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Date Joined: January 24, 2009
Last Online: January 23, 2014
Birthday: October 4, 1974
Country: Israel
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About Me

Profile last updated on 12th June 2012.

Hello. A little bit about myself:
I am a librarian.
I try to live an organic life.
I cook and love spending time in the kitchen.
I love receiving postcards from far away places and dreaming that one day I will visit those places (and sometimes I actually do!).
I can stare at maps for hours.
Favest city on earth is NYC! My favest book growing up was The Hobbit. And The 35th of May.
When I travel somewhere far, I take a pebble or a small rock from that place and take it back home with me.
I also send myself postcards from abroad. Yes, I do.
I adore photography (I'm really into bw lately). I watch TONS of movies. I love listening to music (on vinyl!), listening to thunderstorms and rain outside while reading a book inside. Beans on toast. Cloud watching. Sea watching (I've always lived by the sea). I love the combination of sweet and salty. Milk chocolate. Traveling. Urban art. Old b/w movies. I don't like macarons. I know, that's just weird, but they feel weird on my teeth.
I adore custard. And mustard. Not together though.
I love nature, but enjoy living in the city.

Favorite Crafts

Photography, some paper crafts (but not scrapbooking), sawing/stitching/embroidery (by hand, I don't have a machine), cooking and baking (which I consider to be a craft too).
I wish I knew how to make collages. And knit. .
And I love trying new things.

Favorite Television

Wilfred, Breaking Bad, 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, Boardwalk Empire, Bored to Death, Community, Fringe, IT Crowd, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Modern Family, MASH, Oz, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Wallace and Gromit, ...

Favorite Movies

Apocalypse Now. Monty Python. Casablanca. Breakfast at Tiffany's. Cabinet of Dr Caligari. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Inglourious Basterds. Band of Brothers and The Pacific (mini series). Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus. Lord of the Rings. Stranger than Fiction. Tropic Thunder. Hitchcock's movies. Soderbergh's movies. Superhero movies (but I don't like Superman). Old black and white movies. Even silent movies.
And so so many more... I love DVDs :)

Favorite Music

Very eclectic: Jazz, funk, classical, blues, electronic,..
Going into details: Beastie Boys, LCD Soundsystem, The National, J.Viewz, Chet Baker, DJ Shadow, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, The Cure, Nick Cave, Beethoven, Jimmy Smith, Tom Waits, Arcade Fire, PJ Harvey, dEUS, Cut Chemist, Band of Horses, Keren Ann, Glasvegas, The XX, Broken Bells, Editors, Stateless, Yeah Yeah Yeahs,... .


Things that will make me smile:

  • Colours: Anything but neon. Will usually go for darker or natural tones. Loving colour combinations.
  • coins from your country (the older - the better)
  • magazines: fashion, home decor, craft, cooking, photography, etc. (preferably in English). These are a guilty pleasure of mine because they cost so much here.
  • kitchen items or kitchen themed items
  • lavender sachets for the closet
  • Containers (looking for jars lately, but also bento, food containers, tins, boxes...)
  • Wearables: T-Shirts (medium usually or large if it's skinny), socks (38 European).
  • Birds: crows, ravens
  • Things made out of natural wood.
  • record (ie vinyl lp's) related
  • Animals: bunny rabbits, penguins (I don't like when animals are dressed as humans. Unless it's the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland). And all else :)
  • Design: Shinzi Katoh, Amy Butler, Decole Otogicco, Scandinavian, Japanese (traditional and modern - but not kawaii), atomic kitchen, 1920-40's, boho, and similar to these.
  • Things related to typography. And things with the letter O on them.
  • note cards (except for thank-you note cards)
  • Omamori (Japanese good luck charms)
  • recycled things and eco friendly things (even home cleaning items!)
  • hand-made items (that are of use or that I can hang on my wall)
  • regarding jewelry - I do not wear earings
  • photography books
  • things related to urban art/graffiti
  • I've been interested in tattoo art lately
  • library related items
  • food (see section below)
  • you can visit my Etsy/Amazon Favorites to get an idea of what I like (links at the top of this page).
  • In general I prefer natural, organic or fair-trade items, where available.

