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Swap Coordinator:TartsandTattoos (contact)
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Number of people in swap:91
Last day to signup/drop:September 16, 2008
Date items must be sent by:September 30, 2008
Number of swap partners:1

Well, since I was so disappointed the recent (and clearly much attended) chocolate swap was canceled, I'm bringing it back!

Everyone one gets one partner and will send chocolate (bars, bits, bits...whatever you like) from your part of the world.

Now I know some of you will say "It's too hot where I live right now" Well A: So jealous... and B: IT WILL BE FINE! Chocolate travels so well and unless your local postie leaves it in full sunlight you will be surprised how much a bar will take. And IF in the rare event this happens, put the package in the fridge for a bit, you'll be set to enjoy in mere minutes.

Now the wee $ details. Spend atleast $5 and if you're worried about international postage maybe purchase the 'baby' sized bars. I personnally would love them, something chocolatey and cute would definately make me smile. I know I can never stay within the dollar constraints but don't feel obligated to spend a day's wages. Your partner will savour whatever you send. And as usual- if you want to send extra goodies of whatever you choose someone will smile a whole day!

Leave a message as to what you like, dislike and if you are allergic to anything. If you are open to some 'extra' homemade chocolates in your package or if you would rather commercial all the way.

And finally... If you have any NO SENDS, sorry this isn't the swap for you- my last swap had 3 people NO SEND and though I sent parcels to each person, I feel it's unfair that you get and not give.

NEWBIES ARE WELCOME! It's hard for new members to get started with ratings and want to give them a chance.

Everyone make sure your profiles are filled out, leave notes below and email me if you have any questions, concerns or otherwise.

Happy Swapping!


Agnetha 09/ 1/2008 #

To my partner: I love milk chocolate (no white please). Normal fillings such as caramell, marshmallows and strawberry are fine, but please no fillings such as coconut, alcohol, nuts. You can always take a look at my profile (better list there what I like and dislike).

BeautifulMess 09/ 1/2008 #

I like milk and white chocolate =D! No dark please...

I like chocolate with fruit and nuts in too but none of that stuff thats like filled with strawberry or something unless it's caramel.

Welshgirlie 09/ 1/2008 #

I like any chocolate, except any wth marzipan on or in, oh and hard toffee inside, really looking forward to this swap, sending and recieving!! hehe :-) Great idea!

meggert 09/ 1/2008 #

I like milk chocolate.fillings are good especially orange and rasberry. Nuts and fruits are okay to. I cannot eat caramels or hard toffee. Great Swap!!!!

missheili 09/ 1/2008 #

I am a Newbie!! :) I swap on another site though so dont worry i am an honest swapper!! I like white chocolate, anything with Caramel and strawberry in it and Milk Chocolate!! Basically anything bar what ive listed below as my dislikes!! I dont like anything with fruit, Nuts, dark chocolate, alcohol, Turkish Delight or Mint!!!

Juls 09/ 1/2008 #

I like milk and white chocolate but no dark please... Chocolate with fruit and nuts in too but none of the ones thats filled with fruit cream/jam or stuff like that.

Juls 09/ 1/2008 #

The previous swap said approx 250- 300 grms of chocolate.... does the same apply for this swap too??

Juls 09/ 1/2008 #

Btw ... I'm OK with homemade too as long as its well packed and hold the contents in in case it melts.

fede 09/ 2/2008 #

hi and thanks for accepting Newbie like me! I'm from Italy and I think this is a great swap as we have delicious chocolate here!

I love all type of chocolate:)

nylelyn23 09/ 2/2008 #

I'm glad this swap is back! Anyways, I'm okay with all kinds of chocolate: especially those with nuts. and mint/dark chocolate is good too. i love caramel and toffee. i'm not so keen into white chocolate.

XCEPT i cannot eat anything that has alcohol, marshmallows, coconut, orange. and I hate Reese's peanut butter cups.

i hope i don't get the common chocolates like mars / snickers/ maltesers. but anything else is basically fine!

