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I would join this swap if...

I would join this swap if...
Swap Coordinator:sebastian122 (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Email  Games 
Number of people in swap:47
Number of people watching:12
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:June 1, 2019
Date items must be sent by:June 8, 2019
Number of swap partners:3

It's been forever since A) we've had this swap and since B) the creator, @Jaichan has been on, so I'm borrowing her awesome swap and giving her all the credit. Including the copy:

We've all seen them... the swaps where the host(ess) has written a detailed swap description, and then 50000 swappers write what they would do to make the swap better. Or why they won't join the swap. Or that they want specific things in a sender's choice swap. Or they want postcards in an envelope in a naked postcard swap. Or they want turquoise yarn in an all orange swap. You get the idea!

So, for this swap, it's pretty simple. Tell us what you would change to join this swap, or why you won't join the swap, or why I suck as a hostess, whatever. You will leave these comments in the swap comments and you will have three partners. You'll have a few days to post comments. You rate your partners on their comments here. If they've left a comment by the time the swap has closed (even before the swap starts!), then they get a 5. It's pretty much the only swap requirement.

It's pretty simple.

Have fun, be creative, don't be mean, rate your partners, and don't flake.

No recent unexplained ones or threes, and definitely no flakes on any email swaps.

Thank you to @allthisbeauty for pointing out that control-f will help you find your partners in the comments.


sebastian122 05/ 6/2019 #

Frankly, I WOULD have joined if @Jaichan were hosting, but that Pattie is SO anal, I'm passing.

thebragal 05/ 6/2019 #

I’d join this swap if everyone sent me a stuffie for my 7 yo son. That way I can be buried under more of them when I wake up in the morning! Exactly what I want in a swap. And you have to use postage stamps that aren’t from your country.

myancey 05/ 6/2019 #

I would have joined this swap if I wasn’t committed to the swaps I am already in. I would have joined this swap if I didn’t have to click so many times to confirm that I want in

draco 05/ 6/2019 #

i would join this swap if i hadn't already hosted it several times since @Jaichan last hosted it.

sebastian122 05/ 6/2019 #

OO! @draco I had forgotten! Thank you for hosting. I'm still not joining, but thanks!!!

draco 05/ 6/2019 #

i'll only join this swap if you make me

soccer8s 05/ 6/2019 #

I'd love to join this swap, but there are way too many requirements and I just don't think I can read the directions :)

SeleneW 05/ 6/2019 #

I would join this swap but it is clearly not artistic enough!

draco 05/ 6/2019 #


kristyrogers 05/ 6/2019 #

I would join but I want my partner to use glitter in hers. Lots of it,

nancylee 05/ 6/2019 #

I would join his swap if it were listed as an art project but has to be store bought (zazzle, etsy ok) I have 20 partners, it is International and all 20 of mine are (hello empty bank account) and my partner who is the host never rates me and gets partially suspended! Unless you can promise this, what's the challenge?

institches 05/ 7/2019 #

I would join this swap if I hadn't already joined the previous ones and been rated for them. AND if you would change the cereal in the picture...I don't like that kind AND if you make the original hostess come back to host this AND....

institches 05/ 7/2019 #


institches 05/ 7/2019 #

oh AND if @thebragal is my partner as I have 2 bags of stuffies I need to get rid of, I can send them to her with only 1 stamp and she has to pay the postage due

sebastian122 05/ 7/2019 #

Woooooah trippy! I would join this swap if the site wasn't so fu-bared!!

Bantiarna 05/ 7/2019 #

I would join this swap if the site was its normal self, and if you could please make it a bit more specific? I mean, just comment? Do you want it in English? French? Tasmanian? Gibberish? Backwards? Cryptogram style? I'm new and I need to learn with specific instructions dude! How else can I learn?

Open ended tests are the worst... the absolute worst... ;)

AZmom875 05/ 7/2019 #

I would join this swap, but I am allergic to walnuts and I am worried that my partner will send me a walnut laces Rating or comment.

rottifan4 05/ 7/2019 #

I would join this swap only if my partner would send me a saw, paperclips, paper mache supplies, flashlight and a small pick ax to my cell.

luv2kraft 05/ 7/2019 #

I would join this swap if it had been posted sooner. .been waiting for this to come back.

luv2kraft 05/ 7/2019 #

I would really liked to have join this swap, but I just can't bear to have to do .....what? What was I saying? Oh yea, I really dislike ALL bears and I'm afraid there might be one lurking in the comments, so there. Where? Where there?

bruxbaby 05/ 7/2019 #

I would join this swap if my 2 cats can also join it. However, do not send kitty treats because they hate those kind. Also, the swap must be sent on a paper plate with a self-portrait drawn on it. Then attach streamers to make the carrier hate you.

