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CANDY CANDY CANDY  (International)
Swap Coordinator:kathyp (contact)
Swap categories: Food  Themed 
Number of people in swap:110
Last day to signup/drop:April 10, 2008
Date items must be sent by:April 30, 2008
Number of swap partners:1

Calling all lolly/sweetie/candy lovers from around the globe. I know I'm not alone when I confess I'm addicted to candy.

In this swap you will have 1 partner whom you will send 3 new unopened sealed packets of lollies/sweeties. Some ideas are: milko's, clinkers, mint leaves, cobbers, jelly beans/babbies, marshmallows, lolly pops, snakes, pineapple lumps, bullets, gummi bears and this list goes on and on and on.......

Might be best to avoid chocolate products as some of us reside in hotter countries, and we don't want our precious lollies to melt.

Please make sure the packet is sealed and unopened, this is a must. No homemade assortments either.

It would be nice to include a little card for your partner aswell.

Swappers with rating of 4.8 and over only please. FULL PROFILE IS A MUST! PLEASE DON'T FLAKE, AND SEND YOUR ITEMS BEFORE THE DEADLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you have any preferences of allergies, please be sure to post them in the comments section.

Let us candy lovers unite!


starrycat 02/12/2008 #

To my partner, I am allergic to walnut and pecans, and I dislike coconut and really sweet/tart candies! Anything like the ideas listed in the swap listing would be fine with me, however, and of course you can check out my profile for more indepth info! I love Candy, especially foreign candies (I'm in the US)

jade240 02/12/2008 #

I have no Allergies to food. I do dislike the taste of coconut and really do not like dried fruits. Other than that bring it on. Thanks again and Happy Swapping

Jamnj 02/12/2008 #

i pretty much love it all except COFFEE FLAVORED and CANDY WITH LIQUID CENTERS. T

Thanks for being understanding and for the opportunity to post dislikes--it's hard to get excited about a packet and then be so disapointed when you cant use or eat the items in it. =)

BlackDiamond 02/12/2008 #

I'm not allergic to anything, and I like everything except black licorice and bitter chocolate..I'm not too picky.

annelibabe 02/13/2008 #

Not really a fan of liqorice or coffee :-) Love strawberry, raspberry and foreign made candoes (I'm uk) :-)

Lucky 02/13/2008 #

I realy Love chocolate!! I dint live in a worm country so its ok to send me CHOCOLATE!!! It would make me happy!!

ChicCityGal 02/13/2008 #

Hello Everyone,

I also don't like black liquorice flavored, orange flavored, coffee flavored or dried fruit either. Everything else is find. I hope we have fun with this I LOVE candy it's literally my middle name. LOL Kamilah Candy .... (No Lie!)

kathyp 02/13/2008 #

As for me... No chockies please - due to climate. I love anything gummie. Love Jelly babies/beans. Thanks (I can almost taste it already mmmm)

Ceinwyn 02/14/2008 #

For a sweet tooth like me it's impossible not to join this swap.

As I'm almost certain to have an international partner (haven't seen another Belgian on the list), I'm really looking forward to discovering some new sweets :o)

No allergies to any food in particular, but I don't like coffee, nuts, red fruits savours (except for strawberries), licourice, dried raisins & figs and as jamswap said sweets with liquid centers. Even if I live in chocolate country, it's OK to send chocolaty sweets (never can have enough of those :o))

pointypartyhat 02/15/2008 #

I don't like very dark chocolate, marzipan, or sour things. Lychee and pear flavored anything is extra special!

weeatcrayons 02/20/2008 #

Likes and dislikes in profile. I am deathly allergic to COCONUT and MUSHROOMS. But I don't really think there are mushroom flavored candies out there :)

Greenwoodtree 02/26/2008 #

HI all - this sounds like FUN!!!

