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The Ides of Trump

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A new anti-Trump demonstration is in the works. But this time, it’s in the form of writing.

The Ides of Trump website

A social media post that encourages people to flood President Trump with postcards has gone viral. Activists are calling on users to mail Trump a postcard on March 15th. The idea is to get enough people to voice their opposition to where the public’s concerns can no longer be ignored.

The movement has been deemed #TheIdesOfTrump. The word “ides” refers to “The Ides of March”—a date that corresponds to March 15 on the Roman calendar. March 15, 44 B.C. was also the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated. The date is associated with doom.

The original social media post reads:

On March 15th, each of us will mail Donald Trump a postcard that publicly expresses our opposition to him. And we, in vast numbers, from all corners of the world, will overwhelm the man with his unpopularity and failure. We will show the media and the politicians what standing with him—and against us—means. And most importantly, we will bury the White House post office in pink slips, all informing Donnie that he’s fired!

Each of us—every protester from every march, each Congress-calling citizen, every boycotter, volunteer, donor, and petition signer—if each of us writes even a single postcard and we put them all in the mail on the same day, March 15th, well: you do the math.

No alternative fact or Russian translation will explain away our record-breaking, officially-verifiable, warehouse-filling flood of fury. Hank Aaron currently holds the record for fan mail, having received 900,000 pieces in a year. We’re setting a new record: over a million pieces in a day, with not a single nice thing to say.

So sharpen your wit, unsheathe your writing implements, and see if your sincerest ill-wishes can pierce Donald’s famously thin skin. (Dump Despicable Donnie! He’s not my President! Impeach Dumpy Donnie! Not smart enough to be my President! Stop walking all over our Constitution! Donnie the dictator belongs in Russia!).

Prepare for March 15th, 2017, a day hereafter to be known as #TheIdesOfTrump

Write one postcard. Write a dozen! Take a picture and post it on social media tagged with #TheIdesOfTrump! Spread the word! Everyone on Earth should let Donnie know how he’s doing. They can’t build a wall high enough to stop the mail.

Then, on March 15th, mail your messages to:

President (for now) Donald J. Trump The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

It might just be enough to make him crack.

So, each participant will mail two postcards, one to President (for now) Donald J. Trump and one to your assigned partner. On the postcard to your partner please write a comment or two about any concerns you have for the current or future state of America. For your postcard to Trump please follow the instructions above.

Please be sure to place a return address on the upper left hand corner of your postcard. Name isn't necessary for the return but a return address is. We want to ensure that the postcards male it through and anonymous correspondence may be discarded.

I'm making this post international as I'm sure there are a great many people all over the world with their eyes on America.

The goal is to have all of these postmarked on the 15th!

People can still use this info to mail a postcard to the Whitehouse even if they don't meet swap requirements.

As long as you get a postcard from your partner that discusses concerns for the state current state of America (whether you agree with them or not) rate a 5. There is to be absolutely no down rating for opposing views! If you do not receive a postcard from your partner I will angel after you rate a 1. In the event a large number of people sign up and flake I may need to enlist the help of other angels.


PrairieKittin 03/ 3/2017 #

I found this site...
Click on "postcards" at the top. They have some great anti-tRump cards! LOL!!

stkirsch 03/ 4/2017 #

Thank you @PrairieKitting those are wonderful.

Jjean 03/ 4/2017 #

I am not against President Trump. Is there a site for something other than criticism?

03Scarlett 03/ 4/2017 #

Talk about pathetic!

naturenerd3 03/ 4/2017 #

@03Scarlett Not participating in the swap, but can we be adults and have different opinions without insulting each other please?

qbee 03/ 4/2017 #

I agree with naturenerd3 and will leave it at that.

junemoon 03/ 5/2017 #

I'm joining although I suspect he will never see the flood of PCs and assume it's all positive. Actually although I'm 78 years old, I'd do cartwheels down Pennsylvania Avenue if I thought it would end his reign... err presidency.

And I would say to those who approve of Trump that it is not a personal slur against YOU when others of us dislike him. YOU should be as firm in your opinion as possible and allow others to have opposite opinions without whining about it and trying to make us act like "good little girls who never show their anger" and disapproval.

pkpeace 03/ 5/2017 #

@Jjean I am not against President Trump. Is there a site for something other than criticism?