Gobarb 05/ 7/2019 #

I would join this swap if I didn't decide that maybe I should be out of the country at that time...what are the dates again? Anyway, I don't think it would be too much fun because I am not even sure what I would swap! I think maybe you should do a different swap for this one.

Fairydollmilk 05/ 7/2019 #

I would love to join this swap but all my cello bags are wrinkly. Also I would prefer the host to be out of town 95% of the time and giggle and shrug and have to resend when half the swaps they sent out late from various locations gets lost in the mail or falls apart because of rain etc.

SantaMonicaBingoGirl 05/ 8/2019 #

I would've joined this swap if it came with unicorn mail and the swapping host believe in magical beings too.

sebastian122 05/ 8/2019 #


sebastian122 05/ 8/2019 #

sebastian122 05/ 8/2019 #

Personally, I want dancing girls. If they're glittery, you'll get a heart, but until there are dancing girls, no dice.

kristyrogers 05/ 8/2019 #

Yes! I want glittery dancing girls, too!

CajunLady 05/ 8/2019 #


CajunLady 05/ 8/2019 #

I joined this swap, even though it's international and I wanted it to be US only.

luv2kraft 05/ 8/2019 #

I'd join this swap if I wasn't signed up for 347 other swaps that are more interesting.

luv2kraft 05/ 8/2019 #


camelsamba 05/ 8/2019 #

I would join this swap, but vintage comments are soooooo hard to come by in my town. Who decides what really counts as vintage anyway? Is there a regulation or something?

tentmari 05/ 8/2019 #

I would join this swap if it cost at least $20 dollars to participate because that's how much money I have in my bank account and I want to empty it. Also, I would need the requirements to include that we send a SASE with at least three stamps on it.

tentmari 05/ 8/2019 #


Fairydollmilk 05/ 8/2019 #

Polo. Also I would join this swap if it involves me paying three time the amount just in postage to exchange something I could easily get at my local grocery store myself.

draco 05/ 8/2019 #

i would join this swap, but international postage for e-mail is soooo expensive

draco 05/ 8/2019 #

also would join, but i have to find my turtle, who went out on a date

snager 05/ 8/2019 #

i would join but i prefer hand-drawn and hand-painted swaps to scrap booking style swaps

riftvegan 05/ 8/2019 #

I would join this swap... except I'm dating the turtle. And @draco ? your turtle is not gonna come home.

luv2kraft 05/ 8/2019 #

I would have, in fact almost, just about joined this swap. Then I saw draco's turtle......

sebastian122 05/ 9/2019 #

I'm with you, @luv2kraft That turtle put this swap right on my watch list! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

sebastian122 05/ 9/2019 #

I'd like to get back to the rainbow farting unicorns, please, then I MIGHT actual join.

churlann 05/ 9/2019 #

I'd join this swap if my swap partner could send me lots and lots of leftover gum wrappers that I could use in my new craft project but only if they ate all the gum first. Please not sugar free gum wrappers.

Bantiarna 05/ 9/2019 #

@churlann wait, what project needs gum wrappers? And why not sugar free? I'm honestly curious about the first part. The second I'm pretty sure is just going with the theme of the swap.... perhaps I'm wrong on both counts. Or neither. Or one, but not the other. Or the latter but not the former...


sebastian122 05/ 9/2019 #
luv2kraft 05/ 9/2019 #

I did considering going this swap, buuuuut, I love the color mauve and pure and screaming neon florescent pale green. If I just could get something with that color combo I would guarantee to almost join IF the postage is COD.

luv2kraft 05/ 9/2019 #

dang. Auto correct. Consider doing The color puce not pure tho it could be. Pure puce. Hmmmmm another kind of swap?

