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Favorite Color Fun Swap

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Favorite Color Fun Swap
Swap Coordinator:jterrazas (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items 
Number of people in swap:89
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:February 28, 2011
Date items must be sent by:March 10, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

Send a package to one partner using only the color scheme of their favorite color. You can send ribbons, socks, notepads, photo albums, candles, paper, embellies, postcards, socks...the list can go on and on! Anything and everything goes.The value of the package should be at least $5.00 US filled with things your partner would like. Remember to send something you would like to receive.

Participants: please list your favorite color below...as we all have several favorites we need to pick the one we want for this swap!

Newbies welcome with full profile...All others please have at least a 4.88. Please no flakers. If you have a recent 1's or 3's, please explain why and you may be allowed to join. I would hate for someone to miss out due to an unfair rating.


CometaGuavaberry 02/ 9/2011 #

Nice idea ! I like Turquoise color * Like This

fairypretty7 02/10/2011 #


i love color, but purple is my first choice. :)

Strawberry 02/10/2011 #

I love pretty much all colors too - but for this swap I'll choose orange - that is, any shade of orange besides neon/fluro orange. I don't like fluro colors.

Just to ensure my partner doesn't have trouble getting orange things, you can choose items that are red or yellow too (orange wouldn't exist without 'em)! Hehe ~ Hope this is okay! :)

Fanfreak 02/10/2011 #


Love this idea!

My fave is earthy colors; but I'll have to pick Turquoise, but green or blue is fine too.

pinkrenegade 02/10/2011 #

I would love white. If you're having a hard time with a white theme then shades of purple would be lovely. Thanks!

MonkeysInk 02/10/2011 #

Great idea! I did one like this a couple of years ago and it was really fun!

I'd love to receive things that are either lime green or turquoise - that gives my partner two choices. :)


CindyDailey 02/10/2011 #

I love Orange, and I am so ready for this Spring Time Color!

Taisa 02/10/2011 #

:) for this swap I'd love red, deep red or even ruby


Robynmh4 02/10/2011 #

I will pick GREEN for this swap since so much is out for spring, but please NO dark/hunter green ,Thanks! (if other colors are mixed in, like on a journal or card or whatever that is fine too!!) : )

Halogen 02/10/2011 #

I would like teal please! This is bluey-green so things closer to a blue or green range are fine too :)

jterrazas 02/11/2011 #

Well I guess I should post my favorite color too! I love dark purple. I can handle a little light purple but mainly enjoy the deep dark purple (not maroon). I also, love red and teal in case you can't find enough dark purple.

KittyBoo 02/12/2011 #

Purple please, all shades (i also love lavender smelling stuff as an idea) x

leafsgirl420 02/14/2011 #

Red or Hot Pink please :D

MrsStolen 02/16/2011 #

lime green or silver please. or both :) im flexible. as long as its fun.

vlinder 02/16/2011 #

My fav. is pink but you can choose terqoise for me to!!!!I Love this swap.

bonni56 02/16/2011 #

Hmm. so many colors to choose from. Actually I think Blue is my favorite. There are so many shades of it and I love them all.

cazhugs 02/17/2011 #

Hi there...excited by this swap :-D anywho my fave colour is RED, any shade will do and I don't mind if there are other colours involved :-P

Gracelovescoffee 02/17/2011 #

My favorite colour right now is what I like to call "yummy yellow". Yes I know it sounds kinda funny but what I'm talking about is a really warm/rich golden/ mustard/ traffic sign yellow! <3

IrisLightofMyLife 02/17/2011 #

i will pick red, a nice rich red. I love any jewel tone though.

honeyblossom 02/18/2011 #

Mine is Red also.

AngieDawn 02/18/2011 #

I love this idea but I've been doing a lot of packages to the UK lately and it's getting EXPENSIVE...the last one was $24 just for shipping (2 1/2 times the value of the contents). So is there a regional version of this swap?

anderson87 02/18/2011 #

Purple is my favourite colour!

AdaMomo 02/20/2011 #

I love green!

Fofo 02/22/2011 #

Blue for me!

hopeangeline 02/22/2011 #

i love pink!!

evitake 02/23/2011 #

signing up with turquoise too i love that color have been looking for eyeshadows eyeliners -in this color for ages but here don't find them easily anyway if u can't find anything turkois i like blue-green(the spring green) and red too

dodothefairy 02/23/2011 #

I like pink

dodothefairy 02/23/2011 #

I like pink

curlytop529 02/23/2011 #

ORANGE :O))) It makes me happy.

filmqueen3 02/24/2011 #

My favorite color is Teal....it can sometimes be confused with Turquoise...so anything Teal/Turquoise works for me!! :-)

Craftaholic 02/25/2011 #

For this swap I am going with my fave color is turquoise ;) So exciting!! Happy swapping all

Erin2300 02/25/2011 #

My favorite color is pink!!! And I'd you have trouble finding pink stuff red is okay too!!!

bluebear 02/25/2011 #

my fav colour is pink love pink and also purple is nice as well.

Samettinyytti 02/25/2011 #

I haven't listed this in my profile (maybe I should) but I'd like to receive (dark) green things, please.

DebraTHead 02/25/2011 #

My favorite color is purple in fact any range of purple.

Godssongg 02/25/2011 #

This sounds like so much fun! My favorite color is Pink! I also Love black, if that is helpful.

jterrazas 02/25/2011 #

For any of you who would like to have a regional swap only, I will be creating one this weekend!

Godssongg 02/25/2011 #

Whoo-hoo! I want to join that one please!