This is an American 1st Amendment Right! Swap-Bot is not a political site.

bbbhill6 03/ 5/2017 #

This swap is not right it doesn't matter if your for President Trump like I am or if you are against him. this site is supposed to be politics free and I believe most people really don't want to see these kind of swaps on here. This is only my opinion I did not join swap bot to see this kind of politics swap This should be a non politics site. They are other places and sites for this. I join for the fun of it and not to see this kind of swaps. Again this is only my opinion. We all need to grow up and move on.

lillinda3 03/ 5/2017 #

Horrible idea!!! Please keep politics off of this site!! We should be about bringing us together, not ripping us apart!

stkirsch 03/ 5/2017 #

To people who are not interested in joining the swap, that's fine and understandable. You need not join. For those who would like an alternative swap to send support, it is unreasonable to ask me if there is one as it is fairly clear that it is something I have no interest in doing. As for making things political. When I see a swap with which I disagree I scroll on past and leave the coordinator to his/her own devices.

Thank you for the opinions of those who disagree, but I would kindly request that you refrain from further comments. @naturenerd3 and @June moon thank you for your support in my right to host this swap. I'm all for people not agreeing with me, but bringing comments of disdain here helps no one.

stkirsch 03/ 5/2017 #

Also, contrary to what some have said in their comments, there is nothing in the swap-bot terms of use against swaps of a political nature.

LunaUA 03/ 6/2017 #

So basically anyone who disagrees with this swap SHOULD be "good little girls who never show their anger?" Putting up a swap that is either for or against Trump is like painting a bullseye on the swap list. You all do as you like... I personally would prefer to see neither, terms or no terms... I am at least happy to see in this swap that you haven't promised to be rated down if you happen to get a pro-Trump partner. I saw that in another swap as part of the swap guideline.

stkirsch 03/ 6/2017 #

No @LunaUA I'm not asking for people to not be upset. I'm asking for people to refrain from commenting negatively without anything constructive pertaining to the swap. I'm all for healthy debate, but perhaps that is better done in the forums. I would not comment on someone's swap negatively unless it was something constructive to help facilitate it. For example I may ask about rating requirements or clarification. People are free to message me with concerns.

As for painting a bulls eye, perhaps you are right. However it is up to each individual Swap-bot user whether they feel shooting at said target is appropriate or charitable behavior. Consider this parallel when questioning whether a particular swap should be allowed to exist. How many people have been told that wearing of religious garb, be it a yarmulka (sp?), hajib, Star of David, etc. is a magnet for people who disagree? Should that diminish their right to exist, should they appease the masses and deny their existence and identity?

Also, thank you for mentioning down rating. I made sure to clarify in my swap that behavior is unacceptable.

sabbysteg 03/ 7/2017 #

I hosted a swap very similar to this recently and haters like this also posted on my swap trying to...I am not sure what their goal was, actually. I most definitely included a directive to rate down if there was anything pro-Trump sent as it was a swap to express dissent AGAINST TRUMP and would've not fulfilled the swap terms if that part was not completed. I seriously don't understand what is hard for folks like @LunaUA to comprehend--you don't like the swap, cool, free country. Make your OWN pro-Trump swap on here. There are literally no requirements one has to meet in order to host a swap. Also those who think this site is supposed to be politics-free? There is nothing anywhere in the terms of service or FAQ indicating that in any way, shape, or form. I checked. This is typical though, lots of folks seem to think if they don't agree with something, they should prevent others from doing it. Live and let live. Be happy, go play in the sunshine, and if something someone else is doing is bothering you but it actually has no real life effect on you at all, then go about your day and do something that makes you happy.

Bluelily 03/ 7/2017 #

I love President Trump. It would have been more fair and classy to allow members to send to their party if they wish and not bashing one person. This country has opinions on lots of things and all should be able to express themselves freely.

stkirsch 03/ 7/2017 #

Well I guess I'm one of the classless masses. Carry on out of here if you think so poorly of this swap coordinator

stkirsch 03/ 7/2017 #

@sabbysteg thanks for your support. I wish I'd seen your swap, I world have joined in a heartbeat if I'd known about its existence. In the case of your swap it makes absolutely 100% sense to include the rating instructions that you did. In this swap since we're writing what our concerns are to others it seemed like there should be a little more leeway since our concerns are different.

I'm wondering if I should have added a component that a picture of the dissent postcard sent to the Whitehouse should be emailed to partners a requirement.

Jadelynn 03/ 8/2017 #

I get so angry when I read that people support Trump. I want to write some nasty things now, but I know I can't do that. It's hard though, lol!