Tessssssa 05/ 9/2019 #

I would join this swap if the comments are at least 12 inches long, if they are shorter I really have no use for them. Oh, and please only the paper kind of comments, not the shiny plastic ones.

bamagrrl 05/ 9/2019 #

I would join this swap but I cant even right now. Also, I don't like joining swaps. And I wish you would stop asking me questions and simultaneously telling me to do something. You think you're sneaky don't you?

mcovey 05/ 9/2019 #

I would this swap if I didn’t have to play Marco Polo , I never can find him. No matter how many try ! But I’ll keep trying !


Sacovey 05/ 9/2019 #

I would join this swap if everyone wouldn’t keep trying to find my brother Polo! He’s about to file a restraining order!

CANNEKCUL 05/ 9/2019 #

This is so DANG Entertaining. 😂. That turtle... You guys are the best!

sebastian122 05/ 9/2019 #

Should I change the requirements to include handmade as well as store bought comments? I want to be as inclusive as possible. What do you think?


sebastian122 05/ 9/2019 #

How do I rate if I get a comment that looks like it was made by someone other than my partner? Is there a rule about swapping recycled comments?

Ukucaitie 05/10/2019 #

I would join this swap if there weren’t so many comments..... geez😆

kristyrogers 05/10/2019 #

I can only join this swap if my partner sends early. Like now while it's still cold. Otherwise the comment will melt in the heat. Plus, once it's hot again, I'll be at the waterpark everyday and won't be able to send or rate anymore because water is life.

draco 05/10/2019 #

draco 05/10/2019 #

thiocfainn isteach sa bhabhtáil seo, ach tá tú ann

我加入了這個交換,但你在裡面 Wǒ jiārùle zhège jiāohuàn, dàn nǐ zài lǐmiàn

მინდა შევცვალო ეს სვოპ, მაგრამ შენ ხარ minda shevtsvalo es svop’, magram shen khar

나는이 스왑에 가입 하겠지만, 당신은 그것에 있습니다. naneun-i seuwab-e gaib hagessjiman, dangsin-eun geugeos-e issseubnida.

мен бул алмашуу кошула элем, бирок силер ал жерде турасыз men bul almaşuu koşula elem, birok siler al jerde turasız

میں اس تبدیل میں شامل ہوں گی، لیکن تم اس میں ہو

I. velis adiungere huic VERTO, sed in ea es

draco 05/10/2019 #

and lastly, i would join, but my beautiful doggy said no, i can't...

mcovey 05/10/2019 #

I would join if I could get a translation of what Draco posted 2 comments up ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Love you dog @draco does kinda look like you ?

BLUR 05/10/2019 #

I would join if there was some physical thing to make, send and swap - I just can't afford email.

luv2kraft 05/11/2019 #

I would join this swap but I'm allergic to eggplants, cats, and most things that bloom. Nope nope can't risk it. On the up side I am not allergic to roaches or mold.

sebastian122 05/11/2019 #

No flakers, BTW. I can't angel so don't flake!

Churchmouse70 05/11/2019 #

I can’t join this swap because I only eat Kellogg’s brand cereal....... Never Post brand! And you used a Post brand cereal in your picture, so sorry, I’m out.

annim 05/11/2019 #

I would had joined this swap if my first message would had showed in this conversation.

annim 05/11/2019 #

I would join if this was by post as I'm allergic to emails. Also, when you open an email the glitter goes everywhere! Do not send glitter to me in emails! And I would join if my partner could rate me before the partners have been assigned. I hate late raters.

wittmert 05/12/2019 #

I would join this swap but I'm super sensitive to smells and clearly all of these comments have been spritzed with cologne. Even my cat is sneezing.

sebastian122 05/12/2019 #

I'm thinking I'll change the requirements to be hypoallergenic... I'll get back to you all.

Ukucaitie 05/12/2019 #

Totally would have joined but now the coordinator won’t angel now. I can’t handle this type of treatment.

riftvegan 05/12/2019 #

I would join this swap, except I need the host to change the requirements on a daily basis. @sebastian122 is clearly not taking hosting duties seriously.

PrairieKittin 05/13/2019 #

I would join this swap, but I'm on the run from the police and I'm trying to make it to the border before they catch me.

AZmom875 05/13/2019 #

I would join this swap if the host will allow us to play Marco Polo, at Wal-mart, at 1 am, wearing either a thong swim suit and Ugg books, or slippers and Pajamas. Waterguns are optional.

mcovey 05/13/2019 #

Wow @Azmom875 , I was imagining that in my ! Sorry can’t join now can’t find my thong swim suit or my uggs . I do have water gun , but what shall I wear ! I just can’t join now , I have nothing to wear to Walmart !

luv2kraft 05/13/2019 #

I would join this swap but I am a glitter fanatic. Every thing must have glitter the envie as well as the ATC. EXCEPT I do not want the glitter to get on me. When you send make sure all the glitter is glueded tightly to the ATC.PLEASE do not use glitter glue it is not shiney enough.