Craft supplies I use:

  • Tape!! Lots and lots of tape :) Duct tape, decotape (especially the wide ones), washi tape, double-sided...
  • wooden spools
  • interesting patterned paper, even small pieces
  • corner punches (they rule!)
  • cupcake/muffin paper liners
  • big cookie cutters
  • ribbons
  • interesting buttons (pretty rather than cute)
  • interesting pushpins (not the regular ones)
  • ink pads in any colour. Also distress ink
  • wooden embroidery hoops
  • fabrics to use in hoops
  • linen for stitching, in any colour
  • embroidery thread and yarn. Any colour
  • Pilot G-Tec pens

A Wish-List:

  • Body Shop's new "100% Natural Lip Roll-On" (Orange or Berry) are seriously yummy. And I'd love to try their other products too :) but mostly lip butters
  • (if you're from the UK) a Blue Peter badge! I got one when I was a kid after I made a drawing of the presenters and sent it to them but I lost it when I moved houses.
  • shoe bags.
  • Green & Black's peanut chocolate bar... and any other item by them as well :)
  • Things related to space flight and astronauts (real, not fiction). Anything from NASA or related to a certain space flight. I'd love that.
  • View-Master disks of anything! I have the viewer from when I was a child but I would love more disks.
  • you know those toys/dolls/plushies that have a sound effects box gizmo thingy inside and when you press them they make noises or say recorded things? I'm looking for the little box inside that makes those sounds. If you have any left over from thrown away toys - send them over to me.
  • Lush cosmetics: Fresh Farmacy soap, soaps, solid shampoos...quite anything :)
  • wooden picture frames


  • I am a foodie. That should say it all. I prefer Fair Trade or organic products but it's not a must. I love trying new food, herbs, seasonings, condiments, sauces, spreads, etc. And I would love to try your local specialities. But please no artificials colourings - those will just be thrown away.
  • Mustards! :)
  • Chocolate: Mmmm :) I also like chocolate with things in it (except for raisins/liquor/green tea/lavender/mint). I totally love pretzels covered with chocolate, and milk chocolate with peanut butter (that's where the love of sweet and salty comes in).
  • Beverages: Please don't send me teas or coffees. I do enjoy those little alcoholic bottles :) (I use those for cooking/baking)
  • UK specifics: Terry's Chocolate Orange (best orange ever!), McVitie’s milk chocolate covered Digestives biscuits
  • Things I was sent and loved: Green & Black's Organic chocolates (especially the peanut one or the butterscotch one), speculoos (although not with chocolate), Fazer Chocolate Liqueurs Filled WIth Vodka Cranberry (LOVE those!).

  • Tastes that I don't like: coconut, cherry, peach, apricot, roibush, coriander, clove, marzipan, liquorice/anise, camomile.


  • company merchandising
  • dust collectors (ie useless stuff to put on a shelf)
  • stickers (I have way too many and I don't really use them)
  • neon colours
  • keychains
  • anything religious
  • cellphone charms - my cellphone doesn't have a place to string them in.
  • FIMO
  • mushrooms
  • bookplates (I don't use them)
  • letrasets, plastic letter templates
  • alphabet stickers (I have plenty of those at the moment)
  • fantasy (fairies, mermaids..)
  • Disney/Garfield/other cartoons
  • Hello Kitty, kawaii, cute and girly
  • skulls / Halloween
  • sports related
  • scented candles/incense
  • make-up/perfume
  • candles and candle holders
  • local souvenirs (other than magnets)
  • dotee dolls
  • ATCs (I don't collect or make them)
  • wisdom/quote books
  • regular plain paper clips
  • potpourri
  • lace
  • 'thank you' note-cards.

