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200,000th Swap

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200,000th Swap
Swap Coordinator:racheljohnson (contact)
Swap categories: Postcards 
Number of people in swap:413
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Rating requirement:4.80 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:May 29, 2015
Date items must be sent by:June 19, 2015
Number of swap partners:2

FYI: The USPS domestic postcard stamp price has gone up to $.35. International postcards still cost $1.20.

This is Swap-bot's 200,000th swap! Wowzer!

We have been running Swap-bot for nearly 10 years. When we started this website, we never could have dreamed that so many swaps would be hosted! (It feels like just yesterday that I hosted the 100,000th swap.)

To celebrate this 200,000 milestone, join this Swap-bot-themed postcard swap!!! (Our very first swap was a postcard swap.)

Everyone is welcome to join this easy swap. Each person will have two partners to whom they will send each one postcard. The postcards can be Swap-bot-themed, but they do not need to be. The postcard can be store bought or handmade -- sender's choice. However, you MUST include a note on your cards describing one of your favorite swap experiences. Please send you postcards "naked" or NOT in an envelope. Just write about your favorite swap experience on the back, put on a stamp, and pop it in the mail!

All new and active swappers are welcome to join this international swap, but I will remove questionable participants.

Let's see how many postcards we can send all over the world!

I've made this a very easy and inclusive swap so that everyone will feel comfortable joining and celebrating Swap-bot. Also, I WILL ANGEL THIS SWAP. Please let me know after the send deadline if you have not received a postcard. Once you rate your partner honestly with a 1, I will send a postcard right out!


thisismeAXiD 05/ 7/2015 #

I'm the first sign up (aside from Rachael) for the 200,000th swap :-).

elidjellat 05/ 7/2015 #

Can the front of the postcard be any style or must it be swap bot. Where can I buy ernie postcards?

fishsteak 05/ 7/2015 #

I'm so excited to participate!

user2637 05/ 8/2015 #

Yay 200,000!!! I know you said you'd angel; however, a 4.8 rating seems pretty low.... If it's broken down into 5s, 3s, and 1s, a rating of 4.8 means that 1-in-10 swaps can be a 3 (assuming all the others are 5s), or 1-in-20 swaps can be a 1! That's 10% late or 5% no-sends!!

lorettadog 05/ 8/2015 #

Well, it looks like this is a free-for-all swap for repeat flakers and other problem swappers! Why else would you have a rating requirement so ridiculously low?
It begs this question: Why should anyone else worry about keeping their swaps safe when the site's founder is hosting swaps like this? I just don't get it!

ArtsOnFire 05/ 8/2015 #

The 34 cents and the pittance I'll pay for a postcard is worth taking the chance of getting flaked ^^ to be part of this auspicious swap!

user2637 05/ 8/2015 #

It's also sort of rewarding the flakers though, isn't it?

RETIREDARTGAL 05/ 8/2015 #

READ before commenting...a direct quote from the swap description "" but I will remove questionable participants.""....enough said

lorettadog 05/ 8/2015 #

I saw that, but If you're going to remove them anyway, what's the point of letting them sign up to begin with? Set a rating requirement that makes sense, and save yourself some work!

Personally, I'm hoping it's a mistake - just like the type of swap, which says it's a type 3. But I have serious doubts................

HelloWheeze 05/ 8/2015 #

Rachel, congratulations! And thank you for all you do. This is awesome!

AZmom875 05/ 8/2015 #

I am practicing the THUMPER rule right now!

HappyMom 05/ 9/2015 #

Happy Birthday - sorta! And thank you for the great site!

PrairieKittin 05/ 9/2015 #

200,000!!! Wow!! That's quite the milestone. Thank you for hosting this one. (And, don't listen to the haters. I'm glad the rating limits allow almost everyone to participate). This is our site. We should all join this swap to celebrate! Yay!

leilx 05/ 9/2015 #

I am sad that a swap In celebration of something we all love is marred with these kinds of uninclusive and negative comments. If you cannot afford the possibility of two postcards unreturned then simply don't sign up. I will choose to see my postcards sent as a gift; if I receive back, those will also be gifts. The swap host began the site and has no doubt seen everything under the sun and yet chooses to include all. I hope the rest of us can be so charitable.

betty194 05/ 9/2015 #

Congratulations :)! And thank you for creating this awesome site

PrincessBedhead 05/ 9/2015 #

I say if people are joining this to "steal" postcards...then "have at err!" I don't understand why some people are complaining.....it's just a postcard, sheesh. SMH. If you're that worried, don't join! Easy peasy.

thebragal 05/ 9/2015 #

As I see it, setting the rating this low allows NEW swappers who may have made a mistake or two or been unfairly rated and gotten a low rating to join. If you only have a couple of/few ratings, a 1 or three can trash your score. And shouldn't rachel decide if she wants to do the extra work to go through the work of checking out people with low ratings? It actually doesn't take that long. You only have to click on people with low ratings and there shouldn't be THAT many.

thebragal 05/ 9/2015 #

For the first two people in Canada who put their names in this comment section, I will send them two Ernie PCs to be used for this swap!