Tracykason 05/13/2019 #

Someone here was smoking cigarettes, I can’t do this.

draco 05/13/2019 #

I would join this swap, but i am highly allergic to swap-bot, and i don't like people.. oh, and my partner is required to send me large sums of money and chocolate, a new car, tickets for a cruise around the world, and teach ny cat how to be nice to company, amongst other things

draco 05/13/2019 #

I would join this swap, but i am highly allergic to swap-bot, and i don't like people.. oh, and my partner is required to send me large sums of money and chocolate, a new car, tickets for a cruise around the world, and teach ny cat how to be nice to company, amongst other things

MissBrenda 05/13/2019 #

I would join this swap, but the turtle and the doggie scared me off. I am ruined for life!

Fairydollmilk 05/14/2019 #

I would join this swap but the description still isn’t long enough and I need it to put me to sleep.

MiRdLHWY43 05/14/2019 #

I would join this swap if it weren't so distasteful. I mean what kind of warped mind even thinks of such a thing? Disgusting!

sebastian122 05/14/2019 #

There is just not enough glitter in this swap. I'm thinking of changing the requirements to 2 pounds of glitter minimum. And it has to be the ultra fine kind.

sebastian122 05/14/2019 #

sebastian122 05/14/2019 #


luv2kraft 05/14/2019 #

Glitter? Did someone mention glitter? Ultra fine real glass glitter? Well I'd join this swap but now my glitter mania is over. I want leather.

GmaKim 05/14/2019 #

O my goodness..I didn't even realize people did this!!!!

GmaKim 05/14/2019 #

O my goodness..I didn't even realize people did this!!!!

kristyrogers 05/14/2019 #

Oooo the glitter!

AZmom875 05/14/2019 #

I would join this swap but, I really wanted cheesecake not glitter. They dont taste the same.

annim 05/15/2019 #

Now I definitely won't be joining this swap! I made a very specific request NOT to include glitter in the swap. When I open the email the glitter goes EVERYWHERE and my toddler will end up eating most of it, and then she won't eat her actual dinner! And then I'll have to explain at Nursery why she is slowly turning gold and sparkly. Plus glitter gives me headache. So does my toddler but if she eats glitter then she gives me double headaches!!

sebastian122 05/15/2019 #

But she has shiny poop. It all works out in the end... as it were.

MissBrenda 05/15/2019 #


MissBrenda 05/15/2019 #

I would join this swap but the glitter is gold, not iridescent, which is my favorite kind.

widelo123 05/15/2019 #

I would join this swap if there were only happy people with happy things to say!

VivaLaDiane 05/15/2019 #

A swap with glitter? Ewh. No thanks. xoxo♥

pbcquiltlover 05/15/2019 #

I would join this swap if I didn't have a cat on my lap demanding my undivided attention.

MiRdLHWY43 05/15/2019 #

I would join this swap if there were clearer directions on what to send: glitter, cat hair, or cheesecake, please clarify.

MissBrenda 05/15/2019 #

I agree with @MiRdLHWY43 clearer directions are needed. Please, please clarify. And get rid of the cat hair flying around, please. ooh, glitter just got in my eyes!

annim 05/16/2019 #

Shiny poop, well, I almost joined this swap for that. But no. I would join though if I was sent cheesecake! No need for cat hair as we get a daily delivery from Harry the stalker cat next door.

MiRdLHWY43 05/16/2019 #

I will only join this swap if Harry the stalker cat is allowed in.

sebastian122 05/16/2019 #

So... two pounds of ultra fine iridescent glitter and a cheesecake? Any poop has to be counted as an extra.

Does the flavor of cheesecake matter, because I really only like it plain.

draco 05/16/2019 #

I'd join this swap if the internet on my phone wasn't so %÷&/*^][email protected] slow. The wifi in my building SUCKS.

Cheesecake, yeah, you can send ny way.

