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Art Journal For Beginners EDITED DATES!!!!

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Art Journal For Beginners EDITED DATES!!!!
Swap Homepage:http://pinglemor.blogspot.com/
Swap Coordinator:RenVonH (contact)
Swap categories: Journals 
Number of people in swap:133
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:August 22, 2011
Date items must be sent by:October 10, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

I am a novice in the world of Art Journaling, so I am bit afraid to join journal swaps. So I wanted to make an Art Journal swap for beginners. This is a swap for all of you who wants to give Art Journaling a try. If you are experienced in the world of Art Journaling, you are of course welcome as well! But keep in mind that you may get a “first-timers” work in return!

Don’t be afraid to join if you can’t draw, or if your collages look like something you made in kindergarden, just as long as you have a creative way to decorate your journal pages a little, and that you ENJOY trying this out!

I have come up with 30 promts for our journal, you have to pick AT LEAST 15 of them, in addition to them it would be nice if you make 5-10 promps yourself, something personal and close to your heart.

The size of the journal is senders choice, but it should be at least 6” x 8” (or A5) Be creative, have fun, and don’t worry about your journal not being “arty” enough. One partner, no unexplained 1’s or 3’s and ABSOLUTELY NO FLAKERS!!!!

You can follow me as I make my journal here: http://pinglemor.blogspot.com/


  1. This is me! It doesn’t have to be a biography, but give us the highlights!
  2. Wings-page. Make a page decorated in some way with wings. ANY kind of wings. Angels, birds, planes… Up to you!

3.I can’t live without ….. Tell us about 5 things you couldn’t be without, and why. 4. Adds-page. Cut out adds from magazines or papers and make a collage.
5. Word of the day. Look up a random word, write a little about the word, and decorate as you see fit. 6. Animals. Decorate a page with any animal(s) Animals you love, hate, fear…. 7. I regret….. Tell us about something you regret doing, or regret not doing. 8. Vintage. Make a vintage page. 9. Write a poem. A poem you love, a poem you remember from you were a child, or just look up a poem. Is there a poet in you, write your own poem. 10. Nature-page. Decorate a page with anything from nature. Trees, flowes, the sea… Yeah, you know what you find in nature. 11. Comfort-food. It is raining, youre broke, nobody answers when you call them. You curl up in your favorite chair with some comfort-food. What is it?!? 12. Sit-com. What is the one Sit-com that always gets you in a good mood?!? 13. Hodiday-page. Decorate a page with a holiday theme, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving…. 14. Give us your best advice! Any advice! 15. I want to dine with……. What celebrity would you like to sit down and dine and chat with, and why? 16. Candles and lamps. Decorate a page with candles and lamps. 17. Time. Decorate a page with something that has to do with time. Watches, clocks, calendars, egg timers… 18. I have a dream…. What is your dream(s), and why? 19. Drinks-page. Make a page dedicated to drinks, soft drinks, hard drinks, cold drinks, hot drinks. Do you have a recipe for the worlds best lemonade? 20. Games. Dedicate a page for games, any games, cards, boards, computer, consol, outdoors…. 21. Beauty. Make a page with anything you find beautiful. 22. Ugly. Make a page with anything you find ugly. 23. I wish I was there…. Make a page where you show and tell about a place you want to be. It can be a travel destination, a place you visited as a child, an imaginary place…. 24. I want to learn…. What have you always wanted to learn? A language, a skill? 25. My pet. Tell us about your pet. Please include a picture. 26. Read this book! Tell us about a book you read that you think everybody should read. 27. Favorite movie. Dedicate a page to your favorite movie. 28. Tell a joke! 29. 2012. What do YOU think will happen?!?! Nothing?!?! The return of Christ?!?!? Armadeddon?!?! 30. Music. Dedicate a page to music. Classical, your favorite band, favorite song, a musical, opera….


terrip 06/15/2011 #

This is an awesome idea. I am a current art student and I really like this idea.

journalboy 06/16/2011 #

Thank you!!! I've been looking for a swap like this! I'm watching but better believe I'm joining in on the fun!

glittergothgurl 06/16/2011 #

Can i make a paper bag journal? or do i have to buy one

bandakarhu 06/16/2011 #

this is so cool idea! It is so nice to see these for beginners, since I have never done art journal before, and normally these kind of swaps require you to be well.. non beginner? That is a word? anyways more than a beginner.

RenVonH 06/16/2011 #

I am SO happy to see you are thrilled about this swap! :o) We all have to start somewhere, so I figured this was a way to do it. :o) @glittergothgurl SURE! Of course you can make a paper bag journal! :o)

ladydy5 06/16/2011 #

Interesting glittergothgurl, how do you make a paper bag journal, is that just the cover and back?

Artistic 06/16/2011 #

Dy: Jumping in to answer, because I was wondering if a paper bag book would be acceptable for this swap.

Take any number of paper bags (lunch bag) and they become the pages of your book.

Using two bags as an example: fold them in half. You'll have a cover, pages and some pages with pockets. Things can be tucked inside the pockets. The binding can be two or three holes punched with ribbon/fiber tied. Or o-rings. Or stapled. Or sewn. Or brads/eyelets.

When using the full bags, the album/book can be as big as you want it.

For pics, demos, etc. just do a Google search on paper bag books or paper bag albums.

I've done lots of paper bag books, albums and cards through the years. It's a fun medium to work with.

RenVonH 06/16/2011 #

@Artistic Thank you SO much!!! :o) THIS is why swap-bot is so amazing! INSPIRATION! :o) :o) :o)

roosje 06/16/2011 #

I think in some countries 'nature'-organic stuff can't croos the border?

Momskii 06/16/2011 #

This is a good swap for me as I have wanted to do this, but I am definitely a beginner and have never done one before. It's great that you have listed the items that need to go into the book also, as I always have trouble with this. I am watching for now, so I can get more ideas and hopefully have the time to do this well.

RenVonH 06/16/2011 #

@roosje If you are thinking of propt 10, the nature-page, I was thinking of graphics from the nature, not actual organics from nature. :o)

ArtTeachToBe 06/17/2011 #

This is an awesome idea!! I have been searching for a swap like this!! Now i get to give it a shot :), i have to much fun with art things as an art student art gets addicting. So whoever gets mine im sorry if i go a little over bored :) hehe

RenVonH 06/18/2011 #

@ArtTeachToBe You can't go over bored with an Art Journal. ;o)

knitterofhats 06/20/2011 #

This looks like so much fun. Can we start working on them now?

RenVonH 06/21/2011 #

@knitterofhats Yes of course you can. :o) This is not a profile based swap, so just get crackin' at it! :o) And have LOTS of fun!!! :o)

Dramagymnast4eva 06/21/2011 #

I've never done an art journal either, so I'm watching for now, but I was just wondering if 15 was the minimum amount of pages we need? or is there even a minimum?

RenVonH 06/24/2011 #

@ Dramagymnast4eva: My thougth was thah we had to pick at least 15 of the prompts I've made, and for you to make at least 5 prompts yourself, so that will mean a 20 pages minimum.

Dramagymnast4eva 06/25/2011 #

great, thank you!

occasiongb6557 06/25/2011 #

what size paper bags are you using that measure 6 x 8 when folded?

littleredpixi 06/26/2011 #

I am gonna enjoy this swap so much. I am new to art journaling and I am going to post updates of the journal on my blog. http://little-red-pixi-journal.blogspot.com stop by and have a look if you like.

