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Adventures of the Traveling Postcard R14

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Number of people in swap:123
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:September 12, 2013
Date items must be sent by:September 20, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

Wouldn't it be great to send a postcard and see where it had been all around the world? Then get it returned back to you after its adventures were over? Let's do it!


Choose a card. A card that you think people would enjoy seeing (however, PLEASE DO NOT USE EXTRA LARGE POSTCARDS THAT WILL REQUIRE EXTRA POSTAGE!). Put your name and address (including the country!) on the right hand side of the card. Put the title of the swap ("Adventures of the Traveling Postcard") at the top of the left hand side. PUT IT IN AN ENVELOPE and send it off to your partner. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Just write your name, username, city, state/country, on the left hand side of the postcard you received in the previous round. Put it in an envelope and send it to your partner! (DO NOT WRITE YOUR ENTIRE ADDRESS ON THE POSTCARD - THIS TAKES UP TOO MUCH SPACE!)


We will have another round as soon as everyone has clicked "Sent" in the previous round. (Sign up when you receive yours from the previous round, start another one in rotation, or contact me, as I may have a postcard that needs to be put back into rotation as well!) When the left side of the postcard is filled up with the names and cities of those that have received the postcard, the last person will stamp your actual postcard and send it back to you.

Only join if you are awesome and a non-flaker. Well-established folks ONLY (50 or more Type 2/Type 3 swaps - although if you have already been in the swap, you will be allowed in even if you don't have 50) and I will ban if I feel that you may be a questionable swapper. I want to do my best to ensure that everyone receives their postcard back! So don't join if you don't think you can commit to it for the long haul, K? I will be checking EVERYONE'S profile. Thanks and happy swapping!

NOTE: Do NOT send the postcard back to the original owner until the left side of the postcard is completely filled!

Additional Note: I'd love to post some "success stories" for this swap. If you've had yours returned to you, message me and I'd love to post in the comments about it. Maybe that will encourage others to continue to participate!


flowerchild 09/ 5/2013 #

I will be sending on Vickyen round #13 card...keep this one moving it wants to travel the world! Anyone have one of mine?

KarlaKC 09/ 5/2013 #

@flowerchild , what is your name on your postcards you're asking about? :)

smokeyquartz1980 09/ 5/2013 #

@flowerchild I just got one of yours today!

Skron11 09/ 5/2013 #

I have Tatiana R's from Brazil.

latentsmile 09/ 5/2013 #

I haven't seen anything about either of my PC's in the past few rounds. Has anyone seen or heard of whereabouts? -Jessica P. from Omaha. <3

hkappes 09/ 5/2013 #

I'm sending on Jan Sudmeier's PC :)

user6937 09/ 5/2013 #

I keep asking, but nobody's answering - do I consider mine outta here? Sandra Dowkes, Calgary. I sent out in round 1 and it was NOT that big a pc, lol. I, too, would like to hear about some success stories. Let us know if you had your original returned, how long did it take, what round did you join, how many rounds did it go, where did it go??

twobluecrows 09/ 5/2013 #

Having missed the last round, I'm sending out Jennifer Mendoza's PC from Dubai.

Has anyone seen mine? It's from my favorite local diner "Zips" and says EAT on the sign. I'm really excited to get it back all full so I can post it there in the diner.

AZmom875 09/ 5/2013 #

USER 6937, I thought I saw a message in past swaps that someone had your card. Go back a few and look. I even think it was me that had it.

I have sent 2 cards home to senders so far.

AZmom875 09/ 5/2013 #

so I am starting a new one this round or I am not playing not sure yet.

AnnieMaxine 09/ 5/2013 #

I have @BluePoppy PC that I will be sending out in this round. I should be getting a few from swappers who are no longer participating, as well. I will post more if I receive more.

Thanks to all that have sent theirs back to swappers that are no longer participating. I've actually come across 6 myself that I have accumulated. To be honest, I'm not in a hurry to send them back...they made all of you wait, so they can too!

racheledj 09/ 5/2013 #

I am sending on Chantele in Wales. CUTE postcard of 3 little Japanese girls.

mcovey 09/ 5/2013 #

I have also have one of flowerchild's card started round 12 , it has been to West Va and now to Va , its a Pittsburgh city pc .

queencordy18 09/ 5/2013 #

Anyone seen my card? :)

joyhouse5 09/ 5/2013 #

Today in the mail I got both round 12 from Brazil and round 13 from Wisconsin. Now have a seat cause this list could take some time

Rd 12 was the card from Wiji Widayati of Indonesia no nickname Some colorful gift shop kawaii type card.

