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Four Seasons ATC!

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I'm from Malaysia and we have sunny sky all year round (except for occasional rain)! Thus, I really love spring, winter and fall. So, I decide to do up this swap - 4 seasons ATC!

Here's the thing, we need to just create 2 ATC based on your partner's preference. Kindly comment below on your 2 choice when you sign-up. Otherwise is your sender's choice!

This swap is international. Newbies with complete profile allowed. Rating of at least 4.8 with no no-sends in the past 3 months. Pm me if you think you are rated unfairly. If not, I'll ban you immediately.


Josietai 07/18/2008 #

Let me start, I love spring and winter!

HardCandy 07/18/2008 #

Oohh good swap :-)

My favourite seasons are Autumn and winter :-)

Manjigirl 07/18/2008 #

Easy choice for me - I am from Australia and love the autumn leaf colours and the spring flowers!

qbee 07/18/2008 #

My favorit seasons are fall an spring.

GypsyDyann 07/18/2008 #

My Fave all around is Autumn-fall leaves and HALLOWEEN!!!! Next fave is Winter--snow and bare branches are sooooo lovely too!

Emswizzle 07/18/2008 #

Summer and Autumn here :)

manxkity 07/18/2008 #

Surprise me! I can't decide as all 4 have pros and cons :-)

coolcamaro 07/18/2008 #

spring & summer for me

ANGELFAIRY 07/18/2008 #

I love winter and spring!

soniclibra 07/18/2008 #

my favorite seasons are fall and summer..

valentine69 07/20/2008 #

valentines69 spring and fall are my favorites...

sewcrazy 07/20/2008 #

I don't really have a favorite, so surprise me

LeonieP 07/20/2008 #

I would love to leave it to the choice of my swap partner. Their two favourite seasons would be great.

LeonieP 07/20/2008 #

I would love to leave it to the choice of my swap partner. Their two favourite seasons would be great.

LeonieP 07/20/2008 #

Sorry don't know why my comment was posted twice. Computers do funny things (lol) :-)

Josietai 07/20/2008 #

WOW! I'm thrilled to have 15 members signed in just over the weekend!

I noted that 2 members havent put their favourite seasons in this comment section and I've already advised them to. In the event you forget or you dont see your partner's list, kindly message them or just send them your favourites instead.

Mmmm...so far autumn leads as most favourite followed by spring! Hope the number grows....

ColorInFusion 07/20/2008 #

My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall, thank you.

ViridianMuse 07/21/2008 #

I love them all! If i have to choose however, I'd pick spring and autumn. :)

cassiecards 07/21/2008 #

I live in Arizona, so anything except Summer is ok with me! :)

quadgirl 07/21/2008 #

I love spring and Fall the best! Sign me up. Susan (PEI Canada where we get all 4 seasons)

MommaRosita 07/21/2008 #

I also like all 4 seasons and cant choose, so I would like the person sending to me to decide and make what they would like =D I am sure I will love it no matter what!!

CherryBlossom 07/21/2008 #

Oh I ADORE Autumn and Winter, especially winter with the snowflakes and snow all around!!

winniethepooh 07/22/2008 #

what alovely swap, I love all the seasons they all have something special

GeminiWilder 07/22/2008 #

Hi, I just found this while searching swaps! What a beautiful idea!! I like 'something' about each season, but will have to go with Summer & Autumn as my favorites! Yay, this should be fun!

liseylootas 07/23/2008 #

Spring because of all the flowers and Autumn because of the lovely colours of the trees (not too hot, not too cold - just right!)

craftykathy1 07/27/2008 #

Autumn is my absolute favorite! I love the colors of fall and Halloween is so much fun. :) As to the second choice, I will leave that up to my swap partner to choose one of their favorites to send me.

ladydy5 07/29/2008 #

Fall and Winter for me in Tennessee

dukiegal 07/30/2008 #

I would love my partner to pick 2 seasons. I really love each season for different reasons so any season would be great :)

weeatcrayons 08/ 2/2008 #

fall and winter please!

DearKrys 08/ 2/2008 #

autumn & winter are my two favorite seasons, <3

Omomama 08/ 6/2008 #

I love summer and winter :)

littletoki 08/ 7/2008 #

i love fall and i'd like my partner to decide on the second one please! :) excited!

quitiaray 08/ 7/2008 #

I love spring and summer.

cass1272 08/ 7/2008 #

Very excited about the seasons theme and the international folks too! This should be fun! I like spring and fall. Too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. But I am happy with anything!

bluecrayons 08/ 8/2008 #

fall - spring

alabasterturtle 08/10/2008 #

alabasterturtle My favorite seasons are spring and fall.

sunshine 08/11/2008 #

What a great theme ! My favorites are summer & winter

Josietai 08/11/2008 #

albums Hello everyone! I'm thrilled with the great response and I'm pretty excited like most of you too.