RenVonH 06/27/2011 #

I am so happy you are excited about this littleredpixi! :o) I really look forwards to follow your blog! :o)

djmom11 06/28/2011 #

I can't wait to start this one! Finishing up one I am currently working on and then will begin this one! :)

glittergothgurl 06/30/2011 #

i bought a bag that has 30 brown paper lunch bags. the dimensions are 10 1/2 X 5 1/4 X 3 1/4, so i hope that's ok. I didn't see any bigger paper bags and we always ask for plastic at the check out cuz we use plastic bags for alot of our animals and stuff.

sosiejude 07/ 4/2011 #

You can get 8x8 also i have some ive sewn down the seam.

edwardappleby 07/10/2011 #

I have a super great journal but its 3.5"x8.25" is that too small?

RenVonH 07/11/2011 #

If you can fit the prompts to the pages, I guess it's ok, but personally I would go with something a little bigger :o)

principeta 07/14/2011 #

We have only 5.5x8,is it o.k?

RenVonH 07/16/2011 #

@principeta Sure it's okay! :o)

grandmaroro 07/18/2011 #

Ren - what an awesome swap. Anytime you get this much participation in the comment section, you now you have a hit on your hands. I am very excited to join this one and get started on the journal. A p.s. to any paper bag journal makers - if I am your partner, I would love to receive a paper bag journal. hint, hint. :-)

littleredpixi 07/20/2011 #

ok so I joined this swap then dropped from this swap now I have joined it again...... didn't think I could get it done in time but have since realized that I can so I came back.

LindaD 07/22/2011 #

Can we use an old book for our journal? (I know that it has to be stitched pages etc having done altered books before). Or does it have to be a new book?

LindaD 07/22/2011 #

Oh, and by pages, do you mean single pages? Or a double spread (ie two pages facing each other)? Thanks!

duckduckgoose 07/22/2011 #

I am really excited about this! I am always art journalling but I find many of the swaps here for them to be too confining in the ideas of how they should be done. I LOVE the way you've given us a lot of choices for the prompts and not just one set that we have to use the whole thing! :) Kudos to you.

lemoncupcakes 07/22/2011 #

Can a newbie join?

LJ 07/23/2011 #

I too am greatful that you started this for beginners. And what a great idea to document progress on our blogs! You are a star!

flowerchild 07/23/2011 #

this swap keeps calling me...guess I need to mess around a bit with some paper bags or dig around to see what I have blank journal like in the stash...

RenVonH 07/23/2011 #

OMG!!!! I have been away from the computer for a few days, and couldn't believe it when I saw that the swap ranked #4!!!!! WOW!!!! Thank you to everyone who wants to be in this swap. I was hoping 3 or 4 would join. ;o) And thank you for all the kind words you have written about the swap, it warms my heart. :o) @lemoncupcakes Yes, newbies can join! You are more than welcome here with us! We have to start somewhere to work our way out if the "newbie-lable" ;o) I will start updating my blog the next few days with my progress. But just to make this clear to all of you, I am also a beginner at this, my journal will NOT be in anyway as fantastic as all the art journals you can see on the internet. But that was not the goal for this swap either, the goal was to "open the gate" for all of us who want to try it out, and to have fun! I really hope I have succeded on that! :o)

MichelleK 07/23/2011 #

would love to do this swap but I am terrified of getting flaked on... journals especially art journals are so time consuming and you put so much of your heart into them.

sammylouise40 07/24/2011 #

I was thinking of joining but I would like to use and altered book. Would that be ok?

RenVonH 07/24/2011 #

@sammylouise40 I think it would be awesome if you use an altered book!!! :o) @MichelleK I totally understand that you think like that! But I always like to think the best of people, maybe I am a bit naive, but I truely think that 99% of everyone here in this forum is here to create, get inspiration, make new friends and have fun. :o)

dardarbinx 07/24/2011 #

fantastic idea I am currently in a round robin about to end, this was my first ever encounter with any kind of art in a book! So this venture will be my second, even though I have been making ATCs for the last year now. I am certain that who ever recieved my book will be a happy camper.

bearnbabs 07/24/2011 #

Im very excited about this swap. I think I'll make a paperbag journal...I looked it up on the web ...it's a new medium for me and a new challenge. I look forward to watching your blog as you begin to make yours. This is going to be a great swap. bearnbabs

tintenn 07/24/2011 #

I just need some clarification as I am eagerly watching this swap and this would also be my first "real" art journal (but have been experimenting). My question is this: Is this to be an art journal where we create the pages and such but the recipient can then use it as a journal to write in? Or are we to make an art journal where the pages are completely covered in our own art and words and the recipient cannot use it as their own journal? Just not sure. Thanks, T.

diamondsapril 07/24/2011 #

I have an 80 page jounal book type I got at Michaels, would this be OK, it's almost 8 x 5.. do you have to fill every page?? is a spiral notebook/journal ok too? I would love to try this just unsure about what type of journal is required....would appreciate any reply..before I join

RenVonH 07/24/2011 #

@tintenn : The thought was that you who are making the journal cover the pages completely yes. @diamondsapril : Your journal book sounds more than OK, spiral is what I am using too. And no, you do not have to fill all 80 pages, and I will leave it up to you if you leave the pages you don't use or remove them before you send it to your partner. (or ask you partner if he/she has any prefrences)

RenVonH 07/24/2011 #

@ lindaD : So sorry I didn't see you question before now!!! It is up to the maker if he/she wants to use single or double pages. I think I will use double on some prompts where I feel the need for extra space, others I will use single pages. :o)

craftybeaner 07/24/2011 #

hmmm this sounds very interesting. I will think about this for a couple of days, looks like it would be really neat!!

RenVonH 07/25/2011 #

The past few days I have gotten many PM's from swappers who just found the swap (probaly after we shoot into the top 10 list) who really wants to join, but feel they need a little more time. How would you fellow swappers feel if I moved the deadline dates a few weeks?

Kimbeewa 07/25/2011 #

I think that would be fine as long as you edit the title too so everyone knows there is a new send by date. Make it says something like: Art Journal For Beginners EDITED Send By Date

principeta 07/25/2011 #

I am watching,but agree with new deadline,just thinking about that yesterday because I want to start early and finish it on time.I want to make sure that I could make it on time before joining so if you do move deadline it would be great,hope everyone would be ok with it.

bearnbabs 07/25/2011 #

Well, fellow swapers. I made a paperbag journal and used a cereal box as its cover to give it more strength. I'm really proud how well it came out. Has anyone else madea paperbag journal??? bearnbabs

Kimbeewa 07/25/2011 #

I actually started one this weekend. Very fun! I didn't do a cereal box cover though, that's a good idea.

RenVonH 07/25/2011 #

As requested I have now moved the sign up date to August 22nd, and send out date to October 10th. Hope this helps everyone to let their shoulders down a bit and let their creativety flow! :o) To all of you who has already finished your journals I hope for your understanding! Thank you! :o)

Ozzyflsgirl 07/25/2011 #

I'm glad you changed the date. I was worried about getting it done in time :)

Kimbeewa 07/26/2011 #

I'm concerned my paper lunch bag journal is going to be too small based on the measurement criteria in the swap. Can I get an OK on using this type of journal? It's a standard size brown lunch bag folded in half. Thanks!

flowerchild 07/26/2011 #

what about a book like this


sorry I don't have my 'cheat sheet' in front of me and without it I can never remember how to make a linky...and this swap is still calling me...

RenVonH 07/26/2011 #

@ Kimbeewa : The measurement I mentioned in the swap description is just a guideline, nothing is written in stone! :o) I am sure the lunchbags will make a great Art Journal! :o) @ flowerchild : Thank you SO much for sharing this link!!!!! I will for sure get great use of it! One day I hope also I can make something as spectacular as the one there! ;o)

Kimbeewa 07/26/2011 #

Wow! That link @flowerchild posted is amazing!