I cant stand coffee-flavored candy, or most plain hard-candies - but will add something to my profile about likes and dislikes. LOVE foreign candies (Im in US)

Helena 03/ 1/2008 #

To my partner: I'm vegan, and I hope that won't be a problem. I love chocolate and it usually ships well to Sweden, so I'm all for that - dark chocolate is often vegan. Also, for inspiration you can check PETA's list of "accidentally vegan" goodies: http://www.peta.org/accidentallyVegan/ Please still check the label though, as this list is not 100% trustworthy. Just make sure there's no milk, egg, gelatine, whey or similar stuff ("may contain traces of..." or "made in a factory which uses..." is okay).

saranyamc 03/ 2/2008 #

I join this one for my daughter. Natalie loves jelly belly.

Twink 03/ 3/2008 #

No chocolate for me cause it will be a puddle by the time it gets here! No artificial sweeteners, either, cause I'm allergic to most.

Everything else is good. :) Can't wait!

lunagoddesswithin 03/ 3/2008 #

Hi everyone! No allergies here. =) Only kind of candy I wouldn't like is anything coconut-filled. Though coconut-flavored is ok. Weird, I know. It's a texture thing. LOL Yay for candy!!!

SadTomato 03/ 3/2008 #

I can't have any candies with artificial sweeteners (if it says "Phenylketonurics: or "Contains Phenylalanine" or has nutrasweet, sweet and low, splenda, sacchrin, or any other non-sugar sweeteners in it, it's poison to me). Otherwise, no allergies or anything and I like pretty much everything but coffee flavored stuff, black licorice and bitter chocolate.

FeltFinland 03/ 4/2008 #

I pretty much like all sweets, but not a huge mint fan and especially not mint and chocolate together. No peanut butter either please! We have lots of black salty liquorice here in Finland but I see it is not a big favourite amongst you guys!!

hippofairy 03/ 4/2008 #

for me, please, no: mint chocolate flavor, cherry flavor, licorice, or marzipan. and as much as i love it, it's getting warm down here in Southern California, so please avoid sending chocolate. and if possible, no artificial sweeteners. i like real sugar! :)

GeorgeBee 03/ 4/2008 #

My no-no's would be nuts (but nut flavoured is fine), dark chocolate and liquorice! Although my profile says all this too!

GeorgeBee 03/ 4/2008 #

Whoops, forgot, no lollipops, toffees, or large boiled sweets. Basically anything that requires a long time chewing or sucking. Again all in my profile anyway!

willowsmarika 03/ 4/2008 #

I have no allergies, & love all flavors, but I'm a vegetarian, so no gummi bears, marshmallows, etc please :) chocolate is fine with me & I love dried fruits :)

boxsquat 03/ 4/2008 #

hi future partner,

i like plenty of candy like: chewy, gummi, sour, fruity, marshmallowy, chocolate, caramel, coconut, bubble gum, taffy, jelly, minty, hard, nougat, nutty, mmm. it is all good.

i dont like black liqourice. please avoid sending things that have cookie or biscut in them because i am allergic to wheat.

i have access to forgein candy if my partner would like to recieve some (asian and some european)

bubblygreek 03/ 5/2008 #

for me, please no coffee flavoures or mint flavour sweets. also no liquorice please.

chocolate VERY welcome!!

KrissyVB 03/ 5/2008 #

I'm not a big fan of licorice candy or coconut candy. I'm okay with anything else though :)

sweetone 03/ 6/2008 #

This is the reason i joined swap-bot (CaNdY)!!! So glad I found this!

moonstonegail 03/ 7/2008 #

To my Partner, Here are my dislikes No fruit fill candy or COCONUT NO COCONUT or marzipan or licorice. every thing eles go for it love all candy.

kiwaiann 03/ 8/2008 #

I am allergic to alcohol so nothing with alcohol in it please. :) thanks! this is going to be so much fun!!

lilychouchou 03/ 9/2008 #

I love chocolate and don't live in a hot country! :D The only chocolate I don't like is dark, any other kind is fine. I really would like chocolate and sweets that I can't find here in the UK. I like pretty much anything sweet, I'm not fussy at all and will be pleased with anything sent to me. :D

Tryph 03/ 9/2008 #

Love these swaps!

Nothing with alcohol or alcohol-flavoured please!

caffelatte 03/10/2008 #

Yay! Like this swap!

Pls don't send anything with alcohol or alcohol-flavoured, liquorice, toffees & dark bitter chocolates. The rest are ok with me. Nougats are welcome as well!