I wish to remind those who havent state their seasons preference here on this comment section to please do so soon.... otherwise its the sender's choice.

Well, we have another week before assignment of partners but I can pretty much say spring is the most favourable! Followed by fall.

I really do hope that everyone communicate with their partners and do send out your ATCs before due date. Contact your partners if you're going to be late. I'm not suppose to spell out all this as we are all experienced and responssible swappers! Screening process is still on-going till the very last day of assignment..so no worries!

Lastly but most importantly....enjoy! albums

Welcome & thanks for joining again.

albums Josie

Sunnygirlpetra 08/12/2008 #

I like summer and winter

MsAzadi 08/12/2008 #

My favorite season is fall and then winter. But if those are not what strikes your creative heart, then by all means go with the season that calls to you.

makestuff 08/12/2008 #

I love winter and spring, personally... would not be disappointed with anything, though :)

papersky 08/12/2008 #

I like Spring and Summer. Autumn is a close third. Winter last...it gives me the blahs.

purdyeyes 08/12/2008 #

I like spring and either autumn or winter - hard to pick between those two. But definitely not a summer lover...too hot!

bionicwoman03 08/13/2008 #

I love the spring and fall seasons the best! :)

bionicwoman03 08/13/2008 #

I love the spring and fall seasons the best! :)

stitchinwitch 08/13/2008 #

I love snowy winters and Halloween/ Autumn colours

vinicki 08/13/2008 #


yesiyesi 08/14/2008 #

I would love winter and spring :)

EJ1981 08/14/2008 #

Hello! I just joined this site today and am excited to participate in this swap! I love all the seasons for different reasons, but for the purpose of this swap, I think I'll choose winter and summer. Thank you! :)

jacqredwine 08/15/2008 #

my favorite are fall and winter.

crafty1 08/15/2008 #

Hi all this will be my first swap and I am realy looking forward to it. I love winter all the snow as we don't see much of it, and Summer for the same rason. Thanks :)

SueEileen 08/15/2008 #

Hi Everyone! What a great idea for a swap. Thanks for hosting it, Josie! I'm looking forward to participating in it. I love nature, so I enjoy what each season has to offer. However, I particularly love cold, snowy winters and all of the wonderful colors of autumn. Thanks, and have a great day! :o)

barbie1950 08/15/2008 #

My favorite seasons are fall and spring.

barbie1950 08/15/2008 #

My favorite seasons are fall and spring.

cloud9 08/15/2008 #

Hello!! My favorite seasons are spring and fall. Here in Arizona starting in the fall all the way through the spring is the best time to be outdoors. :)

Thalia 08/16/2008 #

I love winter...for the second its hard to decide...autumn or spring (Id say sender`s choice;-)

AliChell 08/16/2008 #

for me it is senders choice...I love it all. thanks!

PrairieMouse 08/16/2008 #

This is a great idea for a swap. I LOVE Autumn and Spring. I can't wait to see what my partner likes.


Cocoa 08/16/2008 #

I love Autumn (not halloween) the colors of the changing trees, the smell of the air,I could go on but I won't. And I love Spring when the trees are waking up again and the flowers start poking their little heads out of the ground.

sstudebaker17 08/16/2008 #

I'll leave it up to my partner-- I like all of the seasons!

jandcmom 08/16/2008 #

Summer and Fall are my fav. I have one child born in July and one on Halloween...maybe that why...lol

jandcmom 08/16/2008 #

Summer and Fall are my fav. I have one child born in July and one on Halloween...maybe that why...lol

cbdoodle 08/16/2008 #

Senders choice for me. I love different things about each season. =)

Muriel 08/17/2008 #

I choose winter and autumn.

Daisie 08/17/2008 #

Spring and Autumn for sure!!

SamiE 08/17/2008 #

I love all seasons, but color wise, I have to say Spring and Autumn are my favorites.

Caro1 08/17/2008 #

I tried to leave a comment earlier...I love autumn and spring.

LuldaCasadaga55 08/17/2008 #

I love Spring and Fall because I can open the windows and let fresh air into the house...

certifiedscrapaholic 08/17/2008 #

Fall and Winter for me. I love the fall colors, they are my fave!