Gofeen 07/27/2011 #

This is brill! Freedom to make mistakes and still call it art? ;>) I'm in!

RenVonH 07/27/2011 #

@Gofeen : I SO love what you wrote! ;o) Thank you!!!! :o) ;o)

yogi77 07/27/2011 #

I just binded up some pages but it only measures 5" x 8". Will this be acceptable? I don't want to break any one's heart;)

thepirateninja 07/27/2011 #

I'm kind of really excited about this.

LavenderSprinkles 07/27/2011 #

How many pages should these be?

RenVonH 07/28/2011 #

@LavenderSprinkles : I have made 30 prompts, out of which you must choose 15, (or more if you want) in addition you will come up with 5-10 promts yourself. It is up to you if you want to use single or double pages. I will use single pages for some prompts and double on others. Hope this helped! :o)

raesha 07/28/2011 #

OH my gosh!!!! I am TOTALLY in!!! I'm a newbie to art journals too and have really wanted to give it a try but am just so scared! These prompts are awesome though and I'm really looking forward to joining this swap. Thanks!!!!

RenVonH 07/28/2011 #

@raesha : I am so happy you are excited about the swap, and that you like the prompts! :o) I must just say that I am overwhelmed by the response to this swap! Thank you SO much to ALL of you! I hope we all have lots of fun with this one!!!! :o) :o) :o)

glittergothgurl 07/29/2011 #

weeee! I just finished my very 1st paperbag art journal for another swap and would love some feedback before I start on the one for this swap :)


glittergothgurl 07/29/2011 #

sorry, dunno why the text in the above link messed up, lol. lemme try again


glittergothgurl 07/29/2011 #

grrr! just go to my profile and click on my Flickr lol

RenVonH 07/29/2011 #

Oh! Your paperbag art journal is fantastic!!!! I REALLY have to try one out as soon as I finish this journal. Thank you SO much for the inspiration glittergothgurl!!!! :o) :o) :o)

acescorcio 07/29/2011 #

I have been away from Swap Bot because of some frustrations swaps for a few months but I would like to join this amazing idea, thank you so much for this. I live in Brazil and always send my swaps with registred mail, I do not mind if my partner ould not do the same, I just ask some patience with time delivery that could be more than 60 days after postage. If you will be my partner I pareciate the consideration, a have a lot of paper bag to, love the ideai about make one journal with them. Cheers, Andrea

Kimbeewa 07/29/2011 #

Let's see if this link works for @glittergothgurl GGG’s Paper Bag Journal

clholmberg 07/29/2011 #

Great swap...I just got into art journaling myself and it is such a creative way of expressing my thoughts and feelings. But I had a question...So are we being asked to create the journal, and then do our own personal writing before we send it to our partner? Or just create the journal, leaving the writing pages empty for our partner to complete for themselves?I'm not sure why someone I haven't even met would care what my favorite TV show was. (I'm not trying to be cynical, I just want to know what is expected before I decide to join). THANKS

RenVonH 07/29/2011 #

@clhomberg : Yes, the creator of the journal is suppose to fill in the propts. I've made 30 prompts, out of which you are to pick 15 (or more if you like) If you don't want to get personal, just pick the ones that are purely artistic. Or just choose to be artistic about the prompst, like make an artistic illustration of your favorite sit-com. :o) Hope this was in some way helpfull! :o)

MamaNeeds2Swap 07/30/2011 #

if for some reason you need more people, or decide to allow it, let me know - I don't have any good or bad feedback, being totally new to this...but this swap is EXACTLY why I signed up for swap-bot!! so...pretty please?? :)

destiney1 07/30/2011 #

so question is an art journal actually have journaling in it or is each page a work of art with that prompt in mind? i love art i SUCK at journaling! lol

RenVonH 07/30/2011 #

@destiny1 : The reason I made some propmts which require some journaling is because many find it easier to be creative that way. But you don't have to pick any of the prompts that require journaling. Personally I like to mix things up, but here everything is totally up to you. Some make art journals with lots of journaling in them, others make them without a written word in it at all. Just feel free to let your creativity flow! :o)

BohemianPrincess 07/31/2011 #

Thank you,I already started on my journal. I am also going to put my progress on my flikr account. Mine is going to be around 5 x8. I do alot of my own journals but havnt shared them with many. Wow I really needed a project like this to get my muse kick started.

RenVonH 08/ 1/2011 #

Yeah!!!!! We are at the moment the NUMBER ONE swap here! :o) WAY TO GO EVERYONE!!!!! :o) :o) :o) :o) :o)

Shadowspun 08/ 1/2011 #

Grr. I was going to cut back on labor-intensive swaps for a while but this is absolutely irresistible. I've never done one before and this is why I got onto Swap-bot, to stretch my creative boundaries. Very cool idea.

RenVonH 08/ 1/2011 #

Awh! Sorry to ruin for you Shadowspun! ;o) But I hope you will have lots of fun making it so it will be worth it after all! :o)

Ozzyflsgirl 08/ 1/2011 #

My art journal is an altered book

Snoskimouse 08/ 2/2011 #

Congratulations on the No.1 swap spot Ren :D :D

RenVonH 08/ 2/2011 #

@Snoskimouse : Ah, thank you hun!!! :o) This is totally unbeliable!!!! When I started this, I was thinking maybe 10 would join at the most. I never imagined this!!! But I guess there was a need for this, that there are many of us who wants to give Art Journaling a try. Fun fun fun!!! :o) :o) :o)

BohemianPrincess 08/ 2/2011 #

I just want to add,,just remember this is international and postage may be a surprise if someone is new to mailing overseas. I dont wanna scare anyone off, but better to have the heads up now then some be dissapointed later.

duckduckgoose 08/ 2/2011 #

I think it's awesome that so many are joining this! Yay!~ I love art journalling!

Lree 08/ 3/2011 #

I'm totally new to this and this sounds like a neat project. What does "promp" mean?

BeverlyBling 08/ 3/2011 #

I've made my journal from recycled business envelopes A5 size. Ready to rock on with the prompts.

RenVonH 08/ 3/2011 #

@Lree : The prompts are the page titles you see in the swap description. Like, "candels and lamps", "I regret...", "Animals", and so on... :o) ( just a little side comment: Promp in Norwegian actually means "fart", not kidding) ;o)

craftybeaner 08/ 4/2011 #

I am joining because of the send date :) This is a pretty busy swap way to go!! 95 people now woohoo! Thanks for hosting this, I can't wait to get started =D

Tronx 08/ 4/2011 #

I am completely new to this but I think I will make one from paper bags as well. May I ask was the question of if we need to make the propts a two page or just one page was answered? Makes a difference in how big I make the book..

BlackRoses 08/ 4/2011 #

What about a composition notebook? I just got a bunch from walmart and I think one would be great.

RenVonH 08/ 4/2011 #

@Tronx : If you use one page or two on the prompts is up to you! If you feel you need more space on some of the prompts you use two, or if you think one is enough just use one :o) @craftybeaner : I am so happy you are excited about this! So am I ;o) @BlackRoses : Composition notebooks are great! :o)

Tronx 08/ 4/2011 #

Thank you.. Excited to be a part of this one..

Lree 08/ 4/2011 #

Does it matter what you use for the journal? I'm seeing people talking about envelopes, paper bags and notebooks. Does anything go?

smileshihi14 08/ 4/2011 #

I thought this was a swap where i would make a page in the journal, send it off to someone else, they would add thier art to the next page and then they would send it off for the next person to do the same, and so on and so forth, and then it would be sent back when full, that would be pretty cool i didnt realize that i was making a journal for someone else? still intresting though

flowerlady57 08/ 4/2011 #

This is great, this is my second swap in swap-bot. I have been wanting to do an art journal but I have been intimated by it. This is a great start to get me going.

