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Adventures of the Traveling Postcard R16

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Swap Coordinator:AnnieMaxine (contact)
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Number of people in swap:137
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:October 24, 2013
Date items must be sent by:November 1, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

Wouldn't it be great to send a postcard and see where it had been all around the world? Then get it returned back to you after its adventures were over? Let's do it!


Choose a card. A card that you think people would enjoy seeing (however, PLEASE DO NOT USE EXTRA LARGE POSTCARDS THAT WILL REQUIRE EXTRA POSTAGE!). Put your name and address (including the country!) on the right hand side of the card. Put the title of the swap ("Adventures of the Traveling Postcard") at the top of the left hand side. PUT IT IN AN ENVELOPE and send it off to your partner. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Just write your name, username, city, state/country, on the left hand side of the postcard you received in the previous round. Put it in an envelope and send it to your partner! (DO NOT WRITE YOUR ENTIRE ADDRESS ON THE POSTCARD - THIS TAKES UP TOO MUCH SPACE!)


Hang on to the postcard(s) that you receive in each round. We will have another round as soon as everyone has clicked "Sent" in the previous round. (Sign up when you receive yours from the previous round, start another one in rotation, or contact me, as I may have a postcard that needs to be put back into rotation as well!) When the left side of the postcard is filled up with the names and cities of those that have received the postcard, the last person will stamp your actual postcard and send it back to you.

Only join if you are awesome and a non-flaker. Well-established folks ONLY (50 or more Type 2/Type 3 swaps - although if you have already been in the swap, you will be allowed in even if you don't have 50) and I will ban if I feel that you may be a questionable swapper. I want to do my best to ensure that everyone receives their postcard back! So don't join if you don't think you can commit to it for the long haul, K? I will be checking EVERYONE'S profile. Thanks and happy swapping!

NOTE: Do NOT send the postcard back to the original owner until the left side of the postcard is completely filled unless instructed otherwise.

Additional Note: I'd love to post some "success stories" for this swap. If you've had yours returned to you, message me and I'd love to post in the comments about it. Maybe that will encourage others to continue to participate!


fawnscrafts 10/16/2013 #

I have never joined, because of my limits. I do love to watch these swaps, the stories get better with each one.

Mimi7 10/16/2013 #

I will be sending out a new postcard from myself because the one I received from round 15 was full and I sent it home! :)

AnnieMaxine 10/16/2013 #

Great to hear, @Mimi7

kerrydwynn 10/16/2013 #

I have NO IDEA where mine is -- :-( Michele McColl (kerrydwynn) I am so looking forward to seeing it!

twobluecrows 10/16/2013 #

I still haven't received a PC from Round 14, it was coming from Wiji Widayati (cookiekawai), so if you sent a card to her in R13 or so, you can let whoever was it's originator that it may be lost, as sometimes happens. :( I'm going to start another for R15.

twobluecrows 10/16/2013 #

Oops, I meant a new card for R16!

mcovey 10/16/2013 #

I have Sue S from Australia and Diane from IL , and gabby's from France

qwerty2k 10/16/2013 #

I have Chantal from Toronto. It's about two-thirds of the way filled.

siouxx05 10/16/2013 #

OMG! Woohoo! One of my cards is still alive! Thank you @mcovey :)

HelloCindi 10/16/2013 #

I've got 3 postcards that I will be sending off for R16-- @fruitbat5150 Rozi A. from Singapore & Belinda W. from Georgia!

dakotadee 10/17/2013 #

I have Wanda (namabear) from Ca. Not sure if my card are still going

spinjenny 10/17/2013 #

I have @Suzanne1804 's card from R15, but I still haven't received a card from R13. @valmac sent that one on August 29, so it should have arrived by now, though sometimes postcards take a very long time. I don't know whose card it is, though.

AnnieMaxine 10/17/2013 #

If the person did not write their username on their postcard, please message me their name on their postcard and I will give it to you. Then if you could please write their username somewhere on the postcard, that would be helpful for listing in future rounds. I would list them all here, but I want to be sure everyone gets the correct username...and PM's seem to work easier than that.