Also, talting about cheesecake...what ate we, the golden girlss? (Actually, love the show)

dakotadee 05/16/2019 #

I will only join this swap if my cat starts doing home work so all i have to do is play with glitter and play Marco.

luv2kraft 05/16/2019 #


luv2kraft 05/16/2019 #

Ok, I've noticed some lurkers.Why aren't THEY joining this swap instead of lurking around? I was almost gonna join this swap but.... not with the lurkers lurking around.

sebastian122 05/17/2019 #


And yeah, lurkers lurkering is just weird.

MiRdLHWY43 05/17/2019 #

you rang?

MiRdLHWY43 05/17/2019 #

I would join this swap if my picture would show up on the comments.

AZmom875 05/17/2019 #

@sebastian122 I would join this swap if our host would sing

Under the SEA!! in falsetto.

sherig47 05/17/2019 #

I would join this swap if there weren't so many comments that it took me along time to get to the end and post my comment,

Tessssssa 05/18/2019 #


MiRdLHWY43 05/18/2019 #

I would join this swap but it requires a comment and I have nothing to say.

kristyrogers 05/18/2019 #

@MiRdLHWY43 greatness! I'd join this swap but there no way I could make a comment as high quality as everyone else's

AZmom875 05/18/2019 #

I would join this swap if you could promise me good chocolate, the won't melt in the heat of AZ. Can you? If my chocolate melts will you angel?

MiRdLHWY43 05/19/2019 #

Solid chocolate is too hard and hurts my teeth. I will rate a 3 to anyone who sends it that way.

Wykyd 05/19/2019 #

I would join this swap but I suspect that in spite of that glitter being amazing, I'm sure I won't be lucky enough to get @sebastian122 and I'll just bet they wouldn't send me any glitter, anyway. And even if they did send me glitter, it would only be virtual glitter... and if it were real glitter, it would just invade every crevice and never go away!

bruxbaby 05/19/2019 #

I joined this swap but I am unsure now since you cannot angel.

bruxbaby 05/19/2019 #

Also, I cannot afford to buy glitter for this swap. Can someone email some to me?

draco 05/19/2019 #

i don't want glitter...too messy. every time i open glitter, this is what happens...

draco 05/19/2019 #

and as far as chocolate goes, i demand a bunch of this

CraftyCrow 05/19/2019 #

I'd join this swap if it wasn't international. I can't afford international!

Liiskah 05/20/2019 #

I'd join if this was Australia only.

tizzicat 05/20/2019 #

I would join this swap if someone would send me a unicorn (purple and glittery), an alpaca (pink and glittery) and a panda (normal colour for a panda, but sparkly), all holding their own body weight in chocolate (the non melting kind, obviously).

sebastian122 05/20/2019 #

After reading all the various demands, I have not altered the swap requirements.

That is all.

sebastian122 05/20/2019 #

I lied.

New requirement!

If you have not signed on within the past year I WILL remove you from the swap. No unexplained (in triplicate) 6s and if you have any felony charges, please post them here so we can point and clutch our pearls.

porpie5 05/20/2019 #

I would join this swap, but since I am easily offended, I will not. Someone pointed out that there are lurkers. HOW DARE YOU! I choose to be highly offended!

luv2kraft 05/20/2019 #

I was gonna join this swap....

That is untill I found out the host is wish I wash. Changeing everything last minute. I don't own pearls. I do not care for pearls. I won't eat oysters cause there might be a pearl in it.

sebastian122 05/20/2019 #

GabySkye 05/20/2019 #

I would join this swap if it had a better rating requirement!!!! This swap should ONLY be open to psychic users who know who their partners will be and send the swap before the sign up deadline!!!! Only people with a rating of 10,000! Allowing people to join this swap BELOW a 10,000 rating is IRRESPONSIBLE and DANGEROUS!

GabySkye 05/20/2019 #

Also, I won’t join this swap because it requires my partners to scroll through this thread to find my comment, and I simply cannot trust someone with a rating below 10,000 to do that.

AZmom875 05/20/2019 #

I adore you all. You make me laugh. And for that reason, The making me laugh and pee my pants, well I just cant join this swap, I have to go do a load of laundry now.

AZmom875 05/20/2019 #

Oh btw, It is cool today, those of you who are Psychic, please send the chocolate right away. Esp if you are not going to be my partner. ROAK are good. We will have temps of 70s to 80s. so hurry send chocolate, no glitter at this time will be accepted.

