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ATCs - Your Choice and My Choice!

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ATCs - Your Choice and My Choice!
Swap Coordinator:Hell0Z0mbie (contact)
Swap categories: Artist Trading Card (ATC) 
Number of people in swap:77
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:March 21, 2010
Date items must be sent by:April 24, 2010
Number of swap partners:1
  • You will send 2 beautiful ATCs to 1 partner.
  • One is sender's choice, one is receiver's choice.
  • When you sign up, please comment here with 2 or 3 ATC themes you collect or enjoy.
  • When partners are assigned, look at your partner's comment and choose a theme to make one ATC of.
  • The other ATC is sender's choice!
  • If you don't leave a comment with themes, your partner can choose whatever they want for BOTH of your ATCs.
  • Please make these nice, no sticker-only ones. Plan to put some effort in, I am leaving plenty of time!
  • I will weed out questionable swappers. If you have unexplained low-scores, note me with an explanation.

If that doesn't make sense note me and I will try to rephrase. I am bad at explaining ideas!!

Edit: I am extending the signup deadline 1 day because I might not have computer access on the 20th.


Hell0Z0mbie 02/20/2010 #

My Themes: 1. Science/Scientists 2. Rats/Mice 3. Flamingos

SuzeesCrafty 02/20/2010 #

My themes...cats, dogs, Montana inspired...since my dream is to live in Montana some day...if you send Montana inspired, it will go on my vision board. :) But really I would be happy with anything that you put your heart into, to make for me. xo

jj9jj 02/20/2010 #

My themes - Music, Hearts, Pink Ribbon (Breast Cancer Awareness), Rainbows - and like SuzeesCrafty said - anything you put your heart into would be great!

mishap 02/20/2010 #

this is a great idea for a swap, HelloZOmbie! I read your profile and have to chuckle, ok not chuckle, crack up about your several mentionings of you loathing of worms. I am sorry, lol, I just don't get it, but it's funny! I literally saw a dozen today because it was 68 degrees today in florida and I was pulling weeds. Well, I am not afraid of anything but springs ( I can't swim over any deep hole ) and big fat discusting cookaracha's. It's a good thing I am not afraid of snakes as my 21 year old son thinks it's very entertaining to drop them doen my bra! lol!

Bexs 02/20/2010 #

Id love an ATC in the themes of either Skulls, Dragons, or Tattoos/Piercings/Body Modification.

Batmamma 02/21/2010 #

my themes would be Angels, Butterflies and because I have no idea what it is; Steam punk :D

fepamplona 02/22/2010 #

My themes: cats, cute monsters/skulls, cherries!! :)

mishap 02/23/2010 #

no partners show up

mishap 02/23/2010 #

duh they haven't been assigned yet....my theme would be dorky and Lucy like

zilliah 02/24/2010 #

I'd love: post-apocalyptic, bio-hazard, or alternative materials (metal, fabric, etc)

lkbs 02/25/2010 #

lkbs2/25/10 My favorite themes are lighthouses,butterflies and the fabulous 1950's.

yomousey 02/27/2010 #

Ok here are my themes: Easter, Black & white, Red, fabric, Spring, flowers, Lost. And I had an idea for an ATC based on a favorite book or author, Stephen King:) I think this should be enough to choose from.

pandessa 02/28/2010 #

My theme is Witches, witches, stempunk because I haven't a clue what it is and witches. I could add for more choices witches,Margaret Hamilton (Wicked WItch of the West), Bewitched (older version), pentagrams and Cauldrons.

catcare 03/ 2/2010 #

My themes are Parrots, dancing couple, Victorian lady, Flapper Girl, Witch but not the ugly kind, or any good hand drawn or hand painted ATC's of the above themes. Thank you very much.

trageek 03/ 2/2010 #

ok, my themes are.. bad/cult movies (one or in general), doll (can be pretty or creepy), or "the most twisted, creepy theme you dare to put on an ATC!" Can't wait to see what kind of theme I get to do! I adore doing cards with no relevance to my own interests lol!

CraftyRabbit 03/ 4/2010 #

My Themes can be: My sign "Aries", Fire, Dragons or Bunnies My favorite colors are: Black, White, Red and Hot Pink. Hope this helps. Thanks = : )

Garrent 03/ 5/2010 #

I'm in a Shakespeare class this semester, how about a theme regarding him or one (or more) of his plays?

Manurnakey 03/ 5/2010 #

My themes are: cats, teal (<3 it!), zentangles, LolCats, Star Wars, Doctor Who, World of Warcraft :)

marilavado 03/ 9/2010 #

My themes: Nintendo old school, Little Red Riding Hood, robots, steampunk.