RenVonH 08/ 4/2011 #

@smileshihe14 : Yes, this is a swap where you make a journal for someone else, this is to give inspiration to other new beginners in the world of Art Journaling. @Lree : Yup! Anything goes, as long as you have fun and feel creative :o)
@flowerlady57 : So happy to get you started! Have fun!!!! :o)

sleen 08/ 5/2011 #

Thanks for this great swap! For those in the U.S. check out the back-to-school sales for composition books like those shown on @Flowerchild s link.
I bought a bunch for 40-cents each at my local Meijer's (grocery and department store).

mlookyloo1 08/ 5/2011 #

this sound like so much fun the last journal I made my patner said that it look like a little kid made it and I made it like the coordinator did I would love to try to make one I 'am a beginners

leegermer 08/ 6/2011 #

Once we receive a journal do we add to it and send it back out or just read it and keep it? Thanks, Sheryl

flowerlady57 08/ 6/2011 #

I am making my journal out of 6x9 recycled envelopes, putting a heavier, more solid top and back cover. I love trash to treasure stuff. Hope this is ok. really excited about this and told my sister about it, we are both new to art journals.

mrsb007 08/ 6/2011 #

This looks like it will be fun. My sister talked me into it . I think mine will be paper bags

mlookyloo1 08/ 6/2011 #

that would be fun to get it back and to have you add something to it

mlookyloo1 08/ 6/2011 #

going to do it and make a paper bag journal

Justene 08/ 6/2011 #

I've never made an art journal before, so I am soooo excited to give it a try with this swap! I've been hunting around the web for some info and found this really cool site with a post called 'Art Journaling 101'. It's got tons of excellent information and suggestions and sample pages to help get you started....check it out!! http://daisyyellow.squarespace.com/abstract/art-journaling-101.html

Lree 08/ 6/2011 #

Thanks for all the helpful info. I also found a helpful website. She includes a list of recommended materials. http://artjournaling.blogspot.com/p/art-journal-handout.html

Blurg 08/ 7/2011 #

I'm in. I think I will used recycled paper. Working at a school, we have LOTS of that. So page backgrounds will be various and miscellaneous business letters, classroom handouts, and letter-formation practice sheets. Looks like fun. Thanks for the extra time, and all the helpful answers.

BohemianPrincess 08/ 7/2011 #

Please people stop putting links to art journaling sites, lol I cant get my journal done because Im to busy looking at all the cool stuff on the blogs etc ,,sigh so many pretties to look at.

Lree 08/ 7/2011 #

LOL, sorry heartsablaze!

flowerlady57 08/ 7/2011 #

LOL hearsablaze I ditto on that. search search search, the hours tick away. I have my journal put together and first page done whew only 19 more to go.

Magickspirit51 08/ 7/2011 #

I would love to try this Art Journal thing because it sounds really interesting, but I am not sure how it works or how to get started.

laurenk 08/ 8/2011 #

When doing your journal, do you have to write the prompt somewhere on the page?

Kimbeewa 08/ 8/2011 #

Laurenk...I'm just noting on the page somewhere what it is unless it's something I need to write about. For example, on my nature page I have the word "nature" on it with my nature art.

craftybeaner 08/ 8/2011 #

I am going to make mine out of our home made paper that we made last year :)

BeckyG56 08/ 9/2011 #

I'm in,after seeing this on the top 10 list for a while, I thought I'd read what its about. I'm also new to art journaling,I took an online course that was great. What I really apreciate is having prompts to help along the way. Coming up with my own might be challenging! Thank you for the extension date,because art takes time! Becky

flowerlady57 08/ 9/2011 #

I wasn't sure if we post our pages or album or just send it out when done. The flicker groups I am in you post everything. Not sure in here. Newbie

metammi123 08/ 9/2011 #

As i was working on my journal I thought it might be nice to put numbers on our work so reader knows what promt we are using for what art some might be hard to figure out and i would not want to see any low ratings due to misinturpertation of ones art choice ...JUST A THOUGHT happy creating .... so excieted i want mine NOW lol and want to send out right away LMAO

metammi123 08/ 9/2011 #


some of my pages if anyone is interested .....

flowerlady57 08/ 9/2011 #

That is a great idea!

flowerlady57 08/ 9/2011 #

That is a great idea!

flowerlady57 08/ 9/2011 #

wow metammi you have really got a start on yours, great color, collages. I don't have a blogspot so that must be how you post your work. Well it will just be a surprise whoever gets mine :)

principeta 08/11/2011 #

Is it someone interested to do this in private swap,maybe?

iLoveMail 08/12/2011 #

Wow! So many comments to read through...I tried!

Just an idea (and I apologize if someone already mentioned it) - a journal can be made from envelopes also!! Just think, ready-made or handmade in whatever size you want (minimum 6x8" like the swap requires). Envelopes make a great/interesting background page!!

RenVonH 08/12/2011 #

Just want to say that I am in here several times a day to read all the comments, but I just didn't want to interfear, you all seem to have such a great dialog going. :o) And there are so many fantastic ideas and links here now. Using envelopes is SUPER!!!! Scrap-paper from the school, FANTASTIC!!!! :o) And again, I just want to say that I am not sitting on any right answers here. This swap was to get the creativity flowing, and there are no right and wrongs in art and creativity! Just have a blast guys!!!! Enjoy! :o)

leegermer 08/12/2011 #

Hi RenVon...I was wondering how you felt about people putting their name and address in the back of the journal and ask your partner if they would mind sending the it back to you after they read it. Thanks, Sheryl

RenVonH 08/12/2011 #

@leegermer : I don't mind at all!!! :o) I just think everyone should communicate with their partner about this once the partners has been assigned. :o) Just 10 days now before I assign :o) I have slowly began the "weeding-prosses", for a swap this challenging we can't afford to have any flakers among us. So if you read this, plan to sit back and wait for a beautiful journal to arrive in your mailbox, while you don't have any plans of sending out anything, just do us the favor and drop from the swap! OK?!?!?!? Better that than to get a 1 and/or a black-listing, right?!?!?

GTstamper 08/13/2011 #

Wonderful swap idea! I would love to join but with all the thought and work that goes into this project, I will not be willing to part with it! LOL. I'd do it if I could send colored copies.... or do one or two prompts at a time per swap and send individual pages to partner for them to add to a journal. They would then end up with several different types of ideas and styles for inspiration. I'm afraid to join because I put a lot of effort previously into a year long round robin art journal swap and I ended up getting burned at the end and never did receive my original journal back. I'll be keeping an eye on other swaps you might be hosting! Take care, GT

janeengland 08/13/2011 #

this swap is totally addictive i cant stop thinking of ideas and i have learnt a lot so far, i hope you will host other swaps like this in the very near future

RenVonH 08/13/2011 #

@GTstamper : I totally understand hun! This is a sort of swap where you have to put a great deal of trust in your fellow swappers, and that CAN be a bit risky at times. But I am pretty sure that 99% of all swappers here are honest hard working swappers who love making their projects as much as reciving them. I know I do! :o) To create is my therapy ;o) @janeengland : Thank you so much! I am SO happy to hear that you enjoy this!!! That was pretty much my goal with this swap, that we who had been "affraid" of these art journals would get a chance to try it out and have FUN FUN FUN making it! :o) And yes, I do plan to make more swaps like this. I am actually working on one now... But I will not post it untill after the deadline on this one. :o)

flowerlady57 08/13/2011 #

This is so true, I have been looking at art journals and could not grasp the concept of them, didn't seem to be any cohesive to them, but I am wanting to create more art work and expand my vision. This is a big project but I am learning with each page. I am envolved in a journal page swap now , 2 sided and yes sometimes you get something that a person really didn't put alot of thought into it but it is art to them. Thanks for the swap. I will be looking for more of your swaps. :)

mrsb007 08/13/2011 #

Gee I hope I;m getting these pgs ok ,I'm not feeling to bad since we are all beginners in this. I have 9 pgs done

redwing480 08/14/2011 #

Really looking forward to this swap, have always wanted to do an art journal but just couldn't get started. I have started to do my backgrounds, it's a great way to try out some of those mixed media techniques.