Jamnj 08/17/2008 #

Every day is beautiful but fall and winter are so COOL!

Josietai 08/17/2008 #

albums Yipeee! Top 7 Gals! albums

Josietai 08/17/2008 #

Hello swappers! I'm sorry that I got to ban some of you because I specifically say no no-sends in the past 3 months. Pm me if you think you are rated unfairly. If not, I'll ban you immediately. but still no pms. I have to be very strict for the benefits of all. So, please pm me first before signing or pm me the moment you sign up. I hate banning people.


magicjessnrach 08/17/2008 #

Oops I forgot to say my favs :)

Spring and autumn for me!

Niphredil 08/18/2008 #

I love Spring and Autumn/Fall. The inbetween seasons. :)

dreamgrlsd 08/18/2008 #

I love Fall and Winter!!

GeorgeBee 08/18/2008 #

My favourite's would be Autumn and Winter. I would prefer that they depict the actual season through rather than holidays in the season ;-)

Dana2726 08/18/2008 #

I love Spring (the tulips are my favorite part) and winter. :)

Dragonflyfaerie 08/18/2008 #

I love spring and summer or fall, you can surprise me between fall and summer. BUT one of them has to be spring ^_^

jemma 08/18/2008 #

autumn + spring my favorite seasons will be quite happy with partners choice jemma

jennm 08/18/2008 #

I love Fall but also love surprises. So one fall and one surprise would be great :~)

kerrlouise22 08/19/2008 #

i love winter and spring please!!

baydreamer 08/19/2008 #

Great idea for a swap! Very hard to pick just 2, but will pick autumn and summer.

Mia 08/19/2008 #

I'd like Summer & Winter please, the season's my 2 boys were born during! Thanks!

kylanicole 08/19/2008 #

I don't have a seasonal preference! My partner can make for whatever seasons she likes the best =]

lizm 08/19/2008 #

my favourite times of year are autumn and winter please

nanucha 08/19/2008 #

My favourite seasons are Autumn and spring! :)

SallySparrow 08/20/2008 #

I am happy to receive whatever my partner would like to send me.

yogamomof4 08/20/2008 #

Season preferences would be fall and winter Thanks so much.. :)

puppylove104104 08/20/2008 #

I love winter and fall, I hate the sun :)

puppylove104104 08/20/2008 #

I love winter and fall, I hate the sun :)

soniclibra 08/20/2008 #

i like them all.. suprise me :)

Janetburns 08/20/2008 #

I like winter and fall

Janetburns 08/20/2008 #

I like winter and fall

Wildchild 08/20/2008 #

Senders choice but I like Spring and Fall the best because that's when Nature is at it's most colourful.

nwyrsevegrl32 08/20/2008 #

My all time favorite season is summer, I like it hot & then I would have to say fall would be my second choice.

Pica 08/21/2008 #

We have three seasons here in Northern California so I'd love to see winter and fall but anything's great.

papersky 08/21/2008 #

Wow! There's a ton of people in this swap! I can't wait to see who my partner is!

Josietai 08/21/2008 #

Yeah....I had to check each & everyone of you! A heavy but fun task!

We made it to top 6!!

I've sent the following message to everyone through email:-

Hello swappers!

Thanks again for signing up Four seasons ATC swap!

I'm just sending this email to inform you gals that I've checked each & everyone's profile before I click assign partners. 81 profiles to check certainly took me some time...phew! Well, its worth it bcos I prefer quality swappers than quantity. So, congrats for you gals for making it!

Just a quick reminder esp. the newbies - send 2 ATCs to your swap partner. Be sure its your partners favourite season (fr. the swap comment section). If you cant find your partner's comment, just send yours instead! You may message them too but my advice not to since I reminded them through their profile comment.

Most importantly, have fun creating your ATCs. I know I would!

If there's a problem with this swap, please email me back. I'm happy to help you.

Let's get started!

kylanicole 08/22/2008 #

I'll be mailing mine out today! =]

Josietai 08/26/2008 #

That was speedy kylanicole! I'm just geeting started :)

winniethepooh 09/10/2008 #

i love Spring and Autumn are mine spring flowers and windy warm days

winniethepooh 09/10/2008 #

sorry forgot i had already said mine, forget the last message

ladydy5 09/12/2008 #

Got all 4 seasons from Mindy, what a gal. You deserve a plus on that but it wouldn't let me do it for some reason.

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