TartsandTattoos 09/ 2/2008 #

Just a note on Juls' comment. Send as much as you want, at the very least 2 bars, logs, sticks...whatever. I'm not going to put a weight on it. Use your judgement. Would you like to receive what you're sending? Always a good indicator.

purplvr 09/ 2/2008 #

luv this swap and lov all choc cant wait to get a partner! minis sound great i pack bentos and they would be perfect!

ladybree 09/ 2/2008 #

I'm happy this swap is back on and would love to try something found in your local area. I'm willing to try something unusual, but not too weird like insects, lol. But please no liqueur filled chocolates, marzipan, dark chocolate over 50% cacao, or chocolate with pineapple, banana or orange.

msSteady 09/ 2/2008 #

This is gonna be my first choco swap. Will put effort into it! Please don't get me stuff like mars/maltesers, etc. I can get them locally. Love choco with mint/caramel/nuts/marshmallows and strawberries. Can't take dark choco or too much of white choco, coconut/orange/pineapple/kiwi fillings. yucks. If possible, would like to try turkish delights that i have heard so much of. Thanks. =)

cheshire 09/ 3/2008 #

I love chocolatessss..I love caramel/white chocolate/hazelnuts/strwaberry filling/biscuits filing/crunchy! Please don't send me minty, coconut, dark chocolate, liqour filled, rum.


cheshire 09/ 3/2008 #

I love chocolatessss..I love caramel/white chocolate/hazelnuts/strwaberry filling/biscuits filing/crunchy! Please don't send me minty, coconut, dark chocolate, liqour filled, rum.


reauk 09/ 3/2008 #

i like milk choclate.. orange. strawberry,like to try something different. dont like dark or nuts or coffee choclates. allegic to nuts. something with fillings id like to try.no mars bars turkish delights crunchie i can get locally so please dont send .no liquor or alcohol.if unsure please pm me be4 sending hugs reauk.

LittleMissTrouble 09/ 3/2008 #

I like milk chocolate (no dark), with caramel, creamy and milk filling. Mostly everything goes, but I dont like alcohol filling.

Muriel 09/ 3/2008 #

No white chocolate or anything contaning alcohol for me, thank you.

Greenwoodtree 09/ 3/2008 #

HI all - IM ALLERGIC TO: CANOLA OIL, ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS.....I love really good chocolate - not into Nestles stuff..love chocolate and peanut butter, marzipan, real toffee, coconut, crunchy cookies, hazelnut, fruit fillings, organic stuff, homemade goodies okay as long as you are a clean cook (meaning you wash up well and dont pick your nose!) I dont like white chocolate by itself - afterall - its not really chocolate is it...

sportzmedchick 09/ 3/2008 #

Ok - this swap sounds really cool, I was going to say that I am open to anything, but the now that Ladybree brought up the insect thing, I'm going to have to put my foot down. So, anything but insects in the chocolate... lol!! Also, I would hope that if you are making your own goodies, you are keeping everything clean, right?!!? Cool

newrule 09/ 4/2008 #

NO chocolates that contain alcohol please. Thanks!

tj 09/ 5/2008 #

no dark chocolate please or with nuts in, dont have allergy,just dont like,thanks!

CherryBlossom 09/ 5/2008 #

I love milk chocolate. No dark or white chocolate or fruit filled. The only nuts I like in chocolate are almonds and hazelnuts. No alcohol chocolates, just plain ol solid milk chocolate bars. I also love peanut butter in chocolate.

amikins 09/ 5/2008 #

I prefer Dark chocolate, not a big fan of peanut butter. I'm noticing that a lot of people don't like chocolates with alcohol in them, I actually like them a lot. please no white chocolate. Im fine with home made goodies as well.

amikins 09/ 5/2008 #

I also like fillings of various types, just not peanut butter.

ClaireAnn88 09/ 6/2008 #

I like all chocolates except dark chocolate. And I'm not very fond of peanuts, but I like all other nuts, especially macadamias.

pandajess 09/ 6/2008 #

hi i love chocolate from all over the world especially chocolate kisses. I do not like orange flavoured chocolate. Please veiw profile for allergies.

tammylci 09/ 6/2008 #

hi i am a newbie! i would like to ask $5 means usd5?

