!

TexyDeb 09/15/2007 #

i have still received nothing. At one month past I will give as bad a rating as is available to those who sent nothing to me in return to my over stuffed envelopes!

TexyDeb 09/20/2007 #

Thursday again and I received nothing again. There is one more Thursday this month. I hope I will get a surprise from someone here. ty, TexyDeb

Ilovekawaii 09/26/2007 #

oh well... I DID send out a lovely packages + extra's and get a 3 rated! I did what the swap description told us to do! This was my first bad rating! It has really dissapointed me!

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