Brighteyes1028 03/11/2008 #

peanuts are fine but no other nuts please.

dana1214 03/14/2008 #

Hi No fruit candy, no mint and no liquorice please Thank you :)

kathyp 03/16/2008 #

Hey guys, just to let you know that I have just increased the rating requirements to enable good quality swapping. Thanks. kathyp (co ordinator)

KatieBelle 03/17/2008 #

I am adding a candy section to my profile! Thanks! Katie

lulu 03/18/2008 #

Nothing coffee nor alcohol flavoured, please. Chocolate welcome as the weather is cold here. DH enjoys nut toffee but not with fruit.

arrozc0nleche 03/18/2008 #

I love black licorice and anything salty or bitter. I'm not a fan of dried fruit, and chewy candy that's too sugary hurts my teeth. :( Things with liquid centers are great, though! :)

wygirl 03/20/2008 #

Nothing with coffee/mocha or alcohol please. I don't care for black licorice or dark chocolate.

Anything else is fine. If I don't like it I'm sure my kids will :)

chimerix 03/21/2008 #

I LOVE to try new things! One of my favs that I ever got in a swap was chili pepper peanut brittle.

I really dislike soft gummy candies (I do like the hard, kind of chewy ones) and I don't so much care for black licorice.

I LOVE peanut butter and well, pretty much anything else... check out my profile or message me if you have questions

MARQMOR 03/21/2008 #

I'm new to the swap. When you are assigned a partner to send things to are they the person that will send something to you also? Just trying to figure everything out.

Elphagirl 03/21/2008 #

My twenty cents worth

I like candy and chocolate and would apreciate anything not avaliable

MARQMOR 03/22/2008 #

I love candy of all kinds - especially chocolate. Have no allergies and like nuts in chocolate. Also into gummies and twizzlers. Up to trying something new and exciting. Hope to get an international partner so I can taste some of their candies.

OrigamiGrace 03/22/2008 #

I like hard candies/sours, gum, chocolate, brittles, and unusual candies like sesame or pumpkin! Not a big fan of mints, licorice or really sweet items.

julief 03/23/2008 #

I love sour gummy candy. It's still pretty chilly here, so it would be ok to send chocolate.

I don't like black licorice, white chocolate, or yogurt-covered things.

iamred 03/23/2008 #

im not a huge fan of dark chocolate... or artificial sweetners ..

but i am ok with everything else!.. =)

Zipp0099 03/24/2008 #

I have no food allergies. I really dont care for nuts but I will share with my other half and he loves nuts so either way is fine with me. Nothing gummy or sour.

greatghosts 03/24/2008 #

i like: dark chocolate, taffy, marshmallows, fruity candies, gummies, red licorice, salty caramels, minty flavored things. i don't like: black licorice. that's pretty much it! it is still fairly chilly here, i live in indiana, so it might be okay to send chocolate. i would just love to try things that are specific to your area and that i could not get here. if you don't live in a different country but just a different state i would love something local!

shoediva 03/24/2008 #

I am allergic to peanuts, pistacios and cinnamon. I do not like black licorice. Otherwise, I am pretty much game for anything.

lw2dragonflies 03/25/2008 #

to my partner: chocolate!chocolate!chocolate! please no rootbeer or licorice flavors! thanks so much!!!

verofeme 03/25/2008 #

I am Diabetic and love to receive non-sugar sweets.. in my country we don´t have too much of this, i´d love to tasste new flavors of non-sugar candies like grape, berries, lemon, coconut, and so on... i can eat all those made with: fructose, sucralose(splenda), fenilalanine, aspartame, sodium cyclamate, etc. THANKS!

evieroz 03/25/2008 #

Can you buy candies like babbies, bullets, milko's, clinkers, cobbers? I have never heard of these before. I live in U.S.A. Do they sell them here and if so where? thanks.

kathyp 03/25/2008 #

Hey evieroz. Well yeah you can buy bullets etc over here in Australia/NZ. But to be honest with you, I'm looking forward to tasting some typical American Candy. mmmmm yum.