AZmom875 05/20/2019 #

I would join this swap if we could have 20 partners and not just 3. I want to get my money's worth per swap. If I am going to sent to 3, I might as well send to 20 for the same cost.

debbiespoms 05/20/2019 #

I would have joined this swap. But I had to think it over after I took my meds., for my attitude was showing.

MiRdLHWY43 05/21/2019 #

I would join this but I only join swaps where we can show our attitude. I spend a lot of time on this attitude and if no one appreciates it then I'm outta here.

sebastian122 05/21/2019 #

AZmom875 05/21/2019 #

I would join this swap if there was some guarantee that you could adjust my attitude or the attitudes of other. I just dont feel safe until we can guarantee this.

fbresnah 05/21/2019 #

I would join this swap if it came with a lifetime supply of Doritos, ranch flavored.

annim 05/22/2019 #

I would join if I could get my attitude back...I think my now glittery toddler stole mine!

MiRdLHWY43 05/22/2019 #

Glittery and Dorito dust covered toddlers should be allowed to join this swap.

draco 05/22/2019 #

አስተያየቶቹ በእንግሊዝኛ ከተገለፁ በስተቀር በሌላ ቋንቋ መጻፍ እንዲችሉ ከፈለጉ ይህንን መለዋወጥ እፈልጋለሁ, እንግሊዝኛን አልረዳውም

я б далучыцца да гэтай своп толькі калі каментары павінны быць запісаныя на любой іншай мове, акрамя ангельскай, я не разумею англійская

ကိုယ်မှတ်ချက်များ english မှလွဲ. အခြားမည်သည့်ဘာသာစကား၌ရေးထားလျက်ရှိ၏ခံရဖို့ရှိပါတယ်မှသာလြှငျ, အင်္ဂလိပ်လိုနားမလည်ကြဘူးဒီလဲလှယ်ရေးအစီအစဉ် join ချင်ပါတယ်

Mi aliĝus al ĉi tiu interŝanĝo nur se la komentoj estos skribitaj en iu ajn alia lingvo krom la angla, mi ne komprenas la anglan

Kuv yuav koom nrog qhov sib pauv no yog tias cov lus yuav tsum muab sau ua lwm hom lus tsis yog lus Askiv, kuv tsis to taub lus Askiv


ஆங்கிலேயன்றி வேறு எந்த மொழியில் எழுதப்பட வேண்டுமென்றால் மட்டுமே ஆங்கிலத்தில் எனக்கு புரியவில்லை

sebastian122 05/22/2019 #

@draco nice.

No toddlers. I will no be responsible for x-rated comments.

satinification 05/22/2019 #

Dołączyłabym, jeśli opis byłby po polsku. = I would join if the description would be in Polish.

Also I would join if one partner could give me at least 7 hearts - including one in Polish (serce) and one covered with glitter (well-sticking to the surface and not loose).

AZmom875 05/22/2019 #

I would join this swap if DRACo would stop acting like my insurance company. It appears she is reminding me it is time for a colonoscopy in many languages. I think that might be in violation of some HIPPA law somewhere. Just saying.

AZmom875 05/22/2019 #

@draco yo hablo español un poquito. Es muy importante, que la gato es también en el swapo? Los Gatos mas por favor.

AZmom875 05/22/2019 #

in the infamous words of Kennedy.

Soy una dona. Una Dona con chocolate y chispas. Te gusta dona?

luv2kraft 05/22/2019 #

Je participerais à cet échange si tout le monde communiquait dans une langue étrangère qui n’était pas la leur. rire!!!!

Kathy821 05/23/2019 #

Well I’ve been lurkering since I can’t possibly join this swap with a kindergartner and a preschooler, who is a sweet a holic. She ate the chocolate for @AZmom87 I’m not really psychic, but my be psycho after my MIL moves here in a month after leaving the hospital. 🤪

draco 05/23/2019 #

yeah, well...

institches 05/23/2019 #

Oh no, I would join this swap if the hooker turtle, the scary dog, the unicorns and the glitter were all banned!

The hooker turtle is SMOKING, I don't like swaps that smell of smoke.

The scary dog is, well, SCARY!

The unicorns....I'm not a 12 year old girl (or maybe I am, who knows?)

And the glitter...who wants to pull out the vacuum to clean up THAT mess?!?

I want chocolates too!! Great for my diabetes!! Send them numbers sky high!!