Then from Jan218 today I got 4 cards, because she had a similar situation where the cards didnt arrive.

So I have Vickey Englet's cougar card aka vickyer?

Preslarb aka Bonnie Prestar's Chicago car

batmamma aka Catarina of Sweden Flower card.

and Fatimatuzzahro of Indonesia a cat card kinda like jetsoy

bookworm66 09/ 6/2013 #

Hi. I was wondering where my card had got to. Claire from Herefordshire, UK.

AnnieMaxine 09/ 6/2013 #

@joyhouse5 - no more than three should be in an envelope, so that we don't pay extra in postage. If you have more than 3, send the remainder to me and I can get them back into rotation.


pne 09/ 6/2013 #

I have Meredith Anderson's which came to me on round 12 with one entry so far.

Scrapper427 09/ 6/2013 #

I have Katherine B from Philippines. I do not have her swap bot name to send her a message. It will be going home this round:)

coolbeans 09/ 6/2013 #

I have Melanie Roschet no swap name, I wish we would put swap name on the cards

Mandileigh 09/ 7/2013 #

WOuld love to join but havent been in enough swaps.... soon enough!!

pne 09/ 7/2013 #

I think Meredith Anderson might be @manders2280 .

BluePoppy 09/ 7/2013 #

I have Inga Jakelaityte's pc, from Lithuania!

I'm the sixth one to receive it, but there's still plenty of room before it starts its journey back home.

Greetings to all!

preslarb 09/ 7/2013 #

I have Diann's PC from Lexington, TX! Still has lots of room! Will be sending it on to the next person this round!

coolbeans 09/ 7/2013 #

@pne no this lady is from Germany {Melanie Roscher} she started on rd6 Thanks for trying

VioletFaye 09/ 7/2013 #

Will be sending out Holly Godby from KY. No swap-bot name on card.

AnnieMaxine 09/ 7/2013 #

@Scrapper427 : Katherine B. is CuriosaKat. She is a flaker and has not logged in since April

AnnieMaxine 09/ 7/2013 #
AnnieMaxine 09/ 7/2013 #

@coolbeans - the Melanie that you have is @littleMaja

AnnieMaxine 09/ 7/2013 #

@BluePoppy - the pc you have belongs to @Ametista She hasn't logged in since June 27. You can send it back to her if you'd like and send another one of your own in rotation.

AnnieMaxine 09/ 7/2013 #

@preslarb - your pc is from @ladyfeathers

AnnieMaxine 09/ 7/2013 #

@VioletFaye - your pc belongs to @hollycarole92

CajunLady 09/ 7/2013 #

has anyone seen mine? Mikki McCoy, Alabama?

sunshinesuperman 09/ 7/2013 #

Anyone seen my pc from round 2 or 3. Mona (Sunshinesuperman) from Kansas.

Hollycarole92 09/ 7/2013 #

I haven't gotten one from the last round yet. :/

London13 09/ 7/2013 #

I have Marie Antoinette Pelser from South Africa

fruitbat5150 09/ 8/2013 #

I just received the postcard of Rebecca Lunsford, aka cyph0r! Very cool vintage look card!

daisydayz 09/ 8/2013 #

@racheledj yay!! Can I check which address is on it? I have 2 in circulation and one has my old address in cardiff.

AnnieMaxine 09/ 8/2013 #

I've gotten a lot of messages from swappers asking me where their postcards are. I DO NOT know where everyone's postcards are for a multitude of reasons: 1. Postcards may not reach their destinations in time for each round. 2. Some postcards have been combined with other cards. 3. Not everyone signs up for every round. 4. I have over 150 swappers involved in this swap, either currently or in the past, and I would have to spend my entire day tracking them. I just don't have that kind of time. 5. Some postcards have gotten lost in the mail or never reached their intended destination. 6. Some swappers have flaked and may have your postcards. For reason #6: I have contacted EVERY SINGLE swapper that has EVER signed up for this swap and am in the process of trying to collect all the stray postcards that may have gotten lost along the way. I am trying my best to keep all cards in rotation.