Are people going to be able to ask for their journal to be returned? I hope not, as this would leave some participants without one to keep, doesn't exactly seem fair.

snowqueen1426 08/14/2011 #

Your journal swap sounds great.... :D and with 129 at this point.. My worry are the "FLAKES"..... I've had many journal swaps and even after reallllly culling the numbers.. I would have 3 or 4 flakes.. Will you be angeling them? You have not stated so.. There is so much work involved in a journal.. and right now...today as a coordinator I'm looking at two journal swaps where I have been flaked on.. sad... but it happens.. So with 129 partners..... be prepared. Wishing you much success on this swap. :D

ShellyLynn816 08/14/2011 #

I have been watching this and considering if I want to join and after reading the comments my only concern is that if someone wants their journal back that doesn't seem fair. If I put all this effort in for a journal that I give to someone else I'm left with one that I have to send back that isn't really what swapping is about to me. Kinda makes me hesitant because I don't want a journal from someone that I have to send back when I am giving mine to someone else.

darcilena 08/15/2011 #

I have never seen so many comments in my life on a swap....this must be the new thing!! Art journalling. I just sent a 5 month journal out that I wrote in everyday and did art in (it was over 100+ pages!!....(it turned out to be a huge project.) This one should be a breeze! OK....think I have to join! ;) Cross my fingers my partner lives close!! Int postage is sooo much fro Canada.

RenVonH 08/15/2011 #

I will do my VERY best to weed out dodgy looking swappers, but there is no way I can guarante a 100% flaker-free swap. I am sorry to tell you this guys, but also I am nothing more than a human. Like every other swap here at swap-bot, we just have to put trust in our parnters and lean on the honor-system. I am working on two back-up journals in case of flakers, I wish I had time to make more, but out of the blue I was told I have to move because the house I rent will be torned down September 2nd. Just in case there are some of you who yet hasn't discovered Art Trader, do check it out!!!!!!!!!! 15 free downloadable zines stuffed with inspiration that will blow you away!!!!!!!!!!! :o) :o) :o) http://www.arttradermag.com/magazine/ ENJOY! :o)

lizm 08/15/2011 #

hi Renate,great swap idea,as it has become so big you might want some angelic help,i'm up for it,also please tell us this is a swap and not a lend,i wouldn't want to return my swap,kindda defeats the purpose of swapping

grandmaroro 08/15/2011 #

Thank you, Lizm, someone could be most upset with me. I LOVE swapping - but lending a journal for me to read and return is just wrong. If that is what is expected with a long tale of woe, you will be rated a 1 - because here I'll sit with nothing..... Guess I have been flaked on toooo many times.

BeckyG56 08/15/2011 #

I agree-the swap is a swap. I have several journals I am working on! When you sign up for swaps, you realize that you won't be returning what you made. Maybe taking pictures of each page you do will help you to remember it. I look forward to my partners journal! And making a new friend.

flowerlady57 08/15/2011 #

Hi I am new to swap-bot but not to trading. I am with you RenVonH you are only human. I think that all a person can do is put a swap out there and hope for the best. I think you have given plenty of time for a person to do this journal all the prompts are very good and helpful. I also think a person should know their time frame in their life rather they will be able to finish it or not. Since there is so many people signed up for this, maybe when we are finished we can say so at least that will give you a heads up, when you pick the partners. Hopefully we will all be honest and give our best and enjoy the journal that we get.

grandmaroro 08/15/2011 #

Need to stock up on composition books??? Office Depot has them for 25 cents each the rest of this week. I hope to make a run, my nearest OD is a 80 mile round trip. DD says there are lots of school supplies very inexpensive this week. Just wanted to let you know.

Corazon 08/15/2011 #

I am having lots of fun creating the pages but won't join the swap until closer to the 22nd when I will have a better idea of being able to finish or not.

BohemianPrincess 08/15/2011 #

Some one on another site said a flat rate box would be around 5 bucks to mail a journal in and its more secure way. Im not sure if that a better deal or not . I havnt mailed something like this before but it wont work for international will it? forgive if I have my information mixed up. About how much should it cost,,saying just across the usa for those of us not used to mailing stuff..

RenVonH 08/16/2011 #

First of I must say, yes this is a SWAP. I know it is a bit hard to part with something you have worked on for many weeks, but this is what swap-bot is for, right? @lizm : Thank you SO VERY MUCH for offering!!!! I hope with all my heart I don't have to ask for your help, but I am so very grateful if I can! You are a true angel!!!! :o) :o) :o)

ShellyLynn816 08/17/2011 #

I am willing to angel if you need also. I recently did a private swap that I was flaked on so I know how it is to put so much effort into a journal and not receive anything in return. If I can help let me know.

RenVonH 08/17/2011 #

@ShellyLynn816 : Oh, thank you SO much hun!!! Again I hope with all my heart I wont need your help, but if I do, I am so very grateful to know I have someone to ask! Wow, there are many angels here at swap-bot! Thank you again!!!! :o) :o) :o)

mizvicky 08/18/2011 #

International shipping for a well filled journal can cost up to $ 20 !!! i know this because I was in a journal group and it was discussed many times....

I wish you the best of luck , swap host, with this huge journal swap:) i would join , but am terrified of public journal swaps. Way to many flakers... Not tryin to dampen any spirits here. Journal swaps are lots of fun,

Good luck y"all!! :)

mizvicky 08/18/2011 #

Oh yes, the flat rate envelopes are $5.25 and ars great for shipping journals in the USA. , however, it is much higher to ship them out of USA in them. Some countries do not accept them at all! Weird, huh?

I ran into a problem one time with putting a thick composition journal in the flat rate envie. The postal worker told me it could not be over one inch thick. Bummer , bc mine was about five" thick but she let me anyway. I tried it a few weeks later, about same thickness , anx different postal worker said nothing :) So, try it....

Again, good luck . If i can angel anyone in usa , i will. I always keep 2 or 3 journals going....

grandmaroro 08/18/2011 #

This is the best discussion thread I have ever run across and I have been in Swap-bot for several years now. I do have a question though. I went to one of the art journal instruction sites for composition books and, of course, they make it look so easy. I have done quite a few journals but never prepared one with the matte medium and telephone book pages. My ? is - what am I doing wrong?

Does it take everyone as long as it seems to be taking me? I couldn't prepare one of these things and use it for this swap because, even laying out in 107 degree temps, it is taking soooooooo long to dry. Any helpful hints here??? I am now working on two at the same time. I'd like to get several done at once,

lizm 08/18/2011 #

grandmaroro,i've been using gesso on mine and with the help of a heat gun i'm dry in 5 mins it's looking good to me hope my partner feels the same !

flowerlady57 08/18/2011 #

oh gosh, I hope it is not $20 to mail. Maybe I will get lucky

grandmaroro 08/19/2011 #

I am currently working in three journals for swaps. When I have finished the last one, I'm thinking I will just experiment for awhile. I like what I've been doing on my own, but ever so often I decide to try to find out how it is "supposed" to be done. If it works, yay! If it doesn't, I always have "my way" to fall back on. LOL

Thanks for the tip, lizm. I have gesso and a heat gun already on hand. Will experiment with those also.

mizvicky 08/19/2011 #

Also, a blow dryer is great at drying those pages!! Best thing to do is one layer at a time:) let one dry then go to next layer...