I can not understand why this swaps shouldn't be made.

Sending out a pro-Trump card to me will result in a "3" because that's not the required swap subject. There are so many religious swaps too! I don't like that either. I'm not religious, shall I send a anti-religion card then? No... that's ridiculous.

If you don't like swaps about politics, ignore it and move on. Not that hard, is it?

I didn't hear about this action yet, I think I'll send 5 of my ugliest and offensive cards. Need to check if I have some LBGT cards, lol!

Mieke 03/ 8/2017 #

Love this swap! I do think my card will be late though, being sent from Belgium. But anything to irk him is fine to me. :P

starhiker 03/ 8/2017 #

Its very simple if you dont like the swap subject don't join. Trump is so obtuse I doubt he will get the point however it will make me feel better to tell him what I think in a PC. I think I will ask him why he lies so much and is so oblivious to real facts.

mgallardo68 03/ 8/2017 #

I have been following your swap since the first day it was created and I am ready to sign at its deadline just to not compromise my dashboard. Thank you for going beyond borders because of thinking that international viewers couldn't care about USA politics, is the most misleading concept. We do as we know anything done in America, will impact our own economies but especially because we are aware of how bad this period can be for the majority of Americans... Those that are facing the horrible true already and the ones who do not want to recognize how bad it is.

@Sumay wanted to do something similar, and she was harried to the point of deleting her swap, I am glad you have kept it!!!

sabbysteg 03/ 8/2017 #

@stkirsch if you want my 2 cents, I wouldn't necessarily add anything since people have already signed up with it as is. I agree with @mgallardo68 don't let anyone deter you from the swap.

bbbhill6 03/ 8/2017 #

President Trump is doing a fabulous job and I know this is going to be deleted. I guess freedom of speech is not allowed it's only allowed if you're against President Trump. I will keep saying this. this swap is not right We all need to be kind to each other and all your doing is spreading hate mail and that's not right.

sebastian122 03/ 9/2017 #

Wow. There are trolls on every site, huh?

Terrific swap @stkirsch ! We need more of this. =D

MyRetroSoul 03/ 9/2017 #

It's been so interesting reading the interactions here. One side has been level headed and polite and the other has been a bit hostile and are, for some reason, under the impression that they are being oppressed or personally insulted by this swap. I love swapbot because if I find that a swap isn't for me, I know I can either find another one or create another. So rather than complain and harass this host, why not do the work and host your own swap? Find your people and connect with them, share your frustrations with them. But do not attempt to harass the people, for which this space was created. If you wouldn't walk into a church shouting about how angry it makes you that they don't believe what you believe, you shouldn't do it in any other space where people who believe alike gather. At least, not without expecting people to ask you to either listen or leave.

stkirsch 03/ 9/2017 #

Bless you @MyRetroSoul

stkirsch 03/ 9/2017 #

And thank you too @sebastian122

Whippet 03/ 9/2017 #

Have you seen? "Inside the White House: Letters to the President," featuring Pres. Obama, obamawhitehouse.archives.gov

stkirsch 03/ 9/2017 #

No I haven't. Thank you @Whippet I'll be sure to check it out.

brianfuchs 03/ 9/2017 #

@bbbhill6 Just create your own swap to celebrate the "fabulous job" you think he's doing. The president works for the people and if I don't feel like he is representing me, I have every right to let him know. That isn't hate, it is democracy. YOU convinced me to join this swap.

Have a fun pro-Trump swap though. More power to you.

ihni 03/ 9/2017 #

I'm not joining the swap, but thank you for hosting it, and thank you for letting me know about this! I'm definitely sending a postcard anyway.

(Because I have opinions on Trump, and none of them are positive in any way, shape or form.)

TereDiane1954 03/ 9/2017 #

"You can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time." So, what would happen to this site if we all agreed to delete our swaps if they offended someone else? Right, there wouldn't be any swaps at all. When someone scolds at me for my thoughts, just like some are doing to the host of this swap, it honestly feels like they are telling me that I cannot have an opinion different than theirs. So, those who object to this swap should host a swap that pleases them. Those of us who disagree will avoid it. Everyone will be happy. I hope!