I apologize to everyone that feels disappointment in the way that this swap has ran. I'm doing my best and after 14 rounds, I, personally, feel it is going well...but, no swap is perfect. If you no longer want to participate because it is not a perfect swap with perfect results, please contact me and I will be happy to give you my address for you to send the postcard that you have in your possession. Your name will go on the "Send Back To" list and, if the postcard is still in rotation it will be sent back to you.

Again, I apologize if this swap is not turning into what you all thought it would be. I really am trying to do my best.

Sincerely, Frustrated.

dakotadee 09/ 8/2013 #

I have cards from Debbie Thorson,Donna Owen and Moniek Krouwel

siouxx05 09/ 8/2013 #

@AnnieMaxine I think you are doing a fantastic job.. {hug}

badandknowsit2 09/ 8/2013 #

just want to say i am still waiting results for what they going to do about my ovarian cancer and i have turned my pc's over to the swap coordinator i hope u all will continue this i had a great time but due to health i had to get out

asmom 09/ 9/2013 #

I think this is a great swap, as a hostess you are doing a wonderful job!

thisismeAXiD 09/ 9/2013 #

I have Gabby W.'s from Louisiana! Will be sending this round :) It's only made it over seas once.

Cubsfanjennie 09/ 9/2013 #

This sounds so fun!!!!! I'm a newbie to this one, but I am SO IN!!!!! Can't wait to get started!!!!

kim91262 09/ 9/2013 #

@anniemaxine I think you are doing a great job and are putting in LOTS of effort and I appreciate it (even if i NEVER get my PC back, at least i'm having fun seeing where others have been!)

I have Mandy Jansen's (no swap-bot name) card from South Africa. It started in R4 and has 9 signatures on it! there is still room for 4 or so more, i think :)

AnnieMaxine 09/ 9/2013 #

Mandy Jansen is @inthewild !

AnnieMaxine 09/ 9/2013 #

And thanks everyone for the nice compliments. Sometimes it's hard to remember the good stuff when all you hear is bad stuff. I keep doing this for all of you. If I didn't have you guys, this swap could never be successful! Thank YOU ALL who have been and continue to be loyal, dedicated, and awesome swappers!

VivaLaDiane 09/ 9/2013 #

I'm joining as a first timer because I think you're pretty incredible @AnnieMaxine . I could see in just a few comments how very dedicated and what a great host you are. Kudos for doing such an amazing job for several rounds. If I could help you at all, please let me know.

Mimi7 09/10/2013 #

@Annie Maxine, I APPRECIATE your hosting this swap and also think you are doing an amazing job. Still haven't received mine from round 1, but no worries; because I am enjoying all the beautiful post cards I am receiving to look at, some are funny and some are just awesome scenery, animals, etc. Then I enjoy sending them on in their journey. What an awesome swap. Thanks again AnnieMaxine for being a great host! :)

fruitbat5150 09/10/2013 #

I GOT MY CARD BACK!!! (It started in Round 6.) I am so excited!! Thank you so much to @mdkrouwel for sending it home to me from The Netherlands, and to everyone who signed it & sent it along: @London13 @nativegan @smadionia (oops, can't read the username right, but Stephanie in Oregon City -- howdy, neighbor!), @soulkissed (who I assume is also the artist of a very cool little doodle that both my husband and I love), Lucine from The Netherlands, @namabear and @anniemaxine -- kind of cool that you got my card. Thank you soooo much for this fun, fun swap! I think you're doing an incredible job and I'm ready to play forever!

So for this round, R14, I have @cyph0r s card, and I assume I send it along with a new one of mine? That's what I'll do unless I hear otherwise.