Mail etc..

  • I am usually up for private swaps. I only participate in those and in my group swaps. Update: I am currently quite busy in RL and am unable to participate in private swaps :(
  • My amazon wishlist is only here to give you examples of my taste. Please don't send me things directly from Amazon though, as every (seriously - every!) Amazon package arriving here gets stuck in customs and requires payment.
  • Please note that it can take about 3 weeks for packages to get from here to there (and also from there to here). If you feel that a very long time has passed please contact me before rating a 1 - I will check with the post office to see what the problem is and resend a swap if needed. Please do the same.
  • I will always send swaps on time. But if I know there will be a delay - I will notify you as soon as possible to make sure it's alright with you.
  • I will always rate as soon as I receive a swap. Please do the same.
  • I upload photos of swaps I receive or send to my Flickr page. You're invited to take a look :)
  • I re-use packaging

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yannajk rated for Israel's private swap! on Jul 19, 2012
Comment: תודה רבה, הקופסא מקסימה והחותמות נהדרות, עכשיו אני רק צריכה למצוא כריות דיו... ^^
Mello rated for Good morning Birdy! on Nov 4, 2011
Comment: Thanx for making my start of the day a more pleasant one!
Response: I hope it will :) Glad you like it
MissThundercat rated for Quick Birdy # 8 on Oct 1, 2011
Comment: thank you for the cute stickers from roseycheeks! oh they are SO kawaii :D i love them! :)
Response: I saw them in your Etsy wishlist and they were so cute! I had to get them for you :)
jumpCricket rated for OTT: Tree in your pocket on Jun 18, 2011
Comment: So cute! Love the pin cushion! AND the packaging was so adorable too! Thanks so much!
Mello rated for Spring Scavenger Hunt on May 5, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much Orit for another thoughtful and perfect Package! Jakob is always thrilled when there is a package from you - he knows that you always send stuff for him :o) We love everything! I especially love the coloring pads, and the "Plasters" are called "Pflaster" in german :o)
Response: I'm happy you both like the swap. It was fun to collect. The illustrated pads are a brand I grew up on and I almost got myself a couple as well :) I think everyone calls plasters like that except the English speaking people :)
Mello rated for Quick Birdy Valentine's Day Swap on Mar 27, 2011
Comment: Thanx for the elegant box of Valentine Edition loose leaf tea!
Response: It finally arrived! I hope you will like the tea :)
suessstoff rated for Get crafty! #2 on Mar 1, 2011
Comment: More happy Orit-mail! Thank you so much for the pretty package with all that orange-yellow goodness. The hoop and the letter you made turned out great and will be a wonderful addition for my studio. I love the pens and all the other crafting supplies you sent. Using it all will be a lot of fun!
Response: Ahh it finally arrived! I am very happy you like what I sent. I can't wait to see your creations :)
suessstoff rated for Distress me please! on Feb 25, 2011
Comment: Perfect timing! My weekend is going to be super relaxing, Orit! I can't wait to try the hot chocolate mix (it smells wonderful!) and/or that beautifully packaged tea. Of course I will spend hours in the bath too with those other lovely goodies. Thank you so much!
Response: I'm glad it arrived right on time and I really hope it will help make a relaxing and warm weekend for you :)
Comment: Orit, I am almost speechless right now! Your black and white package and photos are absolutely breathtaking. Everything about it is just stunning. You are so talented! First of all, the wrapping and presentation is perfect. (I feel a little bad about my lack of effort in this department. Please forgive me.) The photos are full of life, atmosphere and feeling. Even the way they were printed with that wonderful border is perfect. And of course I love the other items you sent as well. I have really been wanting some Tim Holtz stamps! Everything is just great. This was a very inspiring swap for me and I am glad to have shared that with you. Thank you a million times! ~Shanda
Response: I am so very happy you like it! It really was the best swap idea ever and am also very glad to have been a part of it with you. And are you kidding me?? I'm sure I will love what you sent!! :)
cayce rated for Merry Birdy Christmas! on Dec 18, 2010
Comment: You totally rock, Orit! Thank you for this lovely parcel, especially for the beautiful garland, which I will cherish every year now! Awww!! But I also love the fabric, spice and chocolates! I am so curious how the one in the little cool box will taste. xoxo