I'd like any chocolates ^_^

AnnMarie 09/ 7/2008 #

I love anything but no alchol chocolate, twix or marsbars. I love really dark chocolate 70% and above. ^_^

indygirl 09/ 9/2008 #

Thanks tartsandtatoos for hosting this swap! I love chocolate. Only dislikes are white chocolate and runny fillings like kirsh or chocolate covered cherry type. Chocolate w/ caramel is my fav:)

unaerica 09/ 9/2008 #

Hi :)

Please do not send me chocolates with spices or fruit... nuts or white-dark-milk-caramel-truffle chocolate will make me soooo happy :)

Welshgirlie 09/10/2008 #

Oops forgot to say I don't like liquer filled chocolates either, if I happen to get an american swap partner, I'd love to try a baby ruth, I've already started shooping for this one!! Hehe :-)

xine 09/10/2008 #

I'm a newbie... uhm how do you get partner? I'm not fond of orange infused/flavored chocolate, chocolate covered cherries and white chocolate.

IncognitoMushroom 09/11/2008 #

hi, i'm open to pretty much anything. not a huge fan of dark choc, but dont mind in small quantities......(just nothing thats 90% cocoa etc if you can help it.) love milk and white choc (especially if combined), pepermint, honeycomb, fruits etc or plain.

Sorry, i dont really like nuts. again i dont mind small amounts (i.e. fruit and nut bars) but please dont get me a peanut butter filled something - hate peanut butter. small amounts of hazlenuts, almonds etc are ok.

also, please dont just send a few crunchies/mars bars/malteasers etc. i love malteasers, but i work in a supermarket and can get them anytime i want! something exotic/home made would be great. however, if you are sending home made, please make sure they cant melt everywhere (i.e, even just wrap them in glad-wrap or something.) we're heading towards spring/summer down here, and the heat can get pretty intense.

sorry if i seam like a fuss-pot/really pedantic. really, i'm fine with anything (as long as it's not peanut butter!)

Artgirl70 09/11/2008 #

Yum! I was sad about the cancelled chocolate swap too, so happy to see another one!

I prefer milk chocolate, but dark is fine too, NO white chocolate please. I love all kinds of nuts but don't like raisins in anything. That's it! I'm looking forward to a delicious swap - thanks!

Artgirl70 09/11/2008 #

Yum! I was sad about the cancelled chocolate swap too, so happy to see another one!

I prefer milk chocolate, but dark is fine too, NO white chocolate please. I love all kinds of nuts but don't like raisins in anything. That's it! I'm looking forward to a delicious swap - thanks!

fabriholic 09/11/2008 #

I too was sad and now I am happy! I would love milk or white chocolate. No Dark chocolate, fruit or walnuts pls. I also would rather not get nestles, hersheys same old generic usa stuff.
Thanks to partner ahead of time!

MrsIncognito 09/12/2008 #

I like all chocolate :D

I'd be super happy if I got an international partner (non-north american...) and received something I can't get here!!! But again, I like ALL chocolate!

ambritsmom40 09/13/2008 #

I'm not to crazy about dark chocolate or alcohol, but any other kind of chocolate would be great. I would love to try some homemade too.

dweller 09/13/2008 #

Hello! I am a newbie and love chocolate --- pretty much all kinds. I love to try chocolate combined with unusual ingredients - spices, for example. I'm willing to try whatever chocolate treat you're obsessed with! Thank you in advance to my partner!

nlm1975 09/13/2008 #

Hello I am glad this swap is back. I love chocolate and look forward to sending and receiving my package. Whatever you want to send is good with me. I am not allergic to anything that I know of. Thanks

MrsRankin 09/14/2008 #

I am MAD on Peanut butter chocolates. Also check out my profile for other ideas.

Reds 09/14/2008 #

I like dark chocolates and milk chocolates, but am not crazy 'bout white chocolates. I like nuts and I like most fillings -- though I also like just plain ol' chocolate without fillings.