I meant to say International shippung for a thick journal may cost up to $20:)

katara 08/21/2011 #

Please take note - as there is a crafting time extending over 1 month, there is a BIG possibility that quite a few swappers will go M.I.A. (epecially newbies) I've participated in quite a few journal swaps with a long crafting period, and have been flaked on.

katara 08/21/2011 #

I suggest you reduce the crafting time period and limit the swap to 15 prompts - this will definitely reduce the amount of flakers.

fairypretty7 08/21/2011 #

this scares the crap out of me! i just want to let my partner know now! i've never opened up this much to anyone, i am quite a personal person. Everyone needs therapy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

flowerlady57 08/21/2011 #

I am a newbie and I PROMISE I will not flake, when I sign up for something I follow it through, I can't imagine WHY someone would not do what they signed up for ??? CRAZY. This is a learning project for me and I hope that I can bring a smile or a new idea to my partner.

BohemianPrincess 08/21/2011 #

I have already put alot of work in this already but I think I will sit this one out. Good luck.

natalietoday 08/22/2011 #

I'm so excited to find a type 3 swap that allows newbies like me! <3

jenn1019 08/22/2011 #

I am very excited about this swap! I've started to work on mine, and I am feeling rather creative. I even made a trip to a couple of craft stores for a couple of different types of medium. I used to paint/draw a lot and haven't much lately. I feel inspired to be creative now :)

RenVonH 08/22/2011 #

PLEASE believe me when I say that I am TRUELY sorry about banning some swappers here today. I do it with a very heavy heart. I know you probably think it is unfair and you feel treated badly. And I really am sorry!!!! I really hate to be the bad guy, and I feel awfull! Please forgive me, but also please try to understand!!!! Thank you!

natalietoday 08/22/2011 #

I rescind my previous comment; obviously this swap is not newbie friendly.

Magickspirit51 08/22/2011 #


Magickspirit51 08/22/2011 #

I agree with those that think that asking for your journal to be returned to you after your partner reads it defeats the purpose of swapping and is totally unfair to the receiving partner. If it were a round robin swap it would be different.

gatorsmom 08/22/2011 #

oh so excited to get started! This is my first art journal swap!

emilyjane 08/23/2011 #

ahhh I am so excited and so nervous all at once! I love journaling but I am DEFINATELY a beginner at art, although I am a photographer, so alot of my pages will probably be collage/photo heavy! I will try my best to draw,though, although my partner may end up laughing at the tragedy of my doodles :P

flowerlady57 08/24/2011 #

my sister told me tonight she was banned, this is our first swap in swap-bot and our first art journal. you sent her an email and banned her but didn't give a reason, she emailed you but you haven't responded to her request as to why. She is a newbie how can she be banned from here? very confused :(

Chinchigirl 08/25/2011 #

So I just wanted to see how everyone was doing. Today marked the start of me actually working on my journal and not just playing around with my practice journals. I took cotton balls to make them into cloud for a page I dedicated towards rain....tomorrow I'm thinking tea staining?

Anyone else finding interesting mediums that they're having fun with?? I also bought a couple packages of buttons I have high hopes for....

redwing480 08/26/2011 #

I'm doing a combination of collage pages and mixed media pages. I'm using this as an opportunity to try out some different mixed media techniques that I have wanted to use as well as create some of my own.

So far, I've been playing with some paint techniques and having fun.

sleepingrover2010 08/26/2011 #

I've started my art journal with getting my cover of my journal all done and a title page all done inside my book. I used a plain page Moleskine book with a brown cover and so it needed some color. The other neat thing I did was I got a pair of decorative scissors amd trimmed all the edges of the pages so all the long edges of the pages are decoratively cut. Now I move on to a dedication page and the projects. I am excited but nervous at the very same time as I want to put together an art journal that my partner will really like. Happy Journaling Everyone.

djmom11 08/26/2011 #

I had about 7 pages done before partners were assigned. This has been a fun project.

darcilena 08/26/2011 #

Holy!!! I am finally at the end of all the comments. That will teach me to go on holidays and not bring a laptop! LOL! My partner is a true newbie here...so Welcome to SBot Janie! (Crafty Angel) I would love a Pm from you to tell me all your fav't themes, colors mediums...anything that will help me with a vision for your book. Just got back from holidays! I made jewelery for 1 week and sold nearly all of it to a gift shop, it was so exciting. So now I am back and ready to Rock out and create the coolest book ever for you. What are your fav't colors and textures!! Hope you like glitter! The kind that doesn't flake all over!! No chunks of unglued stuff here!! LOl! E-me and tell me all your crafty likes and dislikes! Do you like fairies, all natural (leaves, bark twine etc. Butterflies...you name it and I'll try to make it. I also love Tim Holtz(distressed, Shabby Chic and Steampunk!! Let me know...look forward to hearing from you!! Whoot, whoot! So excited to get started! Hugs, Darcilena ;)

TamiLynne 08/29/2011 #

This has been awesome to do - thank you so very much for creating this swap. I do altered art journal, this is helping me into the world of regular journaling - Again thank you so very much = you will definitely get a star for this one!

emilyjane 09/12/2011 #

Ive been using PVA glue thinly spread with a brush to glue pages/papers/photos together, but one of my pages now looks a little wrinkly. Should I switch to something like spraymount or pritt stick? I'm just concerned pritt isn't strong enough.

I've done about 5 pages so far, 2 are my own prompts. Having so much fun but need to get a move on to get it finished, so I'm dedicating a whole day to it sometime this week and couple of days next week! :)

elimunroe 09/20/2011 #

Gawd I am loving this project. I already recieved my journal and it was amazing. It raises the bar for me. Whew. I love this one. So much fun.

Justene 09/23/2011 #

I'm having a ton of fun with this journal....it is my first art journal so I'm learning so much as I go! I'm loving it! It will be hard to part with this when it comes time to pop it in the mail! I am going to take photos of each of the pages so that I have a record of my art....sooo FUN! Thanks so much for creating this swap! I'm looking so forward to receiving a journal!!! :)

emilyjane 09/24/2011 #

I've still got a fair way to go, but with another week off until Uni, I am loving this so much <3 Doing my ads page today. I can't find my bed underneath all the magazine clippings!

jenn1019 09/29/2011 #

How is everyone going on their journals? :)

BeckyG56 10/ 2/2011 #

I'm getting ready to send my journal,looking forward to receiving mine!

PixelPixie 10/ 4/2011 #

I'm running behind. Hope I can finish on time.

djmom11 10/ 6/2011 #

Mine is done and will get it mailed on Friday.

Justene 10/ 6/2011 #

All packaged up and ready to go! Woohoo! :)

MelyndaBeth 10/ 7/2011 #

This is proving to be a challenge for me. I really like doing it, but I am so used to ATC's that it feels weird to work on a bigger scale now. I'm worried mine will be too wordy. Well.. It IS a journal.. I still have quite a ways to go.

emilyjane 10/ 8/2011 #

I've just got to do 5 more pages, have fallen a little behind because of being ill and Uni, but I know what I'm doing for my prompts, so fingers crossed they all look fabulous and un-rushed! :D

CKunnerup 10/ 9/2011 #

I did not take the time to read through all of the comments, but in the ones I did read, I noticed, today, Sunday, that tomorrow is a federal holiday. So....mine will not be sent out until Tues. oops. sorry. should have tried to make it to the post office on friday. In our teeny weeny town (700) ours is not open on Sat. But, it is totally ready and I am excited to send and receive.

emilyjane 10/10/2011 #

Mine is all ready to send out, but I'm concerned that the person I am meant to be sending to has quit swap-bot. They haven't logged in over a month and are missing their swap deadlines :/ Really concerned, so I've messaged Ren, and am just going to see what I should do! I don't like the thought of someone going without a journal from the user I'm meant to be sending to :( I'd rather post to them, if that's the case! Fingers crossed it all gets sorted soon. My journal is ready to set sail!! <3

djmom11 10/10/2011 #

Today is the deadline - I have a feeling we may need to ask for some angels on this swap.