Those of you who are joining for the first time, I hope you have as much fun as I do!

smadronia 09/10/2013 #

@fruitbat5150 my handwriting it terrible, but you were pretty close :)

AnnieMaxine 09/11/2013 #

Yay! Great that you received yours back, @fruitbat5150 You definitely should add a new one of yours in with @cyph0r 's card in this round!

coolbeans 09/11/2013 #

Hi @AnnieMaxine I think you are doing a fantastic job. and maybe if swappers want when you get someone's card just post it here with name on card then that person will see it and Annie will not have to do so much work, just post name you have that's it 1 second

Cranberry 09/11/2013 #

I have cards belonging to: Deane Yates - Walland, TN USA and Janadah Sartin - Danville, AL USA. They will be mailed in Round 14.

namabear 09/11/2013 #

@AnnieMaxine your doing a great job dont stop and dont let a few negatives cancel out a bunch of positives.....

I am mailing @sleepingrover2010 card in this round still a couple of spots and I received this one twice how funny.

AnnieMaxine 09/11/2013 #

I just received @nativegan 's postcard that was returned to me by @momaw2masonandabby whom is no longer participating.

fawnscrafts 09/11/2013 #

I have watched this swap since the first one.

It makes sense that any card may never get back home. The is a swap that is one round, and no requirements about making sure the swappers are in each round. Plus there is no way to force a swapper to join in each round.

@AnnieMaxine you have done a wonderful job of keeping this swap going and it has been in the top ten most, if not every time it has been offered.


tao67 09/11/2013 #

Sounds like a great swap. Bloomington the first time. :-)

tao67 09/11/2013 #

Sorry, meant joining for the first time.

palmettogirl727 09/11/2013 #

Joining in for the first time too! Looking forward to the fun. I am wondering how many swaps a PC usually travels before it is filled and returned to the owner?

HelloCindi 09/12/2013 #

@AnnieMaxine I think you're doing a wonderful job with hosting this swap :) Thank you for continuing to host these Traveling Postcard Swaps!

coolbeans 09/12/2013 #

@palmettogirl727 I think it depends on how big your postcard is

GigiArky69 09/12/2013 #

I am new to Swap-Bot...is there an example of past sent cards I may look at to make sure I would do this correctly if I join the swap? Thanks.

AnnieMaxine 09/12/2013 #

@GigiArky69 - this swap is for swappers with at least 50 Type 2/Type 3 swaps completed. You will be unable to participate until this time.

Cranberry 09/12/2013 #

I would like to add for the new swappers to please put your swap-bot user name on the card, as well as, your real name (and address). I have two cards that have no usernames, so someone may be asking about their card via their username and I would not know who they are.

AnnieMaxine 09/12/2013 #

Thanks, @Cranberry I will add that to the description in the next round :)

mamarochat 09/12/2013 #

I received my postcard back in the last round. Yay! It started out in round 1. Thank you to all the swappers who kept it in rotation. I will be sending out Nicki Slater's pc. It has been on a grand adventure so far with lots more room to keep it traveling for some time.

fruitbat5150 09/13/2013 #

@palmettogirl727 I sent mine out in round 6 and got it back round 13, but some of the addresses were kind of big. It was an absolute thrill to get it back, though!

ladydy5 09/13/2013 #

Sent to treekaroo in Fla.

spinjenny 09/13/2013 #

I haven't received a card for the previous round yet, so I'll wait until Thursday if necessary, and send out a new one if that one hasn't arrived by then.

AnnieMaxine 09/13/2013 #

Sounds good @spinjenny !

Vickyen 09/13/2013 #

I have not received one to send on yet - so sent a new one to start to @noone7212 - I have really enjoyed these swaps! AnnieMaxine thanks for hosting such a fun swap! I know at some point my pcs will make it home and be able to tell me about the adventures they have been on! ;) Now if only I could do that traveling as well! LOL! Hugs to all! ;)

asmom 09/14/2013 #

I'll be sending a new one out, round 12 or 13 hasn't shown up yet, but they were both out of the country. so if they don't show up, I'll get another one started.

Mimi7 09/15/2013 #

I didn't receive one in time to send out this round, hopefully I will get it and send it on in round 15

Deeno1105 09/15/2013 #

Tomorrow, I'll be sending out 2.