ZzMonstruozZ 10/17/2013 #

HI! The beautiful postcard by my side belongs to BARBARA BRANDT from ALBUQUERQUE (no nickname) =D

I want to let all of you know that my postcard, started in the first round has been sent back!!!! YEEEEEEEEEP!!!!! Thank you soooooo-o much to @susieq11 and all the people who have signed on it! ^_^

London13 10/17/2013 #

I have Suzanne Vilenbergs

flowerchild 10/17/2013 #

I will be sending on a newer card (r14) from spinjenny...now this card has traveled!!! UK to Malaysia to USA...hope fully next round it will visit another continent

ladydy5 10/17/2013 #

Has anyone seen mine? Diane Yates? Just wondering where it's been going.

EmilyT 10/17/2013 #

I have @joyhouse5 's card, it could probably fit another name after mine.

BlackRainbow 10/18/2013 #

@HelloCindi good to know that you have my card :)

I have Philip N (pne) from germany card and I'm the 2nd person. Ready to send for this round.

bookworm66 10/18/2013 #

I have Joanna Tobler's card from Australia

spinjenny 10/18/2013 #

@flowerchild - thank you for letting me know about my card. I got my first card back last month, It's nice to know another one is still in the series.

Hollycarole92 10/18/2013 #

Anyone have mine??

crmc 10/18/2013 #

I'll be sending on Charlotte Huntley's (user name not shown) card. I'm the 9th person on the list.

HelloCindi 10/18/2013 #

@BlackRainbow I'm going to put your swap-bot name on the card, so it'll be easier for future rounds! I'd say your card is about half way full... Still got room for more signatures depending how people decide to write their info on the card :)

palmettogirl727 10/18/2013 #

Still awaiting R14 card to arrive from Germany.

coolbeans 10/19/2013 #

Does anyone have Rose W { coolbeans } from Ga. I will be sending out MALAYSIA

kim91262 10/19/2013 #

I have Marcelle Daniels PC from Australia. It's been around...Netherlands, Malaysia, Canada, Alaska, Wales and now back to the USA!

pne 10/19/2013 #

I got my R3 postcard back again today -- yay! 4 January to 19 October, travelling through US, NL, LT, US again, and Austria before coming back to Germany. Thank you to @penandink - @AnnieMaxine - @hkappes - Lucine van Dams ( @Lucine ? ) - @Ametista - @jeepermom - @badandknowsit2 - @mcovey - @cyph0r - @littleaquila for passing it along!

Deeno1105 10/19/2013 #

For this round, I'll be sending @manders2280 s card. i just got your user name from @AnnieMaxine and will write it at the top for you, I'm the 3rd stop so much more travelling to do before it hopefully comes back to you.

BluePoppy 10/19/2013 #

Hi, everybody!

I just want to thank

Sarah Chamberlain

Joy Hurley

Jenn M.

Sarala K.

Becky G.

Annie Fortunato, and

Mona Broomfield

for signing my pc!

It's just made its way back home after going in and out the US and Canada a couple of times.

Special thanks to Mona, who was the one who actually mailed the pc back to me, and Annie, our coordinator.

You guys rock!

fawnscrafts 10/20/2013 #

Made it to number 1 again whoo hoo!

misscorina 10/21/2013 #

I have received the following cards (they are travelling together)

  • Donna Owen (Angel Oak postcard)
  • Moniek Krouwel (Round 10)
  • Debbie Thorson (Round 9)

Will pass them on in this round

Mimi7 10/21/2013 #

AT misscorina, I am so glad to know my Angel postcard is still traveling! :) Donna Owen/Mimi7

Deeno1105 10/21/2013 #


I rec'd my original PC from R5 (2/18/13). My card must have a fear of flying. It only left the U.S. once to visit Canada.

Thanks to: @penandink Carolynn in LA, Amanda in MI, Edith in AR, Grace in NJ, Nadia in Canada, Frank in IA, & Mymie in MA. for signing & sending my card. I'm not sure, but it seems to have been sent home from Frank in IA..........Thank you!

Deeno1105 10/21/2013 #

@AnnieMaxine ~ How long will this swap continue? It must be rough on you watching this swap but I think I speak for the group when I say "YOU ROCK"! #1 swap! Thanks for all your time & effort in making such a fun swap.

AnnieMaxine 10/21/2013 #

I don't know how long it will continue! I guess until no one signs up anymore? For the record, if anyone no longer wishes to participate, at any time, please send your cards back to me (PM me for my address), and DO NOT sign back up for another round. I will get all postcards back into rotation.