ShellyLynn816 10/10/2011 #

Ren hasn't been on in quite some time as well, since September 7. I'm a little worried she might have quit as well. According to her profile she has had some issues but I can angel. Maybe we can get a list of people willing to Angel. I think we should wait to make a list of people that got flaked on for maybe a month to give people extra time to hopefully get it out. Also the people who are getting the angeled journal will need to be patient as it will take a bit to make another journal. I am mailing mine but didn't realize today was a holiday here. I could mail it at the automated machine but want to get tracking on it so I'll wait. Columbus Day....

emilyjane 10/10/2011 #

Yeah, I am not comfortable sending my journal out just yet with this partner worry; I would send it to my partner's partner, but it's the case of finding out their address/who they are! If I can't find that out should I just send it out? ohhh these grey swap areas!

An alternative could be to hold the journal back until the list of those flaked on comes about. I have photographs of my journal and all the pages to prove It's all ready to go!

if we can't get in touch with Ren, would it be worth contacting swap-bot's admins? This all feels a tad confuddling with over 100 users in the swap!

emilyjane 10/10/2011 #

Also, I would be happy to angel, depending on what's going on with me outside of swap-bot. :)

BohemianPrincess 10/10/2011 #

Someone need to make a forum post on this or send a note to Rachel

BohemianPrincess 10/10/2011 #

Someone need to make a forum post on this or send a note to Rachel

emilyjane 10/11/2011 #

just popped a note to Rachel =] It's really rather frightening how many people may have just quit this swap without saying anything. Fingers crossed we haven't got too many flakes!

redwing480 10/11/2011 #

No flaking here, just got a bit behind due to a shift change at work. I have already contacted my partner to let her know.

emilyjane 10/11/2011 #

Okay just received a reply from Rachel! Her advice is to all try our best to conform to the original swap/swap partners as possible (so in my case and maybe some other users, we will have to send out journals to those partners of ours who have quit swap-bot anyhow, and those users will of course get rated 1s if they haven't sent anything out. I would recommend if you are posting to an inactive swap partner, just to pop them an email first, and maybe see if they could take the time to log in and rate you/notify you when they receive it).

I agree with ShellyLynn's idea to create a list of people willing to angel, and see how many people we get. The time frame for angelling will be challenging though, especially seeing as we have the winter holidays drawing nearer. We'll have to figure something out!

There's no real clear solution, and sadly some people who get flaked on may have to accept they might not get angelled for at all :( Lets keep upbeat though and keep in touch with each others partners if we have any issues!

joonberry 10/11/2011 #

I'm sure a lot of people are just taking a little longer to get it done right (like me). Ren is my send-to partner, and I haven't been able to get in touch with her to verify her address-anyone out there have any update? Hope she's okay.

emilyjane 10/11/2011 #

Yes, This was a pretty intense swap, and I literally burned midnight oil to get the last couple of pages done,so I don't blame users who need a little more time! We'll be able to tell if there are any flakes in about a month's time. I wish I could help with Ren, but she seems pretty inactive almost everywhere,including her blog. I hope all is well with her!

ShellyLynn816 10/11/2011 #

I am hopeful many more will get their journals sent out today as yesterday was Columbus Day here in the US which meant the post office wasn't open. It was also Thanksgiving in Canada and I'm assuming their post offices were closed as well. Almost half of the people have mailed theirs and hopefully we can get a significant number more. It would be easier if we could email everyone and ask for them to let us know if they do plan to send.

BeckyG56 10/11/2011 #

@ ShellyLynn816 I'm glad that you and @emilyjane has stayed on top of this swap. I was concerned about the person who is to send me my journal.She isn't on swapbot too often,wasn't a reliable swapper,but signed up to do a journal. As of yesterday she hadn't sent hers yet. I think the extended dates should've been enough time for anyone committed to doing this swap. I noticed that Ren hasn't sent hers yet,and that to me is setting a poor example. This was a huge swap,and it probably was overwhelming-but thats what forums,private mssg is set up to keep communication open. Maybe a forum can be set up and those flaked on,and if still interested,can re-sign up for another journal.Practice makes better! Thanks ladies!

Corazon 10/11/2011 #

If I am reading the info right, my partner has mailed her art journal to me. My art journal is within 2-3 days of being ready to send, so my partner has no worries.


GirlFriday 10/11/2011 #

Haha good thing I looked here. My partner hasn't been on in awhile either, has not marked sent and has not responded to any PMs. =/ I haven't sent out yet and was letting her know that I would have to send out at the end of the week. I would be happy to send the journal I am making to someone else if she decides not to come back.

djmom11 10/11/2011 #

Who has @sickodoodle as a partner? Apparently her address is not any good. She marked that she sent her swap, but I wonder if she did. If she didn't send her swap, whoever was to send to her should send to her partner instead.

emilyjane 10/11/2011 #

Yes, this is what I was asking Rachel about, but she strongly advised we send to those partners anyway. If they don't send out, they will be rated 1 and definately not be likely to be allowed in other swaps like these in the future. It's best if you believe that you have been flaked on, to perhaps post a thread in the Swap-bot Flakers group when the time is right. It is such a shame to send our journals to people who have flaked, rather than someone who has been flaked on, but in some circumstance, maybe a small minority of the flakers have a good valid reason for not logging on, if they have some problems going on. The only problem with swaps like this is there is no black and white like there is with short turn-around swaps. :(

I'd recommend mailing partners you're sending to who you may feel have left, and give a 48-72hour window for them to respond. If they don't respond, send the journal anyway,and tell them so, but please make a note of their absence on this thread. Also perhaps check to see who is meant to be sending to you, and mail them as well to see how they are doing with the swap,if they haven't contacted you already, and just drop in and see how things are going :).

Those of you who feel you need a longer extension, for whatever reason (life gets crazy sometimes!), and you're worried that outsiders may think you're a flake, when honest to the heavens you are not, maybe it'll be worth to just provide a photograph/preview of your art journal in progress to show your partner? We all love a cheeky preview anyway <3 Also,on a light note, would anybody be interested in sharing photos of their art journal somewhere? I really want to see how everyone got on! :D

emilyjane 10/11/2011 #

woah, I am terrible at keeping my comments short and sweet!

BeckyG56 10/11/2011 #

My partner received hers,and rated me already.I hope there will be great results for everyone.

joonberry 10/12/2011 #

Mine is ready to send to Ren, but I haven't heard back from her, nor do I know her new address. Any suggestions on what i should do?

emilyjane 10/12/2011 #

Have you tried her direct email? If not, I'd say keep a hold of the journal and put a note on your profile somewhere that you are waiting for a new address to send the journal to. I'm sure Ren will log on again eventually once she has everything sorted out, so don't worry :)

Mandy22 10/12/2011 #

Dot (Brickles) has not logged in since August 21st but I've sent my swap along anyways. Hopefully she gets it.I received my package from my partner though :)

BohemianPrincess 10/12/2011 #

she is playing games on facebook, Ren

djmom11 10/12/2011 #

There is a forum post about @sickododdle her profile is deleted. Mail was being returned. Personally I would not send to her if she were my partner, why waste the postage, and she can not rate a 1 when she is no longer a member of swap-bot. I would send my journal to someone who doesn't receive one.