DigitalMisfit 03/ 9/2010 #

My themes: Persephone (minor Greek Goddess), people with birds on their heads, Einstein, Katharine Hepburn, purple & orange color combos

loubie 03/10/2010 #

I love fantasy/fairy stories/witches/angels/animals

Ikat78 03/10/2010 #

I don't have a theme, I can't wait to see whatever is sent to me!! In an effort to maybe help-I'm a hippy chick who loves nature.

Vreyainlove 03/11/2010 #

I love elephants, warthogs, giraffes and other African fauna/ goddesses/ nature/ vintage photos/ music/ movement memorabilia.


FilmingJournalist 03/12/2010 #
  1. Football
  2. Punk Aesthetic
  3. Marilyn Monroe
  4. 1950s Pin-Up Culture
  5. Comic Books
Neeklette 03/13/2010 #

Unicorn, Kawaii, Red Riding Hood, Steampunk, Moomin ^u^

fuzi 03/14/2010 #

I'd love Circus/ Pin-up girls/ rainbows/ vintage photographs.

ClumsyKisses 03/16/2010 #


pink, purple, silver, artful nudes, India, punk, Hello Kitty.

zoobekka 03/16/2010 #

I am a fan of ferrets, hippos, vampires and American Idol (Adam Lambert is my fav)! Thanks!

thebragal 03/16/2010 #

I'd like baby Mario or Kirby from Nintendo flowers shells

and I pray I don't get one of the people with creepy themes! A few people have picked some themes that I can't do because of my religion (witches, pentagrams, caulderons, Skulls, Dragons, or Tattoos/Piercings/Body Modification)

user2637 03/16/2010 #

Themes: vampires (but NOT Twilight; think True Blood, Anne Rice, Dracula), steampunk, human anatomy (especially hearts, bones, skulls).

karli 03/16/2010 #

Themes: I love toads (the wartier the better), fairies, and unicorns.

rubyragdoll 03/16/2010 #

themes: I like steampunk, fantasy of all types, I especially like hand drawn/painted, I like funky ladies, I like warcraft.

Syn1226 03/16/2010 #

My theme(s): vintage anything; fairies; sparkles/glittery

Katica 03/16/2010 #

I like science, zentangles, hand-drawn and painted images, strange animals like platypi and flying fish, kawaii, the arctic, owls...

thebaretree 03/16/2010 #

I like Cute baby animals, Birdcages, Raindrops, Woodland critters... etc :) check out my profile!! :) so excited!

candycore 03/17/2010 #

I would like a Kimono, Storm/Rain, or Umbrella ATC ^^

Izafelidae 03/17/2010 #

My themes would be: 1. Barnum/circus freaks/vintage photos 2. Ripley's Believe It or Not/hoaxes & novelties 3. unicorns 4. bats (the flying sort) 5. Myrna Loy &/or Cary Grant That should cover a wide range of abilities.

Pikkis 03/17/2010 #

Some of the themes I like: fairy tales and children´s books, fantasy, real looking-dogs, cemetary angels, text/ quotes, musical notes, London. There´s few more in my profile :)!

Notabelle 03/17/2010 #

Zombies, old creature feature movies, rubber ducks, roller derby pin up girls (just joined a the mississippi rollerderby girls and LOVING it!!)

Trish 03/17/2010 #

my themes: hello kitty, cartoon flowers or hearts. sparkles? excited to swap :)

nickers76 03/17/2010 #

I don't have any request for themes, so I guess this one will be my partners choice twice...... I am new to ATC's and so don't have ANY yet......

SherriB 03/17/2010 #

I'd be interested in steampunk (nothing really "dark" please), fairytales (vintage, not the Disney kind), any form of classical dance

monireed 03/17/2010 #

I would love 'rainbow 'as my theme for this swap - thanks swap buddy!

craftykathy1 03/18/2010 #

Awesome idea! Mine would be: 1. dolphins 2. Angel/ Buffy the vampire slayer (tv series) 3. Charmed (TV series) 4. Irish/Celtic 5. purple

MonsterAlice 03/18/2010 #

Cool idea. I make polymer clay ATCs, and I'm open to all media in return. I like mermaids, steampunk (yes, I do know what it is!), tattoos, pre-raphaelites, 18th century fashion.

Janemma 03/18/2010 #

My themes are: 1. Nantucket/ Cape cod style 2. Wizard of Oz 3. Inspirational quotes.