Fillings about which I'm not crazy include marshmallow and artificially flavored fruit cremes.

bubblygreek 09/14/2008 #

No dark chocolate please, and nothing fruit / cream filled please.

Just love peanut butter, anything nutty and if I'm lucky to get someone from down under timtams!

sunshinesuperman 09/14/2008 #

I love dark chocolate. The darker the better!!! Can't wait to break the diet for this!!!

shellipw 09/15/2008 #

okay, I'll bite, literallly, I hope, I am new too, but my geuss is that we will somehow be told who we will send this chocolate to. I would not like liquor flavored or white chocolate either.

TartsandTattoos 09/15/2008 #

Not much longer before your partner is assigned (morning of the 17th- I'm on PST fyi). Will Click the button when I get up. Very exciting!

JPINEDA 09/15/2008 #

No dark for me. anything is fine :)

soldiergrl46q 09/15/2008 #

I am brand new to this site -- just signed up after reading an article about swap-bot in the local paper. Can't wait to participate! For the record, I am not terribly picky with my chocolate, but do have a few wishes. No alcohol please (I'm 20 wks pregnant!), no orange/walnut/or anything entirely too dark. Creamy caramel, anything w/strawberry or raspberry and white chocolate is a major plus!

Pixiedustlady 09/15/2008 #

Hello everyone! I do not like dark or white chocolate or anything with alcohol/fruit or nuts. Anything else is fine!!!! this is fun!!

sweethappychick 09/15/2008 #

check my profile for dislike and likes

sundrop 09/15/2008 #

Hi! I am a newbie, and look forward to becoming involved in my first swap! I prefer milk chocolate and will eat dark chocolate, but no white chocolate, please. No alcohol, either. I like nuts, caramel, and crunchy fillings! Would love a taste of "your neck of the woods"! Thanks in advance to my first partner!

onlyincambodia 09/15/2008 #

I prefer good quality chocolate that has a higher percentage of cacao in it. Please, dark is preferred over milk, and no white.

I like nuts, caramel, coconut or nougat, but NOT fruit, crispies or malt. And definitely NO Hershey's for me!!!

GabiesMom 09/15/2008 #

Hi! I'm open to all chocolates, Love the ones with nuts, creamy mint centers, cherries, orange cream. Just about any I like. :D Can't wait for this swap! Happy Swapping!!

Fittzwm 09/15/2008 #

This is my first swap! I have no allergies, but I don't like peanut butter or coconut. I do prefer dark chocolate. I live in the home town of Almond Roca (Brown & Haley), if that peaks anyone's interest.

TartsandTattoos 09/16/2008 #


bradsmom06 09/16/2008 #

This is my first swap, and I am so excited!!

To my swap partner, I love milk chocolate, and dark. I love cherries, strawberries, caramel..all the usual fillings, but no nuts please, except for almonds. I also dislike coconut.

realnico 09/16/2008 #

I love most chocolate but prefer milk chocolate and I don't really like Nestle. Also, I don't like liquer chocolates or chocolates with hard toffee inside but pretty much anything else is delicious!! Homemade is fine too.

Muffina 09/16/2008 #

Hey there-- anything is fine with me. Given a preference, though, I'm not so hot on white chocolate or mass-produced US chocolate [I'd love to try something I've never had, so this discludes all standards like hersheys, snickers, and mainstream us chocolate bars]

Big <3's for caramel-filled or "chunky" style[filled with nuts and fruits] mmmm! I hope I'm not being too picky-- again, anything will be fine!

stephad 09/16/2008 #

this is my first swap, im really excited! any kind of chocolate is fine by me :]

jennygel 09/16/2008 #

I'm fairly easy, as long as it isn't that cheap, waxy stuff. Hopefully my partner will not be Amewrican or Canadian (sorry but I eat many of those bars already....) But if you are, I love peanut butter, nuts, white, dark and milk. Caramel yes, coconut no.