Spifeware 10/13/2011 #

I'd definitely love to see how other people's journals turned out! I didn't realize how much work this would be. But it's been fun! I keep all my swapbot swap pictures on my flickr page, and I'll be uploading my art journal soon I hope =)

BohemianPrincess 10/13/2011 #

Does anyone have a tally of who sent/didnt send so we can get some angels?

emilyjane 10/13/2011 #

i can start making a tally and try to see who is having an extension and who isnt as well as marking deleted users too if you like? its 12.40am here so ill do it when the sun is up!

emilyjane 10/13/2011 #

if i counted correctly about 48 users have not marked sent. some are strong contenders for being flakes but others could just be running behind!

Corazon 10/14/2011 #

Mine hasn't been sent, but will be. Corazon

ShellyLynn816 10/15/2011 #

it's down to 43 who haven't sent, I'd wait another week or two before making a list people may just need time to get it sent out. Wish we could email everyone but that might take a while. Maybe we could break it up into smaller groups and those of us that want to help could take a few and message them and be in charge of finding out if they intend to send theirs out. That might work best if we break up the people. We could do the same once we figure out who needs it angeled break it up into smaller groups then the person in charge of that group could find people to angel.

emilyjane 10/16/2011 #

Yeah @ShellyLynn816 that's what I wondered. Maybe we could break groups into alphabetical order, and message users that way? :)

BohemianPrincess 10/16/2011 #

send what ever information and i will glad to help when the tiem comes

BohemianPrincess 10/16/2011 #

Im going to be a negative nelly lol ,they had 6 weeks to get it done and now almost an extra week how much time does a person need?

BohemianPrincess 10/16/2011 #

meaning other people worked hard to get it done and I know thel ife gets in the way,,but its no fair to make others wait when they put so much time in

ShellyLynn816 10/16/2011 #

I know they should have gotten it done by now but if we can even get a few of them to send it out then thats less we have to try to figure out how we are going to Angel. 6 weeks is a long time and in fact just long enough that they may have forgotten about it.

Spifeware 10/17/2011 #

It took longer than I expected to finish!! However, I noticed my partner hasn't sent hers either and so I'm going to wait to send hers to see if she flakes... that way I can send hers to someone whose partner also flaked.

iLoveMail 10/17/2011 #

I sent a message to Ren in the middle of September, asking if she could extend the swap deadline (I know @BohemianPrincess thinks we had enough time, which we probably did, but I had an unexpected family emergency come up that took me out of the state. I explained all of this to Ren.) Nevertheless, I have been in contact with my partner and am working directly with her. Its safe to say that Ren is not finishing this swap, sadly for the 133 participants. I did offer her help in the summer, before the sign-up deadline, with such a time-consuming swap and so many participants - but she said she had it under control.... its a good thing to have swappers like @ShellyLynn816 and @emilyjane and @BohemianPrincess - hopefully not too many participants will be disappointed or flaked on!

jenn1019 10/17/2011 #

As of now, I haven't heard from my partner and they haven't sent. I messaged them this morning, just to see. I will try to find the time to start another art journal to be able to angel if needed. I know how it feels to be flaked on, and hope that my partner is just running a bit late!

BohemianPrincess 10/17/2011 #

Im going to start one so I can send to angel, I moved and I cant find the one I first started but I loved that one lol and kept it for myself.

I dont mean to sound like a big meanie,I know life gets in the way of deadlines,and its good because you communicated iLovemail, its just the ones who dont even care that burn my biscuits lol

djmom11 10/17/2011 #

I am willing to help out with messaging people to see who needs angels. Let me know.

BeckyG56 10/19/2011 #

Still haven't received mine or reply to PM I sent to her. I'm not sure I could help with angeling,with holidays coming, things are going to be busy for crafters. I could angel after christmas!

GirlFriday 10/21/2011 #

Please put me on the angel list. Also if there is a need to co-ordinate angels and flakers let me know. I love doing that kind of stuff. =)

djmom11 10/21/2011 #

I sent out a reminder to everyone who hasn't marked sent. I know a lot of people have already contacted partners - it's hard w/the host missing in action.

jenn1019 10/24/2011 #

Question- for those who haven't received theirs yet and haven't received a response for their partners... should we rate yet, or give them a bit longer to send? Just wondering what everyone else was doing.

djmom11 10/25/2011 #

If you haven't heard from them, and they have not marked sent then I would rate them appropriately - it can always be changed.

STUFFellaneous 10/25/2011 #

Haven't gotten anything; PMed my partner. No response. Very disappointed!!!

LunaMoody 10/26/2011 #

I am so very disappointed also. It looks like my partner has FLAKED on me !!! SunArtist says she sent it out on Oct 13, 2011. But I have not gotten it yet and she doesn't seem to want to answer my messages or been on since the 13. This was my first time doing a art journal. I really had fun on it and was really excited about getting one back. This sucks being flaked on !!!

djmom11 10/27/2011 #

It is sad to be flaked on. I received 13 responses to my messages - all whom said they had contacted their partners about being late. Please make sure to rate a 1 if you don't receive. Someone might want to start a forum post for angels.

grandmaroro 10/27/2011 #

I have not received my art journal yet, but I have corresponded with my partner. I understand that "life happens", I have had my share this year so I will be patient. I told her to take her time and send a swap that she is proud of, not one that she threw together because she was rushed. It's been a tough year for several of my partners. All I ask is that they follow through, late is so much better than not at all.

BohemianPrincess 10/27/2011 #

If anyone didnt receive a journal and has no communication with their partner message me so I can get list. If you have things worked out with your partner cool, if not give me a buzz so we can maybe get a angle list going, anyone wanna help me?

BohemianPrincess 10/27/2011 #

so did you cover everyone Djmom ,, dont mean to step on your toes

djmom11 10/29/2011 #

No stepping on toes here, hope the hostess doesn't think that, but since she is MIA....the more people helping the better. I started a forum post today for angels.

djmom11 10/30/2011 #

@devilspigeonhole is willing to angel if someone wants to contact her.

Justene 10/30/2011 #

I've not received my journal yet either....and I've messged her with no reply??? Such a shame. So many of us poured our hearts into this swap. :(

emilyjane 11/ 2/2011 #

I am happy to angel for someone who is a UK resident like myself. I want to help as much as I can, but I need to think about postage costs too, so the nearer to home for me, the better. I'd be aiming to send out during the new year, so I can get my Uni work out of the way for this term. Please do comment my page/PM me <3

emilyjane 11/ 2/2011 #

obviously if there aren't any UK residents, I will post further afield :)

ShellyLynn816 11/ 3/2011 #

I can angel at least one. After I finish that one I may be able to do more but I'm only going to do one at a time. We need to get a list of who hasn't gotten one and hasn't heard from their partner. PM me if I don't reply here.

Spifeware 11/ 6/2011 #

Where is the forum post? I'd like to angel for someone...

BohemianPrincess 11/ 7/2011 #


this the public forum page. Please rate your partner with a 1 if you didnt get your journal,that is if feel they are a flaker and have not had communication with them.

metammi123 01/17/2012 #

I never received my art journal boooo wooooo was really looking forward to seeing others art anyhow ... The person that was to send tome is no longer even a member ... Just my luck ... Better luck next time I so enjoyed making mine ...

djmom11 02/20/2012 #

I never received one either @metammi123

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