Thanks so much - can't wait for this swap :)

weeatcrayons 03/18/2010 #

I'll do

  • Fairies (non cutesy)
  • Elves (non cutesy)
  • Dragons (non cutesy)
artsyjana 03/18/2010 #

Fun idea! I like lots of stuff: * stars/outer space/celestial * butterflies or dragonflies * zetti (not to be confused with zentacles) * Any unusual materials (fabric, felt, ect) or something hand drawn * pin-up girls

If you get stuck, check my profile for more ideas

@MonsterAlice I've made polymer clay ATCs before- they are fun! (You should fill out your profile or else people won't want to swap with you)

kingsalami 03/18/2010 #

I like gnomes, trolls, mushrooms, comic, and video game themed cards

nc27614 03/18/2010 #

I will enjoy whatever come in the mail. Not sure about steampunk, but that could be fun. Steampunk...I have never done this! This should be fun.

somethingradical 03/19/2010 #

I am new to ATC's but I love the idea!

I like Gnomes, steampunk, glitter, Disney villains, music, vintage 1940-1970's

penandink 03/20/2010 #


Some suggestions are graduation, circus, pirates, postage stamps, fingernail polish, math, or cocktails! Have fun with it! I can't wait to see what you choose!

Miditron 03/20/2010 #

This will be so fun! Robots, video games, cyberpunk, circuitboard pattern, science fiction, space/stars, tattoos, any mythology, and steampunk. I love mixed-media and hand-drawn/painted cards! Ultimately, I love anything that has real time and effort put into it. :)

Mamasch 03/21/2010 #

I'm new to ATC but not new to art. :o) Things I like... vintage toys, scrabble, fisher price little people, jesters, pizza, embellishments, buttons, children, children's books, typefaces/fonts, pigs, cows, roosters, the list could go on and on...

Wallflower 03/21/2010 #

I would like anything to do with mushrooms, owls, deer, punk rock, robot, dia de los muertes, vintage candy! Thanks!!

atcdesigner 03/21/2010 #

Some of the themes listed above might be a challenge, but let's see what the luck of the draw brings. My themes would be sewing/embroidery, vintage, travel trailers, cottages, teapots and zetti style.

sevenfive76 03/21/2010 #

I agree some seem challenging, but I'm up for it.

For this swap (because I could go on an on... I love birds, trees, quotes, fruit and masculine (vs. girly).

SamitySam 03/21/2010 #

Bees, Owls, Swallows, Trees, Lime Green, 1970's and earlier, Rivers/Streams...just check out my profile, Im sure anything you think I would like, I would love...Happy creating!...:)

Jesscoot 03/21/2010 #

My Themes:

Jananini 03/21/2010 #

My themes? the ocean, neon signs, peacocks, colors: orange, lime green

grover 03/21/2010 #

Cows, cats, dragonflies, purple, lime green, art deco

Lyja 03/21/2010 #

My Themes are: vintage, robots, bling

PDXyogini 03/21/2010 #

The last time I did a swap like this it was a fun and interesting challenge :)

I love: Images related to India, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, mythology (any), Japanese themes, Chinese themes, Silk Road, dancers, steampunk, watches/clocks, owls, trees, or queer themes.

Amblnc38 03/21/2010 #

Doctor Who Seashells

yesh 03/21/2010 #

Dia de los muertos or sugar skulls, a scorpion, Frida Kahlo

sisterbear321 03/21/2010 #

Zetti. Boston Terriers. Edward Cullen. (if these could have purple somewhere in them too that would be awesome!)

ghostlysun 03/21/2010 #

I choose Owls, Asian/Egyptian themes, OR "the Princess and the Frog".

breadcrumbs00 03/21/2010 #

I would love to receive a Zetti ATC - also Ducks, Teapots, Psychedelia, the Northern Lights, Mighty Boosh

takinghearts 03/21/2010 #

My choices: 1. Robots 2. Vampires (especially Twilight or True Blood) 3. Zoo Animals

Kathleen 03/22/2010 #

My themes: music (especially cards featuring/representing lyrics you love), snails, springtime.

mishap 03/22/2010 #

I never thought about what theme's I collect. I guess I do not like cartoony stuff or trendy stuff , like twilight vampires and Alice in Wonderland. I love nature and vintage women and surprises|!

lancastergurl 03/22/2010 #

I love day of the dead, alice in wonderland, coney island....whatever.

pinkmagnifique 03/22/2010 #

My choices: impressionism, gnomes, or owls.

RavenMiller 03/25/2010 #

My themes:

  • camouflage
  • Buddhism
  • New Orleans
  • Fire

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