Response: I am very very happy you like my choices :) The chocolate is honey chocolate filled with hazelnut and nougat and it's by a local chocolatiere brand (with international shops) called Max Brenner. I'm really so happy you like what I sent :) I wish you a warm and cozy Christmas!
Lhise rated for Lucky Parcel #1: Favorite Color(s)! on Dec 13, 2010
Comment: Oh my!! What a wonderful LP you sent me! ♥ It's so original all those pretty things you've chosen for me! I confess to have a weakness for the container. It is entirely in shades of my house. :D The tshirt is great too! ^^ I looove the measuring tape, lol!! At home, we still do not have ice spoon, so it's a great idea! I like the fabric "basket". All the little stationery is very cute. Your photos are beautiful and so professional with the signing!!! Thank you very much, Orit! Hugs!
Response: I'm so happy you liked it!! And I'm extra happy you like the container - I had it for a while and when I got you as a partner I knew you'd love it. Excellent :)
Lhise rated for Quick Birdy on Nov 5, 2010
Comment: Hello Orit! I finally received your Quick Birdy swap today! The envelope went to Slovakia before coming to France!!! I always liked special postmarks on the envelopes. Here is a nice extra gift! ^^ Otherwise, obviously, I looooove the big teal button with polka dots you chose for me. Thank you very much! I still hesitate about how I will use it. I'll show you when I know. ;o)
Response: I'm glad it arrived! And with extra postmarks too :) That is so weird. I can't wait to see what you use it for
emsan rated for Get crafty! on Oct 12, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for the very crafty and creative swap you sent me! Happy mail indeed :) HUGS! //Em
Response: Glad you like it :) I hope you have time to relax and do crafts!
Anniehall rated for Pick 5! on Sep 11, 2010
Comment: Orit, I anxiously opened your amazing parcels yesterday, thank you very much! I really love every single surprise. I'm in love with the matrosh-keys, they're too pretty, my fave thing ever! Do you know something? mum steal the hamsa, funny! we already ate the snack, what a yummy thing! I saved the chocolate for tonight - I'll eat it watching a movie. I like the tin, so useful and the magnet looks amazing in our fridge. Orit, many thanks for the book - what a lovely birthday present. I'm still on the clouds! תודה רבה.
Response: :) I'm really happy you like everything :) You are very welcome!
MissThundercat rated for summer birdies on Jul 18, 2010
Comment: thanks so much for the mounting wood for my rubber stamps :D they will be of good use!
Response: They are not they - they are it (one item rule..) (Moni will be mad..) ;) I'm glad you like the mounting wood for rubber stamp which somehow seperated into a bunch of pieces :)
Drachenfrau rated for Friendship :-) on Jun 18, 2010
Comment: Awesome!!! Thanks so much for sending my sweetie something for her birthday!!! That really made my day and hers too. :-) The owl-t is so wonderfull and the HK-bag a blast! And thanks for the Zoo and bird-map!!! And the stickers of course! :-) This was a great swap!!! Thanks my friend!!! *hugs*
Response: It was a fun package to make although I really hoped for more zoovenirs here. Zoos here should learn from zoos abroad. I'm glad you liked everything and can't wait till our next swap :D
emsan rated for Feathered Friends Scavenger Hunt on Jun 11, 2010
Comment: THANK YOU! I love everything you picked for me! Such a great swap to receive. :O)
Response: I'm really happy you liked it :) You deserve lots of happy mail!
dreamrains rated for Etsy Addicts: Etsy $3-4 Favorites on May 22, 2010
Comment: Yayyy! Thank you! :) I have been wanting some of the FarbenMix ribbon (obviously). This is my first! I loooove the ones you picked out! They're so beautiful in person :D And you got me TWO! Thanks!!!
Response: I had to get you two since in my previous swap to you I was forced to send only one item :) Glad you like the ribbons. It was so awesome I got you as a partner in a non-BIRDS swap :D
Comment: Orit, thanks soooooo much for the gorgeous Japanese style matchbox--the details inside and out are amazing!! I will enjoy all the goodies as well--I've already sampled the party mix (yum!!) and can't wait to use the stamps. The Japanese girl is absolutely adorable and the "for you" stamp is really cool. I love the charms, ribbons, beads! And thanks too for the very special Japanese good luck. Wow--what a wonderful swap package--I really am very lucky :) Thanks so much for EVERYTHING!!
Response: I had a really great time decorating it - it was my first ever 250 count MB. I'm so happy you like it Lisa!
vintervila rated for Let's bake! on Apr 29, 2010
Comment: What a WONDERFUL package!! You really sent me many lovely goodies. Thank you so much. You really are a careful swapper, putting so much attention to details. It's really a treat recieving packages from you! :)
Response: Thank you Sara :) It was a fun swap to assemble.