Glad folks are getting theirs back now! :)

AnnieMaxine 10/21/2013 #

I just received @mskadie 's super unique postcard to send out for this round. This was its 4th stop on its journey!

mcovey 10/22/2013 #

@vckyen started R15 I am 3rd person to sign

@vivaladiane rounbd 14 started I am second to sign

@Sue S I am 11th person to sign plenty of room left

@gabby10601 started in round 4 still plenty room since it is oversized

StarMouse 10/22/2013 #

Hi folks! I have no idea where my cards are, but I have great faith that they will return to me eventually. I love this swap. I give AnnieMaxine a star every round. If I could, I'd give her more! Thanks so much for this very interesting swap!

twobluecrows 10/22/2013 #

I received the postcard from Round #14 finally! It just takes a little longer from Indonesia, so if you are waiting for one from there, have a pinch more patience ;)

Hollycarole92 10/23/2013 #

Haven't received the PC from the last round or been rated for the PC I sent along in the last round. :/

N1ght0wl21 10/23/2013 #

I have 46 swaps so hopefully I can get four in tomorrow otherwise I'll wait until next round.

mdkrouwel 10/24/2013 #

Glad to see at least one of my cards turned up! I have a card from Rachel Doyle here.

mcovey 10/24/2013 #

@N1ghtOwl21 if you want I can send you a couple of mine to send this round just pm your addy and I will get them out tomorrow

smadronia 10/25/2013 #

I have Kim91262's card, and Misscorina's card

AnnieMaxine 10/25/2013 #

Just received two postcards from a swapper that is taking a bit of a break for a few months. They belong to: @preslarb and @Vickyen

pne 10/25/2013 #

@mdkrouwel that's probably @rachelcdoyle

kim91262 10/25/2013 #

thanks @smadronia i was wondering if my PC was still out there!!

mamarochat 10/26/2013 #

I am sending along postcards belonging to London13 and M. Loftin. I will be heading to the post office shortly.

leilx 10/26/2013 #

I have Juliana John's card which I am sending along.

zasa 10/26/2013 #

I have Sherry Harmes Card!

Apelser 10/27/2013 #

I have Lucine van Dams ( @Lucine ? ) card and it will be going home.

asmom 10/29/2013 #

Have J. Hammell (JJ9126) card, started in R12.

latentsmile 10/29/2013 #

Oh shoot I just sealed the envelope…I can see…I am sending cards on for…
Mary Covey
Julie L. Smith
and a THIRD new card for myself since I have not seen mine in a few rounds.

AnnieMaxine 10/30/2013 #

@latentsmile and all others. Please do not start a new one unless you did not get one in time for a round or have been instructed by myself to do so. We don't want to get too many cards floating around. Just because you haven't seen your name doesn't mean your postcard is lost.

coolbeans 10/31/2013 #

Hey @AnnieMaxine i got my post card back i stated in Rd 8 May, It had been to 9 places
Kelly in Ga.
Amber in Fl.
Jenn in Canada
Donna in IL.
Ann in Wales UK
Heather in Az.
Deene Moss in Tx. and thank you for the comment on the card

Jasmyn in IL
Tania in Belgium

Thank you lady's that was so much fun

preslarb 11/ 1/2013 #

I will be sending palmettogirl727 off today to South Africa!!

Vickyen 11/ 1/2013 #

I received my pc from Round 8!! I am so excited - it has been to the following areas - SD (US), Canada, Indonesia, WI (US), AZ (US), Germany, Reno (US), MI (US), and NV (US) - thank you to everyone for sending it on its way each time - oh' the stories it could tell!! Hugs and Happy Swapping everyone! TY @AnnieMaxine for the fun swap! ;)

AnnieMaxine 11/ 1/2013 #

AWESOME!!! So excited that so many people are getting their postcards back!! Some great travels on these cards!

user6937 11/ 1/2013 #

Just received Rose Dziorny's card - I'm only the 3rd name, so it's travelling - went to the Netherlands, Germany and now Canada.

preslarb 11/ 2/2013 #

I received my pc from round 10!! It went to Canada, Netherlands, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada, Germany, Mississippi, and back to Nevada. Now I'm ready to get another one started!! ;)

Vickyen 11/ 4/2013 #

I have @Apelsen s pc from R12 - it has been to Sweden and Canada - now in Waterloo, IL USA - will forward next round! ;)

arianneroxa 11/ 9/2013 #

I just received Vicky Erylent's (?) lovely postcard, which shows the pu'u' O-o Vent in Hawaii. :)

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