The pumpkin people....looks like my hubby when he forgets his belt and who wouldn't want cleavage like that!! Oh wait, then I'd be like the hooker turtle. Maybe some smaller-but not too small- pumpkins(?)

ariestess 05/23/2019 #

I'd join this swap if I hadn't waited so long trying to come up with a good reason, and now all the good ones are taken. pouts in lateness

AZmom875 05/23/2019 #

I do have to agree with @institches that I also dont like swaps that smell of smoke. I do ignore my numbers, when I eat chocolate, it works for me. hahaha

darkpeppermint 05/23/2019 #

I would join this swap if completing it was actually something worthy of bragging about on my resume, but seeing as how it's not going to bring me career nor financial gain, why bother?

Gobarb 05/23/2019 #

I would join this swap (and I was seriously thinking about it) but I don't like cheesecake!

Lady 05/23/2019 #

I can’t join with 3 partners as my favorite number is 4. Also, I think you’ve made a mistake as host since there is such a creative component, it can’t be a type 1. You need to change the type before I can join.

AZmom875 05/23/2019 #

@gobarb I am so sorry you dont like cheesecake, We can still be friends, but well you know in the back of mind there will be always be that niggly feeling that we haven't truly connected. Eventually we will just stop talking and inviting each other to events. Sad, and all because you are not addicted to cheesecake as I am. Alas, it is sad.

tentmari 05/23/2019 #

I would join this swap if humans didn't have opposable thumbs because that would make this swap a lot more challenging. Also my cats don't like the color orange so I can't join this swap.

draco 05/24/2019 #

i would join this swap, but the host doesn't seem to want to ass the artners

sebastian122 05/24/2019 #

Thinking of changing this to a category three swap. Thoughts?

sfcorrespondence 05/25/2019 #

I would join this swap if I wasn’t on vacation in Hawaii and having the time of my life!

sfcorrespondence 05/25/2019 #

Honestly, I would only join this swap if the promised number of people were in it: 50,000!!

ChinaCat 05/25/2019 #

I would have joined this swap if there weren't close to fifty people in it already. How am I supposed to vet each one, read every single profile, send each of them a private message and try to find all of them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in the public records???

ChinaCat 05/25/2019 #

P.S. Who are all these people posting here? Have they all been properly checked out and researched? See, that's another reason I can't join this swap. Even the people leaving comments seem a bit shady...not you of course. You're just too far from my zip code to bother with.

Gobarb 05/25/2019 #

@AZmom875 Just because I don't like cheese cake doesn't mean I am not a nice person! I do, however, love chocolate. Does that count?

mcall 05/25/2019 #

I would have joined but I don't ever like what I get. Hate glitter, paper, stamped images, cigarette butts and globby messes I usually get. But liked the one with the mankini.

mcall 05/25/2019 #

I will not join this swap for the following reasons: don't like Honey Bunches of Oats ran out of postage stamps You have your swap all wrong....again Too many people fib my kids don't get anything got to go watch Coltie and Larissa!!

mcall 05/25/2019 #

Don't want to send washi that is at least 18 inches on some damn playing card. Send me the whole roll and throw in a couple more. Won't join anyway...cant bribe me with washi tape.


mcall 05/25/2019 #

See... now she has changed the due day 2 weeks earlier! I know its because she didn't want to let me have fun on my birthday...the original due date!! peace out

lynnpinkdaisy 05/26/2019 #

I would join this swap but my hands are too sticky from cleaning out bee hives to get honey for the buttermilk biscuits I was baking this morning that I almost burned by taking time to leave this comment.

fbresnah 05/26/2019 #

I would join this swap but too many people here hate glitter. What's wrong with it? You can throw it on someone's carpet and have fun watching them try to clean it up while you laugh.

AZmom875 05/26/2019 #

@gobarb as a chocolate lover you are back on the Closest Friends list. So we are good now.

MarHelene 05/26/2019 #

I would join this swap but I don't see the 3 partner requirement work for me. Make it at least 20 and 60% international. So I can shell out an arm and a leg on postage.

mcall 05/26/2019 #

I would have joined this swap but you haven't told me how to get the partner I want to swap with.. I don't think you are qualified to host. My other group online agrees.

draco 05/26/2019 #

i would join this swap, but...

draco 05/26/2019 #

also, please send


send me...

draco 05/26/2019 #

...or else get "1"s from me

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