evieroz 03/25/2008 #

What kind do you like KathyP?

dolcebrezza 03/26/2008 #


andrealove 03/26/2008 #

I'd love local sweets, as long as you're not in Singapore/Malaysia. xD

No licorice, marzipan, artificial sweeteners or cinnamon for me please, other than that everything's gooooood.

igobylorib 03/27/2008 #

I'm so excited about this swap. I LOVE candy except the following flavors: cinnamon, black licorice, coconut and coffee flavored :)

kathyp 03/28/2008 #

Hmm well Evieroz I'm a gummy bear fan. Love all soft lollies. Not a lquish/coffee fan. Love musk sticks. xxx

KittyKat 03/30/2008 #

This is my first swap, so am very, very excited about joining. I'd love to receive any kind of childrens penny mix sweets. Please no nuts or mints as my little girl will want to share.

stitchinwitch 03/31/2008 #

Please no orange or pineapple or licorice flavours. No toffees either. Thanks

Piiata 04/ 1/2008 #

I love chocolate specially milkchocolate!!!! But I would also love to taste some exotic foreign flavours! So please send me something local if possible! I dislike alcohol flavour and coconut! But everything else goes! :D

I would also apreciate if some candies would be good for my 3 year-old son, so I could share with him! He likes almost anything chocolate or fruit flavoured candy!

heliogal 04/ 1/2008 #

I love trying new things so I will be happy with what ever my partner chooses. I especially like fruity flavors, nutty things, chocolately things (but wrap it seperate so if it does melt it won't get on everything) chewy is good. Just surprise me!

CraftyCrab 04/ 3/2008 #

I would love to try some new things, not found in the US, if possible! Regardless, I'd love to try your favorites!

I'm looking forward to some fun and unusual candy/sweets! :D

Not a fan of black licorice, jelly beans/gummy candy, root beer flavor, strong orange flavor, sour candies, white chocolate.

If all else fails, I love dark chocolate. lol

ChococatLove 04/ 3/2008 #

To my partner, I do not like raisens or anything like raisens lol.. I love the big colorful lollies and sour candy

shysweety 04/ 3/2008 #

i adore all kinds of candies/chocolates but i especially love the wine gums and jelly Babies from England :):) wink, wink

starbrite 04/ 4/2008 #

Hello! I love candy in fruit or sour flavours. Not much a fan of coffee flavoured or lollipops. But, love gummies, chewy things, and licorice. Thanks!

arrozc0nleche 04/ 5/2008 #

Oh, this is my second comment, and my little sis is helping me out with this one. She likes everything I don't like, basically. I still ask that there is no sucralose or artificial sweetners, if it's not too much trouble, and she specifically asked for no "twisters". I feel old. I have no idea what those are. o________o

candycoatedcuteness 04/ 5/2008 #

I love anything fruity, gummy, chewy, sweet, or sour. I am not a huge fan of chocolate. Crazy, I know. I do not like anything coffee-flavored. Other than that, I am up for anything. No food allergies.

qbee 04/ 6/2008 #

I can't have any candies with artificial sweeteners (if it says "Phenylketonurics: or "Contains Phenylalanine" or has nutrasweet, sweet and low, splenda, sacchrin, or any other non-sugar sweeteners in it, it's poison to me .I have no allergies . Besides that I love all candy. Qbee

moonstarjen2976 04/ 6/2008 #

I have no allergies, I love spearmint leaves, fruit slices, gummies, dark chocolate, carmel, jelly beans, not really fussy at all. :)

emdgee 04/ 8/2008 #

Oh how exciting! I love little candys!

And to my partner: I am vegan, there are lots of candies out there that are fine, and many more that are not. I'm In canada, but it's getting hot, so it might be good not to send chocolate to me :-) (But if you want to.. just put it in a plastic or something!) hee hee hee. Like Helene said above check out the peta list of "accidentally vegan" food: http://www.peta.org/accidentallyVegan/. Milk or whey, eggs or albumin, geletine are usually the big ones that are in foods (that I don't eat) Heh. Maybe I should just get partnered to another vegan? LOL :D

birdbeth 04/ 8/2008 #

I am vegetarian so please no gelatine. the only thing i don't like is white chocolate. i love licorice and coconut! not together though... :)

lalchee 04/ 8/2008 #

My profile is pretty detailed, but the main things: I'm a vegetarian, so nothing with gelatin in it, please. I don't like licorice, cinnamon or cherry-flavoured candy/lollies (a bag of mixed stuff with some cherry is fine, though!). Everything else is fine!