renmagpie 03/ 9/2017 #

I'm not joining this swap but after seeing some of the gate hate posted here with respect to it. I am SO glad I left some of the groups I did recently where the trolls are active hosts. This swap does not violate any terms of Swap-Bot. If one doesn't agree, one need not join. There is no call to leave ignorant comments like those above. Take to Twitter and rant about it there if you don't like the swap. I hear thats the thing to do these days when one doesn't like negative publicity. Maybe blame the press and former president president Obama for the swap while you're over there having a Twitter fit too. That'll show 'em.

smmarrty 03/ 9/2017 #

I received my "Girls Just want to have FUNdamental Rights" postcards from NYC so I am ready to rock this swap.

tigerlily2110 03/10/2017 #

Well done girl, stand up and be counted. It's like folk and TV programmes, they watch and complain, but don't switch the thin off. If you don't like the swap don't join, but don't use this comment bit for a political whinge! walk away. I'm in the UK, and being ladylike, I can't, and wont sound my views on Trump on here, but..... I feel so sorry for America. I think I may just join this.

whytewillow 03/10/2017 #

This is highly inappropriate for a supposed fun and anti stress group of artists. Furthermore, wanting Trump to fail is like wanting the pilot of the plane that you're on to crash. Personally I don't think this should be allowed on swap bot...

ChelseaDagger 03/10/2017 #

Wow, it terrifies me to read people think he's doing a fabulous job. Horribly rascist, and his environmental agenda alone ... scary stuff. Please stop watching Fox News. Democracy Now! is wonderful independent site. Great swap!

sebastian122 03/10/2017 #

^^^ Agreed!!! ^^^

sebastian122 03/10/2017 #

@whytewillow when I'm on a plane, I am confident the pilot is qualified to fly my plane, it's why there is (for the moment!) the FAA.

CoffeePotPeople 03/10/2017 #

Not only am I joining, I went to the website and shared in on FB, joined the event there, and invited a few more dozens of people, who I hope will also join and invite more of Their friends. This is what democracy looks like. Each of us has only one voice, out of the 6 Billion in the world. Alone, we are inaudible; together we can roar.

LisaLisa3 03/10/2017 #

If you don't like it, don't join, we are all free to host whatever swaps we would like, you have the choice not to join and not to like it, move along if it's not for you.

LunaMoody 03/10/2017 #

It never ceases to amaze me how people can say that everyone has a right to freedom of speech and belief, yet at the same time say that they are being oppressed if someone expresses an opinion that is different from theirs. Why is it so hard to just let each other express their feelings and belief and respect each others right to have those feeling and beliefs. Your more likely to come to an agreement on something if you leave out the name calling, finger pointing and verbal bashing of each other. There is a saying that fits perfectly - "Why don't we just agree to disagree'. In other words just accept and respect each others right to have an opinion. As well as voice it.

Maggie249 03/10/2017 #

this is absolutely stupid - he is our president now and we always say ok lets roll with whoever is elected. this is shameful of Americans to act like this

Bhindblueeyes 03/10/2017 #

Whether I agree or disagree with your (or anyone's) political stance, it doesn't matter. My comment is not about that. I imagine it is quite frustrating to post a swap and have such backlash. I had posted a swap, not too long ago, that faced some backlash because a participant did not agree with the Type (1, 2, or 3) I had selected. That's neither here nor there. As American citizens (and all those outside of our borders, too!), it's not about supporting the message but supporting one's right to say it. I'm assuming your intention with this swap was to connect like-minded people who enjoy swapping. I'm sorry this is going on; it doesn't seem reasonable. I don't make friendship books, but I don't lose my ever loving mind every time I see a FB swap. Though I myself am not participating, as a fellow swap-bot user and hostess, I SUPPORT your right to host whatever swap that tickles your fancy. Best of luck in this and future swaps you may host :)

dictionary 03/10/2017 #


To have political dissent? Wow. What an ignorant comment.

Shall we not disagree with authority, government, or those with power? That sounds like the land our forefathers escaped from in the 1700's.

bbbhill6 03/10/2017 #

Fox News is the only station that does tells lies and it not spread fake news. the reason that this is offensive is because it's spreading hate that's the only reason why it's offensive and that the only reason why it's wrong. you can agree or disagree with me it really doesn't matter but you're spreading hate which means that you do not want this country to succeed. we all need to learn to get along we all need to learn to like each other and love each other and not hate each other and this is what the swap is doing is spreading hate. lastly Obama lied all the time he lies more than president Trump. He's not perfect and he might not get all his facts right but we're all not perfect and we all do not get our facts right we all need to support him because if we do not support him then we're all going to go down the toilet and it seems like that's what you want is this country to go down the toilet. Continue to spread your hate and you'll see where this country is going to. It doesn't surprise me that the people on the left doesn't want this country to succeed. It's wrong and I'm going to continue to say that it's wrong. I don't care that this swap has to do with politics. it's the point that it's spreading hate.