R. Wilson's & D. Owen's

smokeyquartz1980 09/16/2013 #

I'm sending out @flowerchild and @amber999 today :)

jeepermom 09/18/2013 #

I am sending out @Gailknottnerus card today to California to continue on it's trip! Only about half full...

pne 09/18/2013 #

I'm sending @spinjenny 's card from R3 back home to her since there was just still space for me to add my line on it :)

asmom 09/18/2013 #

I received misscorina's card from round 13.

queencordy18 09/19/2013 #

Ok....so I received my card for R14. I'm the last signer, and am sending it home. So for Round15, so I just start a new card for myself?

wadesay 09/20/2013 #

I just received Chantal Bible postcard from @flowerchild and I'm the last signer, so am sending it to Chantal. however, I have sent a new postcard of mine for R14. so, for the R15, I start a new postcard again? there are 3 postcards of mine in rotation now. wow. :D --what do you think, @AnnieMaxine ?

wadesay 09/20/2013 #

sorry, @AnnieMaxine I got a bit confused :D. of course I don't need to start a new postcard. it happened that I have sent the new one because the postcard from R13 was late. and when the postcard from R13 finally arrived, it happened that I was the last signer. what a coincidence :D.

AnnieMaxine 09/20/2013 #

@queencordy18 - yes, send a new one with your info in it for round 15

spinjenny 09/21/2013 #

My card which started its journey in Round 3 has just arrived home (thank you, Philip!) It started in the UK, and has visited Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Germany and 6 US states. :-)

spinjenny 09/21/2013 #

I still have 2 cards circulating in this swap series, though. :-)

churlann 09/21/2013 #

I received my first card. It started out in a town aobut 20 miles from where I live. Small world. I cant wait to see who I send it too.

KarlaKC 09/23/2013 #

For this round I sent the two pcs I received for R11 (I missed R12 and R13). They were: 1) Mary Covey aka @mcovey which she started in R6, and 2) Cassie Fox aka @snout I don't know which round Cassie's started in, but there are 7 signatures on it, mine included, and there is room for 1 - 3 more. So it should be coming home soon, Cassie! :)

As an additional note, for R14 I received 2 pcs: 1) Janadah Sartin of AL, started in June 2013, and 2) Deane/Diane Yates of TN which started in R11. These will be sent out in R15's Adventure!

KarlaKC 09/23/2013 #

Ummm...unless I missed R15....looking for it...

KarlaKC 09/23/2013 #

I'm so silly. Of course R15 hasn't been set up yet. R14 just ended! I think I need to go to bed since it's so late and I'm obviously loopy. ;)

AnnieMaxine 09/23/2013 #

HI everyone! I'm currently waiting on @racheledj to click "sent". I sent her both an email and pm reminding her to send, as it is 3 days past the send-by date. She hasn't logged in in a few days. I hope it's a fluke thing :( I will list the next round and send an email out to all of you when I have gotten some kind of answer from her. If she doesn't respond in the next couple of days, I will list it anyway and contact her partner for this swap.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Vickyen 09/23/2013 #

I have three pcs that will continue their travels on the next round - Mandy Jansen from South Africa - sorry no user name but from R13, Pat Lacastro from FL from R13 and Ann Davies @Alicemayspring from Wales UK, R11 - you are all currently in Waterloo, IL, USA and the weather is lovely! LOL! You all have plenty of room on your pcs, so your travels will continue! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)

KarlaKC 09/24/2013 #

Mandy Jansen in South Africa is @inthewild I know this because she was my partner to send to in this round! :) Love her username because it probably is a reflection of the fact that she lives in a town named "Wilderness". Therefore, she lives "inthewild"! :) At least that's my take on the origin of her username. ;)

user6937 09/24/2013 #

@Jan218 - just got yours from this round and will be sending it on!

mcovey 09/24/2013 #

waiting on this rounds pc but will definitely will be joining future rounds , @AnnieMaxine you are doing a great job and wouldn't miss a round

mcovey 10/ 2/2013 #

heard back from my partner mine is on the way so I should have one soon for the next round thanks for great communication

daisydayz 10/ 2/2013 #

Ive just received Christin Jonicks from @mskadie it will be off on its 7th round this time! Totally brilliant card by the way!

mcovey 10/ 4/2013 #

Have my additional to send out waiting on the previous round will wait closer to time to send hoping last round will get here soon

inkedwithelegance 11/ 8/2013 #

Thank you #daisydayz for your update on my card! :)

inkedwithelegance 11/ 8/2013 #

Sorry thank you @daisydayz for that update :)

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