Oh, and I'm not in a hot country, so my partner can feel free to include a bit of chocolate, especially if s/he is in the UK and has easy access to real Cadbury choccies! :-)

ayeleleyee 04/ 9/2008 #

I will devour anything you send me. I love foreign candies (I'm in the US) -- especially from Japan. I'm a sucker for cute packaging. I'm not a huge coffee fan but I'm open to anything else that's new and exciting. Can't wait!

badkitty1782 04/ 9/2008 #

I recently particapated in a similar swap and was paired with a nice gal a few states away who sent me a packaged filled with chocolatey goodness, so I'm set for chocolate for a while (although I won't object if I do get 1 chocolate treat if it is something not commonly found in the US). I'd love to try something from another country or something with "unusual" flavors. I live near an international market, but haven't done a lot of exploring outside of their Japanese section . . . although, even then I've mostly just had a few flavors of Pocky and Yan-yan and that's pretty much it. I'm not very picky and don't have any food allergies, so I should be pretty easy to buy for, I hope. :o)

FakePixiesSong 04/10/2008 #

This is great! I'm glad to know i'm not along in my candy loving obsession :)

If you're inerested: Please NO nuts. My favorites include chocolate (it's not hot here at all,) and anything else made from sugar :) (though, those chewy sweet tarts are kind of weird. not bad, just weird.)

lavenderspretty 04/10/2008 #

I have a really sweet sweet tooth!I like everything, except for licorice...seems to be the norm....I really love chocolate and recently had a bar shipped from sweden that arrived just fine.I also like toffee a lot, but am really interested in candies that I can't get here in the states.good luck!

daffyd1963 04/10/2008 #

just realized i havn't posted my likes and dislikes yet so will do it now

I love Jelly Beans, black licorice, anything with nuts or dried fruits, so far chocolat has arrived safley to my home but it won't be long before its to hot to mail I would love to get a foreign partner and try some candies that they don't make in the US also I have heard a lot about pocky but have never tried it

im not a big fan of hard candies, coffee flavoried candies or really chewy candies like taffy,or cramels don't really like sweettarts or red hots,

littlegrnfrog 04/11/2008 #

I like it all! Well...except sour or spicy stuff. I am a sweet girl. And I love chocolate! But for this swap I would love to be able to have some interesting different sweets. And might even share with my 3 year old! Maybe! Thanks!

Anita 04/11/2008 #

Ok, let's start swapping. I just want to tell my partner that I am like a child... so I like everything an 8-year-old girl would love... :D

rraisa 04/11/2008 #

Yummy flavours: mint, fudge/caramel, cinnamon, apple, cherry, coconut No no no: dark chocolate, nuts, raisins

silexelis 04/11/2008 #

peach, lychee, pineapple (tropical), citrus. just no melon or watermelon :P (chocolates are great - dark being super yum! with NUTS) ^^

salde 04/11/2008 #

oh i love all kinds of sweets :) especially Reeses <3... don't like white chocolate, mints..

lny22 04/11/2008 #

I like any fruit flavoured sweets and milk chocolate best. I'd prefer not to get anything with liquorice or nuts. Ta :]

dreamrains 04/11/2008 #

i don't like white chocolate or banana or cherry flavored things. that's it though :)

mari 04/14/2008 #

hi, most sweets my way are welcome, chocolate, nuts, caramel, liqourice ..

BbNYC 04/15/2008 #

Happy to be in the swap!

I love all chocolate, coffee, nougat and mint.

No allergies, so I can enjoy it all! Not so crazy about gummie stuff, jelly beans and black licorice kinda makes me ill :-P

Cute packaging is always great as are unusual items. That said, I will enjoy any package and look forward to the swap!


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