Zoebolt 05/ 9/2015 #

is it actually possible to by Ernie stuff anywhere?

skydancer 05/ 9/2015 #

I am so excited to be the 87th sign-up for this swap! Actually, to be any number in the swap. Joining in swaps here has literally been a mental life saver for me. After I lost my job of 14 years, I was lost. Participating in swaps has re-ignited my creativity and given me an avenue to express myself proudly. Thank you so very much for Swap-bot! And, I appreciate you opening up this swap to the widest audience. I think it's great. Sending you a bouquet of hearts!

asorenson 05/ 9/2015 #

It says that I dont meet the requirements.. :(

Zoebolt 05/ 9/2015 #

no @asorenson because you are rated 4.40 and requirements are 4.80

grandmaroro 05/ 9/2015 #

Thank you Rachel and Travis for this wonderful site and for sharing your beautiful addition with us. Hope the puppy and he are getting along well. Trying seriously hard to avoid the drama, I just want to say "I would love to hold that baby." :-)

eepy 05/10/2015 #

I'm Canadian, I'm signing up, and who is Ernie???

eepy 05/10/2015 #

Ohhhh, Ernie the envelope.........

user6937 05/10/2015 #

I'm Canadian, but I have my own Ernie pc's (from the first swap of this theme). I do believe they came from Rachel :)

TerryF 05/10/2015 #

Yes, I think Rachel is the only one who has, and can give away, the Ernie PCs. I have a few unused ones received from her over the years as part of give-aways and RAKs.

twobluecrows 05/10/2015 #

Swap-bot Ambassadors have all sorts of SB swag to give away! (Including PCs)

OGIMAQTpie 05/11/2015 #

What are Swap-Bot Ambassadors and what do they do?

Paige1900 05/11/2015 #

Swap-Bot Ambassadors spread the word about Swap-Bot in their area of the world. If you click on the Swap-Bot Blog, Rachel has introduced all the ambassadors.

FYI - I have a lot of Ernie the Evie Postcards if anyone would like a couple. I can give out 2 (two) each to the first 4 people that PM with their addresses.

HeideC 05/11/2015 #

Thank you Rachel for coordinating such an historical swap!

Paige1900 05/11/2015 #

♥ ♥ No More Ernie Envie Postcards - I RAKd them all out ♥ ♥

racheljohnson 05/11/2015 #

Thank you all for signing up so quickly! This is going to be an epic swap!!

Thanks for alerting me to the swap Type error. I have now changed this to a Type 2 mail swap. (I had originally set out to make this a craft swap and neglected to change the type...)

As for the rating requirement, it is staying at 4.8. It is considerably low and I understand the concerns, but I want this swap to be as inclusive as possible. Postcard swaps are not as attractive to flakers... That being said, I will carefully check over participants before assigning partners. And I will definitely angel this swap.

racheljohnson 05/11/2015 #

Oh, and Swap-bot swag is periodically available for purchase... Stay tuned to the blog for details!

AZmom875 05/11/2015 #

I bought an ernie kit some time back, I still have them so I never found the best swap or person they were sent to. I wanted to say I paid about $7 or $10 for a cute set, it had a pencil and a pendant

user6937 05/11/2015 #

I guess I'm a "private" Swap-bot Ambassador, since I tell lots of people about it! I imagine a lot of us are :)

BusyB 05/11/2015 #

Yay, I'm number 149!!! That's a nice odd # Lol! I have Ernie postcards I bought awhile back for my partners. Thank you Rachel for hosting!

ChelseaDagger 05/11/2015 #

I am Canadian! Am I showing my age if I ask: Ernie, as in Ernie and Bert?

Paige1900 05/11/2015 #

"Ernie" as in "Ernie the Envelope" the mascot for Swap-Bot

Amyncognito 05/11/2015 #

Just remember: haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.....shake it off! Shake it off! WOO HOO

OGIMAQTpie 05/12/2015 #

Thank you @Paige1900 for the ambassador info 😊

Paige1900 05/12/2015 #

@Amyncognito I don't think anyone that posted are haters. In fact I know (for a fact) they love Swap-Bot. They were just concerned is all and everyone expresses concern in different ways. @RachelJohnson explained her reason for having such a very low rating requirement, we should respect her reasoning, and have faith that she will remove the questionable swappers.