CreatingChaos 09/16/2008 #

This is my first swap, I decided chocolate is as good as it can get for a first! I love any kind of chocolate, no allergies her. Dark is my least fav but I will eat it with coffee!!

kgeslab 09/16/2008 #

I love dark and milk chocolate, but not white. I don't really like jelly or fruity fillings, but love nuts and dried fruits, coconut, peanut butter,toffee, and all things foreign! Love to try new and interesting stuff.

superstitches 09/16/2008 #

I love semisweet to dark chocolate. Please no white chocolate or mass-produced US chocolates. I don't mind fillings or nuts, etc. Especially love marzipan.

Meemoo 09/16/2008 #

The darker the better for me (although anything about about 85% is too much), and please nothing with alcohol. I would prefer no cheap chocolate (you know that stuff that can barely passes for chocolate?) by Palmer's. Other than that, I'm pretty easy to please.

crispy 09/16/2008 #

info on profile :)

Agnetha 09/16/2008 #

Newbies...would you please fill out your profile a bit more!! Some of you don't have more then a sentences...

xine 09/17/2008 #

I think that it might be a good idea to avoid mass produced chocolate unless your partner specifically asks for it, should be a more interesting swap that way :)

TartsandTattoos 09/17/2008 #

Thanks Agnetha! Newbies you really have to fill out that profile. Let's swap.

Singings 09/17/2008 #

Thanks! I'm an absolute newby and can't wait to get started. I love white chocolate. I don't know how to find my swap partner.

Christeebelle 09/17/2008 #

I LOVE CHOCOLATE. Milk, dark, white, mint, caramel, peanut butter, with or without nuts....I love it all! But please, something besides mars/hersheys....I associate vending machine chocolate with "slip-ups" at work where I tell myself I'll eat an apple and end up eating M&M's instead hehehe......I'd love to try your favorite chocolate!

Singings 09/17/2008 #

I found my partner - I can be taught! I thought I should add that I don't like fillings or nuts in my chocolate. Just chocolate is fine with me!

eguyer 09/17/2008 #

I love milk chocolate. My dad loves dark chocolate, so I don't mind giving some to him. Would like to get something unusual, expecially if it's from a different country.

eguyer 09/17/2008 #

I love milk chocolate. My dad loves dark chocolate, so I don't mind giving some to him. Would like to get something unusual, expecially if it's from a different country.

chefbeth 09/17/2008 #

I just realized I didn't leave a little note! This is an awesome swap! I'll eat anything! Ha Ha. Well maybe not anything, no chocolate covered bugs. White chocolate is not my fave, but like I said before, I'll eat anything!

peanutbutter 09/17/2008 #

milk chocolate is my favourite, and i like nuts, caramel, peppermint and fudge-type centres. i dont particularly like nougat, licorice, alcohol, coconut or fruit flavoured cream centres though =]

snazzynsuch 09/17/2008 #

Hi.. i love dark chocolate.. i don't like licorice, coconut, raisin, and alcohol.. thanks!

blackbody 09/17/2008 #

Lemme see... I like anything from milk to dark chocolates, but no white chocolates please. Please nothing hard, anything that might hurt my poor teeth. I like peanut butter filling, something with nuts (if it's available, anything with pistachio or almonds), but not nougat, coconut, fruit filling. Please no filling that stubbornly sticks to the teeth and gum. I don't prefer the mass-market US-brands (hersheys, m&m, snickers, etc.). Thank you! :)

dancingDog 09/18/2008 #

All I ask is for nothing with raisins or licorice - thank you!

Reds 09/18/2008 #

In addition to comments I've already made, my partner can feel free to send something that's regional and/or unusual.

Welshgirlie 09/19/2008 #

I've sent mine :-)

ecoprincess 09/20/2008 #

I love chocolate! Any kinds, except toffees and alcohol filled ones!

xine 09/22/2008 #

To my partner, no mass market U.S. chocolates please (unless it's mint m&m's it's very hard to get those here and my sis loves those.. :) I would love regional and artisan chocolates thank you.

happyness 09/26/2008 #

My package is on its way from Sngapore to 'nlm1975' in USA..Enjoy :)

xine 09/26/2008 #

I saw on the news that m&m's and Mars made chocolate have been temporarily recalled in Philippine supermarkets due to possible melamine contamination. :(

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