LittleSnuggleMonkey 02/25/2011 #

Great swap! ♥ ♥ I love all shades of pink ♥ ♥

Bub 02/25/2011 #

I Love Purple, any colour purple.

oneholypassion44 02/25/2011 #

Green or Brown please!

Ashlee1089 02/26/2011 #

Oooo Bright, Vivid Turquoise please!

Kittychat62 02/26/2011 #

Oh, Purple Please as I just love the color and all shades of purple. No eye make up please as I am allergic to most if not all. Thanks for understanding!

chiken79 02/26/2011 #

Blue, pink, or purple please.

Lillypooh12 02/26/2011 #

I would love Purple.... but I'd be just as happy with anything pink, blue, or green. :)

jennylynn46 02/26/2011 #

I love the color Pink in any shades

electrichaos 02/26/2011 #

i really like black + white together. does that count as a color?

or else lime green.

terrygirl17 02/26/2011 #

terrygirl17 love your swap, cute. ok, I love PINK and TURQUOISE WHITE and BLACK there you are, 4 colors to choose . lots of luck to you and me. peace terry

McPaintPants 02/26/2011 #

right now I'm obsessed with peach!!!! also really loving mustard yellow. but if these are too hard to find please pm me for other ideas. <3

user6728 02/26/2011 #

My favorite color is black! (Especially with red, white, or purple.)

user6728 02/26/2011 #

): Sorry, have to drop- I'll be out of town and didn't realize.

SilentDG 02/26/2011 #

Great idea! My favorite color is blue.

mienkintoshfairie 02/26/2011 #

My favorite color is different shades of blue, then greens, then purples. I do not like neon colors. My favorite color was black...but i am trying to break out of that, lol!

namabear 02/27/2011 #

Im new to swap-bot this is my second swap to join sounds cool. My favorite color is teal green.

deedoug 02/27/2011 #

I like all bright colors. no dull browns or grays. i love a rainbow of bright colors

Eowyn3399 02/27/2011 #

im excited for this one! i love anything and everything RED! :) (including my hair extensions, lol)

Cibosity 02/27/2011 #

I love colors, and its definately hard to pick just one. So I guess i'll go with blue: any shade from the edge of purple to getting close to green.

LadyDragon 02/27/2011 #

Color: Green - any green, really. It should be interesting to see what comes up.

Saucyknits 02/27/2011 #

Hi, for this swap, I'd like to receive purples/lavenders/violets...lavender scents are nice, too.

birdiepoop 02/27/2011 #

GREENS are my favourite :D lx

Aunty 02/27/2011 #

any shades of purple please.

bmorrow 02/27/2011 #

wow um any shade of blue, pink, and purple are my faves but I am not picky I love pastels this time of year as well :) I am weird I guess I like colors that go with the seasons haha:)

badandknowsit2 02/27/2011 #

i like red best

nlgrudis 02/27/2011 #

Maroon for me (or any from my profile "likes")

GingerSpazz 02/27/2011 #

My Favorite is Green... I love all kinds of greens. Neon green is also a plus.

ShortyRedds 02/27/2011 #

I love red

thatagirl 02/27/2011 #

Any reds or blues =)

toothteri 02/27/2011 #

Anything bright!

gnarlmonster 02/27/2011 #

Shades of purple for me please!

suchawoman 02/27/2011 #

Teal or salmon for me....or any color from my profile. Thanks!

MOMO 02/27/2011 #

pink, red, or purple, gold or silver for me :)

chincho 02/28/2011 #

Silver, Black&White comb. ore Green (not neon) for me please.

chincho 02/28/2011 #

OHHHHH ! SORRY! I do not know what happened......

anicka22 02/28/2011 #

I love I Turquoise color. If this is to difficult I love blue&silvercomb or pink.

Mugsie 02/28/2011 #

I like bright colors. I also love dusty rose, antique mint green, and any shade of blue.

PinkFluff 02/28/2011 #

I'd like something RED or BLUE please :o)

livvy 02/28/2011 #

Turquoise, teal or any shade of blue would be great please! :D

Sunflower107 02/28/2011 #

I love yellow

kirstykai 02/28/2011 #

I love pink

TinaC 02/28/2011 #

Pink, Purple, Orange.

SGriffin 02/28/2011 #

Green for me!

luckypenny 02/28/2011 #

I love dark blue

paperbutterflywings 02/28/2011 #

I do love greens of any sort. But I will take colour scheme, just not purple (recently took part in a purple theme swap so have lots of purple things now!) or yellow (not a fan of the colour!)

Shiraz 02/28/2011 #

I love turquoise, yellow, red, fushia.


fugeecat 02/28/2011 #

red is my favorite color for this swap!

Oogolly 02/28/2011 #

Teal/Turquoise Favorite color ever

kindledwhimsy 02/28/2011 #

orange please- it has such warm energy! :0)

swappintoya 02/28/2011 #

anything purple :)

maroyau 03/ 1/2011 #

Purple, red or jewel tones

dchance 03/ 1/2011 #

My favorite color is burgundy/maroon. If that's too tough, I also love pink.

funkypeacenik 03/ 1/2011 #

Oranges and Yellows and Dark Blues...

selahgal 03/ 1/2011 #

Pink or light blues !!

ginnyluvspotter 03/ 1/2011 #

I love light pink or bright pink with black

tonie2weeks 03/ 1/2011 #

tonie 2 weeks is on a spring color mission.... light pastels

krystalskitsch 03/ 1/2011 #

bright colors -- aqua, green, yellow!

Fever 03/ 1/2011 #

Did I already post my preference? If not: I'd like dark shades of beautiful green - emerald or fir green.

audreyrivera735 03/ 2/2011 #

i like bright colors : hot pink, turquoise or yellow

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