@OGIMAQTpie you are most welcome. :)

Now let's just have fun & enjoy the swap!

shannonlinde 05/12/2015 #

I am so excited for this swap! Swap Bot has truly transformed my life in a good way and I have made true friends!! :) Thanks to all the swappers out there who make this a great place! And Paige1900, your octtopie ( plural for octopus?) are so cute!! :) This is going to be an amazing swap! Just imagine all our postcards whizzing around the globe in celebration of this awesome place we get to play in!! Thanks Rachel for starting this for us!

JeanetteC 05/12/2015 #

Congrats Rachel, and thank you for all you do and for making such a great place for all of us to come play.

theinkqueen 05/12/2015 #

Thanks very much Rachel, can't wait to see how big the swap becomes!

natasa20 05/14/2015 #

Joining!! Very excited! Love swap bot congrats on making a site that keeps us sane x

03Scarlett 05/14/2015 #

Rachel & Travis ... congratulations on the 200,000th swap. Wow is right - that is A LOT, for sure! I can't begin to tell you how thankful that I am for your site, it is such a blessing to me and I know to so many others as well. Thank you so much for all you do and as for the negative comments ... don't pay them any attention. We love you!


luluvision 05/15/2015 #

OMG! I can't believe it's been 10 years and I still enjoy swapping!! Well, I joined the very first swap so how can I not join the 200,000th swap?!

shalvorsen 05/15/2015 #

I am so thankful for Swap-Bot. I struggle with depression and some chronic health conditions. Creating and sending happy mail is very therapeutic for me. Receiving happy mail lights up my days!! Thank you all!! xoxo

SuZignomeMoM 05/17/2015 #

Oh please please please let me be one to get flaked on so I can be Angeled by Rachel. That would be such a treasured postcard. I love this place.

mb58ca 05/17/2015 #

I'm a Canadian... did I make it?

racheljohnson 05/17/2015 #

Thank you all so much for joining! It is so exciting that this is the Top Swap!

racheljohnson 05/17/2015 #

And thank you all so much for your kind words about Swap-bot. It is a big job keeping the site going since Travis and I both also have other full-time jobs, but we really love it and want to keep it running and improving as long as you all love swapping! xoxo

AZmom875 05/18/2015 #

SuZignomeMoM I love your attitude about getting flaked on so you can get one from Rachel. It made me laugh. Thanks for the smile today.

tigerlily2110 05/19/2015 #

Why are people concerned with getting a 1, or a low rate? Does it really matter, or are you so concerned that it will mar your perfect score. Don't be so serious, it is only a postcard after all, just have fun and join the swap for what it is. Well done Rachel.

meganporter789 05/19/2015 #

I just wanted to verify - the postcards don't HAVE to have Ernie the envelope on them do they? I don't have anything that has Ernie on it to send....just wanted to be sure!

TamiTam55 05/21/2015 #

I'd love to have Ernie! But I'll have to send regular postcards.

nannydino 05/21/2015 #

What a pleasure to take part in this swap...

VJP 05/21/2015 #

So glad I stopped by and saw this swap. A little history on Ernie the Envie! Rachel asked for name suggestions for the little Envie that is the site logo. I suggested Ernie the Envie because that was my Dad's name. So, I'm definitely doing this swap!

servingHim 05/22/2015 #

I'm excited to join this swap. I have enjoyed so many swaps here and am glad I found this site!!

FiWebster 05/22/2015 #

A big big BIG thank you to Rachel and Travis for all the time and love y'all pour into swap-bot.com! It's made such a difference in my life over the past 4-5 years. I love swapping, I love postcards, I love collage, and most of all I love handmade postcards!

AZmom875 05/24/2015 #

Neat Story VJP. I always wondered.

juliedro 05/25/2015 #

So cool! I'm joining, and @racheljohnson if you need help with angels,as you are USA, I can help with up to 5 European postcards....or two outside Europe. Let me know!

CINDYAC 05/25/2015 #

So exciting - have not been around lately - but am really excited to send - I too can angel @racheljohnson just let me know....

thebragal 05/28/2015 #

Holy moley! 381! This has got to be a record right?

jvicki 05/28/2015 #

Hi this will be my first swap here. So happy to join!

lloydp 05/28/2015 #

@racheljohnson I would be happy to help angel if necessary

LucyToons 05/28/2015 #

I am happy to angel also :)

thisismeAXiD 05/28/2015 #

@RachelJohnson I can Angel if need be :-)

principeta 05/29/2015 #

If needed I would angel too.