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Mello on Sep 29, 2012:

Thank you so much for the little Birdy Ornament - what a wonderful surprise! It pittily has a broken tail, but we fixed it. I have something sitting here for you and just don't seem to make it to the PO these days. And I kind of hoped for a new BIRDS Swap to maybe come up..... Anyways, it is so nice that you thought of us - Big Hugs! Mello

Lhise on Sep 1, 2012:

Dear Orit, coucou! Thank you very much for the so sweet surprise from you that I received today. It made ​​my day! Hugs. ♥

jennecy on Aug 31, 2012:

Ooooh my lovely friend! You cannot imagine my surprise and delight to get such an adorable bird in the mail! It arrived safe and sound and is the most beautiful blue. I am excited to hang it somewhere soon. Thank you so much for brightening my day, xox Jen

TwiggyFairy on Jun 23, 2012:

טוב בנות! ההחלפה תצא לדרך רק עוד קצת. אני אנסה להישאר היום ערה עד חצות ולפתוח ואם לא מקסימום בבוקר P:

אני ממש מודה לכן שהצטרפתן להחלפה הזאת. לא ידעתי שיש פה 7 ישראליות פעילות. זה נשמע מה זה קצת, אבל תכלס במדינה כזאת קטנה זה די הרבה לא? (: חחח גם ראיתי שהרבה התלהבו שכתבנו בעברית P:

יאללה בנות, נסגר מחר. נפגש והפי סאפיינג. אינלי מושג איך להגיד את זה בעברית ^^

KSENiA on Jun 13, 2012:

Well, actually I started swapping only 2 months ago... It feels like fun :)

KSENiA on Jun 12, 2012:

Hello, what's up Doc!? (Bugs Bunny)

sunnyblueskies on Jan 10, 2012:

Hello Orit! Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card. The flapper doodle pair are so cute!! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to acknowledge it--it arrived well before Christmas so I have no excuse. I hope things are well with you! Your birdie friend, Lisa

Drachenfrau on Dec 21, 2011:

Thank you for your christmas-card Orit! :-) Have a wonderful wintertime too and I hope all is well and healthy with you and your family!



Mello on Dec 20, 2011:

Thank you for our very first Christmascard this year! It started a very good philosophical discussion with Jakob about Christmas, God and Jesus. In the end he stated, that he totally is with the jews when it comes to Jesus - he was a cool guy, but he can't believe he could be the son of god......sometimes he sounds more like 16 than 6...... Wishing you a great Hanukka and a good start into 2012! Hugs, Mello

jennecy on Dec 19, 2011:

Orit THANK YOU for the adorable card! I hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday season!! xox

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