smmarrty 03/10/2017 #

This isn't about hate - we are sending postcards to voice our concerns about the issues that are important to us. We are all sending at the same time so the volume of postcards is part of the message. Every US citizen has the right to contact their elected leaders to educate said leaders about the issues that are important, misrepresented or misunderstood. I might be advocating the Wolf Highway, or clean oceans or spaces for lactating mothers. There are a zillion things that people want to see happen. This isn't about hate - it's about speaking up.

stkirsch 03/10/2017 #

@bbbhill6 unfortunately I will be reporting you to the site admin.

stkirsch 03/10/2017 #

The third rule of swap-bot terms of service states: You must not abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate other Swap-bot users.

bbbhill6 03/10/2017 #

I'm sorry if you're thinking I'm abusing or harassing I'm just saying that this is wrong it's spreading hate that's all this is my opinion but I guess my opinion is not worth anything and I'm sorry if I offended anybody

kiddomerriweather 03/10/2017 #

Great idea for a swap. Trump is running our country into the ground. I don't understand people who can't see that. Just wait until he takes away your healthcare. Then maybe you'll open your eyes.

sabbysteg 03/10/2017 #

Some would argue that Fox News spreads hate itself, nb: anything Anne Coulter has ever said. Just sayin'. Anyway, this looks like it's gotten quite popular--sometimes the loudest voices are not the majority. Way to go @stkirsch Just hope that the vetting process allows this to end up a very successful swap. (I'd join but I am on a swapping break for a little bit.)

pkpeace 03/10/2017 #

The switchboard in the White House has been shut down because Trump doesn't want to hear anyone's concerns.

He deserves a little snail mail.

midwestkiwi 03/10/2017 #

I am astonished at the number of dissenters opposed to this swap, and the lack of an opportunity to join that opposition. It appears that nearly every commenter is eligible to host a swap and yet I don’t see said swap. So, [planting tongue in cheek] here goes.Alas, the Ides of Trump

user6937 03/11/2017 #

I'm actually surprised this didn't make it to the top 10 list. I didn't sign up, but I might just send a pc anyway. There's already a big enough wall b/w our countries (that imaginary one that causes slow mail) - I'd hate to see a real one someday.

ChelseaDagger 03/11/2017 #

It did. That's how I came across it.

PrairieKittin 03/11/2017 #

I'm so glad you hosted this swap. I was going to send a postcard anyway. I'm happy to be able to do this through a swap. For all the haters out there, all I can say is, If you don't like it, don't join the swap. I don't go around leaving hate messages on all the swaps for a certain religion that I disagree with. I simply pass it by and ignore the swap.

PrairieKittin 03/14/2017 #

Got a stack of postcards in the mailbox to go out tomorrow on the Ides of tRUMP.

pactodeficcion 03/15/2017 #

Awesome swap, @stkirsch I hadn't heard about the ides of Trump until I saw this. You're really brave for keeping it posted despite some immature cyberbullies - I guess that's why they support someone who basically spreads hate every time he opens his mouth. I'll definitely send my postcard today! Thanks for hosting!

starhiker 03/15/2017 #

I didn't sign up but have 3 PC's ready to go. Telling someone your opinion is not hate, disagreeing with government is not hate either. I've been writing government officials for years if I wanted something to change, Trump is not exempt from that. The last president was treated horribly by the people who did not like him and Trump was a good part in stirring up the awful hate which lead to that treatment. For years he stirred the pot, it's time for him to catch some flak over his lies. Thanks for hosting it lets me know who I don't want to swap with.

JeanetteC 03/15/2017 #

I really wished I had seen this swap. But thank you for the info so I can at least mail a post card.

stkirsch 03/15/2017 #

For those of you that missed the opportunity to join this swap but still opted to participate in the Ides of Trump thank you all!

smmarrty 03/15/2017 #

I felt empowered mailing my postcards today - no messages of hate. I just voiced my concerns about education and women's health and what I think about fake news.

milamilamura 03/15/2017 #

I sent out my postcard today, and it felt great! And it's so pretty! You can check it out here if you want :) Wonderful swap!!

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