TC 05/29/2015 #

The 100,000 swap had 653 participants. And lots of flakers. :(

LisaLisa3 05/29/2015 #

I can help angel too if needed.

lou 05/29/2015 #

Woo-hoo ... it's a Swap-Bot "reunion!"

What fun to see just about everyone I've ever swapped with on Swap-Bot (that's still active) here in this swap!

Great turnout =^••^=

racheljohnson 05/30/2015 #

Wow! Over 400 participants! Thank you all for joining. I'm going to take the weekend to check over the participant list and will get partners assigned by Monday. Fun times!

lilou 05/31/2015 #

To tell the truth I'm not a big fan of postcard... I just want to be a part of this swap. At least I hope I receive one postcard !

LynnMoore 05/31/2015 #

This is the first postcard swap I have been in and I am glad it is this one being that it is the 200,000 swap. Thanks swap-bot!!!

theinkqueen 06/ 1/2015 #

Remember that postage increased today to 35 cents for postcards. Add a 1 cent stamp to your postcards. :)

racheljohnson 06/ 1/2015 #

OK! Partners are now assigned!! I did need to remove a couple participants due to recent 1 ratings, but I am really excited about this group of swappers!

I hope everyone is excited to send their postcards on time, but I WILL ANGEL THIS SWAP if needed. Once all rating options (1 and 3) become available, let me know (via message or email) if you have not received a package. Once you have rated your partner honestly with a 1, I will send out an awesome angel postcard ASAP!

AmookIslandCreations 06/ 1/2015 #

Thank you Rachel! This site has been a great outlet and inspiration for creativity and, being from remote Alaska, keeps me in touch. {{{Hugs}}}} from Alaska and all good wishes for a great future. Sherry

TC 06/ 1/2015 #

Rachel, I sent you a private message about @countrygalatheart . She's multi profiler Ruth Ann Kutemeier.

TC 06/ 1/2015 #

I also messaged you a while ago about @nerdy0919Wolf , who is only 14 years old.

ScrappinAnnie 06/ 1/2015 #

Can someone please tell me how I find my partners? Thanks

TC 06/ 1/2015 #

@ScrappinAnnie , the same way you found your partners for the 12 swaps you've already done. Yellow box, upper right hand corner.

sebastian122 06/ 2/2015 #

racheljohnson 06/ 3/2015 #

Thanks for your help, @TC . I am sorry I missed those two. I will look into their accounts now.

racheljohnson 06/ 4/2015 #

FYI: The USPS domestic postcard stamp price has gone up to $.35. International postcards still cost $1.20.

jvicki 06/ 5/2015 #

My first swap here. So happy to have found this site. 2 postcards sent today!!!

armadillogal 06/ 6/2015 #

I already received from my partners. Thanks for the swap Rachel.

Artistic 06/ 8/2015 #

Post cards went out to my partnets today. Enjoy!

racheljohnson 06/ 9/2015 #

My postcards went out yesterday... sent to Austria & Australia! woohoo!

HelenG6 06/ 9/2015 #

What do you mean by "swap experience?" Is it dealing with one swapping exchange with a partner, or what you like about swapping through swap-bot? I already received a nice card from a partner, but not sure what was written was what the swap entailed.

I posted a PM on this.

racheljohnson 06/11/2015 #

@HelenG6 - The sender's can interpret the swap experience question in any number of ways... any thoughts about swapping count.

mcovey 06/11/2015 #

I received one of my cards the other day from @MJBCoffee I must say it is one of the most beautiful cards I have thanks Maggie for making it special !!! Thanks @racheljohnson for doing this swap and making swap-bot I love swapping and meeting a lot of amazing people !!!

carol 06/20/2015 #

Dang! Forgot to mark sent! I sent on 6/18

racheljohnson 06/22/2015 #

Thank you all for swapping!!! There are a handful of swappers who have not marked this swap as sent, but I hope they do soon.... Please give a couple weeks of mail time (postcards can take a while to arrive) but then rate your partner honestly if you do not receive. I am happy to send out angel postcards to anyone who does not receive!

MellyMel 07/ 3/2015 #

This is my very first swap so I don't know all the ins and outs of Swap-Bot yet. I sent my postcards before the due date but have not received a rating from either partner yet. I sent one out of the country so maybe it is still in transit? The other should have arrived by now though. If our partners don't rate us do we just leave it at that or do we contact them to make sure they received their postcard? Just wondering, thank you!

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